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    <!> Everything in this thread is meant for out-of-character purposes and should not be taken in-character in any way, shape, nor form. 1957, North Lawndale, Chicago. Several African-American kids form the Vice Lords gang. They were led by the founding member Edward Perry, who chose the name after he looked up the term "vice" in the dictionary, and found the meaning "having a tight hold". As they were released from incarceration, they began widespread recruitment and engaged in conflict with other gangs from various Chicago neighborhoods. By '64, they had grown significantly and law enforcement named them as a primary target because of their various illegal activities, including but not limited to robbery, theft, assaults, battery, intimidation and extortion. Their numbers and popularity grew so much that other sets started springing up all over the United States. All the sets united as the Almighty Vice Lord Nation under the self-proclaimed leadership of Willie Lloyd. 2018, Stab City, San Andreas. Two brothers were out trying to make some quick cash, chopping a vehicle. A loose group of people showed up with guns and asked who they were affiliated with. As no satisfactory answer was provided, they proceeded to rob them and leave them to walk back to the city, without money but with much determination. It was on that long walk back to the city, that they decided to start this next chapter in their life. That's how the Insane Vice Lords sprung out of Los Santos, to become the most notorious Vice Lord set, known for their ruthlessness and violence. The Insane Vice Lords sees an increase in notoriety, which in turn increases the number of recruits which then increases the notoriety, and as such their numbers increase exponentially. Never being one to waste resources, these new soldiers are put to work consolidating early work and increasing their areas of influence. Drug manufacturing laboratories all over Los Santos are regularly used and monitored and before long, you can no longer produce drugs if you're on bad terms with the Nation. The soldiers start being groomed by more experienced members, and they start accumulating individual wealth and power, just as the Nation promised. Store clerks all over town are afraid of the dreaded black car armada, as when it strikes, not police nor SWAT can save them. Compliance is the only option, and this compliance lines the soldiers' pockets with cash. Extra-nation relations continue to improve as the leaders leave the petty criminal life behind and join the cities elites. Regular meetings with the older organizations are now the norm, and mutual calls for assistance always get answered, further strengthening those bonds. The Almighty Vice Lord Nation recognizes the Insane Vice Lord's achievements in their pursuit of wealth, influence and growth and promotes it's leaders to overseer ranks. No longer can the IVLs leadership be considered petty criminals. The Nation will continue to aggressively seek recruits and swear them by their laws, making them into ruthlessly efficient soldiers. Strength in numbers, and organisation through rigid laws that may never be broken with impunity, will guarantee that the Nation has the power to assert its influence wherever it needs to. AVLN can now reasonably be considered a medium tier organisation in the city, with it's new recruits being low tier and aspiring to be mid tier and it's leadership aspiring to be high tier, forming a perfect pyramid of power, wealth and ability. Tthe nation wishes to consolidate already established relations and thereby provide increased protection for everyone under their banner. It also wishes to drastically increase their presence at drug manufacturing labs, making it truly impossible for unfriendly entities to get any drug-related income in Los Santos. Looking past these soon-achieved plans, the Nation will take control of a weapon warehouse in the city, and start mass sale of high powered firearms to other, smaller organisations. This will further increase it's wealth and power. Last but not least, the IVLs are seeking out street-smart soldiers to rise up to the occasion, and fill leadership and complementary spots within the organisation, increasing distance between main leadership and the street, and increasing the status and wealth of said soldiers. Make contact with prominent groups around Los Santos ✔ Establish friendly relations with said groups ✔ Establish alliance with one or more groups that share our values ✔ Attain a small group of members to enforce our values ✔ Set in place the beginnings of a detached leadership model ✔ Attend and enhance social gatherings around town ✔ Establish a strong presence around drug manufacturing locations ✔ Be there in the time of need for one or more allies ✔ Increase wealth of the majority of the founding members ✔ Regularly manufacture drugs as an organised group ✔ Obtain an arsenal of large weaponry for eventualities ✔ Purchase premium properties in high end spots ✔ ▶ Establish a strong presence in the West side of town ▶ Join an exclusive management group to further increase influence ▶ Obtain a warehouse and begin large scale weapon sale ▶ Further strengthen inter-organisation bonds via miscellaneous means ▶ Continue filling positions to complete the detached leadership model Ⅰ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will have and show respect for the Nation Laws and it's people, no exceptions. Ⅱ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will uphold each and every order given at any time. Ⅲ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will be given a position within the Nation, and this position is to be upheld with your love and life. Ⅳ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will keep a code of silence and keep all Nation conversations within the Nation circle. Ⅴ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will pay a weekly due. The money is put aside for members. If you can't afford to pay your due, contact a brother. Ⅵ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will carry a firearm and a radio on their person at all times. Ⅶ. Everyone will be on the lookout for anyone wishing to become a member of this organization. They must be brought before a shot caller or higher. Ⅷ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation can and will be persecuted for not following the laws. The faction aims to be the home for any serious player that wishes to roleplay starting out from the bottom and possibly working their way up to the top of a large, criminal organisation. We expect all our members to roleplay to the best of their ability at all times. Rule-breakers are given violations and will be removed from the faction for repeated offenses. We are very much a hybrid organisation, offering roleplay opportunities ranging from street thug roleplay all the way up to low-key, high-class criminal roleplay. What you see and experience is highly dependent on your tax bracket, respect and age in the organisation. Currently known for being one of the most restrained and approachable organisations, we prefer to resolve conflicts via alternative means, as that easily creates high amounts of fun, and exciting roleplay.
