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    ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.4.0 Dear Eclipse Community, After weeks of hard work, I am proud to announce the 2.4.0 Development Update. In this update, you'll see a focus on civilian features and some minor changes all throughout. Without further ado; 1. Introducing - The Mining Job Located in the Great Chaparral of Blaine County, is the once Abandoned Mine Shaft. You grab the mining job from the outside and then proceed to press E on veins to begin mining. Each ore takes up 10 volume of your inventory, and there are 5 different ores to choose from, each comes with a different value (Tin - Copper - Lead - Iron - Bauxite) Once you have the ores that you want, you need to head over to the foundry in the Industrial Site of Los Santos and simply drop the ores inside the drop off point, which will then give you money. The system is very much like the drug selling points, the amount you get depends on the demand. 2. Introducing - Player Owned General Stores Players will now be able to own General Stores around San Andreas and manage them as you would any other business. The system will work in hand with the trucking job, and they will need to deliver cargo that you import as a store owner. This is pretty self-explanatory and it opens up new opportunities for players that have been wanting to own a business. Stores will be available to be purchased on release across the 24/7s in San Andreas, including those connected to gas stations, so be ready! 3. Introducing - The New Prison The new prison has long been wanted by the Eclipse Community, especially those from Department of Corrections and its frequent visitors. Our old prison interior was made in 2017 but throughout the years, new ideas came to light and a new prison was created by Dario Moretti who is a member of the Department of Corrections. This new prison offers larger space for inmates, it's more open and it offers more role-play opportunities for inmates and correctional officers. We hope that the community will enjoy the implementation as much as we do. 4. Introducing - Hunting, Hunger & Thirst We're turning this into a survival game (not really) but up until now, you've all been walking around feeling no thirst or hunger, and how could that possibly be a good simulation of real life? With thirst and hunger, you will be forced to occasionally eat and drink or suffer the consequences, which is death. To work hand-in-hand with the hunger and thirst system, we've also implemented hunting. Right now, you can only hunt with weapons that we've got available In-Game, including melee weapons, and it requires no expertise. It's not a scripted job so anyone can just go and hunt animals. The hunting grounds are the forests of Blaine County, you will find animals such as chickens, hen, rabbits, deers, boars and more - but be careful, some of them might fight back. After killing an animal, you can gut it, as long as you've got a knife equipped, you simply type /gut and it will begin the process. Once you've gutted the animal, you have to get the meat out of its inventory, and then what you want to do with the meat is up to you, you have 3 options. 1) You can eat the meat raw, and suffer a slight health loss. 2) You can cook the meat and then eat it. 3) You can sell the meat to the butcher, which works the same as the foundry and the drug selling points. For the less lighthearted, if animal meat is not enough, you can do this same process with human meat (players), but be careful - Deathmatching rules still apply and it might get you in trouble with the law! 4. Introducing - General Additions 5.1 Speakers Each general store can now import speakers for players to buy and place on the ground. The speakers will only play radio stations link, not youtube links. E.g. http://us4.internet-radio.com:8266/stream 5.2 Ability to Strip Ammo This has been a wanted feature for a few months now, and it's finally here - the ability to strip ammo from guns in your inventory. ENDING STATEMENT This is our second major update since the 2.3.0 update and we're very happy with the response we've gotten so far from our sneak peeks. We've been focusing heavily on the civilian side of Eclipse RP as we feel that there need to be more options than being a criminal or a legal faction member. We've tested this update as much as we could, but obviously, it's going to be different when there are 200+ players on the server. If you experience any bugs after this update, please make sure that you create bug reports so that they can be fixed in a timely manner. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/5-bug-reports/ Moving forward, if you want to stay up to date with development and look at sneak peeks of what's coming, make sure that you follow our Twitter. https://twitter.com/ProPaulius FULL CHANGELOG (including all changes made since the last development update) Added campfire (item buyable at stores) Added meat item, ability to eat and cook it Prison gates can now be controlled with /gate Fixed cell doors not being lockable. Added prison interior and made all doors lockable. Added additional MDC locations. Assigned regular and solitary cell positions and doors. Made animals not collide with vehicles Included a new prison lobby interior. Added multiple MDC location support. Made fence gates (outside the lobby) lockable. Fixed /showbadge command not working for government factions. Fixed administrator logs not working. Fixed F4 menu not working for the LSPD faction. Implemented player owned general stores Speakers can now be bought at the stores Implemented new ordering system to dealerships, gunstores, fuelstations Shortened /startrefueling to /refuel and FinishRefueling to /stoprefuel Added mining Added hunting Added strip ammo function to weapons Added ability to gut bodies, if player body was gutted will show /analysewounds Added detective badges for LSPD with /ib Reworked trucking to support new order system Added speaker as general store item, added commands /speakervolume, /speakerurl, /takespeaker Implemented hunger and thirst Added quiz id information to /alogs Fixed attachment sync errors Fixed weapons disappearing in weapons wheel Lowered gun prices in gun stores Taxi notifications are now subtitle text, not notification Fixed faction commands and functionality Fishing action will be stopped after missed fish This patch will reset every stashspot to the interior entry location Improved vehicle door opening to be more accurate Fixed bug where market vehicles were towable Fixed being able to put stashspot outside the house Added dead bodies limit per player Fixed bug where dropping carried item would make it disappear Added item drops lifetime. Saveable items like bags will be deleted after 3 days of them being dropped. Non-saveable items like clothes will be deleted after 1 day Added command /window that allows to open or close vehicle's window Fixed store cashier not putting his hands up Fixed bug where melee weapons taken out of police locker wouldn't be usable Disabled crouching when character is not supposed to do that action Fixed store robberies calls not showing up for police Implemented messages that inform players about /raterp command Implemented /afkmath command that will allow players to reset afk timer without moving their character Fixed disappearing PD vehicles Disabled irrelevant hotkeys, while MDC hotkeys remain active Main MDC is hidden by default, mini MDC will not enable the cursor Fixed vehicle scanner not showing all vehicles Fixed player search not working for players with an extensive criminal record Fixed tab counters not refreshing on MDC start Disabled hotkeys and chat Removed leading and trailing whitespaces when searching for a number Main lobby door made controllable with /gate Updated interior doors (removed/moved/added) Fixed unit leaders not being reassigned to their old unit Fixed issue that allowed passengers to change the cruise speed Fixed issue, that caused service payments to go into the player's bank rather than faction's treasury
