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    Murdablock is a street gang established in Los Santos that has been operating for a few years across a SA-MP server. Now we wish to transcend this street gang into Eclipse Roleplay and provide great roleplay scenarios for our members as well as for the entire community that is willing to interact with us. 1992 , Los Santos , San Andreas, where there is still that thriving old fashion look, a street gang called Murdablock was born. The Slash Family used to control that city with it, and they could have done whatever they wanted. Years went by, more and more homies died on the streets from retaliation with the opposite teams that wanted to take over the throne that Murdablock was sitting on. It was to do one last hit and gather up the crew for a quick briefing. They gathered up on a friday night at approximately 09:00 PM, as the hours went by, the tactics were introduced and heavy weaponry was equipped. They were ready to perform one last hit in the city, tickets for a flight out were already reserved, get-away vehicles were already waiting. It was about to go down, friday night - midnight, the force of Murdablock was about to struck down the oppositions headquarters, where they were all gathered up. Guns blasting, bodies dropping and bullets flying everywhere. The hit was successful as mostly everyone made it out alive, but every law enforcement was looking for them. Years later, it was time for Murdablock to rise again. While a gang called West Coast Assassins was growing in the city of saints, Lance Slash and a couple of his brothers decided it was time to return to Los Santos. Time went by and Lance arrived into a new era of organizations, people and systems. They decided its time to start adapting and surviving. After weeks have passed, through a mutual friend called "Ski" a meeting was set between the Slashes and a WCA old gangster, that goes by the name of "Pops" . After a brief conversation, Pops saw great potential in them, and decided to give them a shot. Months have passed, and a war between WCA and The Council occurred, war that had a heartbroken outcome of WCA disbanding. Everyone was left confused, with nothing in mind of what to do next. In those months Pops and Lance became great friends, and he treated him like one of his sons. They decided that is time to revive something that was once great, and bring anyone that was still giddy, something to cherish once again, Murdablock. At this moment, the gang is operating out of a motel in Morningwood. Each and every member is paying their tribute towards the gang through their philanthropic activities such as, drug dealing, gunrunning and human trafficking. The gang is still at its very beginning, with a low member count and little to no assets to use for money laundering, but the crew has its core members, and is ready to take over the City of Saints. You must obey server rules at all times and a minimum of 10,000 Experience points required for recruitment.
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    Recent kidnappings As of late, The Dojin-Kai have been partaking in the kidnappings of those they deem to have disrespected the family, following the same methods used in the kidnappings of Green Taxi. The Dojin-Kai does not take lightly to petty thieves and those who badmouth the organisation, and individuals caught actively disrespecting the family have been dealt with accordingly. As per tradition, a steel Yakuza blade is used to slice of the fingers of those who believe it necessary to take what is not theirs, or speak ill of those who have done them no harm. Said individuals are taken to a building that was formerly used as a HQ for [redacted]; it is perfect for teaching a harsher form of discipline to people outside of the family, as it contains a deep basement filled to the brim with chemicals and devious instruments. scenic not so scenic I did promise chemicals This man's gang took some firearms from the family. silly folks. After negotiations, the return of three .50's and one assault rifle, the hostage was handed over. This man was appropriately named 'baghead' As promised, fingers were removed Baghead was lead outside for his execution Time to say goodbye The family watched in terror as the man writhed around in the fire like a demon ((all parties consented to the rp seen in these photos))
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    In the early days when Murdablock was still being formed, there was only a handfull of people who gave their full dedication of blood and sweat into the family roots. The people that started from the beginning are the people that will be in the family forever. The family stood strong on the streets of Los Santos and showed no mercy for the people that came into their way, the first group that started attacking Murdablock went on their knees and surrendered after not even 24 hours passed. Murdablock showed full force of dominance on the small group called Los Santos Kings as they've decided to attack the family, for no other reason but to attempt to show power. After weeks passed by, there was no more sign of these so called small organisation. They've given up. But there was a new enemy on the horizon, lurking to attack and deceive Murdablock. It was known to every single Murdablock member that the day will come when we will be fighting The Crimson Syndicate. After weeks of patiently waiting, Murdablock has gathered even more reasons to publicly humiliate the so called organization and begin the attacks. On June 1st, 2020 - Murdablock has declared WAR on the Crimson Syndicate. It was time for the group to put on their war outfits and cause havoc and dominance on the streets of Los Santos and upon the so called group that thought they were indestructable. Murdablock showed no fear, no mercy and took no prisoners. Every single member was armed to the teeth and ready to fight untill his last breath, showing dedication and loyalty to Murdablock and proving that they're worthy to call themself a Murdablock member. Numerous battles errupted on the streets, both sides took casualties but Murdablock always showed dominance in fights. Outnumbered and outarmed, we never decided to run away from a fight. It was not looking good for the enemy side after the battles were fought on the city grounds. It was victorious for every single member of Murdablock and they were proud of it, we never back down and we never surrender. Murdablock might be fearless in fighting on the streets, but we know how to have fun aswell. It was a saturday night when the Tavern was opening, Lance gathered up the people and told them that we'll be going clubbing and taking a rest from the war since the enemies were nowhere to be seen anymore. They've all disarmed themselfs, placing their weapons and melee weapons away. Murdablock arrived to the Tavern where they were greeted by Ricky Brasco and a few more Zetas. It was time for party. After the party ended, Lance received information on where the leaders of the opposite team house was located. Lance and his brother Xavier armed themselfs up and went to the location, after setting up camp in the backyard they have waited for hours and hours but nobody decided to show up. Lance and Xavier waited an entire day in the backyard, but there was no sign of the enemies even being in town. Murdablock High Command team received information from the leader Corsetti that they have decided to give up and to change colors. The Crimson Syndicate is no longer existing in the Streets of Los Santos. We decided to stop hitting them since they were out of colors and the war is over, Murdablock is Victorious. However, some people still attacked Murdablock out of colors that were ''Revenge Attacks'' but they were not succesfull. Lance got a call from the Los Zetas to do a formal meeting with the notorious gang, as he gathered his members and rolled up, Lance Slash and Jay Gamble exchanged some words and guaranteed that each of the groups will be treated with respect and not cause any issues between eachother. After the meeting, the next day. Some of the formerly known Crimsons decided to attack some of us, after a gunfight errupted between Murdablock and them, they were unsucessful and they fleed the battle, however they left on of their brothers behind by the name of Dan Corsetti. Lance told him that we will show him no mercy and this is why they call us Murdablock.
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    My suggestion is pretty simple. I think that SED and SWAT should be able to do /swat in/around their vehicles after a game crash. I am requesting this purely based on the amount of times that me and other LEO's have crashed in gear, and had to stay out of gear or return to the station to /swat again. More information found in the clarification. Thanks for your time. CLARIFICATION: 1. Realistically, we would have the gear in our cruiser's trunk anyway, like what was said. ( 2. I agree with the point of adding a timer, as that would make it more realistic for us to actually gear up, instead of instantly switching. Obviously we would need to RP putting our gear in our cruisers too. 3. Many times when we crash, it is a pain that we spawn back on normal duty, and I think that it would be a nice thing to have in order for us to remain confidential, and have our armor.
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    Let me preface this by saying that the new Bank Heists have been an extremely good addition to Criminal RP. It takes (to a certain degree) planning beforehand and execution so that not every small time criminal can do it, you need to be generally well-versed in Crim RP before you participate in one which I think is fantastic. That being said, I’ve found it a little troubling that Heists are sometimes unable to be started due to the fact that there are not enough LEO’s on duty. To start a heist, a minimum of 10 people are needed to be on duty from either PD or SD, the numbers between the two cannot interchange though (for example, there cannot be 7 PD and 5 SD, it has to be 10 PD or 10 SD). This leaves a few small times throughout the day where banks heists are unable to be started due to the fact that neither faction is able to get 10 people on duty. There are a few fixes for this if that’s something that the community would be interested in. Firstly, it could be a mix of the two factions instead of separating the two factions in terms of how many people are on duty. The scenario mentioned above (7 PD and 5 SD) would let the heist start, as they combine for over 10 on duty members. Another option could be to raise the total number of units needed, but instead of on duty make it the amount of units online (keeping the two factions separate). I’ve not been PD, but I assume there could be a type of paying system that could be used to get units on duty if there is an excess number of people online but not on duty (Similar to SWAT pagers?) All in all, it feels like there is a certain time zone that is struggling to find the full hype of an addition that I believe to be one of the best in recent updates for Criminals. Hopefully something can be done for these players to be able to do heists!
