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    ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.5.0 Dear Eclipse Community, After weeks of hard work, I am proud to announce the 2.5.0 Development Update. In this update, you'll see a focus on various Quality of Life & Finance additions. Without further ado; 1. Introducing - Action Timer We've added an action timer to most actions in the game. This prevents players from doing actions unrealistically fast and overall provides more immersion to the roleplay scenery. 2. Introducing - Recoil In order to make shooting more realistic, we've introduced recoil to shooting. Before this, you could shoot in a straight line, but hopefully with this addition shootouts will become more realistic and require more skill. Left is controlled, right is uncontrolled 3. Introducing - Financial UI & Debt 3.1. Wire Transfer We've introduced a way for players to transfer money directly with this new feature. You can now transfer money to anyone you wish from this UI. 3.2. Salary Instead of just doing a command at the bank, you can now take your salary out from the financial UI under the Salary tab. 3.3. Debt Prior to this addition, there were no repercussions of being imprisoned for charges with heavy tickets if you had no money. After this update, players will go into debt if they do not have the money to pay back their fines. For example, if you go to prison with $0 in your bank account and your fines are $11,200, your total debt will be $11,200. To pay your debt, you can go under the debt tab and choose how much you want to pay. 4. Introducing - Prison Currency & Activities 4.1. Prison Currency & Store After being imprisoned, you receive 500 stamps (prison currency) by default. You can use these to buy items from the commissary. To earn stamps, you can spend your 500 stamps to buy a pickaxe and go mining ore in the yard. You can sell these ores for stamps next to the commissary. These stamps convert to pocket money after your release. 4.2. Prison Activities This has been a topic for a longer period in the community - players wished for more activities in prison. We've heard your feedback and have introduced poker and mining into the prison. Poker won't be for money, but rather the prison currency, stamps. As mentioned in 4.1., players can earn stamps from mining. 5. Introducing - Map & GPS In order to see the mini-map, you now must have the GPS item in your inventory. If you wish to see the map from the Esc menu, you have to have the Map item in your inventory. These items are purchasable from any general store. 6. Introducing - General Additions 6.1. Pointing Some older players might remember our pointing system back in GT-MP that we had to get rid of after moving over to RAGE:MP, but we've now been able to add the function back! You are now able to point your finger at any direction. 6.2. Mask Rework Previously, to toggle a mask on and off, you did /masktoggle. This has now changed - to take your mask off, you must do /masktoggle and to put it on, you have to equip it from your inventory. 6.3. Minor Weazel News Addition Weazel News have been given two new commands; /weazelCamera and /weazelMicrophone. Hopefully with these new commands, Weazel News can bring in more immersive roleplay scenarios to the server. RULE ADDITIONS We've added a new section the the rulebook, 16. Building. This section reflects on the realism of building and its limits. To get a clearer understanding of the rules, here is the quote of the new rules; FULL CHANGELOG: (including all changes made since the last forum post) [Sirens] Synced siren lights of all emergency vehicles. Disabled shooting if in any animation Fixed carrybody when entering buildings [Phone/Bug] Fixed bug where phone would be loaded as functional, when it should be turned off [Parking Lot/Bug] Potential fix for random teleport on /park [House/Bug] Fixed issue with parking vehicles in houses Changed /raterp to /goodrp and /badrp [Vehicle/Bug] Fixed /window command not working for all vehicles [Warehouses] Purchasing a warehouse as owner will cancel the sale [Businesses] Purchasing a business as owner will cancel the sale Campfires now properly work with dimensions Fixed gun stores Added impound at Paleto Bay Added Taxi gate Removed 'stickToGround' restrictions for furniture Created Medic, Police, Taxi GPS. It allows them to track faction vehicles on map if gps is present on vehicles Masktoggle only works for removing mask, when mask is removed it appears in inventory Added vehicle compartment (small inv) Tweaked food, beverages, weapon volumes Added /weazelCamera /weazelMicrophone Added reception at LSSD Large vehicle inventory is only accessible if vehicle trunk is open on vehicles that have trunk Added area information to police calls Added support for multiple lockers helipads and parking lots Added pointing Implemented action timer Radio frequencies now are attached to radio item Added mining, store, poker, prison currency (stamps) to prison Added ability to exchange prison currency for lower prison sentence Mining will now require owning pickaxe Added recoil Added GPS and MAP items Player must hold right click to attack with melee (removing ability to missclick) Added support for exterior inventories Added blip for LSSD Added sheriff gate Added debt Added ability to cook fish Fixed crafting Added financial UI Added support for furniture object inventories Thanks to Serthon for a great contribution towards writing of this devblog!
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    Hello everyone. I got a million questions on discord why I stepped down and left ECRP. I want to make it clear it has nothing to do with ECRP at all. I sold everything I own, and stepping down as owner of LSC, and stepped down as ECRP staff. Reason I am stepping down is very personal to me, But here is a small run-down of it all: My health has rapidly going down (not gonna mention why) and I am focusing on bringing that up. been focusing on Martial Arts Kung Fu (just started my second style) ((For those who are wondering my main intrestest is Wing Chun KungFu)) Almost loosing my mother, Where I had to perform CRP opened my eyes, that you can loose the things you love in life in just a few seconds. 1 hour before my mother suffered the health issue, my work asked if I could stay 2 hours longer, If I said yes, I would not have been there to apply CPR to my mother, that saved her life. I am also to busy at work, Working 180 hours a month as security, 50 to 70 hours a month training to be a K9 handler in security and alongside that Martial Arts. Not leaving enough time to enjoy games that dedicated. so I am playing casual games, enjoying my little time I have. With the time I do have, Funny turn around is I am gonna host a minecraft server, (been 5 years since I played it, but I recently want back and a lot of those toxic players from the past are no more) but I am not here to advertise so no more mention of that here. I do still love this community, and love the staff team. With special mention thanks to the following people who really helped me become the staff member I was, @PolarBlunk who helped me when I joined support staff, @BallinByNature who always supported me and became a friend. @Serthon who always gave me good advice @FatherOsborn for his kind help in situations. @Triple Seven who helped me a lot during my support days. @Bakmeel @XposeD @MarcoD (krupt) @Archaeah who always had my back and are great staff members. And all of the rest of the staff team who I didn't tag. Love you all!!! ❤️ -MusketDeezNuts
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    Hello everyone, Some of you may know me as DimitriS, some of you may know me as Ryan Torres and so on. I joined the server, not too long ago (2 years maybe). In the beginning, I was your... typical new player who didn't know how to do jack-shit, like I sucked so much 😄 I was accompanied by a friend of mine and both of us would do random stuff, looking back at some of the stuff we did I am surprised I wasn't permanently banned back then, not going to lie. As time passed by, I started getting the hand of the community itself, started understanding how roleplay works, found people who had the same vision for things as me... truly an experience which made me, if anything, better than I was before. Sadly every journey comes to an end, my ECRP journey is sadly going to end here. Don't get me wrong, I would've loved to continue being a part of the community, it's truly one of the best communities I've been a part of. Sadly my mental health hasn't been going very well in the past few months, I'd have sudden rage episodes and whatnot, therefore I don't feel comfortable continuing in Eclipse, I don't want to risk anything, especially the respect some of you have for me. For now, I'll be staying away from Eclipse but... maybe one day I'll come back I can't guarantee it. I want to give special thanks to @Dqniel Thank you for everything dude, all the things you helped me with, all the stuff you showed me and taught me about being a staff member... not only that, being such a great friend, I truly hope you'll get everything that you wish for, and we both know that this is ❤️ @Malibu Love ya sis ❤️ Thank you so much for all the support you've given me through the last few months. @MarcoD You're a good guy MarcoD, but you are krupt MarcoD 😄❤️ Love ya dude, thanks for helping me make it around and not letting me give up for the smallest things. @Meggs_56 Thank you so much for the support through the hard times, Meg ❤️ Best of luck, keep up the great work ❤️ @Jbacon Great lad, taught me lots of stuff, was nice... sorry for letting you go in the end... ❤️ @DaniDota #UndeportDushane 😄 Love ya dude, hope you'll be given a second chance, either way, we'd still continue being such great friends ❤️ @Archaeah Thanks for not yeeting me from the LSPD when I ran you over 😄 Thanks for all the support and the few tips and tricks you gave me for both LSPD and Staff ❤️ @Lewis Thanks for encouraging me to continue trying to get in the staff team, if you didn't message me back then I'd probably have never tried again. ❤️ @Serthon❤️ Real lad, haven't had so much fun on Scene Management Certification training 😄 @Donovan Don IVAN! ❤️ Best of luck my dude, you never given me the revenge for the nasty stuff I did once to you 😄 @Zothian Thanks for all the great fun on the community ❤️ Can't express how many times you made me laugh my ass off, it was great fun ❤️ @NM369 yeah... 😛 Thanks for being around, you're cool as hell ❤️ Best of luck with the future. @Arian xDD Good lad, made me laugh countless amount of times, did some stupid shit together ❤️ Will miss ya dude @*David* Thanks for being honest 😉❤️ That riddle back then got me real hard 😄 @FatherOsborn Thanks for letting me be a part of the staff team, the police and letting me progress after some of the fuck ups I did ❤️ @Aldari_Tagril Not going to lie, I am still scared from you IC'ly xD Turns out you are a great lad ❤️ @MrSix Thanks for being such a nice dude and a friend ❤️ @Hazel Your jokes do made me a little confused at times, I should've listened to you earlier about so much stuff, will miss ya ❤️ @Actualbears Thanks for being around and being a good friend ❤️ Best of luck in SD @flow Thanks for the tips you gave me, the positivity and everything you did ❤️ Best of luck in the future @olcia 😄 You were and still are great! ❤️ Sorry for arresting you >_> @Zyzla Meooooow ❤️ Best of luck @JayGamble Best of luck, Mr. Gamble ❤️ Thank you for being understanding and such a G 😄 @mineteamleader Enjoyed being your patrol deer 😄 Lots of laughs, really made me smile. @melky Stop kicking cats off the roof 😞 ❤️ Best of luck man ❤️ @JakeInnit_ Ah... it was a good ride ❤️ Ryan and Elizabeth should've been a thing, not going to lie 😄 @DDevastatedTV Good luck, foreign man 😄❤️ Best of luck with ECRP @SmallboyRyan Big boy, been a pleasure! ❤️ Thanks for letting me be your IB buddy for a short while (until you found out I do fuck all 😄) Best of luck @ItsPazz I might've been a pain in the ass at times, i know 😄 Thanks for not getting me yeeted out of IB the third week ❤️ @LeftSharkie "hello, i want a gun" 😄❤️ Love you dude, will miss ya. @PolarBlunk Bye dawg ❤️ Keep your office protected! 