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    Account name:murdydearest Character name(s):Thraxamillian Reeves Admin who issued punishment:NBDY Date of punishment:5/6/2019 Punishment received:Permanent ban Reason given for punishment:Disrupting server operations Your explanation of what happened:Honestly I do not recall disrupting any server operations the entire time I've played this server. Why should your appeal be accepted: I'm here appealing an unfair ban from what it seems to me apparently they looked at the chat logs from a while back one being more recent during the ddos attacks and I was frustrated like most of us were during the time. I said "fuckass server" not as an insult to the server just to the ddos attack as I said I was frustrated another chat log they saw was me saying "i dont give a shit if he owns the server" or something along those lines and I said that because I was going to attempt to rob someone ICLY and it was NBDY I got a pm from a player stating it was the server owner and I replied with "i dont give a shit if he owns the server" not out of disrespect to him just because ICLY why would I care who the person was if I was going to attempt to rob him. I don't believe this ban was fair on my behalf but here I am attempting to appeal it since I have countless of hours logged into this server meaning obviously I'm not here to hurt or cause any harm to ECRP in anyway. Hopefully they can understand that and I'll be unbanned. At this point I've been thinking about the ban for a few days since I've had this appeal up, and I should apologize for the things I've said it was never my intent to slander or cause harm to the server but the things I said shouldn't have been said at all. At the time I first typed out this appeal I was heated so I didn't even attempt to apologize or take the responsibility I should have. Looking back on it now I realize I was in the wrong even if I didn't think so at the beginning.
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    It's no lie that civilian RP barely exists out of now and that the server is currently going downhill with its RP Quality and becoming a Cops vs Robbers. I'm sure that almost all the players who played on this server for more than a month are aware of this, and (most of them) would like to see this change. Whether if they're on the criminal, or cop side. It doesn't really matter, as I'm sure almost all of us can agree that the aspect of civilian RP is greatly lacked upon in the server. In the server's current state, almost all players are forced into either the side of PD/MD/SADOC/City Hall or the criminal side of roleplay, by forming small gangs, joining the larger ones and etcetera. There is also a small group which attempts to go legal and do the very small amount of Civilian Roleplay which is present, that is joining one of the 4 "Non-Gov" factions, them being LSC, Bayview, DCC, Weazel. While one might say that you can still RP as a law-abiding civilian by either being in one of these factions or simply cruising around and chilling out with friends, that sort of RP is not expanded on, and can get very repetitive in a very short time (e.g working at LSC, constantly being on duty on the ledge and eventually going off duty to buy a car, chill around or etc.). I believe (and so do many people I have spoken with about this topic), that Civilian RP should be the temporary focus of the development and admin team, by promoting and expanding it as much as possible. As of now, this is being expanded in some way, from the different events which the event team has brought onto us (thank you @Serthon, really cool!) and different updates such as the adding of the City Hall faction and new salary system, promoting more roleplay between employees and their employers. The upcoming update which NBDY posted in #development as well showed coding always looks quite cool and fun, and I believe it will greatly help Civilian RP grow in those areas, groups of people going around in vans and off-road vehicles on hunting trips. However, with that being said, I believe that even with all this recent growth with Civilian RP, it still lacks alot of content to help it achieve "mainstream" status, stuff such as extra jobs or general gameplay improvement (e.g an actual bank faction, further improvements into the City Hall faction, more businesses and assets to help quell down the massive inflation the economy on the server has been experiencing and etc.) can definitely help Civilian RP grow and expand. While I'm not saying Civilian RP is something that all criminals or PD do, I'm simply suggesting a new route in which a new, or old player on the server can choose. People roleplaying as a hunting company, a nightclub with constant parties, auction houses, and in general, more gameplay features, stuff like stocks for certain businesses, the ability to own general stores and etc. This suggestion is not focused on one subject at all, yet I simply attempt to focus it on a general direction in which the server can (and even starting to go, with updates such as the new hunting update, gun licensing, and new mining job NBDY posted in discord), this can overall improve quality of RP as a whole in the server, and would lower the amount of "Hands up this is rob" or constant OOC hate between criminal roleplayers and government roleplayers (mainly PD). Not that I'm saying it is bad RP, as I myself used to do criminal RP for around 8 months, and is currently in PD for around 3 months. People can still go with their own respective routes, yet this sort of direction can open many more routes to new, old and returning players on ECRP. Finally, I'm not saying that development should be centered only on Civilian RP for a certain amount of time, as I still believe much other needed updates, such as criminal ones are required and wanted by most of the community. I simply wish for this to be the main focus of the development of ECRP, as it can greatly help its community and roleplaying standards as a whole.