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    Back to Our Roots Ever since the war ended, Dojin-Kai had lost sight of its customs and values. This organization was forced to adapt to the circumstances around them, leading them away from their roots. This change was not something bad, it was just different to the organization. Before all of the chaos commenced, the Dojin-Kai used to host Martial Arts classes for its family, in hopes of expanding to the public. Alongside these classes, they had many others, such as discipline, self control, mental and physical training, among many others. Due to the circumstances around the organization, we had to distance ourselves from these teaching experiences. The Kyodais (Mentors) and above decided it was time for this to end. It has been a while since we have engaged with our family in this way. Samuel decided to host a meeting with all of the Kyodais+, and they all shared the same point of view as him. This filled Samuel with joy, now that he knows others believe in what he believes. At the meeting, the Kyodais discussed their current situation within the organization, and they went through different ways to go back to Dojin-Kai's old traditions. After the meeting was over, Samuel and Livvy Castle had the chance to speak to the Oyabun, James Sakamoto, about their ideas, and with excitement, the Oyabun agreed and gave them the go. Finally, our first class since the war was over had commenced. In this class, the Kyodais grouped up Minarais and Kobuns, then went over discipline, respect, and the importance of them. Once this part of the training was over, we moved on to physical training, teaching our brothers and sisters how to properly spar inside our Dojo. Then the Kobuns decided to give it a go. There were a couple of fights, and they were very well thought of. Both parties had analysed every move, and as the minutes passed by, I could see great improvement. This is the time for our training to be reinstated within our organization. It was greatly missed by many, and now the new members get to experience proper mental and physical training, while also creating stronger bonds with their new family.
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    I know this isn't my appeal and I shouldn't be posting on it, but am willing to take a forum point for this. Firstly, just want to say I have no affiliation with this player, I have never met him ICly or OOCly, just hate to see injustice like this occur. This player was absolutely not hacking, the fact that someone can just type "is that silent aimbot? i'm pretty sure that is," and then have admins scrutinize a 1 second gunfight clip and totally confirm that he is hacking is ridiculous. The difference between a normal aimbot vs a silent aimbot, is that a normal aimbot will snap your cursor to the target instantly for you to shoot at directly. A silent aimbot will shoot at a target and hit them despite not being locked onto the target. It is extremely rare to see a silent aimbot on GTA online save for some projectiles (rpg etc), because they barely work. this is because a silent aimbot works best on shooters with server-side gun fights, and all of GTA online is client side (I.E if you don't get hit on your screen but the player hits you on their screen, you take no damage. This is what desync is.) Normal silent aimbots work on coordinates via the server-side which is why you don't need to aim at your target for the bullets to hit. This is obviously not the case here, GTA online is extremely desyncy and a silent aimbot just wouldn't make sense. BOBBY MISSED ALL OF THE SHOTS. Secondly, the punishment is literally "After reviewing the suspicious part of the recording (the aiming and the subsequent locks), it was agreed that Bobby is using some kind of third-party aim assist." There is no suspicious aiming or subsequent locks, at all in the video. He flicks his mouse, which doesn't lock onto the player at all, and then proceeds to miss all of his shots. This kind of shaky mouse movement is super super common, if your heart rate goes up you tend to be more jittery and flick your mouse more. I will provide 3 examples below in situations where I have made the exact movements that this player did: https://gyazo.com/d7f6f741a9ab5b7f765c8f36fc2bd9c4 https://gyazo.com/55a6d09852613ce566365ee39d6f81fc https://gyazo.com/81b17f840b1a6d4d978bd27ae7ac01b2 Not only that, here's a clip I found in my recent gyazo's from a random player making the same exact movements: https://gyazo.com/3759463756e43ea31de8365800bdd268 This isn't aimbot, this is moving your mouse where you think a player will be (which tends to be very fast/erratic if your heart rate is going up, which if this player is anything like me you don't like to lose your shit, you value your stuff and your heart rate starts to accelerate when you know you could lose it.) You will notice in all of my clips and the clip of the reported party, none of the flicks/what @alexalex303 called "locks" ever land on the target, it always under shoots or over shoots. This is because we are human beings and miss shots. If you line up a crosshair on @cheatonus video, you will see that the "lock" actually overshoots the target by a large margin. See gif below: https://gyazo.com/c919089cab83bd84e3839f6e12042cca Also, it's worth it to note that if a player locks onto someone, it will be instantaneous. There won't be a few frame delay where the cursor is moving to a player, it will immediately snap onto the target and lock to him. This obviously isn't the case as you can see in the gif above. At no point during this clip does he ever lock onto the player, and all of his shots miss. To conclude, @cheatonus absolutely was not aimbotting. There is no possible way to say that he was aimbotting, he missed all of his shots, and he doesn't lock onto the player at all like his punishment suggests. It is fucking ridiculous that this player is permanently banned for this, @cheatonus should be immediately unbanned and apologized too, and whoever agreed with @alexalex303 that this player was locking onto the player and definitely hacking should re-evalute the whole video and break it down.I won't be able to see the result of this appeal due to the fact that it's not mine, but admins please consider my response when going through this thread and unban this player. Free that 44 year old boomer. Thanks for reading, Leron EDIT: I just re-read the last paragraph and it reads like I'm being aggressive toward alexalex303 and the other admins who watched the video, sorry if I come off that way. I honestly mean for them to dig a little deeper and try to break it down a bit better when coming to such a harsh conclusion. EDIT2: clarified the hacks in the first paragraph
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    what if the drug making timer would be lowered inside labs such as sea lab and so on.. and that would make them more usefull again while higher risk.. while if someone would want longer cooking time and less risk they could just go and cook in their self made labs with cooking tables places. wouldn't that bring life to crim rp on drug labs? lets say tables that are self places at homes and rvs timers would remain as they are right now and are a bit safer while if we reduce the table timers on cooking drugs inside the drug labs, that would mean you have 2 options on cooking Option A: take the risk.. bring a couple of friends to the local drug lab on the map as for example sea lab and cook there but take the risk of encountering other players for the reward of cooking faster the drugs aka having a lower timer on cooking. Option B: buy equipment from the local big gangs for home or RV cooking and be safer however it takes longer to make a drug than in the local drug labs on the map. this change would bring more criminal rp and activity to do back onto ECRP and drug labs wouldn't anymore be just marihuana planting sites but would also be usefull for actually making drugs.. Higher risk but also higher reward as you would make the drugs much quicker than at your home (your safe space) my suggestion: lower by a certain % the timers on local drug labs. make them usefull again. by doing that criminals would have a reason to visit often the local labs instead of just going there to take plants and leave right after.
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    Kamacho to have body transportation capabilities I am going to make this thread quick. The Kamacho is a high grade military vehicle, which is heavily armored and has great ramming and attacking capabilities. While it does not have a physical trunk, it has a truck bed. Very similar to the contender, the only difference is that the Contender allows people to be stored in the trunk, where the Kamacho does not. My Proposal is to add the ability to store injured bodies in the trunk of the kamacho. How would it benefit the server? First off, it makes roleplay much more realistic, an armored looking offroad SUV seems more fit to purpose to be transporting the injured than a contender, the size of the vehicle and dominance it shows in many scenarios, it would make sense to be able to store a injured person in the rear of it. Now some people may be worrying, thinking, how is it realistic to store a injured person in a truck bed? Well, the same question could be asked for other vehicles, and I will use the contender as a example again here. Also, the car has 4 doors meaning realistically a injured person could be laid down across the rear seats while being transported RPly. Let me know what you guys think, if you AGREE please LIKE & +1 this, thank you!
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    Player(s) being reported: 128 & 280 Date of interaction reported: 6/13/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1592055989 Your characters name: Andrey Norrwood Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Vehicles cannot be used as a weapon in an active shootout unless it's unavoidable when fleeing an active shootout. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? Started shooting for no reason after being chased for few minutes. They claiming i rammed. It was clear desync and he instantly opened fire on me. That's not a good reason to shoot. I didn't took advantage of it as seen in first seconds i just drove away. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/2enisp
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    First off I wanna say that I have been seriously enjoying this Eclipse RP server and interacting with those I have had the pleasure of meeting in game. I do have a YouTube channel and will be posting my experiences throughout my life in Eclipse RP for those who would be interested in watching and/or feedback on how I could improve my content. I am learning the the mechanics and commands of the server (previously a pure console gamer), so I am doing my best to stay into RP mode and will get better. Other than that, I hope to meet more of you as I continue to play...
