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    Prison Overhaul I’d like to first clarify my position before you read on; I roleplay as a criminal and will try to provide as balanced of a write-up as possible to allow both sides of the legal spectrum to enjoy the experience. I know this has been suggested multiple times before, but I believe a more in-depth format might catch developer attention. This is to go in tandem with the issues happening between PD and Criminals also. Criminals do not fear punishment for their actions currently. Shoot up PD, get 2 hours in prison AFK, then return to the game and do it all over again. In addition, I believe this would help negate the frequent deployment of SWAT which is frustrating the criminal roleplayers. SWAT would need to be deployed much less often if people actually feared going to prison because of long jail times and therefore might choose to carry around heavies less frequently, and so-fourth. The main issue with long jail times? Boring. To solve this; a more dynamic roleplay experience is required within the prisons. I propose increasing jail times from 2 to up to 24 hours (possibly more), but ONLY with the addition of these extra roleplay elements to prevent people from being bored out their minds within jail. I think sentences should vary based on the crimes. The LSPD handbook could be crossreferenced using the fine amount as a guide for how much jail time should be used for each crime. I appreciate all of this is a huge undertaking with a lot of scope, which is why I’ll try to break it down to make it easier to see for the purpose of implementation. ______________________________________________________________ Prison Guard Faction I believe that either the PD should have a division for prison guard which rotates on a basis that suits the PD, possibly officers could go to a location and do the same thing they do when they put on SWAT gear with a / command and then are changed into a uniform suitable for prison guarding. I believe this is fundamental in a successfully operating roleplay experience within the prison. If no guards are around to get inmates out of cells and/or around to interact with, people will get bored. Guards should be equipped with tasers, batons, able to use cuffs to restrain unruly inmates and also should be able to possess the ability to increase sentences for inmates who commit crimes whilst in prison. Guards would be allowed to do routine inspections of prisoner cells to search areas if they felt necessary. (There should be a 4 slot inventory system under each bed to allow people to keep things.) Guards would also be able to do routine patrols of the grounds of the prison in set circuits and have patrol cars stationed outside or possibly patrolling. Prison guard ranks would work the same as PD ranks with some slight adjustments. (See ranks from left to right.) Correctional Officer | Sergeant | Lieutenant | Deputy Warden | Warden ( I believe there a separate uniform also used in GTA Online/GTA Singleplayer that could be applicable for these guards) Duties of these officers will be described later in the report as I explain how the prison system should function on a day-to-day basis. ______________________________________________________________ Prison Day To Day The schedule would go as follows (ALL TIMES ARE IN-GAME TIMES); 11pm | Lockup in cells for sleep 7am | Shower time 8am | Cafeteria food time 10am | Free time (Access to the yard and prison facilities*) 1pm | Cafeteria food time 3pm | Free time (Access to the yard and prison facilities*) 7pm | Cafeteria food time 11pm | Lockup in cells for sleep These actions would be encouraged by the prison guard, requesting all prisoners to be ready in their cells for each event and if not receive disciplinary action. Prisoners would be allowed to reject wanting to go to the shower or for food but would have to remain in their cells for the duration. Offending prisoners within the prison would have their schedule shifted around to spend more time in cell lock-up for misbehaving. ______________________________________________________________ *Prison facilities and roleplay opportunities Prisoner Outfit Upon entering prison, players should be changed into an orange jumpsuit, use the same code that is applied when taking jobs like the farmer job for example. Upon leaving the prison, players are able to remove their outfit. This would also allow police to see escaped convicts who havn’t had time to change out of their prison clothes yet. Cash Each day prisoners would be allowed to withdraw up to £500 (possibly more if it makes RP sense) for food, drinks, items from the prison shop and other things they choose to purchase. List of purchasable items from the vendor; - Multiple food items - Better behaved prisoners get access to paper to write notes - Better behaved prisoners get access to pencils + sharpeners (for notes, but sharpeners could be tampered with to remove the blade and create a prison shiv with a pencil/toothbrush, etc.) - Non-alcoholic beverages - A card which allows phone access for limited times - Any other cool things you can think of. Players would also be able to gamble their money in the cafeteria as well; using the poker table code here would work well to keep prisoners occupied. Players may also be able to earn more money doing prison jobs, for example cleaning the floors, working in the shop, cooking in the kitchen etc. (all could be done via roleplay or small jobs that can be /takejob during your time at the prison. Visitation Use an area of the prison to place assets to allow prisoners to have visitation. This could be an interesting way to allow players to smuggle drugs and other items into the prison. Guards could do a /me searches the man, /do Do I find anything and if the prisoner has a justifiable roleplay reason as to why the guard can’t find an item on the prisoner, they manage to smuggle it into the prison. Visitors should also be provided the option of bail to get their inmate out on early release at visitation. This money should be submitted directly into the PD treasury and should go towards funding their guns which should be in-turn purchased using the treasury. (Other methods of funding should include fines received for arrests, but that whole issue is for another suggestion thread about removing scripted guns etc.) Bail amounts could either reduce sentences by 'X' amount or get them out immediately (cash and game play balance dependent.) (I assume you are able to create custom interiors using game assets from GTA5 and I am happy to provide a design layout for a visitation room) Prison Escape There should be multiple methods that allow external gangs/members to attempt a prison breakout or possibly internal ways via breaking out of a gate or door using a hand-made item/lockpick. Blunt force break-ins with guns should be very difficult for criminals to achieve, the officers should have access to MP5s and Carbines from within the prison, but only if necessary, not at all times - Collected via an armoury room. Prisoners should be able to attempt to break open metal gates etc and have their lockpick break if they fail. If they run out, the aforementioned patrolling guards can taze and possibly shoot if enough of a threat is available. In addition, officers can return them and for an extended sentence if they are caught. Injured prisoners should be able to be placed into a prison infirmary for their recovery. DM rules regarding prison escape: Guards should be allowed to shoot down any prisoner who is escaping to prevent him from getting away, in turn returning him to the infirmary. Anyone breaking out a prisoner can NOT shoot a guard unless they’re directly threatening the life of an inmate (i.e shooting an escaping prisoner as mentioned.) For criminals to break into the prison successfully, the smartest course of action would be to take a guard at gunpoint and threaten them to do as they ask. i.e open gates, etc etc. (This should be geared in favor of the police system and prisons shouldn’t be a case of easily breaking someone out, although I believe the option should definitely be available.) ______________________________________________________________ If you feel you need any more clarification on anything, i'm happy to elaborate.
