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    The year 1988 will go down in history as the birth of The Skull. That is the year when Gregor Smith - father of The Skulls was born in a city best known for its darkness and criminal insanity, the core of all organized crime, Vice City. Growing up in the Little Dominica area, which was mainly populated by Latino community, little Gregor saw violence and gang activities all around. Being around all the poverty and crime, he eventually became a part of it as well. He joined a local street gang by age of 10 and slowly started to maneuver himself into various gang activities. He would mainly sell drugs on the street corner and be a lookout in situations that were needed. Gregor was a skinny runt and eventually gained the nickname Calaveras meaning skull. Gregor was an ambitious youngster who knew his goal. Soon the ambitions of the Calavera boy were bigger than the gang could offer. He could not just leave the gang, he had to disappear for good from the city. At age 16, Gregor left Vice city and traveled around the states looking for a place big enough for his ambitions. He lived in various cities for months before leaving to the next one until he arrived in Los Santos. Several years have passed since Gregor left Vice City and now he’s a young adult aged 25. Soon enough he realizes how vulnerable this city is. The town is run by fear and chaos. The Police is overwhelmed by the senseless crime and chaos that ensued amongst the people. It did not take long for Gregor to find like-minded people that wanted to expose the vulnerability of Los Santos and take advantage of it. Gregor then met two individuals that would change the course of his life forever, Avon and Darnell, the leaders of the fastest growing and most powerful organizations in Los Santos, The Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Not long after meeting them, Gregor became a member of the AVLN. Avon and Darnell were impressed with his ambition and skills and soon he started rising through the ranks. Not long after Gregor was granted permission to create his own set. As a cunning and wise man, Gregor started to bring in a lot of young recruits, strengthening the gang's position in the Los Santos underground world. After a while it became obvious to Avon and Darnell that Gregor was the key to their future success, he showed courage, leadership, and loyalty in every situation given. This leads them to promote him to the highest rank in the gang. After a while the balance of influence and power started to shift within AVLN, Gregor started to garner more power while Avon and Darnell started to diminish. The result was most of the members aligning their loyalty to Gregor instead of AVLN. After witnessing the turmoil and recognizing the inevitable downfall of the AVLN, Gregor started to see the potential of his dream becoming a reality. Overseeing most of the AVLN businesses, Gregor started to meet and create tight relationships with the most important figures in ever Los Santos crime families. He started to establish his name as a powerhouse in the city and created a list of loyal allies he could trust. Members that were like-minded in his ambitions and vision. Gradually he pulled in the closest ones to him, Doug Reagan, Kevin Logan, Teo Zucker, Danny Tyler, Frank Mason, and a few more friends to present them with the plan of separating from the AVLN. Over the next couple of months, they created their own connections with arms dealers and importers. Doing deals on the side in order to strengthen their position for their final separation knowing that the remaining of AVLN and its leadership would most likely retaliate. Sadly the plan was cut short because one of the invited members ended up being a snitch and informed Avon and Darnell about Gregor’s plan and activities. At this point, everyone loyal to Gregor is listed as an enemy by the AVLN and hunting season on them is opened. The founding members got together and decided that this was it, a new era was about to come to Los Santos, The Era of Los Calaveras. The full-blown war started between Los Calaveras and the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Although Los Calaveras was a brand new organization, the leadership worked hard to ensure that they were equals to the AVLN. Although the AVLN had taken an almost 50% drop in numbers to Los Calaveras, they were still a strong and determined opponent. The war was brutal, with daily shootouts each gaining victories and losses, each not caring the cost of the blood being spilled fought on with the determination to win. But the one thing that separated Los Calaveras from the AVLN was that Gregor had made through his reputation prior to leaving the AVLN. Gregor had several meetings with the three most important and powerful forces in Los Santos - Los Zetas, Irish Mob, and The Clowns, or better known as - The Council. Gregor went to each one of the council leaders in order to be granted permission to fight against one of the gangs in their city, the AVLN. The council then on their own accord declared war on AVLN. That was the moment when AVLN met their demise. There was no chance this crippled organization was going to be able to stand against the most powerful structure within the city. The war lasted around four months. Four months of brutal fighting with massive amounts of casualties. The remaining AVLN members eventually met their maker in gunfights and the Kings fell from their throne, sealing the fate of the AVLN. Los Calaveras had won one of the bloodiest battles Los Santos had ever seen and cemented their place within the community. Now that war has ceased and life is getting back into a routine, Los Calaveras are in a new era of their existence. We are in the process of creating and implementing multiple legal and illegal ventures within the city of Los Santos. We are keeping our allies a forward priority within the organization, making sure that all members show the respect that every single ally deserves and has earned. Los Calaveras is looking for ways to become a unique and powerful voice within the underground world of Los Santos. To be a powerful and unique force, bringing fresh and new ways to enrich and empower the community that they fight for by strengthening their firepower, muscle, finances, and connections within the underground world of Los Santos. The vision of Los Calaveras is to bring fresh and unique ideas in order to make their criminal activities more fruitful and prosperous for their people. We strive to instill a lifestyle of integrity, honor, and devotion as core values for every member of Los Calaveras. Win the war against AVLN Establish a positive relationship with The Council Create powerful alliances with other organizations in Los Santos Consistently Recruit New Members Build up a powerful armory of significant firepower which will be available to ranking members Establish new contacts with Latino Crime Lords overseas. Build up the economy of each and every individual in Los Calaveras. Educate and train the members of the organization throughout all the ranks Open up several underground businesses to bolster the organization's income. Maintaining strong alliances with the most powerful gangs in town. Getting businesses to wash money. Creating and implementing a salary system for Los Calaveras. Organize illegal activities in town for the entire community to be involved in. Getting mass imports from the Latino Crime Lords Acquire a Headquarters property for the organization Helping to implement a drug lab ownership system within Los Santos
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    Account name: Tony_Divish Character name(s): Benny Wilson Admin who issued punishment: @Archaeah Date of punishment: 3/1/2019 Punishment received: Deathmatch #3 | Ramming without making prior demands Your explanation of what happened: me and my friend Johanthan we was chasing a mechanic because he take my friend car with his mechanic truck. johnathan said to him "Pull Over" but he didn't care to johnathan order after that i blocked the road with the contender and he hit me ,he said "i will call the admin for this" . when admin came and he saw the evidence of mechanic guy he banned me and said go to forum and explain what happend so i'm here now Why should your appeal be accepted: because I did not know his window is closed and he could not hear what we said I was not looking to chat and in that situation I could not read the chat.
