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    If given another chance the whole situation would be so different. I'd start off with the one that's not necessarily a server rule but I would change how I responded and acted upon the news about my OOC corruption in the LSPD. What occured and I don't mind it being public knowledge is; I had forgotten about some weapons I had stored in my house from the days when Logan_Cross had OOC corruption permissions and was involved in some roleplay where the topic was discussed and a member of LSPD High Command was informed. I panicked OOC'ly and rushed to the house and started messing around with the stashes, checking the inventory's and trying to assess the type of damage and what inventory I actually had. I metagamed here by texting my IRL cousin (Elijah_Reid) and asking him to come IG and move the stash for me as I didn't want to get removed from the LSPD. I will hold my hand up and say yes I did this, it was a poor lapse of judgement where I allowed my selfishness and desire to remain in the LSPD to come ahead of the server rules were I acted against the rules in an attempt to gain an advantage and yet - stay in PD. If given a second chance I would give my faction a solid chance. I've recently turned criminal on a new account that I feel is giving me a new chance on ECRP, a new chance to try new things, a different style of roleplay and I think it's really going well so far. All you have to do is take a look at the faction thread and you'll see the positive feedback we are receiving. If given a chance I'd prove that I'm worth the chance and that I'm planning on bringing a lot of beneficial roleplay to the server and I'm not going to be a rule-breaker that comes back and messes around, I genuinely have a lot of plans for ECRP and what can come from this is positivity as I know I've been given a second chance. Of course if given another chance I would not have broken the same rules I did and I would act completely different and the way in which I addressed the situation wouldn't have been so sporadic and a breach of the server rules. For the length of time I've played on the server and the sheer time I have I think my admin record definitely isn't the worst and usually I'm not viewed as a toxic player. I understand if I'm not given the chance and asked to simply 'try again' at a later date but I do feel I can contribute to the community and it wouldn't be a mistake to give me another chance.
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    All Written By Emir, I Just Posted. Account name: Emir Bellic https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/63507-emir-bellic/ Character name(s): Emir Bellic Admin who issued punishment: Archaeah Date of punishment: 13/10/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Cyber Threat Joke On Faction Discord Your explanation of what happened: Already explained ohttps://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/26822-punishment-appeal-submitted-for-emir-bellic-cyber-threat/n my last appeal. Why should your appeal be accepted?: it's been half a month since my first appeal and I think you can see for yourself that I am no threat to the server and that I have already apologized for posting that stupid comment i really really in full honesty think i was so stupid for posting that comment and it should not be taken ligthly .I really wasn’t aware of the punishment for posting comment on discord could be taken seriously.Now I know and it wont happened again, never.I tried to reach admin Bailinbynature and explain myself in DM on discord.We had a nice conversation,and I offered any evidence you guys need to prove myself that I am not the threat or any kind of hacker,I do like to make jokes a lot but anyone who knows me knows that those jokes can be harsh sometimes or stupid but no one ever take them seriously. I enjoy playing on your server especially with my friends.And if you give me another chance,I promise that’s gonna be big win for me and I will be more carefull next time.I appriciate assistance from the head-admin who took my report and edited again the punishment,I also want to mention that I am very important member to my community and faction because I am doing editing and I put big effort into promoting our activities on forum and youtube,since I do that our forum thread went from 4k to 19.5k views in just one month so I would appreciate if my account can get unbanned from forum too because I don’t want to stop posting on forum actually I really enjoy to do that because me and my friends always have great rp to talk about and right now our faction have very high morale and it growned into a friendship . I continued to roleplay in GTA online(check the youtube links,and forum thread where artyom continued posting my stories for me) even during my ban,which I think you never had any player doing that ,so it’s an evidence on how dedicated to roleplay I am. While being banned I created great stories with friends from faction in online gta session and posted eclipse logo on them regarding the promotion and free marketing of your server to the viewers on my youtube channel and Russian mafia youtube channel where I post edits that I make for the faction. i made a story that I left america (eclipse) to run mafia in Russia thathow I connected the faction activities with my own.I hope you will forgive me this time and understand me ,because I think that I am very good roleplayer and that server needs roleplay like that, I'm open for any kind of collaboration with admins to give evidence to prove my honesty .Again I am very thankfull to admin Bailinbynature for having patience for me . Post any evidence or further details:
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    The Wolf Pack Wolfgang Reeves before forming his small crew would speak to Jay to make sure he was doing right by the Zetas. In this small meeting Wolfgang would inform Jay of his future plans for the crew within zetas. Also, what exactly the Pack would be doing in the city. In this meeting Wolfgang would receive jay blessing along with some good advice "always stay true to the family". Wolfgang took these words to heart he knew what was most important to him and why he wanted to start the pack. Finding The Crew Wolfgang would set out to find people already in Zetas who wanted to represent the Wolf mask with the utmost respect. The first member would be a now missing friend named mantis. Mantis would become the second in command and Wolfgang's left hand man. eventually he would ask another person to join this person is known as Cletus. Wolfgang, mantis and Cletus would go to continue their operations for months until mantis's eventually departure. From this big loss Wolfgang would need to fill a huge hole in the crew this would be a big task for Wolfgang and Cletus. After a few weeks with their ears to the ground the two would come upon another person who wanted to rep the mask, his name was Toby. Toby had no problem getting fully into the Wolf Pack and in no time would become a upstanding member. Now we come to the newest member Cole, he would still need to prove himself but for now he has made it in the mask. Current Times The Wolf Pack now fully packed out with great members turns their eyes to the enemies of their family. A group simply known as the Russian Mafia would be their main target wanting nothing more than to end all of the lives of any of Russians who wanted this war no matter the cost. The first of the men the Wolf Pack would find would be Revelt a now ex-Russian however this would not save him from being Marked as a Snake. Wolfgang Reeves would first lay down a tarp to make sure he would keep the area free of evidence then he would etch into the Side of Revelt's head a pair of snake eyes dice and a big Z and T showing respect to Zetas and Triads.
