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    Account name:Tumble_Inn Character name(s):Andy McCarty, Trent Jackson, Ashley Portman, Vinny McCarty Admin who issued punishment: Jacob Miller (Still love you Hernanz <3 ) Date of punishment: November 12th, 2017 Reason given for punishment: Teleport Cheat Your explanation of what happened: I was caught teleporting to a gas station from Lower LS by Moderator Jacob Miller. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Wow, 6 months. To my understanding, a ban is to give a player time to realize the consequences for their actions. Over the course of the past 6 months, I haven't gone a day without thinking of Eclipse. I haven't gone a day without realizing the consequences for the actions that I took. And I am sorry. Over the past 6 months I've also watched the server evolve, and with that I feel my perspective has too. I swear to the Eclipse Community, this will never happen again. The ban did me good, though. It showed me what I was risking all that time using the mod, and I now realize that the risk wasn't worth it. I want to prove to the community that this won't happen again. Please, what can I do to prove myself? I am willing to do anything to come back,all I need is the opportunity. Post any evidence or further details:
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    Player equivalent to /cuff. requires the item "rope" in your inventory. requires the player to not resist
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    As it stands now, all inventories are the same. You pockets' size is the same as your car's and your house's. It's unrealistic, boring, and to be honest it could be so much deeper and better. My suggestion might require a lot of work to be implemented, but it would make inventories so much more fun to work and roleplay with. PS: The figures I'll be stating here are but suggestions, if my idea was to be accepted, they can be changed to whatever suits the server best. New items' size: Weapons: Handguns ought to be a 1 slot item SMGs ought to be a 2 slot item Rifles / Shotguns ought to be a 3 slot item Narcotics: Drugs' max stack size should be 10 items per stack I was thinking of making it so that each type of drug has its specific max stack size since not all drugs weigh the same, but I think that would make it far too complicated. New Inventory Sizes: Houses: Each house, depending on whether it's a small 1 garage-space house or a 4, should have an inventory that goes along with its size. 1 garage space should have a much smaller inventory than a 4 garage-space house. Or maybe make multiple possible stash locations in larger houses. Character: The character's max inventory size should be very limited, in my opinion not exceeding 4 slots. Vehicles: Cars inventory should be accessible from the outside next to the trunk, which after pressing the "O" button is physically opened and the player is given access the car's inventory. Motorcycles inventory can be accessed from anywhere close and off of the bike by pressing the same button. Players next to an open trunk may press the inventory button to access the vehicle's iventory view. Vehicle trunks have to be manually and physically closed again by the player by pressing the same button to open it. These actions ought to trigger an automatic /me describing whether the player opened or closed the trunk of their vehicle. Bikes: 4-8 slots Cars: 12-20 slots Vans: 35-50 slots Trucks: 100+ slots PS:All vehicles except for motorcycles ( this also excludes 3 wheelers and quads ) have a small, inside inventory ( People usually RP this by referring to it as the glovebox ) that can be accessed as per usual. But this inside inventory ought to be very small and limited. New Inventory-Related Item: Briefcase A portable, small briefcase that increases the player's inventory by 8 slots. This item will compensate for the old player's inventory being cut. It can be dropped and given to other players, making it enhance certain roleplay scenarios. The briefcase's size taken ( in inventories such as houses and cars ) has to be bigger than the player's inventory size, avoiding the possibility of players hiding their briefcases in their pockets. So when bought, it is directly put into the player's hand. Buying more than 1 makes the player carry the 2+ briefcases as they would carry a big box or the wheat bags, and they have to put them in a trunk or drop them in order to free their hands (In inventories, briefcases ought to be unstackable). Commands related to the briefcase could be: Pressing "O" while carrying a briefcase - Makes the player drop their briefcase Pressing "O" while next to a briefcase - Makes the player pickup the nearest briefcase Pressing "E" while next to a trunk - Stashes the briefcase into the vehicle's inventory. Vehicle's trunk needs to be open first. Pressing "E" while next to a stash spot - Stashes the briefcase. The player needs to have the briefcase equipped in order to check its content by pressing "I". While carrying a briefcase, the player may use one-handed weapons with a slight penalty to accuracy. 2 handed weapons cannot be selected when the briefcase is equipped. All of these actions related to the briefcase should trigger an automatic "/me" that describes the action. (Opens the briefcase/ stashes the briefcase/ drops, etc... ) The briefcase should be very cheap, and obtainable from any convenience store. Different and more expensive variants of the briefcase can be implemented with ones that either carry more than the regular one, or that are protected by a code. ( /lockbc XXXX ) New Cash Limit:(Not Necessary) The maximum amount of cash the player can carry should be limited, and if the player needs to make a transaction that requires more than the set cap, they need a briefcase to transport their money in. In order to fill a briefcase with cash, players need to have one in their hand before withdrawing money from ATMs. Once the money is transferred into the briefcase, pressing I with the briefcase equipped will tell the player how much money the briefcase has. Depositing the money that's in the briefcase requires the same steps as withdrawing it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone has suggestions that could improve the idea, feel free to comment it and, if it gathers enough upvotes, I'll add it in the "edit" section of the post :)