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    Flint Capone comes back to Los Santos after the war with Vice Lords has ended and decided to address some things while the fire is still hot and have fun while doing so. The production on this track isn't the best but he decided to practice a bit by composing something he found relevant. He found speaking his mind was more important than worrying about obtaining high level production in such a short amount of time.
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    Hello everyone Account name:DonRider Character name(s):Samo Granados Admin who issued punishment: BallinbyNature Date of punishment: 26/Jan/2019 Punishment received:[ Perma' Ban] DM #3 (FR), extensive administrative punishments, 3 DM in 1 month Reason given for punishment: First DM Warning [ Party DM , Major offense ] Second DM / KOS Warning [ Normal ] Third DM warning [ Party DM ] Your explanation of what happened: aight i wanna talk about that all of my DM warnings My First Party DM warning : In my first report i dont know why i did recieved a Major offense!.. we wanted to rob those people we even gave then enough times to demands but they decided not to obey then shots just started, but im wondering that why would i get 1 week ban because of my first offense of DM which i think it wasnt a Major one...Because it was a party DM, you can check it if you want. My Second DM warning [ Normal ] : In the second report as i know i had the reason to shoot cuz when i recognized their faces i realized that they are in a same gang [ Zeta ] and then i asked my friend to come and rob them then one of them found out and he went next to his friend whispered him something as you can see in the report he pointed his finger at me then he said "are you ready" or something like that then he came front of my bike with his car and started to block me then i realized that they both going to kill me because his friend started to point his gun at me and shot, then my friend showed up and helped me out with it. My Third Party DM warning : And in my third report as i can remember i was the only one who was behind her and im sure nobody shot at her ( it might be me cuz i had silencer on my pistol it could be a bug or something ) but as you can see in the video nobody shot after that first shot but when they started to shoot we all started to shoot them back and im sure it was a misunderstanding cuz they thought that we shoot them thats why they started to shoot and that just happend. Why should your appeal be accepted?: i can follow the rules and i can accept it, im not a rule breaker but i think it was mistake what i did before. Post any evidence or further details:--- ( im so sorry about forum ban evading ( my main forum account got banned, what was that for? : / Amoo Rid3r Forum account) , also i got banned from discord i dunno why )
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    Player(s) being reported: ID 18 Date of interaction reported: 8/2/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549640012 Your characters name: Matthew Michelson Other player(s) involved: none Specific rule(s) broken: " 7.2 Deathmatch 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone; • If they report you to the police for a committed heavy crime, however, if someone reports you for a light crime, such as illegal parking, then the reason is insufficient; • If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help; 7.2.3 A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. 7.2.4 A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands and warn the victim more than one time, if the victim is too slow to respond or react to the demands. 7.2.5 A player cannot force their victim to kill someone if the enforcer does not have a valid reason to kill that someone. 7.4 Kill on sight 7.4.1 Kill on sight (KoS) is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay. 7.4.2 A player is allowed to KoS someone, only for specific reasons, that are not older than 24 real-world hours, and if the new life rule is followed. 7.4.3 KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; • There is an attempt to steal your valuables, or those of your group if the value of the theft is not less than $75.000 (this point excludes vehicles);" How did the player break the rule(s)? I was just driving to call to treat a patient when I arrived there I saw two people start shooting at my patient so as I learned before I should hit panic alarm button when someone going to shot my patient to save his life and prevent future damage to my self when I did that I just ran away to save my life and I take cover behind my ambulance then I was waiting for officers to arrive and ID 18 just step out of vehicle and starts shooting at me without any reason and when I asked him why you shoot me he just told me you hit panic button, as I know hitting panic button when there is no aim at you or demands is not going to give another person KOS. Evidence of rule breach:
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    20/02/19 at 0930 my son Hayes came into the world! So excited for him to meet his sister ! He has an amazing head of hair!
