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    Preface - This report is not directly linked with @MusketDeezNuts's report, it contains further infringements but the same situation is being reported with another situation for one individual (2 parts). Player(s) being reported: Mask 7939_1817, Mask 674_7741, Mask 7645_8205, Mask 2895_885 Date of rule breach: 05/09/2018 Time of rule breach: 19:30 UTC+1 Your characters name: Roberto Sanchez Other players involved: All LSC mechanics on duty, Pedro Luis, Freyja, Steve Carwyn, many more. Specific rule broken: 6.2.2. Kill on Sight is only allowed for these specific reasons to kill, and all other reasons to kill must have roleplay involved. ● Witnessing first hand threat or attempt of murder against you or a close friend. ● Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend. ● Large scale theft of greater than $75,000 in value (excluding vehicles). 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay. 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. 5.1.1. Metagaming is the act of of relaying in-character information through out of character means or using out of character information that is not available or known to your character in-character For example, your character cannot see player name tags, therefore while roleplaying you must pretend that you do not know the names of the strangers around you and would not call them by their stranger ID or mask ID either. 5.1.4. Players may not have two characters who interact together. If they are roleplaying family members, they would need a backstory that separates them from all communication and activity with the other character involving exchanging of knowledge. Roleplaying your character transmitting information to your alternate character or inheriting their enemies or issues is not acceptable and is considered metagaming. How did the player break the rule?: This report will be split in to two sections. 1) The Mass DM and KOS at LSC. 2) Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre 1) This squad of 4 people were camping at LSC as they believe they had a valid KOS reason to kill Roberto. This is false as the rule clearly states the KOS rule is only valid for "Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend" (See section 2 report regarding this "close friend") but this was not an active situation and therefore an invalid reason for KOS. , they also did not have valid KOS reason to kill Pedro_Luis (as he just got back from a 2 day ban and has not been in the city), nor did they have KOS reason to kill all other people at LSC who were just stood there not shooting. The first person they shot was Pedro who, as I stated earlier, has not been in the city for the previous 2 days and therefore had no valid KOS reason. They then began to spray at me but I managed to get inside the garage. While I was in the garage, they killed everyone else standing around for no valid reason. Whilst hiding in the garage, I tabbed out to message an admin regarding the in-progress mass DM and they found me inside, I tabbed back in and put my hands up, with my hands in the air, they said "we don't have time for this" and shot me dead breaching rule 5.3.2 (Invalid reason to kill - Players who have complied with your demands). After finishing me off, they went outside and began shooting at a mechanic and sprayed down two cops. Completely a mass DM and non-rp to say the least. Also, please note that they are abusing the 3rd person camera for information on what is going on below (metagaming). The first link in the evidence will be the video showing this shit-show from the perspective of Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre. 2) TBag or Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre has directly breached rule 5.1.4 as he CKed after he was assasinated last night yet he knows all of the knowledge information and prejudices his former character had. When he was challenged about this he stated that his new character and his old character were in jail together for years and they developed a deep friendship which is a breach of rule 5.1.4 as it states that "roleplaying your character transmitting information to your alternate character or inheriting their enemies or issues is not acceptable and is considered metagaming". So since CKing Jemal, Sigitas has inherited Jemal's enemies due to their "deep friendship" in prison. Furthermore, Jamal_Brown/Sigitas_Nendre is well known for metagaming as he called myself and Pedro out on our numbers in our gang on stream and used the F4 menu to gain IC information about us (2nd video link) Evidence of rule breach: 1) https://streamable.com/qn80r 2) https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulElatedCasettePeteZarollTie I may add more to this as I remember due to the fact that this report is extremely deep and there are many different rule breaks here. If I do edit it, I will add it at the bottom with the prefix "EDIT -".
