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  1. Archived, welcome back Invalid?
  2. Serthon

    ID 112,82

    Hello & thank you for creating this report. I've discussed this with @Meggs_56 and we both came to a common agreement that Henry_Doofenshmirtz broke our fearRP rules. We've also decided to give Frank_Jonson the benefit of the doubt surrounding the weapon animation bug. Report accepted -Serthon and @Meggs_56
  3. Hello & thank you for appealing. I've reviewed the footage, and the reporting party was not directly under fearRP when you started giving the demands, thus you did not have reason to shoot the vehicle. Afterwards, you gained the rights to shoot the player because they ran you over, but DM still occurred. Punishment is deemed valid. Appeal denied
  4. Serthon

    Unbann appeal

    Hello & thank you for appealing. I've decided that you will be allowed back into our server. Please know that you should read up on our server rules again, as it's been nearly 3 months since you last played here and you probably have forgotten a lot. Ban has been lifted. Appeal accepted
  5. Hello & thank you for appealing. Even if you intended to just hit the player with your bat, you are still attacking them with no valid reason (someone calling you something mean does not give you reason to attack). I deem this punishment valid and suggest it stays in place. Pending Head Admin
  6. Hello & thank you for appealing. Since these were two different scenes, you have to re-initiate RP if you wish to attack them, but you failed to do so, thus you received this punishment. I suggest the punishment remains in place. Pending Head Admin
  7. Hello & thank you for appealing. I do not have much to add to this appeal, as you've already mentioned the reasons why you received the ban. I am glad to hear you stepped up and apologized to Domis, and I hope to see nothing like this occur again. Unfortunately though, I feel that it is too soon for you to return, thus I'd suggest for the head admin handling this appeal to keep the player banned for another month or so. Pending Head Admin
  8. Hello & thank you for appealing. I understand that there might've confusion with the friend of the reporting party and when fearRP is active and when it is not, but the reporting party was far away from you to be considered to be under fearRP, and thus you shooting him was classified as deathmatching. Though, a lengthy period has passed since your ban and I am willing to allow you to return into our community. I've lifted your ban. Welcome back! Appeal accepted
  9. Hello & thank you for appealing. I feel that enough time has passed since your incident and I would be comfortable letting you return. Pending Head Admin
  10. Did you have any applications open in the background?
  11. Did you have any applications open in the background?
  12. Since you know what you did wrong, I won't comment further on what happened. This was your fourth offense of DM, and it shows that you've had trouble understanding our server rules. I suggest the appeal should be reconsidered in a month, I believe it's too early right now.
  13. Hello & thank you for appealing. You have a relatively sloppy admin record currently. You're on your fourth offense of DM, and quite high on NRP levels as well. You must understand that this is completely unacceptable and it shows that you haven't cared that much during your playtime. That aside, I am willing to give you a second chance, but you must read through the rules extensively so you actually understand them, because it is not hard to follow our server rules. I'll lift your ban. Appeal accepted
  14. Hello & thank you for appealing. Unfortunately, I will not consider your appeal at this time - you've racked up 7 NRP offenses and recently got unbanned by myself. Please attempt to re-appeal in a month, no earlier than 6th of October. Appeal denied
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