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    The Savages are an organisation founded by a community of like minded people with inseparable outlooks on their environment. The Savages are formed from a syndicate of wealthy and justice fuelled members. Their objective within Los Santos is to protect the poverty stricken civilians by rebelling against the authority which traps them. They will stop at nothing to dismantle the corrupt government that surrounds the streets of Los Santos, with the help from the wealth inherited via their families they have liquidated almost everything in order to overthrow the government. These Savages can be found lurking around their neighbourhood located in Rockford Hills, The Savages can be identified representing their gang colours red and black, they are commonly found in large groups committing heinous crimes such as weapon distribution, extortion, embezzlement, hostage taking and terrorism. Vehicles The Savages use: Bati-801 - Motorcycle Manchez - Motorcycle Dubsta 6x6 - Off Road Granger - SUV Exemplar - Coupes Jester - Sports Elegy Retro - Sports Seven-70 - Sports Zentorno - Super 811 Pfister - Super
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    What a fucking joke... The Savages are not a official faction when we have the most active players and have dominated the gang turfs since day 1... Check now and we own the largest majority of gang turf on the server and have owned it for the longest time...
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    VIP Perks I started on this server on April 29th, and bought my VIP 3 days later to enjoy the perks that were available with it, however, over the last few months, a fair few of those perks were adjusted and/or removed. We originally had a VIP Chat, which ended up being abused for metagaming and insulting each other, resulting in the removal of that chat. We also had free masks, which were later removed by the Alias update. We had a full tax refund, which has been adjusted to about 60% tax refund. So what do I want to do with VIP? I think we should add in a few perks and remove one pesky one that everyone does love so much. Let's talk about the ones that should fit in with the system, not giving players any advantages over each other. Reduced stabilization time for medics Reduced cost of clothing from stores Reduced cost of fruits from stores Reduced Mors fee Open to ideas in comments, will update with good ideas So, what needs to go? @Andor discussed with me recently that Weazel News workers mostly end up seemingly AFK, writing their articles, or actually AFK, not writing any articles, which of the two, we'll never know. However, Weazel is able to do other things, like Advertisements. The problem is, with VIP, everyone just posts their own advertisements and avoids the RP with Weazel News. I think we should remove /vnn altogether. Let's face it, half the ads that go up are either illegal or terribly done. I think advertisements should go through Weazel. Increase the quality of RP in the server by adding a middle man to boost your business. There will also be issues with this, which I think I'd like to add in another idea. Andor owns a car dealership, meaning he's the sole responsibility of a competing business. He's also the leader of Weazel News, meaning he can block out other businesses from advertising through him. Businesses (dealerships, gun stores, gas stations) should have an advertising option for a fee in the management window. Thus, ruling out Weazel becoming a monopoly and preventing competing businesses from growing. These are all the ideas I have currently. As I have stated above, if you have an idea, feel free to post it here and I'll add it to the list, if you like. :)
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    None of the player base wanted this? Well sorry to disappoint but I love this idea and I think it would be great.
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    Little story before you watch the video So Chan gang one of worst and fearless gangs on Los Santos and Bandar already fuck up by flirting with leader Girl Hayley Chan So the boss dose not like him ANYMORE!!! Please wait for Part 2 ( Bandar REVENGE Vs Chan gang )
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    Since the credit store is gone for vehicles I'd greatly appreciate it if all vehicles (apart from non-rp ones like for example the moon buggy and the insurgent) were added to normal dealerships. Right now a lot of vehicles cannot be obtained and even a simple thing like the mountainbike (Scorcher) can't be bought. Would love to hear the thoughts of the community and developers.
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    Please help Tubbus achieve his dream, 100 dollars = 1 respect. Stay tuned for updates guys!
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    At the moment there is such a clear divide in quality between many of the government factions and that's bad for the server. Each of the government factions are vital to the health and correct functioning of ECRP. Without the mechanics, taxi drivers, EMS and PD, there would be huge problems within the fields they each represent. Government factions are also very likely to have more RP opportunities with new players. Whether that be repairing a vehicle, getting stopped for speeding or using a tax to get around. Because of this connection with new players I feel new rules should be enforced by the server to maintain a level of quality and expectations. Right now, a new player running up to Biggs for a repair is just as likely to get shot as he is get a new bumper. Biggs is a hub for criminal activity and that should not be the case. I'm not 100% sure as I tend to die whenever there's a big scene but I believe 2 criminal factions have ties there. I'm sure they can use a house or maybe another area could be provided by the server so they can maintain their RP standings. At the moment they are able to lock gates, which I feel is an unfair advantage. A regular 100% paycheck should be considered a privilege and those lucky enough to get one should have to follow strict rules in order to benefit the server, give new players a better experience and overall improve quality of RP. Below is a list of rules surrounding government jobs that I feel should be enforced. I'm aware some of these rules are enforced by management but I believe they should be server rules and punishable OOC'ly if ignored. Government Faction Rules Members of a government faction must keep a clean criminal record, free of serious crimes and felonies. (Tickets and minor offences should not be penalized) Government factions are forbidden to make ties with criminal organizations Government paychecks are not allowed to be distributed to criminal alts (Some factions enforce this already) Government factions are not allowed to abuse faction specific features for criminal/personal gain (blockades for PD, Gates for Biggs, Tow trucks etc) Breaking server rules as a government faction member should be x2 punishments Ignoring calls whilst on duty is a punishable offence (PD AFK in locker room, EMS sitting outside hospital AFK, 8 people on duty at Biggs at 4am) Government Blacklisting (If a faction member breaks rules, they are forbidden to join any other government faction) Thanks to Mason for the idea At the moment people join the government jobs for the paychecks, not because they want to RP that role. They RP with new players more often so should be held to a higher standard. I understand it's difficult for criminals to earn money outside of having government jobs on the side. I'm not attempting to cripple that, my goal would be to simply make the new players have more realistic, safe and non-criminal RP.
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    Isn't this post public? People are entitled to their opinions and how they see the situation from watching the videos. By telling them to stop posting is a unfair.
