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    Limited Edition Holding LLC are proud to announce the opening of a brand new firearms outlet, American Arms Has your wife been unfaithful? Is your boss a massive jerk? Do you want your neighbors brand new BMW? Gang bangers stealing your garden gnomes? That pesky reporter won't leave you alone? Your bit on the side is getting friendly with the wife? Are you compensating for something? At American Arms we have a solution for all of your problems! We pride ourselves on a fast, discreet and friendly service with prices that will rival any supplier in the city. We guarantee the cheapest prices available and highest quality products on the market. How cheap? The cheapest. We WILL NOT be beaten on price. Don't just take our word for it. We hired a third-party marketing research team to gather data on our competition, and we blow them away. We are cheaper than Savage Nation, Eriksens Ammu-Nation and Guns 'R' Us. Gun Prices Price Comparison Live Price Comparison Prices correct at time of print. November 26th, 2017 Best of all? We're not way out in the sticks. We're in the heart of the city. American Arms occupies a prime real estate location close to central city hubs, public transport routes, and a stones throw away from vital amenities. Why not shoot by before work? Or during lunch? We've got everything you need just a few seconds away. We Give Back - Bleet Prize Draw If flooding the city with cheap, poorly regulated firearms isn't enough for you, we go the extra mile to give back to the community. Visit American Arms and buy the cheapest weapons in the city, share your experience on Bleeter and you'll be entered into a monthly prize draw to win $50,000 in unmarked, tax free, dye free cash. All you have to do is Bleet one of the following messages* after making a purchase at American Arms. Make sure you @ us in the Bleet so we can add your name to the prize draw** ((Take a screenshot of the bleet with the F1 screen up and send me a PM with it***)) How To Find Us? American Arms Would Love To Hear From You We love hearing from our customers. If you want to get in touch you can reach us on Bleet @AmericanArms or for business or private matters, email us at [email protected] ((Send me an IC PM on the forums. Click here)) *Customers are permitted to post their own Bleet but it must include "AMERICAN ARMS" and reflect positively on the outlets reputation. Management reserves the right to ignore Bleets that contain negative or otherwise damaging remarks towards AMERICAN ARMS **One entry per customer, per day. Bleet must be accompanied by a validated purchase at AMERICAN ARMS. Entry is invalid if proof of Bleet is not provided ***((There must be at least 30 people on the server when you Bleet the message)) Terms and Conditions apply. American Arms and Limited Edition Holdings LLC are registered trademarks in the United States & Internationally. Your purchase history and personal information is held securely and will not be sold, traded or provided to law enforcement agencies without the appropriate legal documentation. Guns are only available to sale or rent to those of legal age. Prices correct at time of print, although likely to fluctuate with import costs of firearms and ammunition. Limited Edition Holdings LLC are an overseas holding company, legally occupying international real estate to protect the identity of owners, investors and board members. Limited Edition Holdings LLC reserve the right to ban or otherwise prohibit customers from partaking in prize draws. Limited Edition LLC reserves the right to change the prize pool or terms and conditions of the prize draw without consent or notifying customers. Each month a minimum of 10 unique customer social interactions are required otherwise entrants will be carried over to the following month. By Bleeting or sending any correspondence to American Arms you authorize the use of said content for use in advertising, social media campaigns and the updating of our private records.
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    Hello there! Due to the new GTA:O update, you can not get in GT-MP if you have the update installed. We have uploaded backup files if you haven’t done a backup yet. ROCKSTAR VERSION: https://mega.nz/#!xclFmB4R!n5YaKU8HG-63Ep7nq83Ces4vvyYtRyRv3H2oHKnsD78 STEAM VERSION: https://mega.nz/#!1yIGDYhT!CWAR2k7w1azoDVseOhuvNBhOsmYo3c81S_W9_Q3bGFQ If you have downloaded the update, then follow these steps: 1. Drag ALL of the backup files into your game directory. Place the update.rpf into the update folder and overwrite the old one. 2. (ROCKSTAR VERSION ONLY) Block GTAVLaucher.exe in Windows Firewall, by doing so, Social club wont prompt you to re-update the game again. If you block it in firewall, it’ll launch in offline mode. If you have any questions or problems, ask in #helpdesk at our Discord.
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    Team Update: The following Support Staff have been recruited: LewisL SyncxzV201 xeater Reighlon Triple Seven Charlie Mangione PBAJ
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    LUCIUS LABAZANOV [A photo taken of Lucius Labazanov on his 4th birthday, Los Santos, California] Lucius Labazonov, born on January 17th, 2013 to his father, Ruslan Labazanov, and mother, Scarlette Labazanov was a child born with high expectation. He was born in the home of his loving parents in Moscow, Russia. All throughout his childhood, Lucius' father had taught him to carry the Labazanov name and to one day become his successor. Due to the infamous nature of his father, Lucius grew up in Moscow for most of his life primarily learning from his father. In Russia, Lucius learned many skills which would eventually benefit him in Los Santos. When Lucius and his family moved to America, they had enrolled him in a small private school to keep him separated from Ruslan's social life, though as time had progressed, Ruslan knew he would need to reveal his first born child to the world. With all of the stresses which came from the Labazanov home, Lucius often resorted to family friends and godparents for parental guidance and assistance. Now with Lucius growing up in American Culture, along with his notorious parents, Lucius will be expected to carry on the family name and be Ruslan's successor. @Xenon117 @sykotiktv A SMALL AUTO-BIOGRAPHY WRITTEN BY LUCIUS AT AGE 18 I was born on a cold winter day on January 27, 1998, to my mother, Scarlette Syko, and father, Ruslan Labazanov. At the age of 4, my father had decided to move our family to America, to "provide a better life for ourselves", though due to his infamous relationship with the PD and opposing feared criminals, my life had been very hard. Throughout my childhood, I was raised primarily by my godparents, Jim Wessen and Vera Winchester, and my mother, Scarlette Syko (Labazanov). My father had been their half of the time as a drunken man walking around in the broken shell, and the other half as the notorious mob boss, Ruslan Labazanov. The relationship between my father and I had been a minute part of my life, though an important one. He had been one of my greatest role models, a role model I would eventually resent. One of the moments which impacted my development the most originally seemed like an average day at LSC. I had been kidnapped and treated as an object in an attempt to manipulate my father. Due to my father's stubborn nature (one which I would learn to be a negative trait), my kidnappers had decided to use me to send a message to my father. At the age of 10, a man had used my left eye as an ashtray. He had placed a lit cigarette in my eye causing severe damage to my vision and my appearance. At the age of 10, I had been rushed to the hospital with a burnt cornea, a charred spirit and a deadly fear of cigarettes. At the age of 13, I had seen the true colours of my father, ones which disappoint me. On July 3rd, 2010, I had OD'd on drugs which had been offered to me during a party held after my parents' wedding. While recovering from severe wounds (emotionally and physically), I had been taken hostage by the man I once called my father. I was an object once again, though this time, being used to manipulate the police. After a long, fearful situation involving Sergeant Lister, Ruslan had committed suicide in an attempt to "save his son", a pathetic excuse used to mask his cowardliness in attempting to drop his role of a "father". Not until recently, had I found out that Ruslan was not actually dead, he was a man who had escaped his problems by running. My teenaged years had been a blur, besides a few memories I still cherish to this day. All those years cannot be summarized by words on a page. If I could point out the ones I hold close, they would include: My fathers "funeral", the tears I had seen falling down my mother's face; the countless time spent with different psychiatrist's attempting to fix my "broken spirit". I remember playing the guitar with my uncle (baba) Jim, learning of the use of notes in progression to make music and its ability to entice emotion. I remember doing homework with my aunt (moma) Vera, learning different tools I could use to benefit not only my school, though my future. And finally, I remember spending time with my mother, learning about her life before Ruslan, her goals and aspirations. In conclusion, I believe, that everything that has happened to me, has been for a purpose. Every experience, hardship and success I have seen in my life has been for a reason. I could not have imagined my life any other way. Without every experience, hardship, and success I have faced, I would not have become the man that I am today; the man that I will become.
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    we never liked u anyways lol also you should get punished for making false forums report read the rules instead of making salty reports.