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    The story begins with tradition. A tradition born of necessity from the old country, where political figures were corrupt and the common people had no justice. There were some that realised they could not change the cards they were dealt but how they played the game. Over the years, the organisations evolved and splintered across the homeland before seeking new horizons and opportunities, much like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus had so many years before them. Sempre Fame, a small group of such settlers found their way to Old Los Santos and settled into life and into business. Through the leadership of Vincenzo Mangano, they flourished and prospered for over two decades, in the same world as the Alessio Crime Famiglia and the Iron Curtain itself, Sovetskaya Bratva. But as with all things, time lead to the inevitable. Some fell through greed, some through bad decisions and some simply to the RICO predicate. Fleeing the same kind of corrupt politicians that had plagued the people so long ago, Sempre Fame dissolved and once again, divided across the cities and the states of America, searching for new opportunities in a new world. Once such group, Sempre Neapolitan "Always Neapolitan" landed in a New Los Santos. Complete strangers to the town but all too familiar with the world, ready to write the next chapter in an age old history. First and foremost, to conduct themselves with honour, respect and dignity in all things. To never beg for your life, to never negotiate with someone that asks too much and to commit no act which brings shame on this thing of ours. To never take from someone that cannot afford to lose what they have. To be wise in defeat and humble in victory. To be loyal to friends and fierce to enemies. To actively try to avoid law enforcement when possible. (( Basically, we're not looking for trouble from PD/SD and the idea is to try and stay out of jail, not do things to welcome it. )) Try not to hide behind masks and instead, rely on more tempered responses and actions with this in mind. (( To try to prioritise the role-play, over the outcome whenever possible. )) (( To set a good standard of faction roleplay )) We're a part time faction of alt accounts. This faction and it's role-play is our vacation of sorts from other factions. Membership is on an invite only basis. While it might be an alt faction and something we only commit part of our playing time to, we aim to add something that we feel lacking in the server and that's a certain standard of quality mafia role-play. We don't need or want an official faction sized member count, it's much harder to keep what you want your faction to be, the more people you add to it. We don't need to win every situation or to be the biggest faction or the toughest faction or this or that, the reputation we want to build is one of a respectful organisation to do business with in-character. We don't need to be the first name on everyone's lips, just as long as we're in the conversation. Obviously if people want to behave in a disrespectful way, then we're prepared to fight back but not actively looking to start wars with people over nothing.
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    Unfinished business.
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    I have multiple suggestions that are mainly fixes for vehicle highend/lowend issues with some server improvements and features. Vehicle Type Suggestions Vehicle Selling Yards: Additional vehicle selling yards apart from highend/lowend. This would eliminate issues such as space limitations especially when it comes to boats and trucks bugging out Highend. Possible locations: - Boat yard (In the actual water, either Del Perro Pier or La Puerta/Vespucci docks near BoatorSport) - Truck yard (Perhaps somewhere in the industrial area or Terminal Island near the Credit Vehicle Imports) - Motor bike yard (Perhaps carpark to the south of the casino or the multi-level parking structure southwest of the movie studios) Mechanic Boat Government faction: A mechanical faction for boats (People like to change colors of their watercraft, 2 Admin Markers have been placed near the watercraft fuel station, one to the east and one to the west). Watercraft Fuel Station: An additional watercraft fuel station in the Alamo Sea, located just north of Sandy Shores. Anchor Watercraft: Ability to /loweranchor and /raiseanchor while driving a boat (this can be a simple freeze) to allow plays to enjoy boats and the ability to either hang out on a sailboat or multiple player to fish from one watercraft and not have to worry about the desync of the boat drifting each other away. Physical Home Garages: A walk in parking space for garages. Vehicles can be frozen in place similarly to that of GTA Online (Use same dimension as their home dimension) Possible locations are as follows: - /tppos 173 -1003 -99 (1 car garage) - /tppos 1093 -3196 -38 (2 car garage) - /tppos 197 -1002 -99 (3 car garage) - /tppos 229 -981 -99 (4 car garage) Paleto Bay Impound: A vehicle impound yard in Paleto Bay. This will assist with vehicles needing to be towed to another location rather than driving them from the north to the south. Setup of this can be similar to how Mors in downtown and Mors in Paleto work (players can go to either to un-impound their vehicles however sheriffs may need to assist with the un-impounding of vehicles). Engine Status and Servicings: A new vehicle stats plugin. Not sure if there is a plugin setup somewhere for this but what it could be is you have oil/fuel/water stats for your vehicle that means that vehicles need regular servicings to maintain operating standards. Vehicles then also should no longer be able to be repaired by simply parking and unparking them. The stats of the oil/water gauge would be similar to that of the fuel gauge. Possibly even add in a odometer. Legal Job improvements Truckers Job Improvements: Improvement to the truckers job payment system. Some owners of business have been known to pay only small amounts of money for large deliveries, resulting in the driver only getting paid around $1000 for what could be around 20 minutes of sitting around waiting for their cargo to be unloaded. My suggestion would be that the drivers get paid based on a certain percentage of the load that is getting delivered. For example, as far as I know, the import of fuel is $5/litre. If you imagined it more like to be that the owner buys the actual product being the fuel, off of the oil corporations at a rate of $4/litre and would then pay $1/litre of fuel towards the shipment. Then, imagine that $0.25 is paid to the driver for the loading and unloading of the fuel. This means that if a station owner orders 20,000 litres of fuel, the driver earns $5,000 for the job itself. I understand that at the moment the actual units of the delivery in the gauge differ from what the owner orders but you get the general idea. Another benefit would be that you get paid a bonus for using a privately owned semi-truck rather than having to "rent" one. Bartenders: A great legal job idea would be a bartender. You could sign up similarly to Truckers/Postal/Money Transport, serving alcohol at either one of 4 locations being the Yellow-Jack, Tequi-La-La, Bahama Mamas or the Unicorn. This could bring in a great social atmosphere to the server. Only thing I would say to this is you would maybe need to restrict the sale of alcohol from store owners in some way. Would need to be managed so that bartenders cannot sell themselves drinks and pocket the difference. Illegal Job Improvements Dirty Money: A simple yet effective improvement for illegal job aspect would that when you rob a store series of stores (depending on preference), you would have to go to one of 6 possible "open" money laundry