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    Lets get this started then. The 'Metagaming' you're stating we used was at no use to benefits us and put us in an advantageous position. We could hear a van driving around for a while, and assumed that they did not know our location as it wasn't on a proper scripted road so therefore we thought hey, maybe this chap might want some help? Apart from this very minor OOC usage which we believed would help you out, everything was correctly rp'd. As for your Non-rp report - the whole rp was based around us placing an advert calling out a rival gang which we state ig as 'business'. We both know the real meaning behind this and therefore you understand the reason why we told you that nothing happened and to burn the paper that we wrote on. In this instance you decided to go against our requests and drove over us both as I am requesting you to burn the paper and using my ak to threaten you. This led us to radio into our fellow members to chase after you and try and immobilise you to prevent anything from being spread against our wishes. It would be ludicrous for us to have let you go with no consequences considering what happened, and is 1000% not what a real gang would do. From your 0.5 fps footage 'xD', the ramming does look intense however the first ram was only a mere tap from my side and after that you can clearly see that we are trying to surround your vehicle and using voip demanding you to pull over. As for the hit outside of Mors, you was lagging and rubber-banding everywhere and this is what caused it to be so intense, but as your client side error occurs you can see that the van has flipped over in that instance which leads me to believe you fail rp'd in that situation as no vehicle would ever be able to carry on driving after a collision like that. Indeed the cars are worth alot, and granted ramming is not rp, however it can be seen how I am constantly trying to get infront of you and stopping my vehicle in order to prevent you being able to move, so in theory you're the one hitting me? I dont know about you but in real life I would never considering hitting a sports car in a super luxourious company vehicle, due to the threat of losing a job and even worse, the threat of higher insurance premiums! Overall, I think you highly overreacted and this is just another one of them infamous reports from the world renowned Lewis Smith which everybody adores so very much.
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    Please understand as to why i would have taken this as less of a joke and more of a form of harassment. I knew you were joking however, that's not funny. I have never spoken to you out of game before so that being messaged that was not exactly pleasant. Especially because the report had been 2-3 weeks prior to the message. On top of the many times that you have approached me as "pretty lady admin" or any term of endearment (i.e babe, hun).... Or the time you asked me whilst helping you (in admin mode) "do you want a rich Indian boyfriend" or something along those lines... it's just flat out inappropriate. Have some respect. I understand that you are a part of the community and having played on our server for so long you should deserve another chance. I do not disagree with this, but i will go ahead and say in the most blatant of terms...cut that shit. It's obnoxious. I am also a part of this community no matter my role and just as we (as admins) put our best foot forward to make it a fun place to be for you... we are also players. Don't be that guy who makes something uncomfortable for someone else...ever. Use this as a learning experience. With that understood and agreed to, i wouldn't mind a long time player coming back (not entirely up to me). However if it happens again (not restricted to just me), i will not tolerate it. Got it? @Rajj Sikyhar @ItsPazz
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    Account name: Shalami Character name(s): Carter Nacaja. Admin who issued punishment: Triple seven Date of punishment: 06/03/2018 Reason given for punishment: FailRP Why should your appeal be accepted?: When I join the server I was a noob to RP, all I know today I learn it in eclipse, but I learn it the bad way because of my hard head. I continually get in trouble whit admin for breaking rules. Been ban for 2 months I have learned that I really like the server, and I really like the character I have developed for the last 8-9 months o so, I think I have learned my lesson I will like to ask the admin team for an opportunity to show that people can change for good. For you, this will be just an unban, for me, is my LAST chance on the server, I really won't fuck it up. I will like to add, that I'm not a toxic person, most of the people on the server like me and want me back, I have never taken part on haking bulling or exploiting, whit this I'm not saying I didn't do bad, all I'm saying is that the bad things I did was most of them because of ignorance, and know that I know better they won't happen again.
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    Please stop responding to reports you are not directly involved, you are not directly involved. You will receive a warning for this post.
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    Is that an OOC INSULT?!?! Please help me recover from these 1st degree burns :(
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    Well the person you 'accidentally' drove over several times was me. Your appeal maybe would have been accepted if you wouldn't have lied in it. You should change the title of this post to - "I drove over a person back and fourths several times, VDMing him, breaking a major rule, in my first two minutes on the server" Denied.