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    Account name: Tumble_Inn Character name: Andy McCarty Reason of Punishment: Teleport Cheat. Administrator: Jacob Miller Why should this appeal be accepted? I've taken a big step back from the community, and I noticed Eclipse in my recommended sites, so I figured I'd give it a shot and appeal for my unban, it being a month since the incident. Look, I don't know what to say, I just know I want back in. All I can do is ask for a second chance. I promise that use of an external program to bring benefit to myself will never be used by me or on/within the community. I can't offer too much, just a simple olive branch. If unbanned I plan on trying to make the community a better place, by being around during common hours and bringing a positive impact. I hope that this can be taken into thought, and I am hopeful in building a positive future on Eclipse.
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    This video shows nothing, Joe Savage and Quan Angelico have been alliances since Quan came to the city back in July, when Joe came to Quan saying that he was leaving the city (until the population returns to stable numbers) Quan didn’t hesitate to take control of his assets until Joe returns to the city. Ray being gullible enough to believe that I spent money on those items should not get me punished. Also Leon Chan was supposed to take control of the Xero 24 from the beginning, I was merely the middle man for the transaction.
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    So this is going to be long and confusing, it would require multiple discussions and draft's that can not be done via forums topic so just bear in mind that for this to be implemented it would need to be fine-tuned and tested. I don't want to write down how role-play will improve with every suggestion so please just ask if you need further detail but I'm sure you'll see how it would just think out side the box. I'm a Business Analyst by profession and have been a consultant for many years now, so take the below suggestions as you will. I've created this topic really quickly and just used it as a draft for some ideas in my head. I've not put in the effort I would like to for each system as it would take hours to fully detail and I really would like to get discussions going as a priority. So if there are any solutions/features below that you would like to see fully expanded please let me know. This in no way is going to fix all issues, and below i'm trying to target "quick-win" solutions that can be easily implemented/changed to vastly improve role-play and more diverse role-play and characters. I have also made a few assumptions below due to my limited time here so absolutely please feel free to take what I've said below and improve on it by commenting. Constructive feedback is the way forward here. Pretty much everything i've said below has been done tried and tested, I've tried to make it as unique as possible but sometimes you just need to add the stuff that works to grow the player base and keep people happy then add unique flavour later on in development. I would also like to add that this is not finished, there is too much to write so will add as time goes on. All changes will be added in the history. Issues Identified: - New players are isolated (massive issue) - New players lack active non-criminal areas - Server lacks criminal end-game - Server lacks non-criminal end-game - Server Economy is broken - Houses potential not being fully utilized - Businesses not being fully utilized - Vehicles are unrealistic - Player demographic not realistic (can be seen as a cops vs robbers environment) Solutions: =================================================================================================================================================== ====== New Player based solutions ======== - non-criminal social hubs are required. "Akin to FiveRP trucker job" a place for discussions, a place for newcomers to interact, a place for absolute new players to get accustomed to rules and server RP alignment. At the moment without drastically changing the current job eco-system I'd say your biggest player draw is "Pay Check" and the problems are, -- How do we get players to visit this frequently? "Perhaps have a maximum salary limit, we want players to visit this at least once every hour, so a limit of 3 Paychecks (don't want a hard currency limit as all paychecks are different). This could prove difficult for jobs like police however who are not able to simply visit and get their paycheck when they like as they are on duty so maybe exclude police/md from this. I'm sure the server would understand." -- How do we keep them in the area for as long as possible? "Perhaps keep it in the centre of many spots, right in the middle of the city seems good at the moment as this means they could visit on the way to other jobs, meetings etc or walk if necessary. Add shop so they can also visit a shop while getting their paycheck. Add car rental at the location. add atm at the location. - Give all new players a phone. Get rid of the charging feature, it's good in theory but just adds unnecessary features. - By giving criminals other things to focus on (such as below) other than drive around really fast should mean less rdm to new comers. New comers should not be interacting with criminals that hang around LSC until much later in their character and even longer for those completely unaccustomed to role-play. I'd also like to add that I don't believe LSC should be a criminal hotspot at all, much more fitting an illegal chop shop as listed below which would then be more realistic for crime in that area and less visited by new non-criminal players. =================================================================================================================================================== ===== Criminal End-Game Solutions ====== Quite simply we need to increase the criminal diversity, at the current stage the end game is "buy a super car and cop bait" search your feelings you know this to be true. How can we do this? - Bank Robbery System -- How do we make it worth it? "Big pay off, have a maximum stealable limit from the vault's determined by how many locks you break. A large payoff will mean lots of criminals will hope to one day pull off such a heist. It would also mean criminals on the edge, brink of bankruptcy may even do it when they would surely fail. Leading to diverse and random role-play with a range of characters" -- How do we make it difficult? "This is mostly down to how the police, hostages respond or react during the situation, which is of course why we are all here so we shouldn't limit or hinder that in any way, however, we can enforce a few difficult things that must be overcome in order to maximise the roleplay. Banks can have 30 locks, each requires skill to pick perhaps a GUI that simulates movie dials etc. Police are alerted as soon as the vault picking begins. Robbers must take hostages if they want the police to take them seriously. Robbers must negotiate with the police to delay time and break more locks and also try and secure a safe getaway. Just having this basic system as is would allow for a great range of role-play and a good option for criminals looking to get a big pay off. Criminals can offer 1 hostage for safe passage which means the police will not pursue until the criminals are in their vehicle, robbers can plan their escape according to how creative they can be. Drive to the sea and escape on a boat, or drive to a helicopter and attempt to fly away? Take 10 hostages place them in an alleyway then drive to the alley after the robbery jump out the vehicle take off your mask and tell them all to run for their life's and scatter attempting to escape amongst the chaos. Banks can only be robbed if 3+ police online The Alert to police can be HALTED for 5 locks if one of the members travels to the junction box located at the transmissions tower and activates the jammer for the full 5 locks [only for banks]. This feature could also be used when robbing stores, however just like if robbing houses the idea is to target businesses/houses you know may be storing dirty money as you could take all the dirty money. " - Change Current Economy A tried and tested system is "Dirty Money" and "Clean Money, aka Money". You use money the same way you do now, however you gain dirty money via criminal scripted systems such as robberies, gun trafficking, illegal chop shops etc.. which must be laundered. -- How do we police it? "Dirty money is illegal, if you have it on your it will be confiscated and you'll receive appropriate charges." -- How do we store it? "Dirty money can be stored in player-owned houses/businesses to a maximum amount, different houses can store different amounts. However, this can be robbed with a similar system to the bank robbery system but with not as many locks and the player has to be online in order to rob their property" -- How can we launder it? " A specific job can be created to drive your money around the city and clean a small chunk at a time. Basically exactly like the courier job is now except you're delivering dirty money. It would need to be difficult, to launder $100,000 must take at least 30 minutes constant work or more. It would look like the same go-postal van but of course, if you draw attention the cops might pull you over can take your dirty AND clean money on your person." -- Where can we use Dirty money? "Your primary goal should be laundering it which would add a lot of role-play even perhaps allow gangs to offer such a service where they launder it for you and take a %. Dirty money can never be used for legal things" =================================================================================================================================================== ======= ORGANIC CRIMINAL HUBS ======== Criminals of different gangs/territories should be avoiding civilian hotspots or turf associated with other criminals. Right now for example it seems like LSC is a cluster of unlikely role-play situations that are forced due to low server population and lack of scripted features. Although we are sometimes thankful stuff happens their "Police for example" since it at least adds some diverse role-play even if it is not great quality, we would still rather have role-play develop naturally and be a lot more fitting. Now this section is going to be a little short as I could definitely sit here and type out a full criminal system that allows for a dynamic criminal Eco-system and economy that caters for all walks of criminal life from small to major crime. But I simply don't know what you have currently scripted on the server as I've not been a criminal on this server yet. So I would appreciate if any criminal characters have read the above can add some suggestions below that fit nicely with the above systems/improvements. In my view as a police officer at the moment this is what i see "may not be true". - No criminal hotspots except "LSC, Bayview" I see no criminal activity in the docks, airport, train station. where are drugs/gun materials being trafficked? We should have information on this and should be Incorporated into our patrols to potentially add role-play. Perhaps this is a scripted system and the police are so uninformed that the locations are completely unknown? Perhaps the system not used at all? or perhaps the payoff is so small nobody does it? I don't know please tell me. - Where is the secrecy? We all know of a certain Russian overlord but should we have so many encounters? A major criminal organization should strive to act in the shadows except for gangs but they don't strike me as a "Gang". What is the limiting factor here? I feel like there are only two active crime groups. Is it purely due to the low population? I've seen a suggestion about how criminal orgs/gangs could be run and it looks fantastic with territories/turfs etc, this would surely promote proper criminal organization and structure? Is this being implemented? if not why. ADDED: I believe I've added enough criminal mid/end game content that would serve to help this purpose with help from the feedback below (Thanks, guys). I believe for