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    I | Personal life The year was 1958 when Lewis Brandon was born. His mother was rich and worked as a lawyer, but he doesn't know anything about his father. When Lewis turned 23, he was in financial difficulties, his mother didn't help him. One day Lewis bought a gun from a small side street and went home. He hid the gun in his drawer, he didn't plan to do anything with it. A week, two passed, with only $ 0.52 left in his bank account, he didn't have money to rent an apartment, he didn't even have money for food. He took the gun and went to the gas station next to the house, which he robbed. He got $ 13,000. He had no experience in it, so he was caught by the police quite quickly. When his mother heard about it, she became ashamed and committed suicide. After being released from prison, Lewis decided he no longer wanted to live in this city and packed his belongings, bought a plane ticket and flew to Los Santos. II | First months in the city When he got there, he met a lot of people. One of the first people he met was Shawn Garcia. Shawn was a member of the gang, which was the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Soon Shawn also talked to gang leaders to get Lewis a place in this gang. A few moments later, Lewis was already traveling with AVLN, committing crimes and enjoying life. There were several meetings and Lewis met more people in the city. Shawn and Lewis became best friends. A few months later, Shawn saw that this gang didn't have enough potential and he left. Shawn had previously been a member of the Los Santos Irish Mob at Los Santos and returned. When Lewis heard that Shawn was no longer in the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, he also left because he felt he that he doesn't belong there anymore. He wrote to Shawn and once again Shawn helped him and he became a member of the Irish gang. Irish was the gang where Lewis wanted to show others what he was actually capable of III | PART 1. | Los Santos Irish Mob In this gang, he listened to what was said, trying to learn from others as much as possible. He was involved in numerous shootings, robberies and was arrested quite a number of times. There were constant changes within the gang. The biggest change was the change of gang Chief. Gaius resigned and Dwayne Donovan, a well-known criminal, led the gang. He was helped by Faith, Tyrone, and Dardan. Lewis was successful and ended up in high command, becoming a Made Man and the head of the recruitment. Meanwhile, there was a change of leadership again, and Dwayne gave his place to Dardan, who was able to quarrel with the other gangs. The Irish went to war against Los Zetas and The Clowns. After that, Dwayne came and took the gang back, trying to rebuild peace. III | PART 2. | Who is the traitor? Somebody snitched to The Clowns and Los Zetas, but the real question is who? Lewis and his good friend Al Romano were assigned to find that out. Lewis, Al, Dwayne, and Mia spoke, trying to find out who is betraying them. They made a list of suspicious people and then they decided to torture them... Now it was just about finding out who is loyal and who isn't. Tortures didn't work and they didn't find the traitor. One day Lewis was driving around the city with one of his gang companions and he found out that he was suspicious. After looking into it, they found out that he betrayed and was the snitch. IV | The beginning of The Rooks In a meeting with some of the gang members (Dardan Mayor, Lewis Brandon, Dwayne Donovan, Mia Donovan, Leo Kress, Paul Escobar, Dalmat Mayor) it came out that Dwayne is accusing Dardan's son of treason. Dardan got very angry about it and told Dwayne to put his hands up and he should get on his knees. Then there formed two groups: Leo Kresas, Paul Escobar, Dalmat Mayor, Dardan Mayor stayed together. Dardan Mayor: "Lewis, Dwayne, Mia, on the fucking ground, lower your pistols!" Mia Donovan, Dwayne Donovan, and Lewis Brandon stayed in the other group. Dardan shot Dwayne with a shotgun, then Dardan's son called the police and they fled. Dwayne was given first aid by the police and Lewis rushed to the hospital, Mia was left to the scene in shock. After several stitches to Dwayne's wound, Dwayne and Lewis returned to their original place. To their surprise, Dardan and Dalmat had returned, holding Mia hostage... Dwayne was able to take Dalmat hostage. They exchanged hostages with Dardan and at the end of it, Dardan shot Dwayne and escaped again. Lewis and Mia helped Dwayne and rushed to the hospital again. Dwayne underwent several surgeries and was in the hospital for a long time. It was a miracle that he survived! When Dwayne got out of the hospital, Jimmy Walsh joined their group. They just went to a random place to talk and to find out their plans for the future. They also needed someone who knew what was going on in Irish, Lewis suggested he should take Al Romano into the gang because he was loyal to Dwayne. At first, he didn't know if he can trust him, but after a while, he was in. Al Romano also suggested that Neil Fergus should be taken in. Al Romano and Neil Fergus snitched on information about what was happening in Irish, trying to turn people against Dardan. For a while The Rooks were known as "Dwayne's Crew", but as time went on, it slowly grew in numbers. At first, it consisted only of the founding members being: Dwayne Donovan, Mia Donovan, Jimmy Walsh, Al Romano, Lewis Brandon, Neil Fergus and a few more. As the crew got bigger, the group knew they needed to officially make a new gang and correct what the Irish could not. Multiple different names were said as ideas such as Imperium, Liberty, and The Family, but none of them felt right. Eventually, one name, in particular, stuck out and represented the organization more than the rest. V | Leaving The Rooks Everything was going well, but there was going on rumors that The Rooks will disband... Lewis was confused for a very long time, trying to understand what's going on. One day, he came woke up, somebody told him that everybody from old high-command (Mia Donovan, Al Romano, Dwayne Donovan) had left and Lewis was the only one who stayed. Dwayne had given the leadership to Dmitri Leroy. Lewis went to the beach... He wanted to think about life and everything that's going on... He sat down, he thought about many things, about The Rooks future: "Is this Dimtri guy a good leader?", "Can I trust this guy?", "IS THE ROOKS STABLE ANYMORE?", "Why did Dwayne betray me? Us? WHY?" He... just... didn't... know... And then he made a decision... He didn't think that The Rooks is stable anymore, so he decided to leave. It was the saddest thing ever. V | Short Story | Joining Los Santos Customs. Lewis was hanging around alone a lot. He had no family, nobody to trust anymore. One day he decided that it's time to make change in his life. He joined Los Santos Customs, he tried to turn a new page in his life. He got accepted and he started to work there. A few weeks passed, but he still didn't feel right. So he decided, if he wants to become a new man, then he needs to change his name as well. He changed his name to Lewis Clarke. Finally, he felt good. He worked at LSC around 18 months and received Roadside Expert because of that... After 18 months his bad habits started to come back. He started to engage in criminal activity again.. And that was fatal for his job. He murdered a man, got arrested for that. He knew that he'll get lose his job if his bosses find out, so he decided to resign peacefully. Acting owner Jamie Richardsons said that it was sad and he would have gotten a promotion to Supervisor rank. VI | The guy who returned Soon he contacted current The Rooks member and his good friend Dante Kalshnikov who was Consligliere in The Rooks. He didn't have the ambition to join, he just wanted to hang around with somebody. After a few months, he realized that Dmitri has great leadership skills and wanted to join back in. He asked Dmitri for a meeting. Dmitri was happy when he head that Lewis wants to join back and Lewis got into The Rooks again. Lewis' main purpose now is to serve The Rooks as good as he can and be loyal to the family.