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    Hey friends, it's me. So, I made the prison a while back and I (and others) feel that it was added rather too quickly, it's missing features & there are things that broken. So here's a list of things I'd love to see fixed & added. Feel free to comment with your own things. I only feel that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6 and 13 are "important/urgent" things. If 7 is done, 8 would also need to be done as they work together! If you add 7 without 8, it would defeat the purpose of 6. 3] Either remove or increase the inmate prisoner radius (not sure what to call it), at the moment, they can't walk far without being teleported back to their cells, i.e. - they can't go to the cafeteria without being teleported back. Either remove this radius or increase it significantly, there are many rooms in the prison that were meant for inmates! 4] The gates to the prison work on Rage, on GT-MP, they wouldn't open. Now that they work, could we please get a separate entrance that takes us to the processing area as intended when the prison was made? Referring to this video https://youtu.be/scwzhao9Vn8?t=224 5] If 4] is done, we need to be able to lock the gates like doors so people don't just go through them. 6] Add a prison job. The original idea that Harm was going to work on was some type of impromptu job system, sort of like "chores" which would reward players with a small amount of money meant to be used at the prison shop. Every 15-20 minutes or so inmates could be given the opportunity to do chores and at the end, receive a small sum of money. This is taken from the original document: "Add a prison job with a wide variety of random tasks assigned to the players. Add a cooldown so that they can only do the job once every 30 minutes or so. Tasks could be; - Collect new bed sheets from the laundry room and change them for cell #, cell #, and cell # - Collect the bed sheets from cell #, cell #, and cell # and bring them over to the laundry room. - Collect bags of dirt from around the prison, bring them over to the laundry room afterward. (add random checkpoints or bin bags) - Go do some exercise at the prison gym for 10 minutes. And then after they’ve completed the series of tasks, force them to go to the shower room and stand in a shower for x seconds before completing the job. Then have them go back to their prison cell to collect their payment from a Correctional Officer (just for the RP sake, it wouldn't be an actual player, they just go back to their cell and get paid but a message could appear saying they've collected it from an officer). " 7] Add a prison shop (there's an actual shop in the interior) where inmates can buy items such as cigarettes, food, and other miscellaneous items. Spice things up a bit and allow inmates to buy and combine items to create illegal prison items such as shanks and alcohol. The latter would create RP opportunities inside. 8] For 6 and 7 to work properly, all money that inmates have on hand inside the prison, should go into their bank account so that they have 0 on hand. That way they actually have to do this prison job to afford things in the shop! 10] Give inmates an actual inmate jumpsuit (there should be clothes for it that works on Eclipse's player models) for extra immersion. 11] Add the cell number inmates are assigned to above their heads (very much like /EID) as inmate jumpsuits would have it on the back. 12] Add a /prisonlist that officers can use at any computer inside the prison which would show us the current inmates, assigned cell and time remaining. I.e. John Doe | Time | Cell 18 Jane Doe | Time | Cell 18 Tyrone Brown | Time | Cell 5 13] PD doesn't get salary progression inside the prison. In /salary, it says "NO" on "Near Faction HQ or Vehicle". 14] In the cafeteria of the prison, there are wall mounted phones. Perhaps allow players to pay x money for x seconds of phone usage? KNOWN ISSUES/BUGS 1] The doors in the prison disappear after you've been inside once, you can just run through the entire prison. 2] Since the switch from GT-MP to RAGE, the floor of the prison seems to have had it's Z position lowered a bit, making things float. This was not the case before, I do have the old map file if it's to any help but I feel that it could be easier to just manually adjust the Z positioning in whichever script file Harmdone put the prison in. 3] There are objects missing since the switch from GT-MP to Rage. Prison cells no longer have beds in them, the infirmary (medical room) is missing nearly all its objects. I'm not sure if Rage supports the objects that were used inside? 4] We cannot enter the prison interior anymore. The objects don't load fast enough and we end up at the airport. Potential fix to this is to freeze players for x seconds once they enter the prison to allow the objects to load. It defeats the purpose of having a prison if we can't actually go inside and RP with people there! It's not fun for either party to be prisoned at the front door. COMPLETED: 2] We need / mdc to be enabled inside the prison so we can actually RP the processing there, there's an area dedicated to inmate processing. 9] Add a /doorbell command (or something along those lines) that works in the front lobby. Players that use the command would send a notification to officers inside the prison interior. Perhaps a cooldown so it doesn't get spammed.