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    The war was about to swing into full action. The Triads were meeting up with their allies ahead of time. The meeting locations throughout the war were always changed. This stopped the police and rival gangs keeping track of the operations. Now that the plans had been set it place it was time to truly go to war. The Triads and their allies went out in full force, showing no mercy for the enemy. Convoys were formed to hunt down the Rival Gangs and take them off the streets, the numbers were unmatched. The opportunity was always seized to hit up any of the Rival Gangs. The war was still in full action. The tension was growing high in the war so the groups parked up and decided to have a little dance party to shake off the nerves.
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    Recently there had been rumors about a big issue that was about to break out across the city of Los Santos. The Triads decided it would be best to move on from their neutral standpoint and take a side. First of the group met with some old and good friends from Los Zetas. Some key plans were discussed and the Triads gathered a better understanding of what was about to go down. Now that the group had talked with their old friends, they moved on and reached out to a close ally of Los Zetas, The Clowns. A couple of the higher-ups in the Triads are old friends with many members of the Clowns so the conversation went down well. The groups headed off on good terms and the Triads began preparations for what was about to occur. The Irish Mob also reached out to the Triads. They wanted to discuss their situation and see what side the Triads were planning to take. Conversations were made but the Triads were not very strongly attached to this gang, unlike the others who they had talked with. After an organisation meeting, The Triads made their decision official and chose what side they were going to stand with. Now it was time to get to work, The city was about to turn into chaos.
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    The Zetas were patrolling the street and showing off their numbers in a peaceful cruise. The Triads decided to come along and join in on the fun. Everyone parked up at a lot and some unwanted attention was attracted as cops were sitting scouting everyone out. The Triads got out and made some conversation with the gang, asking if anyone wanted to buy some noodles.
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    The future of The Wanted was looking bright. The Wanted lived in peace and harmony among their community of racers, crooks and hard criminals, thriving to their full potential. A team of money-making machines living without the harsh feeling of having their lives ended or harmed creeping down their deep subconscious minds. Twas' all fun and games until the inevitable happened. When you succeed, there's always going to be people that try and bring you down. "Appreciate what you have, before it's gone". Bayview Auto Center Hits were attempted by a specific organization. The Wanted, confused as the attacks were clearly attempted by a group, engaged in a discussion regarding the events. The plan was to not escalate. That was until a crucial text was received from a certain gang in which The Wanted had good relations with, needing help. The Wanted soon learned that the specific organization that had tried hitting them was doing the same to others. The situation was quickly eradicated by our force. Jamaar Bovarium, The Wanted's captain attempted to reason and work something out with the subdued foes only to be met with racial slurs and hatred. They were promptly put to rest. Mountain Lab (Trash Quality) Following this incident, a brief discussion took place between Jamaar and a member of the friendly gang that was no longer troubled. Jamaar left the scene and visited his fallen, but recovering friend from the conflict less than an hour prior. He looked into his friend's eyes, riddled with pain and promptly made some calls. The Wanted is peace-driven. A group that takes pride in being able to roam the streets while having the luxury to cross paths and share a smile with alike-but-different gangs with separate goals and aspirations. "If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else" -Booker T. Washington. The way of life they were used to living was most certainly at stake now. Jamaar instructed his men and women to be weary, always be prepared and to expect the unexpected. The Wanted, fueled with the urge to make a statement were heavily armed and ready. Here Jamaar sits. Allowing himself to garner some peace away from the bloodshed. "War.." Jamaar said to himself, reminiscing of the old but not forgotten Vice war in which he was nothing but a pawn in. Flashbacks of firing upon both friends and foes. Primarily people which he respected, looked up to and saw as companions. The haunting scare of losing the only people he had left crept up his spine in the same way it did back then... After a couple hours of a racing mind and a gram of coke he snapped back to his senses. Life comes full circle and all he must do is fight, communicate and work to restore The Wanted's way of life to which it came from. No choice then. No choice now. The Wanted soon gained comfort, at ease with the circumstances and returned to raking in the dough. A mistake was made from The Wanted and one witness led to a police operation with the purpose of serving them justice. Following a murder in broad daylight, the means in which The Wanted communicated were soon compromised by the authorities leading to an excessive, unpredictable take down of the operation occurring at the time. Some escaped, but some were met with serious jail time. Making the best of a bad situation, those who were incarcerated indulged in great lengths of physical training and planning regarding how to precisely come back from such a setback. https://streamable.com/qquq3 Life is full of obstacles. The Wanted family will continue to overcome. The war continued. Bodies dropping from both sides. Both forces took a step back and discussed the current events, analyzing pros and cons before an official ceasefire was declared. Peace was restored.. for now. Editors Note: Some screenshots are low in quality due to re scaling. Will be updated at some point 🙂
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    FunFunFuneral is a family run business that has been operating since 2015 by the Martinez brothers. This business was started as death is an inevitable part in the equation of human existence, so the need to prepare for it cannot be overlooked and people are dying to get buried by us. The Martinez brothers moved to Los Santos in late 2014 from Columbia hoping to find larger and greater opportunities. Pacho was the first to move and his brothers did not take long to follow. FunFunFuneral provides interment and funeral services for the dead and their families; these services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral. The services and amenities that will be made available to our clients; Providing funeral director services Providing embalming services Operating funeral homes combined with crematories Providing mortician services Providing visitation or viewing services Providing funeral services Providing graveside committal services Direct cremation services Selling funeral merchandise (e.g. caskets, flowers and obituary notices) Transporting the deceased Meeting the Brothers Examples of our Work Getting to know some Locals
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    A big war was about to begin, Gregor decided to analyze every single option that Calaveras have in order for them to survive to this war. A meeting started with a few of the high ranks to discuss about what's the next. So he decided to go at a meeting with the both sides involved in the war to decide who will deserve the most to have Calaveras as an ally. After the meeting with Zetas and Clowns we decided to check the other side too... And then, we decided...
