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  1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy Eclipse RP!
  2. Aieos

    Account name forgot

    If you check the email you used when registering you'll have an email that contains your accounts name.
  3. Awesome sauce. Archived. (why did I say awesome sauce that was so cringe)
  4. There is no account with the name Theofficialb3 Make sure you are spelling it correctly, using the correct capitalization and everything.
  5. Wait for your application to be accepted
  6. You probably just forgot your username and/or password. You can reset it on the panel. https://panel.eclipse-rp.net/ Accounts are not deleted and if you had an account it'll still be there.
  7. Aieos

    poker (bug

    Not a bug. Full house beats three of a kind. Archived.
  8. Aieos


    You can join our discord by using the link in the upper right of this page, there is all the info you will need there in the #verification channel.
  9. Wow I can't wait. This is gonna be so sick!
  10. Hello Squinty. You are my friend now. We are friend. Thank for friend.
  11. The update was on PC as well. Title update 1.58.
  12. Characters don't get wiped. Everything will remain except for properties purchased outside of the credit store, which these will be sold off after 90 days of inactivity.
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