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  1. Serthon

    wildee (Not here to RP appeal)

    Hi. Thank you for explaning the what occured in the Discord chat. I advise anyone handling this to unban Ben_Kane. Pending review from an Administrator or above.
  2. Serthon

    Magicianas - Denis Zharkov (Ban Appeal)

    You had this in mind, but continued to abuse the bug?
  3. Appeal is still pending @BallinByNature
  4. Serthon

    Stranger (9836_745) DM

    Player Sasha_Vasilyev has been punished for Deathmatching. Report accepted
  5. Serthon

    Unable to use inventory

    Disregard, relogging multiple times fixed it.
  6. Serthon

    Unable to use inventory

    Date and time (provide timezone): 19/OCT/2018 - 17:00 UTC Character name: Ellie Adams Issue/bug you are reporting: Unable to use inventory Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://i.imgur.com/Mst3YXU.gifv
  7. Serthon

    Stranger 1078_4246 (7.3.2 Vehicle Deathmatch)

    Report rejected due to lack of evidence.
  8. Serthon

    Los Santos Irish Mob

    Looks great. Good luck!
  9. Serthon

    Admin and PD corruption

    To shed some light onto why SWAT engaged, a Detective was at the party, and noticed heavy weaponry, drugs, etc. and notified SWAT.
  10. Serthon

    Vincent Amato Punishment Appeal

    Pending @NobodyLTU
  11. Serthon

    Demetrious Sanchez - Appeal

    Pending @BallinByNature
  12. Serthon

    John_Siege Appeal

    Again, I truly appreciate your honesty. If you are ready to return and not ruin others RP experience due to people who have ruined yours, I'll be more than glad to have a higher-up approve this appeal. From this appeal, I see that you have learned from your mistakes, and hopefully, you won't repeat what you did.
  13. Serthon

    Stranger (9836_745) DM

    Player Sasha_Vasilyev has 24 hours to respond. I was unable to find a forum account, so please notify them in-game.
  14. Reported player does not own a White Windsor with the plate in the video that is QKWD8OX1. Report rejected