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    Account name: Eriksen Character name(s): Taylor_Keller Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 01/Jul/2018 Reason given for punishment: Complicit in OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches, gross misuse of authority Your explanation of what happened: This is an appeal against the permanent ban against me which started on the 1st July 2018. This ban was initiated for the reasoning I, Eriksen, was: "complicit in OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches and gross misuses of authority. I believe the information which lead to this permanent ban was misinterpreted and construed in ways which are out of context. I hope throughout this appeal I may provide clarity to the evidence which resulted in my ban and removal from the staff team. The events that lead to my ban were as a result of myself being a member of "the Minorities" discord. This discord is a community discord consisting of around 150 members. Some of these members are members of ECRP. Unfortunately, some of which have previously have initiated or participated in conducting cyber attacks against the server. During my time within the discord group there was no meaningful discussion around the attacks that they committed, but on rare occasion, they jested about the times they did. As these individuals are permanently banned I did not see the harm in the jokes they made (as after being permanently banned they can cause no real harm). In hindsight, this behaviour is reprehensible and I regret being a party to such discussions greatly. One reasoning that has been provided to myself about why I was banned is: "the several failures in reporting serious information which you were trusted to report in order to uphold your duty to keep our community members safe from the types of people that do these types of egregious internet attacks". I can understand that whilst in my position as a server staff member, in the high position I was, I should have reported more of what I saw, whether it was a joke or not. Again, I sincerely apologise for this lack of judgement on my part. Unfortunately, I could not see then as I do now the error in my judgement; being party to the discord and occasionally taking part in discussions inside of it. My actions of recent, being inside this discord do not reflect my attitude towards individuals who wish to harm the server or cause harm to any user that plays on it. I have not and was never a party to any cyber attacks, and would have reported those actions if I ever feared they were taking place. I, therefore, refute the fact that I was ever complicit in any cyber attacks, in whatever form. I bitterly regret my actions which have resulted in my punishment. Whilst understanding that I have no place in the staff team. I would like to apologize to everyone that I have damaged from my actions, especially those that placed their trust and friendship in me. I hope this appeal is a step towards trying to undo the perceived damage I have caused to those around me, and that the evidence against me is a poor representation of my beliefs and intent. I hope from this appeal to be allowed back to play on the server as a player and come back to the community I have loved since April 2017. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My past actions were reckless and should not have happened. This ban has been a wake up call for me to examine my behaviour. It has made me realize how damaging my actions have been to those around me and that also how much I love ECRP as a whole. I believe I have learnt my lesson and I and am truly sorry for what I have done If you need extra clarification of any of the events, please feel free to direct them to me. Kind Regards, Eriksen
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    Hello to all ! I am a little artist and I spend my spare time in drawing various drawings. I had a free time and decided to create a drawing for each job that requires invitations. Please rate or comment on what you would like to see more, not the best of my work, but I'm thinking of sharing with you ANYWAY. BAYVIEW AUTO CENTER LOS SANTOS CUSTOMS DOWNTOWN CAB CO. MEDICAL SERVICE POLICE DEPARTMENT WEAZEL NEWS Mr. Unemployed: Shamozli Carter.
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    Account name: Character name(s):Rex Gregor/Randy Savage Admin who issued punishment:BallinByNature Date of punishment:01/July/2018 Reason given for punishment:OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches, gross misuse of authority Your explanation of what happened:I was in a discord which had members in which were banned and not to interact with, I had interacted with them after the announcement was made. I was then asked to leave which I did after that. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I understand I shouldn't have been in there, a picture was photoshopped and taken out of context which I assume is related to the "ooc cyber attacks" which i never took part in and im not sure what rule breaches i failed to report as i was away when all that went down and i assumed everyone who was apart of it was already punished and not sure what authority i missed either, i understand i made a joke in bad taste and was in a server i shouldnt have been in but i feel that the perma ban is unjustified for them things. removal from staff i understand but i hope we can all discuss this. Just dont want to be known as someone who "OOCly cyber attacked" eclipse and i hope this can all be discussed in voip, i have no ill will towards anyone on the server, its where i have been for over a year and staff for almost a year as well. Post any evidence or further details:Ive already spoken to ballin and nobody and shown what evidence i have
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    @Eriksen thank you for posting your appeal. We will provide you with a response once your appeal has been discussed amongst nobody (also, the head administrators and me). Thank you for your patience.