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    Hello Everyone, I created this topic in hopes that a few people might share the same thoughts as me and hopefully agree when I say that the FearRP Rule needs to be amended, which I'll elaborate on further in a bit. I will say to begin with that I've have had no issues roleplaying with the current FearRP rule as of yet. But I still believe it should be changed as I think there is a massive flaw in its design. The FearRP rule was put in place to prevent people from unrealistically walking away from an RP scene they would otherwise totally have to respond to, a good example of this is the situation that initially caused the FearRP Rule to be suggested in the first place as follows: "Me and my friend park a car outside the bank and run in, masked, and shout for everyone to get on the ground. Naturally the 2 people in there ignore us completely and continue to take their salary and leave." (Taken from this thread: ) Now the situation experienced above is pretty dejecting to anyone wanting to play a criminal and be a bad guy, realistically you wouldn't keep banking when two people armed to the teeth storm in and demand you get on the floor, you would of course Get on the floor. So I can totally see why the FearRP rule needed to be put in place, and I agree with it wholeheartedly, however. What is wrong with the current FearRP Rule? I imagine most of us have been there at some point, you're walking down the street and turn into and alley, you find a unsuspecting player bent over and totally distracted by a shiny quarter, your pull out your gun, point it at the back of their head, and shout "Don't fucking move or I'll blow your goddamn head off! Hands in the air!" -The victim of a potential crime about to happen complies initially, they raise their hands into the air, only to turn around two seconds later and pop two shots into your head. Immediately you furiously type /report "XYZ is not FearRPing." -Admins come down from the heavens to resolve the situation, and the victims only defense for not complying with FearRP? Most likely along the lines of: "Well, my character is a street thug who is an ex-Navy SEAL, he wouldn't be scared, he would try and fight back." -But this doesn't sit well with the Admins, nor the player committing the crime, and justice is quickly served in the form of a Warning, Kick, or even worse, a ban to the offending player. What's wrong with the current FearRP Rule? Exactly the entire situation described above, it gives too much of an advantage to the player that is FIRST to point their gun at someones head and start announcing some demands, the victim is immediately bound OOCly to comply with the IC demands of their antagonizer, they have no hope, no chance, of not getting robbed, getting their car keys taken, or straight up harassed by their attacker under this current iteration of the FearRP Rule. To put it simply: It is too easy to abuse. With this rule, I COULD potentially find anyone in a desolate place with a friend/accomplice on my side, point a gun at their head, steal their money, car keys, etc. And /report them if they don't comply. At the end of it all, I most likely get what I want, perhaps 1,500$, a new car I can totally sell for 20k, or whatever else I want. So how should the FearRP Rule be changed/amended? The solution is actually incredibly simple! -Let players have a chance to resist in the form of RPing it out realistically. So in this new, proposed amendment, I lets say I, the victim, am being held at gunpoint, gun at my head, assailant is demanding 200 bucks from me. I would be allowed to ROLEPLAY something along the lines of: /me has their hands raised up into the air, quickly they reach for their pockets and pull out a gun! After I announce in a /me action that I have pulled a firearm from my person, the attacker is obviously going to defend themselves, a gunfight will likely ensue, and whomever survives, survives, it provides an equal opportunity for fair roleplay to both participants of the roleplay scene, and you'll definitely see less /reports as a result I feel. Alternatively, this amendment should also cover the possibility of fleeing an assailant by simply doing a /me along the lines of /me nervously sweats and makes a break for it! However, for this to work effectively, there has to be restrictions put in place even still! Suggested circumstances listed below: 1. The victim cannot pull out a firearm of any kind before doing a /me stating they are doing so to attempt to defend themselves. 2. Realistically, the victim would not stand a chance against 4 assailants armed to the teeth with guns, in this scenario, the proposed amendment to the FearRP rule should not apply. 3. Realistically, if you are fleeing from someone who has a gun to your head on foot, you should not be heading for your car, the time it takes for you to take out your keys, start your engine, put yourself into drive/gear takes waaaaaay too long, and considering you're most likely panicking you would fumble a lot too, giving the assailant ample time to put a few shots in you. 4. If fleeing on foot, you must have completely lost your assailant and wait a sufficient amount of time (I suggest 10 minutes) before logging off, letting the attackers have a fair chance to find you. 5. If fleeing on foot, if you've lost your attacker and managed to get to your car with them not around? You're home free baby! Get your ass outta there! In Conclusion: TL:DR - Letting players do a /me is a good thing that should be encouraged that provides both parties with a fair chance to get what they want. I hope my explanations weren't too bad, and I hope even more to find people who agree! Feel free to discuss! Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion!
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    Alright so I've brought this up earlier this evening in the Discord during the meeting between the administrators and the community and a lot of people ended up agreeing with me that it's a good thing, including @BallinByNature. This idea came to my mind as the amount of in-character marriages have been increasing by an insane amount, both my characters also being in a rather serious-RP relationship. Even if it's for characters that aren't actually married but can't afford a house on their own and want a roommate to live with, sharing a house would be a great solution. Another good thing would be houses up for rent, giving players both the option to rent the house or buy the house. I'm not completely sure on how often the rent would be taken but maybe once per in-game day or two days given every in-game day is 6 hours IRL, but obviously this would be subject to change. I think this would be a great addition because a lot of the players that do not have a government job can't afford to just fully buy a house, given them basically nowhere to store anything that they might want to store, especially with the recent introductions of bobby pins and how they work. Of course this is just my two cents on this situation, but I thought I'd make a proper suggestion after I saw the amount of people that agree with this suggestion and think that it would work out well.