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    For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the Grove Street Families faction thread: GSF or also known as Grove Street Families are a street gang that operates from Grove Street or also known as Ganton. Ganton is located in Eastside LS and after the activities by GSF in Ganton it slowly became their main stronghold and now runs with the name Grove Street. The main origin story of Grove is unknown but it's known for Grove to be the or one of the oldest gangs in the city. The gang started gaining major notoriety near the 1980s from Ganton and spread out claiming the whole block. The Circle in Grove Street is one of the most scared and respectable spots, recent leadership mostly lived in the houses around the circle in grove street but once the respected G-King passes the torch to the up and coming double O.G or next G-King they are expected to move into one of the houses and pursue full operation from that area. As shown by History the names of the leaders from GSF have all made the names for them self. Now it's time for the Young Bloods and real O.G GSF members to reunite and bring respect, hustle, and loyalty back to the hood. Gang activity as a Street Gang GSF seem to be the most organized out of all the Street Gangs in LS. They follow Strict rules and keep their business running smoothly with good leadership and planning. They mostly operate from The circle located in Grove Street and try to keep it open for their customers, stepping on their turf can be seen as major disrespect towards them so it's not recommended to pull up unless invited or interested in the "product". Goals GSF next goal is to get a foot again in the gun trade but they are still reestablishing them selfs after recent events of vacating members and leadership. Grove Street has never been as active as it is now. The new kings have major plans for the streets and they intend on regaining control of the east side again. Corruption has spread across the country and it has reached the whole new level compared to what it used to be in the 1990s. GSF used to fight LSPD corruption but after defeating it and staying low. it's slowly managed to vex itself back into the city. Death of African-Americans has never been as high. Racist organizations, Corruption, and Enemies of Grove are all major targets and won't be taken lightly. These are some of the problems GSF works to solve and will, with time. Ryder was born in South Side Los Santos, in Ganton that is. Due to his close relationship with Carl 'Tyson Black' and Smokey, he got involved with the criminal life more. Ryder was expelled from high school for assaulting a teacher who was wearing Ballas colors, although Ryder claims he is 'too intelligent' for school. He's been a drug dealer since the age of ten, never stopped doing this. Ryder is one of the three G-Kings grove has, Grove Street Families does not have ONE leader among them. They have three G-Kings that rule the Grove Street Families that you can see above. ((OOC Section)) The Grove "Code of Honor" is 4 OOC rules everyone and even the brand new members are expected to follow and they are the following: Every single member is responsible for research about GSF and is expected to have HEAVY RP with no intentions to sabotage RP for other players on the server. Every member is supposed to base their character progression on GSF. That means once you are invited into GSF, we expect everything in your past life to be forgotten and only focus on the gang, once you are kicked/removed from the gang your character will be most likely be CKed by the leadership after agreements You are expected to follow server rules and if punished you should expect the same OOC level of punishment in the gang. For an example, you might be kicked for breaching any type of Server rule. You are expected to inform management of any issued punishments as well. You are expected to be able to RP properly with others. Be open-minded and be nice to other players of ECRP. If you are OOCly being negative or bringing us a negative picture you will be immediately removed This entire faction thread is Out Of Character, you may not use any of this information In Character. FACTION THREAD NOT FINISHED YET
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    ((Do not MG any information about Elena Pierce given in this thread. And real picture taken from Google.)) ((I hope you guys enjoy this song while reading story. Rip Chester.)) PERSONAL INFORMATION FIRST NAME: Elena LAST NAME: Pierce SEX: Female AGE: 24 ETHNICITY: Iranian / Brazilian PLACE OF BIRTH: Rasht,Guilan,Iran. CURRENT RESIDENCE: None HEIGHT: 5'5 WEIGHT 160 lbs HAIR COLOR: Blond EYE COLOR: Amber Relationships; Parents: Claudia Pierce(Mother), Joseph Pierce (Father). Siblings: Cloudy Pierce (Brother). Children: None. Marital status: Single. Miscellaneous Known Languages: English, Persian Favorite Color: Green Favorite Sport: Swimming Handedness: Right EDUCATION: Rasht High School. GPA: 2.33 Bachelors Degree in Criminal Law and Forensics, NY national college of Law. GPA: 3.89 Likes and Dislikes Likes: Hanging out with friends, Energy Drinks, Extreme Sports & Rock. Dislikes: Drama, Racism, Overconfidence, People who are too strict, Liars, Cheaters & Murderers Elena Pierce was born in 1996, raised in Guilan, a city in north Iran. Elena comes from a moderate-wealth background, raised by both of her parents until the age of eighteen, where she met her departure to Ireland, stationed for three years in the Iran military. Elena's parents have always been supportive of her when it comes to making decisions, but never when it came to putting her life on the line. She has always been determined to pursue the Law Enforcement dream, but was encouraged to strive for a degree in