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    The Irish people of Los Santos got their start like most immigrants, trying to make money and live the American dream. The Irish in LS were never as numerous as the Blacks, Mexicans and other minorities, nowhere near the sheer numbers in other places like Liberty City, but for the small group who made the industrial and eastern suburbs their home, the life of crime was always an option for the young Irish growing up in the city. Mostly, that consisted of illegal gambling, cigarettes and alcohol. Small gangs of would-be Irish Gangsters made their small mark on the city but never took off; they were either put down or driven off by bigger, more populous immigrant gangs like the Ballas, Aztecas and Vagos. As such, the Irish always had a presence but never rose above petty crime... until now. _________________________________________ In LS, the gangs run the city. The cops, for the most part, are helpless to stop crime and illegal imports. With that, many a criminal has made his fortune while big groups have risen and fallen like the wind. Many Irish criminals who came to LS didn't join an Irish-specific gang but rather into Motorcycle Clubs; one of these is where the New Irish gangs get their roots from, specifically ZBOR MC. ZMC was a small time Motorcycle club whose power came from their alliances with other MCs, resulting in the first LS MC Confederation which rose and fell in a few short months. Clearly, bigger gangs were not taking kindly to the new rising power of the MCs. When the MCs fled the city, dead or retired, this left a number of Irish immigrants to LS with nothing left to carry on their criminal lifestyles, including David “Gaius” Black, Michael “Mickey” Booth, Don “GP” Sutherland, Nigel “Nige” Rutherford and Randy “Fox” McCreedy. The idea was formed for the now-factionless and penniless men to form the Irish Mafia in Los Santos, disguising their illegal activities with a legitimate-looking business and name: Gael Force Shipping. The business was launched and the formerly leather clad bikers became suit-wearing businessman. _________________________________________ Gael Force immediately used the tactics of ZMC, forging strong alliances, then moving on to securing legal contracts with government factions for revenue and legitimate business. LSC have had a contract with Gael Force to ship and deliver parts to their place of business. Yet another big break came when the bad blood between the Irish Mob and The Cartel came to a head, and the Irish took their territory from them with the help of their allies. Now with access to secure contacts and safe transport, the Irish could begin shipping in drugs from South America and guns from Belfast. Gael Force also made agreements with other factions to keep a monopoly on gambling within the city, so when Gael Force Bookmakers was set up, there was no competition. _________________________________________ With the rapid expansion of The Irish Mob’s business, both illegal and legal, the Mob decided it needed its own street gang to wage a block-to-block turf war for control of drugs and gun sales in LS territory. Muintir na hÉireann, meaning “People of Ireland,” was formed to recruit rapidly from the Irish community of west LS, and for Irish Mafia members to take their hands off the majority of grunt work and petty illegal activity. High-profile criminals from both Belfast and Dublin were imported by the Mob to lead this new street gang. Seamus Mac Cathmhaoil and Jimmy O’Hara, old associates of Gaius, were the first to command the gang, recruiting in mass numbers and training the new up-and-coming generation of Irish two-bit gangsters to become effective drug dealers and foot soldiers for the Irish Mafia. MNH has their territory in the “Irish Hood” of east Los Santos, Industry District and Murrieta; MNH is now the recruiting pool for new members of the elite Irish Mafia, and the starting point for any aspiring Irish Mafioso. _________________________________________ The wars with other gangs in LS took their toll on The Irish Mob and Their Allies the Exiled, Tavi Patronus dissolved the Exiled and retired with his Millions leaving the Irish alone to face off against all their enemies alone, rather than risk his death and that of his Men and Family, Gaius reluctantly disbanded the Crew and they went their separate ways. Months later Los Santos became plagued with a new caliber of low class criminal, mostly eastern euro trash wanting to be gangsters, robbing everyone and disrupting the status quo within the city. With Murder rates climbing, respectable gangs and cartels going underground due to constant harassment Gaius decided it was time to straighten the town back out. Plans were set for The better members of the VK gang and old Irish members to reunite into the new Los Santos Irish mob, basing themselves out of the East of the city and focusing on Gun running, Prostitution, Gambling and racketeering. Alliances were also forged and cemented in order to make the bigger groups of respectable criminals a fighting chance against their enemies, little by little the Irish Mob and their allies pushed out the scum and bandits from the town to now just a trace remains. Today its all about building a base in the place we called home growing up, East Los Santos, Building our power there and growing to build the Empire we desire. _________________________________________ Although being an Irish organisation, MNH will take in non-Irish people for basic muscle and drug distribution; these members can rise far within MNH. However, to be “made” into the Irish Mob as a Family member you MUST have Irish blood; there are no exceptions. To join, just approach a member and ask for some work, as we are very accommodating. The group requirements are currently: Players must have a minimum of 3000 XP to join the faction. (Exceptions made for those with alts with appropriate XP) The player must have a good understanding of server rules, including following admin orders the first time. This ties in with the minimum XP, but players must have a basic understanding of Roleplay. (Correct use of /do and /me, making sure OOC chat is kept OOC using /b, basic knowledge that every experienced player should know) Anyone failing to Roleplay properly or found to be disrespecting admins will be punished, via a demotion for less serious offenses. Disrespecting an admin, or multiple offense of failing proper RP, will result in removal from all aspects of the faction. Make sure the player has been added to the discord and changed their nickname to their IGN _________________________________________ _________________________________________ - Securing of Murrieta Heights and Cypress flats as a place the Irish can operate freely and Irish families can live without fear of Police of other Gangs - Hosting Weekly events In the Vanilla Unicorn and Dockyards - Set up a network of Gambling and hustling at Car shows/Races - Enforcing a Higher Quality of RP within our ranks - Securing the Entire East Los Santos (Industry and Murrieta) for the Irish and their operations - Opening up our own Bar for Social activity and a headquarters - Move from Full illegal to semi Legal business in the far future - Become a Official lore faction based off the Real Irish Mob and GTAIV Irish Mob (Irish American Killers) _________________________________________ Irish Members are expected to follow the "Hint of Green" Policy, which is to wear normal civilian clothing with a a green item (Parka Jacket, Undershirt ect) Made men, like unmade, will have their Normal civilian clothing with a hint of green. But as Made men and respected among their peers they can follow the same "Hint of Green" Policy With Suits Irish Members are expected to stick to realistic expectations when it comes to cars Mob members would drive, 4 Doors sedans, 4x4s, and mainly Benefactor cars. Car colors are to be Black, Grey or Dark Green only to fit with the Theme consistent in GTA Lore. We Expect our faction members to hold themselves to a High standard of RP and strive to GTA Lore standard, through learning about how the Irish mob operates today and how they were perceived in GTA4. We are not a Cop killing faction, we are not a anarchistic faction, we are not a meme faction. We are striving to set a new standard of RP for Mafia/Mob Roleplay and any deviation from this is not what we want as a group. We are a mafia faction and showing restraint and cunning over shooting up areas and people is what we want to bring the standard of RP up to, where harming a man in his wallet is better than a bullet, Blood spilled is money wasted and only to be wasted when there is no choice, then Show No Mercy. _________________________________________
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    It's planned to add more new houses, perhaps on the 25th October. There will be a separate announcement on our Discord server. I'd like to introduce a new pricing system, that will be put into place to combat abusers, who purchase large numbers of newly added property. It's basically like an auction system, but for the duration of this "auction" the price will be going down rather than up... Newly added houses will have their normal price multiplied by 10, which will continuously decrease over time until the price reaches it's base value (normal price multiplied by 1). This process takes 5 days for each individual house. What are the benefits? Instead of having fixed prices, players will decide the value of each house. It will be difficult for one person to purchase multiple houses and resell them for a higher price. While this system is more advantageous to rich players, this advantage comes with a higher price (literally).