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    Most of the people who play on Eclipse RP is the people who have Governmental jobs. So I think we should improve the Non-Governmental side, adding more fun jobs and add 1/2 more Governmental factions. Governmental Factions: Lawyer: I think having a lawyer system should be nice like when you get arrested you have right I make a call so you can call your lawyer. They could remove a guy from jail for money, like 10 min=1k. But 1k of base value so they could charge labour besides the base value. Non-Governmental Jobs: Pizzaboy: I think adding more jobs such as pizza boy would be nice to the people that don't have a governmental job so they don't do always the same, trucking/courier. Fishing: I think we could improve the fishing job by adding boats, people that have boats could go fishing to the sea there they could fish bigger fish so they could make more money or even have some fun with their friends on a boat. PaperBoy: PaperBoy could deliver the news/magazines home by home with a bycicle. Lumberjack Lottery/Bet house: It would be cool have every single day a lottery like at 20:00 (Gtm: 0:00), we could buy the tickets at General Stores and the prize would be the total of the tickets bought. (each ticket like 1k). Houses: ( @NoewUH suggestion) "Currently, houses do not have much use other than a hangout area. It would be awesome to see a few things added to house functionality. These include: - Allowing clothes storage. All purchased clothing will be saved only if you own a house. - Spawnable location. You could allow the ability to spawn at a house (after crash, or relog) - Possible music player? (a system which allows youtube videos, audio, to be played?) (A bit much though could be fun.) - Food storage. (either store purchasable food, or have a limited supply) (would allow people to be able to heal small amounts of HP by themselves) Adding these featured would increase the functionality of houses, and would encourage players to buy them! If anyone has any further suggestions or criticism, that would be appreciated in the comments! :)" General Stores: General stores are, almost useless, we should add more things there like get a better price for food and implement Mike Rich suggestion ( @Badger ). "Hi all, I would like to suggest this, we need to have some sort of metabolism system, where players feel hungry and thirsty after a certain time. This would also bring more RP to the server and insight people to go to shops to buy food and water to keep them alive. This is taken from Rust I know it's a survival game but I believe this would bring so much more to the server, people buying tacos and going to coffee shops etc. Let me know your thoughts on this! Thanks https://gyazo.com/2c62768706ef62f78f0a615a945018ff " I think you should implement a helmet system that you need to buy your helmet at a general store and you chose which one you want to buy, and if police catch you without it you can get in troubles. Phone system: I saw this image (http://prntscr.com/g97et2) and I think it would be very cool have this on Eclipse RP (I don't know what says on the menu I just understand SMS xD). http://prntscr.com/g97jzk Skin System: I think we could select the skin of a player at the start or in the plastic surgery (with Skin changer and after that we could Edit that character like we do in the plastic surgery now). http://prntscr.com/g97hq0 Some NPC: I think we could have more NPC like the general store one. Stripers, for example, this would bring more people to "Vanilla club" and with this, we could create another job, security.
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    This idea came mainly to my head because of desync -- a seatbelt would be really handy and it would keep you from flying out and makes you lose less health from car crashes/desync. Police could definitely find this handy. I know one RP server already has this.
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    Community Update #1 1st August 2017 Dear Community, This is the first Community Update which will inform you of upcoming features in the next update and what is planned in the future. Some features will be a secret to surprise you here and then. The community update represents suggestions you made for the server that are considered being implemented. With that being said we decided to introduce a new postion "Public Relations" you can find more info here. Upcoming Update Official Gang Factions There will be a set of gangs which will become official on the server. These gangs are chosen by the lore of GTA V. As for now there will be 5 official gangs. These factions can capture turfs and will have a starting turf when this update gets rolled out. IMPORTANT : These factions will have to enforce roleplay standards The Ballas The Ballas are a large African-American street gang that operate in the cities of Los Santos, they all rep their gang by wearing purple clothing and driving purple cars, they maintain a traditional rivalry with The Families, Ballas can often be seen drinking, driving cars and bikes, and walking their dogs. Most Ballas generally stay in groups of 3-5, and they generally carry pistols and knives on them, these gang members are often smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and drinking Pißwasser. The Ballas are enemies with The Families, and the Vagos, they are a primarily African-American gang, and use some slang words, such as Playa: Friend Balla: Greeting OG/Original Gangster: High-Ranking, Well-Respected Member Homie/Home Boy/Homegirl: Refers to a friend Hood: Neighborhood FK/Family Killer/Family Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for The Families VK/Vago Killer/Vago Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for Vagos Vehicles Ballas Gang Members use: BMX Buccaneer Felon Manana Peyote Jackal Tornado Baller Oracle Primo The Families The Families are a group of African-American gang members, they own territory in Chamberlain Hills, the Strawberry neighborhoods, and they also own some parts of Davis, The Families hold a bitter rivalry with the Ballas gang, and also hold a rivalry against the Los Santos Vagos, you can spot family members wearing green attire, which is based off the colors of the Los Santos Corkers Baseball Team, and the Feud Baseball Team. Members of The Families can often be seen drinking, driving their vehicles, walking dogs, and performing illegal street races, family members generally stay together in larger groups, carrying pistols, knives, and rarely, heavier weapons. The Families is a group of smaller gangs, which include the Chamberlain Gangster Families, the Forum Drive Families, the Carson Ave Families, the Davis Neighborhood Families, and the most famously known, Grove Street Families, they use slang such as: Gang Green: Slang for when they refer to themselves, as they wear green Fam/Family: Greeting Loc: Greeting to fellow gang members OG/Original Gangster: High-Ranking, Well-Respected Member BK/Balla Killer/Balla Killa: Disrespectful term used by The Families for the Ballas Ball-Sacks/Ball-Pushers/Ball-Less: Disrespectful term used by The Families for the Ballas VK/Vago Killer/Vago Killa: Disrespectful term used by The Families for Vagos Va-Hoes: Disrespectful term used by the Families for Vagos Vehicles The Families use: Emperor Manana Tornado Bucanneer Peyote Cavalcade Baller BMX The Los Santos Vagos The Vagos are the largest and most powerful Mexican/Latino gang in Los Santos, they reside in the run-down neighborhoods in the far east and northeast corners of the city, and can be spotted by their bright yellow clothing, The Vagos are known to be extremely violent and will often attack in large groups to surround their enemies as a part of their strategy, most of their drug trade involves crack, and cocaine, they generally only carry pistols, and seem to be the least armed gang in Los Santos, members partake in drinking beer and smoking marijuana while in groups, they are easily identifiable by their yellow bandana’s, as well as their cholo style clothing also, Vagos members are normally heavily tattooed. Vehicles the Los Santos Vagos members use: Tornado Sentinel Sanchez Baller BMX Buccaneer Cavalcade Emperor Manana Peyote Tornado Vigero Granger PCJ 600 The Los Santos Triads The Los Santos Triads are a large Chinese crime syndicate, you can spot the chinese gang members wearing red clothes and red vehicles, the operate in drug dealing, arms trafficking, kidnapping, and sometimes, slavery, they kidnap people often, and use them to get what they want. The Chinese criminal organisation begun operating in Los Santos and infiltrated the drug market. The Triads own most of Little Seoul, which is a chinese and korean-based neighborhood. Vehicles the Los Santos Triads use: Fugitive Dubsta Burrito Bison Cavalcade Washington Futo Banshee Jester Lost MC (Motorcycle Club) The Lost Motorcycle Club is an illegal motorcycle club located in the rural lands of Blaine County, they stick to wearing all-black clothes, and most of the time are wearing leathers for driving motorcycles. The Lost MC operates out of Blaine County selling illegal drugs and firearms, the Lost MC is mainly active in Blaine County, but some members also venture into Los Santos, and reside there, in the East Vinewood area, they drive around that area in their Gang Burrito Vans, and operate a clubhouse in the area. Vehicles The Lost MC members use: Hexer Lycan Diabolus Innovation Daemon Zombie Bagger Slamvan Duneloader Gang Burrito Lectro Sovereign Benson These gangs had the most amount of lore behind them, they have a certain set of vehicles they drive, and they also have set locations where they own turf. There will be a Faction Administrator that will overview this system and make sure it goes to plan, we