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    Player(s) being reported: Date of rule breach: 9/6/2018 Time of rule breach: 9:30ish Your characters name: Sigitas_nendre Other players involved: you can see theyr id in video evidence Specific rule broken: " Paste rule text here " deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that, breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permament ban. How did the player break the rule?: I heard my friends got chased by some guys, so i was looking for them, i found a lot of car gathered, so i was watching what is going on, and one of them started open firing, then i tried to call admin to watch situation and went back there and got killed by multiple ppl just open firing me, with reason *they stopped me* when i never met them i was litteraly streaming for like 50mins when i joined server today, noone pulled me or asked me to stop or anything, Evidence of rule breach:1st attempt dm https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessBraveKuduFreakinStinkin https://clips.twitch.tv/LovelyTrustworthyNikudonNotATK some of them also known as streamsnipers.also some of them had previously been banned for same things if you are interested i will put the whole stream vod just for you to make sure i never encountered them https://www.twitch.tv/videos/306677682
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    Hey fellow roleplayers. As many roleplayers in eclipse have a lover IC or are even married. Why not have a official marriage document you can sign at LSPD, where two partners can sign. Pay a small fee, and choose one of the partners last name. This would automatic update your profile to married to: .... in the police database. And another thing. Devorse system. Where you pay a small fee to officialy divorse your husband/wife. This can be done without the other person present. And takes in effect after 24 RL hours, to give you time to cancel it.
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    Phones Ok so couple of suggestions for the phone which would benefit everyone: ______________________________________________________ 1. Add the ability to add a number from your received messages menu. So next to the Bin + text back icons, add a little '+' Icon that allows you to automatically add that number with an option to enter a name. 2. Update the phone call section to add the name of someone who's calling if they're stored in your contact list. Many times i'm asking "whos this" to people I have in my phone already. 3. Perhaps a couple of organisation choices would be nice in the phone, maybe segment the contacts alphabetically as follows; ______________________________________________________ (This is a menu title panel) A: Contacts beginning with A are listed here (This is a menu title panel) B: Contacts beginning with B And so on. (this could be listed via Surname or first name, whatever people's preference is.) In addition - Automatically turn off radio when phone is answered would be nice. ______________________________________________________ I believe this would be a benefit to literally everyone in the city, especially when you have a lot of contacts, I spend too much time searching through my contacts trying to find the one person I need to be in contact with. Please add anything you think I missed below and +1 to support or -1 if you don't want a useful phone. 😉 Tommy.
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    Player(s) being reported: Date of rule breach: 9/9/2018 Time of rule breach: 12:00 Your characters name: Sigitas_Nendre Other players involved: Multiple ppl you can see in clip Specific rule broken: Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-Character reason to do that, breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permament ban. How did the player break the rule?: Once again guys in white clothes showing up and just starting to shoot with no reason, without saying anything Evidence of rule breach: 3 of us never encountered them, when they showed up they just started to shoot with no warnings, with the reason *you match the description* when theres only 1 dark blue drag bike in town and i own it, and i never encountered them today, neither i was trying to rob them, this is not the first time they open fire, i have another report waiting for admins to answer when they actually dm killed me with no reason AGAIN. im done with these white guys just showing up and starting to shoot randomly, second evidence : from other guys perspective, they shoot first then start saying stop stop, you can clearly see that theres multiple bullets flying before they said stop.