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    Following Dings latest trip back to Shandong China some promising agreements were made. A month down the line the first delivery arrived in the city of Los Santos. The Triads received news that their delivery was on its way and headed down to the collection point. Once at the collection area the men helped unload the crates from the jet and cracked them open to inspect the contents. Upon opening the crates the men were relieved. The arms dealer Pong Xing from Shandong had kept up his end of the deal. Now that the men had their hands on the weapons, it was time to check them out and ensure that they are the real deal. After some inspection of the guns and a little fun, the men loaded the crates up into their vehicles and prepared to leave. Before leaving the area, the Triads kept up their end of the deal. They loaded up the crates up with games consoles and video games that will be exported back to Shandong China as payment for the weapons. Once all of the crates were loaded into the vehicles the men headed out. On their way out the Triads made sure that no one would know they had ever been here. The security guard is now on their payroll and will receive a generous sum of cash each time they require access to the delivery location.
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    Sven Gunnar: The End A former Enforcer in Los Zetas, Sven Gunnar would eventually meet his fate to those he was closest to for most of his time in the Los Santos. He would be the first real casualty to this war between Vicelords & Los Zetas. Surrounded by his former gang, he would stand face to face with his father Thraxamillian Reeves likely knowing he would be facing his imminent demise after a string of unfortunate events between the two. Even in his last moments, Sven was as bold as always, refusing to get on his knees to accept his fate. Thrax would eventually grow impatient and put a pistol bullet in his leg, forcing him to the ground. With a final farewell, Thrax would prep his shotgun, and quickly remove Sven from this earth without hesitation. Thraxamillian would cover the body of his deceased son, loading it into a truck and driving it close by to a local trap house in Sandy Shores, burying his remains in the yard of the trailer, witnessed by other members of Los Zetas. There would be a feeling of sorrow for the once former Zeta R.I.P Sven Gunnar
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    had an blast on this server, thank you everyone for participating in all the good and bad times ❤️
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    Due to certain circumstances involving several different aspects of the server, it is no longer motivating to play. My issues aren't special, so I'll spare you. This video was put together as a montage of all my great times on EC:RP. Thank you to all of you that made my experience special. In the short few months I have been active on EC:RP, you guys have shown me a great time. Special thanks to everyone I have ERP'd with. Goodbye's are never forever on game servers... I'll be back. I just doubt I'll ever have the motivation to lead a faction/gang again. See you soon.
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    1- I didn't try to report any crime, I tried to save my life because you just shoot at my patient in front of my eyes ( it's the purpose of the panic button) 2- and about this (If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help) you even didn't demand anything so what are you talking about? 3- KOS is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay (you did 0 roleplay and those excuses you made they are insufficient for KOS) 4- you didn't even shoot, your friend did, so what should I report to officers a guy who didn't shot at my patient?
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    Team Update:- Kronyk has reinstated to Administration Team as a Moderator. Chrisy (Collie Feegan) has been promoted to Moderator. Zemaitc (Vito McClown) has been promoted to Moderator. BrockOlly (Brock Olly) has been promoted to Moderator. LukasMontana (Lukas Montana) has been promoted to Moderator. AaronStyles has resigned from support. FatherOsborn has been promoted to Head Administrator. Serthon has been assigned the Assistant Head of Quiz team
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    Another two men had reached out to the Triads. They seemed promising after passing the initiation test. Together with some higher up members in the Triads they were taken to the clothing store of choice to get their uniform. After the men had their uniforms they were given a final debriefing from the Dragon and Vanguard of the Triads. One of the Red Poles watched over whilst some confidential information was being shared. Now the men were fully initiated into the Triads as trusted members and sent to go do some work.
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    We arranged a meet to solve the issues and turmoil between the Triads and Zetas, but the two leaders did not see eye to eye... The meeting did not turn out well and both parties left annoyed and upset. The Zetas then sent their hounds after two leaders of the Triads
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    Now that /dnn and /vnn is gone, I would like to explore new ways of advertising. I would like to advertise using the note system that we have In-Game but it's a pain to have to manually make note after note with your mouse. So if it's possible... :DDDDDD It's 2019, can we please get printing & photocopying technology to Los Santos, please. In either form: A) Add a store, like a print centre where players can go and use the machines. B) Allow players to purchase and place in their home/property. For an object, you could use either: prop_printer_01 : 3470148293 prop_printer_02 : 4216036279 This could be good for various things, Russian Propaganda Police Tickets (some of us actually want to make a ticket on a note and give them a copy). Advertisements Weirdo Stuff like placing symbols on dead bodies. Gang Propaganda etc here's a Lidl concept image (no h8), but you get the deal. Could even advance into more stuff in the future like printing IDs whatnot, but I wanted to keep it simple and do notes for now.
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    28th of February, a quiet day for the employees of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services.. until someone tried to harm one of them on a scene. The panic button was activated and all available units of the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Emergency Medical Services were rushing to the location that the GPS system was giving them. Thanks to the fast response time of both departments, one person had been arrested and the EMT that had pressed his panic button made it out alive and is recovering from his injuries.