locations. Much like the chopshops they would rotate on an in-game 12-hourly basis randomly. The money would appear as an inventory item (Volume depending on amount, possibly 1 Vol/$1,000) until it is processed and cleaned. Money laundries would not appear on the map in the same fashion that chopshops do not appear either. Players would be unable to deposit the money into their bank accounts until it is "clean" money (i.e. out of their inventory and in their "pocket money"). There is already fully functional interiors where these locations could be ( /tppos 1009 -3196 -38 or /tppos 1121 -3195 -40). Functionality and script Mount Chiliad Chairlift: A simple and fairly interesting feature to implement would be the use of the chairlift at Mount Chiliad. Players would be able to make use of the chairlift by use of a standard "portal" that normally takes the player from one location to another. Another bonus feature of this would be to riding a bicycle and move to the top while still riding the bicycle (this would be at an additional cost). If this is too difficult to script, something simpler would be a script to "park" bicycles like you do at Legion Square car-park (but only bicycles) and "un-park" them from the top once you ride the cable car up to the top. Employees in Scripted Businesses: Another improved feature would be able to employ staff for scripted businesses such as stores, dealerships, fuel stations, gun-stores and loan companies. This means that players can earn commissions on sales of vehicles or contracts with loan companies or earn a standard wage for assisting with the management of the store and stock supplies. Player Owned Clothing Stores: I would also say that players should have the ability to own clothing stores. Players can own the one of the 4 main franchises of clothing stores being "Discount", "Binco", "Suburban" or "Ponsonbys". Owning one of the 4 different levels of clothing store, you would only be able to order in certain types of clothing depending on the store type, with "Discount" being only able to order in cheaper clothes and "Ponsonbys" being only able to order clothing in the highest quality and fashion. Possibly I would also say to shut down "Beachside". Wardrobes: Finally in relation to clothing, I think a more simplified version of clothing management should be implemented. Where you can still purchase items of clothing but view items on a "Player Model" menu, (see below for GTAV original "wardrobe" menu) where you can choose from a range of items by scrolling through them and being able to see your player model when changing clothes. Then when you get the clothes back to your home you can put them into a "Wardrobe" and again be able to pick and choose on a player model rather than being only able to change it from the inventory system. You would still have the ability to take the clothes out of the wardrobe and carry them in your inventory so you can change on the go as per normal now. (an idea of how it should be when choosing clothes) I know there was a lot in there with some things that may end up being fairly simple and others being a lot more complex to implement but I do value feedback on all of these suggestions and would like to know what you all think. Kind Regards Varakai Senior Moderator EclipseRP
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    Team Update: DrizzyDre has joined the Support team Metrooo has joined the Support team
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    Chilling with our friend close the ocean.
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    08.11 "Old Habits Die Hard." Luca went about his normal routine, when he bumped into an old associate at the Bank. Ricardo Mancini, a one-time member of Three C was in town, visiting his sick grandma. She foolishly lend him her vehicle and he managed to rack up an unhealthy amount of speed violations in a short period of time. He questioned Luca about how he could approach resolving this, but Luca was unable to help his old friend from continuing old habits. Ricardo offered to help Luca with the disposal of a clapped out old Journey. Together, they set off in Ricardo's Grandmother's vehicle and the Journey to find the chop-shop. Along the way, Ricardo's erratic driving got the better of him and his Blista collided with two black vehicles on the highway. Luca could do nothing for Ricardo in this case and carried on. He headed to all the usual haunts for where the black market mechanics were operating and happened upon the log cabins up on Chilliad. There, Luca encountered the Rooks for the first time, as they had full control of the area. Luca and "The Black Bird" Brandon Fitz discussed the former's arrival in the city, some light business talk and exchanged pleasantries and names and the like. Luca made his excuses and left the area, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire of the perpetual violence between warring factions in the county. Luca checked some other spots around Blaine County and happened upon the right one. Alone at first, Luca was joined by The Wanted at the chop shop. Business wasn't really on the menu for discussion at this time, the vehicles that had been brought there were scrapped with no issue. Luca hung around and made some idle conversation with some of the members, even asking for a lift back to town. Awkwardly then, out of nowhere, a Wanted member drove Ricardo's Blista to the chop area with no Ricardo insight. Luca pondered the fate of his old friend for a moment, but in times like these, he remembered that it's all about the present and the future. 09.11 "The Old Ball and Chain." Saturday night means one thing in Los Santos, Mirror Park Tavern holding some kind of party. Luca decided he'd attend, to try and build on last week's calamities. He'd had a good week so he treated himself to a new suit, partly to make an impression and partly to try and avoid comparisons with the Soviet Connection, that seemed to continue to irritate him. However, he had neglected to read any of the promotional material. The Tavern was holding a Wild West themed evening and Luca stood out like a well-dressed thumb. Luca paid the admission fee, in full this week and entered, looking to continue to announce The Syndicate's presence in the city. The event however was a little bit of a washout. The Tavern was modestly populated, the music often took a little poetic license with the theme and most heartbreaking of all, the stripper from last week that had caught Luca's eye was not working that night. Luca took his two customary bottles of whiskey and left the Tavern, a little disappointed. Not before greeting Mr. and Mrs. Zeta themselves, Jay and Kelly Gamble (not pictured). At this point, Luca recieved a phone call from both Johnny Thick and "Sanjay". They were back in town and looking to pick up where they'd left off. They all made their way to the parking lot and hoped into John's Baller. The plan was simple, head around to some stores and relieve them of the contents of their registers. The first couple stores went off without a hitch, with even a couple civilians remarking that The Syndicate had gotten there first. There was an opportunity to perhaps help them with their baggage but robbing a convenience store seems to be somewhat time sensitive. They made their way up to Grapeseed, a quiet little farming community and burst into the store. Luca made the decision to have both of his guys assist him in the robbery but it proved to be a mistake. A nosy neighbour had seen the Baller that had visited that area a few times, heard the commotion and informed the Sheriffs Department. Deputy Deys and a trainee arrived on scene and we fled back to the vehicle, but it was too late. Never one for stopping to think, Johnny pulled his weapon on the officer but was promptly dispatched. John and