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    The Gut Pushers Background (Read in Black Narrators Voice for best Enjoyment) Dating all the way back to the 60's is when we were established. We stood out like a candle in the night, no mafia, gang, nor police could take us down. We've been running almost nonstop, taking out members of opposing factions, stealing cars and kids bikes off grove street. We were, and still are, the ones that can't be detained, be ashamed, and damn well tamed. We are the most diverse dating all the way back. Had white men robbing straight black man outside they house we had them thinking white men stilled owned them. What they didn't know is that we had bout 2 other black men watching his back. Surprise surprise. We are at the top of our class. High end weapons, luxurious drugs, fancy cars, and beautiful woman. The founding fathers of The Gut Pushers started young. They had the names of Johnathon McGee and Devante Davis. They started out running they school. Flipping candy and stealing from the teachers purses. They were the most fearful kids in the middle school. The last week of high school, they started getting in trouble. A gang of men, with the gang name "Sand Marcos Francos" held the founders up. They've never experienced real violence. The men took all their belongings which angered them deeply. The founders kept recruiting all races, genders, and legends. It became to be more of a cult then a gang. With members ranging from all ages, talents, and colors, we are the most advanced gang. 2 weeks after the founders were robbed, they suited. They could only afford pistols and shotguns but with the amount of members they had, it would be impossible to stop em. They studied the gang hard, and then they finally took the opportunity. "On the ground, now all of you!" They went in, guns aimed and ready to shoot. The Sand Marcos Francos began to shoot right as they entered. Shots blared from everywhere, when suddenly there was a long silence. All of the members of The Gut Pushers lived, and that is when a gang above the top, and born. They went up to the main man who initiated the robbery, and began to take his bat and beat him so hard, and screamed "Gut Pushers, Gut Pushers, Gut Pushers". And that's when the name was raised. Parties that lasted days were hosted at the warehouses, where woman would come for only one thing. Money. They sure as well got the money, as only the richest could attend these things, and that my friend, were The Gut Pushers. During these parties, both the leaders found the love of their lives. Johnathon fell in love with Ava Gord. 5'6 woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a made sensation for violence. Devante fell for Trisha Will, 6'1 black lady with the intentions to protect, hunt, and kill for the Gut Pushers. Both the wife's died 15 years later. 3 years after giving Birth to Phil McGee, Leron Davis, and DeShawn Davis. This would be the revolution of a new system. (Main beverage of the Gut Pushers, representing blood, sadness, and renewal) The Gut Pushers Now Times have changed, and so have the Gut Pushers. Crime rate higher than ever, murder rates higher then ever, and sure as hell theft. We used to be looked up to, people wanted to join us and people still do, but with our exotic and tricky ways, it is impossible to come close to us, unless we want you to. Here is background of the current leaders of The Gut Pushers. DeShawn Davis - Leron Davis's brother. He is the business type man. He styles out with the most luxuries ways and knows his way about. He is the current leader and richest in the group with a networth of over 1 million. Leron Davis - The man everyone knows. More of the clown of the group some say. Extremely talented at riding bikes, he is the master of escaping, and the master at shooting. With a friendly smile and a unforgettable appearance, Leron is the most outgoing, and the most convincing man anyone would meet. Phil McGee - Known for his tricky ways, he is the brain of the group. Making plans and routes all day in his office. Some say he acts as a child when he is a grown man, but thats how he catches his victims. They think he is as dumb as a fish, but when you set foot into his area, you'll be the one drowning. Lewis Smith - Family friend. Was one of the first to join the Gut Pushers, and with that begin said was an extreme aset. A mastermind in plans, an expert at distractions, he is the most feared in the city. We roll with the most dangerous crew as of now. The most fearless fighters, winners, and murderers. Nothing comes close to stopping us. We don't surrender. We don't have to may I add. Numbers don't matter. We run with mostly 5 all the times and take out 20 man gangs. Don't believe? You don't have to because we know whats true as we keep a death book for our victims. (Names hidden for victims families safety) The Gut Pushers Future In our generation, we have one plan before we pass it on. That is to destroy and set fire to our enemies. To conquer and rain hell upon The Exiled and to destroy the government. With limited members, we manage to destroy The Exiled using only smart tactics while they run around like chickens. Our plan is to make sure the next generation of The Gut Pushers make way, and only bring hell upon the cities protectors, the Police. As we enter a generation of more advanced technology, we are staying up to date and going ahead of anyone to extract information from important people, enemy gangs, and anyone else who deems them self important. With more advanced vehicles then the police, more expertise then our enemy gangs, and more mindset of anyone who gets in our way, we are one step closer to our future. THINGS TO KNOW - NONE OF THE INFO ABOVE MAY BE USED ICLY - WE WILL NOT INVITE YOU IF YOU ASK VIA DISCORD, OR ANY OTHER OOC CHAT - NEW PLAYERS MUST KNOW BASIC CRIMINAL RP TO STAY WITH US - GUT PUSHERS DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CK YOUR CHARACTER. NOT OFFICIAL, JUST A WIPE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE YOU KNOW (Don't let this discourage you to join!) - STILL IN THE WORKS, THANKS! For any questions, contact me on DISCORD - Wooge#4920