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    Intro: Currently one of the most blatantly out-dated aspects in the game is the current phone. This has very limited functionality, along with inconsistency across apps and a poor display model. Along with the bug fixes that are required from the phone, I believe it is due a full overhaul. The following post aims to cover some of the aspects that should either be changed, or implemented. This is a mere proof of concept and should be used to guide the well required phone overhaul when begins being implemented. New Model: To keep it simple, the current phone model is vastly outdated and looks out of place in comparrision to other visual aspects in the server. Instead the model should be updated to something similar as the one below, which is a much more modern and appealing shape. New Apps: Along with the phone model update, the apps shown on the root of the phone, will be updated and a couple new simple apps added to increase the quality of life and bring some freshness to the phone. The two new apps being, Groups & Blocked. Search Function: Something that has been missing on the phone for a long time, is the functionality to search both your contact list and message list per user and per number. This is a large quality of life chance introducing a simple search bar, providing easy and simple access to any contact / message within seconds. The images above show the following; 1. In image one the default layout for the contact list, this will be automatically sorted from A-Z, and a clickable search button present at all times used to type in to find contact names/numbers. 2. The Second image shows and example of using the search function for a contacts name. This will only show matching contacts to that entered in the bar, e.g. B shows all contacts starting with a B. 3. The third image shows a search for all of the contacts per number, as all contacts match the number searched they all show. Message Log: Another missing feature in the phone is the way messages interact. In any modern phone conversations are saved per user and then both the Sent and Received messages are logged in the chat. In this overhaul the "Message" app will show each Conversation under the name of your contact, which can then be opened to see both To and From messages. 1. The first image shows what the message app would look like when it's sorted by contact, these messages can either be opened by clicking the reply button, or deleted by clicking the bin, along with the previous search function shown in the contacts app. 2. In the second image their is a search applied for a contact under the name of "Li" this displays the conversation saved under this contact, allowing quick and simple access to a specific conversation. 3. The third image shows what a conversation log looks like when opened with the reply button, you can see the messages sent from the user and received from the contact. If possible date & timestamps would also be added to the messages. At the bottom there will be a reply box, that will scroll along as the message is typed and will be sent using enter. Group Chats: Another very needed function is the ability to utilise group messaging between multiple contacts. To add this, a new app under "Groups" can be added. In this app you will be able to create & name a group chat, and from inside it you will be able to both add & remove members from the chat. This will assist in making the current phone feeling modern, along with creating many chances for unique RP, such as selling groups, street racing groups, criminal & legal chats etc. 1. The first image shows the group chat setup, this will show all group chats you have been added to and the most recent message sent in these chats underneath the name of the chat. 2. The second image shows the opened group chat, inside here the chat will scroll similar to how current messages work and show each reply under the group chat creators contacts. To reply to the chat you will type at the bottom and press enter similar to how the revamped message log is. 3. Inside the group chat at the top right there is two interactable objects, the first being the "+", this is only visible to the creator of the group chat. Selecting the plus will open the UI in the third image, where the group chat owner can search their contacts and add members to the chat. 4. When selecting the "Triple Dots" this will open the UI in the fourth image, in here it displays current members of the group chat. These members can be renamed by clicking the same "Three Dots" at their name, or removed from the group by clicking the "Cross". Blocked List: Another missing but really required feature on the current phone is the ability to block specific phone numbers. To implement this an new app "blocked" can be added. This app has a simple UI and can be seen in the image below. This displays a list of already "blocked" numbers, along with a comment on why they were blocked. New numbers can be added to the blocked list, by filling out the two empty fields "Number" and "Reason" then pressing either enter or adding a button to submit the number. Bank App: The current "Bank" app on the phone is very basic, and has not been changed to match the updated bank UI we currently have. The following adjustments can be added to improve simple aspects, such as wire transfer from anywhere along with viewing current net worth, tax bracket, current welfare per hour and debt. All of the above is a mere proof of concept to provide an in-depth phone rework and can be tailored, or updated as feedback is received.
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    Player(s) being reported: 262 Date of interaction reported: 6/13/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1592053183 Your characters name: Andrey Norrwood Other player(s) involved: 201 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Vehicles cannot be used as a weapon in an active shootout unless it's unavoidable when fleeing an active shootout. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. 12. New Life Rule (NLR) The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character spawns at a hospital. Players cannot force their own death. The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it, and the information collected in that time frame. Example: A player is killed in a robbery. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death is not usable by the player in their new life. All parties involved must avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. Official faction members may return to their HQ and resume faction duties but must abide by the NLR rules in all other ways How did the player break the rule(s)? I was injured before from another person. was laying on the ground waiting for medics, this guy came started to gave demands, killed my friend and finished me. There was zero reasons to finish me. also guy NLR'ed Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/meufcs https://imgur.com/a/nx5iti3
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    I find it unrealistic that I can't know where I drop items on the ground. I think it should be changed up to a consistent location such as it was before, or change it to consistently drop a little in front of you.
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    Hello I am ID 184 Thanks for making the report I will explain my POV. Our group has been going on and off on each other for the past weeks. This all started when Zetas, Triads and Aztecas were grouping up at Bayview to hit a compromised drop that was made by you guys. We knew another gang that you guys work with were there aswell. We know this ICly as this group which is not part of their crew helps them out. This group then decides to provoke us by going into the middle of our circle and start shittalking/provoking actions. 5 Minutes later we go towards the Aztecas headquaters to group up when I notice Charlie_Mchoe laying on the ground. In the incorrect lane of travel. I know he is in an opposing gang we have daily conflicts with and decided to take his .50 pistol as it was a quick loot. during me looting him I was surrounded by 20+ allies. I will also point out that him saying outside clothing shop and construction sight. It was 12PM IC time at night. It was not daylight I know in my country clothing shops are not open 24/7 and construction sights only get worked on at night if they are roads. I will also add multiple reports for the admins reviewing this, https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/39186-id-77-non-roleplay-robbery/?tab=comments#comment-211484 https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/39197-id-130-and-id-271-robbery-at-mining-spot/ https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/38331-id-161-player-theft-prison-breakout-and-kidnapping/ It is staed by an Senior Administrator that the recent rule is the change random, unprovoked robberies, which would typically be instances where a player is holding someone to gunpoint with demands. This situation was a quickly done as well. in another report its stated by an Administrator that Looting downed bodies is not implemented into the rules. I however do appreciate you and your gang members reaching out to me for a solution and like you told me you got VDMed I then again told you that if you were VDM'ed and could provide me the footage I would give you your stuff back So my offer still stands if you got VDMed I am willing to give you your stuff back but in the end I do not think this was a NONRP robbery in the reasons I stated above where looting downed bodies is not implemented, it was night time where I was surrounded by allies and we have had alot of IC conflicts, Evidence of us having alot of IC conflicts for the past couple weeks and them provoking us at bayview: Charlie getting chased by us https://imgur.com/a/YEgR7eM His friends POOR RP/provoking us https://streamable.com/5r7vw3 Wanna thank the admin in advance who is taking this report
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    Just a bit confused why a "street gang" that has a hood and such consist of 80% Hakuchou drag superbikes. Good luck eitherway.