Law, by her parents. She has completed the majority of her studies in a Catholic school based in Guilan. The bond between her and her parents began to soften as she was stationed in Ireland, her situation began to go downhill. Her brother, Cloudy, was there for consulting and advice. After three years, she was left with nothing, where the American dream had only hit her. WELCOME TO LOS SANTOS Elena no longer held any connections with her parents, she flew down to Los Santos for bigger career opportunities, and a place to start her new life. Little did she know, things were far more different than her hometown. Upon arrival, she settled in Downtown Los Santos, making preparations to embark on a new American journey. Elena studied Criminal Justice in the University of Los Santos, and was able to achieve excellent grades. She had no issues with the English language, as she held a bilingual atmosphere in her hometown. She was far too ambitious to strive for a career opportunity within the Law Enforcement agencies, where she found herself most fit in the Los Santos Police Department. She had sent in her application, where she went through several courses and completed her academies, where the journey had then began. After several weeks of hard work and determination, Elena managed to pass her Field Patrol Course. The Law Enforcement was Elena's foundation, she was prepared to throw her life on the line, and do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the people, and enforce the law accordingly. She was already familiar with the State's penal code and regulations, and took it very seriously. The Law Enforcement built itself a foundation around Elena, it's all she was left with. She was prepared to take a bullet, and take her own life to save one another. She had only committed a huge sacrifice, and devoted her life to the department. She pursued the Traffic Enforcement Unit, as she took the traffic laws and regulations very seriously. Driving was a daily routine in her life. She believed that enforcing traffic laws on the citizens should be taken very seriously, as vehicular accidents are a common death factor, and her position could potentially save lives out on the road. On the other hand, she was also determined to pursue the SWAT unit to join, she grew up along with a German Shepherd, and adapted very quickly along with her best friend, Marshal Rias. Making significant progress in the future. But one day something happened and her career end up by kicked from Police Department and her friend resign from Los Santos Police Department. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE Elena has not very stable ever since got kicked from Police Department also her brother passed away , and has been dragging herself away from everyone around her. Considering close friend Kent Silver and Marshall Rias was the only people left, she felt rather empty. She was seeking an end to her life, and follow Brother's path. It had only hit her that consuming cyanide pills was a sensible idea. However, Kent found out Elena was on the brink of taking pills and committing suicide. Elena had a mental breakdown, and decided to part away from Kent for a while. She decided she needed a break, which caused a lot of stress and pressure for Kent, as a result. She currently sleeps in an old house located in East Los Santos, having the temporary space she demanded from her friends. after while she decided to left town till next recruitment application get open then she could apply again and prove them wrong. ((More stories will be add by the time))
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    Lifeinvader website and phone application - suggestion. Now, before I start, I know this was already started but the project stopped due to some issues in regards to keeping it in character and some other things. I have contacted staff (higher up) for permission as I don't want to spend days programming the website to be told no. So without further time wasting, please read below: I would like to suggest (and I could personally make the website for this) a strict IN CHARACTER only website for Lifeinvader. The social network for Eclipse Roleplay. This would replace most of the IC sections on the forums and provide a social network "feel" to the community. The website would have the following features: Listings (for vehicle sales, house sales, auctions) A classifieds section A business section An organisation section Adding friends, messaging friends, statuses etc. User registration and easy deletion etc. Latest activities Groups (for factions, groups, rebellions (joke) etc.) Possible WEAZEL NEWS integration for regular news? (this is down to Weazel News) It would ideally be great to get the Lifeinvader website on the in game phone as an app, once clicked it would then load the responsive website. This is relatively speaking, easy to do, but would need testing to see it's reliability etc. However, the website could be made within the next couple of weeks 100% if this was approved. Now I've stopped rambling, let me try to explain each of the features above in more detail: Listings - this would replace the forums listings for house and vehicle sales including auctions. This would ideally require a user to be logged in as their character (not OOC name) to post a listing. This would appear around the "social network" and would be seen by a lot of people. Featured messages from "VIP" members or "featured adverts" to provide that in-character role-play is possible as this could become a faction that would/could hire individuals to work at Lifeinvader HQ. Classifieds, Organisation and Business section - this is similar to the above. It would all remain in character and would leave the forums to stay as the only OOC medium to be used whereas the social