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    Account name:Tumble_Inn Character name(s): Andy McCarty, Trent Jackson, Vinny McCarty, and Ashley Portman Admin who issued punishment: @InfamousFelix Date of punishment:November 13th, 2017 Reason given for punishment: Teleport Cheat Your explanation of what happened: My car was stuck in a tough spot and no mechanics were online, I then teleported from Lower LS to the nearest gas station. Why should your appeal be accepted?: "Appeals that involve HACKING, CYBER ATTACKS, BUG ABUSE, or any other severe reasons may be denied without consideration unless the post is compelling. Do not expect to be able to appeal for violations of this type." First of all, I'd like to thank the Eclipse Staff team for finding my appeals compelling enough to consider. I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate. Hauser Doobis, was a player that was banned for using a teleport cheat to warp to deliveries with the trucking job. This player, used their cheat to offset the economy and give a real un-fair advantage to themself against other players. After committing this crime, they were unbanned after a 5 month wait time, and their account wiped (due to the wrongly acquired cash). My crime on the other hand consisted of using a teleport cheat during times of low population when stuck in a jam. Those jams were simple things, like when no mechanics were online getting a car out of a tight spot, or when stuck in the middle of no-where with no taxi drivers online. We all know that population was a big issue towards the end of the GT-MP era, and I succumbed to the pressure. I never used my client to gain money wrongfully or to hurt any other player's experience, however that does not make it right, and I understand this completely now. During the past 6 months of being banned, I feel I've managed to maintain a link to Eclipse. I'm not going to throw in the towel until I've convinced you that I wouldn't ever take part in this type of fowl gameplay again, there's too many people I'd be letting down by hacking again, I couldn't do it to them, or myself for that matter, I love the Eclipse Community too much. And look, I get that it's easier to keep saying not enough time has gone by than dealing with the risk of unbanning a perma banned player. I will be no risk to the Eclipse Community, I promise. I couldn't do it to all those who support me. Post any evidence or further details: Hauser Doobis' Appeal:
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    **UPDATE** Life Invader Are Waiting On Offical Updates To Know Where We Stand And If The Site Can Be Use ICLY. We Understand Its Been A Long Wait And We Are Thankful People Are Still Supporting Us While We Wait. Hopefully won't Be Too Much Longer. Sorry For The Inconvenience.
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    Account name: Joe Narco Character name(s): Joe Savage, Joe Narco, Dimitri Narco Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 15/Jan/2018 18:18 Reason given for punishment: Savage/Selling in game assets for real life money. Your explanation of what happened: Back then there was a lot of drama involving the group "Savages" logging in every day to get spammed by 3-5 people everyday, at some point i just had enough, made the mistake to sell my stuff and quit. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was one of the must active members on the community, that was my first Major Rule break, and it wont repeat it self. Post any evidence or further details:N/A
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    Hey there everyone, Jacob Fellows here. Just thought it would be fun to see what else everyone else comes up with for some great scenery photos. I thought I'd show this great shot from the top of Mount Chiliad. Show us what you got!
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    Enjoy, if you bother watching it of course.
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    Don't worry about the house raiding stuff, if it's found to be metagaming it will all just be voided. I know you take the server/server rules seriously and you're a good member of the community. IC stuff will remain IC.
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    Hello Nicole_Drostaliya! Could you please post the appeal with the correct format?
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    -1 Go do a low risk legal job if you dont like getting robbed.
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    Disease free , hit me up.
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    Additionally, I also found these messages in the AutoRepairs Discord, roughly 24 hours before we had sent our first notice, with Hugo_Valdes responding to Brian_Oconner ( @Triple Seven ) informing him that he cannot order a vehicle from his dealership due to his outstanding loan with my loan company; with him responding, it was made obvious that he very well knew he still had a loan to pay back.
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    I think 2 people of 19 read the topic completely.
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    Hello All, So I have been doing some searching on RageMP and come across a couple different add-ons that work in Rage as Rage supplies them you can see some here https://rage.mp/files/ but there was one to two that really took my attention but the main one is an Interactive Phone. I don't know about all of you but I would absolutely love having a proper interactive phone in ECRP if of course the server can support/implement it, I have added some photos below for you but please let me know your guy's opinions. Link - https://rage.mp/files/file/17-interactive-phone-for-cef/ Photo -
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    Name - Noah Baxtor (Father) D.O.B - 09/06/1981 Background Story - Noah was born in Central London by his mother Mary Baxtor and Father Rory Baxtor, Noah has got 1 brother Ricky Baxtor and 1 sister Georgia Cooper. He had an extremely good upbringing and was very spoiled he got what he wanted when he wanted. As Noah started to get older his behaviour started to change it wasn't a worrying change but his parents didn't see the path Noah was going on, as Noah hit his teenage years he started to get in trouble with the law and got arrested on numerous occasions and hung around people he really shouldn't have. This is the point his parents started noticing that he was turning in to a bad person and they did everything to help him regain the right path and Noah knew his parents were worried, scared and disappointed and this completely broke Noah. When Noah turned 16 he moved away from London to California where he met a woman he thought was absolutely amazing her name was Pamela, Noah and Pamela loved each other to peace's but Pamela had a dark secret she was completely mental and Noah didn't even notice when Noah turned 18 him and Pamela got married and started living an amazing life, at this time Noah wasn't working and they were living off Pamela's money. When Noah hit 27 he was going through an amazing time in his life he had 2 kids he loved completely Brianna and Faith, he was overjoyed and couldn't be happier. Noah hit 28 everything started going south Pamela's mental side was coming out and it was affecting him and the kids at this point all the kids were 9 years of age and he still loved them so much but one day out of the blue Pamela kicked Noah out and made sure he had no contact with his kids by getting a restraining order this absolutely broke Noah and he was forced to move country because of this restraining order this is when he went to Los Santos. Noah started sorting his life out by getting a Job in the police department a house and a couple cars he was still very emotional and tried everything to get to see his kids again but nothing worked at this point Noah adopted a son Johnny which he loved with all his heart but he was still missing a HUGE chunk. When Noah turned 36 he got the surprise of his life when his kids come and found him and moved over with him Noah's life was finally back on track and he couldn't be happier the kids cause trouble but he is just so happy to have them around and have his life and family back.