😄 And best of luck @mikex Just Mike... 😄 Joke ❤️ Thanks for being there and helping me do some, all of your help is never going to be forgotten. @HaminLord Thanks for being there for me dude ❤️ @alexalex303 Best of luck, Detective Steel, thanks for being nice to me ❤️ @heartgg Brothers in Detective I forever ❤️😄 Take care man ❤️ @Vallorz Jeez, thanks for being such a nice person ❤️ I truly hope you'll stop ignoring me one day @Amystake Miss U. Allott Hahaha 😄 ❤️ Best of luck Captain Stake! I'll be around for those joke names @QuirkyMayhem Thanks for being there for me, supporting me, getting to know me, being there for me... You know everything, to be honest, going to miss you a lot although we don't talk a lot anymore ❤️ @JasonPaige I'll miss ya dude ❤️ Best of luck with all the factions you get yourself into. @Rodiz Still remember the little talk we had long time ago, taught me a lot of fucking stuff about ECRP! ❤️ Can't express how much I thank you. @XposeD Thanks for helping me with staff, doing my support interviews and shit ❤️ Love you dude @domis Nuuuuu, best of luck blet! ❤️ Report buddies for life 😄 @Sinsali I still remember when you were helping me around in the #i_have_a_question section 😛 Best of luck with the future ❤️ @Quiet Thanks a lot for being such a supportive friend ❤️ Best of luck with your future ❤️ @MrSilky Phillipo ❤️ Best of luck dude, thank you for being there for me! @ElisabethC Thanks for listening to my bullshit 😄❤️ Can't thank you enough. @Xypint Best of luck dude ❤️ Thank you for helping me around. @Luke Melski Best of luck ❤️ Thanks for being like a brother to me... ❤️ @Codypls Ah... ❤️ A true lad, best of luck dude... ❤️ @Flucifial Yooo dawg ❤️ 😄 Cool dude, we've spoken around, real lad. @SgtRiasBaixas Be careful with the girls my man ❤️😄 Best of luck and do learn Bulgarian. I know I missed... a lot of people, I truly am sorry, everyone who I was ever nice to I want to let you know that you were one of the people that made me enjoy the community, you were the people who made me smile and... change truly! ❤️ Having to leave you all is something I never wanted to see in years, the sad thing I did everything I could, but I couldn't prevent it... I still love you all, thanks for being the family I never had ❤️ I'll still try to keep in touch with most of you! Best of luck to you all, Dimitri ❤️
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    Clowns are disbanding and closing the thread. Thanks for the big support on our thread. ❤️After 9 months of being official, we came to conclusion that its time for us to go different ways. 🤡 💙
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    Welcome to Los Santos! ((And the Eclipse Roleplay Community!)) By: Jasmine Gray Being a new citizen in Los Santos can be a bit disorienting, luckily there are plenty of people in the city willing to help! ((Great! You have gained your approval to log in and create your character, you have a bio in mind, you picked the coolest name this side of the sun, so now what?)) Anytime you feel lost or confused about what you should be doing, don’t be afraid to ask! You may not always get the best answer right away, but just keep making friends and eventually you will get the knowledge, connections and means to achieve your goals! Getting Started Upon arrival in Los Santos, you may be asking yourself what your priorities are. A job? A house? A car? The answer to this question is ultimately up to you! Gaining some sort of income will be a requirement to achieve certain goals, and that is a good place to start! From there, you may want to start getting to know some of the people in the city ((and developing your character’s story arch)). You may have a clear idea of what direction you want to go, or you may want to create a new story inside the borders of Los Santos. Either direction you go, you can then start setting some goals for yourself. Suggested first steps: 1) Use your phone 2) Find Transportation 3) Use your GPS 4) Get some food and water 5) Get a job 6) Stay safe 7) Get a car 8} Consider housing 9) Make connections 10) Profit! Using your phone: ((The phone is controlled with the mouse cursor. If you need to use your mouse cursor, press F2.)) ((Clicking on your phone will bring it up, and your character will animate holding the phone in their hand.)) The phone can be used for several functions, most notably the “dial”, “messages”, and “contacts”. Using these features is pretty easy to figure out, with one exception: When using the dialer, you can use text entry mode. This is also required when calling certain services such as EMTs or Taxi’s: ((To do this, use the dial feature, once the phone is ringing, click the phone to lower the UI (your character will still hold the phone). Then press “T” to bring up the text entry. Simply type and press “enter” as normal and the text will be sent to the recipient and show on their screen as you are talking to them on the phone.)) Finding Transportation: Now that you can use your phone, it’s time to move around the city. There are several methods of getting around the city to choose from: On foot: Takes quite a while, and can be unsafe, but also requires no money! Bus: Most bus routes are completely random, and even the driver doesn’t know them! Not recommended. Occasionally, DCC will run a bus route with a pre-determined route, run by a professional driver, look online for more information! City Bee: Rent a Faggio motor scooter at any of the City Bee rental sights on the map. One is located right at the bus depot where you arrive. Downtown Cab Company: If a cab driver is available, the City Bee will be shut down, and you will instead need to call a cabbie. Simply Dial 1111, and follow the prompts using the text entry method. - Cabs cost a fair, but the cab drivers are a wealth of information and generally enjoy helping new citizens! This is a great way to get around the city, while also asking any questions you may have. A car: You will not have a car right away, but once you purchase one, of course you can use it to traverse the city. Just remember to be safe and know where to park! (see “Get a Car” section below) Ask someone for a ride: Not always safe, especially if you ask strangers, but sometimes it is the only option you have! And who knows, maybe you’ll make your first friend this way! Use your GPS So now that you know how to get around the city, where should you go? Stop by a store and pick up a map or a GPS, this will activate your GPS ((ESC menu)) which has icons on it showing all the important locations you might need as a new citizen. If you are the driver of a vehicle, you can select a location and your GPS will mark a route for you. Here are a few of the notable icons that may be of interest to you: Bank or ATM Police Station Hospital Side Jobs Market Store DMV Get some food and water On your way to your destination in Los Santos, don’t forget to stop and grab something to eat or drink! As you explore Los Santos, you will become hungry and thirsty. Having something to eat or drink on you will save you from starving or dehydrating. Food and water can be expensive for a new player! No need to overdo it, there is usually plenty of time to get to a store if you happen to be thirsty and do not have water on you. If you do not eat and drink, you will become very weak, and the slightest injury could cause you to pass out and eventually die. If you end up getting injured, and you cannot move, simply call 911 on your phone, and use the text entry method to call a medic. If you are able to move, you may be able to make it to a hospital, and you can ask for help on a walk-in basis. Remember you will still need to eat and drink something or you will just remain weak and prone to injuries. Get a Job Undoubtedly, one of your first priorities in the city will be getting a job. When you first arrive in the city, many jobs won’t hire you until you have lived in the city for a while and earned some reputation in the city. Luckily, there are plenty of side jobs willing to hire on an hourly or contract basis. Additionally, to help new citizens, the city gives a welfare check to all residents based on your wealth. Your wealth is a value assigned to you based on the value of your cars, your houses, and your cash (in the bank, unpaid salaries, and on your person). This check starts at $1500, and will go up slightly as you become experienced in the city, and go down as you gain wealth. There’s also a tax assessed on any money you earn. This is also tied to your wealth, and goes up at $500,000 and $1,000,000 in assets as such: $0 - 499,999: 5% $500,000 – 999,999: 15% $1,000,000 and up: 35% The meager welfare check will barely be enough to cover your food and water, and if you want the nicer things in life, like a home, you will need a job. There is a listing of all available side jobs, info on government jobs, as well as an FAQ about the city at this link: Click Here Stay Safe a) ATMs and depositing cash ATMs and banks are marked on the map with a $. You can both deposit and withdraw cash at these locations. The ATMs have limited capacities for cash, so may not always have enough to draw out, or enough room to deposit. The bank will always have enough for both. Use some common sense when carrying cash, you never know what might happen in Los Santos! b) Carrying valuable The same goes for valuables, or anything with a cash value in Los Santos. The economic conditions in Los Santos can lead people to do crazy things! I’ve heard stories of people so desperate, they would steal a bottle of water, or a hot dog! Be smart with what you carry. c) Complying with demands Inevitably, living in Los Santos you will be robbed. A lot of new citizens find this unnerving, and make the classic mistake of trying to aggressively defend themselves, or worse try to seek revenge on their assailant. Take it from someone who knows, this is rarely, if ever, the best reaction. Your assailant most likely has more friends than you, who are much more dangerous than a solo citizen seeking revenge. The best way to protect yourself, is to comply completely with any demands, give up any cash or valuables you were silly enough to carry, and move on with your job as quickly as possible. You will lose more time and money seeking revenge than simply complying, and getting back to work. d) Safe Areas ((NCZs)) Los Santos is a dangerous place, and working long hours to achieve your goals and dreams can be stressful and exhausting! Luckily, there are a few places in the city that are relatively safe for regular civilians for various reasons. When you are overly stressed, and just want a break from the chaos of a hard job and a chaotic city, swing by one of these safe areas and talk to fellow citizens, and relax! e) General Warning As a new citizen of Los Santos, it can be a very difficult and dangerous. Sometimes as a new citizen, you will be targeted for attack, because new citizens tend to make mistakes! They may carry more cash or valuable, may give assailants a reason to shoot you and take your stuff, or carry a valuable pistol and not know how to use it! The best advice I can give a new citizen…be