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  1. Serthon

    Takin' the Dirt Road Home

    Unfortunately not.
  2. Serthon

    Takin' the Dirt Road Home

    As the construction workers slowly finish the project, we are providing a sneak peak of what's to come! For those who are interested in participating in the race, you can sign up during the beginning of the event.
  3. Serthon

    ID 18 (7.7 Hostage)

  4. Serthon

    Rycka White (7.5 Scamming)

  5. Serthon

    Hector Martinez - VDM - Ban Appeal

    Hello, I received footage from the player being attacked (but do not have access to it anymore as it was not saved). In the footage, it showed you going for the officer, you hit him but then crash your car, your friend comes and hits him, too but fully downing the officer, but as he downed him, you turned around and hit the officer in downed state.
  6. Serthon

    Elena Blake

  7. Serthon

    ID 9 VDM

    Hello. I apologize for the extremely late response, have not found the time to answer to this until today. The above is the current Vehicle Deathmatch rules. Players are allowed to run someone over once, but they can reattempt that at a different time, different place. Report denied
  8. Serthon

    Takin' the Dirt Road Home

    Takin' the Dirt Road Home ATV Race @ the Vinewood Racetrack 23rd of February 7:00PM (( UTC )) Features: Custom built race track. Off-road racing with obstacles. ATVs and safety equipment provided by the event hosts. 360 degree view from the tribunes. Different food stands available. Participation &' Spectating: 1000$ fee to participate in the race. Race participation fee to be paid at the event site. No personal vehicles allowed. Spectating is free of charge.  (( Brought to you by the Event Team ))
  9. Serthon

    Quintillian - Faustus Quintillian (Wrong Ban)

    Hello. A thing that makes this appeal suspicious to me, is that when asked "isn't this your third account?" over PMs, you responded with "yeah", later responded "do you have some money for me?". But, if this all happens to be a misunderstanding, I have nothing against you being unbanned.
  10. Serthon

    Perma Ban Appeal

    Appeal locked for review. @BallinByNature @Toony