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    Yo dogs, Dashingly aka Leron Davis here to discuss a matter for the betterment of the server. Recently my faction The Gut Pushers (specifically me, @Phil McGee and @WoogeTV) have been accused of breaking rules, being hurtful oocly, and being bad rp'ers. I want to clear the air a bit, share my POV and hear your comments and suggestions about what we can do better. I don't want this to turn into a hate thread, but truly let us know how you feel, what rubbed you the wrong way, or whatever and we'll explain our side. I hope this thread is allowed to stay on the forums, I hardly ever see discussion threads and I would like them to occur more because I feel like they can be very productive, like this one will hopefully be. So to start, I've been playing this server for like 10 months or so and have been pretty active on the server/forums. I've always taken the server pretty seriously (in regards to not breaking rules), but also like to have fun. A while back Phil, Deshawn, Niko, Lewis and I made a faction called The Gut Pushers. Since then, we've received quite a bit of hate lol, I feel like we have a bad reputation but am not sure exactly why (which is partially why I made this thread). I feel like people don't like us because of actions that we do ICly (that are within the rules), and they grow an OOC disdain for us and they spread shit or whatever oocly to make us look bad. People who have never interacted with us before have talked shit on our rp and call us rule breakers, which again, I think is unfair. I think that we play by the rules, and do have good RP despite what players that we've been at war with think. In fact, I believe a lot of players are pretty hypocritical (which is what a lot of this thread will be about) and a lot should look in the mirror before accusing us. Expanding on what I mean by people disliking us for IC things and then taking it ooc (despite us being within the rules), here is an example. In the past month we've been reported a fair amount of times, all of which have been rejected: (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7500-mask-9160_3466-mask-2687_3144-stranger-5928_5805-mask-9633_4196-stranger-180_966-mask-7254_4439-mask-1663_324-cal-harrow-8796_3123-mask-8056_1155-rules-532535/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7306-deshawn-davis-and-leron-davis-531-deathmatch-5519-non-roleplay/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7234-leron-davis-and-acquaintances-value-of-vehicles-requirement-5519/ (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7508-5747_9862-6217_1031-death-matching/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7392-scotty-turf-leron-davis-55-non-roleplay/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7377-phil-mcgee-failfear-rp/) I'm sure I missed a few, but you get the point. All of the reports on us have been rejected, and we have been found to not have broken the rules in any of our reports. When people grow an ooc hatred for us, I think they look for reasons to try and get us removed from the server, thus the reason for all the reports. On the flip side though, while all of the reports against us have been denied, all of the reports that we have made on others recently have been accepted: (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7460-rdm-531-deathmatch-mask-3725_460-gaiustavi/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7273-rdm-mask-3206_5644-mask8592_8687/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7184-stranger-476_8030-failrp-fearrp-meta-gaming/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/6437-tavi-patronus-meta-gaming-utilizing-waterfail-rp/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7388-fearrp-9002_9398/) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7371-failfear-roleplay-id-1685_190/) I'm sure I missed a few there as well, but you get the point again lol. I find it hypocritical that we're accused of being rule breakers and bad rp'ers when all forum reports made against us have been denied, and when we make forum reports on the players that report us, they've been accepted. We get the wrap of being rule breakers from some kind of internal circle jerk of gut pusher haters, yet when taken to the forums we're found not guilty. I'm not saying we're saints, the admins know we're not, but its shitty and hurtful for rumors to be spread when they're untrue and hurt our rep. When we're made out to be such horrible people for the server, admins take notice and we can definitely feel that on the forums. In a lot of the threads where we're being reported, I feel like the admins that handle the reports seek to get us punished by bringing in his or her feelings to the thread. See these threads here: (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7500-mask-9160_3466-mask-2687_3144-stranger-5928_5805-mask-9633_4196-stranger-180_966-mask-7254_4439-mask-1663_324-cal-harrow-8796_3123-mask-8056_1155-rules-532535/?tab=comments#comment-34791) (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7306-deshawn-davis-and-leron-davis-531-deathmatch-5519-non-roleplay/) In both of these threads, the admins both bring in their feelings about what they think that we did wrong, and didn't judge the thread based off of if there was an actual rule violation. I'm not saying that these admins have an OOC disliking of me, but when they hear rumors that we're bad for the server, why wouldn't they want to try and get rid of the bad rp'ers? I mean realistically if I was an admin, and I heard from many people that a certain individual was always breaking rules and a general troll, I would also try and seek to get them removed for the greater good of the server. That's why it's hurtful to our reputation when people claim things that aren't true about us. This doesn't just hurt us when we're being reported, but it also hurts us when we make reports. In reports that we make, I feel like admins seek to call our character into question or seek to make the reported parties look better or not guilty, when they should be a neutral party. Here's an example: (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7273-rdm-mask-3206_5644-mask8592_8687/) In this thread Phil is reporting 2 players for deathmatching, the admins reviewing this thread claimed that they heard some noise that wasn't there that would have exonerated the reported parties. When Phil slowed the video down, the admins abandoned that theory and essentially tried to groom a response from the reported players, by asking them specific questions to try and exonerate them. When it is found that they are in fact guilty, Phil gets punished for metagaming for saying the word "Health" while he is in a panic for his IC life. While it's definitely incorrect for someone to say health while they're in character, I challenge any person to link me a thread where someone is punished for such a mild metagaming that no one was around to hear (except me on the radio). This thread bolsters my points that we're being sought out for rule breaks, while others get treated fairly. To move onto my other point, which was that we're accused of being bad RP'ers I'd like to bring up @Triple Seven's statements he made about us in our most recent report seen here: (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7500-mask-9160_3466-mask-2687_3144-stranger-5928_5805-mask-9633_4196-stranger-180_966-mask-7254_4439-mask-1663_324-cal-harrow-8796_3123-mask-8056_1155-rules-532535/) We're made out to be horrible RP'ers because we attacked cops who were trying to arrest our downed friend. I ask you all in the community, is this reasonable? This sort of thing happens on a daily basis, have any of your criminal characters, ever shot at the police who were trying to arrest a fellow gang member? Well that's what I was being reported for, and in the thread we're being made out to look like shit. Triple Seven says this: "The situation in the video supplied as evidence for the report shows extremely bad RP," I would like Triple Seven, cops, and criminals, all to tell me what better RP could we have done there? Would you have rather us attacked the police straight on? We took the high ground and surrounded them from all angles, leaving the cops completely defenseless so that we could save our friend from life imprisonment. We made an attempt to get him revived before the script killed him off. Would you guys have rather we waited for the cops to get him to a hospital, got him arrested, then got in a swat transport truck before we made our attempt to rescue him? Would that have been better RP? Or did you just want us to completely leave our man down, when we had a superior numbers advantage and height advantage? Triple Seven also said this: "The injuries of the man are not important, he is brutally injured by the script and that should be roleplayed ICly, saying he only hit his head a little on a pole at low speed is no excuse." I believe this would be horrible RP, why would you treat every wound the same if a player is downed? I get that there is a script and all of that that makes them die in several minutes, but saying that we should RP every person downed as if they would die is really bad rp. Should you RP someone's grievously injured because they get kicked in the thigh once when they're at half health the same way you would treat a person who has been shot with an ak47 30 times across the body? I'd like to call out Triple Seven specifically now, because of his comments about us that really rubbed me the wrong way and how hypocritical of a statement it was. https://plays.tv/video/5a9565d75640647ff4/murder-death-kill?from=user ^ in this video you can see triple seven, and his gang do the exact same thing that we did except worse. Triple Seven was shot down by several police officers with high caliber pistols, and his gang members kept driving back and forth in gun fire, ramming police, then getting out and fighting them head on in a gun fight. @Triple Seven since you consider what we did, as horrible RP, what would you consider this? Where you and company do the same thing, except you are downed from many gun shot wounds (our player fell off a bike at low speeds), and your gang members fight them behind small cover on the ground? I'm not trying to turn this into a call out thread, but merely to bring to light inconsistencies and hypocritical behavior that work against us unfairly. We get called shit RP'ers who break the rules, but hardly get in trouble from the forums. An admin says that we have horrible RP, yet does the exact same thing that we do. This unfair treatment that we get, is getting out of hand, players do what we do on a much larger scale on a daily basis but don't get accused of being shit rp'ers. We try to follow the rules as best we can, despite what people think. To conclude, in this thread I hope I've given you some of our POV on some stuff that we go through. I believe that we are given unfair treatment, we do things that other players do, but we get heat for it. I believe that players that have an OOC disdain for us try to find ways to get us banned, and I want that to stop because it hasn't worked thus far, and it hass just wasted both our times and the admins times. I do want players to tell us what more we could do to RP better, I know that our RP level isn't as high as it could be, but I'm not sure exactly what you guys want from us specifically. I want people to give us ideas to have better RP, I want anyone who has a problem with my faction to please bring it to light so that we can try and solve it together, in a public setting. Anybody can give their comments or concerns, but specifically I would like to hear from the following players if they wish to speak on it: @Gaius @GaiusTavi @Steven_Doherty @Jbacon @ImSuspensee @Triple Seven @SteScotland @MrKantonine @civexr ^ I respect all of the above players opinions, and would value them greatly as they've all been on the receiving end of my RP. I promise I will take all of your comments into consideration and hope this thread stays alive long enough to hear them. And I hope this thread betters the server. Sorry for the wall of text, but I had several hours to kill on an airplane lol. Thanks for reading, Leron.