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    The 'Break-In' It was another quiet day in the city of Los Santos, so Lucy, Jenna and Eve took out the Kamacho and rolled around town to see what gang activities they could get up to while everything remained peaceful. However, after getting caught up at a traffic stop and with Eve and Lucy being wanted, the decision was made to make a run for it while the officers were still outside their vehicle. All was going well until they took a wrong turn and the Kamacho ended up heading straight into a tree. While Jenna and Eve got out and made a run for it and being chased by swat, they assumed Lucy had managed to get out unharmed as there was no indication of the cops finding her. Eve and Jenna were then transported to DOC where they would serve their jail time. Along the way they spotted what seemed to be a break out attempt, but unfortunately the wrong cars collided and the ones that were transporting both girls managed to dodge the collision. https://imgur.com/ypRNLTL Whilst at DOC Jenna and Eve were spending their time outside, talking with other inmates , when they heard a familiar voice.... Someone that they had been with recently.... It was Lucy. Whilst the two girls had been getting transported Lucy had found a way to reach the DOC courtyard to talk with her fellow gang members. Soon after, the guards eventually found Lucy and took her away to be processed for the crimes that she had committed. Jenna and Eve were released as soon as Lucy had been thrown behind bars.... After trying for visitation and only being told that one individual could enter, the girls told the guards that they would have to find another way in. Of course, the guards took this as a joke but what they didn't know was that we stick to our word. And so, to repay the favour, they began to plan how they would break into the Prison to see Lucy one last time before she served her sentence. After heading back to the city and gathering all the supplies that would be needed to carry out this task, Jenna and Eve then headed up to a location where they would be able to jump far enough to reach the fences of DOC and make their way into the prison. As the two came close to the perimeter they prepared for landing, this was something very risky as they had to be careful to not be seen by any guards that may possible be patrolling the fences. One wrong move and the whole plan would be over. https://imgur.com/Py2MhG7 After successfully landing, they then made their way to the courtyard, hoping that Lucy would be outside. After finding Lucy and having a few moments to make sure she was alright, they were spotted by a patrolling guard and additional support was called. Jenna and Eve were escorted to the holding cell to wait for PD to arrive on scene to declare what charges they were to be given for committing this crime. The two were searched, but as Jenna reached into her pocket after being unlocked in the holding cell, she realised that the guard forgot to take her phone. While the guard was distracted the quickly made a phone call to a fellow triad, updating them on their current position. After being held in the holding cell for 20 days and with multiple charges being thrown back and forth, the decision was finally made to let the two girls go. To their surprise, Lucy was also released from Jail shortly after and the team gathered at the shrine to perform a ceremony for two of the current trials, Eve and Patrick. They were both honoured with the Blue Lantern mask in preparation for them to continue their journey as a Triad. Both had shown a great amount of commitment to the team in different situations and Eve's recent dedication was also taken into consideration. After the ceremony, the girls regathered at the local Zeta store behind bank. After having multiple run in's with PD they were keeping it low, they masked up and strapped up to prepare for whatever was to come next. Being in a gang mean's that you are constantly being searched for but what is more important is how these situations are dealt with and how family look out for one another. Sacrificing whatever is necessary to make sure your own is protected.
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    Lucas Laurie Born on 15/12/1998 in Malaysia. Mike had a great childhood until he moved to Turkey at the age of 13. He moved next to his mother after had been living with his grandparents in Malaysia. After moving to Turkey and starting high school, he met with friends that changed his life. He started smoking and shortly after he started doing drugs. He wasn't a drug addict but he still did do drugs once in a while when he wanted to. After turning 17, he decided to change his lifestyle and decided to go to military and serve for his country and get away from his problems that he had that was caused because of friends. After being in the military, he thought it was too stressful and decided to move to a different city and start a new life. Los Santos When he moved to Los Santos he thought that he was going to live a clean life but unfortunately after seeing how hard it is to earn money and after seeing how he was treated in the city, he tried to earn money by doing some Money Transporter job. After he had earned some money to be able to buy himself a bike, he went around and looked for jobs that would be suitable for him but he still had that little criminal personality in him. He then met a person called ''JD Leblanc''. JD taught Mike on how things go around the city and taught him all the things that he needs to know to survive. After he had learned more about the city, he met some friends that was in the gang called ''Los Zetas''. He talked to a higher up about recruitment and he was then told to hangaround before he could be a full member of the gang but unfortunately after time passed he thought the wasn't suitable for the gang as he was still new to the city. After not being able to join, JD went up to Mike and asked if he wanted to join a gang that was appart of called ''The Rooks''. Since Mike's brother had told him all about a gang called ''Irish Mob'' and he had learned that ''The Rooks'' was a gang that was made after the war, he accepted the offer. The Rooks After talking to JD. Mike got a text from him to come to a place called ''La Spada'' which was Rooks' HQ. After arriving to La Spada, he was then greeted by a higher up named ''Lewis Brandon''. Lewis had asked him several questions, after seeing that Mike was suitable for the gang, he was taken to the clothing store and was told to wear a uniform in order to show that he was representing the gang. As time passed, he learned a lot more about the city . After completely learning everything about the city, ''Dmitri Leroy'' the leader of The Rooks (after Dwayne Donovan) was very impressed on how he was doing in the gang and his general behavior. He was then promoted to ''Viscount'' where he would be responsible of drug operations of the gang. After spending quite some time in The Rooks as a Viscount. Mike got a call from his grandparents from Malaysia and they had informed Mike that his uncle had passed away. Mike later then told Dmitri that he had to leave for quite some time and because of this he had to leave the gang. Dmitri respected and supported Mike's decision. After saying goodbye to the gang Mike hopped on the plane and went to Malaysia for his uncle's funeral. The return of Mike and The Triads Mike came back to the city after staying in Malaysia supporting his grandparents for months. He looked for a new gang to be apart of as he wanted to experience something new. He then went up to ''Al Romano'' which was apart of The Rooks and had left the gang, joining The Triads. Mike spoke to Al Romano about his situation and on wanting to be apart of The Triads. Al at first