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    Proud to be a Triad, proud to roll with Zeta's
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    The Triads and The Clowns decided it was time to have another catch up meeting to see how things have been going. Unfortunately the meeting was interrupted by a lone police cruiser showing up to the meeting. Both of the groups jumped in their vehicles and headed to a second meeting spot, hopefully out the way of the cops. It turned out one of the Clowns was being traced by detectives and they showed up to the second meeting. Most people managed to escape but some were blocked in by the cruiser. The SWAT team was moving in to the building, sweeping each area. The Triads set up to hold their grounds. One of the SWAT officers came round the wrong corner aiming his gun and then opening fire at the Triads. This didn't end well for him. Unluckily for the men there was backup waiting round the corner. They stood as one and went down as one like true Triads.
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    Awesome group of guys, with some fantastic RP behind them. Keep up the good work fellas!
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    So with the implementation of the new Hunger and thirst bars, while simultaneously REMOVING everything from stores, and not allowing them to bulk order a bunch of items at once makes things really rushed, and everyone is just grabbing loot off of dead bodies in the streets. I'm no dev, and I don't know how long this shit would take to fix, but here are my reasonable suggestions. -Allow stores to bulk order hundreds of items. Make the deliveries pay more for the truck drivers. There's no in between. There's either people that own a store ordering a small amount of items, or there's truck drivers trying to deliver to them, only to go out of stock seconds later. -Restock the stores to a few hundred items a pop, depending on value. Obviously have a lesser abundance of expensive items. But food and drinks need to be obtainable. It shouldn't be a scramble. Revert Hunger- Revert hunger until the stores can stock up, and so can players. I got my shit stolen for being in the server an hour, which is 4 hours in game, because of starvation. Because of how sudden the update was, and because of the removal of all items from stores, EMS were getting 10s of calls at a time for people who are starving. It's irresponsible in a way that both updates were released at once. Hunger/Thirst and the wipe and sell stores update. -Reducing how much hunger/thirst you lose. Self explanatory. -Vending Machine's being used. A commenter stated that the use of vending machines (as opposed to water fountains because I don't think they exist as a texture in game) could be used to buy drinks. They're everywhere. Make a drink delivery service? Similar to the money transport? I know, it's a stretch, but it's smart. Something needs to change. There needs to be one or the other, or a revert until there can be balance. Because people have purchased the stores, it makes things difficult, I'm sure, but the two best solutions I can think of are removing Hunger/Thirst temporarily, or lowering consumption so people can have a chance to reasonably fill stores in bulk, by allowing drivers to deliver more items, and stores to stock more at a time. The bars are essentially a famine in ECRP, and players can't really focus on RPing, they have to focus on scrambling around trying to get food and water, and drinking water takes like 5 bottles to fully replenish the bar, which is SO unreasonable, considering that stores are selling them for 1.5-2k a pop.
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    The Ballas have been around for more than 25 years. They're one of Los Santos' many gangs that arose in the 1970's dope trade. With many attempts and struggles to work their way to the top, they’ve always crept down back in the darkness. One day Leon Black and Tyrone Bell moved into the city with a Ballas past from their origin city wanting to continue to wear the purple color. One day meeting up with Adriana Costa and sharing their intentions the group realized that Ballas are ready to come back. With Adriana’s and Stephnie’s past with Ballas in Los Santos and Leon’s and Tyrone's experience from other cities, they all decided to use their knowledge to create the Front Yard Ballas. With a clean sheet, they will be able to create a new meaning for Ballas in Los Santos. Currently, the Front Yard Ballas is attempting to hold its grasp on Grove Street as it's headquarters. By being able too they are recruiting new blood and selling dope and racketeering as well as chopping cars to gain more money to purchase heavy guns to also re-sell and arm themselves. With their main enemy Grove Street Families being dormant as the foundation of Front Yard Ballas happens it is not as hard to hold grasp of the street. Though as it is not 25 years ago other criminal organizations may rise to contest Front Yard Ballas’ hold. ‣ Keep hold of Grove Street. ‣ Eliminate all Grove Street Family sets. ‣ Obtain a known name. ‣ Sell heavy weaponry to allied organizations and gangs. ‣ Continue successful drug trafficking to Los Santos. ‣ Continue mass-chop shop extortion racket. ‣ Hold good relations with like-minded organizations & gangs. ‣ Recruit multiple cycles of new blood. ‣ Respect our members like family. ‣ Life-dedication & loyalty to the gang ‣ Respect others that are not in the criminal game. ‣ Respect to our allies and homies. ‣ Professional and Honorable to all, even enemies.