smart, and be safe! Rarely will you be able to outwit and/or outgun an experienced criminal. Do what they say, and get back to your life as quickly as possible. Get a Car Eventually, you may want your own car. Make sure you stop by the DMV to get a license first! If you are pulled over by the PD, and have no license, you will surely be fined. There are a few dealerships around town, and two used lots. You can alternatively search the classified ads ((forums)) or the Weazel news bleets for cars being sold. Or even write your own ad to buy a vehicle. As the city can be dangerous, and scams can happen, I recommend using one of the dealers or lots for your first purchase, as it is the simplest and safest method. ((To place a Weazel ad, use the command /newsagency)) Parking in Los Santos Parking your car is an important decision in Los Santos, and finding your car if it comes up missing can be confusing. This section will cover what you need to know to park safely, and find your car if it is towed or stolen. a) Where to park – Public parking explanation. There are a few options for parking your car, I will cover them from safest to least safe: - Your house – If you have a house with a garage, you can park it there. But you probably don’t! - The parking lot near the Hospital marked with a green garage icon. Although it can be dangerous getting your car in and out, once it is parked, your car can neither be stolen or towed. ((use the UI to /park, which will permanently store your car until you use the interface again to take it out)) - Parking lots in safe areas ((NCZs)) – Although cars parked here are technically protected from theft, theft still occurs here. Cars can also be towed, if there is a parking ticket meter for the lot. The positive to these lots is you can not be robbed in the lots, making parking and retrieving your car safe. These are great short-term solutions. - Other parking lots and street parking – This is a park-at-your-own-risk solution! Parking outside of safe zones and approved long term lots mean you are not protected from crime, vandalism, and if you are parked illegally, getting towed. This is not recommended unless you are staying in the area with your car. b) What happens if your car is missing? If you return to where you parked your car, first use your vehicles tracking device ((/vehiclestats)) This will give a list of your vehicles with their statuses: - House parking – Your car is in one of your house garages - Impound – Your car is at the police impound lot, you must go there and ask the police to remove it. (this means it was found parked illegally and was towed) - Mors Insurance – Your car was destroyed or chopped, and your insurance company has provided a replacement at Mors. There is a 4 hour wait from the time it was destroyed, so you may need to wait for your car to be available. - On the map – Your vehicle is somewhere on the map! Use your GPS to locate it ((/showvehicles)) o If no icon is shown, this means someone is in your vehicle, most likely stolen. o If an icon is showing, use caution! Running to retrieve it may mean you are running right into the bad guys hands! You may want to wait until the car is in one area for a while, or call the police to aide you. o If your car is on the map: You may travel to it and find it flipped, stuck, or damaged to a point it will not start. If this is the case, simply call for a mechanic who will come to your location and take care of it. ((use /mechanic and use the text entry method)) Consider Housing At this point you may be wondering where you should live? There are several options for housing: Rent from an owner: There are no government or privately funded housing options for the poor. Real estate is owned by private residents who then rent out rooms, apartments or entire houses. These can be found in the classified section, or by watching for Weazel news bleeps. You can also place you own “looking to rent” ad. ((Use /newsagency for in-game bleets)) Buy a house: Similarly, most houses are traded and sold by private citizens. Use the same method to find houses for sale that may be in your price range. Occasionally, the city will auction off houses at special auction events, or in the auctions section of the city website. Sometimes you can find houses for sale in the city that are not advertised, you must stumble upon them, or have a friend show you where they are. Live out of your car: Although this may seem like a strange option to have listed here, a surprising number of residents, especially new residents, do not rent or own homes. The housing market can be rather unstable in Los Santos, and for new residents the price of rent means it would be difficult to save for the house or car of your dreams. So many of us resort to sleeping in our cars, under the stars at the beach, or my personal favorite, the pool table at Tequi-La-La. Of course, this is not the recommended option, but may be the only option until you get your feet underneath you. Make Connections Now that you have the basic necessities to survive in the city, it is time to start thriving! There are many options in the city, get a better job, work for the government, become an entrepreneur, get rich playing poker or slots, or be a beach bumb! It is all up to you. Most of these lifestyles will require connections, and lots of them! With your growing bank account and new car, get out into the city and start meeting new people. Who knows what opportunities await! Remember to stay safe and stay away from crime! There will be people and organizations trying to recruit you to a life of “alternative income”. Be warned! We all came to this city to be honest, hardworking citizens, we didn’t come here to seek a life of gunfights and car chases. Stay clean Los Santos! Profit…. Remember the words of the great Bob Marley: "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively."
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    Thanks for everyone being part of The Clowns and being with us as friends, allies and enemies ❤️
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    COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Rule Clarifications July 17, 2019 Dear Eclipse Community, Following a recent staff meeting, we've reviewed our server rules and questions surrounding them, and we've decided to release this short public service announcement. 1. Forum Report Guidelines Update - Evidence We are adding a point to the report guidelines which will state that evidence used in player reports may not be more than 48 hours old. That means if you intend on reporting another player, you must do it within 48 hours. This was added because we've noticed a rise in incidents where players save the evidence against players and only submit reports when it suits them. Players who deliberately withhold evidence to report players at a later stage will be held to the server rule "4. Harassment and Knowledge of Rule Breaches". 2. Misuse of Character Name changes & Character Development We felt as if it was necessary to clarify this; changing your name and role-playing that your past history is erased without role-playing a new character is not condoned by the administration team. Following last week's staff meeting, all staff members have been instructed to issue Non-RP punishments (If necessary) to players who abuse the name change system. Roleplaying a new character means that your name should change fully and other players should be strangers to you again. Adding a character or changing a character in your first or last name isn't proper. We are hoping to see script support for some type of character kill system in the future or a system where aliases are reset and you have to socialize to know people again. 3. Doing investigative role-play/asking /do questions over a /PM. Developers confirmed during last week's staff meeting that we will be getting a command to implement soon where players can send /do's to specific players even if they are not on the scene. This is because due to game and script limitations, sometimes players need to be given descriptions of scene environments or answers to their role-play that they are performing. For example, if you have shot another player and a Detective or Investigator arrives at the scene and begins to collect forensic evidence, they should be able to ask you questions related to their RP, e.g. "Would your fingerprints be on the gun left on the scene?". Players are expected to answer these questions truthfully. The above is just an example and the usage of /do for investigative RP or to get environmental descriptions of scenes is not limited to any specific group, any player can use /do to ask questions to enhance their role-play scenes. Though, remember our powergaming rule and role-play actions that are realistically available to you and the type of character you play. Yours, Eclipse Staff
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    I have been on the server for a bit of time and I truly do enjoy my time IC. I've had lots of great moments but sadly there is a negative side that tends to outweigh everything positive - the blatant toxic sexism. Being a female on the server and RPing a female character is one of the most frustrating and toxic things ever. When not using VOIP, the comments are somewhat hit or miss (some are respectful, others try to bait VOIP, and then some are downright absurd) but the moment my microphone goes on, the harassment begins. The consistent name calling, targeting, and cornering is absolutely ridiculous and most of the time crosses a line into being uncomfortable. Being forced into the same RP scenarios of a group of men circling you and calling you every single name in the book over and over again or followed for miles on end just to be sexually harassed is ridiculous and disgusting. This is an issue that has come up time and time again. Am I aware that the vast majority of the server is male? Absolutely. Does that pardon disgusting behavior, make it alright to practically force female characters into using text chat to hide their voice, and ostracize a targeted group of players? Absolutely not. Is it alright for this consistent behavior that has no connection to an IC backstory/personality traits to be brushed aside? I do not think so. It has come from multiple people across multiple discussions that they have hesitations about even inviting females to join the server due to this behavior. There are presently females in the server that are decreasing their RP time as well due to this. It is an absolute shame that this is becoming a truth and is just accepted. Yes, this is the internet. Yes, there are trolls. Yes, you do need somewhat of a tough layer of skin when committing yourself to this. When it gets to the point of impacting your RP time and enjoyment is when it becomes a bigger issue. Personally, I have been forced into an RP scenario for over an hour consisting of nothing but sexist aggression with absolutely no way out - trust me I tried - that completely ruined what I hoped to be a fun RP day. Again, this is not a one time thing, it happens over and over. So now, I ask, how can we, as a community, make this better? How can we all have fun, embrace our characters and their traits, and at the same time decrease this very Non-RP (in my eyes) behavior? Thank you for taking the time to read and chime in on the discussion. All I ask is that you refrain from making derogatory, offensive, and disrespectful comments in this discussion. I would like to have an actual discussion about this topic, not be told anything along the lines of "get off the internet then" as nobody should be told that when voicing concerns. Let's stay respectful and kind please.