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    (best read while listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1LUj7_8xiI - along with an Italian accent!) “Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family." “Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.” “I don't trust society to protect us, I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.” BACKSTORY The Sicilian Syndicate, which began in early 2017 in Northern Los Santos, is a very respectable organization which deals in protection, extortion, and family business. They hold themselves to a very high standard built of morals and customs praised within the Old Country, even if that means stepping over the law. The Sicilian Syndicate originated in Sicily, Italy in the 1950's which were known by many as the "Cosa Nostra" or the "Sicilian Mafia". They offered protection to those within the community which held themselves to the same morals and customs of the family. They became a power which often had control over the police and other opposing forces. In the 1990's, a few of the respected members of the Italian family got involved with the drug and narcotics trade. This, unfortunately, led to the downfall of the family. Many of the remaining senior members were either killed, jailed or fled to bordering countries. One of the most infamous jailings, during the fall of the Italian family, was Vincent Morzano, one of the most respected underboss' in the family. After his false conviction by a corrupt member in the family, he was sentenced to 120 years in a maximum security prison with no option of parole. It was believed that Vincent was the father of two children, who fled to America sometime in the late 1990's ... In 2017, news began to spread around Los Santos that a small group of Italians began to emerge within the city. The group consisted of a few well-dressed men making reference to the old country and their Italian home. RECRUITMENT Recruitment is to be done completely ICly, we will not accept OOC requests to join the faction without a form of IC introduction and induction. It is highly recommended that you create a character which has a form of Italian blood and backstory, to further the RP, though it is not required as exceptions can be made to specific characters. All members of the Sicilian Syndicate will be required to display a strong sense of roleplay and respect of the faction, we will not accept members who have little to no regard of the server rules. If you wish to be inducted into the Italian Family, you must meet with us ICly and state your wishes and concerns. ROLEPLAY Every member of the faction is required to commit to strict roleplay. We will not accept members then often break rules, abuse out-of-character knowledge to win situations, and give little to no respect for the betterment of all involved. If any of this is seen in a member of the faction, they will be removed immediately. We wish to enforce a strict set of guidelines upon players which will mirror that of the LSPD and the LSEMS. My goal with this faction is to bring some fun roleplay to the server. I wish to break some of the stereotypes when it comes to police v criminals and bring back some challenging competition! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I appreciate you taking the time to read over our faction page, feel free to post any Out of Character questions, concerns, or opinions in the comment section below. One more thing... go home and get your f*cking shine box.
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    I suppose its not a server suggestion as such but why did reports Accepted or Rejected get all lumped in together within Archives. I think from purely an education point of view for players its better to keep then as it were so people can see what kind of behavior is deemed acceptable or not. Or at the very least color code them as above so new people have a chance to educate themselves before making the same errors as sometimes its easier to see rule breaks shown to them rather than just reading about them in the rule books.