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    This is Bayview Auto Center thread, which is Out of Character and all information provided here can not be used for any In Character purposes. Main goal of this thread is to present Bayview Auto Center for the community and show our company structure, core values, service that we provide every day and of course our lifestyle. Plane just landed in Los Santos International Airport and you passed security check holding your bag in one hand and the Visa card in another. Full of hope, curiosity and hunger for adventures you step through the doors of airport, where soft, warm and a bit salty wind form the ocean greets you and whispers that finally you are in the city of Los Santos. Following the wind, mixed sounds of revving engines and squeal tires could be heard form not far away. Moving towards the sound you get on the Greenwich Parkway and right away in the distance source of the engines symphony appears - Bayview Auto Center. This is how most of us started our journey in Los Santos and met mechanics shop, where knowledge, experience, passion for vehicles and friendship are combined to help this city. Bayview Auto Center is one of two mechanics shop in the town and its main goal is to help people of Los Santos with their vehicles starting with some small polishing tasks, towing jobs and ending with full car performance and body customization for the car shows or races. Besides that, we are always collaborating with other government companies helping them out on their duties, like impounding cars or providing our assistance on their organised events. To accomplish our tasks, Bayview Auto Center center has amazing garage with all kinds of tools. We have hydraulic lifts, spraying booth, engine hoist, tire changers, wheel balancer and many more machines to provide premium class service for every customer. As one of old mechanics said: “If you can't find the right tool in this garage Mr. Arizona, you don't belong near a car.” Besides our amazing garage where we do engineering miracles, we have another garage where we are keeping our company vehicles, that helps us in the city. We have two types of tow trucks. Heavy duty tow truck, which we are using most of the time, because most of the problems that we encounter are quite extraordinary and requires that extra power, which heavy duty tow truck has plenty, because of turboch arged inline-4. Another one is small light duty tow truck, which is mostly used in hardly reachable places in the city, like small backstreet, or house backyard, where heavy duty tow truck would not fit. Also this truck is used way less because of its manufactures fault installing V8 engine with aluminum cylinder heads without possibility to use truck at its full potential. In assistance for tow trucks, we have three types of utility trucks: A Cherry Picker variant of the Utility Truck, which we use on very rare occasions, since we find it useful only when vehicle or its parts are stuck in the trees or on the roofs of houses. A Box variant of the Utility Truck is mostly used truck alongside tow trucks, since it has quite spacious trunk to put a lot of spare parts for roadside assistance. Utility pickup truck is the last one from utility vehicles selection that we have right now. It is also the smallest one and mostly used for business trips or as an additional car in the events. The truck is powered by a V8 engine, but once again, because of the aluminum cylinder heads it does not stand out for it performance. Flatbed is the last model in our companies garage, which supposed to be used to transport cars with the drivetrain, steering or wheel systems failures, since its not recommended to tow cars with these type of failures, but currently we are not using them, because of the failures of the hydraulic system, which controls platform of flatbed. Even for us it is currently not possible to fix that without manufacture spare parts, which are still in the Europe, sadly. But all those tools and trucks could not do anything without amazing people, who work at Bayview. Every mechanic in the shop is passionate about his or her work to the bottom of their heart. Besides the passion for their job, Bayview mechanics are true professionals in the vehicles engineering and design fields, because they are always ready to help choosing what kind of performance upgrades should be installed and how they will improve the car or which color you should go for and how it will fit the car. Knowledge, passion for the work and experience are not the only traits that Bayview employees have. Besides those professional strengths, they are truly amazing people, who are always ready to listen and help to each other, because whole Bayview team is like one big family, which always takes care of each other. On top of that, employees not only cares about each other, but also looks after every customer, who comes to Bayview. For example, if someone is having a bad day, short visit in Bayview really could make a difference and make that day at least a bit better. Back in the day Bayview itself did not exist and where Bayview is now, there was one and only auto center in Los Santos and it was called Los Santos Customs. It was lead by a person, who was called Mr. Kingpin by the ones who knew him. He did not do his job well as he was not around much and people started to suspect something shady is going on, as he was always hard to talk to, due to lack of concentration, as he did a lot of drugs. That lead to Michael Dew - “Kingpin’s” second to take over. LSC, as it was called at the time, was in a different situation, as security was an issue. Even though the leader changed he was also suspected to be involved with local biker gang, who posed as just a biker club. They were roaming the city on their bikes and even if they did something illegal, they did not do it on the premises of Los Santos, so Los Santos Police Department had no reason to suspect anything. An investigation might have occurred, but no one knows for sure. So Michael Dew, being a motorhead and constantly interacting with Bikers, lead to attracting attention from other local gangs, as it was stated, that the auto center will not have any involvement with any criminal gangs or activities, so CCTV’s were installed and a wall was requested to be built by the leader and Head of HR - Mr. Hurezanov a.k.a Bobo Shikanovsky, so the auto center would be a safer place for everyone to be in. Few months later, the new, but firm gang called The Savages, which at the time started to make their name known by the citizens, government workers and LSPD, as they were fierce and well organized and constantly growing.They were causing constant threats to the staff and the customers by arriving in numbers, armed to their teeth and hiding their faces under masks, leading to bloody shootouts between local citizens, mechanics and them. This lead to a security division being created by Boris Hurezanov a.k.a Bobo Shikanovsky, who employed mechanics, owned CCW permissions (gun license) and trained them to wield a gun for the business sake while on duty. Bobo also instructed the staff with steps to take in an emergency situations and presented it to whole staff, with instructions about escalation of force, upon a threat, as he was a formal LSPD officer as well. As mentioned above, it became almost everyday routine to call LSPD and LSES to nowadays Bayview location and people, who wanted to come and repair or modify their car started to come in pairs or small groups only for security reasons. There were always at least one mechanic on the roof, looking out for suspicious activity and he would press the alarm button if he would see gang activities nearby. The shop had the support of local friendly gangs and business owners, including the biker gang and citizens in general who voluntarily patrolled nowadays Bayview area and helped fight off The Savages. Local police on the other hand did nothing until one officer came, who changed it all - Nathan Ames or as he liked to call himself - The Dragon. He would be parked on the shop's premises for hours every day, which lead to The Savages avoiding the area overtime and it became a peaceful place. Then the Savages changed their approach. Mason Savage was one of the kind “mastermind”, as some people used to call him. He changed his plan and his organization members started to infiltrate in all government factions, including the auto center. Their own people with clean records and decent amount of experience landed to the city of Los Santos and quickly became rich and powerful as no one else was, but that is the story for another day. Days went by and finally mechanics were safe,security division was disbanded and everyone started to work in peace, doing, what they loved to do, but having in mind, that if needed the division could be established again, in matter of days. Since then, every mechanic had to buy a gun and pass the firearm exam, to be licensed. As I mentioned before, CCTV’s with night vision up to 120 meters were installed and no expense was spared for passive infrared sensors on the territory, to alarm