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    Any comments that aren’t directly related to this faction itself, or those only meant to cause back-and-forth drama, have been hidden. Keep in mind this is a faction thread, not a discussion thread. Please take up your concerns appropriately and maturely.
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    The Triads ran into a little trouble with the clowns. They attempted to rob Ding and it never turned out well for them. After a big shootout, Ding decided to steal the car from the men. The Triads made a quick pit stop at their friendly local garage Triads Deluxe Motorsport. Together the men gave the car it's first service, the owners were so uncaring of such a nice car. The men finished off the service and prepared to move onto their next job. Look out for Triads Deluxe Motorsport coming soon to the city of Los Santos.
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    Account name: Tom__ and tomvd682 Character name(s): Tom Daniels, Chuck Cox, Jagger Carwyn and Sint Nicolas The admin who issued punishment: @ChuckM Date of punishment: 12 March 2019 Punishment received: Non RP #6 The reason that was given for punishment: Using Megaphone joke about selling AKs in a NCZ Your explanation of what happened: First of all I would like to mention that I've drank some beers before playing OOCly (I know this is my own responsibility and mistake). Some friends of mine and I were at the bank waiting for our other friends to come. A cruiser pulled up to the front of the bank and arrested someone. When the cruiser was unlocked I got the stupid idea to use the /megaphone command to say "Selling AK's text me #3426150". After doing so someone said something about it, OOCly and I already realized I messed up again. a few minutes later Chuck asks me OOCly why I was talking about AK's in a no crime zone and later if I did say that thru the megaphone and I said I did of course. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think my appeal should be accepted because I don't think I deserve to be permanently banned for doing such a stupid thing while being drunk, also I think I've proven myself not being the "retard" that everyone calls me by being in a leading position in Mercia and Los Santos Customs on two of my characters. I've been working very hard to show that I have good roleplay capabilities and I think it would be a shame if I would be banned from this awesome community for a drunken mistake. Post any evidence or further details: I don't have any evidence of the situation and don't remember most of the details besides the above standing.
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    COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Community Update March 16th, 2019 Dear Eclipse Community, It’s no secret that our community is significantly growing, with particular attention to a large number of new players and existing players we have had return to the community over the last few weeks. We would like to encourage our existing players who may have more roleplay experience to take the time to be patient and help the new players out if they’re unsure of certain commands, or equally are new to roleplay, it is a combined effort that has got us to the stage where we are at now and it is the same combined effort which will allow us to continue growing. QUIZ MANAGEMENT TEAM With the recent and sudden influx of new players, we've reached an unimaginable quiz application queue that we did not expect. In order to swiftly and efficiently handle applications now and in the future, we've created a Quiz Management Team which will consist of Quiz Assistants (players) whose primary responsibility will be monitoring and concluding role-play quizzes and assuring quality among new players. This position is considered Junior Staff and thus you will be expected to read and understand our Staff Master Policy. The criteria for the position are as following: • You will need to possess the ability to demonstrate good characteristic traits and judgment. • You need to be willing to teach and educate new community members and answer questions pertaining to the quiz. • You need to be willing to sit through and review role-play quizzes that come through our system. • You need to possess good knowledge of our server rules and RP guides. • You will need to have been a member of the community for a reasonable time. • You need to be in relatively good standing with the community (no major recent punishment(s)). Find the application form for the Quiz Management Team below:- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdusagYWQN-BrBoEZuwGfWtdsg6S8XtBDe8cCRtLLAqdyfhtQ/viewform SUPPORT TEAM APPLICATIONS We would also like to remind you that our Head of Support, Lewis, posted an announcement yesterday announcing the opening of Support Team applications. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Support Team, please direct your attention to his announcement. The difference between our Quiz Management Team and Support Team is responsibilities. The Support Team is much more difficult to become apart of and has a wider variety of responsibilities both In-Game and out of Game, whereas the Quiz Management Team solely focus on role-play quizzes. Find a link to the announcement below:- https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/15755-support-staff-applications-are-open/ REFUND & TRANSFER REQUESTS We would like to apologize for the prolonged time that refund requests have taken up until now. We've not had a good system in place and we've relied on one or a few staff members to handle refunds, which has been stressful for them and causing an inconvenience for the player, and that was never our intention. Hopefully, that will change now. We've recently introduced a new system internally in the administration team allowing more of our staff to assist the community with reviewing potential loss of items due to server or client issues. This will essentially allow for quick and more efficient handling of refund requests and making it less inconvenient for the player. We will do our best to handle refund requests in the order which they come in, starting with the oldest refund request open. In addition to the above, with our new server rules published and put into effect on the 25th of February, we've also combined transfer requests with refund requests and we've created guidelines for transfer requests. Much like refund requests, the staff team will be able to handle your transfer requests in a quick and efficient manner, again, making it less inconvenient for the player. We ask that you keep yourself informed and that you read our guidelines for both refund and transfer requests. Guidelines for Refund Requests Guidelines for Transfer Requests FACTION APPLICATIONS We would like to thank everyone who applied for faction leadership for Weazel News and San Andreas Department of Corrections. We received a good amount of applications that we'll start reviewing this week, and we will begin interviewing candidates shortly thereafter. On an end note, we would thank community members for their continued support and trust that we have their security and enjoyment in mind at all times. We look forward to what the future will bring with these great new opportunities ahead. Yours, Eclipse Staff