network would strictly be IN CHARACTER ONLY. Adding friends, messaging and statuses - just like a real social network, you can accept/deny friend requests and live your "Eclipse RP" IN CHARACTER social life! This would allow you to talk to people whilst not necessarily being in game (from home etc.). Obviously I can see this being a little issue, but there are a lot of ways that this can advance role-play especially with friendships etc. User registration and easy deletion - all registered users are IN CHARACTER only with the option to delete each user very easily. Provides compliance with GDPR etc. but also we know character kills happen in game so it would be easy to delete these from the "world" or an option to set them as "inactive" or DEAD. Latest activities - A front page to show ALL latest activities from ALL users. This would be laid out neatly in the form of statuses/activities for all to see, comment, react and interact with one another. Again, allowing us to interact IN CHARACTER on another format. Groups - A groups function where factions can set up groups. Not just factions but other things too; such as a street racing group, poker group etc. This would allow notifications inside of it for the groups members; they could also be private or public dependant on the needs. This would further more role-play and would be used IN CHARACTER. For example, a street racing group has a private event and announces 5 minutes before a race; this could be used. Weazel News? - I would be VERY happy to have a section for NEWS and for Weazel News to post their news, for it to appear on the website. I hope this all makes sense. I would be very much looking forward to make it happen. The website would be fully responsive etc. to fit on a phone, website etc. To finish off, It could be really good to have this as a faction too!? The possibilities are endless. The Lifeinvader HQ in Los Santos could be a PERFECT fit for this; with different jobs available as the faction could also make money by advertising on the website, featured listings, VIP members etc. All done in an IN CHARACTER medium. No OOC on the website at all. If you feel I might have missed something or forgotten any features, please just leave a comment below. Do you like this idea? Hate it? Not sure? Please give me your thoughts!
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    Hi everyone, first of all happy holidays and I hope you had a great year and may the next be even better. I was wondering something, how do people feel about their last year ( or less if you joined during the year ) of playing on eclipse. Did you do all the things you wanted to do, did you get that new car/house you wanted, did you get the street rep you wanted, how do you feel the server being developed around you both RP and script wise. I shall hit it off. My main character Andor Rootman, well he is at the peak of what he can do, former Weazel news owner, former owner of HeavyFlow, been involved in management of two other goverment factions, rich to the point he doesnt know what he should do with his cash. I basically let Andor go off the rails, being rich doesnt make you happy ( let that be a lesson for life ). I enjoyed the development of my character that I have played for a long time. On the other hand my joke alt Bob Bobsen, the man that can only grunt and talk jibberish is fun but I realised I cant really take him places ( even though Leron tried by making him fight people for his amusement ) so I basically wrote him off. Probably going to CK him and remake him into something new, feel free to give advise. Then there is Sam Onella, my part time criminal character, I like playing on him a lot but as most people know is that andor is a borderline ( of not a full fledged ) criminal already so unless I am going to put a lot of time in him and join the gang life I feel like I am not going to play on him a lot. But I like the state he is in, developed as a character, having a good understanding of his motivations. What I want for next year for my characters, well both sam and andor probably going to stay, Bob going to be remade into something I havent tried yet, maybe even be a officer or MD ( since they need people ). Specially with andor who has a few things coming up I am wondering where it goes from here. The server, well thats a love hate relationship I have with it as a whole. I love certain changes improvements made, and hate others, but thats normal I feel. No one can be completly satisfied, but I hope there will be a flow chart or a plan published so we can see what the plan is for the server as a whole. I remember the hype for the "criminal update" after months of rumors, the countdown in discord with the final countdown being played in the voice channel. That was the most excited I have been on the server since I joined, sadly it wasnt what we wanted due to multiple reasons but it clearly is the basis of where the server is now, ever improving. Something I hate ( besides the snow ) is the problem we have with the viop, how it suddenly just stops working 50% of the time ( anyone able to tell me why that is ) the feeling that the PD has a unfair adventage over the rest of us with them able to use teamspeak ( yes I know the button for TS is the same as for ingame, but ts works 100% of the time and ingame not so much ). There are always other things that I feel are unbalanced in the server but are bound to change. Though when I look back over the entire year, I cant remember how I was able to play ( due to tech issues server side and client side ), the amount of crashes which went down by a shit ton I can only imagine what will happen next year. And guys, we all know that some people are unhappy with admins or the owners, but lets make this thread about yourself and not about them. And let us look at the future with hope. Mucho lovo from the old man ❤️ and a happy new year for everyone, except @Femo 😉 , because everyone hates him