criminals we shouldn't try to force a social hub like for non-criminals as it's unrealistic and unnecessary, the criminal hotspots should happen organically depending on the owning organization's temperament and allegiances/enemies etc.. For example I would hope that Chop shops would naturally draw out the worst in society and it's up to the owner/faction/gang to keep it calm as to not draw attention etc.. Criminal hotspots should change over time depending on a multitude of factors. So could be anywhere that fits. =================================================================================================================================================== ====== NON-CRIMINAL END-GAME ===== so been thinking long and hard about this one which is why it's coming later. It's difficult! so please join me if you have ideas. - Business License -- What is a business License? "To own and operate a business you must register for a Business License via the government building in the social hub area. This gives you the ability to buy businesses. Now, this should be cheap we don't want people to see this as a financial blocker just a criminal limitation. -- Criminals and Their License "If your character is involved in criminal activity then a civilian or police officer can request to the Government Business Department for your license to be revoked. The business commission can then review that character and determine if they need to revoke the license (basically no corruption allowed, if a person does any major crimes then the license is revoked, this needs to be strict and harsh. Maybe just if they have a felony charge but still their license get's revoked for x days. During this time the business cannot operate and is closed down. They still have to pay rent but will receive no profit. If their license is revoked 3 times then they lose their license completely and will be forced to sell the business as it would be operating without a license "no profit". -- What does this do? "Hopefully this forces criminals to be a little smarter, especially if they own a business. Now they can get other people to run it for them, fine that's a good way to get around it however if the LSPD Investigations Department find that the business is still technically run by that criminal then the license will still be revoked. Of course, it should not be as easy to revoke a license for a person suspected of running it on behalf of a criminal as it is for just revoking a criminals license but it will add extra layers of role-play and stop criminals from abusing the system. The idea is that we want most businesses to be run by civilians who are not akin to crime as their dangerous counterparts. I believe this system would not stop criminal role-play which we want but force them to be a little smarter, the smarter the criminal the more they can get away with and the smarter the civilian the richer they can become. - More Diverse Businesses So the reason behind the above solution is I didn't want to say "Criminal businesses" and "Non-Criminal" as I believe that should be down to the role-play but I did want to have a way that pushes people in the right direction unless they actively go in their own which then means they make their own criminal choices and it's a more significant and obvious path. The next ideas add more role-play ideas for non-criminals and criminals, it would be harder for criminals to stay under the radar for these but potentially a higher payoff in terms of footfall, however, the same is true for civilians but without the risk of losing the business. REMEMBER that businesses should be able to store Dirty money which adds extra role-play if used. -- City Race Track "Go to the race track and race others, or practice and fine tune those driving skills. The owner can operate it as normal with people paying to drive any time of the day or rent it out as part of events" -- Country Driving Experience "Same as above but more 4x4 originated. Could perhaps have a rally type experience too" -- Boat Racing "Same as above but for boats in the marina or beachfront at the pier" -- Parachute Co. "Take people high in the sky above Sandy Shoes for a thrilling skydiving experience. For parachute only experience, helicopter cannot be used for anything outside of the businesses purpose" -- Paintballing Experience "5v5 in the stadium could have a pistol mode and an m4 mode, obviously the bullets would be "paintballs" nobody would die when killed just spawn back in the waiting area" All these businesses could be operated by civilians or criminals and add plenty of role-play not only for themselves as business owners, events managers etc but also to the general public for places to go and have fun. Team bonding for the police, medics, mechanics, taxi service, news and even criminals orgs/gangs. =================================================================================================================================================== ======== Criminal Early-Mid Game ======== I'm a firm believer that your character will develop organically if given enough time and opportunity it all starts with a simple idea. However it is very important for a server to cater for those characters in as much detail as possible without writing features for specific people. The way I personally believe to do that is via dynamic system/features that can be utilised by multiple character paths depending on their agenda, most of the solutions I've given above can of course be used by it's primairy purpose but that doesn't mean it needs to stay like that forever. For example if a criminal owned the race track they could use the business as a front for laundering or even just enteraining opertations. Of course this would draw police attention but you get what I mean. Below I've listed some ideas that could help criminals obtain money Early-Mid game. - Chop Shop -- What does this business do? "Any person can go to the chop shop, upon speaking to the operator ((an NPC)) you will be given a vehicle (spawns a random vehicle in a random location on the map) that needs to be found and brought back for chopping. This can be a nice little money maker (not as much as other jobs but this wouldn't be a job it would be an illegal extra) to fill in the gaps between those paychecks but unfortunately starts you on a life of crime." -- How do i find it? "You'll be given a blip on a map where it was seen. You'll need to look in that area, it will not be easy to find but at least reduces your search area" -- Special Feature? "I love ECRP insurance it's great very pricey but good concept. I still believe the prices need lowering a little bit. But! what if there was another way? What if when you're running low on cash or simply don't have any guilt, you could go to a chop shop who would repair your car for HALF the price. However, they use stolen parts! CHEAP but costly should you get caught" -- What happens if You're caught? "If you're pulled over and runs your plates they may see that your car has been 'Written off' CAT-5 so they could then investigate the vehicle, we could role-play checking the serial numbers of your vehicle and seeing they do not match. Then, of course, it's up to the police department to decide what happens when you use stolen parts on your vehicle. Chop shops must have fronts! of course, they are illegal, but we don't want to exclude them from role-play or the business license system which if added I believe will add a lot especially to this. A chop should pretend to be something like a CAR CLEANING place etc.. However through the process highlighted in the business license section if you're caught then you potentially lose your license." -- What's the payoff? "Well the person delivering the vehicle gets a cut and the shop owner get's their profit from taking the parts from the vehicle and using them for repairs (instead of mors). Of course, when a person wants their vehicle repaired they could pay with dirty money, which means a chop could also double as a launder. The idea of a chop shop as you can see can be a very powerful asset and if owned should be protected from the police as losing this would surely be a huge sacrifice. Think of the kind of role-play that can be hard by an owner, helping certain gangs/factions, or maybe you're not a criminal in your eyes? just trying to feed your family and it's all you know? Perhaps you're a drug lord whose trusted this business to be run by your guy but it's now being investigated by the police or maybe even a rival faction has decided your business must fail, whatever could they do to make your life hell?." - Drug/Gun Runner -- What do they do? "This job is quite simple, again can be taken to increase money between paychecks however highly dangerous and not for the faint-hearted. Drug/Gun runners must take a shipment from one point to another without getting caught." -- How does it work? "There are two types of drug/weapon running, Moderate Difficulty and High Difficulty, Moderate Difficulty, Go to the docks where the shipment it smuggled in (could be another job). Once you have the package you will be given instruction via phone you must follow these instructions. You MUST wear your mask at all times, you will be asked to go to up to 10 locations and waiting for the drop-off, in this location you must blend in or hide, if undetected for X time you will successfully drop off 1 of your packages. Now be careful as your character has been spotted acting strangely by CCTV, police will be warned at random locations (if responding to the call) during your route it is up to you to evade them, stay under the radar and not draw any attention. If caught however you're not going away for simply possession so don't get caught! The pay off should be more than you would get if doing the same time for a normal non-illegal job as the risk of going to prison/jail can be high." -- High Difficulty Deserves its own section (Can definently be seen as Criminal END-GAME due to it's complexity) -- What do they have to do? "Multiple smuggle locations around the map, shipyard, dock, warehouses, train station in the industrial area. To trigger this event a minimum of two people must go to this location, once there they will meet their contact. Once introductions are made the shipment will be unloaded then loaded onto a truck. It is now vital that you get to sellers warehouse, unfortunately for you, it's on the other side of the map" -- The Detail? "You may trigger this event if more than 5 police officers are online. Upon triggering this event you must manually load the boxes onto your truck, a random number of boxes will need to be loaded up to 20. This takes time, you need to stay low, don't get noticed. Once fully loaded a blip will appear on your marker at a random fuel station half way through your journey. Here you must stop and re-fuel to finish the last leg. Now If you make it here without a police convoy great! you've worked really hard and hopefully, nothing else goes wrong. After waiting at the gas station for a couple minutes you will then be given your final marker which is at the far end of the map, get to that location and unload the boxes. Once unloaded you're done" -- How's it difficult? "When loading a box it should be a GUI, it should look like a box, a box which constantly tries to fall left or right, the person carrying the box must press A or D to balance the box. Too far left or right and the box falls, smashing on the floor and ruining the contents. (this would mean less money at the end). The script will pick a number from 2-5, if you drop this number then the police will be called by a local guard whose noticed something very strange going on at YOUR location. However here is the kicker, the guard started recording and he's noticed you're armed! the Police have been alerted that armed individuals are loading suspicious boxes in a truck at your location, they will respond in force. What do you do? Leave now in the truck and take your chances? do you have an escape plan lined up? are you going to make it? should you just abandon and run?" -- Alert Mechanics "Apart from the boxes dropping and prematurely alerting the police, the Police will be alerted when the truck leaves the warehouse. 