wasn't so sure if Mike was suitable for the family but still gave him a chance to hangaround and show himself. After spending some time as a hangaround and a trial, he then was accepted to the family as the high command of The Triads found him suitable for the gang because of his behavior and royalty to the family. He was told to wear the ''Blue Lantern'' mask to show that he was apart of the family to other gangs and people that live in Los Santos. Mike was informed of some other bad news and that had made him mad, which is why temporarily, Mike's behavior had changed from anger and he was then kicked from The Triads because of his behavior. Eventhough he was kicked from the family, he still had good relationships with the members of the family. After being kicked from The Triads, Mike had simmered down and he was now ready to find a new family. He promised to himself that he would've behave like that again to anybody else. WEST COAST ASSASINS After Mike had been kicked from The Triads, he went around town and had stumbled upon to ''West Coast Assasins''. He was then asked if he was still apart of The Triads and he had told them that he was kicked and explained why. Eventhough he was kicked, as Mike explained on why he was kicked, WCA offered him to be a full member of the gang as they knew who he was and how he was doing in the city. Shortly after being apart of the gang, he was promoted to a temporary rank that was made for the war called ''Killa''. After the rank was removed he had been promoted to ''Soldier''. CURRENT STATE Mike had to change his name to Lucas for some personal reasons and as it was a unique name. Now he is happily apart of the gang which he calls family and has promised to do everything he can the best for the family. He is also trying his best to be able to be a higher up or high command as he would like to teach the members of his family on how to do everything the right and the best way as he learned from his past experience.
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    While browsing the internet you stumble upon a blog called Wall of Scammers Welcome to Wall of Scammers How many times have you made a contract with someone and the other party breached the contract without any repercussions due to the incompetency of our Court system and business laws. Some people would say just do your deals via the state and pay taxes, however what if you wanna trade a property for another property? a car for another car? the state doesn't support such transactions, also have you seen how the High End Car Market is always full? It's time for businessmen to have a reference on which they can check before completing deals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Scammers: 1. Hans Nagasaki - Covicted with fraud - Has scammed several unrelated people - lsauctions.com/topic/1231 ((https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/24476-sold/ )) 2. Vladimir Dovolenko - Convicted with fraud - Caught by the LSPD after he scammed Mr Jefferson of his Cheetah 3. Otarik Hoza - Scammed an LSPD Cadet of his 2G house (500k+). 4. Nate Clark - Attempted to scam me for my Spectre Custom (failed attempt but confirmed) 5. Gerard Pitter - Scammed the Brown brothers out of their 420k faking a house sale 6. Tab Yez - Scammed a person of his car (x2) - Convicted with fraud 7. Dimitra Petrou - Known scam artist - Passed away, may she rot in hell 8. Mahmut Gurlek - Scammed a car off someone (250k+) breaching contract --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trusted: - Oliver Bennett @Amaim - Jimmy Gambino @KCAJ - Jay Gamble @JayGamble - Moxxi Fitz @DevilsMuse - Joe Deys @DrizzyDre - Albert Lewis @GodLyke - Jasmine Gray @Jasmine - James Eriksen @Eriksen - Jonas Eriksen @Jonaseriksen07 - Lexa Eriksen @LeftSharkie - Jimmy Pegorino @Jimmy Pegorino - Dennis Good @jcgibby - Xoza Shadow @Xoza - Mikael Cowell @nixu211 - Jason Nightwood @HaminLord - Dre Dizzle @kazy - Einaro Blatniak @Einaras - Joel Weatherby @Levi208 - Tyrone Cox @Timmaayy - Simon Zinchenko @SimonZ - Ana West @ItsPazz - Samuele Colonna @TheCactus - Jake West @JakeInnit_ - Ezekial Diablo @Swattpup1989 - Silas Debose @Pvle - Rosen Petrov @Kukata - Prosperity Middleman Services - Pegorino's Middleman Services - Maze Bank Central --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being Investigated as a Scammer: (not yet, vote in progress) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elected to be Trusted: (not yet, vote in progress) - DeAndre King (2 votes) - Chi Fang (1 vote) - Zack Jones (3 votes) - Bobby Forsyth (1 vote) - Li Kwang (2 votes) - Cj Ryan (3 votes) - Mike Gambino (2 votes) - Joshua White (3 votes) - Tom Brown (1 vote) - Jabar Williams (3 votes) - Dave Lawrence (1 vote) - Maria Papadopoulou (2 votes) - Jaime Richardson (3 votes) - Red (1 vote) - Vadim Brazovski (1 vote) - Andrius Blatniak (2 votes) - Jax Nightwood (1 vote) - Rex Gregor (1 vote) - Ralph Devon (1 vote) - Lewis Miller (1 vote) - Emma Hampton (3 votes) - Jay Richmond (1 vote) - Liam Gunarr (1 vote) - Harry Hornsby (2 votes) - Jason Castillo (1 vote) - Lucas Daniels (1 vote) - Tom Moretti (1 vote) - Frost Jack (1 vote) - Rocky Rodriguez (1 vote) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have ever been scammed by someone, post a reply with the details to warn others. (if more than 2 people vouches for someone or 1 person with sufficient evidence, he is added to the list) if possible include in your post the contract and/or the amount he/she scammed you for. If you have made deals with someone and he has been honest, post a reply here to make people know he can be trusted. (if more than 4 people vouches for someone he is added to the list) Examples of sufficient evidence but not limited to: - A copy of the contract - Video footage - The person being convicted of fraud Note: Misleading the community by vouching for a scammer to assist him in getting into the trusted list for malicious intent would get you banned from Vouching. Or Vouching against someone for something other than scamming. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Future Plans: A trusted middleman service in which people from this list are used with a small fee. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** All members/visitors of the blog would get a message from the creator of the blog ** Greetings members of the Wall of Scammers, in the first few hours of the launch of our blog it had a very high spike of activity and thanks to you and your activity the lists are starting to get populated. However our success is based on the community, the development team cannot do anything other than manage the lists and do elementary investigations on people, that's why I encourage you to come forward if you have ever got scammed and post about it here so the scum who did that would not do it to anyone again, also you might be eligible to take legal actions through which we will guide you. We also encourage you to tell your friends and family about our blog and guide anyone who got scammed to come and join us. Thank you for reading, Sincerely Yours. Oliver Bennett
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    no, this is not a post that's supposed to add onto the logs or the general story/screenshots so far, but happy holidays!! ♡
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    I’m confused if it’s almost to the point of “OOC Harassment” why is the first two things he says is a “ahahahaha” seemingly laughing about what I’m saying??? Just because you havnt told me you’re playing a transgender, doesn’t limit the names I can call you ICLY? Also not clear on where any MG is in the video just because I’m calling someone a name??? SIDE NOT are Voice changers allowed, it kinda breaks my immersion every time I hear you with it on it’s so noticeable.