the LSPD when the shop is closed and no one is around. One, usual workday the government decided that they would open a second mechanic shop in town. They offered LSC to move to another location, while the new shop would open in the old location. That is Bayview now. LSC took the opportunity to hand over the old auto center to one of their own - Mr. Biggs, who was an amazing person. The high command knew, that we would run the business perfectly, so they convinced the government, that he would be the man for the job. So that is how there are now two auto centers in Los Santos. Even though the owners and the whole high command were friends, shared a cup of beer once in a while, power and money can change a man. So conflict started between the two auto centers, casualties were not avoided… The situation got so strict that mechanics from rival auto centers were not welcomed on one another's territories and if they came to talk, they were greeted with guns and being instantly surrounded. This whole thing happened, because some of the new mechanics got into a fight between one and another. Arguments lead to physical actions and some were injured. Reporting the whole situation for the higher ups, of course, to save their asses for causing the conflict. Whole story was edited to a point of fiction. Bobo and Michael, knowing Mr. Biggs well, knew, that this is just a misunderstanding and it needs to be talked out between both parties. It was hard to organize this, as the whole story got leaked and the biggest Russian mafia - The Bratva was very close with the old LSC and their higher ups, so they were constantly threatening the new auto center, Bayview, even without the knowledge of LSC. So all these conflicts lasted for months until Michael, Bobo and Mr. Biggs as being grown men and reasonable people decided to have a meeting, between the trio and came to terms of collaboration and working together, to reach the same goal - help the citizens of Los Santos and make the city a nicer place to live for all of the mechanics of Los Santos. From that day the two auto centers are working together as a group of people, interested in cars and everybody hoped for the sake of the city and all people in it, that, this will last forever and nothing like that would ever repeat, as the best teacher is history and experience gained from mistakes. Quality/Continuous Improvement - passion for work is one of the keys to be great at what you do. Same goes for the mechanics profession. If you want to make vehicles run fast and smooth, you have to love and understand them by heart and with the mindset, which is always eager to learn we can do it better with every new day. Customer Focus - sometimes it is an overlooked thing, but mechanics work not only with the cars, but they also communicate and help customers by explaining them how to take care of their car, what modifications to choose or just by asking if they would like to have a coffee while their car is in the garage. Integrity - with the trust in the heart of the integrity we keep our word with every customer, colleague and partner. It always motivates us to go for that extra mile. Family spirit - Whole Bayview team was always like one big family and every member of it is always ready to help each other no matter what and that is the reason why we always overcome even the biggest problems that we face. Owner - in other words CEO of the company, who represents company in city hall, handles negotiations with other companies and communicates with government officials on all matters. Besides main tasks also takes care of whole company’s workflow and makes sure of smooth work on daily basis. Co-Owner - owner’s right hand, helps to work on contracts and partnerships with other companies. Ensures smooth workflow in the company and handles some of the government tasks. Coordinates and ensures that rules and decisions in the company would be smoothly implemented in daily basis. Also coordinates and advises other management members. Staff Manager (Management) - mostly focuses on the employees of the Bayview. Checks performance and advises people on their daily basis. Teaches them and helps to improve. Besides that, actively communicates with other management members about the promotions and suggests potential candidates for the promotions. Monitors people’s activity. Head of Supervisors (Management) - mostly focuses on supervisors and closely works with them on their daily tasks by providing them instructions and guidance. Makes sure that supervisors are always up to date with situation and new decisions in the company. Head of Instructors (Management) - mostly works with instructors making sure that all employees are following best mechanics standards, providing the best service with great SLA. Also organizes trainings to improve employees qualification and takes care of whole training period in the Bayview. Instructor (Supervisory) - person, who helps employees on their daily duties and teaches them how to improve and get even better at their work. Also makes sure that every trainee would have the best introduction and training, before starting his work. Supervisor (Supervisory) - person, who leads employees on their daily basis, helps on more complicated tasks, makes sure that people are up to date with all the new decisions and rules in the company. Provides his insights about problems that arises or might arise for the rest of the management. Lead Mechanic - employee with the motivation and potential to help and guide others. Closely works with supervisors helping them to lead other employees on their daily basis. Ensures smooth company work on his or her shift and helps other employees with their tasks. Senior Mechanic - employee, who knows his or her job well, does not need guidance or a lot of supervision. Follows the rules and helps other mechanics with their daily tasks and does the job on the highest standard. Mechanic - employee, who takes care of his or her tasks well, knows the rules and can advise other employees. Is fully capable of handling tasks by himself or herself and does not need additional training. Junior Mechanic - employee, who just passed the intern period and showed his or her knowledge and skills multiple times by handling customers with passion and quality. Also knows basic rules of the company and shows motivation to learn more. Intern Mechanic - employee, who just ended his or her training period and showed his or her basic skills working on vehicles and provided great customer service. Knows how to work with the tow truck and handle basic daily tasks. Trainee - new employee, who just started his or her career in the Bayview, works on basic daily tasks and at the same time learns and improves himself or herself. Tries to follow the rules and implement them, while he or she is working. Ryan Cooper - Owner A caring and very helpful young man, born on the 2nd of April 1991 in a city called Rotterdam, in a small country called the Netherlands. He has a twin brother as well and he had a sister, who was born on 1993 10th of April. He was only 5 years old when he instantly lost both of his parents in the car accident. He and his brother miraculously survived without a scratch, but unfortunately their sister wasn't that lucky and died at the hospital after 5 hours of treatment. Ryan and his brother, Marcus, were quickly adopted and lived with their new parents until their 12th birthday. Their new parents were unfortunately very abusive. They mistreated and hit kids for years, and on their 12th birthday, which they never celebrated in the first place, Ryan decided to make a break for it and ended up living on the streets, he never got to see his brother as he left him behind as well.... In order to survive, he had to steal food and money. However, these street skills made him very agile. He learned the arts of parkour and knew some self taught fighting moves from different cultures just by memorizing street fights. Also, he used to hang out at a mechanic shop in the heart of Rotterdam as he became friends with the owner of the place. (the only person he didn't rob for some reason.) After paying quite some attention to his work Ryan decided that he wants to give it a try. Owner noticed that and gave him a car to work on, and observed his work. Mechanic liked what he saw and gave him a job as mechanic. Ryan was 16 at that time. Unfortunately the owner died of some sickness short after he joined the crew and he lost his job again since there were nobody who would be able to take over the place. Then Ryan went to freelance on the streets, helping people with their cars for little to no labour price since he just enjoyed working on cars. After a while, he joined the Dutch Military Forces as a Marine to serve a few years until he had enough money to move to Los Santos. He went there for the better life and to live the American dream.There he joined Bayview as a mechanic, where he climbed the ladder till he reached Manager. He still works there and has a wife and kid. Main specialization: Vehicular bodywork Classic Japanese cars Heavy duty trucks Muscle cars Respray and colour expert V8 engines Motorcycles Paul Silverton - Co-Owner Paul Silverton was born in Eastern Europe, small country called Lithuania and was raised by great parents. His father works as a lead mechanic in one of the biggest road construction companies in Lithuania. Because of the father’s work Paul was surrounded by mechanical engineering miracles from the very beginning and got used to be surrounded by all kinds of machines. 