Luca surrendered themselves. The policy for The Syndicate isn't to engage Law Enforcement in combat unless absolutely necessary. The stakes weren't that great, the losses weren't irrecoverable so surrender seemed like the smartest play. The Sheriffs once again for the most part, proved to be rude and disrespectful. It was understandable that tensions may of been a little high as shots were fired but the eager beaver Trainee used foul language and yelling to try and maintain control of the situation. A senior member of the department also offered some choice insults, which were met with a rebuttal by Luca, never one to be outdone. The arresting officer however approached the situation with calmness, class and respect. His partner, an uptight blonde, would not indulge Luca in idle conversation as they made their way to Paleto Bay. Both Durry and Luca found themselves in Paleto, Luca with still his full inventory, perhaps due to the green and overzealous nature of the rookie deputy. Luca got his old cell back and took out a small bottle of whiskey from the Tavern out of his pocket. While John tried to find his spiritual centre, Luca drank the bottle defiantly in the face of the officer that had injured their associate. Johnny Thick would go down for weapons charges, attempted murder of a Government Employee and finally, Armed Robbery. Luca and John got Accessory to Armed Robbery. Following their release, Luca and Sanjay were straight back out onto the street. With holes in their pockets from their brush with the law, money was on their minds. They attempted to score a weapon from the Los Zetas but balked at both the asking price and the hardware on offer. On their way back to the city, to speak with their contact, they encountered a recently injured man, who by his own admission had been relieved of his personal effects. They asked him if he had called a medic, which he had. They asked if the medic was on the way, which it was. They wished him well, but spotting the opportunity, took the man's vehicle, a black Panto and fled the area. All in all, they managed through good fortune to find three unlocked vehicles around Blaine County and took care of them, splitting the profits. Luca and John headed back to the city, wishing to call it a day. Time for one last brush with the law. John was stopped by the same senior Sheriff as earlier and his underling, for speeding. A ticket was issued and the men were sent on their way. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FACTION DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS KEY: THE HIGHER THE NUMBER, THE BETTER THE RELATIONS. RED IS BAD, GREEN IS GOOD. This is respective of our IC encounters so far. THE WANTED [7] - Almost all positive interactions. SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT [3]- Rude and disrespectful. THE ROOKS [5] - Mixed interactions, good and bad. LOS ZETAS [5] - Some very good interactions, some very bad. WEST COAST ASSASSINS [4]- A lack of trust there, but some civility. THE RUSSIANS [4]- No interactions with them so far, but the mistaken identities is getting very annoying. THE TRIADS [6]- Almost all positive interactions, respectful but elusive. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT [5] - Not really any interactions with them, aside from some light questioning. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    We engaged in a 10 minute chase with a duo on a bike that continued to do laps around the Sandy airfield while calling police. One of them was shot off the bike, and the other one crashed his bike and was caught. We all gathered at the motel to welcome a new addition to the gang, and as everyone was exchanging numbers and names, we started to prepare for the meetings that were to follow. First, as always, we met with Zetas to deposit our weekly payment and catch up on the state of affairs in the past week. It was then time to meet a group that we were officially at war with, to discuss their desire for peace. Not knowing what to expect, we came in force. The NLA showing was puny and submissive. Salvadore made a big deal out of not giving out his name, and yet one of our goons knew it by heart. We laid out our terms for peace, specifically the instant and permanent disappearance of a man that loves his chino very much: Chico. Departing the NLA meet, we made our way up the highway, towards Wanted Gas. We made our grievances known to Jamaar, who promised to look into them, and then departed with great haste when a cop pulled into the gas station.
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    Mojito Inn: Restaurant is located across the street from Paleto Bank, just south of it. Mojito Inn provides quality dinners and drinks options to the lovely couples that are looking for a place to go on a date. Our offers varies from classic dates where couples can book one of the tables from the main room and have dinner server by professional personnel to VIP dates where you get driven by a stretcher to the location by our employees and get a room just for the two dating plus a personal chef. Come and experience yourself the romantic atmosphere the restaurant offers, the food, and the drinks are included in the price you pay to book the table! Located at Paleto Blvd. 12, across from Paleto Bank. Mojito Inn: Restaurant Paleto Blvd. 12 Paleto Bay, Blaine County Hours of Operation: Every Day: 9AM-24PM GMT+2 If personnel available can be open even later, please contact via phone numbers. Contact Us: Manager (556) 2405495 COO (556) 5449430 Owner (556) 2041484 Book a table! (DISCORD LINK)
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 177 Date of interaction reported: 07/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1573152809 Your characters name: Bill Kapri Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was being chased by PD, i haven't committed anything violent or something like that IC, i stalled my car see my ally and went to run in his car, this officer comes flying in running me completely over and everyone carried on as if it's okay Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/mbbsw
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    Time has finally come to reveal what stands behind the persona of Raul Guerra. What is his history in the city of Los Santos, his connections to Novo Los Aztecas and how it all came along. Raul Guerra was born in Los Santos and for the first 10 years lived in the downtown area, near El Burro Heights. His mother and father were immigrants from Puerto Rico. Considering that a lot of people imigrated from various south american countries and other places with latin population, the North Americans did not embrace it with open arms, opposite in matter of fact as a lot of hate and race crime started to happen. Durring those years the community protection groups emarged, consisting of young and strong men who swore to protect their communities from any physical harm. Rauls father also became one of such activists. With the continious Mexican and other Hispanic/Latino people immigration hitting roof highs, these community protector groups became bigger and bigger and it was not long till they started to realise the power they had. Each of these communities started to divide their territories where they operated and took any other block member in their block as a hostile action. From patriotic community groups most of them became orginised criminal organisations. Truth to be told you cannot blame all on the hate and race crime around them, it was also the daily struggle to survive and the criminal world was an easy way out of that struggle and chance to earn better money for their familias. Rauls father quickly became a trusted member of his group that they named - Varrio Los Aztecas. The group had their own territory that they protected, their own business