will hold applications for leadership roles in the five gangs, then the selected leaders will have to recruit through in-character means, in-game. Official Criminal Factions These factions will have objectives and missions which will reward them with money and improve their standing amongst other factions. Turf capturing will no longer have any capture points. A series of objectives will have to be completed which then will damage the turf owner. Defenders of that turf can combat the attacker in a similar way. New Criminal Faction System The criminal faction system will be reworked and the interface will be rewritten completely. Weed Farming We will introduce a option for players to let them grow marijuana in secluded areas north of Los Santos. Marijuana will take a long time to grow. Players will have to extract seeds of a grown plant to re-plant any further plants. A grown plant will drop 1-3 seeds. Due to the long growth-time be careful that another player does not steal your weed. Mass production will not be possible. Drug Lab System A system will be introduced that allows players to produce drugs to sell and distribute. Future Updates Government System We will introduce a faction which acts as IC government. Players are able to be senators,lawyers and judges. Also state laws will be decided by the government. We will give out more information to this once we developed a immersive and working concept for this. Updated Inventory System UI We will revamp the UI of the inventory system to make it intuitive and easy to use, especially for putting and taking items. This will lower the use of chat commands so everything can be done over an interface. Sneak Peak https://i.gyazo.com/e1cfdf984ab6dba3b07ea7373a42c64a.mp4 CPR Training We will introduce a option where you can attend training at the medical department where you can learn how to CPR and these training sessions will be held by medics. Interrupting phone calls We will add a hotkey to remove a phone of a player if he is downed which will disable the ability to use the phone for medics or cops. Most likely it will be a animation when you try to call for help when downed, if a player interrupts this animation with the hotkey action the call will not be made, but if the animation can be made the call will get out. Possible Future Hitman Contract System Composes of a Single Director, Members and Recruits. A player is able to place a contract on another player (using the game panel) while providing evidence, for example: If Martin Pastet killed my brother, I would be able to screenshot/video that and place a contract on him for $XX,XXX with the evidence provided. The Hitman Director will see this contract (though they will not see the bounty) and will review it before assigning it to a Hitman. Once assigned, the Hitman will then have to gather evidence on the target, such as their name, job, friends, vehicles, activities etc. (while also providing evidence of collecting this information) and upload it all to the game panel. Once the Hitman is satisfied that they have collected enough evidence, they will describe how they plan on terminating the target; time, place, weapon, etc. The contract is now ready to be approved. The Director will review the contract to make sure that the information collected is correct (and not MG). If it all checks out, the contract is approved for termination. The Hitman is then able to pick up one weapon [Silenced Pistol (100 rounds), SMG (200 rounds) or a Sniper Rifle (7 Rounds)] from a "stash point". Finally, the Hitman terminates the contract and receives half of the bounty. The other half of the bounty is "hacked" from the targets bank account and is used to fund the Agency. We hope you like these news and enjoy your stay on EclipseRP Spark (Public Relations)
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    Team Update: The following Support Staff have been recruited: flow SoloSmith Marsh Trident40 DemonChild Randyrandul TeamSpeakUser NoewUH LiveTrash PerfectArc has been removed from the Support team.
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    Auction Rules Forum users are not allowed to post here anything, other than their auction bids. Starting bid is $400.000 and minimum bid increase is $25.000, bids cannot be decreased. Participants , who post false bids (without having the money to cover the bid) will be fined in-game. Participants , who already own a business or control other characters or accounts that own a business, cannot participate. Participants are not allowed to transfer ownership of the auctioned item, to those players, who are not allowed to participate by point #4. Participants must post their character name or stranger mask name and the size of their new bid, otherwise such posts will be deleted. The auction will close on 1st of August, 12:00 UTC +0, any further bids placed after the deadline will be ignored! The auction administrator is allowed to initiate a live auction, between major bidders, if a last moment bid is posted before the deadline. Auctioned Item The Motorsport vehicle dealership is famous for it's perfect location, it is positioned in the heart of Los Santos, close to Mors Insurance and Savage Nation weapon store, the location is considered as a hotspot for citizen interaction and is a great gather point for people and extremely good for business. The dealership used to be well known as the headquarters of the once large and mighty criminal organization, called the Syndicate, however it's fading power left Motorsport abandoned and submerged in the shadows of it's former glory. Auction History - Dwayne Smith bids $2.000.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $2.025.000 - Dwayne Smith bids $2.500.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $2.525.000 - Dwayne Smith bids $2.700.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $2.725.000 - Dwayne Smith bids $3.100.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $3.125.000 - Dwayne Smith bids $3.200.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $3.225.000 - Dwayne Smith bids $3.700.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $3.725.000 - Dwayne Smith bids $5.825.000 - Aeleous Baba bids $5.850.000 [ Auction Closed ]
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    So currently at LSC we have a lot of police chases and people speeding through all day everyday, a few of my mechanics have suffered injuries from this. I would like to put a suggestion forward to get some kind of barrier system in place or speed bumps that will slow people down. The south side entrance has a bump which people think they can use it as a jump and speed and handbrake into LSC often causing problems. Not the best editing work but i hope you get the idea. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/32/59/fc/3259fc358114560a81ef6181be094ca3.jpg
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    Why did you get in your Tempesta cruiser in the first place and not freezing me as soon as i took the car? You ruin the game for a lot of people and in the end it will make them leave. We dont need more and more people leaving. But im still curious why you didnt freeze me asap instead of tping me back after you knew i was about to escape. What i've done previous is the past, i regret and i learn and i dont make the same mistakes again. Thats a good point aswell @LeftSharkie
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    Lets say you have been arresting a million times, have a rap sheet like someone like ____________ fill in the blank of your favorite criminal friend or foe. You get arrested almost daily, but at least once a week... Cars typically used in crime are impounded. We can work out a IC deal with LSC or Bayview that whomever answers the police call for a "hook for impound" gets the cash. Which will be applied to the vehicle to be removed from impound. Then they have to take the car to the police impound lot, to deposit it. Location, unknown right now. So, LSPD arrested Player 1, they put in a call for police tow and amount for tow to be removed from lot... like: /ptow $50000 both Then the calls goes to both LSC and BayView.... whomever accepts quickest, picks up the vehicle. Takes the vehicle to the police impound lot, drops off. However, the police can also work out a deal with their favorite auto shop to give them the work automatically. By /ptow $amt shop so for example: /ptow 25000 lsc or /ptow 25000 bay... this is kind of like the /911 system where you put both, medic, or police but for towing impounded vehicles. This gives the two companies a reason to "play nice" with the police to get more money and work. Thus making them more profitable. The vehicle is now stored, like mors system. However to revive the vehicle, you have to pay the price for impounding.... police will work with administration on the cost of that so the system will not be too hard on the players. We dont want someone paying $1million for a Bicycle for example, that would be unfair. lol Once you get out of jail, you get your homie to drive you to the impound lot... then you pay the fee. The fee will 25% goes to the towing company, 25% to LSPD budget for administration cost, and 50% back into government budget for whenever we get a government system. BUTTTTTTTTTTT Ethosyde... how do I beat the system because eff da po-po? welll how bout dis.... dont run so much. lol simple really. You want to beat the system for impound... You could ask the officer to have a friend pick up the vehicle on your behalf. However, said friend must pick it up by providing his/her ID and must have a clean record... this also is by officer discretion. You probably wont get your car if you just ran from the police for the last six hours and you were running because you were shooting at police, etc. Thoughts?