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    started off so strong, guys! your presence in the city is not a quiet one. good luck and well done
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    No worries, in the future, just be cognizant of the fact that the new robbery rules do not make gas stations NCZs. It was also apparent in the reply videos, your crew thought that going to a gas station mid-encounter might provide robbery protection, which is not always true. In some situations the risk/reward and IC reason can trump the location in a robbery situation. We do not have evidence to say that was the case here, however it is possible to have such a strong IC reason, as well as extensive prior RP interaction and escalation, to warrant a robbery and gang battle at a gas station, or anywhere really. The only full-proof safe zones are NCZ's. This is not permission to rob at gas stations, but simply a statement saying robberies take into account location, risk/reward, and IC reason, and all 3 must be factored in. This report is closed and archived at the request of the reporter. Moderator Jasmine
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    It was an average sunny day in Los Santos when Sonny called his two friends to meet him at the old factory next to the Scrapyard. Freddie and Holden both agreed and arrived in no time - each of them driving an American Muscle car. When looking at each other’s cars they all got an idea. Almost at once they began to discuss how the club was going to work, together they founded “American Muscle Club”. They talked at the factory and found that they all had equal love for muscle cars. The thought of this put a smile on Holden and Freddie’s faces as they both nodded in agreement. With their previous experience as a club, Sonny knew that they would succeed in making an American Muscle Car here in Los Santos. As the days passed by, Freddie eventually called Sonny to meet some of his previously found friends who he knew would contribute lots towards the Club. They set up a time and place and went to meet each other. To Sonny’s surprise they all showed up with muscle cars. After talking with the newly made club members, one of them stood out to him. Sonny could tell that Kieran was a natural leader and almost instantly promoted him to “Enforcer” this gave Kieran the role of recruiting new people which he instantly engaged with, recruiting 1 new member on the same day as he was promoted. They talked about where to do races, and Freddie came with an idea to do just Drag Races. So we started to look for places where we can do that for now just for fun. And the locations were found after searching for a while. The airport in Los Santos and Airport in Sandy Shores were perfect for some drag muscle racing. After having some fun, they headed to the bank to get some hard working salary. In all the deals they made, one was agreed, that we will try to stay out of trouble, and work as ordinary people and race as professional drivers. President The responsibility of the Club President is to overview the management and administrative operation of the club and to provide leadership and support to all its members. Vice President The Vice President is the second man in the leadership. He will take all the action of President if he is not available Sgt. of Muscle He is the third guy in the club and very loyal to the President, with big trust. He is in charge of the security of club meetings and will always stand by the President left side. Secretary The Secretary will be in charge of leading finances and management of the club, advice the President in future purchases. Enforcer Enforcer is in charge of the new recruits and teaching them how the club works. His main task will be looking for new possible Muscles. Real Muscle Is a official member of the club, who will participate in races and will be in front line to race. Before they can get to the President and higher command. They will accept challenges. Recruit Is an unofficial member of the club, who will need to show his loyalty and engine power of his car. Try and make a name of ourselves around Los Santos Try to make friendly connections with all major factions illegal and legal ( as we are not a gang) Try to gain at least 10 Real Muscles Try to hit the treasury up to 1.000.000$ Try to connect with other racing club and make deal that will bring benefit for all of us Try to get in the new Car Magazine Try to make a car show for Muscle cars Try to gain 20 Real Muscles Try to get a sponsorship for a future events Try to get a property or a clubhouse for future plannings Try to get official status around Los Santos, as wide known car club *minimum of 5000 experience points * Must show good roleplay abilities *Must act mature and respect everybody on the server (no OOC insults) *Must show no admin punishment in the last 15 days
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    NEW FISHING SYSTEM(like the mining one) Hi im Franci and its been only 1 week since i play here.. its amazing all jobs are great except fishing.. it is so white like no colors no fun nothing.. so i came up with an idea which on the future i hope become a reality: Detailed dynamic fishing system. This is just an idea but a damn good one from the feedback that i saw once i asked others in game. (idk how possible it is or if im saying bs that cant be done because i have no knowledge about scripting) What i will talk about here: 1.New fishing system (and probably make it a real job). 2.Fish types + 2 surprises.. read below to find out!! 3.Fish sizes 4.Fish prices(which i wont decide but moderators or whoever owns server+scripters) 5.How to fish (deep waters vs near the shore fishing) 1.Making it a real job: Instead of being always the same price 198$/1fish lets make it different like the miner job. about 8 types of fishes, the possibility to catch each one is random, so is the sizes. 2.Fish types: Eigh types of fishes. -> Cod / Mackerel / Sea bass / Swordfish / Turtle / Octopus / Dolphin / Shark... AND the surprize... a sunken treasure which is like super rare to be caught.... oh ANDDD a whale.. which once you catch it, it will break your fishing rod. 3. Sizes: all random .. like rn 1 fish takes up 2inv space.. So we can make that some fish are small and take 1.. and others are large and take 2 or 3. some even take 4 if they are rare and huge. The surprise Whale which should be super super rare should take 10 inv slots.. if no slots are avaible than the player is forced to release the whale and also lose the rod. 4. Prices: rn 1fish=198$.. always the same price.. boring!! So now depending on the size of the fish and the type of it the prices vary, like the cheapest a turtle for e.g and the most expensive the dolphin. and the whale ofc should not be the most expensive but somewhat pricey because it take 10 slots. [ofc the prices will be so its equivalent to mining or somewhat more or less rewarding depending on your catches.] 5. How to fish: There should be 2 ways of fishing.. With a fishing Rod near the shore: which is like we are already fishing nowdays... and 2nd: with a BOAT.. Yes boat should be bought with money or ingame cash i dont really care. Just make it that when you fish far away from shore with a boat you get a 20percent chance that fishes that you catch are of a higher quality.. like you get a 20percent higher chance of catching a dolphin or a shark or idk... but not for whales and treasures they should stay the same. (or make it that those 2 can only be caught from boatfishing). Thank you. Edit: the Boat fishing idea can be like this : You get a permit for fishing You get a boat which is the slowest in game but you can find them unlocked like the farmer job maybe, and that boat will have only 50 inv space. E.g. You get the boat, fish and your inv is full. Then you go and sell them at a dropoff Water location.. so you can sail your boat at dropoff not go sell fishes at the bank like it is.. Player can buy more expensive boats if they can afford.. Medium boats : 200 inv space Big boats have 500 perhaps.. like it is at the mining job. People can also fish randomly around map but when you fish near the shore the fishes should be kinda more average types , and never have the chance to catch whales, dolphins or sharks. Edit #2: Payment. It should be a salary and not a cash on hand type of payment when you sell your fishes. This to not create a chaos like the Nonrp bs that happens to the miners where they get robbed 100 times eveyr hour and there is NEVER an LSPD patrol at the factory or at the mine which should be logical if we r RPing it. If people want to rob you then they better have a faster boat than the one you are driving .. Nowdays its super easy to rob people just wait them at the dropoff and thats about it.. nothing gonna happen no cops no nothing.. so to avoid this BS make it straight to salary system $, so the robbers feel motivated to buy faster jetskis or fast boats if they really wanna put time into robbing others and RPing it.
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    Character name(s): Bobby_forsyth Admin who issued punishment: AlexAlex Date of punishment: 9/6/2020 Punishment received: Ban for Aim Assist Reason given for punishment: After reviewing the suspicious part of the recording (the aiming and the subsequent locks), it was agreed that Bobby is using some kind of third-party aim assist. Your explanation of what happened: I have no idea honestly. I got out of my vehicle, I drew my gun and started to aim at the guy. I subsequently missed him 3-4 times. I care very little about being a "shooter". I use a wireless mouse and keyboard and I don't even have my sensitivity set high like I would have back in my counterstrike days. I'm not even sure looking at the video why there is any suspicion of cheating. I run a completely stock install, no graphics mods or anything. I have quite a bit of footage of me in gun battles lately. I can provide whatever is needed. I did provide the admin in question with the below clip which was literally, and can be verified by the timestamp, immediately after the fight in question. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'm have a long history here and a good reputation. I've never been considered a person who cares about gun battles or fighting. I participate, sure but it isn't my focus. I've never cheated, not here or in any game I've ever played. I'm not a cheater. Honestly I'm devastated to have this thrown upon me. People will now always look upon me with suspicion here. One comment from one user who was unrelated to my report and suddenly my reputation on ECRP which I've worked diligently to create is tarnished. As an older person with a job, wife, family this means more to me than you can imagine. I've been an active member of the community. I have a lot of friends here. I joined Zetas to continue to RP with some people I genuinely like and appreciate. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that if anyone in Zetas were to choose players for a 5v5 shootout I would be 4th alternate to the 3rd alternate and RPly be cleaning and reloading guns instead of shooting them. I have no aspirations to be known as some hotshot gunslinger on ECRP. Frankly, I ride around in my contender mostly because I feel like I'm more valuable as a roadblock and/or carting people to the hospital than I am at shooting people. I guess my point is I'm one of the last people on the server who would have a reason to aim cheat. I wouldn't do it. I don't do it. I don't care enough about shooting people to risk being banned over this, yet here I am. Thanks for taking time to evaluate my appeal. If you'd like any further information please reach out to me. I'm happy to talk to anyone about this. Post any evidence or further details: https://streamable.com/a7qj6f https://streamable.com/h6jx5k See below footage of the portion which got me banned, slowed down. You can clearly see me miss behind the target before i actually hit him. https://gyazo.com/093e5c1a9a80faa90c1e3b696b37ce0a Here is my gaming setup, not exactly screaming "I MUST WIN THE GUNFIGHT!!!" https://imgur.com/a/Oraz1MM
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    How is this report still pending investigation? Honestly this is ridiculous. Everytime a Moderator or Admin breaks a rule the reports are always shoved under the rug. TWO MONTHS AND NO CONCLUSION OR PUNISHMENT SERIOUSLY??!?!
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    Best of luck boys! Hoping for a slight improvement on RP from your boys but for the most part y’all are poppin’ off! Can’t wait for our future encounters
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    Let's get Murdablock known Wishing to roll with y'all for a long time
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    Wishing you luck homies
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    New beginnings The last few months had been a rough time for Thomas. With the work at DCC piling up during a big expansion and a new CEO not yet appointed, the stress levels were high, and it slightly affected him while around the club. While out of town, the other officers and members of the club had met and voted to strip Thomas of his rank as the club's treasurer, due to recent disagreements in how to do things and other stuff around the club without asking what was going on. Feeling a little betrayed in his trust that his family would talk to him instead of just cut him out, the wound felt deep. Having sacrificed a lot for the club, he was suddenly put down as an Enforcer, despite all his efforts in getting the club recognised. During a talk with the officers about the decision, Thomas understood their choice to do the best for the club, but was still saddened by the way it was done. Agreeing to stay around as an Enforcer for now, Thomas took it as a chance to prove himself again to the club, to show them they had made a mistake. After a fun night with the club, Thomas and several other members of the club woke up at Zonah with no memory of what had happened or why they were there. They split apart, going home to sleep the unkown off. Waking up the next day, without a cut or his bike, Thomas went to the store and got himself a new jacket to ride and die for. Hopefully he would be able to redeem himself beyond their thoughts.