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    Invest in the red, it's in your interest. Maze Bank Central You dream about what you want but those who trust Maze Bank have it already! A car, a house or a business? For us it does not matter, we just want to see you smile. Los Santos is very busy and so are its citizens. We all have a job, a car, a hobby and a family, more or less. Why would you take time from what you love and give it to what you don't? Why would you give the money you work for to those you don't trust? Here at Maze Bank, we have more than what they have and we also have what they don't. Security, cost-effectiveness, attention to your needs, experienced advisors, flexibility, transparency & common sense. In banking, a relationship is built on trust. This is why our employees at Maze Bank build that trust through their committment to doing the right thing and sharing our customers' vision for success. What we do Currently, the services we offer to our customers are: Loans - for houses, cars, boats, businesses, studies and more Investments - 101% insured Middleman Service Maze Bank Foreclosure & Real Estate - direct sale of properties & rent to own option Asset Liquidation Safe Boxes Financial Planning, Debt & Liabilities - free of charge - with our best advisors Where are we Maze Bank Tower is a 1.050-foot (316 meters), 96-story skyscraper in Downtown Los Santos. Contacts #582 4080 - CEO #539 1749 - S. Colonna, CMO or just use the buzz inside the office. Someone will answer if we are around. If we are unavailable we advise you to contact Maze Bank West. Maze Bank Central is a subsidiary of Shadow Enterprises, a business association for better business.
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    Starting by saying thank you for this amazing group of people. Professionally speaking though, they know what they're doing. Very well organized. That's why people tryin to break them down using direct and indirect means. Here are some cool shit up for y'all. Going up raiding Chilliad with the boys. They better be ready.
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    great pictures, simply the best guys I have seen
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    So I have seen that is possible to add vehicles, peds and more in to a RageMP Server. So my request here is simple. Please add these: EMERGENCY UNIFORM PACK. Is a simple DLC that contains all these clothing. What would be need is to script the Sync, and going on duty menu for LSPD, SASD and DOC. Is important to know that DLC only contains clothing items, it DOES NOT replace anything on the server, is a complete add-on and these are not PEDs, And currently the server does have some add on hair styles and clothing. This would be the same as that but with uniforms. Link: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8151-emergency-uniforms-pack-law-order/
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    Okay to start, let me be the first to say that I'm absolutely guilty of doing this, I'm not calling anyone out I'm just putting this here to see what others think. So there are certain sections of the forums that are counted as being in-character, most notably the real estate board. People usually refer to it as posting listings on a real estate website. Every now and then you see someone advertise a house, with one of the selling points being near a drug drop-off. It doesn't seem very realistic to outright say that, and besides, anyone who would be in the know about drug drop locations would keep that in mind when buying a house. I've seen people post certain things on the forums advertising illegal stuff, and on a few occasions cop players have responded (usually sarcastically) saying they'd be filing a PD report about this and they'd be coming for em. Now I don't know if anything actually came of that, but it'd certainly be interesting to use the IC part of the forums as an extension of the in-game internet, and if someone was posting (IC) threats or knowledge about illegal contraband, it could be brought to PD's attention.
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    After a long time of recovery , it was time for "Pops" to escape from the Hospital and link with the new homies. He then started doing what he does best. PEACE.
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    Suggestion is simple. Make IDs an item in your inventory like for example a GPS. In case you die, your old ID object is despawned within the next 12 hours to give you a chance to do any RP that you wanted using that person's ID. For example, break someone out of prison by posing as a security guard, and using his ID. I dont think it would be realistic to use someone else's ID your entire life, so theres no point in keeping it. If your ID is stolen, you can buy a new one at DMV for a set price. Lets say 1k. Your old one does not de-spawn until you die, but it becomes invalid, as the LSPD/LSSD records would show he got a new ID, and old one was stolen. Edit 1: The ID which they will be stealing is basically your /licenses. This can include Firearms Permit, Driver's License, Trucker's License etc. The only reason it has not been implemented is because of loopholes, so if you spot any with this method comment down below.
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    Yeah let's just fuck up a year of back story and progress that lead to us working together. As a reminder to all Triads & Zetas we're at war to start, moved to neutrality and then alliance after months of relationship building. Stop crying about stupid shit and taking it out on scapegoats, it's pathetic and passively tarnishes factions who have earned their name, let alone overall criminal rp or at least what's left of it.
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    I understand that both of you would like to go at each other attempting to make each other's side of stories look bad, however, it is not necessary and very unwanted. Please, refrain from commenting if you are not asked by a member of staff that is handling the report AND/OR you do not have any evidence that may assist with the conclusion or your side of story. This jumping at each other will not help anyone and will result in the report to be locked until it's concluded.