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    Following his promotion to Red Pole, Nick was starting to feel a little more at home in the city of Los Santos... he wasn't some new Chinese kid on the block, he was ready to face whatever came his way. When things weren't too busy with business, he'd live a lavish lifestyle, a lifestyle filled with partying, nice cars, and endless nights... A shame that the night eventually turned to day... because there was a lot of business to be handled throughout the city... His hard work and dedication to the Triads would pay off... He had made a strong impression on the Founders, so strong in fact, he was presented with a special role within the Triads. The Incense Master. A master of ceremonies and tradition. It was time to prove himself yet again...
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    After great succes on my list of credit import vehicles, I've created the whole list of walkingstyles Small notes: - Every walking style is 1000 credits. - Some walking style affect your walking speed, sprinting speed or even both. - For you, walking styles might switch sometimes between the "regular one" and the one you bought, but the walking style will always appear for others without switching. - The list here is not 100% in the same order of the actual F6 list in the game, because I've moved the ones that are related to eachother closer to eachother to make the list more cleaner and it makes more sense.
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    Over recent events with gang wars and constant DM blaming from all sides I have a suggestion that may help resolve the issue and bring better game play and RP to the eclipse server. Basically, my idea is that if 2 or more gangs want to go to war then they have to do the following: 1. One or both of the gangs fill in a gang war authorisation form on the forum. 2. List reasons for gang war. 3. List allies gangs taking part in gang war. 4. Accept terms and conditions placed on gang war. The terms and conditons could be along the lines of: 1. Gang war lasts 30 days from day of application for gang war is authorised. 2. Certain rules like certain aspects of DM & KOS with no RP needed in chat or comms needed are allowed during gang war but only towards opposing gang members. 3. NCZ rules will still be respected at all times. 4. All other rules respected during gang war. 5. Can only engage opposing gang members when you are wearing full gang colours as must be the person you are engaging. 6. War can be ended early if one side surrenders via application to end war early. Otherwise war will continue for full 30 days. This would not only help increase RP of gang wars like they play out in RL but would cut down the DM blame game and cut down on the amount of admin work that goes in to sorting out all of these complaints. I mean, it sucks a bit that you have to have a conversation with a guy holding a powerful rifle or something when you're at war with him before you can attack etc. That just doesn't reflect RL at all and the DM blame game just ruins this server for every gang involved. Anyway, id love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions on this . It works in other games and im sure it can work on this without ruining it if its implemented correctly.
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    After a car crash, Aira got arrested as a cop showed up right after the crash. Illegal stuff was found, in cuffs she went. Some guard didn't lock the cellblock door, so after a while Aira went out and started her plan. 12 minutes later she sat close to the cellblock door, innocent, like she didn't do anything wrong. After a bit, a guard showed up. Aira told a fake story and was taken to an other room. The guard didn't trust Aira's trusty look, a cop was called in with an extra guard to investigate. Aira's plan went well... Maybe too well. Right when she was about to go get her clothes, the guard notified the officer the system was wrong and Aira still had time to process. After a long talk, the cop decided not to risk it. Aira was putted back...
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    Following the Triads latest operations they had been growing in both size and influence. They decided it was time to inform the members of their area of influence. The group have had chats with the business owners around Little Seoul. Some arrangements to allow their operations to stay on going and cause minimal issues.
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    More members had been staying dedicated towards the Triads, it was time to return the favor. As the Incense Master was absent for the ceremony we had someone else cover his role. As standard procedure when promoting any individual they had to recite the Chinese scripts. The two members had now been officially promoted and it was time to get them their new uniform. As always the cost for the clothing was covered by the organisation.
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    ballin read this: how is a player that has been active in the community even when he is banned, has had bad intentions? i literally have been so nice to everyone and everything while i have been banned. you are claiming that i have too many logs, where as more than 50% of them are voided and not valid, even the ones that are valid are very minor things that nor affected the server or the players in general. for your information, i never mass DMed, i never made any huge mistakes and i never advertised. you are claiming that i have been wasting staffs time... let me tell you what, ask your staff team and see how many of them actually enjoyed having me around and did not have a problem with me. the other thing that i want to bring up is that you might believe that i have no knowledge of knowing the rules, and that might be why i have "too many logs", but let me tell you that the punishments that i have got are for the smallest mistakes that even you, yes even you dear ballin might make. with all that said, i still agree that i did break rules but i don't believe that i deserve an actual permanent ban from the community. but for god sake, if you have a personal issue with me, just change the ban reason to "I don't like this guy". ps. oh btw i forgot to mention that far too many are 3 rules broken in 3 months. just in case you can't count. farewell everyone. with all the respect ❤️ -Femo
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    ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= 🤡 =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
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    It only takes 1 hr from full to empty. This is way too much for the price of food we are paying. All of, if not more, of our welfare checks will be going towards food. I think eating 1 meal and 1 drink over 24 hours IG time (8 hour IRL) would be a lot more a lot more appropriate. However that's just a suggestion.
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    Hello. Thank you for appealing. As Toby Vintage stated, "I do however feel this could also be a breach of the IC force continuum and could also be dealt with ICly, if the player was to file an IA report." Looking over the report, if I'm not entirely mistaken, the player was evading the police thus giving them a reason to initiate an attack on him. How this attack is carried out, is In Character unless another Out of Character rule is broken in the process. I don't see how this is being an unrealistic action, Police Officers do mischievous things In Real Life where there's not much regard for life. Examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/bcruk9/spike_stripping_in_a_residential_area/ https://youtu.be/VDCB5RZGbbc?t=315 (NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4FGK2mb8Wg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSWjVH2bhIA These are just examples in regards to "Shooting a tazer from a moving vehicle in my eyes is non-roleplay and is not something I've seen done in the past both in the game or in real life. It could be potentially dangerous or life-threatening for yourself, other pedestrians, vehicle occupants or the suspect." as they all four show the same fundamental traits of being dangerous/life-threatening to everyone involved. Successfully tazing someone In-Game, off a motorcycle, is as difficult as you'd imagine it being in real life. I am going to conclude this as it being an In Character incident, Alex Keller tried to do an unusual tactic (In Character) and was successful at it. Does it follow PD protocols? That's an In Character question and can be battled In Character through Internal Affairs if the player chooses to do so. The warning will be voided.