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    Suggestion: $650k cars can be broken into by bobby pin, thats cray cray.... whats my solution? VEHICLE SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS. TIER 1: BRONZE SECURITY KIT: SIMPLE HORN/LIGHTS ALERTING NEARBY PEOPLE OF IMPROPER ENTRY WITH GPS TRACKING (BROUGHT AT 24/7 AND INSTALLED BY YOURSELF) TIER 2: SILVER SECURITY KIT: CHIPPED KEY ENTRY LOCKS, GPS TRACKING, AND REMOTE SHUT DOWN ENGINE (BOUGHT AT 24/7 AND INSTALLED BY YOURSELF) TIER 3: GOLD SECURITY KIT: LOCKS ENHANCED FROM SILVER KIT, REINFORCED WINDOWS, GPS, KEY, REMOTE SHUT DOWN ENGINE) (MOD ADDED FROM MECHANIC SHOP) ADDED 25% ONTO INSURANCE RECOVERY. TIER 4: PLATINUM SECURITY KIT PRIOR TIER OPTIONS, AND AUTO ALERT/REPORT TO POLICE OF LAST GPS LOCATION OF WHEN THE CAR DOORS WERE OPENED) (MOD INSTALLED FROM MECHANIC SHOP) ADDED 50% ONTO INSURANCE RECOVERY. TIER 5: ELITE SECURITY KIT: PRIOR TIER OPTIONS. TIRE PROTECTION FROM PUNCTURE. ARMOR PLATING. ARMOR GLASS. GPS ENHANCED, AUTO POLICE QUICKER REPORT, MORE EXPENSIVE INSURANCE THOUGH. ADDED 100% ONTO INSURANCE RECOVERY. TIER 1: Basically someone breaks into the car, that does not have a key, the lights and horns go off for x-time. Then the owner can /vehgps which can only be used once every 30 minutes. TIER 2: The locks are a little harder to break in, takes more attempts with bobby pin or other means. GPS is the same as tier 1. /vehremoff or something for Vehicle Remote Off . TIER 3: Locks are even harder and take intensely longer to break in. Probably time for a new way to break in for the thief, since its chipped and enhanced locking mechanism. Windows are constructed to be a little thicker with a film on both sides protecting it from breaking/falling apart. It can be shattered, but it just doesnt Break apart and create a entry point. (Ever break a window or see a window that had limo tint on it? it pretty much stays in place, at least mine did, when someone tried to break in to steal my radio system when I was younger in Detroit lol) TIER 4: Auto Alert to police statement basically same as a 911 phone call. But it doesnt alert them when it is broken into, it alerts them the second time the driver EXITS the vehicle, as this is most likely where they may stop to exit or reenter (due to crashing) Example: John Doe steals my ride, drives to Biggs, gets out shoots the gas tank as usual (fail rp imho) , then upon his reentry it will alert police silently and update every 30 minutes game time, and clearing the last 911 call. (So it does not spam their MDC) TIER 5: Tires cannot be deflated, armor windows cannot be broken, armor plating, therefore shooting at the person(s) inside HP will not be affected. However, there will be a certain gun or two that can penetrate, such as the big ass sniper rifle, and maybe a total of three. Not sure which, we dont want the regular bullshit that everyone has or can get, because it will warrant the armor useless, it must be unique and only penetrable by select few expensive and hard to obtain rifles maybe. The GPS tracker can be updated every 15 minutes in game time. The police is every 15 as well. Due to timers could potentially affect server speeds.... it will just be at in-game 15 minutes rather than checking all players/vehicles every x-time. Meaning at 00:00 check, 00:15 check, 00:30 check 00:45, etc. not sure if there is a easier/better way for this, or make it command based only, it alerts police once only, and then police can do the command to update rather than the system/script. Same for the owner doing the /vehgps maybe? or have the script reside the timer on the java files on the client side.... so it doesnt affect server processing / speeds.
