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  1. i hope i get buried by these professionals
  2. Hello and thank you for appealing. After reviewing the evidence provided in the forum report, it is evident that you had deathmatched the player. Furthermore, this is already your third offense which does not help your case at all. At this time, I will be denying your appeal and you may re-appeal in two months. - Serthon
  3. As pointed out by our wonderful Support Staff member, @alexalex303, the decision is final. Please do not try to appeal this again, or your wait time may increase. Appeal denied
  4. Hello and thank you for appealing. You are still responsible for your actions, whether you are intoxicated or not. You may appeal in no less than two months. Appeal denied
  5. Hello and thank you for appealing. I looked back at your chat logs on Discord and it appears you were most likely muted for tagging NBDY. I'll go ahead and remove the mute. Appeal accepted
  6. hey senior admin serthon, can u check my ban appeal? it's pending a senior admin...

  7. I've spoken to the administrator who issued the punishment. Someone asked you to stop sending offensive messages, but you continued. Would you mind elaborating why, and please tell me what you'd change in your behavior if you wish to return to the Discord.
  8. Hello and thank you for appealing. After reviewing evidence, it is clear that you received rights to shoot Rycka_White as he opened fire at your friend. The punishment will be lifted and voided. Please in the future be careful when opening fire at someone. Welcome back. - Serthon
  9. Hello and thank you for appealing. Unfortunately, I will be denying your appeal given the severity of the punishment and the low effort placed into your appeal. You may re-appeal on the 24th of May. - Serthon
  10. Hello and thank you for appealing. Given the severity of the punishment, I do not feel comfortable letting you back in the server yet. You may re-appeal on the 24th of May. - Serthon
  11. I don't quite understand where the fuss about "not trusting IA" is coming from. Internal Affairs Reports are taken very seriously, as mention probably ten times before. All cases are handled impartially, conclusions go through IA Command, everything is checked over etc. Yes, the response times are not as fast as you'd think, but our response times have sped up recently, it might not be significantly, but we are trying our best. There are times when an investigation can take maybe less than a few days, and there are occasions where an investigation can take over a week. This all varies with each report. In conclusion, I find it hypocritical that there are people that complain about officers being unfair and with a Play-to-Win attitude, but they choose not to report it because they don't "trust IA". If you wish for something to happen, then a good start would be reporting it. 🙂
  12. More than enough time has passed. Player Dan_Gleesack will be punished for (Vehicle) Deathmatching. Report accepted
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