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    Account name: Femo Character name(s): Femo Jonsson Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 2019/16/3 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: not here to Rp Your explanation of what happened: for the past 2 weeks I and some other non-friend guy were killing each other, he killed me twice and I killed him twice. one of the times he killed me he had valid KOS reason the other time he did not. one of the times I killed him I had valid reason, the other time which was the one that I got punished for I did not have valid KOS. for whatever reasons he decides to take it seriously and make a report regarding it, either for personal reasons or other factors that I am not aware of. sadly all the times he killed me I took it as a friendly joke, I laughed about it and I never made a report or record it. which i believe is my fault. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I believe the staff looked at this situation very one-sided. the fact that they banned me for "not here to RP" I believe is extremely wrong. I have been on this server for a long time now and all the time I've brought different types of entertainment in an RP way and I have had a lot of fun. Most of the time I've been role playing in a proper way making it enjoyable both for me and the rest of the community. or maybe it was because I admitted to death matching the guy, you guys assumed that that's what I do on a daily basis. either way, I believe I do not deserve a permanent ban especially a "not here to RP" as even literally 60 seconds before the incident I was role playing in a proper and appropriate way with some friends. Post any evidence or further details: N/a
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    Welcome to the Triads.
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    As the size of the Triads organization grows by the day a warehouse/business to use as a front for crime is their key focus. Together some members of the Triads scouted out more potential locations for their front. One of the men had an idea for a potential business front. This was the gigantic Chinese theatre in town. However, this location was a bit overcrowded and could draw unwanted attention to the operation. The Triads are still on the look for their place to "settle down".
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    Recent screen-shots have been great, keep up the good work!
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    One of the Triads new members had a friend who was interested in joining our organisation. A meeting was arranged and a plan was set in place to test the mans worth. They decided that the man had to prove himself in a street fight. After explaining the situation to the man he was allowed to choose his opponent. He chose the Dragon of the Triads, Bruce Wong. The man made quite the effort and showed he was willing to fight his way into the organisations ranks. After the test, the two men ran across the street to grab some fast food and celebrate.
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    I feel like there could be either a script or a combination script where you could add a note to a bag so you can label it. It would make it a lot easier to organize house stahses if the bags say "smg's" or "ammo" instead of trying to remember which bag has exactly what stuff in it.
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    A member from the Triads managed to get a hold of a notorious car and took it for a joy ride. After having his fun with the car the man called it in and it was time for business. Two of the Triads who are highly trained in the arts of Tai Chi went to work on the car. Surprisingly the two men would make great panel beaters. Once the make shift mechanics were done working on the car, we notified the owner that it was ready for collection from the local Chinese dealership.
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    I'm sure my character would be down!
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    Prologue I - “The Poison Ivy”: Meet Ivy Vilachi. A mute, as well as the former owner of “The Poison Ivy”, a popular bar located in Downtown Los Santos. Her vision led her to have the most popular bar in San Andreas, it could actually at one time be considered a tourist hotspot for locals. Her bar would attract many Los Santos pedestrians, one of those being Ryan Bando. Bando had taken Ivy under his wing with the assistance of his organization, skyrocketing her potential. Bando was a long time friend of Ivy Vilachi, she had performed several jobs for him in the past. Her success was in thanks to him. She was mute but her actions spoke louder than any of the words coming from others. For a few months, Ivy was on top. Her bar had led to the formation of the Vilachi Crime Family, which would rule the scene for years to come. Her destructive force would rival several local gangs such as the Black Hand Triads, Los Santos Vagos, Brixton, Aztecas, and a few more. Her presence would lead to the formation of other organizations like her own. She was a role model for many young and inspirational leaders. Including her own brother, Ivan Vilachi. In late 2015, Ivy Viliachi disappeared. Several news outlets covered her story. Her disappearance sparked the revolution of many oppressed gangs in the area. The Black Hand Triads would rise to the top of the scene and the Poison Ivy would return to the hands of her brother, Ivan Vilachi, whom would run it for a few more years under the organization “Vilachi & Co.” This ultimately failed, the Vilachi family had burnt into the ground. Ivy Vilachi - 2015 “The Poison Ivy” - Downtown Los Santos 2015 Prologue II - “Los Zetas”: September, 2018, Ryan Bando had helped founded the american branch of a mexican criminal syndicate that go by the name “Los Zetas”. Bando was never on the same page as them, he was attracted to violence which was often an easy way out for