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    All information written in the following post is to be taken OOC'ly only, using any of the information provided here in an IC'ly matter would be considered mixing and meta-gaming. Shortly after the disbanding of Amnesia, Tom Daniels along with Lucas Daniels began to stockpile on weapons on drugs. While their third mate Hoxton Curry would go and join Shadow Cartel, the 2 brothers began to work on their own. Raiding houses, drug labs and ensuring a large stock of heavy weapons. It is then that the 2 brothers met Jason Nightwood, the brother of Shadow Cartel board director Jax Nightwood. Jason Nightwood, unlike his brother aimed for a more legal way of life. After failing his first interview Jason joined Los Santos Customs and progressed his way until he became a Roadside Trainee, shortly after joining Los Santos Customs. Jason met Tom and Lucas once as he was servicing them. From their first interaction with one another, the 3 became close friends. He later learned through the history of the city after hearing stories from the 2, on how once the 2 were a part of a group called Syndicate and on the re-organizing it had into Amnesia which later collapsed. Through them, he would understand how easy it is to earn money through illegal ways in the city. It is then when he met Hoxton Curry as well and learn on how Hoxton was wanted for more than a month at the time of their introduction. After a 3 days' time, Jason would be fired from LSC due to accessory to robbery, looking for the right time to turn his legal life into a more illegal one, Jason used the chance to contact Tom and ask for assistance in escaping imprisonment at Bolingbroke. As the cruiser stopped at the Pillbox medical center Tom and Jason both escaped the Police and drove north, then Jason decided he had enough living under the tyranny of the current government in Los Santos and not having the ability to stand up for himself in the city. Jason, alongside Tom used his connections to acquire an arsenal of heavy weapons. Which would later server purpose in acquiring narcotics which were used to fund Jason's illegal way of life. While this was going on, Tom Daniels and Lucas Daniels were expecting one of their family relatives. Houston Daniels, to arrive at the Los Santos International Airport. Meeting with their brother, Tom and Lucas helped him establish a few connections in the city alongside an arsenal of weapons and narcotics he would sell for extra funds and assets. Now, with the right tools and motivations for a criminal life. Jason, Lucas, Tom, and Houston met each other. Looking towards the future of their lives, the 4 agreed to form a small group of their own. They'd call the group "Authority". The mantle was simple: They don't get orders. But instead, enforce their policies and demands on rival gangs and groups. Using their arsenal of weapons and money they made from supplying the less known criminals of Los Santos with heavy weapons and drugs they began to raid houses and mess with gangs four times larger than their size. A couple of days later, Tom would contact one of the old members of Syndicate before the re-organization: Arian Grayston. And would soon inform him about their plans, joining without a doubt. Arian was the 5th member to be a part of Authority. The following week would be a major success for Authority. Together, the 5 members managed to acquire themselves more heavy weapons. From a sniper-rifle they later sold to 12 more AKs which would be acquired by Jason after the raiding of a house in Sandy Shores. Authority began to sell their stock of weapons and by doing so would build up funds for a massive order of factory-new weapons that would be bought directly off one of Shadow Cartel's imports due to a contract signed by Tom Daniels and a high ranking member of Shadow Cartel, the contents of the order would be around 800k worth of weapons, who would be stored up in a remote safehouse who's location was known only to the members of Authority. Shortly later, Flip Daniels. Another member of the Daniels family would arrive in town and would meet up with Tom and Lucas, shortly later. He would be the 6th member of Authority. Now, Authority looks to increase its numbers and achieve an even larger scale of weapons trade and narcotics sales all across the city. As of now, Authority is spending most of their time acquiring an even larger stock of weapons by raiding houses and drug labs in coordinated attacks, they roll around in a group and always inform the others on the radio if any potential rewards can be earned. Most of the time the members of Authority go around and chill, some would call their behavior "childish" and "immature" whether if that's true or not. Whenever Authority receives information of possible heavy weapons or large amounts of narcotics that can be acquired they focus and become as much serious as they can. Aside from that, Authority is also reaching out to possible new recruits into the organization, however. Authority focuses on quality over quantity. By no means is Authority's goal to achieve the largest number of members. The process of recruitment into Authority is not a short and easy one by any means, Authority makes sure that any recruits that join are heavily equipped and know how to handle themselves. This comes into play in a couple of forms, one of them being how Authority frequently tests out its new members by getting them into troublesome situations and seeing how they handle in them. Finally, Authority is going around and making sure that their presence in the city isn't one to go un-noticed. Whenever a person