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    I believe this has been suggested before but I am unable to locate it, but currently and for a very long time now employees salary progression will only proceed if and when they are sat in the drivers seat of a faction vehicle. I am unsure as to why this is specified only to the Downtown Cab Co. faction and no other. I am reviving this suggestion to change it because I am now moving into a rank where this is going to affect myself severely. The higher ranks within the faction spend the majority of their online time carrying out interviews and training for applicants and current drivers. Meaning they are either stood in the DDC office, parking lot or during the driving exam, in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Today alone I know that one members of staff played his role for 3 hours without any payments because of this system that's in place. The simplest way to fix this is to allow for salary progression to take place if the user is near a faction vehicle. This will cover all aspects of being outside of the vehicle or being in a seat that isn't the drivers seat. This is the function that is in place for the other factions so please match our system to theirs to allow us to have some sort of benefit and flexibility. This picture is of me in the drivers seat of a faction vehicle. This is a picture of me in the passenger seat of a faction vehicle.
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    Account name: Character name(s):teamspeakuser#3110 Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment:01/07/18 Reason given for punishment:None Your explanation of what happened:This is just related to the discord ban, I was just trying to show evidence of what happened, just put it in #nsfw-memes and tagged Nobody and ballin as I was out most of the day and got back to all of it, so I quickly got evidence what I thought was the reason for my ban in the first place and posted it there, shortly after I was banned from discord. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Spoken with ballin and Nobody and explained my side of it and what happened, this isn't about the main permaban as I've already told them I didn't DDoS the server or have anything to do with it. Would just like to some how stay apart of the community I have spent the last year and a bit playing with and making friends with. Post any evidence or further details: I'm trying not to mix this up with the main appeal, just want to get back on the discord server.
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    ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.2 Fixed VoIP fragments Police now can also stabilize and bring players to hospital if there is no medics on duty Fixed an UI glitch, where vehicle HUD remains after chop shopping a vehicle Fixed a faction glitch, where it's impossible to add any new weapons or vehicles Reduced roleplay text application length requirement, because whitespace characters are not counted anymore Made projectionGUI not selectable by mouse Fixed chat fadeout Removed doors at the cave entrance Fixed animation stopping of remote player Improvements to roleplay quiz code, players now will receive email notifications when quiz application status changes Removed the need of going to panel.eclipse-rp.net to verify account, server will now automatically send email Account name now can only contain letters and numbers Added restrictions to /mug (you cant rob players with less than 1000xp) Increased death timer by ~25% /afrisk now shows inventory. Fixed /frisk command Added bald haircuts to barber Inventory system improvements Player will do /ame after taking item from other inventory Added quiz app date calculation for admins Fixed server crashes caused by incorrect input
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    Welcome forum visitors and server players. After the first of my gfx, I received a lot of positive feedback and decided not to sleep and create a graphic art for the server. This time I announce to you "what kind of poker player I am"! Select a friend whose drawing belongs to him. 🙂 Feel free to use like a signature for forum. "Fuck it" "Psycho" "Screamer" "Taker" Mr. Unemployed: Shamozli Carter.
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    Firstly they killed the person we were arresting too, his name is Stranger 546_5100. As you can see i dont see if the player was successfully tazed as I use windows 7, that doesnt show messages down the bottom. Player(s) being reported: Mask 7697_1599 - VDM Stranger 4730_6376 - DM Stranger 3191_4061 - DM Stranger 1606_2039 - DM Stranger 6444_4820 - DM Mask 6532_2234 - DM Mask 8062_9615 - DM Mask 9928_1893 - DM Date of rule breach: 8/July/2018 Time of rule breach: 3:40pm GMT+10 (UTC: 5:40 AM) Your characters name: Nicholas Harm Other players involved: Connor Couglas Specific rule broken: " Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. " How did the player break the rule?: My character, Stranger 546_5100 and Conner Douglas had done nothing to deserve being killed for. They should had stopped when I was VDM'ed. They also stole our inventory. I want a refund Video:
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    This is the only post i will ever make to this thread, @RaphaGoD alias me Rapha_Leon i was the one standing in the middle of all. Due to the people from the rocks family gang are heavily mentally ill in RL (not to offend any of you guys) But what you guys did about that torture shit and all that you guys crossed a line, and i am not talking about the other things that happend i talk about that one thing where you guys started using both voice and text chat. You guys didnt perform the stuff you were talking about thats right but imagine me not being 22 years old, imagine i would be 10-15 years old (i have met alot of that age group) and i had to read and listen to the insanly disturbing and sickening shit you wrote and talked about. @Triple Seven I am sure you were hidden there all time and confirm me what they wrote and said it disgust me that the only thing you said is stop 1 single time even tho they kept going. Again i say they DID not perform any of the shit they said but yeah reading and listening to it nah man just nah. @NobodyLTU I wrote you a whole bible even more than i wrote @Lewis and you agreed me on certain things i pointed out. If i am guilty to that fear rp or not? I think to a certain point yes but also i strongly disagree because i knew today is the last day i will play on this server thats why i told them to put me into their car, drive me to their leader and end it. Why would i fear rp or fear for my life when this was the last time i would move my character in the Eclipse RP world. Do i think that torture or that sexual shit should even be allowed at all? No, not at fucking all. Even tho this game is 18+ there are alot of sickening parents buying their children this game or other games not knowing shit like this happens, if i look at all those people that are heavily underaged and would think that my own son or daughter could be one of them and even in the situation i was in ingame idk man you guys are human trash, sad and disgusting i just have to point it out and i hope you guys search for some help, that shit went really over all excisting limits. You guys maybe think its funny and you make fun of me? Sure go ahed, i dont mind. I am agreeing to everything, punish me for whatever you guys want even perma ban my account i will make an appeal once i see a change on what people actually play on the server and Matthew, i hope you read this when our gang captured you i was the one that called to end your life without anything of that bullshit cuz they also wanted to things that are not OK in my opinion take those words and do something about it cuz you were the one that was truly disgusting, your friends/gang members where not a single shit better. @NobodyLTU I really hope you take this to your heart and make your server a better place, because some things should not be ALLOWED at all. Sorry if the english is messed up its not my native language i try my best putting the sentences tgt.
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    Account name: Phil Mcgee Character name(s): Phil Mcgee Admin who issued punishment: @Beet Date of punishment: 8/7/18 Reason given for punishment: bug abusing Why should your appeal be accepted?: So I was in a police pursuit for a long time as they were tracking a phone that was off which I have logged as bug report, and managed to duck them in the underground tunnels after setting up an ambush at Bennys . When I was about halfway through the tunnels, my game crashed due to a firewall error only and at that point I informed FatherOsborn that I had crashed and was returning. When I logged back in I was then messaged by Beeteljuice who was involved in the pursuit, and on admin duty to leave the tunnels, which I complied with immediately. After I exited the tunnels I fled to the maze by richman glen at which point I was frozen in place and teleported by Beeteljuice. Initially he complained that I hadn't informed the police that I was returning, when I told him that I had informed Osborn, he then stated that I was abusing a "known bug" by abusing a crash zone. First of all, this "known bug" isn't on the forums in any bug report that I can find, and it hasn't been documented in the rules that it's forbidden to go into the tunnels. How am I supposed to know that area is a crash zone, if it isn't documented at all on the forums or in the rules? Secondly, if driving in the tunnels is abusing a "crash zone," would @Beet agree that driving through the area known as the bermuda triangle (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/379703906672050178/449656518066044938/unknown.png) would also be bug abusing? Because many people everyday drive through that area while being chased by police (or criminals), are they all abusing a crash zone? The bermuda triangle is an actual "well known bug," and people continue to drive through the area, why aren't they being punished? He has not logged a bug report regarding the "crash zone" to date. He made several references to a mysterious threshold of RP guidelines in reports that none of us have access to and really should, if its regarding what level of RP is expected if it incurs punishments dished out on the spot. Obviously, now that I know this is an area where people tend to crash at, I won't return to that area if that is indeed the rule. But to give me an admin punishment for "abusing" an unknown bug, is a pretty serious and unjustified offense IMO. Beeteljuice was actually involved in the pursuit, which gives him a bias to teleport me back, and on top of that he unpaused RP with the police closing in on me (after I evaded) and my company had already left, leaving me in an unfair position which he basically responded with "tough luck". This is the 3rd time that Beeteljuice has brought his "feelings" about what is or isn't a rule break. Post any evidence or further details: N/A https://gyazo.com/d2edcd7ad494ea7b38508654bbccd59d https://gyazo.com/b2ba7e07dc0e6731b29a4a45a2c5a9d7
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    Some improvement have been made, taxi drivers will get paid when staying inside or outside their headquarters, or near a faction vehicle.