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    Legion was founded by a small group of ex-clown’s (Jose Jalapeno, Jenna Maye, Sampson Cthulhu and Daniel Norrwood) after their previous organisation came to its demise. They are a criminal based faction within Los Santos that plan to expand the growth of their organisation by hustling in daily criminal enterprise and striving towards the gang’s success within the city. “The Awakening” Weeks of quiet voices and the loss of many faces have left the gang completely unhinged, Los Santos was becoming more of a place and less of a home without a family. The multiple disappearances of our previous gang members from ”The Clowns” was tough, and had ripped a giant scar down the middle of what little family we had left. This caused us to partition into two separate rival gangs, “Los Legion” & “Fog City”. “The Rising” A week after the disband, time’s were becoming tough and a small group of us decided it was time to make a new beginning. After hours upon end thinking of a new family name we finally thought of the one that would represent us for who we were and still are.. ‘Los Legion’. From that point onwards, we began reaching out to fellow members who had also been left behind and in the dark. We slowly began increasing our numbers and were becoming a recognised face within the city. This was the beginning of our rising.. “The Plan” After slowly building up our number’s we decided that it was time to set some goals to help stabilise the future of the gang. As a result of this, it was agreed between leadership that Los Legion would still stay true to themselves and keep the morals that they had once obtained. Being a part of the family means that we still hold respect for not only ourselves but in our actions taken. In order to achieve the goals that have been set, we have chosen to take part in the day to day underground movement of Los Santos; such as creating narcotics, breaking into and stealing vehicles to swing by the chop shop, theft, coercion and infiltrating information. With Legion being a fairly new gang to the city, a lot of controversy has arisen. Our main focus right now is to make our intentions known and ensure that the community of Los Santos understands what we are about and what we bring to the table. We take no pride in robbing hard working legal members of the community. Our main focus right now, is to have good neutrality with other organisations we respect and challenge those that we deem not fit for the city. Respect and follow all rules set by the higher ups within the gang Do not stop representing the gang at any given moment, if you are asked “What Gang?” Answer. This could also prevent conflict between neutrialities and allies Respect all neutralities and alliances made All gang members will be respected and any internal problems will be presented to a higher up and dealt with accordingly Be smart, think strategically and always have each other's backs Follow all ECRP server rules Player’s must be active, any inactive members must notify a higher up or will face removal Maintain a respectful standard of roleplay Any punishment provided by a member of the ECRP team must be explained to a higher up within the gang To obtain property within the city Expand the crew Have good relations with other organisations Create an alliance Becoming a well known / respected gang Claim Benny’s workshop as our HQ There is no official way to join Legion, however if you approach us or we notice you, we may decide to give you a chance. We can mainly be recognised by our mask, as we prefer not to wear coloured clothing as we like to stay unrecognised within the city. Currently, we are quite a small organisation within Los Santos, but we like to take pride in focusing on the quality of our members. Minimum xp to obtain before recruitment is 10k, however if we feel like you have potential and show honour, we may bypass this rule. Content will be posted regularly.
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    The Triads had recently acquired a new business, Finally achieving one of their main goals. After a lot of hard work and with the interior design skills of Zach Wong they made a masterpiece. The business will stay private and will be limited access, only open to close friends of the organisation. The Triads are planning to use it as a cover up for their illegal operations. It was time to train some of the members in the way of cooking noodles, a tradition within the Triads. One man didn't understand the recipe and resorted to prepackaged noodles instead. The food was now ready and was delivered over to the members at the table, it was time to fill up before moving onto business. Some of the members conversed in the back awaiting the meeting, whilst the other were eating. Now that Bruce had finished the food, he returned the plate and gathered everyone up. Instead of using the usual boardroom for meetings, they decided to have a more informal gathering. Now that all available members had gathered it was time to head on with the meeting. To start off the members were asked to provide any updates, ideas and opinions relevant to the organisation. Now that the first stage of the meeting was complete, the higherups headed upstairs to discuss things in private. Future plans for the Triads were discussed, alongside the current members and how they had been performing. Now that the meeting had been concluded and all the members updated on their status it was time to head out. The group moved down to their regular clothing store and made plenty of purchases for some new jackets and masks. 三合会
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    For the continued safety and improvement of the citizens of Los Santos. The state of San Andreas is introducing two new items to the penal code: First introduction is in regards to people covering their faces within the state; after a exhaustive study, we came to the conclusion people don't need to hide their faces in public spaces of San Andreas. Due to the facts we mentioned before, we are adding a new citation and a new misdemeanor to our Penal Code. General Citation - 07 - Face Concealment. - $500 Fine. (a) No person or persons, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, shall: (1) Enter upon, be, or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road highway, or another public way in the State of San Andreas (2) Enter upon, be, or appear upon or within the public property of the State of San Andreas; or (3) Hold any manner of meeting or demonstration. (b) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section are only a general citation if not committed in relation to a crime, whereas then it shall apply to GM#20. (c) The provisions of subsection (a) do not apply if the concealment is done during masquerades and other entertainment events that are deemed appropriate by the city (such as Halloween), or where there's reasonable cause e.g. motorcycle protection or medical reasons. (d) Should you continuously be written up for a GC - 07 - Face Concealment, you will be liable for prosecution for failure to comply. This would result in the GC - 07 escalating to a GM - 20. General Misdemeanor - 20 - Face Concealment - 10 Days Jail (( 10 minutes )) (a) No person or persons, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, shall: (1) With the intent to intimidate, threaten, abuse, or harass any other person; (2) With the intent to cause another person to fear for his or her personal safety, or, where it is probable that reasonable persons will be put in fear for their personal safety by the defendant’s actions, with reckless disregard for that probability; or (3) While engaged in conduct prohibited by law, with the intent of avoiding identification. Any person or persons violating GC - 07 - Face Concealment while committing a crime, or conceals their face while committing a crime will be held to the misdemeanor criminal charge of Face Concealment. Second introduction is a felony regarding the escape from penitentiaries or jails. Inmates trying to jail break can be charged from now with a general felony: General Felony - 22 - Prison Break - 60 Months Jail (( 60 minutes )) Every individual arrested and booked for, charged with, or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge who is confined in any county or city jail, prison, who attempts to break in or out, is guilty of GF - 22 - Prison Break. Every person or persons who attempt to or successfully breaks into any form of containment facilities, such as county jail, city jail or prison, is guilty of GF - 22 - Prison Break. If subsection (a)-(b) is committed with any type of force, the person or persons will be guilty of aggravated Prison Break, and any subsequent criminal charges. To see the original press release from Media Relations please follow the attached link https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=23377&p=71235#p71235 . Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)516-1554 —[email protected] Police Officer III Marshall Rias, Liason. Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)478-7368—[email protected]
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    Does anybody actually own a phone these days without maps on it? Shouldn't it just be an app that only works if your phone isnt dead or off? Who actually uses physical maps in 2019 b/c my ass hasn't seen one since the smart phone was invented.
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    I'm prepared to be shot down by every Civ/PD in the city for this post but here it goes. This update has been passively targeted at "improving civilian RP" by literally handicapping criminal RP. There are some great features in this update that improved realism, such as adding Debt, Wire Transfer, GPS, getting out to access trunks, and reweighing weapons and adding recoil. However as always some stuff needs some fine tuning. I'm going to address the elephant in the room first: 1. Prison Time limit removed - This is a good practice in theory but when put into action provides terrible results. From my perspective I rarely get arrested by PD but rack up hundreds of charges over the months (Fairly reasonable). By the time I next go to prison my sentence is going to be 50+ hours on top of 80k+ in fines. Now here comes the white knights "you do the crime, you do the time" - I have 10 days played of PD RP and around 35 of Criminal, there is a reason for this and that is personal preference. At the end of the day this turns into being punished for my preference of RP. I don't feel that it is a good RP experience in the slightest having to spend 2 full days IRL in prison as the AFK timer was removed. Potential Solution - Add a cap back onto the time and perhaps make it 8 hours tops. Whilst doing so I believe prison sentences should tick down whilst OFFLINE due to the obscene time you're expected to serve and allow AFK in prison. This essentially still removes that criminal from the city for the same amount of time but provides at more satisfy OOC experience. Reasoning - I work a 40 hour week and still manage to dedicate plenty of time to ECRP, say I get arrested on a sunday night, I would have to spend 5 hours after work every night standing in the prison to be released in time for the weekend. Yes this is a RP server and realism should be added, but not to the severity that it puts "criminals" out the city for a whole IRL week. 2. Weapon Weights - This was a good improvement in my opinion, however some of the weights need to be adjusted to be a little more realistic. Solution - Reduce "Heavy" weapon weights from 20 to 10 (still 10x increase of their old weight) and reduce pistol weights to 5 (Still 5x their original weight). Reasoning - Due to the inventory split in the new update (glovebox and boot) you can no longer even fit a pistol in the glove compartment of all cars, this makes 0 realistic sense. On top of this with the split inventory of many vehicles you can no longer fit a heavy or a pistol in the trunk, adjusting the weights would allow for an easy solution instead of a whole storage overhaul. 3. Increase Stash Size - So prior to the update my stash was at around 300/500, a fairly reasonable about for what was stored, Now that the weights have been massively increased (200% per weapon) my stash now sits at 1100/500. I understand having a stash limit is needed but this seems too small and should scale with the "float of weapon weights" Solution - Perhaps increase default stash to 750~1000 and allow for "Stash expansions" to either be bought via the furniture/credit store. Reasoning - As the stash is currently the only secure way to store items anywhere in a house it contains a very limited space for doing so. IRL you could have anything stashed away in locked drawers, cupboards, safes in walls etc. If we're pushing for realism I feel that house storage should be realistically expanded. 4. Fine Tuning - Here I'll just add a few things that I and some others feel need some fine tuning to provide a better experience. GPS, this is a great addition in my opinion but it would be nice to fit it directly to cars with a "use" function instead of leaving in the inventory (created more reason to rob etc) similar to how chargers function. Action Bar, I like the implementation of this in practice, perhaps have the position changed to the bottom of the screen and reduce the UI scale for it. Unlocking Cars - I'm all for there being a delay on opening cars, currently delay feels far too long and unrealistic, takes one click of a key to open any modern car. Would be nice to see this reduced at least a little. Recoil - This is also a really good addition but I feel the current recoil is pretty insane, even with a grip attached after 5 shots you're shooting into the sky. Perhaps reduce the scale of recoil by 50% or so. I Hope this is useful and provides some decent detail, I'd hope to see some aspects improve from what they currently are. Please keep this as a suggestions thread and avoid any arguments.