him. During his involvement he would be famous for always causing shit with alliances. Over time, Ryan started to realize that he found himself in a syndicate that did not share his beliefs. To him, the main goal was to remove the alliance from exsistence. It didn't go that way though, they had joined the alliance with the intent on staying. In the eyes of Bando, the entirety of what their organization was formed and reformed upon wasn't true to it's nature. His reluctance to join The Council would be noted by other leaders. During the state of Zetas, it would’ve been easy to pull a fast one and backstab the council but was always turned down. You see, in Bando’s eyes it was kill or be killed... He disliked holding hands with other gangs or alliances, it was practically by force to get along with them. In his eyes, a gang had to remain dominant and show others they were either with you or against you... This was not a vision that others saw. Soon after that, it all went downhill to him. He eventually quit because he couldn't hold in his agressiveness. However, Bando knew about Shayan Klep, whom shared the same ideals in terms of one thing: Taking down The Council. Shayan would end up abandoning the plan to destroy the alliance, leaving Ryan alone in the mission. Overnight, packed his belongings and abruptly left Los Santos, ending his trip to San Andreas temporarily. Ryan Bando - 2018 Prologue III - “The Wanted”: Running the streets of Los Santos is 19 year old Tyler Sharpe. A young and depressed prodigy kicked out by his parents a few months prior. His story has just begun. During his string of petty store robberies and car theft, he comes across none other than Natalie Nightwood. His journey would lead him into a gang of street racers named “The Wanted”. After running a few jobs for them, he had saved up enough money to put a down payment on a house that he is still currently paying for in the rural parts of Los Santos. During his short run with his gang, he developed a sense of loyalty to them. Tyler would then witness his fellow gang members arrested by the police department, or killed by the “Los Santos Irish Mob”. Unable to fight back, he grew a certain hatred for gangs in the alliance simply for their involvement in the murdering of his fellow brothers and gang members. Natalie would eventually join, along with a few of her fellow gang members, “The Almighty Vice Lords”. Tyler, however, was not invited to join and he accepted this as a betrayal of the friends he had finally made, causing him to push his own drugs and weapons. Tyler Sharpe - 2018 Prologue IV - “The Meetup”: In the months of December and January, Ryan Bando was away from the Los Santos gang scene. His journey would lead him to “The Continental Hotel” located in downtown Manhattan. He was searching for Ivy Vilachi, whom was a retired mobster and hitwoman. Here is where they would discuss the terms of Ivy’s disappearance from Los Santos. Here is where Ryan Bando explains his current situation to Ivy. The destruction of the Los Zetas by his former friend and boss Jay Gamble. His goal was to take over the reign of the Vilachi Crime Family. Returning to Los Santos, Ryan Bando would favor the conditions that were set by Ivy and the Vilachi Crime Family and incorporate them with his own version: The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate. In early March, Ryan Bando would return to Los Santos and meet the young prodigy Tyler Sharpe. These two would share the same vision and goal of taking down the alliance. Ryan Bando would see a chance to shape this young man into a useful and powerful ally and together they would be a huge force. The Continental - 2018 Chapter 1 - The Birth Ryan Bando had made a name for himself in the Los Santos gang scene. His infamy would be either well respected or destructive based on who you talk to. His former friend and leader Jay Gamble despises Ryan. His disposition in the eyes of Gamble is laughable. Ryan, on the other hand, never lost sight of the original goal. This would be the leading factor in forming the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate. Bando saw huge potential upon meeting 19 year old Tyler Sharpe. The purity in his personality was hard to come by and was detrimental to the vision the Bando was setting forward. These two would find out that their journeys had led them to share the same goal. Ryan would take Tyler under his wing, and show him how to maneuver around the city. Tyler would learn a lot from Bando, although Tyler is nowhere near ready to be at the top, he is willing to learn and will progress alongside Bando and this organization that these two would create together. Since Ryan Bando’s return to Los Santos, he has since been robbed of all of his assets. He has no house, no weapons, no money; only a simple trophy truck left to him. The gang’s current finances are a huge obstacle in achieving a thriving business. Their first goal?: to re-open The Poison Ivy under a different name. But in order to do that, they need to find a way to obtain the finances that would enable them to push a front. The Poison Ivy was a huge tourist attraction a few years ago, in order to recreate that they would need first and foremost: a loan. Afterwards, they would need to gain a suitable location, blueprint for an attractive interior, and a decent staff to launch their business. All legally, of course, as the bar is to act as a profit for many of their illegal activities. They can’t risk their location being seized or their members being arrested: as of this moment they are in a very delicate situation. Chapter 2 - The Business On March 1st 2019, Tyler Sharpe and Ryan Bando would take a huge stride in starting their official business. They leased an old coffee shop location once known as java.update, and would turn it into what is now known as: “The Royal Oak”. The name stems from Aykroyd, which is a name derived from the Old English language, where the word ‘ac’ means oak and ‘rod’ means clearing. This is where they plan to start their legal proceedings. In order to begin recruiting for their illegal activities, the must first recruit for their legal ones. This bar is an important step in securing their illegal activities. Here they will attract attention of locals and create a great spot for friends to hang out and drink a few beers. This club will offer a coffee shop atmosphere for those underage, and will also offer a bar for those who are able to drink. During special occasions, they will host comedy shows and during downtime you can play some classic arcade games. The bar as of this moment is still under construction, as Ryan Bando and Tyler