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    It was a rule handed down by staff that any illegal activity while on /duty is punishable by OOC removal of the faction. As it appears here, it wasn't done OOC anyways, and that you were seen doing these illegal acts so she fired you and told you about it via text message. Even if she hadn't, it's a new policy which is why she made the announcement she did last Tuesday saying any illegal activity means you'll be fired. She even went out of her way to fire you IC rather than just telling an admin. Doing crimes while on /duty will be stated as against the rules in the update, but we had factions announce it for a reason. No action will be taken as she used IC information and fired you IC. She questioned you OOCly and announced OOCly on server staff orders, as it's against the rules.
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    So for my ban appeal to be sitting for over 24 hours, to have 50 plus views, and no decision has been made by the Wonderful Staff of Eclipse Roleplay? This truly leaves me to believe the staff of this community does not care, or at least does not care about hearing the truth about issues throughout the community. I am honestly disappointed in the lack of compassion and professionalism I have witnessed in my short time on Eclipse and for the "Public Relations Manager" to be the person who banned me and to not seem to care about the public perception of wrongfully doing things and not truly dealing with issues as they occur. Consider my Ban Appeal to be closed and removed. I will live out my bullshit ban and may or may not come back to this server at all. Because obviously fail-rp is only enforced for bullshit reasons, and true fail-rp is not dealt with and is acceptable and an everyday norm.
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    Zancudo Rally Dear Citizens of Los Santos, Sandy Tricksters is proud to announce their first organized event, in collaboration with San Andreas Car Club. This event will be a Rally around Fort Zancudo and the Zancudo Wildlife on May the 12th (Saturday). The race will start on the freeway, however, it will quickly go on the off-road. Map of the Route A maximum of 8 participants will drive the whole round. The fastest, second and third fastest will all get good prices. Rules: Every vehicle will be allowed at the event (we recommend using off-road vehicles for this route) Every driver will drive a timed round, there won't be any group races. Spectators are not to go onto the road Spectators that commit crimes will be dealt with justly and swiftly ((Drivers will need to drive in first person. To ensure that every driver drives in first person, they’ll need to start a call on Discord and enable screenshare.)) Any contestant that breaks one of the rules, will be disqualified and ejected from the event immediately. Spectating During the event, a helicopter with a Weazel New employee and a certified pilot will follow the current car. ((The Weazel News employee will stream the race for live coverage)). Spectators will only be allowed on the side of the freeway. Official Betting Betting will be allowed in an official manner. Be on the lookout for a Betting Officer, to place a bet on one of the contestants. To participate, please fill out this form. Join Sandy Tricksters messaging group for more information! ((https://discord.gg/wZH7Rbe))
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    I will like to recall that the simple but major rule I broke that time was FailRP because I get out of a police car using F. the police involve in the RP PM me and toll me it was fail RP, because I didn't use a single /me or /do to get out of the car whit handcuff, at this point I realize I fuck it up, and was driving back to LSC (the place where all happen) to resume the RP, but i was told it was to late for that and got perma ban. Maybe if my record was not that big, Triple seven will have let me just resume the RP and take my jail time (like i have seen done on the forums), but his final desition was to permaban me even do I was there. This is the 3 ban, all of them happen like this: First time: me and another guy got dual KO (we shot at the same time and got down/injured). I crash waiting for medics, and when I came back I was permaban for FailRP. On my apple I show evidence of me talking whit the people of the server on discord, telling them “I crash, im coming back”, showing that I didn’t Disconect, I crash and was coming back. Second time: a guy I have a problem whit before was following me, I get out of my car infront of the hospital, he then point a gun at me and shot me dead. When I respawn infront of the hospital, I saw my car and take it, the guy that kill me report me for braking NLR, even do I didn’t brake NLR, I spawn infront of my car and take it. Last time: the LSC and police car incident I recall in the beginning of this post. Yes I have brake rules in the pass, but I don’t agree whit you when you say “think there have been enough chances” because the last 2 times I show my point, I show I was right, this time is different because even do I think it could be handle different, I did FailRP by getting out of a police car having my hands cuff without doing a single /me, even do the police was not inside the car and was dealing whit another guy. Im coming crystal clear on this report, this is all the true, and I hope I can get a chance to redeem myself and get back to continue developing Carter’S life, I wont let you guys down.