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    For a long time the Triads had closed the doors to their operations, not allowing any new faces. A meeting was called to discuss the future, things were about to change. Once the members had gathered at one of their clubs, a meeting was held in the boardroom. Now that all key points had been discussed, the members were asked to present any future business plans and opportunities. Once these matters were covered they moved on to the important stage. Promotions. Along with allowing new faces into the organisation the old faces are rewarded. This allows for spaces to be filled and members to progress. Kai Fang had been working for the Triads for longer than most, it was time to reward him with the respect he deserves. The Incense Master began the ceremony and Kai Fang moved onto the new rank of Red Pole. Now that the promotions were covered it was time to get to some internal business. The group headed down to another property where they handled some gun orders for their members and recruits. The men took their guns from the trunk of Bruce's car and loaded them up. Now that the guns had been handed out, Zach returned something that was very precious to Bruce. It wouldn't be true Triad business if they didn't offer portions of their famous noodles to all the men. Now that everyone was stocked up and had enjoyed some food, it was time to put the guns to work. 三合会
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    Business Trip (( Name should be Daniel Norrwood but i didn't have the alias changed and forgot, will fix it next time ))
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    This has ruined some of my favorite aspects of RP! I am an EMS and enjoy bringing water to patients when I am on duty as EMS. The car inventory and bag inventory locks have caused issues with this. I also have issues with the house timers and closet timers. Please consider the following Ambulance/Firetruck locks The locking situation makes no sense because a patient may die while I wait for 15 seconds to lock the ambulance. Every second counts for them. Locking the vehicle and then getting out seems more of a fail RP. How does one get out if the door is locked? When people ask for pain killer, I like to offer them water. There have also been many RP events where the person's injury is dehydration. This is the current process with the new timers. If the water is in a bag on my back, it will take me 20 seconds to get to the water. If I am in a vehicle I have to first wait 15 seconds to unlock the vehicle which puts me at risk (I have been kidnapped as an EMS before, the person pulled the driver out and took the ambulance with me inside), 20 more seconds to get into the inventory, and another 15 to lock the ambulance again. **Perhaps if you are in the vehicle, you do not need to unlock it first to get to the interior inventory or the timer is shorter? Could the same be true if you are inside of your home? Closets, bags, and clothing Next is getting water or anything else in and out of our houses. I know these rules are not considered with female players in mind by the way the sit animation makes a woman in a skirt sit. I would like to request that you consider that the women in this community like to change their clothes based on the occasion. Here is what I need to go through if I want to get my swimming suit, or I have to risk getting robbed at a store. 20 seconds to unlock the house 20 seconds to go inside 20 seconds to re-lock the house 35 seconds to open my closet/stash 20 seconds to open the main bag 20 seconds to open the briefcases with the item I want. They are sorted by type 20 seconds to open the main bag again 35 more seconds to get back into my closet 20 seconds to leave again Can this be reduced in any way or omitted if your house is locked? I like to keep things organized by bag. Many of us do. Is the alternative to no longer change clothes, no longer bother going into my house, instead of RPing that I go home and get into jammies or lingere for my man before bed, I might as well start sleeping at the hospital. Eating and drinking How is it 35 seconds to take a sip of water or a bite of food? We are completely vulnerable. We cannot eat in our cars, we can only eat at an NCZ location. This is particularly difficult when you are on duty as EMS and trying to save lives. Now I cannot take the next call because I have to take a sip of water and if I stop drinking water, I lose the whole thing. I personally work during a time where most people are asleep in EU and in the US I am often the only EMS on duty. My only option here is to eat or drink before or after duty and just let people die for a while. Would you consider allowing us to eat and drink within our vehicles?
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    Account name: Carrick Character name(s): Jaquandre Bivins Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 18/Jun/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: "Major violation of server rules (Talking about major OOC vulgar chats)" Your explanation of what happened: I don't even remember doing this but I was told it was for "talking about raping a baby in PM". If I had to guess it was a PM to Darius joking about him raping people whilst high on methamphetamine (which is something his character has done if you look at our RP posts). Why should your appeal be accepted?: I've been playing on this server for about 2 years now, I have hundreds of hours on the server and always try to follow the rules. I don't see how using dark humor in a PRIVATE PM that nobody else can see to a friend is a bannable offense, let alone permanently.
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    Account name: JustTimmy Character name(s): Jacob King Admin who issued punishment: @punched Date of punishment: 10/05/2019 Punishment received: Perm ban Reason given for punishment: VDM Offence #4 Your explanation of what happened: Me and a few other people followed these guys from the bank and kept following them until we came to a stop, then started to talk a little trash while we wait on more people to show up. Then the guys in the contender and schafter get out of their cars and pull out heavy weapons (UnAimed) they start shouting at us to get out of our cars and to put our hands up. Me and Nathan_Sanchez drive farther away from the people so they don't get the opportunity to shoot us down. If I remember this correctly Nathan drives down the hill a little bit then gets out of his car and starts shooting at the guy who pointed the shotgun at us after Liz ran the first guy over. I loop all the way around and drive up the hill to try and get a better angle of the shootout and see if I can flank and kill anyone. I then see Cody shooting at multiple people and he seems outnumbered so I decide to run over the other guy there so Cody has 1 less guy to worry about. After watching Edwards POV I realized I was greatly mistaking this part of the situation resulting on me getting a perm ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: First off, I have understood my mistake and I genuinely am sorry for what i did, ruining the rp situation and ruining the players chances by vdming him. I have re-read the rules a couple of times getting more knowledge of how "VDM" rule works to make sure the mistake I committed in the past will never happen again as well as looking over reports for "VDM" and seeing their turn out to make sure I understood the rule correctly this time. I have been waiting 2 months to play eclipse since I love the server and the community, I really enjoyed my 6 months on the server and i truly miss the RP experience that the server provides. Like i said before I truly apologize for the mistake that i made and I'll make sure this mistake will not happen again. Thank you for spending your time reading this. Sincerely, Jacob King. Post any evidence or further details: Forum Report: Previous Ban Appeal:
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    So the title basically says it all. With the weapons now being heavier to hold it makes sense that running around with an ak with 100 bullets will take up most of your space in your inventory. Although having a house that you can only have 500 weight in does not make sense, the same goes for on vehicles. I was readjusting my stash spot and was storing some weapons in a large box truck aka the Mule. I was only able to fit 15 mini smgs and I personally don't see this realistic at all. Let me know your thoughts below
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    Account name:Chris Crawford Character name(s):David Garcia - Zayn Hunt - Lamar Chaos Admin who issued punishment:NBDY Date of punishment:11-02-2019 Punishment received:Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment:Cheating - I got banned for my alleged involvement on a discord where they are developing cheats for Rage MP/Eclipse. Your explanation of what happened: I used to hold the rank of 'Admin' in the discord server of a person I know, this discord server sold GTA V/Rage MP hacks. I decided to stay in that discord and not report it, which was a big mistake. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have been playing on the server since early 2017 and I have always enjoyed playing on the server, made a lot of new friends. While I was in this discord it was never my intention to harm ECRP and it never will be. During my time on ECRP I've barely had any rule breaks, only minors(see picture below). The past months have given me some time to think and understand the mistake I made, this wont happen again if I get unbanned. I'm asking BallinByNature and obviously NBDY for a second chance. I would also like to apoligize to NBDY for my immature behavior on discord PM's the day I got banned. Post any evidence or further details: https://i.gyazo.com/b4c4be52ee0308dea5fd31d01ddd0267.png
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    For the love of God, please get off of your high horse. Everything crim factions had to do, they earned it through a long and consistent effort. PD didn't "earn" much on an IC level and while I'm sure you guys put in your own share of work, a lot of things were given to you. You guys get everything free and work actively off of scripted updates. I say this not out of anger or anything but this is known to be true and with that being said, I implore you to stop talking as if you aren't biased down to the T. From what I've seen so far, some these dudes just want PD/Civ RP and that's fine but at least say it and stop beating around the bush, it's uncivilized. I think the server tends to forget that Criminal RP is PD RP as well and vice versa, we're connected in everyway and in order for you to exist, we have to exist too; this is the reality. Currently, there's an imbalance and instead of owning up to that, you want to argue mute point as if they have weight, they don't. The same way a lot of you guys feel about Crim RP is the same way Crims feel about your RP, please understand this. You people talking about Criminals killing cops or robbing rapidly and you guys forget about Colby, Darnell, Avon, Nicholas Harm, Borris, Toby Vintage and so much more. These are guys who either ran criminal organization that killed cops and robbed everything in sight or ended up ditching PD for criminal life. I say that to remind you that the standards of RP goes both way. If you guys have an issue with how Criminals RP, why hire the same dudes you have that exact issue with in the first place? People who were the forefront of it? If Criminal RP is bad, yours is just as bad and that's reality. So frisking someone over their color and finding an illegal gun is fair? Frisking someone over a traffic stop is fair? Bringing 10 officers to impound and frisking everyone there out of suspicion of a heavy weapon is fair? No description, no CCTV investigation, nothing and that's fine to you guys, isn't it? The system isn't balanced and if the majority of the community is saying it isn't, then something is obviously wrong and it needs to be fixed; this is common sense. I saw this inside of the fashion channel in discord: Get. Off. Your. High. Horse and fix this please. We're all here to RP and taking a step backwards is NOT helping that happen more frequently. I'm also tired of seeing Civs/PD down talk criminal RP when you're not even involved in it. We've literally seen people leave PD/MD with clean records and end up littered with Admin logs directly afterwards. Stop acting like this shit is easy, it isn't and every crim will tell you the same thing. +1
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    After reviewing your appeal, we've decided to unban you on the basis of doubt.
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    You're a player who dances around offenses using gray areas. Nobody randomly receives 3 deathmatch offenses and gets them all appealed. You do this using the aforementioned "gray area" style of play. You seek out reasons to receive DM rights on players. In this situation, I don't believe you had the rights. Why? This player did not attempt to hurt you. You walked up and tried to take his bag. Despite the fact it's right beneath his feet, a very obvious indicator it's at least belonging to him in some way. He points a gun at you and tells you to leave. He didn't shoot at you, he didn't attempt to hold you up, and he didn't say "i'm going to kill you." He was defending his belongings which you had no right to grab. You obviously knowing its his, were going to grab it with the excuse of "It's not on him so how should i know its his." Using your gray area style of play once again. I don't believe you deserve the privilege of having this offense removed, and don't believe your a player who provides any sort of positive RP to this server. The fact that almost every interaction you have goes OOC says a lot.
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    SIKE There is no JailRP Have fun in a 1x1 for 5 hours. QUOTE OF THE DAY FROM PD: I DONT HAVE TO HAVE EVIDENCE TO PUT CHARGES ON YOU!