Sharpe purchase contracting after building their blueprints. Stay tuned for the official opening announcement and the “Help Wanted” posters! This is where “The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate” begins. “The Royal Oak” - Rockford Hills 2019 Directors Boss | Underboss Syndicate Members Made Man | Soldier | Associate | Initiate Employees | Bartender -- Security OOC Information The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate is based off several other organization’s roots. Pulling in real life roots from La Cosa Nostra (LCN) including ranking structure, themes, and goals. We pride ourselves on pulling in stories from several other crime families and organizations that have existed in the GTA universe. We have been heavily influenced by The Vilachi Crime Family, and pulling in RP standards and CK policies from families like The Vincetti Clan, which have all existed in the GTA universe. We exist and compete as an American crime family, however the goal is not to be very organized from the start. After all, we have an ex-american gangster and a young man who thinks he’s a gangster trying to take down an alliance of professionals. This will affect how we operate ICly, however overtime we will start to develop more and eventually become more and more professional as time goes on. Our front is our business, however this is not listed ICly. Our business should be treated as a business by all parties until they are informed otherwise. This includes new recruits. You may not be informed on the illegal operations when you first join, which is okay. Please see “How to join” to view the recruitment process. Please take note that the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate focuses on being heavy roleplay and that includes proper character development. Which means if your character is embarrassed, punished, or otherwise removed from the faction and it is for IC reasons you should not take it OOCly and of course this should not discourage you to continue trying. Any issues we have with you IC, will remain always IC. Anyone who cannot distinguish between IC and OOC should not attempt to join, and any OOC misconduct will result in punishments OOCly. Please do not metagame any information on our thread. Nobody is aware of our goal to take down the council until we announce it ICly. Most importantly, have fun! - No hard feelings towards anyone OOCly in any of the other organizations mentioned. Recruitment Process The most obvious way to join is to become employed at our business “The Royal Oak” which is located in Rockford Hills, next to Taco. We would have you fill out an application ICly. From this point on, you are in the business. Over the period of a few weeks, your character will start to notice some strange things around the business and most importantly with your superiors. It may or may not feel like “just another pub job”. It is your character’s choice to either bring up these findings or to keep quiet. Again, we focus more on character development and respect those who wish to drop out of the business for sake of their character rather than joining simply to make a name for themselves. However, those who wish to proceed should bring up their findings. And, if done properly, you will be initiated and given access to our radio frequency. We have no minimum requirements - you just must be willing to roleplay, and well at that. Again, this is a roleplay server. We are all here to have fun. "Faction Kill" Policy As mentioned in the recruitment process, your character will start to notice some odd things around the business. If you are apart of the gang as far as the F4 menu is concerned, and as soon as your character brings up their finding(s) ICly, you will then be asked to consent OOCly to a ‘Faction Kill’. We will keep record of this. Here are the terms that must be met in order to be FK’d. Your character poses an IC threat to our morals, business, or operation. Your character has released IC information to those who are otherwise not authorized to obtain it. (i.e a rat) Your character has threatened/killed/damaged a superior or another member of the family and/or it’s property All Character Kill’s must be approved by the respective slotholder and the player will be notified after the roleplay has commenced. It is the job of the person who is performing the Faction Kill to gather the necessary evidence in order to do so in the event an administrator asks for such. Once you have given your consent for character kill, you may not revoke it unless you leave the organization and receive approval from the respective slotholder. However, on the contrary, you must agree that if you spill any information to anyone ICly then you will automatically re-consent and consequently will be FKed. What is our definition of a Faction Kill? You may keep your name. You forget your affiliation with The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate and all related businesses. You lose any evidence you may have obtained. Your character’s memory is erased - never to be accessed by again. You consequently will be kicked from the faction. Aykroyd Main Goals The goals of the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate will not be achieved overnight and are far fetched.. Goals will be achieved over time. Our goals will be what makes the faction a standing foundation but also moving and working for a purpose rather than having everything. Establish the bar interior through means of money. Gather a group of those who wish to work to the same goal; establishing faction roleplay. Establish events such as comedy clubs, performances, and rap battles regularly. Establish the Royal Oak to be the #1 hotspot for roleplay. To be something different, our entire faction is centered around heavy roleplay and heavy development. Long after the establishment, we wish to see how our impact on the server be catastrophic to how the rest of Eclipse operates and moves forward.
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    Bye guys! I've decided to move on from ECRP. Thinking about maybe making a thread under server suggestions discussing why. Cheers to everybody, its been a pleasure meeting each and every one of you!
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    Triads and Vagos decided to have a meetup at a secluded location, Triads were sceptical at first so positioned men on the roof to keep a lookout and be vigilant for any funny business. The Vagos were lined up and patted down for security reasons, the men's weapons were confiscated until after the meeting was over. Although the Triads were sceptical both parties left satisfied and on good terms.