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    With the war going on, my brother and I took off to the place where we can see the sunset just like the old times but with the recent promotion to Caporegime it only meant that now I have more responsibilities toward the family and this may be the last time I can hang out with my brother with no thought on my mind. So as there is a war brewing on, we had to think of new strategies to recruit more people to the family to withstand the tolls of the war. So one of my responsibility as a Caporegime is to recruit more people to the family, which I did and to do so I interviewed the new fish separately, asked them a few questions. We gathered all the new recruits, it was our time to answer the questions that concerned them about the family and the future goals of the family. One of the questions would always be related to the use of the radio and frequency , so one of my duties is to show the new recruits what we do with the radios and they showed a good representations to the techniques. After some time we all head inside the winery to taste some of the good wine made by the Marcello family and had a small meeting that allows the new members to introduce themselves to each other’s. After some good talk about the family we decided it’s time for dinner, so we all sat while Grey Quinn the best cook in the Marcello’s prepared the best lasagna using our famous red sauce recipe, give the new fellas a taste of what it is being a Marcello. Every new recruit must at least know who his leader is which means it was time for the new recruits to introduce themselves to Luca Marcello so they know who they are working with. So it was time to arrange meeting for the people who stuck around to finally meet Luca Marcello. As we are currently at war we will be in need for more ammunition which only means that we have to import more guns and ammunitions not only for the Marcello’s but also for the alliances so that we can be able to withstand this war. You always have to be checking and counting the import you receive to make sure that the order came correct , so my responsibility was to count each and every crate. We didn't have a problem getting the imports as we were scouting for locations regularly but once we are done with a location it only meant we have to move on and get into the next location.
  26. 9 points
    The time has arrived for the skull to get some rest... It was a real pleasure to meet all of you, it was a honor to work with you and it was a blessing to have loyal and close members like you. I want to thank you to every single LC member for fighting on our side, for giving their life to protect their friends and ally, for being everything a real Calavera! I also want to show my respect to all the existing gangs on the server, was a pleasure to fight with you or against you! This video it's made to show my respect for all of those who believe in me and for those who hated me! Enjoy! 💀☠️
  27. 9 points
    After obtaining a new "whip"from the local High End, Jack made his way to Bollingbroke to go pick up Aira. After this had happened, him and Aira met up with Brian Walky to go and round up their imports.
  28. 9 points
  29. 9 points
    Recently the Triads have been looking for ways to get involved with some legal operations as a cover act. The group stopped by to ask a man if he wanted to buy some noodles, he refused the offer and said that he owned a casino. They went to check this out and see if the man was telling the truth. The men tried their best against the dealer but in the end the House always wins. Potential business plans were discussed. The men were given a tour round the casino. In the near future the Triads may be offering legal protection to them. Bruce on the other hand was not happy with the House always winning and had something to say about it.
  30. 8 points
    Afternoon guys, Today I am finally deciding to leave ECRP. It's been coming for a very long time but I still wanted to come on and play here and there. I joined back in June 2018 and had a lot of fun for the first couple of months that I played. I made a lot of friends along the way and some of you I'll still keep in touch with. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on "Chaza Williams" as an LSC mechanic and then leading one of the most successful gangs in Los Santos, The Syndicate. Playing this account brought a great amount of laughs and it was honestly the best time to be on the server, especially compared to the way gang life is now. My alternate character in the Police Department "Charlie Williams" was also fun to play and I met some great people there too. I may come on from time to time, however I no longer enjoy the server and I think it's a good time to say goodbye. Shout out's to: Tom Daniels Lewis Miller Dwayne Smith @XposeD Jimmy Pegorino @DDevastatedTV Ollie Higgins (The Cleaner!) Matt Trustson Helene Charbonneau Logan Cross James Sardinsky @heartgg Walt Kozak Xoza Shadow @Xoza Jay Bacon Gouden / Sylvester Groot Micky Reefer Andor Rootman @Andor Bradley the nooter Bonquasha Quonde Ryan Torres Richard Langston Ilai Daniels / Yuval Gotlin Simon Bluman Jake Lawson Hoxton Curry And many more that I could mention I had great times with! Special mentions to: My boys Pedro Luis, Sergio Canio and Elliot Gibbs Everyone that was involved in The Syndicate Tommy Vangore, Dale Manning, Nootinator and all of my friends over at The Shadow Cartel If you guys wanna ask questions as to why I am leaving the server or just want to reach out in general, feel free to contact me on Discord: #Chaza6275 and on Twitter: @ImChazaa All the best everyone!