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    The last couple of days were hard for the MC, a lot has been changing and much more is due to change in the near future. Leon, the clubs Vice President sends Lucas an email, late at night - he informs him that he has run into some family problems in another town and will not be returning to Los Santos for a few months. He explains that he is no longer able to or committed to keeping his role as the VP of the motorcycle club. Lucas takes this with a heavy heart, a member stepping down is not something that comes easy for Lucas or the rest of the club. Lucas responds, he thanks Leon for his time at the club, and guarantees him a position on the board whenever he feels he can return. Lucas now needed to make a decision, the club cannot function without an acting VP. He calls Ezekial into a private meeting and explains the situation. They organise a club wide meet at Church and the discussion continues. Lucas makes his decision quickly, so the club will not suffer any downtime while they are without a VP. Ezekial is promoted. The MCs new Vice-President. During this club meet, Lucas takes the opportunity to promote three new prospects that are new to the club. They are all promoted to a full patched member and are explained the new rules and how things will be changing for them moving forward. Loyalty, dedication and determination are expected at all times. Jimmy, Maria and Ava are welcomed to the family with open arms from all current members.
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    Im not ignoring your comment and I do take in to consideration anyone and everyone, that is why I am replying. That is the thing...no one is dictating us, that's why we are in it - fighting, we not gonna bend to some people that dont know where to put their money and weapons and cannot offer anything more than that. The vato style is not left behind, we just adapted to the war to be able to fight in it and be where we are atm. But it is true that there is not the same rp from us that there was before and it is simply because we are not going to not fight or put ourselves in disadvantage - afterall we are proud Latinos. Our stuff still is not that fancy. Some elegy's, a contender, some drags and few sultans. Besides most of those cars were part of our rp before as we were racing and we via roleplay built them. I would hope that people would understand what we are saying, what we are trying already and stop telling that we are the bad guys or that we have nothing to lose so we decide to break rules or that we are the aggressors in general. It is not true! Look at how we present ourselves in this thread. Not once we have said an ill word about WCA, Vory or anyone we have had a conflict with. I dont think any other faction has CKed two of its members for rp, not because someone got sick of playing. We keep it real in every big update we have and we never lie. We did not even update for a long time because the war rp is not something we felt we should put on our thread. But everyone has their limit of patience and we reached ours by reading one sided stories and false accusations from the other sides, therefore feeding false information and damaging our factions image in eyes of others cuz they did not know our story.
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    Character name(s): Lucifer_Marcello Admin who issued punishment: @Lewis Date of punishment: Between may and juli Punishment received: Abushing faction treasury. Reason given for punishment: Multiple Questionable Trancactions Your explanation of what happened: I owned LSC at the time when the update came out for treasury. I asked around the staff team what the exact rules ware concering the treasury. I asked a Senior Admin about it however I cannot remember who it was. He was a faction owner if I remember it correctly @Lewis (Mentioned this in the last appeal and to answer the question why I never mentioned this to him during the investigation, I honestly don't know why I never mention it to you, I left most Eclipse-RP related discords cause I actually was going to stop GTA RP all together. Try out other games such as One Hour One Life, Star Citizen etc, But I do miss GTA roleplay and I am weekly to return) I was under the impression from conversations with staff. That as faction owner I could use the money to invest into stuff for the faction. So this is what I do not remember. however I can imagine 2 situations. (I don't have any history safed on my discord I can't look back) 1. My LSC staff at the time had the same questions as me what the rules ware about the faction money, I believe (But not entirely sure) is when I wrote this: "So as owner. I have 0 rules regarding what the fuck I want to do with the treasury." 2. I asked the senior staff member at the time about the rules and the sentence was supposed to be a question. But forgot the [?] at the end. "So as owner. I have 0 rules regarding what the fuck I want to do with the treasury?" But I honestly cannot remember it. I wish we could see what was said above that sentence. I later did a stupid investment with my Second in Command at the time to buy a boat for Fishing Trips with LSC Events. This is when the fishing update came out if my memory is correct. It was dumb and stupid but at the time it sounded like a fun idea. Like mentioned above we did not know the rules about it very clearly. We later did more investments that did not work out in the end. These are the questionable transactions that took place. At the time I thought they ware fine as it was done with full intentions for LSC and to see about increasing the salaries and trying to sale the highest paying salaries in the city to draw in people. The last part worked though. Sadly at the high cost. My mom was very sick at the time. Had a heart failure and other medical conditions. That was one of the other reasons I had to stop. I know it is not a excuse for my actions. This was sorts of a continuation of my previous appeal and to answer the questions given to me by @Lewis in the last appeal. I will paste the previous appeal below this one for easy access. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I am very sorry for my actions. It was a huge human error that I wish I could turn back. The harm I caused was not done on purpose however it may appear like it. I had no prevous admin record (I think) except this huge mistake. I hope you all can forgive me. Post any evidence or further details: Previous appeal: PS. Lewis mentioned I should not appeal again within three months. However it is not mentioned if that is from my appeal date or his reply. As time between those ware over a month cause of his Leave of Absence. Edit: Posted the picture of the discord conversation.
  24. 5 points
    Hello all and thank you for reading over this suggestion. As many are aware, when you are imprisoned at Bolingbroke Penitentiary, once your jail time has expired you automatically spawn outside the gates near the front door. This can happen at any point in time and in no way takes into account any active roleplay that may be occurring. Many times if there is an active scenario happening, we may /pm the player and ask if they want to continue, at which point we OOCly get them back into the prison to continue the RP. What I am suggesting is a change to the automatic release system from prison. Whenever there is a server restart, we are presented with the option to teleport to another area or remain stationary. I believe it would be beneficial to have something similar to this appear when your jail time is up. Once your jail time has expired, players are presented with a popup asking if they are ready to be released from prison. From here, they have the option to click accept or deny. Should they click accept, the release would function as it normally does. Should the player deny automatic release, their clothing would return to normal and following conclusion of the roleplay, can exit the prison. Players of course would still have the option to just leave as usual but those who want to finish everything would have the chance. All in all, this suggestion is being made primarily to counter the sudden stop of roleplay in the prison when somebody is released. As we at DOC are attempting to provide more RP in the prison, it would be nice to see these scenarios through as opposed to the sudden stop, "oh... the release team took them" and break in immersion. Once more thank you for reading and please provide any and all feedback below!
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 30 Date of interaction reported: 24/12/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: - 1577197874 Your characters name: Billy Noonan Other player(s) involved: N/A Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? While under gun point, he decides to use his radio for backup instead of showing fear for his life. He also rams me with a sports vehicle which is another count of non roleplay. This is happening constantly and something needs to happen about it. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/nouw8
  26. 5 points
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    Loving the hard work you put into these posts! Keep it up!
