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  1. Aieos

    Stuck on Job

    /stoproute to return the bus. It's weird.
  2. Crashing at the last file is a common issue. Usually opening the game again it'll go through and download that one last file and work fine, if it crashes again after 3 or so more attempts, delete the Client_Resources folder within your rage installation directory, then try again. You should get through it eventually, sometimes it's just weird. If it persists you can disable your anti-virus/firewall just in case, sometimes those like to mess with it too.
  3. Issue has been solves, pending archive.
  4. Aieos

    Randomly falling

    if you lower the ramp tp be in-line with the bottom of the stair but, it's low enough to make it not ragdoll, and you will walk on the stairs, not the ramp.
  5. Aieos

    Randomly falling

    Interesting, I'll be building something on my house today actually using stairs like that, I'll experiment and find the best solution for it, and get back to you on it. Good to know that stops the rag doll animation at least.
  6. Aieos

    Randomly falling

    Seems like the game isn't recognizing the stairs as actual ground, causing you to enter a falling animation as you near the edge of the building/platform. Maybe adding a ramp under the stairs, like in this horrible image I just made in snipping tool, might cause it to recognize it as a valid platform and not make you ragdoll. Don't really have the time to get on an experiment with it right now, but this might help.
  7. Problem solved, pending archive.
  8. Are the other ones not used for legitimate working properties?
  9. It's almost as if the NO NOT ENTER markers are placed there for a specific reason. You got lucky though, usually entering eclipse towers puts you into a crash loop and you need to be teleported out of it by an admin. Also, you'll need to re-edit this post to follow the proper format for bug reports https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/12-bug-report-requirements-must-read-before-posting/
  10. Looks like its happening when you stand on top of the crate and pick it up. Seems similar to losing your vision in the foundry when walking on top of ore or a crate, except this one is deadly.
  11. Aieos

    I cant log in!

    1. Log out of the panel. 2. Click the link in the email. 3. Refresh the web page. 4. Log back into the panel. This is a common issue, and this fix works 90% of the time, give it a shot, and let us know if it still persists.
  12. Aieos


    Oof, the deathmatching though. Immediately starts unloading on the guy. His car was on before the gun was pointed and demands were given, he could easily drive away. The shooter got off the bike and just immediately started shooting before giving demands. Arguably though, the way he decided to drive away could have been better. Could have gotten out of there a lot faster instead of backing up so far just to impact the shooter with greater force.
  13. This^ /carrybody does indeed not have any vertical restrictions, placing the patient near the edge and RP'ing that a basket carries them down and going safely below them and using /carrybody will cause them to be teleported into your arms. I assume this is what was meant to be done, as I cant imaging carrying a body would make your character immune to damage, as this would be used as an exploit for sure.
  14. I'm confused, you want to be immune to fall damage while using /carrybody? Realistically falling off a building while carrying somebody, you would still be injured from it. Maybe I'm just seeing your situation wrong.
  15. Had a fun interaction with these guys at the farm when they unknowingly tried to steal my Neon. Hope to see more of you out there, you seem entertaining. Good luck.
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