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    -1 to this. The point of an NCZ is to remove the possibility of crime within an area which would make no sense to do so in real life. The PIER is a perfect place to allow criminals to rob players. This is a commonplace which you would see crime in real life. - NoewUH
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    Hello and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! Glad to see a fellow member of Next Generation Gaming come and join us at Eclipse. Can't wait to see you start your character out and see how it develops on your stream. Feel free to ask us on the forums or Discord if you have any questions or concerns, we would be glad to help!
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    LMFAO first off this isn't me, 2nd off you had just shot him and you are allowed to hit someone once if you've engaged in hostile rp with them. 3rd off sick discord bro, how about you and your group try to play without discord for once, it clearly didn't help you this time.
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    Hey, after deliberating the video that was privately sent to me with other members of staff, I've come to the decision to rule this report in favor of the reported. This is not deathmatching, vehicle deathmatching or unrealistic behaviors due to the fact that tension was built up and provocations were made. You were in fact asked to "get the fuck out" after confirming that you weren't apart of The Order. Shortly after this was said, you acknowledge the fact that the person in the car was apart of the Irish and you then start speaking over the radio "We've got the Irish here", this could be seen as intimidation. I see no reason why the person in the car wouldn't be able to hear this, as you were, in fact, speaking perfectly fine through your helmet with him seconds earlier. If you want to enhance your RP, such as lowering the helmet's glass up and down to avoid people ICly hearing your radio communications, use /me's and /do's. You continued escalating the situation and provoking them by following them, which resulted in the outcome of the situation. This report is now closed. Thank you for your patience. - Osborn
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    Hello everybody, I'd like to suggest making it against the rules to bait somebody into a chase and then run to an NCZ. Of course, people should be able to flee/retreat to an NCZ, but going away from the NCZ, just to bait somebody into a chase and then to run back to an NCZ, is simply being a bad sport and poor RP'er. Let me know what you guys think, and please don't turn this into a flame war.
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    Huh ? Radio is IC information, so yes I did use it in an IC context. There is absolutely no Metagaming in using radio ICly. And as I said, in our first encounter we were talking and you were hearing me pretty well with that helmet on and "my windows up", does that mean you're Metagaming ? Of course not. /do is a tool used to further enhance the Roleplay, it is necessary only in very few scenarios, most of which are considered passive RP, which our RP encouter was most definitely not since there was a shootout involved. Not every roleplay scene needs a "/do window check" especially if there's combat involved.
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    That makes no sense,PD and MD is a NCZ, you can't commit crimes there, that's why this should be implemented. Also PD has 4 lockable garages and I think PD has me than 4 officers. That should not be implemented as sometimes people such as detectives use boy pins to search cars
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    RageMP - List of Suggestions: These suggestions are not from just me, they are a combination of a lot of popular suggestions other members have suggested too. Add more useful banks (Fleeca Banks around the map) Allow general stores to be owned by players. Allow businesses to have more then one owner or allow co-owners/employees Add loan companies section to the panel of ECRP. Ability to store your clothing instead of repurchasing outfits all that time. Captains License usage Radio being a physical item that is take-able. Toggle-able glasses and hats. Coin flip ability Automatic /ame for vehicle locking. Seatbelt ability (Add option to have seatbelt; better RP opportunity for police, and driving RP as a whole.) Reduce price of smuggled pistols as they are currently more expensive then legal ones. Allowing officers to impound vehicles. Being able to set Faction Messages to be displayed upon login. Motorcycle License Suspensions Create a new and better pick-lock system. Add map-zones to represent No Crime Zones. Create a vehicle registration process rather than having vehicles preregistered. Create Prison Jobs to give prisoners small amount of money to purchase miscellaneous items. Create prison shop(s). Allow PD to earn salary inside the prison. Allow PD to use the MDC inside the prison. Allow Prisoners to make phone calls with the wall mounted phones in the cafeteria. Change the vehicle fuel system. (Force players to get out and fuel, give alerts of low fuel, etc.) Change the quitting message system. (Timeouts, Crashes, Kicks, etc.) Display both m/h and km/h in vehicles. Improve gun damage. I update these suggestions monthly as new suggestions role in. Feel free to leave feedback!