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    Account name: DushaneVIP Character name(s): Joey_Reeves, Michael_Wayne Admin who issued punishment: @Dqniel(on behalf of Archaeah, Dqniel & Mikex) Date of punishment: 20/Jun/2019 02:14 Punishment received: Ban with the length of 0 (infinite) Reason given for punishment: Unauthorized Asset Transfer Your explanation of what happened: I made a new ECRP account and got my quiz approved, all went well. However I had a large amount of assets on my previous account (a comet retro worth a few million) and a house. I decided to transfer these with the help of my friend to my new account so I wouldn't lose them forever. I do have an RP backstory for these transfers which would make sense, however at the time I was excited to get started on my new character and forgot about the Transfer Request subsection on the forums, therefor making it an unauthorized transfer. I was supossedly caught (not too hard, a new player with a comet retro should raise alot of suspicion). I truly didn't intend any harm (destabilizing the economy, avoiding tax etc) I just truly forgot about the transfer requests. In my conversation I had with Dqniel & Mikex I was suggested to appeal this ban as during the time I was honest with them, which they could appreciate. The decision obviously being made by the Senior Admin+ Why should your appeal be accepted?: I never had any malicious intent when doing these transfers, I just wanted a fresh start on a new account and I didn't want to lose my items. If I may be given another chance back onto the server I wouldn't mind having my assets removed as a sort of punishment, I made a mistake and must be punished for it. Post any evidence or further details: The Hakuchou drag that was also given to me wasn't a vehicle transfer, I received it from my friend because he is quitting ECRP, and he gave all of his friends a bit of his assets as a goodbye. (this was RP'd ICly aswell). At this point, if I may receive another chance back into this wonderful community I'll work my hardest on following the rulebook precisely and avoid making any and all mistakes to the best of ability. That's all I have to say, thank you for taking your time of reading my appeal and I hope I may receive another chance.
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    Decent thread but lots of mistakes. Just starting with the rankings. Soldato and Made Man are absolutely the same thing. Being "made" means that you are officially inducted into the family after which your rank is "soldier" or Soldato if you want to be fancy. The ranks are Boss, Consigliere (not above underboss more to the side of the boss) Underboss, Caporegime (Captain, Capo) Soldier (has such variations as Enforcer but does not hold any power over other made men) And then there is Associates, there can also be trusted associates that are esentially vouched for by a made man and marked for getting made. Mafia members do not wear suits from 1940's either or drive around in those museum cars. Also a member like Hakim Iksendria could never get made because he is not born to Italian family. Another common misconception is that every member is Italian. The correct term is American-Italian majority of mobsters these days are third or fourth generation immigrants that were born to Italian families so at this point most of them do not even speak a word of Italian. But the only thing that matters is the bloodline for getting made. Even being half blood removes the possibility for you to get made.
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    Three of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos consist of the Triads, Los Zetas and The Clowns. The council has always existed in Los Santos, to help promote peace and to encourage alliances, however, through these three gangs it is reformed. With the recent actions of smaller gangs coming to light, the council decides to meet to discuss matters that require their attention. Jay Gamble and the Los Zetas head over to Palmer's Power Station to meet with their fellow council leaders. A lot of members turn up to the meeting, to introduce themselves, and to share and promote their plans of action. A lot is discussed, with the end result encouraging prosperity. The council continues their plan of action, bolstering their treasuries and empowering their standing within Los Santos. The Los Zetas are now more developed than ever, with other council members and leaders standing by their side.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID124 / Jason_Steel / @alexalex303 Date of interaction reported: 28/06/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1561749810 Your characters name: Bruce Wong Other player(s) involved: ID25 / Brian_Walky / @MikeyyyG and ID103 / Pete_Wright / @Pistol Pete Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. The act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? We had recently came out of a situation where 4 of our men were arrested by Swat due to a detective tracking us, this said detective was Jason_Steel and has been targeting Triads for close to a month now. Whilst we were driving down the highway we seen one of the detectives from the scene Bonquasha_Quonde, I decided to get out and hold her to gun point, forcing her to say the phrase seen in the footage. After we had finished holding her at gunpoint we got in the car and drove off, I was then ejected due to some bug (Still in the car on the other persons client). I tried to explain this OOC as he pulled up, he totally ignored my request. Pulling up in front of us, then taking out a carbine and opening fire. There was no possible way he had seen the other officer being held at gunpoint as in the footage you can see the time he approaches, therefor breaching Deathmatch. I would like to make it clear that around 1 month ago Steel and I got into an OOC argument and since then he has been directly targeting the gang. I'd like to reference this below: The only form of demand that was ever given was "Stop" from the Megaphone, whilst I was typing OOC, whilst there was no weapons aimed at us. I'd like to avoid this causing arguments, but this is a pretty poor show of RP especially from a staff member. Evidence of rule breach: Screenshot of me being in the drivers car but on my screen I was not:
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    The Wanted were posted up at their usual chopshop locations. After paying close attention to each member day by day, certain eligible members were then taken by Jamaar to be keep-up tested in weather only skilled drivers could maintain themselves in. While on the topic of racing, The Wanted then found themselves racing the "Taco Bomb" track. The course itself allows for many people to properly race at once which makes for only the most fun and comedic of races. Leadership looks for trends in the most common winners and more importantly, impressive driving skill. If you witness mass amounts of orange vehicles set up on any public road, its best to stay out of the way. Later on in the week, The Wanted decided to make an appearance at Dee and Sophie Blitz's wedding to show support. Congratulations from all the boys in Orange. During the after-party, a radio call had come in regarding two individuals who stole Skeetle Jackson's bag of supplies. This cut the celebrations short but they were quickly apprehended and taught a valuable lesson. The day ended off with important discussion among Rooks and Wanted leaders.
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    So, if you've ever been arrested on the server, or had any involvement in the arrest itself, you know that all of the items taken from a player being arrested will usually end up being deleted through the despawning of a cruiser, RPly it will be placed in an evidence room and whatnot, but at the end of the day. All items, legal and illegal will be taken away most likely forever from the arrested player. Although in real life, the inmate's belongings are usually taken to a storage area usually referred to as "Intake & Release", where it is locked up in respective lockers/containers until the day or time the specific inmate is released at. My suggestion is that DOC, SD, or PD will be able to have a command usable at Bolingbroke, the command can be similar to this, /prisonstorage FNAME_LNAME which will open an inventory up, where the specific prisoner's belongings can be placed at. The script would then simply have that person's belongings spawn back on him when he is released from prison. Different volumes can be set up in different locations, for example, Mission Row and the Sheriffs Station can both have a storage volume for 20 Vol. per person, while Bolingbroke can have a storage Vol. of 50 per person. If an inmate also has a phone him, it can be RPly placed in the storage room as well, making the fact that you can't use phones in jail make more sense. To better show why I believe this command can be useful, imagine that the following situation is taking place: Jonathan_Mercer is arrested by 2 cops, while he does have an AK and an unlicensed pistol on him, which are taken due to obvious reasons. He also he 2 burgers, and a bag with 3 radios. As they bring him to Bolingbroke, they are able to hand him over to the guards which will take his belongings away and proceed to place him in jail, starting the prison time. Then, they'd be able to walk to a separate room in which the command can be accessible at, and RP placing Mercer's belongings in his own storage compartment, and can then do the command, /prisonstorage Jonathan_Mercer which would open the inventory up for that specific person's storage, a bag of sorts. They'd be able to place all of the legal belongings in it and then continue to RP the storage compartment as locked until the person's release. When the time comes and Mercer's released from prison, the items placed in the prison storage, Intake & Release or whatever you wish to call it as would spawn on him. I also believe this can pave the way for more roleplay opportunities, with corrupt Correctional Officers or Cops having the ability to take the belongings out of someone's prison storage for their own use and etcetera, Although putting themselves at risk of an investigation on where the belongings went to and etcetera. As well as less frustration when once's released from prison without anything on him, completely stranded until he gets a ride from someone on the highway.
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    I disagree with this idea because the gameplay would continue the same way as it is now and it will still be stale and boring after a few longer runs. What should happen is a revamp of the drug system that will add creativity and dynamic to it and not keep them stable, as Osvaldon promised in November I believe craftable labs should be created which would help out in many many ways, obviously make them very expensive so not every person can get one, but make them available basically to people who have spent quite some time in the city and are experienced criminals RP wise ( IE 400-500k for a drug lab ), that would create more dictated and controlled environment for bigger gangs to influence smaller ones, create market of who can and will use them etc. and also make it a lot more important for people to keep the lab location information a secret and not publically known... It would prevent metagaming of it's location, since joining PD I have noticed the number of 911 calls regarding drug labs are which mostly comes down from salt and toxicity towards a certain gang that is at that time controlling it, IE: Wanted is at lumber, someone hates wanted or got kicked out of lab and they call 911 on them, and they have to abandon lab, we destroy it and that's one out of 6 destroyed for following 8hours which is quite sad and poor RP IMO. So yeah, dynamic and craftable labs which are expensive to craft will be a go-to suggestion from my perspective would add more RP to both legal and criminal side since labs would be more controlled and harder to find, but at the same time worth the risk of shutting down half a mil worth operation. PS: Everyone seems to be complaining about criminals and their RP and everyone is all mighty and wise to judge, but nobody wants to take an hour and think of what their perspective and options of what to do are...
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    While I completely agree and accept that catcalls, sexism, harassment, and such are realistic as I do experience them in real life, the extent to which it happens and is accepted on the server toes the line of realism. It also raises the question of "is this your character's personality?" which the majority of the time, the answer is absolutely not. I'm absolutely in support of fully embracing your character even with their negative traits but what I have experienced during my time in the server thus far is, with all due respect, childish targeting of female characters to determine if they are truly played by females and then an escalation from there. If it is truly part of their character, why does this treatment not always happen when a male RPs as a female? Also, from everything I have experienced in real life, scenarios such as a group of 10 men crouching around a female, trapping her, and yelling derogatory remarks on a daily basis in high pedestrian areas, following a female's vehicle across the entire city to harass her, sexual propositioning in front of the police station followed by disturbing comments following a denial, etc. beg to raise the question of realism and appropriateness.