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    Hello! I know this has been brought up many times, but I cannot find the latest thread. We should try and get radio distortion back on the server, so it is easy to distinguish the local and radio VOIP. #MakeRadioGreatAgain If the Devs have already answered this, could somone link the suggestion? 😃
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    Hey Community, I dont know if its just me, but recently or since a couple of weeks Dsync and glitches have become a huge problem, i see people randomly teleporting infront of me and 95% of the time i ride a bike with my wife @Zothian on she either dies through a glitch or we both die... Basically what she tells me is that i am driving into a wall while i am in the middle of the road (??). This has caused that i actually report it as a /report 2 (Glitch) because its taking overhand and the dsync's has become ALOT worse. I have no clue if you guys from the development team can manage to fix this but it has become really really bad and i wish that you guys maybe could pay a bit more attention to that due to i see also alot of reports where glitches/dsync is clearly involved and i am not gonna lie about it i rammed a guy today that randomly spawned infront of me while he was atleast 40m behind me 1 second before i rammed him, i ofcourse explained him the situation and he said its all good it has happend alot recently. However i just wanna point out that my connection is pretty stable (38-50 ping) and i do not think that laag is the problem due to i also checked the other guys ping and it was barely 60. Maybe you guys can prioritize this due to yeah its an actual issues since a couple of weeks. Regards, Adrian Johnson
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    To all of the Bayview staff I want to thank every one of you for the amazing experience and journey I had in the past 4 months working here, from the ups and downs. Going out and having fun, all the parties we've had together, I'll miss the idle chit chats we had whilst waiting for customers and the occasional drama we had. Bayview was the first real Job I had apart from the military and that I actually got accepted into and I am grateful to Brian Oconnor, who now works at MD, for giving me a chance and not denying/firing me at the earliest convenience. I learnt many things along the way and I believe I came out as a better person than I was before I was working here and I am grateful for it all. I want to thank Ana West, the current owner of Bayview, and even though I didn't really talk to you too much I want to thank you for tolerating me and allowing me to work here, it's been a pleasure. Ryan, I want to thank you as well. You were the first person that I really started talking to and you were supportive of me from the very start and I am very grateful for that, I was going through a lot at the time with my kids and wife at the time so your help was greatly appreciated. We still need to go for those drinks together though, we still haven't figured out who's the better one! Elisabeth, you joined slightly later than me and even though you did you somehow got AHEAD of me but good job on getting to where you are now! Thank you for being there and supporting me on the way, you're a great friend and I hope for the best between you and Brock! Harry, you're a great guy, funny as all hell and easy to talk to. Thanks for being my mate and I hope all goes well for you. Get on that grind man! Johnathan and Robberto, what can I say about you two...Whenever you're on duty you are the life and spirit of Bayview, I don't think many can called that. Good luck to the both of you and stay safe. Good luck on that Mamba, Robberto! And last but not least Paul. You're going places man, get that management spot. I know you can do it! I hope you'll keep on being a good influence on it and I hope you along side Lis, Sarah and the owners will shape Bayview into a great company and into a great family. To any that I didn't mention by name, it may be because we haven't talked too much or you just got accepted into Bayview, I hope that you'll continue to work at Bayview and that you will make it a good place to both work in and to get serviced in. Bayview is just as much as my family as it is yours and I hope you treat it right! To the whole of management, I hope you continue to work hard and diligently and that you'll shape Bayview into an even better company because right now you're going places and I believe you can make it even better! I hope to see you all out there, if you ever need help feel free to call me up, my new number is 911! Expect continued patronage from me! Good luck and good health to all! Signed Former Senior Mechanic/HR member
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    Drugs The new drugs update and crafting etc was a great addition to the server. There's a lot of interesting new rp elements from this and its become a great little extra source of income for gangs. I think the issue has now started to develop that there's no viable reason for people to do street sales/purchases other than for RP elements at parties which seldom happen. Drugs currently have a lot of negative effects; Withdrawals from not taking, cool but crazy screen distortions. Now these elements are great, they add an interesting element to the game but if you want more dynamic roleplay and shady street dealing there needs to be a slight tweak to the benefit of using drugs. Since there is a strong request for body armor and a few other advantageous elements for criminals to keep up with the firepower + defences the police has, I think this is a good way to push the criminal world a little closer to competing with the police's current overwhelming power. ______________________________________ How do we fix this issue? My suggestion is simple: Small buffs or bonuses for taking a type of drug. This is a completely viable suggestion due to the following: Cravings for the drug decrease your health, so taking it will also cause long-term problems ontop of the fact it's illegal to carry the drugs. There's already huge drawbacks from taking drugs but no real benefit. Drug Benefit ideas: NOTE: all of the following suggestions would be subject to a little play-testing/balancing to perfect the perfect cost to benefit ratio for the player. Cocaine: (I believe this already provides temporary armor a little.) +5-10 armor per dose of cocaine with a permanent lasting effect until death. I believe this would have monumental effects on how the street-drug trading would develop. Increasing sales and pushing RP. LSD: Enhances Audio hearing distances and text visibility slightly. Assuming text visibility was balanced to have the same distance as audio distance, which it currently doesn't. Real LSD effects increase audio hearings or also trigger hallucinations, this could be an interesting element to the game Meth: Slight health regen. Heroin: Stabilizes an injured person for a couple minutes. My search history looks terrible right now looking into all drug effects. Heroin makes the user feel 'warm and relaxed and gives a sense of wellbeing' and I think this could be used to stablize a downed friend, maybe it has to be used from an external person, not the injured person, again an idea for balancing from the devs. Ecstasy: Increase to reload times? Ecstasy is a difficult one to give a bonus to because it provides a 'buzz' essentially and i'm not sure what else to put in here, any suggestions might be interesting. Mushrooms: Purely visual party aesthetic These things in-game provide some form of extreme Chromatic aberration which is pretty awesome and might be justified in staying as they are, people tend to take these just to look at the cool effects. Steroids: Faster sprint speed. I think they already do this to some effect in-game but it would be interesting to see this happen in a more obvious way. Marijuana: Slow down bleed-out times/ Reduce chances of injury from a carcrash Weed's meant to chill you out or something, so possibly adding these elements to this drug would make it more viable drug of choice on the streets also. ______________________________________ Summary To further balance things out, I think there needs to be potential for death/injury from taking loads of drugs at once, so if you try to stack all the hard drugs, along-side the fact you basically can't see anything (already tried this in-game XD) you should also run the risk of having a heart attack or having major organs stop functioning and injure you. This could be done on some kind of random dice in-code. 1/3 times from taking 3+ drugs you end up having health problems for example. I hope these ideas seem reasonable and balanced, if you would like to elaborate further on how we could reintroduce drugs in a positive way that benefits the roleplay, feel free to leave extra suggestions. Tommy.
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    Hello fellow roleplayers! Tired of the turfs only being inside the city? Me too! Well I gave 5 hours of my free time to check for good locations for turfs and warehouses, and I managed to come up with these 5 extra turfs! Turf map Turf one: Turf two: Turf Three: Turf Four: Turf Five: I picked these locations as they seem the most logical one, I know paleto bay has a Police station nearby, but I still wanted to add it. I looked for the following stuff: -Possible to defend? -Good Logical warehouse. -Not close to the other turfs, (as its San Andreas and alot of it would be to open) And a few more minor things. +1 if you agree! -1 if you disagree! Link this to all your friends! lets make this happen! Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts
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    Player(s) being reported: Triple 7 (Stranger 4020_5474) VDM Date of rule breach:28/08/2018 Time of rule breach:15:20 UTC+1 Your characters name:Pedro Luis Other players involved:Tom Daniels Specific rule broken: 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. 5.3.6. A vehicle should never be used against a player on foot who has a firearm except for in the case that a gun is freshly drawn and driving forward over the shooter one time is the best means of a safe escape. If a player is actively shooting or aiming at you, getting into a vehicle and using this as a weapon would be unrealistic and therefore classed as VDM. If you come upon a shooting where someone is actively firing at a friend, you may use your one vehicle hit to stop the attack and flee. How did the player break the rule?: Basically, I called for a pickup from Tom via the radio, Tom arrived and Triple 7 saw both of us on the side of the road, slowed down, then sped up to hit us with force. After the incident, Triple 7 claimed that one of us had a gun drawn and that was why he considered it to be valid even though it is clear from the video that no gun was drawn. Even if a gun was drawn (which it wasn't) this situation would be in direct breach of rule 5.3.6 as it states that "A vehicle should never be used against a player on foot who has a firearm except for in the case that a gun is freshly drawn and driving forward over the shooter one time is the best means of a safe escape". Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/oovda
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    Speaking of reality. You want police to chase you in your multi-million vehicle that will end up getting damaged during the chase? Sounds unrealistic. -1 from me, cars are already being driven like maniacs, no need for even more speed.