2009 - 2013 attended Vilnius lyceum with focus on mechanical engineering. 2013 - 2017 attended Kaunas University of Technology and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering with by covering “Improving old cars performance with ML based ECU's without sacrificing durability” topic. 2018 May - started working in the Bayview Auto Center 2018 - writing MSc in University of San Andreas, topic: “Hybrid engine’s performance increase using AI based ECU’s” Main specialization: ECU’s Classic Japanese cars Heavy duty trucks NA engines Hydraulic systems Luke Kuperus - Staff Manager Luke Kuperus was born on the 15th of April 1990 in a small town in the Country side of The Netherlands, he was born in a family of 5 with 2 older brothers a mom and a dad. His dad was and still is a mechanic at a local mechanic shop. His mom was a surgeon's assistant, but unfortunately she lost the battle with ALS 2 years ago. He was a smart kid but never the best student in school and always rather fooled around than study. When he graduated from high school his parents gave him a plane ticket to Los Santos. He was there for 6 weeks and did some working and exploring. Like a lot of people he fell in love with Los Santos. When Luke got back from vacation, he decided to join the Dutch armed forces. He went to the recruiting office and signed a contract for the infantry in the Army, his specialization being vehicle repair. He did 3 Tours of Afghanistan and 1 Freedom mission in Mali. Most ranging from a year to 2 years. On his last tour of Afghanistan he got hit by a Roadside IED which hit our Boxer infantry vehicle. Luke got hit in the leg by shrapnel. He was in the hospital for 6 months and after that he got medically discharged and worked shit jobs for a while. After those events Luke decided to move to Los Santos because he really didn’t have anything to lose. When his plane landed in Los Santos, he got his truckers license and drove fuel trucks around for a while. He joined Los Santos mechanical services back in the day and worked as a low ranking mechanic for a while. After the split into Biggs and LSC he joined LSC, but didn’t like the way the current owner Michael was operating with the company, so he left. For a while he moved around in the city. After that he joined Bayview. It already passed a year or two since he joined and currently is working as a Staff Manager. Main specialization: Exhaust Systems Diesel engines Body work Electrical Systems Rotary Engines Nina Wildford - Supervisor Nina Wilford is a 27-year-old mechanic who enjoys hockey, eating out and binge-watching boxed sets. She is stable and entertaining, but can also be a bit greedy. She is allergic to peanuts. She has a severe phobia of spiders. Physically, Nina is in pretty good shape. She is average-height with almond skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. Her parents separated when she was small, but remained friends and provided a happy, stable home. She is American who defines herself as gay. She has a bachelor degree in chemistry. She has created a racing engine oil that was nominated by the government and it is now being sold at Bayview. According to her: “Today’s late-model cars are well served by contemporary, over-the-counter motor oils. These formulas evolved with complementary qualities engineered to accommodate a broad range of operating conditions, including catalytic converter preservation and long-term emissions compliance. But many contemporary motor oils have reduced anti-wear qualities as late-model engines enjoy fewer critical high-friction challenges. That leaves early performance engines or modified racing engines equipped with flat-tappet cams and high valve-spring pressures at risk with current motor oils. Anti-wear additives come in many different formulations with each major additive supplier offering multiple versions of differing efficacy and molecular structure. Oil is also used as a coolant. Many new production and racing engines use oil squirters to cool the piston from underneath. Racers, however, must be aware of oil condition at all times. Oil is easily diluted when using nitrous or alcohol. Bayview's racing oil can keep your engine working better and for longer compared to other engine oils.” Nina's is feeling that Bayview was and will be always part of her life. She has been working there for a year. She loves sports cars and driving them is her passion. Main specialization: Engine Oils Custom Spoilers Custom Racing Wheels 3D Printed Colored Hoods Mikhail Rausstin - Instructor Mikhail Rausstin was born in Ukraine, however a short while after relocated to live in Liberty city with his grandparents. He spent his youth in the streets and later he managed to get himself into Vespucci University in Algoquin, Liberty city. He graduated the university and became a professional auto body repair denting and painting technician. With all that knowledge and a round zero in his bank account, he knew he had to start doing something, that would get him a plate of food, but wouldn’t get in trouble with law. So he found a cheap one spot garage and started working on vehicles there. At first his clients were his family, friends and friends of friends, but after few successful jobs word was spread, that Mikhail’s shop is doing a good job for a reasonable price. As years passed Mikhail kept doing better and better, although most of his family passed away and his friends took a criminal path, so they were either in the prison or not among the living at all. As he was feeling alone, city became really depressing, he decided to leave everything behind. He sold his shop, sold his small apartment and bought himself a plane ticket to Los Santos. After coming to LS, he was taken into one of the mechanic shops, Bayview, to work as a mechanic. 2000-2004 Vespucci University, Automobile technological engineering, Bachelor’s degree 2004-2008 Vespucci University, Auto body repair, painting and detailing, Master’s degree 2009-2017 Opened up a shop called “Pay’n’Spray”. 2018 September started working in Bayview. Main specialization: Classic car restoration; Bodywork, dent repair; Respraying, detailing, polishing; Workshop design, blueprints; Turbo systems; Rotary engines. To become part of the Bayview family is fairly easy, because we do not have long list of strict requirements and it really does not matter a lot, if you just landed in the city or you know every street of Los Santos by heart. We are just looking for people like us: kind, motivated, ready to help and in love with cars. You think all these traits describes you? then we are looking forward to meet you! Whole recruitment process is separated into two main parts: Application - this is the first step in the way of becoming Bayview mechanic, where you need to put some effort and impress HR team with your Application, which can be found in the Bayview Auto Center forum section ( How to apply for a position at Bayview? ). After you filled form and left us a topic with a note about it, HR team will review application and most likely you will have answer within no more than 5 days. Interview - this is the second step, if HR team liked your application. This step is needed, because we are looking forward to know you better in person. Also before the whole interview we do a mandatory background check in LSPD, just to make sure if you do not have the Bible size criminal record. No worries, couple tickets for speeding, illegal parking or other old and forgotten history does not bother us, because we believe that people change and learn. After the interview, once again HR team will review the interview and will finally decide within no more than 5 days whether you are ready to sign the contract or you still need to put a bit more effort next time. After passing each part of the recruitment process, you will be notified by a reply message in the topic that you left in our forum. Finally, when you see the message that you are invited to sign the contract, all you need to do is show up in the Bayview and ask for someone from management staff to help you with the signing part. Once you put your signature at the bottom of the contract and you were added into our system - you are part of the Bayview family. Now you can take out work clothes from the locker. Next thing that you should see after putting clothes on, is smiling instructor, who will give you outstanding training and guidance about our company, rules, people, vehicles, safety and how to do your daily tasks. After this training you will know basically everything that you need to get started working and if you forget something, there will be always someone beside you or in our discord willing to help you and answer all questions!