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    In 1999, Yakuza General Isao Sakamoto, sent his three nephews to form and maintain the Dojin-Kai in Los Santos. Their names are James, Jake and Brian Sakamoto. James Sakamoto appointed the (会長 Oyabun) of the Dojin-Kai. Their task was to build the Dojin-Kai clan name and build their presence in the city with known gangs and organisations that were already established. They would have to approach this plan with an impeccable strategy and put in many hours of hard work to build a foundation. The Sakamoto brothers started looking for new members for the Dojin-Kai, looking for strong-abled people. The brothers agreed that to survive in a city with so many established and powerful gangs, they would have to work under the radar and keep to themselves. With this in mind, they established ‘The Mining Union’ which acted as their legal front within Los Santos. The plan was to make enough money with this legal front to be able to establish a central location that they could use as a home without attracting the attention of any powerful entities. Many gangs in the past would fall within days by making a lot of noise and causing trouble in the city. Their presence would come with time and patience. All apprentices that were accepted into the Dojin-Kai trial program knew the real intention of the Mining Union. Within days, they gathered a small force of new recruits, hosting the first Dojin-Kai member meeting. In this meeting, the Mining Union was discussed as well as the plan to funnel all funds into one person so that they could reach their goal of purchasing a future home for the Dojin-Kai Yakuza. The Dojin-Kai are notorious for following a strict code of conduct and see themselves as a more sophisticated criminal syndicate, they are slow to quarrel, but when they fight, they fight to win. The Jingi (Code of Honour) is laid forth by the Oyabun and instilled into all members of the Dojin-Kai, any member seen to go against the Jingi opens themselves up to reprimands. The most common punishments being the ritual Yubitsume, (Finger Shortening) or death depending on the severity. Over the last few months The Dojin-kai has gone from strength to strength, with building our first dojo in Paleto and a base of operations, growing our numbers and creating a steady flow of trails. The Dojin-Kai are easy to be seen, wearing all black, with a black mask and cars being all black too. With recent times of coming to the city, a lot of other organizations have approached us with open arms and are really enjoying the Dojo, the Japanese style and respect we bring, we are keeping our mining operation up and running, making sure the mines are a safe place for people to work from, without being robbed when we are there. Currently, the Dojin - Kai are working on bringing the Dojo out to the public with obtaining a business licence for the property, so we can open the doors to the public to becoming a member of the Dojo and practise the dojo fighting style. Looking onto the horizon and thinking about what our main goals are coming into the city, we want to make sure we push our presence over the city and our goal to open a Dojo within the city, was one of our main focus, also setting up a steady connection for illegal firearms to bring into the city and to send back to japan. Oyabun(Faction Leader)(Ceremonial) The Oyabun is the father of the Dojin-Kai and is the de facto leader of the clan. Kumicho(Head Boss)(Ceremonial) The Kumicho is the head boss of the Dojin-Kai and is also Master of Ceremonies. Wakagashira(High Command)(Ceremonial) The Wakagashira deals with the outside affairs of the Dojin-Kai including war plans, logistics, and diplomacy. Shategashira(High command)(Ceremonial) The Shategashira deals with all internal affairs within the Dojin-Kai including business, operations, and ceremonies. Saiko-Komon(Higher up)(Head Recruiter)(Ceremonial) The second officer rank of the Dojin-Kai. One of the most trusted ranks within the Dojin-Kai that is knowledgeable of most ongoings within the organizations. The Saiko-Komon is held as an advisor to the High Command and can put Minarai on trial without permission. For a Minarai to become a Kobun, they must at least get the approval of the Saiko-Komon. They oversee all official recruitment so the Saiko-Komon must approve a potential trial first before they become a Minarai. Honbucho(Higher up)(Overseer) The first officer rank of the Dojin-Kai. Highly respected member that oversees the day to day activities of all ranks beneath them.The Honbucho acts as a link man between the lower echelon and upper echelon of the Dojin-Kai. As well as overseeing, can perform any duty of ranks below them as well including scouting, mentoring, or team leading Komon(Scout) Very trusted member of the Dojin-Kai. On top of regular duties within the Dojin-Kai, a Komon will act as a spotter for potential trials to add to the organization. They will scout them, talk to them, and get to know them before bringing this information to a Honbucho or anyone above in rank. Kyodai(Brother)(Minarai Mentor) A trusted mentor that will get assigned a Minarai to watch. They will watch the progress made by a Minarai to make sure they are Dojin-Kai material. Will also act as a team leader in day to day activities. Wakashu(Boy) A proven foot soldier of the Dojin-Kai and a team leader over the Kobun in day to day activities. Kobun(Child) An official member of the Dojin-Kai. Can wear the official Dojin-Kai mask and will use rank structure to push any concerns upwards. Minarai(Apprentice) Fresh recruit that is assigned to a Kyodai for day to day duties. Will need approval from assigned Kyodai and a member of High Command or the Saiko-Komon to be passed onto being a full-blooded member. - Start up a legitimate business income - Mining union - Recruit and build strong members to the organisation - Purchase and build Dojo/base of operations Increase and maintain a steady flow of recruits - Start good relationships with other gangs and organisations - Obtain a business license for the Dojo - Host events at the Dojo for the public to attend - Obtain an illegal gun connection - Extensively train all members to high levels of Martial Arts
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    BrainDed's Useful Scripts Note drawing script - Link It allows you to take a black a white picture, and it will transform draw it onto the Note for you Mod Launcher It allows you to use client-side mods on the latest RAGE MP 1.1 Launcher Link to download Move the any mods that you want to use inside the Mods folder Start ModLauncher.exe or ModLauncher.ahk Select RAGE Folder if this is your first time using it Check the mods you want to use and select the server, then click on start game It will automatically start RAGE MP, select the server you picked in the previous list, then wait for the game to load Enjoy the mods
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    Time has finally come to reveal what stands behind the persona of Raul Guerra. What is his history in the city of Los Santos, his connections to Novo Los Aztecas and how it all came along. Raul Guerra was born in Los Santos and for the first 10 years lived in the downtown area, near El Burro Heights. His mother and father were immigrants from Puerto Rico. Considering that a lot of people imigrated from various south american countries and other places with latin population, the North Americans did not embrace it with open arms, opposite in matter of fact as a lot of hate and race crime started to happen. Durring those years the community protection groups emarged, consisting of young and strong men who swore to protect their communities from any physical harm. Rauls father also became one of such activists. With the continious Mexican and other Hispanic/Latino people immigration hitting roof highs, these community protector groups became bigger and bigger and it was not long till they started to realise the power they had. Each of these communities started to divide their territories where they operated and took any other block member in their block as a hostile action. From patriotic community groups most of them became orginised criminal organisations. Truth to be told you cannot blame all on the hate and race crime around them, it was also the daily struggle to survive and the criminal world was an easy way out of that struggle and chance to earn better money for their familias. Rauls father quickly became a trusted member of his group that they named - Varrio Los Aztecas. The group had their own territory that they protected, their own business niche and inside policies. Raul never saw how it actually grew to be what it was when he was born, but he still managed to see the struggle that came at the end of the era of most of these groups. The Varrio Los Aztecas were one of the dominating latino forces in the Los Santos city and a lot of things had happened in the time of existing for almost 20 years. As everything in life goes full circle, the full circle came for the Varrio Los Aztecas as well. Finally the FIB and PD had caught up with all the illegal activities and parts taken in the criminal world, had enough evidence to shut the group down. Everything started to crumble and during this downfall Rauls father refused to give it away without a fight and fight was what he got. One of the PD raids on a Varrio Los Aztecas warehouse ,where they stored weapons, ended in a shootout where Rauls father was fatally shot. That was the last drop for Rauls mother and she packed her and Rauls bags and left the house. They moved to Rauls cousins who chose a different path and lived in a small apartment in the city. He spent next 10 years of his life sharing a small room with two of his cousins. When Raul turned 20 he decided to go to Puerto Rico and experience his culture at its fullest. He wanted to see where his mother and father were born and grew up. Where did they fell in love, how did they live and after all - why did they fled that place. Raul had family still living in Puerto Rico and they were more than happy to take him in. Next 5 years he spent in Puerto Rico, but not much is know about that time in Raul's life. Upon arriving back in Los Santos Raul realised that the city has changed a lot and not to the best side. The gangs were running the town and similar to what happened when Varrio Los Aztecas were made, the immigration was skyrocketing in Los Santos making the city overpopulated and not being able to supply everyone with jobs, housing and comfort. Exactly the same people turned to whatever means they needed to survive and the survival with time became a lifestyle. The crime levels in the city were so high that PD just simply did not have enough manpower and resources to control it. Soon after being