niche and inside policies. Raul never saw how it actually grew to be what it was when he was born, but he still managed to see the struggle that came at the end of the era of most of these groups. The Varrio Los Aztecas were one of the dominating latino forces in the Los Santos city and a lot of things had happened in the time of existing for almost 20 years. As everything in life goes full circle, the full circle came for the Varrio Los Aztecas as well. Finally the FIB and PD had caught up with all the illegal activities and parts taken in the criminal world, had enough evidence to shut the group down. Everything started to crumble and during this downfall Rauls father refused to give it away without a fight and fight was what he got. One of the PD raids on a Varrio Los Aztecas warehouse ,where they stored weapons, ended in a shootout where Rauls father was fatally shot. That was the last drop for Rauls mother and she packed her and Rauls bags and left the house. They moved to Rauls cousins who chose a different path and lived in a small apartment in the city. He spent next 10 years of his life sharing a small room with two of his cousins. When Raul turned 20 he decided to go to Puerto Rico and experience his culture at its fullest. He wanted to see where his mother and father were born and grew up. Where did they fell in love, how did they live and after all - why did they fled that place. Raul had family still living in Puerto Rico and they were more than happy to take him in. Next 5 years he spent in Puerto Rico, but not much is know about that time in Raul's life. Upon arriving back in Los Santos Raul realised that the city has changed a lot and not to the best side. The gangs were running the town and similar to what happened when Varrio Los Aztecas were made, the immigration was skyrocketing in Los Santos making the city overpopulated and not being able to supply everyone with jobs, housing and comfort. Exactly the same people turned to whatever means they needed to survive and the survival with time became a lifestyle. The crime levels in the city were so high that PD just simply did not have enough manpower and resources to control it. Soon after being back in the city he met up with his long-term childhood friends - Salvadore and Hector. They were close friends since their fathers were part of the VLA group. After Raul moved they still kept contact through out the years and their connection through the Latino community and their friendship was strong. The next week Salvadore called Raul and Hector to discuss something. Salvadore was known to be quite temperamental and some who could easy lose control and what was happening in the city was irritating him. He talked to both of them and was very firm on the idea that we need to take back our Barrio where we grew up. He had this idea in his mind to rebuild what their fathers once had and protect the community. Raul listened to all of what Salvadore had to say but was not convinced, so he said no at that moment. In a need to make money and pay for the living, Raul applied as a driver in DCC. During the interview process Raul struggled with the traffic laws due to living for the last 5 years in Puerto Rico where traffic is not that strict as here. Nonetheless the DCC management saw Raul as a hard worker and decided to give him a chance. He became the trainee on probation until proven his ability to became a full trainee. He mainly worked late nights and early mornings, when most of the drivers have finished their shifts. He wanted to show that he is willing to sacrifice his sleep to offer the service to the customers of Los Santos. It was a very lonely time as not many people were around and most of the time he was just sitting in his taxi waiting for a call to come in. A month or so passed and for the very first time he experienced the crime on his skin. When he was hired he was warned about the crime against the taxi drivers and was informed that company's policy allows to carry a fire arm for self defense, but Raul ignored it. In the upcoming weeks the attacks and robberies became more and more often and that made Raul think. He either could keep being a victim or he could fight the crime, but fighting crime was not effective as a taxi driver, which lead to two choices - join law enforcement or Salvadore. Two or three months passed since the conversation about Salvadore's plan and while Raul was looking for alternative lifestyle opportunities, Salvadore and Hector proceeded with starting up the plan. They have had already acquired a property in the old Barrio in El Burro Heights and moved there. They were getting some support from the local Latino people that still were living in the area and also like minded people had joined the cause. Raul had another sit-down and talk with Salvadore and Hector and they all agreed on Rauls position in the group and how to approached the plan of reviving what once were Varrio Los Aztecas. As the group of the next generation Varrio Los Aztecas it was only logical that the new name was chosen for this new group - Novo Los Aztecas. Raul became a consejero for the NLA, someone who was the one dealing with diplomacy when needed as Raul had good communication skills and could keep himself in line even when he shouldn't. He was loyal and believed in mutual respect, even between enemies. For that reason Raul had earned a nickname - El Carebro, which in translation to English means The Brain. The next months went very smooth for Novo Los Aztecas with new members joining and the group growing slowly, community accepting them and overall living a peaceful life. As everything was going very well with the familia, Raul saw an opportunity to build some relationships outside the state. He decided to travel to Mexico and speak with some local gun dealers to see could they involve themselves into gun business, considering NLA had no drug policy. In full confidence that Salvador and Hector will take care of things, Raul left to Mexico. Faith had put NLA on a path of doom as the big players of the city started to pay attention to the group and decided that it is time for them to chip in the respect that they deserve from NLA. As the consejero was away, Hector and Salvadore took the charge in having the discussions about possible deals and what exactly was asked from them. Raul was kept informed about the situation but him not being there and Salvadore's pride with his temper made everything go bad. Novo Los Aztecas familia was painted as targets for disrespect. Raul was in a position where he could not leave Mexico so he tried to deal with the situations via Hector and Hector was acting as the spokesperson and desperately trying to defuse the situation that arose between the groups of Triads, Zetas and NLA. That did not help and Hector feeling like he let down the familia or even made it worse, decided to sacrifice his own life to buy some time for the familia hoping that Raul would return on time to deal with it. After finding out about Hectors death Raul returned to the city. The hunting by all three sides have been ongoing for some time now, but Raul was not keen on fighting and war as it serves no benefit. His main goal was to make sure that the familia goes back to how it was, so that Hectors sacrifice would not be in vain. A meeting was set and for the first time Raul met with the leaders of the Triads and Los Zetas and the talks went as they were suppose to go in the first place. Understandably the requirements were higher than the initial offer, but it was what it was. Raul has returned as the consejero of the Novo Los Aztecas and will make sure his familia is never again put in such spot.
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    Good thread. Keep on going and keep updating! I had several encounters with you guys and all went smooth.