'Suspicious truck leaving warehouse without papers reported' the call will go to the warehouse but the truck might not be there anymore? Randomly between 10-90% of the journey between the warehouse and the fuel station the police will get another alert 'Suspicious truck seen at X street' again the call will go to the location last seen but the truck might not be there anymore? The police will get an alert from the fuel station 10 seconds after the truck has left 'truck last spotted at a fuel station in X location'. The police will get a final alert again 10-90% of the way from Fuel station to end warehouse. The difficulty does not come from "YOU WILL GET CAUGHT" it's that you might not. If you plan well, act accordingly and don't rush you may just get through this, and hey if the worst should happen? Just ditch the truck and run right? do you have an escape plan a and b?" -- Police Response "So apart from civilians calling in a truck not following the road laws, or being aggressive or dangerous to them the police will only be alerted a short number of times during the event only to units responding to the original call of trucking leaving the warehouse or if triggered because of a box breaking that would be the main call. In theory, it's not that difficult to evade in that aspect so the difficulty comes by giving you limited choices. Since the police have the ability to respond with lethal force due to the report of armed men you need to act smarter not harder, although hard may work too. Remember Police will normally never shoot first, and unless given reason will use it as a last resort. A couple points I wanted to add just as I can forsee the problem is Police "Knowing locations", Due to the limited nature of scripting it's very unlikely that the developers will be able to have 10 starting warehouses, 10 fuel stations and 10 ending warehouses which would make it impossible for the police to know the locations in a chase or suspicion. If the developers do implement a system that allows that then fantastic and oh my! but if not then I think it's important that police DO NOT assume locations of warehouses, fuel stations unless an prior investigation has returnded information about that SPECIFIC event or been alerted via civilian etc about that SPECIFIC event. It's important that cops do not go "Oh they took the truck i'll head to the fuel station and wait" I absolutely know being in PD that nobody will do that and the high-command would most likely enforce that anyway but just wanted to make it clear to put anybody at ease if they worry. -- Pay Off "Each box successfully unloaded at the end warehouse will give you a random amount from X to Y (to be decided by the economy controller via ECRP). Remember if you dropped any boxes you can't get that money. You may also get a negative modifier from being late and/or dropping boxes. So it's vital you are skilled in this delivery! they don't want amateurs after all. Remember you get DIRTY money so once you get the payoff it's not over, get it safely back to a property or house to be laundered later on. hopefully, you like this system, I feel quite proud of this one. It's quite diverse gives people a lot of roles and requires skill and discipline. If you're unprepared or do it on a whim you most likely are not going to make it as there are too many obstacles. But if you prepare and are skillful you're surely get a big pay off? The reason I think this kind of thing would work is that it makes even me want to stop being a cop and go criminal! :). I also have not seen a system like this on any other server so hopefully, it's unique too. - Gun/Drug Seller This system is built with the runner system in mind, and making an assumption that either end-warehouses storing the illegal stock are player owned OR self-proclaimed gun/drug distributors act as the middlemen. -- Why should warehouses be owned? or middle men? "Simply because it's real-life situation. Typically the gun/drug smugglers are not the ones who sell to the public for a variety of reasons but most of all they base their life on smuggling and don't want the added danger of selling. Now, of course, this does not stop somebody from doing both jobs and that's fine they just need to make the decision themselves role-play wise. So in its most simple form, the distributor would buy the weapons from the warehouse (even if the warehouse is owned they must do the same) this turns the gun materials into actual guns. Now I want to state a very important pre-requisite to this which I feel is very important which I'll explain below" -- Who should be the distributor? "What we don't want it random people being able to buy weapons directly, even though we have done a lot of role-play already in getting the materials to the warehouse if a non-criminal civilian comes along that buys the guns for the sake of buying them then it's direct for them. This not only breaks realism but also removes some much needed role-play that would add relationships, struggles, territory wars etc.. So I would say that we need to script it somehow and this is my idea. I would argue that the people doing the drug/gun smuggler event could be the distributors if not then they are doing it for the distributors so they taking the smuggle risk while the group waiting at the warehouse are taking the distributors risk which I would see as a handoff of goods once payment is received or for what ever reason they are doing the smuggling. Either way we need to cater for all scenarios so once the event has been started then all the successful boxes loaded onto the truck are marked with a timestamp 6AM for example, this is when the truck set off with the boxes. Now if successful and the boxes are delivered to the warehouse at 7AM then the boxes are marked for expiration at 7:30AM. This gives the group delivering the good's 30 mins to buy the weapons from the warehouse and go store them in businesses/houses etc. Why deletion? well it stops a random chap coming along 5 hours later and buying guns from a fully stocked warehouse. -- But is this not limited? "It's only limited to counter unrealistic role-play and what could potentially lead to RDM. There is a reason we are not associating the boxes with the member who started the event. For that 30mins once delivered anybody can buy weapons from that warehouse. This means that if the criminals so wish they can secure the area and then buy the items they wish for later sale to the gun/drug sellers. Hopefully, you're seeing why I've done it this way now. If a rival gang/org was to get information on what they are doing they could of course attack the warehouse, attempt to kill/capture the smugglers and buy the weapons." -- What does this mean? "It means potentially a lot of role-play, not only will the criminals have to protect the convoy but if they wish to buy the goods after they need to have a plan in place to secure the area and then transport the goods away successfully, they need to be smart, keep it secret, they need to know the moves of any rival gangs/orgs. I think you'll agree this makes the best use of the system and allows some great diverse and exciting role-play. I think we will find most of the time it will go without a hitch (of course not counting on police here) but for those times that are not it will be glorious. -- So what about the truck itself before the warehouse? "Exactly! This is role-play after all, and this is a difficult event it's not for the faint-hearted. I believe absolutely your truck can be stolen if you happen to be careless enough. Now whoever is in the truck has the boxes and will get the blips etc. Now add that the police may be out looking for that truck and you got some pretty exciting times. A rival gang may just wish to steal the boxes for themselves, or they simply may wish to just destroy the truck so that the other gang get a message, again the possibilities are endless" -- So after all that hard work, if everything goes well, who sells? "Well that's totally down to the role-play, Having a scripted gun/drug seller job is pointless, with a system like this the player can be the decider. If you're a criminal, even a low-level criminal, hanging around in hotspots like the chop shop and you happen to hear about a shipment of guns being stored you can ask if they need to be sold, or however it is that you come to be a low-life peddler of illegal items :) the point is it should happen organically and be in-line with your characters choices. Now let's always keep in mind that I try my best to interconnect all these suggestions. If we, for example, take the house/business robbery system then we can perhaps see some good role-play there also? Maybe you're a low-level gang and want to send a message to the big boys, you've learnt that they are smuggling a huge shipment on Friday but you don't have the firepower to take them on directly, you're not stupid after all, so stealing the truck is off, and taking them by surprise at the warehouse might be too dangerous too. Hey you know they won't be selling the guns right away though, perhaps you can find out where they are storing them? Right well now if you have the location, perhaps you can rob the business/house and take the guns, hey might as well take that dirty money they have there too. What a message!" -- So in a nutshell max? "We have an event/system that handles the delivery of illegal goods which is dangerous, fun and exciting but very risky with all these possibilities you have to account for. We have a system that allows people so inclined to produce the weapons and finally, we have a system that allows for the selling/storing of illegal goods. Add into the mix Police investigations hot on your trail! or a Police convoy going to the location of a reported shootout involving a truck and you've got yourself explosions of role-play. Example Timeline. Smuggler event started for Guns > Smugglers load truck > Smugglers transport truck to warehouse > Distrobutors buy weapons from warehouse > Distrobutors store weapons/Distrobutors sell to gun sellers/Distrobutors sell directly themselves. *Police are not added to timeline as this is completely unpredictable. In the above time line for every element there are multiple different situations that can happen, add them all up and you have hundreds of possible outcomes all driven by the players on the server. Add in rivial gangs, add in snitching civlians, add in gang/org relationships doing the job for another, add in alliegences, add in the greed of an individual, add in X and this should be a system to cater for the masses for years to come, if done right, the system need not change, only the players mentality. Once again thanks for reading! ====================================================================================================================================== ========= ECONOMY ======== This one's a dozy, please see THIS ECONOMY SUGGESTION I thought it best to split it as it's a beast of its own and normally has a lot more negative feedback. thanks! ========================== Please feel free to add constructive feedback below, please also feel free to take some problems I've identified here and add your own solutions below or perhaps even make what I've suggested as a solution even better. *HISTORY - Added ====== NON-CRIMINAL END-GAME ===== - Added ======== Criminal Early-Mid Game ======== - Added some formatting to make it easier to read hopefully, sorry it's so long. My brain never stops. - Added - Gun/Drug Seller - - - Completely random section: FiveM are reported to be increasing player slots very soon. The scripts for FiveM are far superior to ECRP in terms of features and the richness they provide to RP. RAGEMP are releasing their bridge soon and I'm sure you know how much of a jump the mod offers. ECRP need to put their efforts into overdrive mode as to not be left behind. The current IP of ECRP is history, you have a fully planned and resourced police and medical department operating better than a lot of other servers with a lot more active players, you have experienced and dedicated role-players. The limiting feature of ECRP right now in comparison to other servers are the features provided. Let's make the script just as good as the OOC stuff I see.