back in the city he met up with his long-term childhood friends - Salvadore and Hector. They were close friends since their fathers were part of the VLA group. After Raul moved they still kept contact through out the years and their connection through the Latino community and their friendship was strong. The next week Salvadore called Raul and Hector to discuss something. Salvadore was known to be quite temperamental and some who could easy lose control and what was happening in the city was irritating him. He talked to both of them and was very firm on the idea that we need to take back our Barrio where we grew up. He had this idea in his mind to rebuild what their fathers once had and protect the community. Raul listened to all of what Salvadore had to say but was not convinced, so he said no at that moment. In a need to make money and pay for the living, Raul applied as a driver in DCC. During the interview process Raul struggled with the traffic laws due to living for the last 5 years in Puerto Rico where traffic is not that strict as here. Nonetheless the DCC management saw Raul as a hard worker and decided to give him a chance. He became the trainee on probation until proven his ability to became a full trainee. He mainly worked late nights and early mornings, when most of the drivers have finished their shifts. He wanted to show that he is willing to sacrifice his sleep to offer the service to the customers of Los Santos. It was a very lonely time as not many people were around and most of the time he was just sitting in his taxi waiting for a call to come in. A month or so passed and for the very first time he experienced the crime on his skin. When he was hired he was warned about the crime against the taxi drivers and was informed that company's policy allows to carry a fire arm for self defense, but Raul ignored it. In the upcoming weeks the attacks and robberies became more and more often and that made Raul think. He either could keep being a victim or he could fight the crime, but fighting crime was not effective as a taxi driver, which lead to two choices - join law enforcement or Salvadore. Two or three months passed since the conversation about Salvadore's plan and while Raul was looking for alternative lifestyle opportunities, Salvadore and Hector proceeded with starting up the plan. They have had already acquired a property in the old Barrio in El Burro Heights and moved there. They were getting some support from the local Latino people that still were living in the area and also like minded people had joined the cause. Raul had another sit-down and talk with Salvadore and Hector and they all agreed on Rauls position in the group and how to approached the plan of reviving what once were Varrio Los Aztecas. As the group of the next generation Varrio Los Aztecas it was only logical that the new name was chosen for this new group - Novo Los Aztecas. Raul became a consejero for the NLA, someone who was the one dealing with diplomacy when needed as Raul had good communication skills and could keep himself in line even when he shouldn't. He was loyal and believed in mutual respect, even between enemies. For that reason Raul had earned a nickname - El Carebro, which in translation to English means The Brain. The next months went very smooth for Novo Los Aztecas with new members joining and the group growing slowly, community accepting them and overall living a peaceful life. As everything was going very well with the familia, Raul saw an opportunity to build some relationships outside the state. He decided to travel to Mexico and speak with some local gun dealers to see could they involve themselves into gun business, considering NLA had no drug policy. In full confidence that Salvador and Hector will take care of things, Raul left to Mexico. Faith had put NLA on a path of doom as the big players of the city started to pay attention to the group and decided that it is time for them to chip in the respect that they deserve from NLA. As the consejero was away, Hector and Salvadore took the charge in having the discussions about possible deals and what exactly was asked from them. Raul was kept informed about the situation but him not being there and Salvadore's pride with his temper made everything go bad. Novo Los Aztecas familia was painted as targets for disrespect. Raul was in a position where he could not leave Mexico so he tried to deal with the situations via Hector and Hector was acting as the spokesperson and desperately trying to defuse the situation that arose between the groups of Triads, Zetas and NLA. That did not help and Hector feeling like he let down the familia or even made it worse, decided to sacrifice his own life to buy some time for the familia hoping that Raul would return on time to deal with it. After finding out about Hectors death Raul returned to the city. The hunting by all three sides have been ongoing for some time now, but Raul was not keen on fighting and war as it serves no benefit. His main goal was to make sure that the familia goes back to how it was, so that Hectors sacrifice would not be in vain. A meeting was set and for the first time Raul met with the leaders of the Triads and Los Zetas and the talks went as they were suppose to go in the first place. Understandably the requirements were higher than the initial offer, but it was what it was. Raul has returned as the consejero of the Novo Los Aztecas and will make sure his familia is never again put in such spot.
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    I am absolutely sick of these new players coming in googling the quiz and not knowing jack shit about the rules these people come in here and ruin the RP experience for everyone and I am sick of it, not saying all these new players are bad but the quiz needs to be revamped especially in times like this.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 141 Date of interaction reported: 6/15/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1592236926 Your characters name: Jay_Blotcht Other player(s) involved: Jake_Wilby Specific rule(s) broken: Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. How did the player break the rule(s)? Backstory: We have had constant random attacks from this group with zero RP interactions made between the two groups, The only Interactions have been random hits at two of our locations within the city. These interactions include: Driving into our car park and Excessively trash talking members of our group, so that we react giving DM rights to all their friends who are around the area waiting, these have been near on everyday at both locations. This Situation: I got a call from an ally that this group is circling our Koi building, receiving a radio call that they have began following one of my allies, we were instructed to bring them away from Koi (As the location is a busy public place) I went down there and got their attention and proceeded to lead them into an isolated location, seeing that they broke off from the chase i began circling back and that is when the vehicles came to a stand still, i tried getting their attention again to which ID 141 responded with hosing my vehicle down with a heavy without saying anything. My organisation has had countless random dealings with this group and we have had multiple rule breaks happen to us, We have held off in reporting these situations as we believe that dealing with them off here is the best way for all parties involved and lightens the work-load of the staff team. This group has given us nothing in terms of Roleplay other than unrealistic attacks with zero Role-play interaction and bringing an unrealistic 'Clap' gang mentality to a server that doesn't want it. I would like to thank (in advance) the member of staff that gives up their time to take this report. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/d4mldj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9teb5fVpzVY
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    Player(s) being reported: 188 Date of interaction reported: 6/12/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1591973165 Your characters name: Charlie Baker Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Vehicles cannot be used as a weapon in an active shootout unless it's unavoidable when fleeing an active shootout. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? So it all started from braddock, I started chasing ID 188 for couple of minutes,after that he decided to get off his bike and start shooting me without any proper rp reason or any demands,I tried to explain him through pms that he dm'ed me,he doesn't care and replied ''you were chasing me and calling in radio". Evidence of rule breach: Video here
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    Best of luck, looking nice
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    Best of luck @ronyd2k
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    Proving my Worth For the first few days of finally becoming a Whyos prospect I knew I needed to obtain some materialistic items to prove my work ethic to the higher ups. I decided to start with the mines as I found this to be the best way to make money in my circumstance. It was a rough and very tiring job, especially for the hours I was putting in. But it all finally paid off when I finally decided to purchase my first expensive car. This car cost me around half a million dollars but was worth every single cent. The car came with every customisation I could possibly dream of. The sound of the engine was deafening and sounded like the roar of a lion. The care would exceed 200 KPH and cops wouldn't dare to chase this beast of a car. Through the crew I gained a lot of attraction even from the higher ups. This is what I was seeking. The following day I heard some commotion on the radio about 3 guys causing a problem with some of the other crew members and claiming that they would kill us for sport. After hearing this, I decided it was finally time to prove myself to the fullest to the crew. I raced across the streets all the way up to Paleto which is where this was all going down. We chased them to the drug lab up north of Paleto where they finally decided to take positions and try to strike us. I instantly hopped out of my car locking onto one individual. The bullets screamed through the air as we both starting firing back and forth. The shootout lasted less then 20 seconds before all our targets had been eliminated with 0 casualties from our gang, this was a flawless victory for us. We snatched the guns from there dead corpses and fled the scene before anybody could profile us, we drove straight into the sunset with victory flowing through the fresh air. This is the dream life I was looking for and will still continue to prove my worth to any extent possible.