messes with one of the members of Authority. The rest gather up and make sure that the person will not do so again, sometimes this is done by force. And sometimes, it is done with friendly communication. However, Authority always looks for a way to make gains and profit from any situation. The main goal of Authority currently is to be one of the largest weapons suppliers in the city. With its large supply of heavy weapons Authority aims to make a large profit from the buying and selling of weapons. Currently, Authority has already begun to do so. However, it aims to reach much greater heights then it currently is at. The second goal of Authority currently is to make itself known. While some of the members are already known throughout the city and different criminal organizations, Authority seeks to make everyone know that they should not be taken lightly. While some people might consider them weak due to their small number of members and lack of response times at some hours of the day. Authority can pack a punch, and it aims to let everyone know that messing with Authority will ensure the people doing so will feel suffer, agony and pain due to their actions. Authority is by no means against everyone, they attack only those who attack them. While they try to keep everything peaceful Authority provokes other criminal organizations if they think that any sort of profit or gains would be acquired from the situation. However, Authority is actively looking for a close ally. One with the same ideology and goals as Authority. - We always follow the server rules and try to give the best RP experience to ourselves and everyone who is included in said RP situation. - Long-Term Inactivity is something we do not tolerate in Authority. Members who will be inactive for some time must inform the other members of this. - We always try to make gains from any situation we are in, if no profit is gained in said situation. It is best if we do not spend time that can be spent on other actions that can come in shape of any sort of reward. - We keep our friends close, but our enemies closer. If someone interferes with our operations and actions, we don't let this go un-noticed. We make sure that the individual knows not to repeat the same mistake again. Authority is by no means lead by one man, everyone can share their opinions and what actions they believe should be done in specific situations. Therefore, Authority does not have a single "leader". However, Authority's older and more experienced members are the ones usually calling out the shots in most of the situations. When a member of Authority breaks one of the rules or goes against what Authority believes in, causing major problems to Authority in the process. His future in Authority would be discussed between the oldest of oldest members in Authority. While in the city, the members of Authority usually hang out at select locations throughout the city of Los Santos and its outskirts. Authority usually focuses on waiting for the right moment to strike. And whenever that moment comes they group up and focus their skills and equipment in a situation where they see major rewards in. If one of the members of Authority is being robbed, threatened or shot. The rest group up and speed of to assist the member who requires the help. In case they are too late or arrive when the aggressors have already run away. Authority seeks out the people that caused the aggression and makes sure they will never do so again.
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    Player(s) being reported: MarcoD Date of rule breach: Everytime. Time of rule breach: Everytime Your characters name: Knox Sanders Other players involved: Specific rule broken: Cant take care of rule breakers, going /aduty only when any other cop asks. Does not help people. Useless mod ( only my opinion, ❤️ ) How did the player break the rule?: This moderator is always misinforming everyone, I was told by him that /cpr is forcefull command, and people can use it before RP. Because of this, people get MISSINFORMED and because people get MISSINFORMED people start breaking the rules, sadly after talking with Chuck and few other people i get some information that CPR IS NOT FORCEFULL COMMAND AND BEFORE USING IT THERE HAS TO BE DONE AT LEAST SOME RP. Thank you Marco, because of u got PG Offense. Also MarcoD is known as a person who likes to METAGAME, lets take a situation for an example : A random person who is wanted with mask and so on escapes big guy MARCO, the suspect turns off his phone and changes his clothes, The suspect drives pass the PD and big guy MARCO checks the ID and he is able to tell that the guy is the suspect and instantly tries tazing him. Thats a quick clip when my friend has changed his clothes, phone is off but GOOD GUY MARCO is able to recognize him https://streamable.com/t0jpv Also He could not take care of this situation when Detective forced CPR. https://imgur.com/a/8WfVQ6c At this point I was rp'ing that I'm not breathing. And detective decided to force /cpr me when MarcoD is standing next to me. ( He did it twice btw, just marco asked to Re-RP the situation ) And Marco told me that /cpr can be done before RP. When i told him that i have a PG warning for pretty much Forcing /cpr he shit his pants and decided leave me alone. Much Love Marco ❤️ A few more screenshots at that situation : - https://imgur.com/a/nxfzmI9 https://imgur.com/a/z5FYWZT AND NOW ALL THE ADMINS THAT SAY THAT /CPR CAN BE FORCED READ WHAT OUR "HEAD ADMIN" SAID : https://i.imgur.com/DYhHCE6.png ( WRONG ) http://prntscr.com/m0cjyk ( RIGHT ) http://prntscr.com/m0llm7 ( CONFIRMED ) Evidence of rule breach: INVESTIGATE IT AND STOP TELLING THAT YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, THIS MODERATOR IS CLEARLY MOD ABUSING. HAVE A NICE DAY.