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    So you wanna RP? Well you've come to the Right Place Hello there, my names Zach Vaun, and id like to give you a few head's up from a long term and experienced RP'er such as myself. These might help you, they may not, but they will definitely point out a few issues that people have on the Server. Point 1: You are a Criminal with a Carbine, not a Terrorist. The issue that a lot of Criminals have is, they get their hands on a Carbine and all of a sudden they revert back to C.O.D. They feel invincible. "I can Lag Shoot, so I can kill everyone and get away with it!". Then, they get in a big police chase, and they get shot down, and they spend the next five minutes either saying in /b "I don't have time for this, hurry up, I'm leaving soon". Or they complain about how "The PD gets all these guns and I don't! Wah wah wah!". Well, heres one way to solve that. Remember all that remorse you had when you lost that Gun? The terror you had when you watched Officer Robertson [Tenminutes] pull it off you? Maybe it would've all been averted if you had just used that terror as Fear RP in the first place. Fear RP doesn't just apply when you get caught, it should apply beforehand too. In the ways of your items, your valuables, your precious. You're literally going to go spend all this time, get a gun, then go around flaunting it? Maybe if you keep it on the low, only pull it for defense or when you know no one's around, you wouldn't lose it. I don't know, maybe just a thought ;0. Point 2: Every stop Isn't an arrest. I can't tell you how many times I've been pulled over on my alternate, complied, and gotten off with a $1000 ticket. I can tell you that I pull people over for a warning quite often, only for them to get 30 days and a $5000 ticket for Felony Evasion though. The thing is, we at the LSPD aren't trying to get you, as popular belief would say. The majority of us just want to RP. Remember, like that one time when we got out, took the time to type out "Grabs shotgun from the seat"- only to have you jump out with a Carbine and gun us down? Wow, and we don't RP? Just pull over, take the ticket, pay it or not, you still RP'd a little bit. Instead how it normally goes down is, we flash the lights, you run, you get caught, you bitch for 30 minutes. Final Point: Maybe if your so upset that you lost a gun, so sad that you did not get away, or so broke, then you should maybe RP that way. You know why I never get caught on my Alternate? Because I play smart. If I'm afraid of getting caught, I won't do anything in LS. If I wanna steal a car, I don't steal one from the PD parking lot. If I have a Carbine, I keep it someplace safe until I plan to use it. Wait.. what was that last word? Plan? Yeah, it's something simple that really helps in the long run. Plan stuff out. Don't go to the highest populated areas and start committing crimes, Plan for it. The thing is at the end of the day, maybe it's not the PD that's fucking you over? Maybe it's yourself for putting yourself in that situation. Just a thought ;)
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    Hi all, I would like to suggest this, we need to have some sort of metabolism system, where players feel hungry and thirsty after a certain time. This would also bring more RP to the server and insight people to go to shops to buy food and water to keep them alive. This is taken from Rust i know its a survival game but i believe this would bring so much more to the server, people buying tacos and going to coffee shops ect. Let me know your thoughts on this! Thanks https://gyazo.com/2c62768706ef62f78f0a615a945018ff
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    Currently, houses do not have much use other than a hangout area. It would be awesome to see a few things added to house functionality. These include: - Allowing clothes storage. All purchased clothing will be saved only if you own a house. - Spawnable location. You could allow the ability to spawn at a house (after crash, or relog) - Possible music player? (a system which allows youtube videos, audio, to be played?) (A bit much though could be fun.) - Food storage. (either store purchasable food, or have a limited supply) (would allow people to be able to heal small amounts of HP by themselves) Adding these featured would increase the functionality of houses, and would encourage players to buy them! If anyone has any further suggestions or criticism, that would be appreciated in the comments! :)
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    Your player name: Harvey Six Player you are reporting: Stranger 3449_9004 (61) & Stranger 4489_6825 (50) Rule broken: Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I responded to a panic button call, a bit later while on scene the player in the white car clearly hit me while I was typing for no reason. I've had no interaction with the driver at all. Second video: A guy with a rental car who wasn't involved in this scene just rammed into some medics and officers for again no proper reason. Time and date: About 12 am GMT+2 13.8.2017 Evidence:
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    Account name: Revv Character name: Mason Savage Reason of ban: Death matching Administrator: Lord Pepe? Why should this appeal be accepted? This appeal should be accepted due to the fact no rules were broken, During the event that took place on 08/08/2017. Peter Beense begun to ticket illegally parked vehicles and after a few minutes I was approached by the sergeant and came to the conclusion to hide my identity due to possible charges on my name, Shortly after the individual begun getting provoked by civilians however because I was threatened that I would be charged with failure to comply I stood and watched until the situation was resolved, Then I proceeded to walk back to the nearby establishment to ask if I was free to go. At this stage I was placed under a hold by the sergeant. After around twenty minutes of harassment from the sergeant, He then walked up to me continuing to attempt to find a reason to /cuff me in which case I asked him for the fifth time if I would be arrested for failing to identify myself, He then told me "Yes" This resulted in me pulling out my shotgun to shoot him and his colleagues protecting him which in turn prevented my arrest with the help from my gang members. Ultimately he was very clearly trying to reveal my identity and trying to take me under arrest with the support of his two other officers, He had the full ability to believe he was facing Mason Savage, a known criminal and should have known that if he was attempting to detain a known criminal at large that he was going to face resistance, especially when multiple uniformed members of the gang were present.... He then continued to press the issue, and declared he was putting me under arrest. At that point he was making it clear he was demanding me to surrender my liberty. As he nor his colleagues had a gun pointed at me at the time, I was not constrained to fearRP of not drawing a weapon and as such, responded to a blatant threat to the liberty of my character with force. As allowed in the rule 3.2 section 1. The conclusion that was made which resulted in my punishment evolved around not giving the individual enough time to react, Now It's imperative that I make myself clear because.... If the victim of hostile role play has to give the attacker time to respond to the victims response every player on this server would be punished for Death Matching because it is not a realistic standard for hostile role play. A few examples of how this logic makes no sense. Armed attacker says to the victim, Hands up or be shot! The victim turns around and tells the attacker I'm going to shoot you in self defence. Armed attacker points a gun at the armed victim asking him to give up his wallet, The victim tells the attacker I'm going to defend myself by shooting you with my gun. I could go on and on however the point I'm trying to make is that the reasoning behind this ban makes no sense because If the attacker received time to react to his own hostile initiation it would give the victim no possibility to defend himself. For arguments sake In this circumstance I was the victim in this hostile role play in which the attacker initiated on me, He gave me time to react which I used to shoot him... Nobody is obligated to give their attackers time to accept their threats so why would I be expected to? Question: Why was I not given time to respond to my report?
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    Here is a idea: The extremely expensive car repairs go down if you have VIP to something way more reasonable?
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    So I'd make a video on how the clothing store UI could be redone to make shoping easier and more organized! Each piece of clothing is a "style #" but when you move left or right it will change the color/skin of that piece of clothing!
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    Account name:LeftSharkie Character name:doesn't matter Reason of ban:speaking my opinion. Administrator:No idea Why should this appeal be accepted? As long as I remember it is not against the rules to speak your opinion no matter how harsh/true It might be. I do not remember exactly what said, but it was in the matter of "why the fuck was Sane not been warned yet? I'm not even talking about being banned or kicked." i was expressing my self in explisit language and i am aware of that and the reason being is me being angry. I do not understand why I was banned since I did not offend anyone. Please don't let Sane answer this apeal and if it is getting rejected please let me know who banned me.
