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  1. Hello!

    Welcome to the community. We hope you'll have an awesome time here. Also, Happy Holidays!
  2. Basic Introduction thread

    Welcome to the community! We all hope you have a good time here! Join our Discord to chat with us all https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg.
  3. Never mind

  4. Server not showing up

  5. New and skeptical

    Welcome to the community, we’re happy to have you here!
  6. Game Backup Files

    Hello there! Due to the new GTA:O update, you can not get in GT-MP if you have the update installed. We have uploaded backup files if you haven’t done a backup yet. ROCKSTAR VERSION: https://mega.nz/#!xclFmB4R!n5YaKU8HG-63Ep7nq83Ces4vvyYtRyRv3H2oHKnsD78 STEAM VERSION: https://mega.nz/#!1yIGDYhT!CWAR2k7w1azoDVseOhuvNBhOsmYo3c81S_W9_Q3bGFQ If you have downloaded the update, then follow these steps: 1. Drag ALL of the backup files into your game directory. Place the update.rpf into the update folder and overwrite the old one. 2. (ROCKSTAR VERSION ONLY) Block GTAVLaucher.exe in Windows Firewall, by doing so, Social club wont prompt you to re-update the game again. If you block it in firewall, it’ll launch in offline mode. If you have any questions or problems, ask in #helpdesk at our Discord.
  7. I have a couple of suggestions for this Christmas. One of them would be snowy Los Santos, like GTA:Online has it for a few days, that the city is covered in snow. Second would be the huge Christmas tree at Legion Square Then, a suggestion the community could implement, is random events, for ex. a player buys white and red clothes and a Santa mask, roleplaying being Santa himself.
  8. Server Down??

    Server is on according to bot
  9. 7587_2711 - DM

    Your player name: Bella Savage Player you are reporting: Stranger 7587_2711 Rule broken: DM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was AFK at prison for a second, when I tab back in I see I was killed, and chat logs showed 7587_2711 clearly killed me. Time and date: 21st Sept, 15:10 GMT+3 Evidence:
  10. Failed Quiz?

    The reason why it was extended to 12 hours is that we had monkeys in the server who couldn't roleplay for shit, I do understand 12 is a lot for those who come in to actually roleplay.
  11. Make taxi requests require a phone

    Even better, make taxi callable with phone like 911. Could be the number all of their taxis have (555-5555).
  12. Warning Removal Request

    Account name: SyncxzV201 Character name: N/A Reason of ban: Posting on a report Administrator: DutchProjectz Why should this appeal be accepted? I believe it should be accepted because it's been over a month.
  13. Reporting - police station-

    No need to insult someone, this is just a game and you should not get mad at it. IRL you would get a response, yes, but since Eclipse doesn't have that many cops on as IRL then you can't expect them to respond that quick.
  14. 2135_1182 - FailRP

    Figured you were new, apology accepted! Next time, I suggest you keep an eye on OOC chat, I taught you how