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    Ever since the latest update (2.4.0) thirst and hunger have been introduced and added into the server. While I understand the reason and goal of this feature, and how it's meant to overall increase Roleplay by making it more realistic for players to eat and drink to not simply "heal" themselves, I'm not sure about the exact times until the hunger and thirst meter take to go completely down without eating or drinking anything. But from what I can only assume, it is around 15 minutes (Don't quote me, I'm only assuming from personal experience). Which in my, and many others (from what I have seen) is extremely fast. An example I can give is this: Police are chasing a criminal around the map, the pursuit takes around 10 minutes. And eventually becomes a foot pursuit, which later becomes a shootout. Overall, the entire situation takes roughly around 30-40 minutes (And maybe more if you include the actual scene that PD will manage after everything has calm down, treating the suspects, cuffing and etcetera). Due to the fast rate in which the hunger and thirst meters go down, both the criminals who are being pursued and the police officers who are pursuing them will need to stop mid-way through, and stand still. Eating or drinking during the situation as a whole. Another example I can think about is a simple traffic stop, sometimes. These traffic stops take around 10-15 minutes, and it is very possible in one of these traffic or felony stops. A certain suspect or cop would already be in need of food or water. This means that if both parties don't want to ruin the RP in a very non-realistic way (The death of the officer, or suspect due to them not eating or drinking) they would both have to OOC'ly drink or eat midway through the RP in order to keep it going. Overall, I believe (So do many people I have spoken about the recent update with) that the speed in which your thirst and hunger meter go down should be much slower than it is now. Not too slow, yet not too fast. I would say that around 1-3 hours, or even 4 hours for your thirst and hunger meter to go down fully would be a fine amount of time. As it would not take priority over some RP situations, nor would it be too slow to completely ignore. I understand that this is a very recent and new update and that some things will be possibly changed. So I'd thought I'd make this suggestion to bring up the idea of this being changed as well.
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    Player(s) being reported: Jay Gamble(ID 109), ID 63, ID 17, ID 163 Date of interaction reported: 5/4/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Dmitri Leroy Other player(s) involved: ID 167, ID 178 Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Cop Baiting - Provoking a reaction from emergency services without a realistic reason. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for crimes or submerging any vehicle in water. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. How did the players break the rule(s)? ID109, Jay Gamble ID: Rammed the Contender with his Super car multiple times throughout this engagement. ID 17: Was in the way and got T-boned out of the way, then proceeded to get back in front of someone who just rammed them to break check unreasonably and unsafely. He Rammed the contender with his sports car at the end of the chase without regard. ID 63: Continued to ram and unrealistically put his V12 Schafter in front of the Contender most notably the final ram he did that put us into the wall. ID 163: Appears to turn into our contender head on without any breaks applied just a minute after a shoot out. Thoughts in the intentional ramming: I think this is a very poor display of gang war RP from veterans of the scene. Its EXTREMELY disappointing to see established criminal factions consistently violate the most basic driving etiquette on the server. You can clearly hear Jay Gamble telling his gang on the radio 'hit them' at 1:25 in the evidence video. Thoughts on the Desync Ramming: I don't have a big issue if I get DM'ed because a split second decision gone wrong.. were all humans and make those mistakes.. but when people are consistently ramming with your sport-cars and bikes using 'desync' as an excuse to flip and rob people it no longer feels unintentional. I feel that it is your sole responsibility to maintain control of your car, and if you have bad Desync well that sucks, but you shouldn't be making it the problem of your IC enemies, its your problem to deal with OOC. After the first ram by ID 109 he should have backed off, but the entire chase I was forced to hold my throttle and unable make turns, because I would get hit and thrown by 'desync' which is really someone with a sportcar intentionally going 170km/h just two car lengths behind you unreasonably. There are to many collisions on here that appear to be intentionally caused by sportscars. Evidence of rule breach: UPDATE: Evidence the reported parties were given notice in game of the report.
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    Ding had a recent run in with the Police Department. It ended up in them attempting to detain him. Before they got close enough he called over the radio for backup to his location and Bruce drove up to help his Brother. This resulted in a shootout with the Officer, luckily for the two brothers who was alone. Bruce helped Ding up from the ground and they jumped in the car before backup arrived. The two brothers headed up in the hills to lay low for a while. In the meantime Bruce attempted to remove Dings cuffs. After successfully removing the cuffs they hopped back in the car to get shelter from the rain. Whilst the two brothers were laying low they contacted the next in command member from the Triads, Chinese Pete. Pete arrived and brought up some supplies and food for the night so the two can lay low in peace. Now that the heat had died down again the brothers headed back into the city and got back to action.
  34. 8 points
    Big ups on becoming official guys. Ya'll deserve that shit 😁.