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    "You Wont Survive 2 Days/We Give You 2 Days" WE CELEBRATE THE 20K Club MEMBERSHIP THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR KEEPING UP AND VISITING OUR FORUM THREAD, YOU ARE REAL VIP ┗╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━╋┛ Artyom Melnikoff igor Petrovich Vasily Xan Castro Pedro Gustavo Vasiok Javnish Karinki Dima Makarov Nikita Drozdov Pearly Lans Sophia Bremer Nikolay Kalashnikov Rose Hudson Dom Presky franklin Kennedy Jack Mack Jacob JJ Jordan Kawoos kavoski Martin Heff Oboobwe Kwananza Jessy White Ali Zeineldeen Frank Jonson Jack McCabe Javier Geacampillo Jimmy Luca John Niz Markos Hefte Rawii Walker Revelt Ortiz Reza Parsa Rick McCabe Sangres Niznik Tyler Frost Yuri Makrovic Emir Bellic WE SALUTE YOU! ┗╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━╋┛ Credit Video: Emir Bellic
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    大逃亡 Tensions between Triads and law enforcement was getting out of hand Attempts to outwit each other from both sides was failing Pete had grown accustomed to the ways of law enforcement. He chose a BF400 as his primary method of transport for it's very fast speed and ability to tackle even the harshest terrain for a quick getaway. However, there was one thing Pete didn't anticipate. A barrier made out of the strongest material known to man! After a lengthy pursuit through Los Santos County, Pete met one of these barriers while travelling at speed. It should be no surprise, Pete was quickly in the back of a cruiser. As a high ranking member of the Triads and with several other gangs loitering around the area, a convoy was setup to ensure Pete's safe transport to Central MD. Little was known of what would happen once Pete was delivered to MD. All involved were minutes away from witnessing quite possibly the greatest escape from law enforcement custody in the history of Los Santos. The odds were heavily stacked against him but, Pete being an opportunist saw a flaw in the law enforcement's plan and exploited it! For your viewing pleasure, I present "The Great Escape":
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    But Travis_Palmer managed to park a bike at the entrance and immediately walk into the drug lab... Literally the point I'm making, but OK. You were informed that there was a report coming, I would hope as a faction leader you would have the common sense to save your POV. You decided to deploy a .50 Cal sniper - a weapon used in only very specific situations - for "a report of people being robbed". You requested no backup for multiple gang members equipped with heavy weaponry. It is EXTREMELY clear that your goal was simply to try to get KOS rights on any criminals in the lab, and the point still stands that you had engaged in 0 RP with any of the individuals on the scene, shot at people who were not involved/didn't have weapons equipped, ignored all of your own internal policies, ignored your faction duties, and decided to go full splinter cell instead of initiating RP. I have no problems with either of you on a personal level, but if two swat members had gone and completed these actions, they would almost certainly be removed from the faction. How are you above your own rules, and how can you argue that this is acceptable RP?
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    Winners Announced Sundays at 6PM ((UTC)) !! ((https://discord.gg/jZC5su)) !!
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    EC:RP need to make new Faction L.S.A.F Los Santos Armed Force so these guys could be in charge than L.S.P.D and L.S.C.S.P have guns and all stuff to do they Duty jobs . If L.S.P.D or L.S.C.S.P taking Guns out from locker than each gun takes like 4/1000 volume out from the safe and if there is no more stuff inside than they need Special Order from L.S.A.F to make a delivery till that they don't have a chance to get gun or tazer out from the locker not even a vest . So this one could give a new chance to open new Faction and this would work for 100% . Peoples who play long time ago in NGG back in 2015 know what I'm talking about and that was fun .
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    Good Old Times ┏╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━╋┓ David 'Vasiok' Nickelback ┗╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━╋┛ *Story Coming Up Soon*
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    Thanks for the appeal. After further discussion we've decided to give you another chance based on your appeal. Player is unbanned, punishment to remain on record. - Lewis
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    The suggestion is fairly simple but I think it can be a nice feature that can be used in several situations. Payphones scattered around the city which can be used to make phone calls (command would be /payphone #numberToBeContacted) The callee's mobile would ring with an unknown number (PP-##) Payphones are anonymous, however PD/SD can figure out the location of the payphone used Optional: People can call payphones using their mobiles (using the IDs like PP-14) and nearby players to the payphone will be notified and anybody can pick it up (/do *** The Payphone would start ringing *** ((To answer /answer PP-9)) ) PROS: it can be a very cool feature in so many situations that require anonymity such as: A gang member relaying information to Law Enforcement while keeping his identity hidden Delivering threats (can be used to pit gangs against each other) Doing illegal work while trying to not leave a trail behind CONS: Development effort and it's not critical May be used to troll
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    rgfvf rfverfg edfrff
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    Hi, I am ID 190 / Lester_Davis in the video, below is my POV. Player clearly rams me then circles back round (FearRP) into an active shootout and decides to ram another individual (ID 129). Evidence speaks for itself.
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    This is not everything yet, alot more to write about, but didnt want it to be too long, now soon we updating the front page, Will post as soon as we do!
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    I don't want to give away too much IC information here but chop shops exist, for stolen vehicles. Right now, you go there and you do a command and anxiously wait on one ass cheek to see if you will be able to get through your chop without someone coming to fuck with you. I know all this, and I like it anyway. That being said, as this is a suggestions forum, I'd like to make a couple suggestions. Chopping Skill You can either suggest that it's you that's chopping the car, or there is a team there chopping the vehicle for you. Either way, the more times you do it, the better the relationship you'd build with the chopshop. As a result of this, I'd either like to see some reductions in the amount of time you wait or the amount of money you get from doing it. Let's not go crazy and suggest both, because that's greedy but for repeat customers, the chop shop team working quicker for you or letting you have a bigger cut makes in-character sense. All the jobs in Eclipse sadly keep you at ground zero every time you do them (they don't reward you extra for more repetition) so having something like that is an extra incentive to a task that really requires you to do absolutely nothing but sit there. Now, failing a chopping skill. Perhaps something a little more basic. Perhaps you can trade some of your profit for a quicker job with a bribe. Premise is pretty simple, you could get x amount of time off the chop for x% of the money you get. If I were to hypothetically get 3k for example for a kitty litter tray with wheels, then I would sacrifice say like $300 for say a minute and a half off the chopping time. If you're with a big group, there is a security in that but when it's just you out there, seconds do count. I still would like a decent wait period there so it doesn't become too safe, but I think being able to buy a little convenience would be absolutely fine.