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    For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the LS Vagos faction thread: The historicity of the Vagos, when the gang was formed, and historical events about the gang is shrouded in mystery, though they probably started forming along with the other Los Santos gangs during the 70's and 80's. Prior to 1992, they also controlled northern East Los Santos. This is evidenced by CJ's reaction to OG Loc directing CJ to northern East Los Santos to find and kill Freddy during the mission OG Loc. CJ states, "Ain't this Vagos' hood?". This is due to CJ being away from Los Santos for five years and not been knowledgable on the current situation of the gangs. During 1992, the area is actually controlled by the Ballas instead. Likewise, a Vagos gang house remains in the area - which is destroyed during the mission Burning Desire. Since northern East Los Santos was once part of Vagos territory before falling under Ballas control in 1992, there must have been either a gang war or a diplomatic agreement between the Ballas and the Vagos at some point. The start and reason of their rivalries with the Aztecas, Grove Street Families, and Ballas are unknown. It is likely that hostilities naturally developed due to territorial expansion. Their hostilities towards the Grove Street Families has increased over the years due to their involvement in crack-cocaine and the weakening of the GSF - which the Vagos see as an opportunity to possibly take over. WHAT DOES THE WORLD THINK OF "Los Santos Vagos"? A string of brutal murders in Los Santos has thrown a national spotlight on LS Vagos, a street gang that was born in LS but has roots in Sandy Shores. The latest was a mass murder on Monday on Chumash Beach, where the bodies of four males, including three teenagers, were found mangled in the woods, according to police. President Nobody tweeted to call the gang "bad". Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to "devastate" it. Both blamed Osvaldon-era immigration policy for its rise. But what is LS Vagos and is Osvaldon really to blame? A reputation for extreme violence The gang began in the barrios of Los Santos in LS during the 1980s, formed by immigrants who had fled Sandy Shores' long and brutal civil war. Other members came from Las Venturas, Paleto Bay. LS Vagos established a reputation for extreme violence and for killing with machetes. It took root in neighbourhoods dominated by Mexican gangs, and later expanded to other parts of the country. According to the FIB, the gang has spread to whole state. In 2012, the LS Treasury designated the gang a "transnational criminal organisation". It was the first street gang to receive the dubious honour, placing it alongside much larger international cartels like the Mexican Zetas, Japanese Yakuza and Italian Camorra. Brutal initiations: LS Vagos has been accused of recruiting poor and at-risk teenagers. Joining is said to require being "jumped in" - subjected to a vicious "lazy" beating - and "getting wet" - carrying out a crime, often a murder, for the gang. Leaving is potentially even more dangerous. Large chest tattoos brand members for life, and some factions are said to murder members who attempt to leave. A 2008 FIB threat assessment put the size of LS Vagos between 30 and 100 members in the LS, making it one of the largest criminal enterprises in the country. It is now larger outside the country, according to the agency. An anti-gang crackdown in the late 1990s saw hundreds of early members shipped back to Central American countries, where they established offshoots. Estimates put the number of members in Central American countries at at least 200. The gang's annual revenue is about $12.2m according to information from a large-scale Paleto Bay police operation obtained by the Weazel newspaper - mainly from from drugs and extortion. "Kill, rape, control" Recent high-profile cases linked to the gang include the murder of two female high-school students who were attacked with a machete and baseball bat as they walked through their neighbourhood in New York last month - a revenge attack over a minor dispute, according to police. Four alleged LS Vagos members were charged with that crime. Another two alleged members were charged at the same time with the murder of a fellow gang member said to have violated gang protocol. The same month, two alleged members of the gang in Houston, Texas were charged with kidnapping three teenage girls, holding them hostage and raping them before shooting one dead on the side of the road. Big J, 28, and Juan Hernandez, 25, laughed and waved at the cameras during their court appearance. LS Vagos's motto is "kill, rape, control", according to one FIB gang specialist who investigated the group. Blaming Osvaldon Mr Nobody and Mr Sessions have pointed the finger at former President Osvaldon over the spread of LS Vagos, alleging that his open-door immigration policies fuelled its growth. But the gang formed and flourished in the LS long before Mr Osvaldon came to power. LS Vagos was identified as a significant threat in the 1990s, and a special FIB taskforce was convened against the gang in 1994. "The big surge was during Bush-Cheney when the drivers of illegal migration in Los Santos grew, when various crackdowns on crime