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    Do you think you've got what it takes to be the next big thing? Become famous in the upcoming Spring Concert! When and where? The concert will be held on the 23rd of March, at 18:00 (( UTC )) The location is in our well-known stadium, the Vinewood Bowl. Useful information Parking and entry will be free of charge. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Please do not bring any lethal equipment to the event. Participation Anyone can participate! Make sure to fill out the form, before the event. REGISTRATION FORM We hope to see you soon! (( OOC information )) Performances will be done on discord, since there are issues with our VOIP. Participants should provide their own background music if they need any. I suggest using a phone or speaker to play the audio, a discord bot will be out of sync for many. (( Brought to you by the Event Team ))
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    Now that Ding was in prison for a long time. The Triads came up with an idea so he can protect himself. Together the four men talked about it and put the plan to action. It was a risky move. Whilst in the shop, Bruce decided it would be best to stay masked just in case. After buying the knife set, it was time to make it small enough to conceal. Now that the blade was small enough, It was hidden in the sole of a shoe. Hopefully it wouldn't be noticed by the guards. After arriving at the Prison outwith visitation hours, Bruce talked to the man and convinced him to allow the visit. The prison guard was cautious about the visit, especially at these strange hours. It was the moment of truth, would the guard find the blade when searching? Luckily nothing was noticed and the visit was allowed. However due to Ding being such a high value target, the guards were breathing down the Triads backs at every second. Due to the 100% surveillance there was no chances to smuggle the blade over to Ding. A large risk was taken, however no one was caught. Ding had to find other means of protection during his sentence.
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    @Tomvd682, thank you for making this Punishment Appeal. Your explanation of what happened is accurate and I issued you your 6th NonRP charge which is a ban from the server. While you and your friends might have found it funny at the time this sort of behavior is against the rules and can hurt the RP experience of the players around you. I understand that the drinking may have had an impact on your decision making IC but you need to refrain from doing things like that on purpose. I do think Tom could get a 2nd chance if he fully understands that blatant NonRP behavior isn't tolerated on this server and that future NonRP behavior could result in a lengthy or permanent ban. Pending a response from @BallinByNature
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    The Dragons head of the Triads attracted some unwanted attention from the police department. He wasn't willing to serve his times and attempted to evade the officers. Other Triads followed looking for an opportunity to help. In the end, the chase came to a stop. The engine on the baller failed, allowing them to arrest the man. It was time for him to serve his sentence.
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    An ally showed up at my door, luckily I had to fear no more
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    HeavyFlow Rentals Here at HeavyFlow we can offer you Rental on a supercar...… To rent a supercar you will get 1 House key, and 1 Super car key. You can park the car in the house and Unpark it. All pictures below are not what the actual vehicles look like they are just examples. Please Contact #3215352 to arrange rentals. Or see what is available here on our website HeavyFlow-Dealership.net (( https://discord.gg/phbV2KK )) Terms & Conditions: If you happen to destroy the car in anyway and I have to pay my insurance company you will be liable for the cost. VIP's Get 10% off rental price. Comet Retro for 1 month ((1 Week)) $50,000 XA-21 for 1 month ((1 Week)) $100,000 GP1 for 1 month ((1 Week)) $90,000 X80 Proto for 1 month ((1 Week)) $90,000 Banshee 900R for 1month ((1 Week)) $80,000 Sultan RS for 1 month ((1 Week)) $80,000
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    Always nice to see you guys around, great RP. Keep it up!
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    One day Officer Stevenson decided to go on a quick patrol thinking nothing more than a casual day.... He passed by a store and seen a horrible image of 2 guns being pointed at the cashier. He made a backup call but the robbers noticed him and he needed to react quickly to the shots heading his way... He shot the driver onto the ground. And after that he fell in coma after getting 2 lower spine shots..... Medic helped him inside the ambulance quickly trying to save his life... Both of the bullets in the lower spine went clean thru. At least thats what the medics said. When he got to MD . He was awoken in a wheelchair. Unable to move anything below his waist. He tried to continue working in LSPD. But was not capable of doing what needed to be done. He got medical suspension untill he recovered. After the words Lieutenant told him he fallen into a huge depression . Drinking and not caring at all After few weeks he started feeling pain right where he was shot at. He went to md where a medic tried to see whats wrong with the healed wound. He was not capable from seeing it with his bare eyes. So he ushered Stevenson inside the MD. He helped Mr Stevenson onto the table doing a scan over his GSW's. What the scan he found out fragment of the bullet was still near his spinal nerve system and that was the reason why he was disabled. Mr Stevenson scared for his life with no family. He wanted to speak one last time over his radio to his colleagues With patience he tried to save Mr Stevenson. He attempted to do one of the hardest surgery's in his life. attempting to remove the bullet fragment that was left in there But his failed such a hard task and Mr Stevenson took his last breath on that table. Dying to internal wounds.
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    The Triads took an opportunity to make some quick cash. Together the men took control of yet another drugs lab and brought along some necessary firepower to defend themselves. One of the men scaled the mountain to get a good lookout point. From this position the man watched over the lab with binoculars and a radio, he was able to inform the men on the ground of any incoming threats.
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    After the rise of activity at the farm, the feds started suspecting things. Members would occasionally notice police cars start patrolling around and choppers hovering above the ranch. Some of the members started to keep a low profile and show up less at the ranch. They were forced to do their business at other places. Money got tight for some members and they had to make plans.
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    Go hear our song, and give it some love.
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    A new member was looking to Join the Triads. It was time to test if he was truly worthy to be one of us.
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