  28. 4 points
    So you decided to ram us multiple times without witnessing us threatening your gang members life in any way? You rammed us based off of radio calls, based on the rules this is DM. "Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen."
  29. 4 points
    As the original creator of the Clowns faction, It would be have been nice if you approached me to even mention this because I am not giving my permission for the Clowns name to be used by someone who has ICLY never been part of the clowns faction and i hope Faction Management actually respects other people's work and does not allow for this to happen.
  30. 4 points
  31. 4 points
    You guys looking like a Vagos now Or this Banana gang what was before but still do what you guys doing and best luck in future !
  32. 4 points
    @BILLAIN you're warned in advance that you will not be able to sell your credit based vehicles. This will never change under any circumstances as it would result in an indirect purchase of in-game currency, which is against the rules.
  33. 4 points
    Wow, what an ample opportunity to be able to vouch for the legitimacy of certain individuals that I've been fortunate enough to meet along the way of a magnificent journey! I would like to vouch for Lexa Eriksen, James Eriksen and Jonas Eriksen, they're a great well-known and trustworthy family filled with potential business deals, who do not spare any opportunity to make your day better. I hope that's alright, considering a majority of them, excluding Jonas, like to dress up as cats more often than not! I'll also vouch for Jake West, Red and Jay Gamble. They might feel like dressing like a smurf every now and then, but that doesn't take away any legitimacy! I don't believe I ever got Red's full, legal name, but she was good for paying back roughly two hundred thousand dollars on a Trophy Truck I sold her.. she wears a fox mask, you'll know. Then lastly there's Tyrone Cox. He's a bit special, but I never doubted his legitimacy. Oh, and he's a good advertiser too. I hope that's okay! Godspeed, Ana West.
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    Misfits founders Richie, Jack, and Faris were your average drug dealers when they met for the first time. It was a rainy day in Los Santos, perfect for some in-door cooking. They met in a common drug farm known by the locals as Braddock Village. Luckily, this random encounter didn't turn into a fight but instead it turned into a conversation. After forming a strong bond this trio decided to start a crew in hopes of adding support for their drug runs. This was the start of the Misfits. Shortly after the creation of the Misfits Faris received unexpected news that his father was ill and he had to leave the city for good to take care of him. This left Richie and Jack alone with second thoughts on how to proceed forward. After much debate these two began searching for quality members. The first new members to join the Misfits were Jackson and Mikkel. These four became the core of the gang and the rest is history. Currently the Misfits are focused on recruitment and establishing diplomatic relations with other local gangs. Constantly building new relationships is our primary goal as we are a new gang to the city. The recruitment process has exploded with many individuals expressing the same ideals that we look for in new recruits. Brotherhood and respect. No bond is stronger than brotherhood. We see each other as family instead of just another member. Every voice is heard and respect is given to every member. We expect each of our members to protect each other even if that means giving up their life. - Establish diplomatic relations with all major organizations - Recruit quality members with the same brotherhood mentality. - Establish a smooth gun running operation. - Secure a HQ - Acquire a property for financial gains
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    The day started ealier for Ballas, we had a meeting by the morning with the command team to speak about iternal and external things. After this conversation we found out we had a rat between us so we did what we had to do. When we found Jim we held him at gun point and shaved his hair, we wanted to torture him but he acted crazzy and tried to punch us. So he was killed, this way we show people that Ballas do not like rats. After getting a new car, Trey contacted a few members so they could get money for the taxes. The OG's met and went to make some money. We hitted a few labs where we saw people wearing purple, people that are not ballas, so we had to teach them a lesson. We also robbed a 3 guys that reacted with gun fire so we had to kill them. By the night Trey contacted Al Romano, from The Triads, to get some guns imported, again. They met at Triads HQ and made the deal. When Trey finished this business, Ballas drove up north and had a meeting with The Plague. A few things were spoken and we finish the meeting in very good terms. Although we got interrupted by cops so we start making fun of them.
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    Growing in numbers!
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    Tour Division Handbook Last Edited on January 8th, 2020. Introduction This is the official tour division handbook for the Downtown Cab Company. The following handbook has been created and developed to provide instruction and guidance on how to conduct a tour from start to end for every member of the tour division. Furthermore, the purpose of this handbook is to assist employees in becoming familiarized with the policies, rules and obligations so that they may refer back to these when conducting a tour. In order to provide a consistent and high quality service, you are to use the procedural guidelines listed below as reference. Please take note that these procedures may be subject to change or revocation at any point in the future. If you have any questions, please refer to the head of the tour division. What is expected of an employee within the Tour Division? There are several requirements and expectations placed upon each member of the tour division when joining. Taking aside the mandatory expectations and requirements of being able to work well within a team, maintaining good customer service and having the ability to freely communicate with other people by facilitating open discussion and cooperation among other team members that all employees of the Downtown Cab Company should uphold, Members of the tour division are expected to put their wide range of knowledge about the city of Los Santos into practice by regularly holding tours where different locations and landmarks are showcased for the people of Los Santos. Driving Regulations Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all customers that utilize the tour service of the Downtown Cab Company is of utmost importance and as such all employees are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the road set forth in the City of Los Santos Penal Code. The majority of all accidents do not simply happen - they are caused either directly or indirectly. Being careless on the road and speeding is the main cause for most vehicular accidents and can lead to injury or in some cases even death. Conducting a tour means that you are responsible for the safety and well being of multiple people in connection to transporting them throughout the different locations of the city, and as such it is incredibly important that you drive with caution, remain sharp and keep an eye on the road as well as your surroundings. In the case of a vehicle accident and or vehicle breakdown, you are to follow Vehicle Breakdown & Accident Procedure set forth in the DCC Employee Handbook. Guided Tours of Los Santos Guidelines The following procedural guidelines seen below have been created and developed to provide instruction and guidance on operating an Official Guided Tour of Los Santos from start to end. Conducting a tour will require two (2) members of the tour division, one member that drives the vehicle and one member that speaks to the tourists. There will be a service charge of $500 per person which must be paid to the member(s) of the tour division by any tourist who wish to participate in the tour. Please take note