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    This faction certainly with the most effort at least on the thread. But the execution is absolutely laughable. Does anyone care about the actual rp? First of all Triad's in this form do not exist in america which is where Los Santos is while there are Triads in LA they are certainly nothing like you would see in China. There are no such things as Dragon Heads in USA not anymore, at best you would have Triad associated Red Poles that act as street bosses for Chinese-American gangs. Triads are mainly in Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan. If you wanted to go for a Chinese faction you should have went with Tong's or a Sub set of Wah Ching. Your outfits, i hope it's a meme because no gangster is ever going to wear clothes like that. The mask wearing at all times is also a joke absolutely 0 sense of realism which makes me sad that people have great ideas and then make a joke out of it. Members like Brian Walky. Pretty sure no Chinese person exists with that kind of name and he certainly doesn't look like Chinese. Niko Puzyrek just another example. "The group wanted to make a more relaxed environment throughout the organisation. To help with this they decided it would be a good idea to make the uniform more laid back for some of the ranks." This is just another thing that is completely unrealistic, criminals do not wear uniforms unless they are in prison. Even street gangs barely wear any colors anymore. The fashion of "colour banging" is long gone and if anyone ever uses colours to identify who they roll with, it will be something minor like a hat. "The tension was growing high in the war so the groups parked up and decided to have a little dance party to shake off the nerves." I think it should be hard for anyone to read this after the fact, considering what you are trying to represent. And before you say i'm actually hating for the sake of it, I only want to see good rp and you guys have a very long way to go before you are actually rping a Triad.
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    -Action timers should be only for frisking or looting someone inventory, it only takes a second to unlock a car in reallife while you are actually going towards it , same as if you would rush inside your house or opening your wardrobe to see your stash. -anyone with a phone nowadays can have a free map and gps. -make that the bag be outside your inventory as when you carry it in your hand , because it is the same thing if you have it on your shoulder or in your hand. If you get injured bag should drop - lower guns volume, we carry guns not bricks, same goes with radio. Have to use a whole bag for only 3 pistols or just 2 heavy in order to have room for everything, its a waste From now one there should be straw polls for any major or even minor change of the game mechanics before releaseing an update or even before starting developing that change of mechanics
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    (( DISCLAIMER: This is a 100% IC song and is an ECLIPSE Roleplay cover of Joyner Lucas' Devils Work! None of the lyrics should be taken in OOC context! I fully support and am completely down with roleplaying any sort of retaliation or robbery or attacks due to the lyrics of this song in-game anytime on my Thomas Voight character. Any references of "dead" characters have either CK'd themselves or been permanently banned. My IC stance on bans does not reflect my OOC stance! I recorded the vocals for this track in one take, there are a few mess ups on the way, but I think it's good enough to publish; the audio is in no way altered whatsoever. )) STREAM MY NEW SONG DEVILS WORK NOW: Enjoy!
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    Michael, and his brother Dillon, used to own a bail bonds company together back home named Reese Bail Bonds. The brothers were very close growing up, and went into business together in their early 20s. Mike handled most of the bond jumping, while Dillon primarily focused on the in-house duties of writing surety bonds, and managerial duties. Business was booming, and Mike felt like he was unstoppable. At times, he felt like he was above the law due to the relationships he had built at PD as a bail agent, and the criminal relationships he had built as a bondsman. Mike pushed the envelope a bit more as each passing week came and went. To track a criminal requires one to think like a criminal. Unfortunately, the relationships he had built with the criminals had to intersect with the shallow relationships he had built with PD at some point. That eventually came to a head, and Mike was arrested on attempted trafficking charges. Mike was forced to serve a 10 year sentence for his crimes, and the surety company that backed Reese Bail Bonds forced Dillon to remove Mike from the company. Mike lost everything... The houses, the cars, the business. Everything gone. Mike needed a new beginning. They hand't seen each other much over the years. Dillon was so preoccupied taking care of the business that he didn't have much free time to travel across the state to see Mike in prison. However, upon release from prison Dillon picked him up, he wasn't going to forget about his little brother. He picked up Mike and brought him a duffel bag full of clothes and $1,500. He knew Mike didn't have a chance to succeed back home, so he dropped him off at the Greyhound bus station, and they said their goodbyes. Mike arrived in Los Santos with a few measly dollars, a duffel bag of clothes, a chip on his shoulder, and already a felon who was going to struggle finding any worthwhile employment. Mike arrived in town, and got a job as a postal worker. The pay was terrible, the hours were horrendous, and the job was deathly boring. It was better than prison, but rush of adrenaline on daily basis was missing. Mike would spend his days working for Go Postal, and his nights trying to figure what the hell he was doing. This wasn't enough, but his criminal record was already tarnished so who was going to hire him? Mike was on duty delivering packages and walked by a Warraner in Rockford Hills, as he peered through the window he noticed that the car looked like it was unlocked. Mike was sketpical, but he didn't have much to lose. He waited until he got off work at Go Postal, drove the beat up car he had been working days on end for to Rockford Hills to see if that car he had seen earlier in the day was still there. It was there...Mike realized this was a defining moment in his future. If he stole this car, there was no going back. He had flashes of his old life. The nice cars, the women, the drugs, the excitement of the hunt. Mixed in with those flashes were mental images of the drab gray concrete walls he spent so much time in, locked both physically and mentally away from society. Mike opened the car door, and popped open the trunk. Inside sat more weed than he could carry with his hands. His eyes glowing with excitement, and his palms sweating, he stuffed his pockets to the brim with the weed, filled up the trunk of his car, and left the little bit he couldn't take behind. Maybe it was fate, maybe luck, but in a single unlocked car he found more drugs than he knew what to do with. But there was one problem, what the hell was he supposed to do with it now? Mike spent some time trying to sell small bags of pot for a few hundred dollars around town. It wasn't paying well, and it was putting no dent into the stash he had accumulated from that car. He had met a guy previously named Conor who he thought may be interested in buying it all. He made a phone call to Conor, and conor offered to take most of it. Conor rolled up in an orange sports car riding passenger with a guy who he later found out was Dewey Lewis. Mike didn't know if he was going to be robbed, or it was going to go smoothly. He was unfamiliar with gangs in the city, and had seen the orange guys before. He didn't know their name, but he knew they had nice cars and money. Two things mike was lacking. Mike did the deal with Conor, and Dewey and Conor asked if he would be interested in hanging out with The Wanted. Mike didn't know what to expect, but what did he have to lose? One of Mike's first days hanging out he met MJ, Carter, Dirk, Acid, and Owl. They took him up to an excluded area near the observatory where they took turns getting branded with Wanted marks. Those who didn't get branded had "The Wanted" carved into their skin with Carter's blade. This is when Mike realized how deep the loyalty went. The cars were nice, but cars and money fade. Loyalty is forever. Mike Made the decision he would work to be in The Wanted. Mike eventually received his colors after a shootout with the police at a chop shop. He proved his loyalty, and The Wanted trusted him. He was arrested for his first time in a long while for street racing and sent to a cell in PD. The smell of cleaning supplies wafting up from the cold concrete floor (a scent of Pinesol), voices from the cell next to him echoing off the concrete walls, and the anxiety of not being in control. It was a bleek reminder of what he left behind. Mike made the decision he was going to play it smart, and try to avoid going back as much as possible. Prison isn't a place you want to be, and Mike knew that first hand. This was a reminder that reinforced those emotions. Mike was still a Buster when a large war broke out with Zetas, Clowns, Irish, Marcellos and The Wanted. Mike disagreed with the reasons for being in the war, but he had faith in the leadership above him that they were making the right decision. The war was brutal. Lives were lost, blood was shed, loyalty was betrayed, and lines were drawn in the sand. Mike had been to prison, and had seen criminal life. But never anything like this. He had never seen friends turn their backs, or brothers shot in cold blood. As the war went on, Mike slowly became less effected by it. Almost as if it had become normal. With each friend lost, and each betrayal done, he put up a wall and stopped letting people in. After the war was over, Mike was moved to an official gang member. Jamaar thanked those who lived through the war for their service, and made all those who lived official members. Mike worked his way through the ranks, mostly keeping to himself. He was eventually dubbed "Prison Mike" due to the past criminal history by Johnny Falcon, a Wanted OG. Mike continued hustling whatever deals he could during the day to earn a buck. At night, he got together with the boys and would race. Racing was the only thing that made him forget all the pain, struggle, and anguish he'd been through in life. The growl of the engine, hiss of the intake, whine of the turbo, and the mixed smells of gasoline and oil became intoxicating. It was it's own form of therapy. A much needed escape to relax and unwind. To be continued...
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    After finally recruiting some new faces, a few fellow members from Legion decided to group up and start the day by hitting the streets of Los Santos to target a few local stores. As now was our time to start the hustle and begin making a good source of income to help support the gang. We grouped together at the local gas station and rolled out to our first destination, Chumash247. Finally, after targeting a variety of stores across the city, we all regrouped and divided the cash evenly between our members. However, the cash we gathered was still not enough to satisfy what we had hoped to achieve; so we decided to scout one of the local locations known for processing narcotics and from thereon held down the lab. The wait was long, but after gathering supplies from other local destination's it was finally time to begin the harvest. While a couple of members maintained the upkeep of the plantations, the rest were either cooking or providing protection from anyone that were to head our way. Subsequently, when we had built up a large stash of narcotics, we harvested what was left from the plantations and proceeded to stash all of the goods to prepare them for the next stage... selling. With the market becoming scare, selling to buyers has been difficult, but we managed to find a couple of interested buyers that were willing to pay a reasonable price for the goods. Once the deal had been dealt, the day came to and end and the gang headed back to their homes to prepare for the next few days to come... as this was only the beginning of our hustle.