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    Cops should not be able to decide whether a player can RP their own death. The PD on this server consistently meta-game to a level that does not allow for good roleplay scenarios, and which allows the PD to punish players who have criminal characters with real-life consequences. How many times have you been shot down in a gunfight with the police, only to have a bandage wrapped around you and shipped off to jail? I have never seen anyone successfully roleplay their own death, which is utterly ridiculous. Just this year, there have been over 350 deaths at the hands of the police in the United States . If the PD's main priority is to accurately reflect a real-life U.S. Police Department in the way they roleplay, this should be reflected in allowing people to die instead of just fixing them up and sending them to jail. Anyone who is even remotely aware of the way police operate in the United States, and Los Angeles in particular, will know that the police are not hesitant to shoot to kill. So if I am standing 5 ft away from a cop who unloads their SMG/Shotgun at me, they aren't going to be looking to merely incapacitate me, rather to end my life to protect their own. Surely then, cops would be shooting to kill on Eclipse, particularly given the brutality of some of the gunfights that occur on a daily basis involving S.W.A.T. and heavy weapons on both sides. It is not good roleplay to shoot a load of criminals then keep them alive with CPR until an ambulance turns up and takes them all to prison The subtle meta-gaming of the PD on Eclipse This is a server-wide problem caused by structural problems. Players who have cop characters want you to go to jail if you commit a crime. It is not in their interest to let you roleplay your own death because you were the one gunning for them a moment earlier. Obviously for a player, the more desirable outcome is for your character to just die rather than spend hours in jail. So if your criminal character has been messing with a cop character, of course they are going to want the worst outcome for you as a player. This is meta-gaming and not in the interest of realistic and fair roleplay. Death RP conflict of interest The big problem here is the conflict of interest between players with cop characters and criminal characters. The cop player trying to get you sent to jail should not be the one deciding whether or not your character is allowed to die. In essence it is a choice between allowing a player to get back to playing the game again or for their PC to basically become useless for up to 2 hours. I know which option I'd choose if I had a police character and was on a bit of a power trip. I was shocked to discover that this was a rule because it seems obviously ripe for corruption and misuse. The PD at this point are basically fighting a meta, out-of-character war against the gang factions on this server where their main weapon is an OOC punishment for players with criminal characters. Prison is an OOC punishment I am certainly not the first to address this topic. The fact that you can't even logout during your prison sentence is testament to the fact that this is a punishment for the player, not for their character. GTA V is a very intensive game and for many people with lower-end rigs they simply can't use their computers with the game running in the background. So what you are really doing when you put someone's character in jail is locking their computer for however long the sentence is and making it unusable. There is literally nothing to do in prison, and very few options to roleplay, since most people there are just AFK anyway. Again, and I can't stress this enough, this punishes the player, not the character. We are all equal as players... right? One would think that all the players on this server are equal, whether they choose to play with a criminal character or a law-abiding one (read: cop or mechanic, since there is basically nothing else legal to do that isn't a grinding minigame). Sorry to everyone in the PD, but you are a gang, just like everyone else. You are not here to protect the needs of the law-abiding public, because there barely are any. We're all just equal people playing video games here, so your cop character may well want my criminal character to go to prison, but you are meta-gaming if you keep my character alive just so he can go to jail. You do not have any moral high-ground over me because you choose to roleplay as a good person, and this should be reflected in the rules. Clearly, however, we are not all equal, and the PD get unfair treatment - no doubt thanks to the number of admins in their ranks. It is not uncommon for a cop to suddenly turn into an admin during an encounter and for them to pause RP while they find excuses for you, the player, to go to prison. One could go as far as to say that the PD on this server are practically just the in-character admin faction. There is a significant overlap in the use of admin and regular prison - and the fact they are the exact same thing is further proof of prison as an OOC punishment. The lack of good roleplay from police on this server and their reliance on meta-gaming and admin support has basically made Eclipse into a big game of OOC cops and robbers with unbalanced rules and no room to actually have unique roleplay interactions. Why did I make this long post? Well, as you have probably figured out by now if you've read this far, I was in this exact scenario just now. I was shooting at a police officer standing right next to me, and he was shooting back. I was downed, and tried to roleplay my death considering that I had just taken 5 gunshots at very close range. I tried to make this point OOC with the medics and cops while MarcoD kept repeating that it was the cops' decision as to whether or not I died. Oh, guess what? They decided I wasn't dead! How convenient. I guess that's 2 hours of me not being able to use my PC. I even had to close the game while I typed this up because my computer was too slow with it running in the background. Fair, right? And instead of MarcoD forcing the roleplay to continue and having me stretchered into an ambulance and taken to MD to then be arrested, I was instantly teleported to jail by a cadet who referenced the teleport in character over voip by making a joke. Hmm.. I wonder if that's because the gang I'm in is known for trying to rescue police hostages on the trip from MD to the prison? Or perhaps just pure laziness and a cynical attempt to get me out of the way when I was raising a legitimate point. Another explicit example of meta-gaming by the PD, backed up by the admin powers of MarcoD who is apparently infamous for using his admin powers during situations his character is part of.
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    Team Update: Charlie Mangione Promoted to Senior Administrator Cooksley Flucifial SyncxzV201 // Serthon Promoted to Administrator Bakmeel MusketDeezNuts Promoted to Senior Moderator
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    Team Update: waffels852 Rodiz archaeah otilane doc ABroHaam Spook Tombag Chrisy BearBaldwin BadZanta Kables UBUB Dqniel TobyVintage Have been promoted to Support Staff. The following have been promoted to Senior Support: ants1992 Alardi_Tagril Varakai jbacon
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    Character to be refunded: Scott Gomez Date and time of incident: 10/24/18 Requested refund: A three garage house with a Jester parked inside, as well as two AKS, one with an extended mag, two hundred AK bullets, one shotgun, twenty shotgun bullets, food, and clothes. Description of incident resulting in loss: Me and another player were reported and it was decided that we would receive punishment. It was decided my Elegy Retro and my home would be taken from me. Well, this sort of confused me, as I did not have a home yet on Scott Gomez, but I did have a home on my alt, Jacob Red. So I assumed that would be the house to be taken. While waiting for my punishment to take effect, since it was taking awhile, I made enough money to buy a house on my character Scott Gomez, and stored my Jester as well as all the items stated above inside. Well, I logged in today, and realized I could not enter my home, and the command /showhouses did not show anything. That's when I realized the wrong house was taken from me, as well as my things inside, which I believe was not part of the essential punishment. Evidence of loss: here is a video of what i had in my house last night only thing is the video is a bit buggy but you can see what i had in my house https://plays.tv/video/5bd283fac41233e4b9/home Comments: I would really appreciate the help.