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    Hi All! So this is my economy suggestion for ECRP, this ties in with the suggestions made here (PREVIOUS SUGGESTIONS ). It simply won't work without systems/features suggested there. - Dynamic Economy -- What is a Dynamic Economy "Just like most countries around the world, the value of the local currency is based on value per currency. This is determined by MANY many many many factors of which is impossible to replicate in a game like this. However, we can take a very simple measuring solution and base our economy on that for a strong reliable and predictable economy that's also fun to manage and that is Supply & Demand. As demand rises so should the supply, at least that's the idea." -- How do we track it? "SQL is god. What I suggest if you don't already is to set a few passive trackers that manage resources within this script, for the purposes of this economy I will be using the examples in my previous suggestions. By keeping data of stock levels we can track the supply and demand without having to also track the monetary value of specific items as this would make it unmanageable and a full-time job. What I suggest is by tracking previous and current stock levels we can use some simple equations to predict the market growth and decline which is very important when maintaining an economy." -- But why? I just wanna drive and pew pew "Well, It's very important to have a strong economy in most games, you put time and effort into playing a game where at its core the reward is financial, it benefits you the buyer and the businesses as the supplier. If you buy a vehicle 1 week and it's price doubles the next is this justified or is it simply greed? The most important thing about an economy in a game like this is that it can be driven by the population, which in a role-play game can be the most satisfying experience you will get. As i explain below you may not care about the figures but you'll surely care about the control. Control will come from the S&D which is stock, pretty much anything can be measured by quantity and that's how this will work." -- What does this economy offer? "Two examples here, both criminal and non-criminal. Criminal, Let's say I sell illegal weapons and have 3 workers. Now in week 1, the workers manage to sell 300 weapons, the next week 400, that's growth but in week 3 they only manage to sell 50. What's going on? I need that money. Well it turns out a lot of players where running guns in week 1 and the stock grew to 500, the next week however only 200 made it to the warehouse, with week 1's stock it was enough to cover week 2's shortfall but in week 3 only 50 guns made it to the warehouse, why was that? Well, the Police were running active stings pretty harshly in week 2 and 3 which meant supply simply slowed to a crawl. As a leader of an illegal gun empire, what are you going to do? what can you do? Throw into the mix rival gangs competing to sell guns, drug supply, vehicle supply, illegal parts supply, and you've got yourself a criminal underworld of goods. Non-Criminal, Imagine you own a store on the outskirts of town, suddenly you notice you're not receiving as many goods lately. This is most likely because people are not doing the courier job enough, it might be because you're too far and most people give up before getting to your store. So you put your prices up to cover the problem, hey you're a specialist store now. However, if the demand in your area is not enough to cover this then you may have to ask for help. Perhaps made friends with some couriers and ask them to stock your stores first for a small reward. Or maybe, just maybe you seek help a little more direct, if another store wasn't getting stocked at all, well demand would surely increase for you right? In both these examples we look at two businesses, Illegal gun selling and a store owner, as far from each other as possible however they both share a common realistic problem. How to manage and run a business efficiently and for profit. One is illegal by nature but one can be illegal by circumstance, just like real life. However for the smartest out there perhaps they can market themselves in a way that attracts the demand necessary without illegal measures. Add 10+ other jobs, 100's of stock levels, and you've got yourself a quite an interesting economy." -- How would Jobs work with this? "Well this is one of the great things about using a supply and demand system, YOU can be the supply. If we take the vehicle dealership, for example, a job can be created which is delivering vehicles to the store. Now if that vehicle is not in stock then you can't buy it and would possibly force people to go elsewhere to find it, not so good for the owner. But since this is a dynamic economy you can control that. Simply hop onto the Vehicle Trucker Job and deliver the vehicles, you'll get a nice paycheck and the dealership will become stocked with vehicles. It really is that simple, one of the most important and key features of this economy is it gives all players no matter how big or small and impact, a purpose, a mission. If all you like to do is trucking well this means that the hours you put in are very important. Hell if you were so dedicated you may be able to affect the prices of vehicles overnight! But be careful, you never know what motives other people have and how they will react to this influx of supply. -- Server Development "Quite simply when a new feature or system is developed a process should be used. Does this utilize the economy? if yes then how? If supply then how can we get real players involved in the role-play. For demand how can it be displayed? Sold?" -- So what is needed for this to work? "Ok this is the kicker, it's a massive change. Well, I say massive, the actual coding would not be much but the CHANGE to current code would be significant. How would this be achieved? For a basic economy, we would just need history. Businesses/Warehouses would need a stock level and this stock level would need to be kept for at least 3 cycles (whatever is decided to be the measurement) For example, the below data I've used is over a 3 week period, let's review it. https://imgur.com/a/bt61u So what you can see in this is a very simplest list of stockable elements, places that can be supplied by the public via a job or criminal event and the demand which is measured by previous stock and quantity sold. From there we can create a simple graph that shows the growth or decline of the market. We can focus on specific commodities like "Shop Stock" if we owned a store or the bigger picture if we were the LS Financial Advisor. This gives us a very powerful tool, both for the ordinary civilian and the criminal. This also provides a great resource for the police in hitting targets or predicting investigation cases." -- Is this limiting? "No, it's in my honest opinion how every single role-play server should base their economy, even if they use it at the most basic level and fluff the stock themselves in times of low-server population. The data you can extract is priceless, not only will you see your living economy but you'll be able to see potential problems or even things that are working as hoped. So even if not fully utilized you can see what adding a few extra columns to a SQL table can get you. Now if a server does decide to actually have stock affected by jobs/events/criminal activity etc, then you get the living part of that economy based on your population's motives. Again fantastic role-play! oh what wonder, but also this gives the server operations team data on what's lacking in the server, is the civilian market low? how long has it been low? why has it not recovered? is the criminal market flourishing? why? how long? is that good? is it expected?." -- Can it be expanded? "Oh but of course. Am a firm believer in walking before you run, but if you think to the future imagine if real-estate prices were bundled in, imagine if bank robberies affected prices, imagine having a STOCK MARKET. You may say "What!" a stock market? how though that's lots of work. Well not really, simply display the historical data of that businesses supply & demand and you have a commodity, whether it's good or not is the deciding factor but it would then allow people to buy stock in that business and of course if successful so are you." -- Will this be implemented? "In a normal server this far into its development, if the data is not already being captured then probably not, you're talking an overhaul of most systems. However ECRP is a little different, the population is already at a starting point of most new servers and can only grow, RAGEMP is around the corner and with new changes comes time for re-implementation of features not working or broken. most importantly, ECRP is in dire need of a financial reset, if suggested are implemented and then this economy is created along with the clean, dirty money feature from my previous post then after testing a financial reset is prime. Not only would this draw in new players that want a fresh start, it should bring back older players who have left and let's face it if you're doing well now there is no reason you can not do better with the above." This will be expanded as the days go on, things added, grammar corrected. -- Commodities Extract Explained "So I wanted to just spend a little time and discuss the eco-system of a simple and complex commodity and it's life cycle. Simple. Let's take shop stock, for example, now this is fully regulated, taxed and abides by the laws (Yes you could be thinking right now, but what if they get their stock from an illegal supplier to save money because their demand is low! and they have made a deal with the wrong people!. WOW awesome :P, thanks for being awesome things like that are why this system is great, the richness of all these systems can be expanded later on in development as the server reaches maximum population! but imagine if that was possible! WHAT). So yes this stock would be delivered to the shipyard/train yard via huge containers (container job in RAGEMP?) so we can safely assume it