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    If you were saving the guy we were arresting then why did your guys kill him? Stranger 546_5100 was the person we were arresting, and you guys killed him too. Great role play. What lead up to this that deserves death? You weren't even arrested by me? I did not threaten you, there was no ordeal
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    Are you serious I just told you exactly how your behavior is biased. 1. You ignore the DM on me by the accuser and his gang mates. 2. He is proven to be lying to you in a report in an attempt to get us punished and you dont say shit. 3. You now say 3rd person is anti meta gaming (for lack of a better term) to avoid a fear RP charge on the accuser. Yet when @wooge did the same thing at bayview he got done for FearRP/ Fail RP. Can you see how thats not acceptable behavior. 4. You wont hesitate to try and get us done for a punishment but glaze over other peoples infractions in reports such as Lerons report where you didnt even acknowledge the 2 minutes of meta gaming even though it was mentioned several times in that report. 5. You're literally making up rules based on how you feel to try and dish out a punishment instead of following the actual rules that are laid out in black and white. Such as " 3rd person is meta gaming , you cant attack people even if they dont comply with your demands 7 times at gunpoint which is clear contradiction of the written rules, You cant recogzie peopel when they are in car from 10 ft away":, etc etc etc. The reason I feel that you are biased is the fact in the last 2 reports with Leron and I, you have made up these rules adhoc on the spot but Ive never seen you do it in any other report. You have referenced specially us to being " BadRpers" in your opinion yet when he showed you doing the exact same thing in a different video from the above you chose not to acknowledge it, yet again. We are being treated unfairly and if you really cant see that as an educated person im at a loss how to get through to you.
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    Is it possible to create some NPC animals in the woods that you can go hunt for meat and sell to the markets for money?
  21. 3 points
    Hello. Eriksen only banned you physically, I was the one who made the ruling. DMing is not acceptable anywhere in our server. You punched and downed an AFK player with no RP reason or interaction, and therefore, due to your previous deathmatching offenses, you were permanently banned. This is a roleplay server, not a server to "troll" or act in ways that only amuse yourself and have no role-play benefit to anyone else. No-where in our rulebook does it state that you are allowed to deathmatch in prison. I'd also like to point out that you claimed you wanted to have a little bit of fun inside of prison rather than AFKing for two hours, and that you figured he wouldn't lose anything. If you truly figured that, how come you searched the players inventory knowing that you just downed him for no reason and knowing that he was an AFK player? REPORT: Pending decision from a higher-up.
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    Can we please add more animations to the game? Like, a lot more. It adds a lot to RP immersion if you're able to do anims passively during RP. I.e. - Play Guitar anim. - Clipboard Animation - And any other anims that adds immersion. Feel free to suggest anims down below that you know exist on GTA V.
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    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 3000_128 Date of rule breach: 26/6/2018 Time of rule breach: 9:50 PM UTC Your characters name: Vladimir Gorbachev Other players involved: Specific rule broken: 5.3.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. " 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: With the gang we stoped some guy and played a RP situation by robbing him. Somehomw he ran away from us and called the police. So in a few minutes 2 police cars came and started pursuiting me. I did not do any crime actually. But The Police doesn't think so. He haven't told anything to me while he was pursuiting me. I was trying to run away from him like for 6 minutes, one more Police car started to help him and suddenly they finally stoped me. I haven't tried to kill him. On video you can see that I tried to run away, basically he could kill me with a RP reason. But the main thing is that he asked me to put my hands up so did I. After that he just killed me. I don't think it was actually a RP reason to kill me when I have already put my hands up. Also I lost many things from this situation. Don't have a screenshot of my inventory but as you can see atleast I had a pistol (not even one). Evidence of rule breach: *Video evidence showing the scenario described above*
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    Hi, probably there was a misunderstanding but I will try to explain everything as thoroughly as possible. My friend robbed this man and let him go free, but he went as far as the other side began to shoot us. Then I tried to take off, however, unsuccessfully, so I took the decision to run over the person to defend or try to resist, because I did not have weapons. Through the video, we see that I've been hitting 3 times, but my eyes there was only 1. For the first time, I did not show that I touched him with my car, so I went back and tried again. The second time I've knocked down and I admit it, because as a rule say, I can only hit 1 time. And the third time it was shown to me that hes body was over the sofa, so it would not even be possible to touch 3 times. I have no proof because I did not consider it necessary to filming my decisions that do not violate the server's rules. There is always a difference in the speed of the Internet and a rush when one or the other displays different coordinates. This is what happened this time, so I'm not guilty and I should not be punished for what I did not do. Mr. Unemployed: Shamozli Carter.
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