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  1. Hello, thank you for creating this player report. After a thorough review with another member of senior staff, I've come to a conclusion. I do not feel that the deathmatching rules were broken here, as ID 29 opened fire, which makes other people in the vehicle viable to get shot. Though, I feel one rule has been breached - NonRP from ID 115, Xaii_Ghost, going head-on into the Contender. Report accepted
  2. Your older sibling will have to appeal this punishment in order for you to be able to play.
  3. Hello & thank you for appealing. I will lift your Discord ban, but please be more smarter in the future.
  4. "As FatherOsborn said, your appeal can not be considered at this time."


    @Serthon - So I may not appeal the ban anymore, its a lifetime ban?

    1. maorkirma
    2. Flucifial


      RWT bans are extremely hard to get out of man. I wouldn't try again for at least another 6 months. 

  5. As FatherOsborn said, your appeal can not be considered at this time.
  6. Hello & thank you for appealing. Your admin log is horrible - you've racked up seven offenses of NonRP and VDM on top of it. You were already given a second chance on the 4th of April, and then only 10 days later you received two major punishments. It is not that hard to follow Eclipse RP Server Rules, you should know that. I am, however, going to give you your final chance. This has one, strict term, though; ANY future punishment will result in another permanent ban. Take this into account, I will make your ban expire two days from this post.
  7. Stop posting on your appeal, Varakai will respond as soon as he can.
  8. Hello & thank you for appealing. This kind of roleplay is not allowed, you cannot RP being a drunk bus driver and then slamming into a group of players. If this was allowed, we'd have players being run over constantly by people who are bored and RP being drunk. You may re-appeal in a month from this post, punishment will remain.
  9. Player has been found ban evading, thus the appeal will be rejected. You may re-appeal in six months.
  10. Team Update: PapaStouch has resigned from the Moderator team.
  11. Serthon

    Jay Biggums Unban

    Your ban expires on the 22nd of July. Archived.
  12. Serthon

    ID 63 [Cheating]

    Hello & thank you for reporting. Player has been permanently banned due to other cheating related situations. Report accepted
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