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    I feel like you should know that we, The Savages are willing to be completely flexible to suit the needs of the role play standards that you have set in order to become an "Official faction". As a faction we are happy to adapt The Savages into a organisation with the same role play standards, lore and vehicle restrictions as the other "Official Factions" and we are open to discuss these adaptions to ensure The Savages can fully integrate into the new faction system.
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    OOoooh, I get it why the people are pissy about lore factions, they don't like the vehicles the new factions are supposed to use. No more super car shit :D
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    Account name: Rick Marshall Character name: Rick Marshall Reason of ban: Deathmatching/FearRP/FailRP Administrator: BallinByNature Why should this appeal be accepted? I was issued a hit by the NCA from a client called Ben Jeffrey on Officer Forest. After scouting out the PD we came across the target who seemed to be staying around the area and not going out for a patrol. Therefore, I decided that the hit would need to be completed here. As this was my first hit since joining the NCA all my attention was on the target so I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings. The Admin who banned me told me that there were 15 officers in the area at the time and had I known this, I would not have attempted the hit. The plan was for me to jump out shoot him two or three times (actually turned out to be around 10 times before he was killed), jump in my car and make off before anyone else could react. Instead, Ray Sweet decided to ram into me, which ended up knocking me down and him crashing into the wall (Questionable FailRP? - since who would drive their super car into a wall. You'd speed off instead. Vigilantism is also against the law so why would he carry out this act in front of 15 officers?). If it had taken only three bullets as I expected and had not been knocked over by Ray Sweets, I strongly believe, with the knowledge at the time (thinking there were only 3 other officers), that I would have been able to make off without being caught. Since I was given a reason to kill Officer Forest (hit contract) this should not be considered deathmatching. I was not aware that there were 15 other cops therefore I believe this is an IC issue for failing to be observant to my surroundings. Here is the evidence showing the hit request to a fellow employee of the NCA. I was then approached by Damon with the task of carrying out the hit.
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    I like the direction the developers are taking, and I understand the frustration of the player base. Everyone needs to understand this is for the betterment of the server. Currently there are NO UNOFFICIAL FACTIONS that enforce a high level of RP. That is what this system will provide. I understand the current factions having issues with this but what's to say you don't step up your RP and get accepted as an official faction later down the line?
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    Ey man. I've been here a little longer than a month now and I see that you're talking highly of the so called "Savages". Now, I read that you guys are making changes and thats all good and stuff. But your talk about the losing your built brand and name thing makes me wonder. - I have only experienced bad roleplay and extremely immature behaviour from this faction. And I am not the only one. Everybody I have spoken too on this subject, hopes that the faction will close ASAP, due to being on the server for the wrong reasons. Now, I am not here to throw mud or anything like that. But this "brand/name" of yours really isn't worth much. It might be to you tho! But not to the community. If I were you guys, I would appreciate and embrace this opportunity to making a new faction, without all the shitheads that are triggerhappy in their supercars and actually make a name for yourself.. Sure, you did make a name for yourself now. But in all the wrong ways. At least this is the only thing I hear. The only people defending the Savages, are the Savages. Just letting you know from an outside perspective. And again. Please do not that this the wrong way. I just thought you should know fellas. Since I feel that this faction is very dear to you.
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    Looking forward to see a Fresh idea being worked out properly, I do think it Will involve alot of balancing including vehikel stats and size/accesibility of turfs. @savages I can see your frustration, someone Breaking down you have worked hard for. But I dont think anyone considers to start and work on a gang at the moment when savages just plow through everyone. I feel like the city has become one sided In terms of power. If you guys are 2/3 of server pop then you should have No problem rebulding your gang and restore to the same level of power you have now.
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    Oficial criman faction shold not just be select for the lore of GTA, you guys shold take in mind the work some gangs have been doing.
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    Your player name: Thomas Narco Player you are reporting: Admin: Sane / Admin: Krazed / Travis Palmer / Randy Clark Rule broken: VDM and Admin Abuse Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I found a red Turismo on the side of the road so i decided to take it for a test ride. After a little while I was pulled over by the police which I complied with not knowing that the car was stolen and belonged to Admin Sane... After dealing with everything IC, I saw an opportunity to escape without breaking any rules. So I took that chance and started to run away. Mr Sane then proceeds to intentionally VDM me by using his vehicle as a weapon or method of detainment when the rules clearly state that it is not prohibited to use a vehicle as a weapon. I type to him OOC and confront him about this... A few minutes pass by and Mr Sane decided to kick me off the server for saying 'Classic Sane' Time and date: 09:30 am GMT Evidence: https://youtu.be/4chIe2sFt_4
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    The fact that server staff are taking over which factions are allowed to do what is ludicrous! Factions should be started and built by players. This whole idea is a joke. Well done guys.
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    Simple request. I would like to see the Fail RP rule extended. Fail RP is usually an umbrella term to covers everything considered to be unrealistic/stupid RP. However on Eclipse it simply lists the actions that are punishable under Fail RP. If you guys don't want to use it as an umbrella term and instead file specifics under Fail RP I would personally like to see the following rule added. 6.6. Fail Roleplay 1.9 Cop Baiting - Attempting to bait the Police into a chase or hostile situation purely for entertainment purposes. This includes speeding past the Police Department, having negative interactions with officers without a valid RP reason purely to start a chase, committing petty crimes in the presence of police officers. 1.10 Shooting Cops - Shooting police officers without proper RP reason is considered Fail RP. This includes shooting at police officers to avoid minor sentences, such as traffic stops or license violations. This rule does not always apply if you are a Felon or involved in a current PD RP situation. Contrary to popular belief, many members of the PD more enjoy a simple traffic stop, a bit of interaction and a verbal warning. Too often situations escalate to multiple murders just so a guy can avoid $1000 fine or 10 minutes in a cell for driving without a license.
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    By not allowing other people to comment it leaves a fairly biased judgement on the topic from other staff defending you. If its seen in the eyes of people that aren't staff it gives a much better range of opinions and means the staff member that abused (allegedly) is punished fairly.
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    So because I had a good point means I can't share it with the public? This is a public post for Christ sake. It's not like I'm just chatting randomly here
  42. 3 points
    You can see that the officer got out of the car, and Demetrius got in right after. With The way the officers are today, if he stopped for a second to type he would be tazed/shot.
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    2million Dwayne Smith When will bidding end?