  35. 8 points
    congrats on become an official faction! pogu
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    Account name: Reeceobz Character name(s):Amin Yakaba, Reece curry Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment:06/05/2019 Punishment received:https://gyazo.com/2111c2d8e206998a27dba7cc20eb30f0 Reason given for punishment: Disrupting server operations Your explanation of what happened: Im not to sure to be honest? It could of been that i was helping transport bags during the special import which i had reason to do so. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'm not to sure why i have been banned in the first place. Ive spent a lot of money supporting the server and play it daily with 39 days playtime on just one character. If i have been banned for something i said which i know some people have been banned for that reason trust me it was not said with malicious intentions and if you know me im a very sarcastic person. If i have done something wrong then i'd like the chance to put it right. Post any evidence or further details:
  37. 8 points
    Account name: tom__ & tomvd682 Character name(s): Tom Daniels, Chuck Cox, Jagger Carwyn, and Sint Nicolas The admin who issued punishment: @MusketDeezNuts and @Fa1N Date of punishment: The 30th of April 2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban The reason that was given for punishment: FearRP Your explanation of what happened: First of all, I would like to say mention that I did not have the chance to respond on the report itself as I was on at LAN-party with some friends which is my own problem I guess. Second off, we were just chilling/ messing about at the tavern till I hear (see in chat) someone shouting "Everyone put you your hands up, don't move or we will shoot you!". After seeing that I turned around and noticed 3 people across the street with heavy weaponry in their hands so I decided to turn back around and run the opposite direction after running off I climbed onto the roof with two other people and decided to open fire on the attacking party after they started shooting our friends below us. Then lastly, I don’t think it would’ve made a difference as he didn’t aim a gun at me but for the matter of fact, I didn't see Rycka_White himself shouting on the sidewalk, I thought the entire attacking party was still at the other side of the street. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think my appeal should be accepted for the following reasons: 1) I clearly did not break fearRP in the given videos on the report as no one aimed a gun at me 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) · Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. · Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: · When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. · When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. · When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. · Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. 2) Also you can see me running away before anyone else in the video provided by Rycka_White with people coming after me that didn’t get punished which were ID 31, 94, 93 and 128, one of them being Lucas_Daniels (ID 31(He was running straight after me and didn’t get punished as you can see in the video). Also, you can see another two people running away after me without getting a punishment. 3) Also, I think my punishment was unfair as one of the people that didn't get punished literally had a shotgun to his head before turning around > running away. And didn't end up getting punished but I did without anyone aiming a gun at me. Post any evidence or further details: I was ID 28 in the videos given with the report
  38. 8 points
    At first it looked like its just only another faction, that will die soon, but the more i meet you guys IC, the more i start to like you. It is great to RP with you guys! 👊
  39. 8 points
    We had some difficult situations today, one being where there was no family members to retrieve the body or pay for the funeral so we took matter into our own hands. We hope to not run into this situation very often and we have had a pleasure working alongside the Pillbox Medical Department lately.
  40. 8 points
    It's time y'all stop thinking that there should be an equal balance between PD and criminals. I get it that it's a game and everyone thinks of it in balancing terms. But you guys need to understand that doing this will just get us one step farther away from Civilian Roleplay and get us a step closer into Cops vs. Robbers. This is roleplay, not some deathmatch. I fully understand criminals and their struggles, but a Police Department is supposed to be OP. San Andreas is roleplayed to be a state in the United States after all. If shit was happening like this in a state like we have right now with criminals, we would have National Guard and military intervention. Instead of this nerf please give us more civilian RP developers and get us closer to a normal life roleplay server. Cops vs Robbers is getting out of control.
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    Had some business to do in ocean lab but Triads wanted to bring us some noodles in there but sadly we refused at first But later on we got hungry and decided to make noodles from their bodies
  42. 7 points
    The Triads had taken notice of the graft Alberto Wong had been putting in recently. They decided he was ready for a promotion. The Incense Master called Alberto and a couple of higher-ups to the ceremonial shrine where Alberto would be promoted to Red Pole. The ceremony includes the lighting of Po's signature lavender incense and staining Alberto's white jacket with red wine to symbolize a deeper connection to the Triads.
  43. 7 points
    Just a small montage
  44. 7 points
    Congratulations guys!
  45. 7 points
    You guys have improved A LOT comparing to the past Keep it up
  46. 7 points
    Li "Mr. Redwood" Kwang taking a break from action with his best pal After debating on what do to next in the city, Kwang decided to check out Vinewood Studios. He and Nick headed over to get the lay of the land and hopefully start producing.
  47. 7 points
    Li Kwang ended up getting taken down again for speeding tickets. While up in the big house, Kwang dared to sneak in an MP3 player from the old ages of technology. He was shocked to find that the officers let him pass with it, and later on even came in during their shift to enjoy a little K-Pop Obviously, all good things must come to an end. The SADOC officers demanded that Kwang hand over the MP3 player. Thinking that the party was over, he sadly handed over the player to the correctional officers. Kwang was gravely mistaken, as it was time the SADOC officers showed him a little bit of their culture.
  48. 7 points
    Hello, Based on what I was able to understand, the aiming dot was removed so the game will be more "realistic". Now let me try to explain why I think that's not something good: 1. Removing the dot doesn't make the game more realistic because in real life you are not seeing yourself 3D when you aim a gun, also if you go first person perspective..let's be honest, all the time I have the feeling that I'm a midget in first person. It's way too unrealistic the first person perspective at this moment so nobody is using it. Also in real life you can keep the gun in your hand as you wish and that can help you to have a better aim than you have in game. 2. There are some guys and I also know a few of them in game who have build in crosshair monitor who have a big advantage against the other players. Others just prefer to use a third party program to have the aiming dot replaced with a crosshair. That can easy be considerate cheating and it's against the server rules. The problem here is that there are a lot of people tempted to try a third party program for that crosshair and a few of them are using that already. 3. Desync is already a HUUUUUUUUGE problem in a gun fight, even if you hit somebody they are not taking damage. Sometimes when I feel like there is desync in a gunfight, I aim close to the real target, next to it, and they got hit. Removing the dot make this problem even worst. Maybe I was good with no dot if the server desync was not that bad like it is at this moment. So the long story short is that you should bring back the aiming dot and if you want to make the server more realistic, there are a lot of other things what should be improved and focus on. Thank you,
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    i hope i get buried by these professionals
  50. 7 points
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