would be a 1 to 1 commodity, this means for every 1 item there is 1 output. Phone battarys for example are just that and require delivering to the store for sale. The Process life-cycle is, Yard Warehouse is stocked (Import) > Player picks up Shop Stock (Player ownership) > Player delivers stock to store (Store ownership) > Items are sold and require re-supply Very easy, very simple, any player can get involved as it's a simple delivery job and the shop owner can do as much or as little as they want to depend on how successful they wish to be. Complex Stock. Let's take illegal Guns, for example, a highly sought after stock able to determine life and death, protection or survival. Now the server can decide to go as in-depth as they wish for this one, but let's face it I'm going to make this nice and complex :) as I want to include as many players as possible, why? well because it's a living economy, If something in the chain is broken I want everybody to feel it, I want action, I want business as usual role-play and then I want asses to the streets what's going on role-play and everything in between, but primarily the people on the streets will decide what that is. The Process life-cycle is, Gun Components store in import warehouse (Imported, Smuggled across the border) > Gun Components are transported to end warehouse (player ownership) > Gun Materials stored in the warehouse (Gun Material Stock) > Guns are collected by Illegal Distributors (Player Ownership) > Gun Dealers sell to Public (player ownership). So a couple things here, without writing the gun selling system here quite simply we have a 1 to 1 to 1 relationship, Gun Components are taken to a warehouse where they become materials and then from there can become the weapon. We are taking the unprocessed materials and processing them for the output of "Guns". I will write a system in the original suggestions to cater for gun/drug sellers soon to explain this further. But you can see how commodities can be as simple or complex as we want. Adding additional steps decreases the output of a commodity which brings demand and also the added danger which is what we want for certain things like Guns. But for simple shop items, we don't want the problem to the actual commodity itself just the delivery and demand. History - Added -- Commodities Extract Explained - - - Final words, I understand when it comes to peoples money it's a sore subject, and systems like this tend to be marmite you either love it or hate it. If you do hate this then please try to imagine the possibilities of a living economy and not only how it affects you but how you could affect IT. Please leave any constructive feedback below I would love to hear your ideas and any improvements you have to my above suggestion. Once again this suggestion is about giving the tools to the players, and most of all respecting the value of your dollar.
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    Punishment Appeal Denied. I was there and you did not wait. Then when i contacted you on discord you refused to get back in game.
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    Amelia Desilva Amelia Desilva, Born on the 14th of December 1993. Eurasian in terms of race, Irish on her mother's side and Chinese on her father's side. Her mother was a neurological CCU nurse working at a hospital located in West Vinewood. Her father, a Chinese businessman who owned a chain of automotive warehouses located in the Los Santos Area. She dresses rather casually, often opting for practicality and comfort over style. Though this is not to say she doesn't know how to dress fashionably. Amelia Grew up living in a well-established home in the Vinewood Hills area, being raised by her full-time nanny as her parents were too consumed by work. Business was not going well for her father, his customer base flocking to rival companies. Her mother had to work double shifts to make up for the shift in finances. Amelia spent most of her childhood studying, playing video games or keeping to her books. She did not have many friends as she was often kept at home. As busy as her parents were, they were quite protective of their daughter. She was not to leave the house unannounced or before being granted permission, nor was she permitted to have friends over. Due to the lack of social exposure, she finds herself out of place in crowds. Amelia is now in her early twenties, She holds both a diploma and a degree in arts and design. She has since moved out of her parents home, now living on her own. She works selling graphical designs for Motorcycle helmets and custom masks online. Having only a small home in South Los Santos in a neighborhood called Chamberlain Hills, she works from home, in a small room fitted as a makeshift machine workshop. Her income fluctuates due to her inconsistent clientele and lack of staff and equipment. She hopes to found her own automotive decal company, Selling custom decals for both cars and motorcycles. However, this goal seems unlikely due to an injury she sustained while experimenting with a Dremel tool which left Amelia without the ability to speak.
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    Account name: GamingN8tive Character name: Jacob Baker Reason of Punishment: Teleporting (Cheating) Administrator: Eriksen Why should this appeal be accepted? On 11-03-2017 at about 20:10 I was banned by Eriksen. I'm not going to lie or beat around the bush. Yes I teleported yes I knew it was wrong. Theres no reason or excuse that I can give that makes what I did okay. The Eclipse RP community really meant a lot to me and it still does and I have really come to miss everyone. I mean after all I do have hours and hours on the server I think over 37 days played in total. I know 99.9% of these reports always get denied but I'm hoping that maybe I could get one more chance. Yes I know what I did was wrong but I can promise nothing like this will never happen again. I ask that you guys please keep an open mind towards this report. If I do not get unbanned I just want to thank the community for everything you guys have done. You all have done alot more then what you think. Even though some people may have had problems with me and people may have done me wrong I forgive and will miss you all. Thank you again GamingN8tive
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    The Armoured Karuma is bullet proof in every way and can take RPG hits, this would literally just be a change that made everyone buy a armored Karuma. I really do hope you realise that the Karuma has bulletproof windows, tires, insulated engine and everything. It would be the best vehicle to use and just prompt the cops getting railguns. As far as the game should be concerned the police should be something you just casually avoid interacting with as a criminal. I've managed to get through a shit load of situations through polite conversation and pleading to cops emotionally. You shouldn't be trying to fight the cops because everyone knows its like hitting your head against a brick wall. Just avoid them unless its really worth doing it. Your focus shouldn't be fighting the police it should be performing criminal actions like slowly getting LSC all addicted to heroin or something for profit. No just acting like a murder hobo in a supercar.
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    Also i like how you used a variety of cool colors
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    You must be from some small ass town with no one in it, Mustang GT is literally a fucking meme waiting to happen where i'm from, and I don't live anywhere special, and believe me they can outrun the police, I see hellcats with 700hp on a daily basis, no, a cop will not catch that 80k car, which is undeniably cheaper than a real super car (Lamborghini 400k-2m, or even Porche 150k-600k) even Porche isnt a real "SUPERCAR". But the piggies would never catch them. For fucks sake my 320hp subaru can run way faster than a cop car with all that equipment and weight on it, especially if I have the drop on him. Forest is one of those people who know's the truth but will never accept it, for under 50k IRL you can get 1000hp out of a car, and rip a transmission and drive train apart hauling ass from the popo if you wanted to. So tell me why your FREE cruisers can do 220 km/h or 136 mph And almost every super car above 500k and under 1 Million can only go 200 km/h or 124 mph. Which is no where fucking realistic at all, almost any car upwards of 100k can do 200mph, which is around 330 km/h, and I GAURANTEE you the police cruiser was buffed, and the supercars were NERFED from original code. That completely voids any "Reality" you are trying to justify. Don't believe me? Here's some examples. Least Expensive: Ford Mustang GT – 435 hp, $32,920, $76/hp Dodge Challenger R/T 392 – 485 hp, $37,995, $78/hp Chevy Camaro SS – 455 hp, $36,905, $81/hp Dodge Charger R/T 392 – 485 hp, $39,995, $82/hp Ford F-150 Raptor – 450 hp, $48,325, $107/hp Most Expensive: Maserati GranTurismo – 454 hp, $182,000, $401/hp Mercedes-Benz Maybach – 449 hp $166,200, $370/hp Acura NSX* – 500 hp, $156,000, $312/hp (*Total hybrid hp is 573) Mercedes-Benz G-Class – 416 hp, $122,400, $294/hp Porsche 911 Carrera 4S – 420 hp, $122,600, $292/hp Oh you don't think running from the police with only 100hp more is a REALISTIC move? Here's more power under 200k. Least Expensive: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – 707 hp, $62,485, $88/hp Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – 707 hp, $65,945, $93/hp Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – 650 hp, $61,140, $94/hp Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – 650 hp, $79,450, $122/hp Cadillac CTS-V – 640 hp, $85,595, $134/hp Most Expensive: Mercedes-Benz AMG S65 – 621 hp, $247,900, $399/hp Audi R8 V10 – 610 hp, $189,900, $311/hp Audi RS7 – 605 hp, $129,500, $214/hp Dodge Viper ACR – 645 hp, $118,795, $184/hp Cadillac CTS-V – 640 hp, $85,595, $134/hp And some realistic eye candy for you, he loses a FUCKING helicopter for under 100k. I've proved a few people's points. Bye.