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    Brothers at Arms Sometimes you just know that you found someone that you can call a brother. Someone that would stand with you through thick and thin and someone that will always support you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes different perspectives on a certain case can lead to a scenario in which two former brothers are turned against each other. Some people may call it politics, some people may call it betrayal but there is one thing for certain; Clutch’s world changed that day. It was a calm day and Clutch asked his ‘Brother’ to meet up with him, due to some emotional problems that he was struggling with. It felt like a normal hangout, a type of hangout that happened between them on a frequent basis. Yet, this ‘hangout’ changed a lot. Clutch’s friend brought up a huge issue that impacted their relationship. Clutch got told that his ‘Brother’ was turning on him, because his new group ‘The Legion’ was not happy with ‘The Wanted’. In their eyes ‘The Wanted’ was obtaining for something that they didn’t deserve. This causing them to not be willing to become neutral with ‘The Wanted’. In opposite, they told Clutch that they were planning to become hostile towards ‘The Wanted’ when they had the chance. Clutch was shook and out of words, he tried to leave this meeting as soon as possible. He had to think. After strolling through the city for a few hours, he looked up and saw a huge yellow crane and decided to climb up. The climb was filled by a rollercoaster of emotions. The main question that haunted his head was; WHY?. What did he do wrong, or how did he deserve to be stuck in this position. Nobody could give him that answer. He spend hours up the crane dangling his feet off the side of the crane. The sun started to go down and he decided that he had to down again. He stood up and brushed his somewhat developed tears away. He placed one feet on the railing, and placed the second one up there a few seconds later. He stood still for a second and then a big sigh escaped before he jumped of the crane. A few seconds after his jump, he pulled the cord on his back opening the parachute. The feeling of flying emptied his mind for a second. He decided to steer towards the Los Santos Pier, where after a few minutes he landed on the beach. He hid his parachute under the pier and found half a bottle of whiskey in the sand. He stared at the bottle desperately, getting flashbacks to his past where he was a uncontrollable drunk. Clutch decided to pick it up. There he was, at the place where once him and his ‘Brother’ were laughing and chilling together. A place that brought back great memories, but also a great pain and feeling of emptiness. They say that when you lose something, you can just replace it. His old friend was gone, and he was greeted with another old friend again. A friend that made him see less clear and influenced his daily business. He stayed there for a few more hours, drinking the whole bottle of whiskey and losing track of time. The questions in his head still haunted him and he couldn’t find any answers. More than a week had passed since that terrible day, and his emotions were completely shifted. He was no longer sad or angry, but had a feeling of darkness inside him. He described it as that he felt that he lost all of his emotions. He didn’t feel anything anymore, he felt empty. But he did make himself one promise, he swore that he would never feel like this again. Sometimes Brothers in Arms change to Brothers at Arms.
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    July 14th, 2019 marks the official grand opening of The Wanted Reup. Having ownership of a gas station has been a long term goal set by The Wanted since it was founded in January and through a long, bumpy road that goal was finally accomplished. With the help of our strong, dedicated members and close friends alike it is now a reality. With a property of this scale, hosting a car meet and street races was made exponentially easier. As the gas station is positioned right next to a track with easy access to cheap fuel, the meet went smoothly with the support of those who came out to celebrate.
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    I believe the prison sentence should have a Cap at 120 minutes. I believe it should cap because some people don't have time to sit in a prison for 6 hours. Also the police department could abuse the easily. A lot of people don't like the change to the prison making the times unlimited. Also if you make the prison sentences this long some people probably would stop playing on the criminal character. For example: people wont want to risk having to spend a day in prison because they shot at someone or they wouldn't want to go to prison for a long time for un paid tickets or like reckless driving. I believe 120 minutes was long enough. Making it unlimited is to much. People have to go to work and they cant play to go finish there sentence. Hope you can consider making a cap on the prison sentence. 🙂
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    While The Wanted continues to thrive and grow with the guidance of the Street King’s and Captains, Brandy Falcon, former Street Queen, has remained hidden away in her home, her money dwindling away with each passing day. As the sun rises over Los Santos, the birds begin to sing their morning song on the window sill of Brandy’s home, as if beckoning to her. Slowly, her eyes open, bloodshot and crusty, staring up at the ceiling. A frown instantly slides down her lips, realizing she has, yet again, survived another night of heavy drinking. In silence, she sits up and holds her head in her palm, feeling it pounding from the hangover. With the birds’ morning song ringing in her ears like an alarm, Brandy slowly slides to the edge of her bed, taking a moment to look at the empty spot next to her, touching it longingly, then standing up with a drawn out sigh through her nose. She stumbles out of her room to begin another day of self abuse. Shuffling through her home, she kicks aside dirty clothes and clutter. Her home in complete disarray, looking as though it hasn’t been maintained in months. Making her way to the kitchen, she grabs the fridge handle and opens it, reaching her hand inside in search of her morning alcohol. Her hands find nothing to grasp. In disbelief, she bends down and peers inside the dark fridge, the light bulb having burnt out weeks ago, and finds it completely empty. She opens drawers inside the fridge, but they yield the same, nothing. Panic begins to grow in her chest. Slamming the fridge door, she begins running from cabinet to cabinet, ripping them open, knocking things down, and throwing things on the ground as she continues to search. With each passing second, Brandy’s anxiety rises, her chest moving up and down quickly as she begins to hyperventilate, her heart pounding, and her head spinning. After tearing the kitchen apart, she quickly stumbles into the living room, checking all the liquor bottles that have piled up. “No, no, no, no... No! It can’t all be gone!” Several more desperate moments pass, rummaging through the empty bottles, the realization finally set in. Tears spilled from her eyes, her arms falling limp beside her while slowly dropping to her knees In a pile of clutter and bottles, her head tilted back, staring up at the ceiling, she sobbed silently, her shoulders bouncing up and down with each sob until she had no more air in her lungs. Taking in a deep breath, her silent sobs become pathetic wails, hot tears continuing to fall down her cheeks and chin. With nothing to numb her pain, Brandy was now forced to face it, something she has been avoiding for close to two months. “Why?! You said you would never leave me! YOU PROMISED ME!!!” Out of money and alcohol, Brandy’s sobs continued through out the morning. As the hours passed, she found herself waking up on the ground, with no recollection as to when she passed out during her break down. While laying on the ground in silence, her eyes fixated on a pile of clutter in the corner of the room, something catching her eye. With a grunt, she slowly begins to crawl towards it, her shaky hands reaching for it, grasping it carefully as she picks it up. It was a framed picture of the former Street King, Johnny Falcon. An older photo, when he was younger and in the military. Holding his firearm within a group of other soldiers, he was the only one smiling, his grin beaming with pride. Although he was proud to serve his country, it came at a cost, in more ways than one. But the most lingering, and troublesome cost was post traumatic stress disorder, with his most recent episode resulting in his arrest. His trial is set several years down the road, but it’s inevitable that he is likely going to receive either life in prison, or the death sentence. The worst part? Since Johnny was considered very dangerous, he is not permitted to have any visitors. Ever. Even if Johnny is spared the death penalty, Brandy knew she was never going to see him again. As Brandy stares down at the picture in her hands, her bottom lip quivers, her eyes becoming misty, finding herself crying all over again. “I’m so lost without you, Johnny... What do I do? I’m... so alone.” She stares down at the smiling Johnny Falcon in the picture frame, as if she was expecting an answer, but of course, it never came. An uneasy sigh escapes her lips, slowly picking herself off of the floor and setting the framed picture down on the coffee table. For the first time in quite a long time, Brandy opened the front door of her home, light from the setting sun flooding the dark, and broken home. Looking over her shoulder, Brandy sees her home in a new perspective... There was a lot of work that needed to be done. With a deep breath, and clenched fists, she steps out of her home and looks up towards the sky. She didn't know if she was even ready to face the world again, let alone face The Wanted...
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    After days of planning, the wedding of Thaddeus and Ariana Grey was underway. Everyone gathered around on this perfect day for a perfect wedding. Congratulations to the two. The after party had been held at the Los Santos Triads' club who had been kind enough to let it be used for this occasion. Unfortunately, it went from a great time to a disaster within' the hour. The LSPD had intervened after an individual was seen on the premises with an assault rifle. It went to mayhem, SWAT units on the scene and Weazel News documenting the events. All but one Wanted member had escaped scot free, either by cooperating or fleeing. The following day, The Wanted opened up recruitment once again. With a long list of possible recruits to go through and test, it felt appropriate to bring a few selected individuals to a track to see what they're made of. The prospects did well and were taken elsewhere for more different, in-depth testing purposes.
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    Let's go with your hypotheticals, why can police open fire on a vehicle not stopping? This would be non-rp and support the concept of trigger happy cops. Why doesn't the PD have a force matrix report form where you detail every interaction performed documenting the outcome of traffic stops, firefights and so on a so forth with evidence of each outcome? Why isn't there a casefile case outlining charges that can be review by a judge that then decides charges place since cops IRL can't charge then sentence? How come cops have .50 Cal rifles given it's only permitted on stop vehicles within the US? How come PD have a teamspeak channel where information can be metagamed? How come PD has the ability to take out firearms without billing the department when they are lost? How come weapons are bound to the character of the Police member and can't be taken like any other? How come PD has a panic button that can be pressed outside their GPS'd car? How can your cruisers total the speed of super? Why isn't there a forum section cataloging all evidence collected as it applies to crimes? Seems like we only want roleplay that fits outcomes we want, doesn't it?
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    Man I also hate when I open fire on 7 officers and get put in prison for that. Wtfrick people!!
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    EST. 2019 Fight Club is a place where people can chill and have a great time. Its main purpose is for hosting Amateur Fights , but we will host Parties too as it is also a Pub. Location: Downtown Los Santos , Close to Weazel News. Fight Club will be hosting events, to keep up with our latest updates, visit our app also : https://discord.gg/wmZfX75 We are also lookin for Employee : - bookie/bartender - ring-announcer - bouncer Contact at : #4457043 or via e-mail at "2K🔥#[email protected]"
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    Clowns have recently been getting a decent amount of new recruits. Higher ups of the organisation have been in talks that there needs to be a test for associates where they can prove themselves and move up the ranks in Clowns. In the meeting it was decided that we are going to hold a fight club specifically for new recruits. Since using bare fists would take forever, because every single member is tough, the fighters were given brass knuckles Whomever would win the even would instantly be moved to a higher ranking position in the organisation. Victorious associate was - David Quart, who was congratulated by his colleagues for his skill in fist fighting!
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