filled prisons to bursting point, and when funding for rehabilitation programs declined," Fulton T Armstrong, a research fellow at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University, told fact-checking website Politifact. "I have seen no evidence that the Osvaldon administration can be blamed in any way for the existence or activities of the gang in the LS," said Ioan Grillo, author of a book on LS gang crime. The Osvaldon administration also prioritised the deportation of gang criminals, including LS Vagos members, in an aggressive deportation program. Politifact rated Mr Nobody's claim as false. Published by Weazel. Many Vagos members cover themselves in tattoos. Common markings include "LSV", "VAGOS", the "HUSTLER", the name of their clique, and other symbols. A December 2007 Weazel internet news article stated that the gang was moving away from face tattoos so as to be able to commit crimes without being noticed. Members of LS Vagos, like members of most modern Los Santos gangs, utilize a system of hand signs for purposes of identification and communication. One of the most commonly displayed is the "Take a walk" which forms an 'V' when displayed upside down. This hand sign is similar to the symbol commonly displayed by ancient locos. Founders of LS Vagos took the hand sign upon forming. "We hang over here, ese." "Never walk alone, someone is always watching." J - Jefe (Boss) - Leader of the Gang, Identifiable by a tattoo of important woman in his life, on his forearm and bicep. This is the Gang's leader, you don't want to mess with this Person, if you even try to insult him, your dead. 5 - Mano Derecha / Capitano (Right Hand / Captain) - Second highest in the higherarchy, Identifiable by a XIII under the eyebrow, or a MARAVILLA tattooed around the neck. This is the co-leader of the Gang, respect him, he runs the gang when Jefe is out of town/sleeping. 4 - Vato del Jefe (Friend of the Boss) - OG, Long-time respected member, Identifiable by an X3 tattoo over the gut and torso area. This is a loyal member and has helped the Vagos for years NEVER dis-respect him, he's like the Jefe's son. 3 - Pandillero (Gangster) - Has "Put in work" for the gang, and shown true faith for the barrio. Identifiable by the words "Green Pride" on his chest. 2 - Solado (Soldier) - Has gained some respect in the barrio, but still trying to prove themselfs, Identifiable by a Mexican Eagle, Virgin Marry, or Praying Man tattoo on the left arm. 1 - Cholo/Chola - A basic ragged mameber, Identifiable by a crossed out TAX on the back-side of the hand, near the joint of the thumb. This is a low ranking member who just passed their test and are accepted into Vagos, he doesn't give orders. 0 - Hood Rat - Still doesn't have a sign since he is a fresh meat. These are the lowest rank in Vagos, they dont give orders and are not to be trusted. The Vagos Code is the set of OOC rules Los Santos Vagos faction expects every member to adhere to at all times. Heavy roleplay is expected from all members of the faction which means you are required to be in-character at all times and keep OOC chat to a minimum. We expect your character to have his or her own background story that you're able to roleplay in game. We do not recruit members via OOC means, if you wish to join the faction you'll need to create a character and find us in-game on your own accord to initiate roleplay with our faction. Attempts to PM faction leaders or members to join the gang will result in immediate rejection. Every faction member is expected to adhere to all faction rules and Eclipse RP server rules at all times. Violating Eclipse RP server rules may result in removal from the faction on an OOC level. If a faction member is punished by an Eclipse RP server admin they're required to report it to the Los Santos Vagos faction leader with their explanation of the events and how they plan to avoid further issues. Faction leader (Jefe) have the ability to initiate a CK of any the faction members if they deem necessary. A faction member will be notified of the CK upon being killed by a faction leader. In the case of the CK being carried out successfully, the faction member would be removed from the faction and the character would be effectively killed off from all past interaction with the gang.  The entirety of this faction thread is OOC and no knowledge from this thread should be used in-game by any players.
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    I am honestly done with Eclipse until the robbing is seriously considered to not be a part of role-play. Why can't the server have other activities like parties, more fishing and other things to do? All you are doing on the server is either robbing people (to make money), play poker (to make money), do a job (to make money), go fishing (to make money) or do nothing and collect welfare (making money). Why can't there be clubs, social hangout areas, something for people to do besides making money. Musketdeeznuts will say it's not a money grinding game but there is nothing else to do in the server besides making money or at least trying to. We need new things for people to try together so that we can have more role-play than robbing role-play. No other role-play goes on because there is simply a lack of things for role-players to engage others with.