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    Player(s) being reported: Mickeyyy @Mickeyyy Date of interaction reported: 10/22/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1571733358 Your characters name: Danny Fox Other player(s) involved: ID - 4 , ID - 25 , ID - 17 Specific rule(s) broken: Bad punishment given. How did the player break the rule(s)? First ID 4 , 25 and 17 started chasing me without reason. When my Trophy Truck engine stalled they said (Get the fuck out of the car) , then i get out the car and do what they said. I said what's happening and whats wrong , then they said don't talk i accepted and i don't talked (Then the man who said shut the fuck up entered my vehicle. And i said ,,left your the car, then i can take it'' , he said why you talking i don't said that you can talk , and i been quiet for some time. After all they started saying (Why you don't talking huh ? , say something) Then i said (Fuck Off) , after that they said i'm going to call Admin because you breaking NON-RP / FearRP i said okay because i do nothing wrong , because they wanted to i say something. After admin coming him he watched a video (IDK where he got the video). And said that i'm breaking Non-RP and FearRP ( WTF ) , and i got a ban after 1 Day of unban last thing what i seen it's Connection lost . I want full video from @Mickeyyy , because my program can film only 10 mins. He said that he have full video. He said that i'm are a liar but it's wrong. I want that @Mickeyyy can explain all this. And what i do wrong. As always moderators and other server staff is in Gang sides. BTW - ID 25 punched me without a reason with /me and /do commands. Evidence of rule breach:
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    Personally I would have an issue with anyone using the hard r and not single out a specific group of people because they're white. A word is offensive no matter who says it. Get rid of the word instead of saying "white people cant use it".
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    The Gang met up with the Triad High Command and the council seemed to be united in understanding and attitude. Bruce was positive beyond expectation, and it felt like we were speaking as equals, even though they could crush us at any time they chose to. We embarked on the long journey with a positive step, and with communication channels wide-open. We decided to take advantage of the glorious momentum and start approaching drug labs in the hope of finding outcast, unmet groups or random drug makers. At this particular site we managed to apprehend the latter, and they were promptly relieved of their valuables. Not wanting to relieve any pressure off the Outcast, a yellow Phoenix was pursued with great ferocity all throughout the city, until he finally surrendered and was similarly relieved of his belongings by their group. The good relations with the council and regular incursions into drug laboratories and chop shops created somewhat of a buzz around the group, and numerous prospects approached the gang for membership. Only the best of the bunch were allowed to enter on a trial basis, and the growth had really kicked off. It was in this state of affairs that the group found itself pitted against law enforcement for the first time. Cops were pacified, but not before losses were incurred, and emergency treatment was required for at least half of the participants. The Tavern posted advertisements about a party, and knowing the ownership of the club, and the likely attendees, the leadership believed this to be a great opportunity for both strengthening of relationships, and entertainment, at the same time. The amenities were pleasing as well. As the aforementioned buzz continued to carry the gang's name throughout the city, The Wanted became aware of the organization, and a meeting took place in Stab City. The leader of the Wanted Jamaar was much more brief in his welcome to the city, but it was none-the-less positive. Similar to how the Council taxes non-council organizations, the Rooks tax other organizations. Following a high command vote however, they decided that WCA would be exempt from the Rooks' taxation in perpetuity, regardless of numbers. The forbearance was due to our group's policy of quality over quantity, that would likely produce a worthy ally to the Rooks'.
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    It's life. You wont always hear what you wanna hear. If a player wishes to due so ICly and mean's nothing by it OOCly. What's the problem?
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    Here is a really nice 4 vehicle mansion listed for sale. Good things: Car port that could be easily blocked with some small construction work. Pool on the roof. Numerous terraces. This house speaks for itself you need to go view it to get a better idea. https://imgur.com/a/1BB1AU3 Here is a few pictures of the house, The house is already for sale by estate agent. Price is set to accommodate the amount of storage inside that is full.
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    14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. The fact of the matter is that whether you hit the player or not, you intended to shoot him with your taser. A taser is a normally a non-lethal weapon, sure, but it is a weapon nonetheless. Tasers do in fact inflict damage to the player model, but with the rules written the way that they are this argument is irrelevant. A baton is also a non-lethal weapon, and if you ran up to some dude and schwacked him off his bike just because he had a shotgun on his back - I'm pretty sure that would be DM just as much as this. You intended to taze a man driving at insanely high speeds off of a motorcycle, which IF it hit on an extremely windy road with mountains and barriers on each side, would surely be a death sentence. 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Modern tasers have two prongs that deploy from the weapon with a short effective range. Both prongs must connect in order for the charge to be delivered to the person being shot. Do you seriously believe that there is a chance that you would be able to accurately land both prongs to a bike moving at such speeds.
  39. 4 points
    I know you're a funny man and always a pleasure RPing with you, looking forward to meeting you in-game. Good luck with this @SmallboyRyan et al.