that the company's focus will still remain on day to day operations of driving a taxi and transporting the people of Los Santos will still remain the company’s number one priority, and as such it is mandatory that at least an extra three (3) employees are on duty and actively taking calls before you are able to conduct a tour. Contact the Weazel News Agency and request five (5) advertisements which will be sent out every five (5) minutes. Make the announcement to the people of Los Santos that the tour will start thirty (30) minutes from the first published advert, both to allow the tour division members sufficient time to set up and prepare the tour but also give people enough time to participate in the tour if interested. This step is purely optional and is heavily dependent on whether or not employees of Weazel News are available; if they are not please proceed with the next step. Enter the garage and safely take out a vehicle. Members of the tour division will have the option to select from two (2) different vehicles which they may use for any tour related services, the Tour Bus and the Dashound. Perform a basic control of the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to drive and will help keep you and your tourists safe while being on the road. In addition to this, enable and prepare all the basic necessities and features that come with the vehicle that you have chosen for the customer. ((It is mandatory that you roleplay this, any tiny detail that may enhance the scene is encouraged)). Turn on the dashcam, adjust the mirrors, seat, seatbelt and ensure that the microphone and speakers of the vehicle are fully functioning. Enable and prepare the air conditioning and heating, power outlets, refreshments, garbage bags, etc Complete any final preparations for the tour, if needed, before making your way down to the Los Santos Bank. Park your selected vehicle outside of the Los Santos Bank and wait on the sidewalk. Let everyone in the area know that you will be holding and conducting a tour. Collect money from each passenger; once you have enough passengers or you have decided you no longer want to wait for extra people, you may begin the tour. The locations of the tour is completely optional, however there is a list of great hotspot locations down below which may be used. Remember that it is mandatory to stop at every bolded location ((In order to fit more than four people in the vehicles, please follow these steps. Have four people sitting in the vehicle, including the driver. The driver will then exit the bus. Additional people will then be able to enter the bus normally by pressing “G”. The driver may then get back into the bus once it is full)). Stop briefly at each location to tell all passengers about the business or area. Tourists and new citizens make up the vast majority of the tour and these are the people that will need the most help. Be creative and make sure to include helpful tips and advice! When you arrive back at the bank, thank everyone for coming out to the tour. Please take a group photo of the passengers and send it to Management so it can be included on our website as advertisement. Perhaps even get a review or testimonial from a passenger. Tour Locations The following are a list of suggested locations to stop by while conducting the tour. It is mandatory to stop at each location that have been bolded and marked. Los Santos Bank. (Starting Location) Tequi-La-La (point to the right as you are driving by). Los Santos Customs. Del Perro Taco Job. Bahama Mama’s (point to the left as you are driving by). Del Perro Pier (turn around in the parking lot). High End Lot (point to the left as you are driving by). Weazel News. Bayview. DMV. Low End Lot (point to the left as you are driving by). Furniture Store (point to the left as you are driving by). Motorsport. Parking Garage (point to the left as you are driving by). LSPD. Bus Depot LSES (point it out on the right as you are driving by). City Hall. Downtown Cab Company GoPostal (point to the left as you are driving by). Los Santos Bank. (Ending Location)
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    +1 Even in the USA where mass shootings happen daily you almost never hear of night club shootings, but you generally cannot even open a night club for an hour on this server without it being an invitation for some goons to ruin everyone elses fun with a boring ass DM raid. It's shit RP, no offense.
  40. 3 points
    /vr was created to help reset, reconnect and resync VOIP Now we just need one to fix our glitchy phone screens. Maybe tie it in with F7 would force reset it? Off and on again or a /phonereset /pr command.
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 162 Oti Maxwell Date of interaction reported: 12/JAN/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1578797092 Your characters name: DeAndre King Other player(s) involved: Dmitri Leroy, Mike Laurie Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. How did the player break the rule(s)? Man was surrounded by cca 15 enemies, with one aiming a gun directly behind him, he decided to aggressively jump away to gain distance from the attackers, and withdraw his pistol as he turns around. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/in8fh
  42. 3 points
    Player(s) being reported: ID 88 Date of interaction reported: 01/11/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1578796415 Your characters name: Jamaar_Bovarium Other player(s) involved: Oti_Maxwell (ID 62) Specific rule(s) broken: Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. How did the player break the rule(s)? Got hit off my bike by ID 88, confused by this I expected to resume the chase. Instead, ID 172 takes advantage of the rule breach by initiating a robbery. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/agupq
  43. 3 points
    The Surgery: Adriana was sick of people calling her tranny because of her low voice. So she spoke with a few medics and got a surgery. The surgery was successful and Adriana is now known as Trey. Before: Surgery: After:
  44. 3 points
    Player(s) being reported: ID 88 Date of interaction reported : Tuesday 7 January 2020 18:01:26 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1578420086 Your characters name: Keavin Opele Other player(s) involved: Many others Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? Me and my friend were refueling at a gasstation when suddenly 3 guys pop up with full engine screaming out of their cars. I would like to adress that I am not sure how they would think those demands were valid as they came up with cars and start shooting. I knew I would be robbed by the persons and could not go away. At 0:07 I then see no guns pointed at me and I decide to press my radiobind what a quick reach is so my radio would not be compromised. I think this was okay because I saw nobody pointing a gun at me. Me still in a drinking animation they tell me hands up right now. Which I cant do because of the animation bug where you cant do /handsup while drinking animation is over. ID88 doesnt even give me 2 seconds and and starts shooting me. He would also see above my character 'typing'. He then proceeeds to gun me down and finishes me. I would not have reported these guys as I didnt lose alot but with my past encounters with them I have noticed they rather ruleplay than roleplay and thats why I am filling this report. T Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/yf1y1
