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    Halloween Night Poker Tournament Who remembers the good times at the poker tables? A great chance to make some serious money or trash talk and make a huge amount of enemies... either way, it was a very enjoyable experience for us all.... I feel like the city needs this back... It would be nice if we could arrange some kind of poker tournament on the night of Halloween (31st Oct). This gives a chance for people to increase their roleplay and a chance for the high rollers with millions in the bank to spend some money and have some fun!
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    I see a lot of people putting a lot of great ideas ( well some of them anyway ) But the problem at the moment is, being in a gang isnt really that fun there is no money in it. What is the main source of income of gangs now: Selling illegal goods. Who buys those goods, people with money, who has money, people with goverment jobs. See the problem here yet? Criminals are unable to gain any money from robbing stores because you grab 1 dollar bills one by one. People all grind money from boring ass jobs and the goverment jobs dont inspire roleplay from the general public because they feel like rp slows down the money grind. This killed the server. Yes the server is already dead, no denying it. At what point did 40 people at peak hours become acceptable? We get fucking stomped by a server that DOESNT EVEN HAVE VOICE ENABLED. 3 things need to change. -Benefits need to triple, 3000 per real life hour is acceptable. Yes I head you already type in the comments oh you reward people for not doing anything. YES that way you give people more chances to role play without having to focus on the money grind. This will improve the enjoyment for cops, medics, weazel and maybe even taxies because they would be called more often. -Robberies need to be more profitable this way people who are in gangs have a steady income and are able to get money more quickly making them more likely to do gang shit as a group once they robbed a couple of stores like gang wars creating more RP for everyone again. No money grind means more time to do actual fun stuff. -More turf and less turf that is able to import guns or drugs. What you may ask, that makes no sense. Well the turfs should be split in 2 differnt kinds import turf and street turf. 1. street turf: turf that generates over time and nothing else. Drug trafficing turf: Turfs that are able to import drugs, again having static income over time. Gun runner turf: Turf where you can import guns, these are the one everyone wants. Now here is the catch, each gang can only control 1 import turf making it unable to be controled by one gang. Secondly limiting the turfs where you can import guns makes big alliances less likely since everyone wants to get their hands on the gun turfs creating more rp. Street turf should be in locations where it makes sense. Like grove and the surrounding streets should be carved up into differnt turfs making it a hotspot for street level gangs that fight eachother. leaving the big boys to fight over the import turfs. Just starting a gang you are able to to take one street and hold it, get your rep up and work from there it makes sense. What we should stop doing is making everyone always grind for everything. It kills enjoyment and makes playing seem like a job. Most players I have talked to tell me there is nothing to do. Why? Because we all are either working or already have enough money to not have to work and hang out with the people that work ( bayview and lsc was a good example ). I feel like people want a lot of new features that will improve nothing for server engagement if there are no players. I mean what have the last few updates given us. Besides the phone and masks I dont see things that improve the server engagement. TLDR People want to see other people to rp with. The only way you do that is to free up people from making money for them to RolePlay. That way you create a city that feels more alive attracting more people. Now people just leave because there is nothing to do, more jobs or fancy cars or other things wont do anything for the server. But thats just my opinion.
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    As a police officer, I completely agree with everything that was said here. We don't even choose the times anymore, we just Add the charge and it sets the time, we can't reduce it or anything like that. I believe the 4 hour prison time is a terrible addition to the server, at least in the state it is in. The prison is empty and there's no RP to be had there. As for police convicting without evidence, I have seen it done and I have confronted a couple officers about it. I've also pointed out to a few officers during an on-going investigation that either we don't have any evidence or this is the evidence we would need, lets attempt to obtain it. If we don't have evidence, I'd rat on his ass if he places charges. This server has taken a hit from the combination of the prison addition and the GTMP update. I try my best to keep as many people within the server as I can, and I try to get my colleagues to do the same. I'm sorry if they have wrongfully convicted anyone without evidence, I hope you don't take to offensively, as sometimes it is hard to distinguish whether you have solid evidence or if you are just metagaming.
