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  1. Your hardware ID was linked with Diego_Stanroger. You must be using the same computer.
  2. We have plans to work on civilian features to lessen the amount of new players joining and ultimately choosing between criminal or government, as to us, civilian players are an important factor to the level of roleplay we have. In regards to robberies, I do agree with you - I think they are way too common and they occur on way too populated areas. We will see how we can combat this.
  3. Go to central, they’ll help you with your addiction!
  4. you somehow made a song i really like bad now edit: ok that was mean - at least you tried
  5. Team Update: MrWonanother has been promoted to Senior Moderator. YuSoHelpful has been promoted to Administrator. Varakai has been promoted to Administrator.
  6. Team Update: Jeremyctalbot has resigned from Moderator.



  8. Team Update: THOTIANA has resigned from Support Staff.
  9. I will be reviewing this report. @YuSoHelpful can you provide your side of the story? Serthon
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