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    So, I've been playing for a relatively short time - on one hand, this gives me a fairly "fresh" outlook on how RP works in the server. On the other hand, it also means I might have misunderstood things - hopefully the following consists of more of the former and less of the latter. Firstly, I think a good number of the scripted jobs could do with being made more intuitive; newbies (including myself) are frequently confused by things as simple as the money truck job because interacting with the ATM doesn't tell them to get a back from the back of the truck and which key to use to do so - I'll find some time to stick them in a dedicated topic over at Server Suggestions - if any devs are reading, I work as a software engineer, mainly C++ but I know several others, let me know if you're looking for an extra pair of hands. Some of the /me /my /do usage feels redundant; if you've verbalised something (e.g. a medic attends to you and you describe on mic what's wrong and that you want help) then proceeding to write out what you've already said feels a little arduous and somewhat interrupts the flow of verbal RP. Obviously this is not universal nor particularly problematic; just sometimes a bit of a nuisance and naturally there are cases where /do is required to obtain truthful information. Despite being classed as a crime, wearing of masks in NCZ areas is entirely ignored - toggling it deserves a keyboard shortcut to make it less annoying to do and obviously, whilst this a comparatively small gripe, it's not only unrealistic to hang around a bank in a mask, I suspect to some degree it's also being abused (by wearing a mask 24/7) to prevent use of /alias by others. Quality of RP is a very mixed-bag and I can basically divide them into the following categories: True RPers: The focus for these people is on the RP and creating entertaining interactions/scenarios. Nothing to really say here, this is what it's all about. FPSers: Little to no motivation to do any good RP beyond the minimum required to justify some form of violent confrontation. $$$ers: Similar to FPSers except their motivation is primarily amassing cash and doing the bare minimum RP interaction to obtain it. Idiots: No interest in RP but smart enough to not blatantly violate the rules; deliberately irritates people with banal stupidity like deliberately hitting cars and open hostility/rudeness to anyone. The most rampant seems to be the cash-driven criminal types which follows a predictable and extremely repetitive formula: You, as a random civilian with no obvious or apparent wealth get held up at gun point into FearRP. You get robbed in silence. Worthless items like GPS, map and food are taken from you. You may or may not get your head shaved too. The assailant leaves, scenario over. Fixing lazy RP is obviously a personal problem that the individual needs to take ownership of, however, stealing petty items is unrealistic unless you've RP'd some dialogue beforehand that you're starving and desperate enough to use a gun to get food. The head shaving is patently stupid, again, unless you've got a great psycho robber character going. But either way, as a mechanic, it offers you unlimited opportunity to roam the map doing nothing other than stealing from other players; creating little to no RP value and a lot of frustration. My suggestion to (attempt) addressing this are a multi-pronged approach: Implement a dedicated mechanic like /rob which comes with a cooldown - whether the cooldown should apply to the assailant, the victim or both is a matter of fine tuning. Implement a rule disallowing theft of petty items and head shaving unless there is a proper RP scenario that would give way to reasonable expectation of such action(s) occurring. Consider a command for victims to (try) using which will simulate a third party/camera alerting the cops - depending on the location and time of day, the command will either succeed or fail. Mugging someone with a gun in the middle of the day along Hollywood Blvd. would be a losing proposition, why should doing the same along Vinewood Blvd be any different? The FPSers are of course also something of a nuisance but I feel this is somewhat self-limiting by virtue of the fact they're already restricted by DM rules; there's also a far better post which I believe has the right suggestions to try and tackle it and end the OOC report-a-thon battles. Ultimately, so long as any OOC report's validity is based on the premise of evidence of bad faith and not for an honest mistake, the system is fine. With all that said, there is some quality RP that goes on and by-and-large I think this community has a lot to offer; my two cents in a nutshell is that a bit more work should be done to weed out bad actors and incentivise others to do more than just the same bland scenarios over and over.
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    Same with parachutes, not sure if removing them was intentional because there is nothing in change logs and I don’t see why they should be removed
  47. 3 points
    Hello and thank you for this Player Report. After reviewing all provided statements and evidence and following thorough investigation, we will conclude this report as follows: Players Kofi_Attah and John_Arlo will each receive a punishment for Metagaming. Following review of player logs, we noted that Kofi_Attah logged off and John_Arlo subsequently logged on 12 minutes after. After logging on, John_Arlo proceeded to the exact location of the attempted house robbery that occurred with his friend Kofi_Attah and, per statement provided on this report by John_Arlo, "i was running and saw parked specter ( i occly knew that it was my friends car and i wanted to hide it somewhere so other cant take it)." Per self admission, OOC information was used to determine that the car in question at that exact location belonged to Kofi_Attah and said information was being used ICly. Combining all of this information during review of this report, validates this Metagaming punishment. I find it hard to believe that you only logged in to "Chop cars" as you haven't played on that second character for over 4 months. Regards, faiN & @Aldarine.
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    Player(s) being reported: Billy_Noonan (ID 77) Date of interaction reported: 1/1/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 4|1577865274 Your characters name: Tyler Rogers Other player(s) involved: Dmitri_Leroy (ID 92) Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Cop Baiting - Provoking a reaction from emergency services without a realistic reason. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for crimes or submerging any vehicle in water. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. In a situation where a player gets away from an incident where they're being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. Players should not instigate roleplay situations if they do not have time to play it through. Players who ignore answering roleplay commands directed at them, e.g. /do. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. Players should not deprive other players of roleplay, e.g. early on the interaction asking them not to speak unless it makes sense in the roleplay situation. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a car which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. How did the player break the rule(s)? Billy had a pistol pointed right at his head and was told to drop his assault rifle which was on his back. He didn't comply to our demands until his backup arrived stalling a total of 27 seconds saying, "How how how" and even doing the /do puts hands down which is a script thing so there is no need for a /do command. Billy did this in order to wait for his friends which arrive after and instantly start firing. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/mbkcq
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    @JoeyPoppins Very cool video and nice edit ,got any more?
  50. 3 points
    The server is just ruleplay and trying to win these days. Let's get official so we can sell guns and make more money. Please promote me on my legal faction so I can afk more and grind 24/7 so I can buy a neon. Let's check the labs and rob everyone cuz we gangsta Let's kill them even if they have hostage pointing a gun at cuz we are well trained marines. Let's camp at mining place so we can make money without any trouble. Rp? Oh man I wrote 7 lines of /me and /do I'm god rp dawg Beautiful. Everytime I log in I can't find anyone to rp with, people who are in powerful gangs don't even talk to you and avoid rp except robbing. Cops always trying to win over any situation and put the most stupid charges on people without caring about the experience that the guy is having. After playing almost one year I know that people are just grinding so I don't really care, I Did my best to change as much as I could but seems it's so epidemic.
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