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    I'm not against officers having an AR or shotgun but PLEASE not in their scroll wheel, this weapon should only be accessible from the boot of a police car. It's stupid when you try to make a good RP situation. You want to RP a fight with them, you type it all out and as soon as you RP pushing them, they slap out their AR's and gun you down. You don't die (even though you've been shot by 4 officers and around 50 rounds) because medic's revive you and boom 2 hours in prison , what great fun!
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    Hello all, im new here!
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    Like 2 months ago I ask for gun skin/tints to be introduced to the city, I hope someday we have that. Today, I came whit another suggestion for the server that I think will bring some cool RP; LET US GIVE DIFERENT RANKS IN THE GUN STOREA !!. Right now, you can make someone admin of your store, giving them the right to take money, change guns price, change gun store name and import guns from the money of the store. I ask for a rework on that system, letting owner give different ranks. Lest say 3 ranks: Worker (this rank can do noting, but will get a 20% discount on guns *and salary when he is INSIDE THE STORE. Manager (this rank will be able to drop prices of guns and will get a 35% discount on guns *and salary when he is INSIDE THE STORE. Administrator (this rank will be able to do all that owners can, but cant take money or import guns, will get a 45 % discount on guns *and salary when he is INSIDE THE STORE). *PS: The salary is not a must, but whit this, gun stores will shine, and will give people another option for a legal work, not just mechanic, police or medic, you can be a gun (or car) seller and will improve th e lvl of RP in the server. If server bring this changes, it will let owners to have employees, and people will do more RP when arrive to buy a gun, or eve a car (yes, this cold be done whit all the bussines), giving the opportunity for more roleplay on the server. So in resume, my 2 suggestions: Bring gun tints to the city, letting people personalice his gun for a price, will make them care more for lost it, and use it wisely. Revamp the gunstore administration system, giving us the oportuniti to set ranks like in the gang system, that way we can RP a real Gun Store, and not just a place where and NPC give you a gun.
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    *bump* I think this is still a wanted change
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    As I like to change my outfit to suit different situations I go through a lot of money buying the same items of clothing again and again. Would it not be plausible to a have a system in place where your purchased Items save, so you just re-select them at no extra cost other than the original price you pay for said items?
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    I think the logic behind this is good, maybe allow someone to get a credit card (an over-draft facility maybe good) but also thinking in real-life terms here, a pre-paid card could work just as well, people could top-up their cards and be robbed of them, but also give the flexibility of allowing them to cancel their card (within a specific time-frame) or even just go with the credit card idea, with interest!
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    Hey Rajulio! Follow the steps ahead to successfully join the server. 1. Launch GT:MP. 2. Go to the "CONNECT" section of GT:MP. 3. Go to "Direct Connect." 4. For "IP Address" and type in: play.eclipse-rp.net. 5. Go down to "Port" and type in 4490. 6. Click connect. 7. When prompted to log in, click on "Register." 8. Fill in the information correctly as requested. Keep in mind you will be asked to confirm your email address to continue in the registration process. 9. After confirming your email address, you will be asked to create a character. Follow all of the character creation information as requested. 10. Click launch and begin playing! I do recommend reading through the server's rules before joining. I'd also recommend you adding EclipseRP to your favorites in GT:MP to ensure ease-of-access for future server connections. To do this, follow the following steps. 1. Press "ESC" on your keyboard. 2. Go to the "SERVER" section of GT:MP. 3. Go down to favorites and press "Add to Favorites" and the server will be added to your favorites! I, as well as everyone else apart of the EclipseRP community, look forward to role-playing with you very soon! Regards, Permuy P.S: I am not apart of the official support team in EclipseRP, I just like to help!
  24. 2 points
    +1 Good idea and why stop at gun shops? Salaried jobs that people can apply for at other businesses would be awesome, gas station attendants, car salesmen etc.
  25. 2 points
    Christopher Permuy finally finds his vehicle, and robs a taxi-driver, but this taxi-driver, wasn't the right one to rob.
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    We have more openings available, come apply!
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    Hello, You were banned for 24 hours as your first offense of deathmatching as one of the people you had gunned down happened to be Senior Administrator @Eriksen who confirmed that there was no further roleplay or reasoning for the kill to begin with, which does fall under deathmatching. I'd like to refer you to rule 6.1.1 which reads: Saying that you simply want to roleplay as a killer does not grant you an IC reason to just murder someone. I'd also like to add in that I was there myself, as I happened to be said police officer that was on scene and I did not see or hear any kind of roleplay whatsoever. Pending @Eriksen's response.
  29. 1 point
    Locked to prevent further immaturity until a final decision has been made.
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    Okay, so let me get this sorted. You claim our faction is a joke and stuff I don't really care about that; however, I'm going to dive right into this. First off you were a hang around in our faction and Leron Davis was a Triple OG. You guys DECIDED to BETRAY the LEADER with a fail set up and then expect us not to do anything. Yes, you are right I did say we weren't going to KOS and we didn't KOS all we did was we simply saw you, unmasked, and new it was time to take care of business. My buddy did the one hit with the car rule and we took action. I shot you and killed you and made my point clear. You decided not to accept the /do and didn't even respond showing you wanted to avoid RP and rather go straight to the forums. So listen here why did you refuse my RP offer and not even give a reason we gave more than enough time to comply. Also when you joined I made it clear that any betrayal towards the family will result in you getting punished severely. And you proved my point 0:00:13 and 0:00:30 PERFECT AMOUNT OF TIME TO RP A REASON TO WHY IT DIDNT WORK MY /DO
  33. 1 point
    Thanks. Got it sorted. We did screen share and for some reason it started working.
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    This suggestion needs to be looked at again.
  36. 1 point
    +1 GOGOGO! Should've been here long ago :D
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    This is a common problem that is buried deep in the ECRP core. I don't believe anybody is at fault or to blame here as it does currently feel natural due to the situation and location. This is down to the current climate the LSC maintains and the server population. Ideally, if you have no business being at the LSC you shouldn't hang around there as it's currently a prime location for the criminal activity. Please take a look at my suggestion post, hopefully, it would make situations like this more measurable and fitting. It's a big undertaking when changing the eco-system of a server and is no small feat, it's not an overnight fix or even instantly fix once/if implemented. I'm 100% convinced that the players in ECRP are fantastic role-player and have the best intentions, they just need the right environment. Sorry to hear your unhappy but you really need to spend more time and also act more in accordance with your character, from your video you strike me as the type of guy that should have fled the scene when you saw the gunshots and called the police. There is no script in the world that can tell you how your character should act, you need to do that and then perhaps you would have found what you were looking for.
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    Account name: Tumble_Inn Character name: Andy McCarty Reason of Punishment: Teleport Cheat Administrator: Jacob Miller (I think that's who it was atleast.) Why should this appeal be accepted? Look, I'm going to be honest, some insane stuff has happened since I was banned. Just a few days after someone in my family passed away due to an overdose, and the following few weeks have just been recovery. Look, I am unsure of what to even say, but I'm sure, that if my grandfather Andy McCarty was here he'd tell me to be humble and be patient. I feel that the time I spent away, especially with what happened, has taught me something. It has taught me that everyone deserves a second chance, before it's too late to give it to them. My relationship with this family member wasn't the greatest, I felt that she didn't deserve her spot in our house, that she wasn't pulling her weight, but looking back, she had reasons for being how she was. To be honest, I was generally a dick to her. And then she was gone. With the weight on me, to have bad blood with someone who's gone, I should've given them the second chance. I hope that I had a big enough role in the community to still even have a shot at this appeal, I feel I have learned that if given a second chance, I could make a strong and positive impact on the community and server as a whole. Thanks. ~DJ (Look, I'm sorry, I really am, I am unsure of how to really express that over text)
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    I'm not sure if there's a script limitation but it'd be nice if the radio played by Weazel News could be heard from player vehicles too.