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    The Midnight Club. A band of racers in Los Santos who race every patch of asphalt they can somehow turn into a track. That was what the Club was meant to be... However, the Midnight Club was led stray for a period of time. Following the Club's week of major successes, the Club focused on doing everything besides what made the Club big the first place, racing. Because of this, a number of people decided to leave the Club and the Club's future was uncertain. The Club was on the brink of disbanding. Morale was very low and Akio was thinking about shutting the Club down. Not long after he sent the word that the Club was going to be shut down, the still loyal members decided to urge him to not do so. Seeing the spike of support from the core members he had left, Akio decided to completely rework the entire club, to bring it back to its roots. When the Club was first formed, the members consisted of 3 speed demons not giving a single damn what anyone said. No matter what anyone's opinions were, they kept doing what they were doing. Asakura, Holt, Akimoto. 3 members who started it all and made the Club grow more than 20 members strong. Akio didn't care if he lost members, the Club thrived when it was small and he didn't see a problem with the Club going back to that state if it had to. Discussing with the members who still stuck around, they reworked the entire ranking system of the Club. Renaming Akio and Ben's positions as President and Vice-President respectively. Raising the remaining members to positions of Club management, and finally designing a new system known as the "Driver Ranking" system, where members would gain or lose points depending on their position in an official race. Akio looked at himself in the mirror. He wanted this to be a new chapter of his life and of the Club. He proceeded to change his appearance as a sign of willingness to change for the better. After driving his new Issi Sport for some time, he went to the Los Santos public garage. Taking off a gray sheet covering a car, it revealed his old Silver Elegy, full with scrapes, bumps, and drift stitches. As he walked inside the car, turning on the engine in what feels like years, he felt the roar of the classic JDM straight-six engine. Although Akio was a more traditional person, he never wanted to fix the visuals of the Elegy, since he never considered it needing a fix. Each scratch, each bump, they all told their own story. It was something that Akio never "fixed" since he first got the car. However, he thought it was time to do so. As he opened the Benny's garage, he took out the spare parts that have been stored for quite some time. He began work on his classic Elegy. The Club has been through a lot. Over the past 2 months, we've grown to something that I've never expected to reach. Every group has their heights and their droughts. The Midnight Club was a group with a clear purpose and vision, during the journey the vision was blurred and the Club was led astray. Now the Club will come back stronger than ever, returning to its very core. Street racing. This was what the Club was meant to be. This is what the Club is meant to be. This is the Midnight Club.
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    It's time for a hike! As life goes on, sometimes the time comes where you have to be on your tip toes day after day. It might get exhausting and stressful, but at the end it‘s usually worth it. You can‘t say standing for your family is ever going to be not worth it regardless of the way it goes. As the recent events with WCA calmed down and people got some rest after patrolling Grove street 24/7, it was time to look around and take some time for themselves. Everything around town seemed to be calm and chill. As life came back to regular old pace Kelly thought why not to get to know the people we were fighting side by side even better. Kelly brought up the idea of going on a hiking trip to Alicia back in the day during the war and one day Alicia walked to her and asked “When are we doing it?” Kelly shrugged and said “It needs a bit of a planning” but Alicia‘s question pushed her to stop just thinking about it and finally just make it happen. After a quick talk with a few people from each group they agreed it was a good idea to do that. Everyone from the Triads, Aztecas and Los Zetas were invited to come over to meet up at Mount Gordo and spend some time with each other. As we met up we chilled a bit on the bottom of mountain as we decided it time to go on a hike towards the lake North of it. As everyone gathered together we finally headed out for the hike. Walking isn’t easy as it seems when we‘re talking about climbing up the steep mountain, so we took a few stops to enjoy sunset and get some rest. As we reached the destination lots of us enjoyed the fresh source of water to cool down after quite a bit of a walk, others chilled by the lake dancing, swimming and discussing various topics or just snacking or sipping on drinks. Day was going by as we could see the sun start hiding behind the hills so we decided it‘s time to get back where we started. After that we took a road back and ended up enjoying ourselves next to campfire just chatting and chilling in the bright moonlight. Everyone needs to stop sometimes and look around to see what they’ve got right next to them. Giving others reward and enjoyment is not hard, even if it‘s for the small things people do daily for each other. When you put effort into things, it’s always delightful to get something back for it, even if it‘s a small amount of quality time to spend together.
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    As with every other faction thread, this is not a place for you to express activity concerns, naming concerns or other such concerns. If you have an issue with the activity/name/conduct of a faction, especially an official faction, please reach out to faction management. This thread is a place for them to showcase RP and other media.
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    THE HEIST With the recent war dying off into the past, it was time for the Triads to look into new and larger methods of income. With this came the opportunity of a Bank Heist, Los Zetas having planned out their heist months prior were already prepared with a plan to assist in achieving this goal, along with this the Aztecas were also informed and a group plan was set in place. Throughout the days the three groups scouted 4 different bank locations, watching others fail their attempts at pulling off a successful heist, making note of where the law enforcement patrolled and what gathered the most civilian attention. After a few days of watching, a location was decided and it was now time to await the perfect opportunity. Over the frequency it was called the all of the LSPD and LSSD were overrun taking care of a large scene within Vespucci in the city. The call was made to head straight to the location, people already prepared to leave at any moment and everyone got in place. The majority of the group positioned up on roof and in their vehicles ready to defend the bank heist from any law enforcement that showed up, whilst a team of 5 headed inside to take care of the bank itself. Another call came in that a helicopter had been dispatched from the LSSD Headquarters and it was heading down to the scene in Vespucci, confirming the large constraint on their available resources, it was now time to get the plan in motion. The time inside began the hold up, placing both the tellers under gun point of heavy weaponry. Now that both the tellers were cowering under gun point, it was time to break into their booth and take care of them for the duration of the raid. Elijah walked to the side door, placing on his gloves and beginning to pick the lock of the door. Elijah successfully opening the door, he entered and knocked out both of the tellers along with the help of Gabriel. Whilst the tellers were being taken care of, Hoxton was taking care of getting into the safe. The tellers were uncooperative and left the only choice but to drill out way through the safes lock. On the outside the first responding unit appears, a lone LSPD Officer, who attempted to sneak his way along the wall in an attempt of sneaking a peak into the bank to see what exactly was going on. As the Officer approached closer to the bank doors warning shots were fired off near him, causing the officer to make a sprint back towards his cruiser to take cover. On the inside Hoxton had managed to successfully drill through the safe, only on the inside to find yet another gate to the bank vault where the cash was being stored. Elijah and Gabriel made their attempt to pin through this gate, in a hurry to get to the cash as the gunshots ring off outside. Time was ticking and it was becoming riskier by the second. Cracking through the gate four of the five members entered the vault whilst Kwang watched over the front entrance and kept the civilian and bank tellers at gun point, announcing we have hostages and not to enter. From here the four in the vault flung their bags down and began piling in the cash. The pre-packaged money was loading up at $10-15k per bundle and the bags were filling up fast. The bank vault was successfully cleaned out and the group of 5 made their exit out of the bank, whilst on the outside another backup unit arrived instantly being opened fire upon. Each of the 5 split up into separate vehicles to reduce the risk of losing all the cash, whilst the rest of the group provided covering fire from the roofs of the building across the road. Now that all five members had successfully escaped the bank, the rest of the covering group made a run to their vehicles whilst the responding units took cover behind their vehicles, hiding from the hail of bullets flying towards them. It was now time to make sure that everyone was out safe and no one was being tailed, the meeting location called before the heist was the target and all cars split off in different directions to reach their designated location. Pulling up to the location, the groups took the time to calm down as their adrenaline levels were still through the roof, everyone blown away by the success of losing absolutely nothing during that heist. From here it was time to fill the 4 bags, into two bags allowing for an easier count of the cash packets. After counting the bags, the group had managed to successfully grab 26 cash bundles from the bank vault, not including the cash that had fell onto the floor whilst sweeping the table. It was now time to open the cash bundles, the groups passed out their knives and spread the bundles across the groups. Upon cutting open some packaged some contain bills totaling of $10,000 and a couple reaching as high as $15,000. After taking the time to cut through the cash bundles, it turned out the group had managed to acquire a total of $270,000 and it was now time to decide what to do with it. After some discussion it was agreed upon that the cash would go in a three-way even split to each Aztecas, Triads and Zetas and from here it would be deposited into each groups treasuries. Bruce collecting all of the money to run a final count on it, handed the $90,000 to Hoxton as the Zetas cash handler, and then swapped his uniform heading to give the other $90,000 to Carlos and then depositing the other $90,000 into the Triads Treasury. Today was a very successful day for the three groups, from here on out it was onto bigger and better plans, whilst maximizing on the smaller heists when available. 抢劫