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    Hello there! Mask 2449_9928 here! also known as @Femo Jonsson. I was actually waiting you to make a forum report mate! you were spamming the OOC chat telling us you will report us like a mad man. anyways... things are not clear in your report i will tell you what rules we broke and which ones you did and i will make sure that i have said everything that needed to be said. sit back, grab your pop corn and enjoy the report! lets start with ramming, we told you stop your car which you did not. therefore our sand king blocked your way so you could not get out not even ram but only blocked you! the rule that might have been broken but has not: 6.6.2 Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair). Reasoning: The sand king is not an expensive car and could indeed be used for ramming/blocking. evidence: you could clearly see that we blocked you by the sand king and nothing else https://streamable.com/gbxea now here, yes we did tell you to get out of the car, yes we did shoot you. but there is one thing here that you missed, and that's your mate shooting us first which according to 7.4 Kill on sight granted us the permission to shoot you both as self defense. the specific rule that granted us permission to shoot: 7.4.3 KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; we were not there to kill you and we will never kill any one with out a valid reason! we were trying to rob you and let you go. you did comply to everything we said but the only problem was that you shot us which gave us the right to shoot you! evidence: 1:35 you could clearly see the the guy turn around and you could see the glow of the gun's explosion reflection on his face, as well as the gun sound when he shot. Now mate let's talk about what i believe you guys did wrong: First: Failure to 7.1 Fear roleplay 7.1.2 Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; • When the engine of your vehicle is stalled and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; you guys showed no fear what so ever when 10 of us had you at gun point and you guys pulled out a weapon and started shooting. Evidence: present in all the other clips Second: Ignoring RP: as we tried to role play with you getting your car keys you started to ignore role play for at least 2 minutes because you were talking in OOC chat about the report and so on till you died. as well as when you were shot down you had no intention to role play at all and the only thing that you literally cared about was saying that you will report us and so on for at least 10 minutes. evidence: third: Fail RP and non role play behavior: 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. when you were shot the only thing that you started doing was spamming the OOC chat that you are gonna report us and you started argumentation with us, which what should have been done is you should have tried to save your life and be sceard of your death. we even told you you may wanna contact medics so they could come and save you but you incase responded that i am already dead and it does not matter. later when your friend came back the first thing that he did was he started saying words such as: Faggot, Gay, and so on... I do not believe an injured person would ever talk that clear and would not be scared of his death would he? we tried to tell this guy as well that maybe he should contact medics but he responded that he was going to die and it did not matter. evidence: 7:00 is where you should start watching. thank you for the report! I will not respond to this topic anymore since i have explained anything unless an staff member asks me to explain further or provide more evidence.
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    Your cars shit bruv
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    Quoting realism is a little bit thick mate, in real life does every officer walk around with MP5's and Shotguns on their back too? And are PD the only ones allowed to posses and own a longer ranged rifle? Because last time I checked you could pick up a hunting rifle in a wallmart of all places in the states. Yet on eclipse if a crim were to own one; bannable offense. I mean no offense but in the way you and other PD members have been talking around these issues on this and other forum posts it's clear you'll say whatever in order to keep anything from changing on you. And judging from what this forum has seen the last few days it'd be a hella popular change infact.
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    Suggestion: Play while reading through. Osiel Guillen, founder of Los Zetas, started a Mexican criminal syndicate which became one of the most dangerous and profitable organizations to ever exist. During the late 1990s and early 2000s especially, their influence began to spread into neighboring American regions eventually reaching Los Santos. Connections to Los Zetas appeared but none strong enough to make a real impact in the area. Rival gangs already owned the streets but a young man named Jay Gamble had the resolve to change that. Similarly to the foundation of the original gang, Gamble found himself in a gang with no true vision, struggling to keep organization and stability. Jay sought out Shotty Johnson, another man tired of the way things were going in Los Santos, and was eager to work for true power and respect. They had one main plan; to work as more of a democracy and family than a hierarchy. This attracted many criminals with and without a gang of their own. With the gang as a whole slowly crumbling, the Los Santos branch aims to bring new life and opportunity to criminals. As the numbers start the grow, so will the power and money. The overall plan for Los Zetas is to shape Los Santos into their ideal vision. They want to operate as a part of the city similar to the influence government issued jobs obtain. They want to restructure the criminal underbelly of the city that benefits every criminal organization/family with Los Zetas at the head. They want control, influence, and power parallel with the all of the leading organizations within the city, legal and illicit. Violence is not always the preferred choice but Los Zetas will not hesitate to use deadly force if provoked. Los Zetas is still growing and improving daily, you can see us in navy blue attire or riding around in navy blue cars. Currently, the gang is recruiting more soldiers to fill it’s ranks and putting the infrastructure in place to create the foundation for Los Zetas to become the biggest player in town. We are established in multiple revenue pipelines, ranging from the the local drug trade, securing supply routes, organized kidnapping, protection rackets, extortion, assassinations and minimal weapons trafficking. We ultimately hope to branch further into the weapons trade, and help import directly from our suppliers south of the border assuming we can secure a location to store the product. Organization is key in Los Zetas. Every group and role in the gang is connected, valued, and has a voice. The gang functions as a democracy with the two founders making up the board. They push out ideas to the group that can be voted on by the other high ranking leaders. Members tend to move in groups headed by one captain with several soldiers and a few prospects. Each group has its own tasks and those members specialize in what they do. Members have an opportunity to prove themselves while also relying on their team in a crutch. As mentioned before, the gang operates as a family. As numbers swelled, the two needed chosen underbosses, higher ranking gang members, as trusted advisors. Loyal, dependable and cunning, these underbosses handle almost as much work as the two founders. You will often find them surrounded by members of a lower rank completing various crimes around the city. These crimes can range from petty theft, to kidnapping and even assassinations. Outside of group work, underbosses also assist with recruitment, train new prospects, look for opportunities and do business with other gangs. Below that, the captains do the heavy lifting for their underbosses. They help manage the soldiers and prospects, and help advise each group to work efficient, and effectively. These long standing members are the backbone of the gang and inspiration to newer members. They are the right hand men for their underbosses that act as group leaders if their underboss is out of town. They are respected and speak for the soldiers for decision making. Finally, there are the enforcers, soldiers and prospects. This is the lifeblood of the gang which is responsible for a lot of the violence and money. These are the loyal members pushing out drugs, robbing stores and protecting key gang locations. They have been known to be aggressive towards law enforcement and any rival gangs willing to challenge them. Soldiers are usually accompanied by prospects which are the newest recruits that prove themselves worthy to be soldiers. Prospects need to not only prove their loyalty but also their values. If what the prospect values and way they present themselves does not match with the gang, they are swiftly removed. Zetas have respect for other gangs and civilians. The biggest enemy of the organization are the Police. Police are a direct conflict of interest to Zeta affairs and are often targets of their violence. Most members do not respect or like the law enforcement of Los Santos and will become hostile often resulting in shootouts. Zetas also have an intention to treat the gangs of Los Santos as not only possible business associates, but also an extended family if deemed worthy of each other. Order is favored above chaos, mutual interest is favored above isolation. Although with all of this being said, Zetas are not ones to be taken lightly and will proceed to stomp out any opposition threatening stability of the organization. They have one main battle strategy when fighting an opposing force; hit hard and constant. When war begins, they proceed to cut the tree by the roots, hitting every soldier or higher brass no matter the time or cost until forces diminish and become exhausted; a hunting party of sorts. Folding is not an option, retreat is not an option. Zetas will hit with full force and precision, a destructive force unlike any others. Be a loyal Member of the organization. Do not interfere with each other’s interest, do not be an informer. Be rational. Be a member of the team, Don’t engage in battles you can’t win. This directive extends to personal life. Be a person of honor. Respect the ones who came before you, Acknowledge your enemy before you crush him; Every life is important. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and your ears open, and your mouth shut. Don’t sell out. The stand-up guy shows courage and heart. He does not whine and complain in the face of adversity, including punishment. If you can’t pay; don’t play. Have class, all gangs are deserve at least some level of respect. There’s no need to be crude for no reason. We are above that. Be independant, know your way around the city, help other members who may not. Attend Gang Activity regularly; inactivity will result in removal. If you are going to be inactive for a few days, let the higher brass know, so we can keep track of things. Any internal conflicts must be handled internally through reasonable means I.e. Mediation or conversation. Respect the hierarchy of the ranks. If you feel as if you’re being treated unfairly by your underboss/captain, speak to the higher ups to resolve the issue. You MUST wear your gang colors at all times unless a situation demands otherwise. There is honor among thieves. Do not steal from or disrespect a fellow gang member. We are all family. Own your gang at ALL times. If someone asks you “What gang are you from?” Answer with pride. If you refuse to own up to what gang you’re from, you could potentially hurt the gang as a whole along with its potential and current allies. Must adhere to all server rules and regulations. We are a heavy RP gang.