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    As I am writing this I am sipping my glass of vodka with strawberry juice :yummy: I would like to thank everyone that I ever interacted with, because it reminded me of sa-mp days and of the good rp, even if you broke rules in front of my eyes, I forgive you and I am not the one to hold the grudge ( unless you are savage in that case die :P ) . Nobody - Stuff were said in the heat of the moment, I know what I said was wrong and I there is no excuse for it. I also said bad stuff about your work without proper evidence or knowledge. Osvaldon - I hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your vacation, I wish you would come back and take some burden off Nobody's shoulder. Xylum - I always liked what you did, you respected community opinion to some degree and I respect that, sad to see you go and you made me the support staff in the first place, I cant thank you enough for that. Harmdone - You do good stuff for the PD, I hope to see more interesting stuff for the PD/MD in the future. Maybe something we cant even expect to see on gt-mp platform Toony - Our love hate relationship :) Hope to see you more IG BallinByNature - I never really interacted with Ballas or PD so I cant say a lot of you, but I can say that you did a lot of the good work for the PD and I hope I get to see your gang rise with quality rp Masony - Never really interacted with you, but maybe we will one day :) Eriksen - Heh, you are one funny admin that can also be nice to when it comes to it :) InvalidSun - Invalid, keep doing what you are the best at, sad to see you leave Bayview Aon - less shitposting in discord, get a pc finally. Sam6420 - Never seen you IG, so I cant say anything Spark - I hope you would make some new plans for the community, the current ones look sick and we are still waiting ;) Papastouch - sorry, never seen you IG Ethosyde - sorry, don't know you that much, but I did help you once as support :D FatherOsborn - I appreciate what you did for the community with the prison and its nice to see it has beared its fruit and made itself worth ItsPazz - Just...no NoewUH - Gratz on getting mod, wish you best of the luck KatieCat9 - Liz, gratz on getting mod, I hope I see both of you admin some day :) TeamSpeakUser - Keep helping people on discord, you are doing a good job and sorry that made myself get removed, but more work for all of you :) I like to think to myself that I am the one that started the real support on discord, but that is not true. I was just boasting, don't let it get to you like did to me :) LiveTrash Chief Pupui Bucolic_6 PugLord Infamous Felix TruffleButter KingZaki - stay reformed :D Knoxi Bandar Bomb - glad to see you stopped kissing all the ladies. LSC, my family, it was fun playing with you, sad that we almost got divided at one part in our journey but I am glad to see we have gotten over it and we still care about each other again the same, if not more. I LOVE you guys so much. Bayview, I guess I came there because I was bored, but you guys are nice to hang with, especially Ana, Eriksen, Brian and Ray. Love all of you guys <3 PD, its sad that you guys get blamed for everything when someone breaks the rules and they drag you through discord, I admit. I did the same once. Hope we have no bad feelings (and shame on you for wiping my record!, I cant turture cadets anymore with my lengthy tickets ) MD, sad to see people leave the MD, you always provided good rp to all of us. <3 To any other random person I ever RPed with, even if I was the loser and RP was good, I didn't mind doing it. Love you guys all <3 I would like to thank everyone again for being this great community, being support and helping people made me happy. Hope we will see each other in the game and if you ever have problems just ask on discord, I will be keeping my eye on that :) I will most likely keep playing, especially if Nobody releases drinking ;) You will find me in the nearest Pub then :D Love you all
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    Welcome to the Reapers MC A purpose found for a lost soul. A Soldier returns from the battlefield of a distant war, called home and told , 'Thank you for your services to our country'. A small amount of money awarded for his time spent and discharged into the wilds of civilization. It is not easy for a man to adapt to something that has become so unfamiliar, to wake up in a world that has changed so much. This is the beginning of the journey that took Gunnery Sergeant Walker Davis back to the shores of the Alamo sea, Sandy Shores. After being discharged from the USMC from an injury sustained during an covert OP in afghanistan, Walker returned to the dark embrace of Liberty City. A lone year was lived with limited funds and a beatdown apartment. Nothing was left except a distant dream of his home shores. So he set out again and bought a planeticket with his last money for Los Santos. Returning Home Touchdown, Los Santos International Airport. Empty of funds and a downed mind Walker set out north towards the hometown of Sandy Shores. A long walk with a gazing sun and a blistering sandy wind gnawing at his skin. Shortly before arriving at the town Walker finds a familiar sight. The bar of long lost, the Yellow Jack Inn. Memories flood through his head and a cheerful smile at last cover his face as he enters the beatdown building. An new face stands at the bar greeting him with a grumpy voice. Walker orders a large whisky and starts drinking. He watches the pictures