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    KiloKryptonite - Has resigned as Senior Moderator. Chirlon - Has been promoted to Administrator Bakmeel - Has been promoted to Administrator MusketDeezNuts - Has been promoted to Administrator MarcoD - Has been promoted to Senior Moderator Andy - Has been promoted to Senior Moderator
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    So, I'm not usually one to start one of these threads on the forums. However, after role-playing as a relatively shady grandma but in secret; I've encountered some real horrendous role-play. Now, I'm not perfect and even after over a year and a half on the server; I still want to push my role-play further. However, you can't even role-play with some individuals because they cannot follow simple things... Such as, allowing you time to respond to RP, kill you even when you comply and actually provide no role-play whatsoever. It makes me feel bad for the staff and people when all they experience is this. On my Police Officer character I don't get this as much as I usually just get the poor RP that gets dealt with quickly, but as a civilian getting robbed isn't the problem, the problem is getting robbed all the time and POORLY. I wish people got out of the mentality of cops and robbers. It isn't that, it shouldn't be that, it never should have been that. We have an influx of new players, who get banned (see latest report that I've posted of a situation with real crappy role-play) and then staff get moaned at because there aren't enough players. It's probably because people can't role-play and everyone's goal is to be rich. That isn't role-play. Go play GTA Online if you want that. (Sorry, rant over)
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    Player(s) being reported: MASK 962_3302, MASK 1305_1103, MASK 3379_7029 Date of rule breach: 2019-01-01 Time of rule breach: 15:20:00 GMT+2 Lithuanian time Your characters name:Blatniak Einaro Other players involved:Demetrious Sanchez Specific rule broken: 6.5 New life rule 6.6 Non-roleplay 7.1 Fear roleplay 7.2 Deathmatch 7.3 Vehicle deathmatch 7.8 Combat and roleplay logging How did the player break the rule?:We had a nice talk with Demetrious, then from somewhere appear those 2 guys and everything started. MASK 1305_1103(BROKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay , 7.1 Fear roleplay and 7.2 Deathmatch) I wish start to report that guy from my video POV start, he came out from his car, without words start to shoot me and my friend for no reason. Video POV 00:04 seconds. MASK 962_3302(BROKE RULES 7.8 Combat and roleplay logging) That guy tried to VDM, but he did only damaged my car, after that I tried to catch him, cause he had accident nearby, so I ran straight to him, and he did combat logging. Video POV 00:58 seconds. MASK 1305_113(BROKE RULES 6.5 NEW LIFE RULE) that guy came back to action, I noted him at OOC he have to leave, but he did not understood. video POV 02:49 - 03:10. MASK 962_3302(BROKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay , 7.3 Vehicle deathmatch) that guy who logged out came back, and non roleplay stole Demetrious car and started to hit him with car. video POV 03:27. MASK 3379_7029(BROKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay, 7.1 Fear roleplay) that guy started to shoot me while he eating a submarine/taco. video POV 03:48. MASK 962_3302(BOKE RULES 6.6 Non-roleplay, 7.1 Fear roleplay) he started to call police while he was injured.. video POV 04:28. I know POV is long, but I tried to explain with times what they did wrong, these guys not have any valid KoS. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c2b736bf019aff29e/cream-guys-cleaned-as-fk
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    Hello. I hope you see this nelson. I am a lonely man. Working at bollingbroke that is looking for some company from someone who looks as good as myself. I seen you at bollingbroke a few times in your sexy LSPD outfit. I am not rich. But I am a lovely person to be around with. (If you dont count my funeral car) I am a bit overweight but I shall change for you! Please respond. -Indy Hrolfr
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    As the snow melted away and the weather got warm we decided to take a slight trip outside the city and have a little gathering and have some fun
  13. 8 points
    After we put up the Christmas tree, we decided to chill and hang out a little bit and it turned into a small party after some friends showed up
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    I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
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    (It's meant to be satirical, please subscribe and we'll upload lots of videos over the next few weeks)
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    ____________________________ The Street Reapers started off as a small group of high school friends who have always had a passion for cars, after high school after the friends where able to start working and create a means of income they started to pursuit their dreams even deeper. They slowly started building the cars they dreamed off back in high school little by little, while on an honest living. They soon started to realize how expensive it can be to build up and maintain a car, that's when they started delving into other means of earning money to keep up with the costs of new parts. The group would lurk through the city of Los Santos while the citizens slept reaping any expensive car they could get their hands on waiting to be chopped, with this new source of income the group was able to really kick things off buying not only cars they wished for but fully modifying and customizing them, but this money did not come without cost, it was a very risky and dangerous means of income which a lot of the times resulted in jail time or gun fights; after having an excess and abundance of money