  44. 3 points
    This is exactly the problem. Where's your evidence? Where's your evidence? Jesus. It is not up to the community to clean up your faction for you, it's up to you - as the faction leader. I have seen corruption from Weazel, Biggs and EMS - although the latter has not been for a long while. When you have reports coming in regularly from multiple, unrelated sources, it's at least worth checking into right? If you are management in those two factions and you don't see a problem, you are not active enough. This is not personal, I'm not attacking you. I telling you both, those factions are rotting from the inside out and do not, in my opinion, represent the server in the way they should. @PerfectArc I do not appreciate you insinuating that I am a liar. You are massively inactive, so to make such an accusation is unfair and biased. I understand you want to protect the reputation of your faction but if you logged in and asked around, the factions reputation is in the dirt. You wanted evidence, so here you go. This isn't even my video by the way, I wasn't involved in this situation. 2-3 days ago a number of criminals were at Biggs. The gates were closed by one of your mechanics. Two other men were inside alongside the criminals and the mechanics. Both of those men were murdered 10ft from a police officer. Your employees then opened the gates to allow the criminals to exit Biggs to shoot at the officer. This is not opinion, this is fact. It happened. Ask your crew. That's without going into complaints about 7 mechanics online at 4am and 0 responding to calls. I'm not saying everyone at Biggs is corrupt, but when you have people in your faction who are 110% aligned with criminals, and then you accuse someone of lying to damage your reputation when they point it out. Sorry, that's just rude. Weazel. The owner kicks people that break felony laws but is himself dealing illegal weapons, whilst running a car import business, and getting a fat pay check for running a faction renowned for criminal activity. The problem here is simple. The vast majority of people are in both factions for a pay check. That's it. It has nothing to do with their RP choice, nothing to do with their character. It's the reason the server is full of automatic weapons and super cars. As I said, currently I do not know of any server rules being broken by both factions. But for someone that believes government factions should represent the servers quality, both are falling way short in my opinion.
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    So since Medics got their new outfit we would like one aswell, also so we can be differenced by the other group of mechanics. We've seen this outfit and it's good.
  46. 3 points
    As a mechanic we have had a lot of new features recently and some of them are the new mechanic service. I really like the new system but theres some problems with it that kinda ruins some RP for us. 1. We cant tell a customer what the enginerepair will cost before the mechoffer. 2. If a guy pulls up in a stolen vehicle we cant fix as the owner of the car needs to be close to their vehicle. 3. When we are working on the car it would suddenly give us a message saying that the customer didnt have enough, even though they have. 4. If the customer wants both engine and bodywork we need to send an offer for each of them an example will be i send him the engine offer, takes the car inside fix it then i HAVE to go back out and offer him the bodywork and go back in and work on that. Would be nice if we could do it all in 1 run, These 3 things was what i could come up with at the moment and hope they will be worked on Greetings Demetrious Sanchez Head Mechanic - LSC
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    It is nice how you get your dirty cops arround turf takeovers because you guys can't really handle it on your own. Atleast that way we see who they are.
  48. 3 points
    @Ray Sweets, You have break every rule on this server and yet you’re here posting about “illegal turf capping”. Man, even the medics have IG reason to war the Savage so cmon, stop crying or calling the police.
  49. 3 points
    And if you accuse us of breaking NLR, please come with evidence to support your claims, because if not, you would just be throwing our faction name in the mud for false claims.
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    The Hurezanov Family History The foundations of the outfit began during the mass immigration of guest-workers to USA in the 2000's, and is run by the 3 Hurezanov brothers, Stanislav, Boris and Mikhail.Members of the organization are originally from Eastern European Countries, mostly countries of the old communist block, that know how to survive in harsh circumstances. With close ties with the Eastern European criminal enterprises, The Happy Shooter Firearms \LTD, supplies weapons and high grade war accessories to the whole of the U.S. on paper but it's employees are mostly involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, extortion, jewelry theft, illegal gambling, loansharking, document forgery and property crime. It's members are often seen driving from town to town, making sure the supply of firearms doesn't go short, as well as attending gatherings and business deals with local politicians. Deeply reliant on loyalty, honor, and family, the organisation might appear to be "old-fashioned", but it’s the only way they can thrive in the continous struggle for supremacy. Present Mission: Nowaday, after having grown roots in the Los Santos Community and becoming a respectful citizen, Mikhail Hurezanov got both his brothers in the city to help him run the new business enterprises they plan on opening. The Three Brothers Being an ex army ranked official during the Crimean and the Georgian wars, Stanislav Hurezanov is the most ruthless of them, having tight ties with the gun imports. Boris Hurezanov is the business head of the 3 brothers, having graduated the Management and Accounting Faculty at the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail, the youngest of the lot, came over to the Los Santos area, and started enjoying the life, made the right friends and is known as the pretty face, player and party animal of the brothers. The outfit’s hierarchy The Brothers - leaders the organisation; Underbosses - the associates who have proven their value and are highly regarded by most members; Lieutenants - the members that deal with day to day business deals and rackets; Soldiers - the members that help out Lieutenants run things smoothly; Associates -the members that are pending to actually be accepted by the higher ups. Home The HQ is the Happy Shooters Firearms impex LTD, and most business ventures are conducted at the other businesses the 3 brothers own or run within the county of Los Santos and it’s surroundings. THE HUREZANOV OATH: I am a member of the Hurazanov family, which is above me and my needs, I am here to protect it with my life, I swear to treat everyone in my family as they would be my true blood as I will get the same treatment from them, I swear to follow this oath till the day I die. I swear to: 1.ALWAYS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER 2. ALWAYS HELP ONE ANOTHER 3. ALWAYS USE COMMUNICATION 4. ALWAYS FOLLOW ORDERS 5. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR COLORS WITH PRIDE 6. NEVER SNITCH 7. NEVER BACKSTAB 8. NEVER LEAVE BEHIND 9. NEVER BETRAY 10. NEVER ABANDON Colors: The family uses color code All members are wearing an accent of white depending on their rank Associates wear all white. Associate Soldiers wears all white. Lieutenants wear all white, but more formal or expensive. Underbosses and The Brothers wear white top and pants of their choice. The Brother and Underboss The Family uses Black MATTE cars: Cars ALLIANCES (3): We always treat our allies with respect and help them in any way possible and we ask the same in return. WE WILL NEVER BETRAY THE ONES WHO JOIN US! THE DADDY FAMILY The Daddy Family THE PRUSZKOW & THE INDIAN MAFIA WAR (1): THE SAVAGES CONTACTS - APPLICATION FORM