  40. 1 point
    permuy should stop attacking my HQ thanks fam
  41. 1 point
    press the big launch button in the top right, then follow his guide ;)
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    Introducing the Life Invader Government Faction Today, I am here to suggest we create a Life Invader Government Faction! You may ask yourselves the following: "What would Life Invaders role in ECRP be?" "What would Life Invader do?" "Who would run Life Invader?" Life Invader becoming an actual company and government faction has been on my mind for a while. Why not assign a faction the role of creating pure entertainment for Los Santos? I'm talking entertaining videos released, kind of like Weazel News' article releases, only we would create sort of, TV shows, Video Advertisements, we could plan certain events such as concerts, plays, etc. Overall, Life Invader would be a way for players to come together, we can hire actors, radio-hosts, television hosts, etc. If Live Invader were to become a real thing, I'd like to be able to run it as Jeffery Permuy and would make sure that we were a super active faction, delivering our part to the community! Life Invaders role would be to entertain the citizens of Los Santos! Sort of like Weazel News and their text-based newspapers, Life Invader could be a second News Agency, creating videos on certain news, as well as advertisements requested by players. I will be building on this suggestion as the feedback roles through. I really hope that this could happen someday. If you would like the idea of Life Invader being a government faction, comment a +1 along with feedback, and if you would not like to see Life Invader as a government faction, comment a -1 along with feedback. Thank you, Jeffery Permuy
  43. 1 point
    Though some of this statement is correct, I'd have to disagree to a degree. Weazel News is currently all text-based. They do not plan events, they do not do videos, they do not hire actors or singers to perform concerts to plan events.
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    + 1 Clothes should be able to be stored in houses. Have the number of outfits change depending on the size of the home: 1 car garage = 2 outfits 2 car garage = 5 outfits 3 car garage = 10 outfits 4 car garage = 20 outfits
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    Locked until Eriksen makes his final decision to prevent further comments. Pending @Eriksen
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    Chief Pupui’s desires from a Official Gang System So I’m pretty vocal at times about criminal issues. With the official gangs system coming out I hoped to comment on the features that official gangs would have and what would make a genuinely better system then we have now. Just making some gangs official would be nothing more than a re-skin. What the Official Gangs (Henceforth referred to as the OGs) must have is a set of unique features that make them appealing for players to join and become part of while also producing quality roleplay befitting of their position. They must also have a set of reasons for conflicting with other gangs and OGs that are unique to themselves, and drive player conflict. As well as that, currently gangs literally go to war for the sake of it; and have to make OOC agreements to not just put hours of work onto one another just to annoy each other mildly. A revisit to this will also be needed. As such, I offer the following proposals Turf Currently turfs are set out in a series of small capturable locations for all gangs. For ease of explanation to the number of players who have no interaction with these turfs on their characters I shall lay out a map here. (Produced by @biglag) Ultimately, they allowed for factions to capture warehouses where they could run their criminal enterprise. However, they had many issues which I’ll list out. The territories did not reflect often the gang’s culture. The territories were almost entirely OOC, and by no means had facilities to promote RP. Conflict over them was often laborious due to the high time for capping. However, it wasn’t too long that you couldn’t get ghost capped without you online if you were European focused as a gang and the other was american, you could do it without resistant if you timed it right. And lastly, it caused all sorts of drama due to the stupidly high cost of it all. I’m sure you could pose a few issues. I just don’t think they made for fun gameplay or roleplay elements and thus posit that they should be entirely replaced. Instead, this is my map for turfs and a new set of mechanics. Legend: Red = Triad, Green = Families, Purple = Ballas, Yellow = Vagos, Blue = MCs So what are the new mechanics I have up my sleeve you might ask? Well, I’ll bullet point ‘em now and make a section on each one. RP hubs, or ‘Gang Hideouts’ Resource Node Capture point system So let's begin with the RP hubs. Hideouts The RP hubs are a proposal for interiors able to be set up for buildings that don’t usually have interiors inside of gang turfs. These would be locations that are set by high ranking gang members once every 24 hours. They would boast a number of facilities for gangs to perform their operations. An ATM, a full warehouse functionality and a gambling spot among other things. Be they just another copy of tequilala’s interior or some other idea ultimately they would be a location where gangs can gather and RP out stuff while being able to offer their services to the people of los santos. A lack of RP hubs for criminals has often been the reason we have seen the mechanic shops turn into hives of scum and villany. Instead, the gang’s should own their own hives of scum and villany. To make the in-game mechanics clear here Each OG has 1 hideout that they can place at any one time, and when they do the old one is deleted. They may do this by performing a command like /og sethideout. This would be an invisible marker just like the little yellow circles on the floor for entering mechanic’s offices, but invisible. Upon approaching you could just press y to enter the door, and if your faction gives you the privilege press k to lock the door. https://gyazo.com/ad8c59d0228367386ffc58bf28d81a33 There is a nice little example. But in short, a official gang hideout that offers: ATM Services Gambling A warehouse laptop Enough space to RP and an interior worthy of RPing in. And a lockable door that does allow other players from other factions or no faction at all from entering. Can be moved once every 24 hours. The entrance is invisible, the 30 cars parked around the entrance probably aren’t and people can figure out the entrance by just looking around and seeing where the cars are. Not mentioned earlier, but you can only put these hideouts in the boundaries of your OG’s turf. Also, your OG’s turf isn’t up for capture anymore. Resource Nodes The resource point capture system is basically a evolution of the turf capture system. Instead of it being a network of 3 capture points linked together instead there is a variety of nodes across the map that can be captured and generate resources or money for your OG. Here is a list of the 2 resources I thought were appropriate: Money Generation Points: Generated 15k every 2 hours per point for your OG’s bank when you control them. There will be 3 in total. Ammunition Generation Points: Each ammo generation point produces 210 rounds of SMG or AR ammo, or 48 shotgun shells every 2 hours. There will be one point per ammo type, and they will send this ammo straight to your hideout warehouse. Now, I shall explain the reasoning why I have proposed these two types of nodes. First of all, the money node is very simply set out as a way for gangs to make cash to fund members. Gangs currently have a hard time for the average member to actually make a buck, as usually its condensed at a couple high profile figures who do all the deals and have warehouse access. 15k per 2 hours might sound steep, but when you consider that you have maybe 20 active members to fund then it starts becoming more a little top up. However, when it gets to the point when you have 3 nodes then you’re talking about real cash. 45k per 2 hours for the faction is a few meals for the injured, a decent amount of drugs and maybe a stocked gun. Capture times for these nodes however would be severely reduced and have only a 2 hour cooldown. In sync with when they generate their cash. Perhaps only 5k health if they go off the old capture point system. This would mean that actually monopolizing these capture points would be near impossible with other competing gangs wanting them. Ammo nodes are much the same. They aren’t actually that much ammo at all but are roughly equivalent to the money nodes. However they do provide a small amount to top up gangs with resources for fights. Every single fight the criminals get into is usually just a gigantic money sink for bullets. (I did the math, the main money sink in the server is weapon ammunition, food & fuel.) As such, it's merely a small boost to their total income to keep them running but something they’re going to want to keep hold of. This will provoke gang conflict, as these resource nodes are easy to take from one another. This will stop the grand alliances we saw before. Some final notes… Ultimately, I think this would be a overall better turf system for the official gangs when the big release comes out and hope it provokes some better features that are more interesting from a game perspective. I’ve tried to balance them out to a reasonable degree, and I know that the very idea that criminals get any sort of features will annoy sections of the player base but it's also fair to note that criminals are close to 50% of the playerbase. Anyways, please feel free to post your comments and ideas.
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    Found myself a new home. Thanks anyways.
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    I completely support the idea of putting this where you can store your outfits in your car or house. It would add more realism and stop people from wasting money as the author said. I'd love to see this added.
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