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    Player(s) being reported: Tavi Patronus / Liam Paige / GauisTavi (Admins) Date of rule breach: 02/05/2018 Time of rule breach: 2pm GMT Your characters name: Ben Rucks Other players involved: @Liam Dawkins @kevinpake99 @RowanMonty Specific rule broken: Metagaming Metagaming to gain an in-game advantage, for example, requesting help from your allies through out-of- character channels, will result in more severe punishments, than accidental metagaming, that serves no benefit to the player, such as, calling a stranger by his character name. How did the player break the rule?: Yesterday we went to a turf we had scouted out and began to capture it. We noticed that Tavi Patronus arrived, when we had dealt with Liam Paige just prior to the situation. This aroused our suspicions, to the point today myself (Ben Rucks) and Damian Masters went to once again to capture a turf, however this time we were being cautious of Gaius possibly Metagaming, as explained in the video below. Gauis at the time we started capturing was on support, and then about 10/15 minutes after we were on the turf he switched from Gaius to Tavi Patronus. At first we gave him the benefit of the doubt, however a small time after a collection of Exiled member joined. This in our opinion confirmed a form of Metagaming and we left the turf as to not engage in a RP scenario with them and to complete this report. Upon coming back and checking we can see they did infact act on the turf being taken (which in our opinion proves that they did MG) Evidence of rule breach:
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    I am glad you understand the rule better now, and the new rulebook which will be put out soon will clarify the rule even better. However, due to the nature of the offense, we will keep the punishment in place. The ban was issued 19:30 server time on 4/5/18 so you will be unbanned automatically at 7/5/18 at 19:30 server time. I appreciate you taking the time to appeal and learn the rules, when you return to the server I have faith you will abide by the rule more closely and it shouldn't be a problem going forward. Thank you again for the appeal and I look forward to seeing you in game in a few days.
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    I'd like to reply again apologising to all the parties involved as it not acceptable behaviour regardless. I understandably accept punishment/warning & ensure to not repeat this or any misappropriate conduct. My sincere apologize to both Borris & Claude for such rubbish play. And thank you.
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    I’m gonna say -1 for this. NPCs are completely stupid. If you fire one shot, then hell breaks loose and the players would get VDM’ed by the NPCs, which would be pretty ironic. Also, people could just carjack a vehicle from an NPC, which would kinda defeat the purpose of having a taxi company or rental cars. Yes, if we had traffic, people wouldn’t drive like maniacs, but until the AI gets more intelligent, I don’t think it would be a good idea to have him here. Welcome to the server btw, you should check hotspots as LSC, Bayview, Tequilala etc. for many players.
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    I am glad that the ban has taught you about how closely we follow the rule and how futile a hack really is at the end of the day. At this point it is still too soon for return as hacking is a very serious offense. After discussion, the Eclipse Staff team has chosen to deny this appeal.
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    It's on! Set the date and I'll work on my case with my esteemed legal assistant @Dashingly Leron.
  47. 2 points
    The admins have bigger things to deal with than me telling someone I still have them aliased incorrectly, settle down bud
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    Hello and thank you for your patience, Player Rajj_Sikyhar will be unbanned from the server. Please do note that we do not tolerate such behavior, and that if a situation like this occurs in the future, you will be banned permanently and will not be let back onto our server. Death threats, even if meant like a joke, are something that we take very seriously and do not tolerate at all. Thank you. Appeal accepted/archived
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    There are no rules, nor will there be any rules regarding the "proper" use of voice to roleplay a woman. It is at the player's discretion to use a voice changer, chat, or any other form of a communication medium to portray a female character. suggestion locked/rejected.
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    New Player Setup Guide First of all, welcome to Eclipse-RP! We are so happy you found us, and we want to help you begin your roleplay journey! You can utilize this guide to figure out some of the first steps of our community. Step One Make a forum account. The Eclipse-RP forums will help every player in every way. We use the forums to submit player reports, punishment appeals, special announcements, character stories, development sneak peaks, and more! Click here to make an account on our forms. Step Two Read our server rules. No-one wants to start out their roleplay adventure on our server with a bad admin record, so it's best to thoroughly understand our rule book, in and out. Click here to read the official Eclipse-RP rules. Step Three Download and install RageMP. In order to actually play Eclipse-RP, you need to download the client we run on, which is RageMP. Keep in mind you must have a legal PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Click here to view our tutorial on how to download and install RageMP and play on Eclipse-RP. Step Four Join the official Eclipse-RP discord server. The Eclipse-RP discord server is where we send out announcements on server and development related topics. We also use the discord as a means of communication and support. It is a great way to receive help, and fast. Click here to join the official Eclipse-RP discord server. Step Five Learn the Eclipse-RP commands. Our commands help better the experience of everyone. Click here to view the commands list containing all of the Eclipse-RP commands. Step Six Familiarize yourself with the endless possibilities Eclipse-RP can offer. Our frequently asked questions list contains some of the most asked questions which will help most people, information on government factions and means of making money, and more. Click here to read our frequently asked questions list. Step Seven Launch the game and create a panel account. You will need to verify your email address on the panel. Click here to login into the panel. Step Eight Login, create your character, and roleplay!