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    Regardless of how long it takes for someone to handle a report, they will still receive the same punishment as they would if it is handled right away. Oldest reports are handled first and not all moderators/administrators can spend as much time as others can. Please remember that Moderators and Administrators are real life people as well and they have a life. If our reports get backed up a little bit, they will be addressed in due time. Again, reports are not all about punishing people, please understand that is not the role of the administration team, to punish people. Punishments are usually only given on occasions where players do not understand their wrongdoings, regret their wrongdoings, completely ignore a forum report, or breach a serious rule such as Hacking, Cyber Attacks, etc. As a Senior Moderator myself, I know our team always looks for ways to teach rather than upset. I will be archiving this post as it does not serve no real purpose, reports will be handled as soon as possible, in-fact, this weekend, we are trying to get together as many administrators as possible to handle all of the reports to get them down to a manageable amount. We are also in the process of recruiting new moderators onto the administration team which should help big time as well. Discussion Thread Archived -Flucifial
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    Ok so this point about cops vs. criminal is old and tired and always brought up to "Realistic" terms. Realistically 80% of the population isnt criminals, realistically 100% of criminals couldnt afford high end sports car/supercars. Also most people in real life dont get away from the cops in a police chase anyways. so -1
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    -1 There are multiple millionaires who work for the government, the quality of cars in all government car parks far exceed what you see criminals driving around with. The system in place currently provides a similar opportunity in both sides of the spectrum. It's meant to be a grind for everybody. If everyone was minted in the city and drives around in supercars, there's no economic structure, and nothing to keep people busy.
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    Team Update: Promoted to Administrator Knoxi PolarBlunk Promoted / Resintated to Senior Moderator SyncxzV201 // Serthon TheFluciFial // thebossftw Chirlon Promoted to Moderator MarcoD Dingus0 Noah Baxtor
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    Hello and thank you for reading this Server Suggestion Sometimes a client does not pay back their loan for a variety of reasons such as quitting the server, being perma-banned, or refusing to pay the loan. A Refund Report can be made in certain situations and the loan company can be reimbursed for its initial investment but as of now only the developers can manually remove an active loan from a company. I propose a new command such as /deleteloan which will remove the active loan from the company. This will clear up "space" in the company and will prevent the salary system from auto deducting money from the client and paying towards a loan that was already satisfied via the Refund Request
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    Thats why you got shot. You damaged our properties (few cars) and hurt few of our guys. I dont care if its desync or something. If it happened that means we can open fire on you, because you did what you did. And in your stream we can see, that you VDM’d purple guy, who ran into your way. ynli, I know that when you started playing this game 15hours per day it became your life and its not game anymore, but you should just go on with that and admit that youre doing this report because you character TBAG was killed, and you will do anything to get us banned, so please do not reply here anymore, and lets wait for moderator or administrator to reply. We all told our stories, and even provided you vods why you got shot.
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    I am looking to sell my 4 garage mansion. It's called: "The white Castle". -Highly requested Location (very close to Tequila-la). -Gates. -Big driveway. -Very wealthy and requested neighborhood. -A lot of Privacy. Jake Ryan. CURRENT ASKING PRICE: $2,000,000 HOUSE HAS BEEN SOLD! Pictures: If you are interested in purchasing this House, please Contact #5611311. Or ((massage me on discord: Noriki#7801)).
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    Cocaine: (I believe this already provides temporary armor a little.) +5-10 armor per dose of cocaine with a temporary lasting effect until death. +1 LSD: Enhances Audio hearing distances and text visibility slightly. (Would be hard to implement) +1 Meth: Slight health regeneration. +1 Heroin: Stabilizes an injured person for a couple minutes. +1 Ecstasy: Increase to reload times? Would be hard to implement but +1. Mushrooms: Purely visual party aesthetic. +1 Steroids: Faster sprint speed. +1 Marijuana: Slow down bleed-out times/ Reduce chances of injury from a carcrash. +1 (placed some comments above)
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    Pretty sure the maximum salary was just increased for $8,500 to $10,000. Also keep in mind the owner of each faction makes an extra $1,000 ontop of their salary, so an owner can be making 11k/hour. I think the pays are fine right now, if anything I'd support a decrease in pays overall.