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    Currently Marijuana is a useless drug to consume because it lacks visual / physical effects. The main use of marijuana is to help create almost every other drug on the market. Right now you have to travel to drug labs in order to farm which takes a lot of time and effort into growing a large scale quantity for a good cook. Old Method Goto a lab, pick up a few plants, make some seeds, reproduce plants and repeat until you feel you have acquired enough product. You have a high chance of getting robbed from all the traffic of everyday criminals looking to do the same thing and a chance of getting rolled up on by Police. ( nothing wrong with either they make complete sense since you are doing illegal things ) (DON’T GET RID OF THIS METHOD) New Method Add flower pots to the furniture store and make growing lights generate light to grow the marijuana, use warehouses, properties and homes as eligible places to grow indoor marijuana. Add marijuana seeds to the importable laptop but also keep the random growing plants at labs so you have options on how you want to gather your seeds. when growing it indoors you’d have to make sure it has the right light, the plants are hydrated, and would need a weed fan. (importable by laptop like ventilator) Growing Lights would give the plants the correct lighting to begin the growing stage , they would have a chance of over heating or for the circuit to blow. if the lamp over heated it would give have a chance of catching fire which would alert the fire department. if the circuit blows you would have to manually turn the light back on and it would halt the growing process. ( Turning the lamp off allows it to cool down causing less risk of it over heating /togglelamp, or with the new UI an option to turn off ) Using a Weed Fan would control the smell, an automated message would appear if they choose not to use a weed fan saying something along the lines of “it would smell like marijuana nearby” when in the general area of around 100 ft giving cops the options to look and the closer they get the msgs would say “the smell has increased or decreased” if they get further away. While growing indoors a % sign indicating how far along your plants are would appear while looking at the plant as would a health bar, if you keep the health bar high you would gain a chance of getting between 1-3 marijuana plants per plant Processing Marijuana Create a table that is only for production of marijuana Criminals would be able to import them like normal drug tables Civilians with legal licenses can buy all items needed to own a legal dispensary from stores ( Ex: You Tool east highway ) This would promote more RP for criminals, police, medics and civilians. For Criminals it would give them a chance at owning marijuana grow ops to produce product easier but still have the chance of getting raided by police or robbed by players. For Police it would give them more of a chance of arresting people with orders from a laptop and would also give them the opportunity to raid marijuana grow ops promoting another RP situation they could realistically be in. For Civilians it could promote the ability to open legal marijuana dispensaries with the proper licenses from the Government. (create a cool visual effect for it so it has more uses than just producing drugs, heals from 80-100% health makes food and water go down faster while effects are happening) For Medics it would give them another RP scenario giving people medical marijuana licenses after completing the correct measures to ensure it is for a legitimate reason and would have the ability to revoke the license if abused (could add money to their treasury for each license sold) (This is just a suggestion)
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    I've been mulling this over for quite a while and finally decided to get off my butt and put something together. I believe that Legal RP could be very rewarding and I also happen to have a decent amount of knowledge with regard to the law and would be happy to kick this off with anyone else who could pitch in and bring it to fruitition. So, firstly, here is what I consider the goals for the first-cut: Create Legal RP and a DOJ. Implement it in such a way that it does not immediately fail due to the sheer number of players on the server. Emphasise Roleplay - court cases should be expected to potentially take longer than the jail time. those who are not interested in the RP may choose to go straight to prison. Ensure the system is balanced. Jury trials might be feasible in future, but it would obviously require sourcing individuals with a high-standard of RP. Acknowledge that the system will need to be tuned and aim to deliver a minimum viable system to ensure it is managable before throwing in more bells and whistles. Consider implementing only civil cases or only criminal cases to allow time to get a feel for the system. Provide sample papers that can be used, but nonetheless permit any legitimate pleadings. See the following for suggested pleading papers - bearing in mind that there are of course more samples I would create such as subpoenas, motion to dismiss, motion for continuance, motion for summary judgement, ex-parte motions for relief, etc: Example Bench Trial Demand Example Bench Trial Demand Response Department of Justice Handbook Department of Justice Internal Structure Manual State Bar Exam State Bar License Terms With that in mind, the first item to address is the criterion and mechanics of what I currently believe would be suitable for criminal trials: A Bench trial for a criminal case requires that the charges be sufficiently serious, entail a reasonable amount of jail time and not have arisen through any server rule violations and/or that the individual requesting the trial is known and trusted to deliver a high-standard of RP. The DOJ shall have final say on filing a request to the court to hold a bench trial and may choose to deny it for OOC misconduct if deemed relevant. A defendant may have only one bench trial active at a time and: They shall receive automatic bail subject to a withholding bond payable in cash or assets (if cars, they are impounded. If houses, a lien is placed, but they do not need to lose access) Any further crimes they commit whilst on bail may be admitted into evidence. You will go straight to jail for those crimes. A Government forum section would exist for the court docket. Pleading papers would be filed there and processed by a judge. Trial dates will be arranged OOCly for all parties to be able to attend. Lawyers must pass a bar examination. A Defendent may opt for pro-se representation (self-representation) All cases are public. For any evidence to be "sealed" it must be motioned for, approved by a judge and held in a protected forum area. A party may motion for it to be unsealed. Crimes for Perjury, Practicing Law without a license and Contempt of Court would be added. These charges may only be filed by or at the request of a judge. Multiple defendants involved in the same scenario wishing to be tried in court shall all be tried together for the same charges under the same case regardless of whether they only committed a subset of the entire count of charges. This could change in future if there are sufficient DOJ players to process cases. If you don't like it, opt out of the trial and go straight to jail. Real US case law may be presented for the purpose of setting precedent, as may prior in-game cases. The structure of a criminal case would be as follows: The DOJ files a bench trial demand on the forum (see example pleading paper above) A Judge reviews stamps and signs the paper, sending a government forum PM to the defendant with the court summons and including the demand document from the DOJ. The defendant or their lawyer may file a response acknowledging the summons and motioning for discovery within a reasonable deadline. A judge will review the response (if any) and grant, deny or permit with modifications/conditions, the response. The prosecution must then provide any materials motioned for - almost certainly whatever they intend to admit into evidence. Depositions may be conducted by either side. Anyone refusing to be depositioned or surrender evidence may be subpoena'd, subject to a judge approving the subpoena. Witnesses must be subpoena'd to also appear unless the defence will depositional evidence. OOC cooperation is key here; attempting to hold up the trial because a witness can't be summoned should not be tolerated. Nonetheless, the right to confront your accusers should be adhered to as best as possible. A pro-se defendant may bring one person to assist them, but all communications with the court must be conducted by the defendant. The legal standard for conviction for each count is that of being beyond all reasonable doubt. The trial date occurs and is conducted thus: Everyone, excepting on-duty law enforcement must be unarmed in court. Any uninvolved LEO may act as bailiff. The judge calls the session to order, anyone who will be involved in the case(s) are sworn in and parties are instructed to communicate only with the presiding judge. The defendant is asked to enter their plea for each count; a plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere for all charges shall terminate the case immediately and they shall be taken to serve them. Opening statements are made by the prosecution and defence. No interruptions. Evidence and witness testimony is referred to. Either side may announce objections and they shall be sustained or overruled. The defence must be permitted to cross-examine witnesses and question any evidence. Closing statements are made by the prosecution and defence. No interruptions. The judge retires to deliberate and returns to deliver their verdict on each individual count and the defendant is either imprisoned or released. Where possible, a transcript or video recording of the trial should be made and attached to the case file before it is closed. Civil cases would follow a similar format, except: Cases are more heavily paperwork based, all parties shall have full knowledge of the evidence/testimony the opposing side intends to present in court. Filing a case is subject to a fee. the court shall have the power to declare an individual as a vexatious litigant and disallow them from filing civil cases for an appropriate period of time and optionally charge them with Contempt of Court. Plaintiffs may apply for relief in the form of money or tangible goods. If assets are seized and sold, to cover a monetary amount, the plaintiff shall only receive the granted amount. Assets purchased through the credit store shall not ICly be considered. Deliberately transferring assets to avoid paying shall fall under Contempt of Court. Assisting parties shall also be liable for the same charge. The case shall be considered based on a preponderance of the evidence. This is a lower level than beyond all reasonable doubt and standard for civil cases. Lawyers: Lawyers must pass a bar examination to become certified, their license shall be subject to the following: The character must have no felonies on their record. Subsequent felonies shall result in immediate disbarment. A Lawyer may not take on cases for vexatious litigants. (civil) A Lawyer found to be supporting vexatious litigation may be suspended from practicing law for an appropriate period of time or disbarred. A Lawyer must not advocate for any individual where it would present a conflict of interest. Doing so shall also be grounds for suspension or disbarment. Law school classes will be held to educate people on legal matters and to prepare them for the Bar Exam. Once they have passed the bar, they are then able to practice. Judges: Must have passed the bar examination. Must have passed an IC and OOC interview, demonstrating sufficient knowledge and commitment. Must not preside over any case presenting a conflict of interest or bringing impartiality into question. May not be corrupt. This could change later, but at least initially, this could introduce severe complications while tuning the system. May also conduct business as a lawyer if it does not violate any of the above. As in real life, a judge ay help the defence/prosecution with procedural advice, but may not hint at or direct either party to (not) motion for anything, no matter how obviously they are hurting their own case by doing so or not doing so and must only react to/consider representations and permitted evidence made by either party. Development/Forum work required: A Courtroom - preferably, but we could potentially wing it at another location, temporarily. Addition of new charges to the Penal Code and MDC. Ideally, a mechanism to pay court filing costs, but the government donation location could also work. Creation of a DOJ faction. Creation of a DOJ subforum on the gov. website for lawyer licenses, cases and sealed evidence. Misc Possibilities: Use of the Davis courthouse (pictured below) - equally, it could simply be an additional entrance at City Hall, for convenience. DOC acting as bailiffs/Court Security. DoJ logo (also pictured below) Thanks if you've been reading this far. This is obviously a first draft so let me know what you think and I'm hopeful this could become a thing!
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    boys love this, keep up the good work.. family for life.
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