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    The Warriors Backstory: The Warriors was founded in the early 60s. by a couple of guys from Coney Island ((Del Perro Pier)) The first war-chief was called: Cleon. and Swan (his second in command) formed the first group of The Warriors. The first group was small, and had only a few members: Cleon Swan Ajax Luther Vermin Rambrandt Cowboy Snow Cochise Clay These ware the first 10 members formed in Coney Island and ware expert fighters in hand to hand combat. but They soon took over the entire pier and started running protection rackets from the fairy and food stands at the pier. Those rackets are still being run today. When the gang expended, We got invited to a meeting: After the survivors made it back home, They started to rebuild they gang. The New War-Chief Swan, and his second in command: Clay, Fought a small gang war with the Baseball Furies: To bad it could not last long, As the cops arrested almost all the members, Only Clay remained, and its up to him to rebuild the warriors once again: Current situation. After the arrest of most of the members. The warriors are trying to recruit and rebuild. They are very protective of their turf and will hurt any gang trespassing in their turf. The gang wants to remain small. The gang is not one that likes to use guns! We like it the old ways. One football field. gang vs gang, Only Knives, Bats, Fists or anything you can find. But no guns! Fighting style: Our main style is hand to hand combat. We train on this on a daily basis, We try to avoid using fire arms unless we absolutely have too: W.I.P
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    I think the super car market is very healthy, thanks to their removal from dealerships. They have become rare and expensive, just they way they should be. We will introduce a limited number of new super car models in the future, these vehicles will most likely be sold at auctions. I understand that some people want to own literally everything the game has to offer, but for these players I'd suggest a change of priorities.
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    It's planned to rework the system, so gangs must construct their own labs. This means, they will be able to build them at a custom location, which will make them more difficult to find and give the police investigators a new task, to find and report their location. But I'd like these to be valuable and their destruction should be a huge loss to the owner (forces criminals to act more careful and secretive).
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    I'd like to suggest that each home comes with cabinets and/or refrigerator storage for food and drinks, wardrobes to store clothing, and closets to store miscellaneous items like guns and other items. I'd like to also suggest that there be an ability to customize furniture within your home. -Flucifial
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    Account name: Meyytaja Character name(s): Kelly Beans Admin who issued punishment: Toony Date of punishment: 17/OCT/2018 Punishment received: 72 hours ban. Reason given for punishment: Exploiting Server & Client Bugs | Major | Offense #1 Your explanation of what happened: When I walked into the store, the store keeper already had his hands raised. This would not allow us to get unlimited money or boost the economy at all as the store would run out of money. The reason that the store keeper had his hands up is because he had previously been robbed. ICly this could be RP'd around that the shop keeper was in such great fear that he had heavy weapons pointed at him and his store was under attack. If this was a constant occurrence then I could understand my punishment. The only way I could see this as abusing a bug would be to not have a call sent through to the PD to alert them about the store robbery. This was not my intention whatsoever as I was already robbing stores and performing criminal RP. I just wanted to rob stores and make some quick cash, that was literally it. Besides, it's not as if I was making mega bucks from this anyway. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My ban appeal should be accepted because this is clearly a client sided bug. It was not my intention to gain an unfair advantage over other players on the server or anything of that nature. I was simply performing criminal RP by robbing stores at 5am in the morning and someone watching my friends stream decided to report us for something we didn't even know would lead to a "major offence." I have invested too much time into this server and even broadcasted it on my own Twitch account to many viewers, giving good exposure. This was not intentional and I am sorry for my actions if it looks that way. Post any evidence or further details: -
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    Preperations are being made for a large sale of modified weapons to a customer located in the state of San Andreas. Boxes full a weapons and ammunition are being made ready for transport from storage shelter to an undisclosed location. It will be one of the biggest sales in their recent history and will give a big financial impulse to the organisation. SUV's will be loaded up with dufflebags and will depart towards the buyer in seperate convoys to attract as little attention as possible. These types of operations are handled by the same group of people who would normally also keep an eye on the secret stashes.
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    Very old and reliable friends and always a pleasure to interact, keep it up!
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    Player(s) being reported: Elena 2131_1731 Date of rule breach: 28-10-2018 Time of rule breach: 18:00 CET'ish Your characters name: Thyrone Johnson Other players involved: Specific rule broken: 6.4 Powergaming " 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command), however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. " How did the player break the rule?: The Cadet grabbed a medkit, and went to each victim and extended their life without any rp. Evidence of rule breach: https://gyazo.com/6590ff716cc6226b61d2f6179a616611 - https://plays.tv/s/LxMi_0KJFtLI
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    So recently ive noticed alot of business (Gun Stores, Gas Stations) are out of stock/fuel and they have remained like so for several weeks. Its always annoying to go to a gun store and see that its out of stock or go to a gas station is out of fuel but they the owners of a few of these don't ever stock them. There should be a rule in place that makes these neglected businesses automatically go on sale on the market if the owner has either not been online for a set amount of time or the business has not been stocked for a set amount of time (ex. owner is inactive for 2 weeks, or business is out of stock/fuel for 2 weeks). The time before the store is put on the market will obviously need to be discussed between the admins and the price of the business when it is auto listed will need to vary depending on location, but this system is long overdue. It would not take much script to implement, and it could also be done manually by the admins. This would force the owners to at least be active and stock the business when needed.