from there illegal activates the group was able to really take off and gain popularity and notoriety showing off their racing machines. Things started off as just car meets and hang outs throughout certain locations of the city where the group started to meet new people out in Los Santos who shared the same interests they did, as more and more people started to noticed that is when things began to spice up and the illegal street racing began, although most people would just enjoy and admire each others cars during the meets, there where always a few who wanted to take things to the next level by trying to see who the fastest and the best racer, but it would not stop there, it would go beyond that to the point where people would bet money on races, and the best drivers would even pink slip their cars. ____________________________ Currently The Street Reapers are located in Paleto Bay where the crew owns and operates a gas station that is used as a meet up and hang out spot, they also use the garage near the gas station to work on their rides doing everything from maintenance work to installing new mods. This is the HQ for The Street Reapers from here they can socialize, work on their vehicles, and plan future meets, and most importantly, fill up their cars with quality racing fuel. ____________________________ The long term and future goals of the Street Reapers is to keep the car scene of Los Santos Alive and to control the city roads along with a chop shop location, this could be done by reaching out to random people who attend car meets and partake in street racing, getting them involved in the crew. They also want to be the number one racing crew in the city, apart from that, the other goals the crew has is to keep making money fueling their ambitions and passion for cars, this can be done by racing for cash, pink slip racing, and selling certain items during meets the Street Reapers hold. ____________________________ To join The Street Reapers you must make contact with us ICLY by attending car meet's and role playing with us so be on the look our for car meet bleets, if you're a good racer and you show above average role play capabilities then a member of the crew will approach you and inform you about the crews existence. This does not mean you'll be in the crew/faction right away, it just means you'll be known to us icly. ____________________________ This is a pretty simple one, the upmost number one rule that must be followed at all times is the server handbook rules, other then that there are not many rules as of now other then have fun and follow the rank hierarchy.
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    So with the speakers that were added for Christmas i think it should become an item that would be for sale at the shops. Speakers should be placeables and have the ability to enter a link of a music stream like radio links or youtube links. so that we could host proper parties where everyone can hear music instead of using voip. I think this would add a lot of rp opportunities when people just want to chill but sometimes its very boring when there is no music or anything else in the background. This would also make bahama mamas and vanilla unicorn much more usable, house parties and the rest much better To make sure its not abused, the speakers should be by default at 0% sound and it would be displayed above "Speaker: Volume 0%" and then players could type /speaker 100% to turn on the sound themselves so they can hear the music so that people do not abuse by placing speakers randomly. Obviously make sure that speakers could not be placed at NCZ zones and that only 1 speaker could be placed in the same area to prevent trolling.
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    Hello there admins. I wanna point these things out from my PoV and wanna point out that ID 5 (Mask 962_3302) in my Zion Cabrio is the guy who combat logged is the exact same guy who reverse into me. ID 2 (Mask 3379_7029) also known as Lucass Sanchez VDMed me aswell without valid KoS and eating while shooting which is considered NonRP. I do also wanna say that we had no interactions with these guys in the past and there was no active KoS and the RP was poor to non existent from the beginning to the end. It felt like they had no intention of roleplaying nor play by the rules. I do also believe that theres a possibilty of metagaming here as the guy in the white Zion Cabrio comes back with his fellow partners in crime. Their friend who was laying on the ground was told in /b that they would get reported and i'm pretty sure the rest of his friends would be aware of this aswell as it seems like that they have some great telekinesis that also works ingame.
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    i vote no, because there is currently no counter play to the police scanning a license plate and arresting you ( Besides not seeing a police officer ) for me the PD already has a lot of tools to combat all kinds of small crimes like speeding and illegal parking and by giving the public ( criminal law breaking scum ) no counter play to these tools it tips the balance even further towards the already overpowered PD. If there would be things like license plate changing, blowing up speed cameras ( with costs to the PD to replace them ) or other simular things it will be okay. But speed camaras as a stand alone thing. No
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    How To RP 101 - Using /me and /do with real footage! It's meant to not be too serious, whilst portraying a sensible message. Hope you enjoy!
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    How to use /me and /do! It's not scripted, so... I say stuff. Sorry.
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    It's a viable idea, we are considering this and a combination of some other small features to protect the newbies.
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