  40. 4 points
    Player(s) being reported: ID 158, ID 123, ID 78 Date of interaction reported: 10/20/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1571615139 Your characters name: Thaddeus Grey Other player(s) involved: ID 78, ID 108 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? Upon my first interaction with this group of individuals I witnessed them robbing a downed friend of mine. As you can see in the video, I kept my distance and waited for the reported party to leave the scene. As they left, ID 123 used /shout and attempted to yell demands my way. In the video we are going 117 km/h minimum as his first demands are shouted. Fortunately for me the player did not take immediate action but did so later which leads to the first part of the report. He seemed to believe that the demands were in fact valid, even after the fact that I /PM'd him and stated they were not. The second act of DM was after the continuation of the pursuit where we stopped at Stab City. The three individuals got out of their vehicle and immediately opened fire on me. No attempt at saying a word or demand towards me was made, resulting in a gunfight. I certainly exaggerated the km/h in the screenshots but it is weird that he felt the need to reply with "go report :)". It is quite unfortunate that both scenarios played out the way they did, but I certainly hope I can understand their reasoning via this report. Edit- As for the ram in stab city, in my POV it looks like the sentinel rams the V12, but the POV of the driver shows different, as seen here. Evidence of rule breach: Input evidence linked or embedded here. DM #1 DM #2
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    Personally, I think the biggest gangs in the server being so friendly with one another is bad for criminal roleplay overall. You don't want all out war but at the same time, don't team up like you're the Avengers to kill a 10 man civilian faction. That being said though, if you hold onto your top spot by playing nice, why would you risk it? If Triads and Zetas geniunely get along with one another then you can't force roleplay upon them to fight. You can maybe encourage them to fight by adding the turfs in or whatever but even then, if they were content with how things were for them personally then what can you do? As for shooting at cops, I mean, bippidy boppidy. If people are shooting at cops to get away with murder or robbery, I say fair game. You've got to let a gang be a gang, end of the day. What does tend to annoy the fuck out of me is when people shoot at cops just for the fuck of it, i've been shot at over Reckless Operation charges before. I ain't trying to die for no Speed Camera. As for the RP standard, if I had to class it by SA:MP roleplay server standards, it's probably a low level server. There are some great role-players in the server, but your average player here doesn't believe in character development. Voice chat gives an extra dimension to roleplay but then it can also fuck with your immersion, especially if someone hasn't got their setup right or they are playing a hardened criminal with a voice like Michael Jackson. The over-reliance on /do is irritating. I don't know about criminals but when I'm arresting someone, I have to keep asking them if I can do something. Like if you want to resist motherfucker, resist. State in a /me how you resist to me so I can respond back. Constantly having to ask if my actions are doable or a success is shit standard roleplay. There should be more /me's and less /do's. /do should be for descriptions of what's happening. Don't even get me started on the '/do s/f?' noobs.
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    Title: No Apologies Artist: Thomas Voight Producer(s): Thomas Voight Writer(s): Thomas Voight (( Eminem )) Description: No Apologies, a new single by Thomas Voight, released on Saturday, October 26th, 2019, detailing his current feelings following the release of his debut album, and his response to the overall response of Reborn. (( This song is a cover of Eminem's "No Apologies." )) Link to view song: (( This beat was not used to make profit by any means and is private for ECLIPSE Roleplay community members. )) LYRICS FOR THE SONG CAN BE FOUND ON THE OFFICIAL THOMAS VOIGHT WEBSITE.
  43. 4 points
    Hello @Emulsify , The only reason why I proceed to drive off it's because on my screen, something else happen. I drove off when I see his intent of getting back from bike, his gun was aimed at me when I was away from him. Due to desync we had different things on our screens. I never had the intent to break the FearRolePlay rule. Here is my point of view: https://youtu.be/JZ9fyL6dAYc - Thanks for reading -
  44. 4 points
    I'll be forwarding this information to the faction management team for review, as this kind of OOC forum war is clearly being endorsed by the faction leader, and it is not something that is productive nor generates good RP. Hello Alex and thank you for answering on this report. Since you said the "truth" based on your point of view, let's face the reality then. I will like to add a couple of things: 1. You bring OOC hate for my previous character Gregor Smith into the new one, acting like you know me from a long time in front of MD, even if you CK your character. Making fake statements about me, having a forum war or something. 2. To make it simple and clear, I have no idea why you involve Russian Mafia in this report, I'm not part of the Russian Mafia, I'm with Valors. If you hate them, don't judge them because somebody report a rule-break in your West Coast Assassins paradise. 3. You state that "we" as Russian Mafia report you after losing a shoot out every time. This is the first time when we have an altercation and in top of everything, there is no shoot out, your guy rammed me with a sport car and killed me even if he was not present to the location. 4. This report is not about you, this report it's about ID 6, what was your ID? Since I'm reporting only ID 6, I will like him to defend himself. 5. You state that I'm hiding evidence, there is no edit in this video and nothing changed. 6. About your picture, ID 6 was not witness to that part, he came out of nowhere and ramm me with his car. I'm not sure if you order him to do so and if you use your low rank member as pawns in this "forum war" as you said. If you feel guilty on doing that, don't get aggressive and mad on people who are not involved in this report. Everybody is doing mistakes, that guy might be hype because of the adrenaline rush and forget this is a Role-Play server not a Deathmatch one.
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    RIDE IN STYLE TO THE MIRROR PARK TAVERN FOR FREE Vehicle You'll be riding in - A Stretch Limo The Price - £0 Where From? - Los Santos Bank, All Evening Text or Email for a arranged pickup - #3255433 or Reece#[email protected] DONT MISS OUT!!!
  46. 4 points
    After review, the majority of your /reports were after Mickeyyy had denied the report of 17/Oct/19 04:08 PM Dakota_Reed /report 1 Hello? I'm waiting for 30 minutes. Really? Which came as your second and your first expired due to logging out. Denying this report is actually what we expect and train; The report did not have details of any rule breaches or state an issue. Just that you're waiting; If your /report had a description of a real issue such as "I have been stuck in an interior for 30 minutes, please assist" then it would not be denied. The initial report you made was 30 minutes prior and logs show Mickeyyy was actively RPing at this time and was unable to answer your report. I'm sorry you had to wait but that does not make the action of denying a report which had no issue wrong. Subsequent reports were fine & not denied. There are a lot of people who need help in game at times and admins are volunteering their time to help out and have the freedom to play when they need to also. Again, sorry for the wait but there was no wrongdoing here or malice against you, so no action will be taken. Thanks for the report.
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    Hello! I think the title already says a lot about the suggestion. If you happen to have more than 1 walkingstyles on 1 character, you can switch between them using the F6 menu. I personally sometimes switch to the scared walking style, depending on the situation. I would love to be able to have some hotkey that makes you able to switch betweens walking styles, skipping the F6 menu. Let me know what you think!
  49. 3 points
    Can't wait to see how it goes! Good luck!
  50. 3 points
    I feel you yes. I also have mixed feelings about gangs/gang leaders/gang members owning legal (gun)stores while they are known criminals...
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