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  1. Serthon

    Can I fill out a forum unban appeal for my friend?

    What is your friend's forum account name?
  2. Driving to the Vinewood Cemetery for the funeral of Officer Amelia Adams Carrying the coffin to the grave Her father giving a speech All of the officers paying respects to their fellow fallen Officer
  3. Serthon

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    I've moved all the posts from their Faction Thread to here that were about this concern.
  4. Serthon

    Dardan_Mayor (Ban appeal - Serthon)

    I advise for the player to be unbanned. No response was given, therefore I had to hand out the punishment. Pending Senior Administrators or Above.
  5. Serthon

    Mask 6699_1844 (7.2.3 Deathmatch, 6.5 New life rule)

    Do you have difficulties writing and speaking in English?
  6. Serthon

    MarcoD / Kick Punishment Appeal

    Pending Senior Admin or above.
  7. Serthon

    Carl Constantine(3557_4145) ( 7.1 FEAR RP )

    Player Carl_Constantine has been permanently banned for different offenses.
  8. Serthon

    Stranger 5335_2323 (7.8.1 Combat and roleplay logging)

    Next time you must do /time, take a screenshot with the server time and the leave message, and take another screenshot with /time to show you have waited for 15 minutes. Report denied
  9. Serthon

    Dm report

    Your reasoning is insufficient. Just because someone robbed you that wears red does not give you KoS on them, you shot him for an insult. Player Daniel_Kontsevoy has been punished for Deathmatching. Report accepted
  10. Serthon

    deadmatch Stranger 1356_9796

    Player Dardan_Mayor has been punished for Vehicle Deathmatching. Report accepted
  11. Serthon

    Mask 8365_1455 (6.6 Non-roleplay, 6.4 Powergaming)

    Player Jordan_Baxtor will receive a punishment for FearRP. Report accepted
  12. Serthon

    Dm report

    Player Daniel_Kontsevoy has 24 hours to respond. @Dankon
  13. Serthon

    Mask 1380_9630 DM, VDM

    Player Vladimir_Lem has 24 hours to respond. They have been notified in-game.
  14. Serthon

    deadmatch Stranger 1356_9796

    Players Dardan_Mayor and Blatniak_Einaro have 24 hours to respond. @Einaras @dardanr
  15. Serthon

    Mask 8365_1455 (6.6 Non-roleplay, 6.4 Powergaming)

    As this report is against a Support Staff, this report is now pending @Toony or @Lewis.