littering the bar walls, old people from his childhood appear on some of them. One of the pictures on the wall crave his attention even more. A picture of Walker Davis in his youth with his old girlfriend Darla White. Walker then knew what he had to do to reconnect with his past and begin creating a purpose for himself. This was the beginning of the Reapers MC, Los Santos Chapter. Ranks within the MC. The President is the CHAIRMAN of the Executive Committee and the Chief Executive Officer of the club chapter. All matters concerning relations between the club and any outside person or organization should be routed to the President for appropriate action. The President or his delegate shall assume the Chair at all chapter meetings. He is responsible for controlling the meeting and keeping order. If necessary, the Chair may utilize the services of the Sergeant-at-Arms to aid in keeping order. The Chair may not make or second any motion, and may only vote on questions wheir their vote would affect the outcome, as in making or breaking a tie vote, or on ballot questions. The Vice-President shall coordinate all committees and supervise plans for all club events. The Vice-President shall act as an intermediary between the President and the Members and Prospects. All questions or comments concerning any club business not specifically related to the duties of the other officers should be brought to directly to his attention. Additionally, the Vice- President is the Second-in-Command to the President, and shall assume all responsibilities and duties of the President in their absence. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the club are not violated. He is responsible to insure that the orders of the Executive Committee are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all club events, except as noted under the Duties of the Chairman. He may conscript members to aid in keeping order on their own authority. He has the responsibility to the club to report any unseemly behavior of incident to the Executive Committee. He is responsible for securing any patches or colors from any member who retires, resigns, or is expelled. The SAA is responsible for the safety and security of the club, as well as the protection and defense of its members and prospects. He shall keep and maintain a record of all data pertinent to the safety and security of the club and it’s members and prospects. Upon becoming aware of any real or perceived threat to the club, its Members, Prospects, or events, he shall immediately notify the Executive Committee of that information The Road Captain is responsible for all club runs. He shall research, plan, and organize all runs. During actual time on the road or at intermediate stops during a run, he shall act as the ranking club officer, deferring only to the President or Vice-President if either of them are present, and only then for matters involving persons outside the club. He shall supply the Secretary with any information required to notify outside agencies of impending club runs in a timely manner. Tailgunner The Tail Gunner is a person who rides in the last position in a group. The Tail Gunner must secure a lane for the rest of the group during lane changes into faster traffic (move first to block oncoming traffic) and close the door (move to block passing traffic) when a lane is lost in a merging lane situation. He will watch for merging lanes, and will move into a merging lane (or stay in a merging lane just vacated by the group) in order to "close the door" on other vehicles that may otherwise find themselves trying to merge into the formation. At the Road Captain’s request, the Tail Gunner changes lanes BEFORE the formation, to secure the lane so the formation can move into it. Ideally, a Tail Gunner is an experienced mechanic, first aid trained and experienced driver. The enforcer keeps the Patchmembers and prospects in line. He's an enforcer of the rules and standards presented by the club. The Enforcer answers only to the President and VP and sees that the orders given are carried out. He will also be the one who travels if a problem has to be addressed at a distance. A fully patched member of the MC. This man/woman has proven his worth the club and is ready to do what is necessary for the greater good. Being accepted is a great honor and must be respected to the full extent. This is the beginning of the MC life. A trial period that will show the true value and loyalty of it's bearer. A prospect is assigned a handler within the MC to a member or higher. A initiation event will be assigned to the prospect OR if he has shown his worth in another fashion. A secondary patch handed to those members who have or are prepared to kill or wreck mayhem amongst the enemy in the name of the Reapers MC. Rules of the Reapers MC As with any club or culture, Reaper rules and codes of conduct are constantly evolving. However, some rules are unshakable as they are the foundation of the club’s existence and ability to thrive. They are all about — loyalty. 1. Loyalty to the club always comes first. First to the club itself, by respecting your colors and cuts above all else. And secondly, though no less important, to your brothers. In any situation it’s not about whether your brother is right or wrong, but the fact that he is your brother. All members must be prepared to give their lives for either one of the two. 2. All members must at all times adhere to the club’s spirit of rebellion and reject conformist culture. 3. The President is the supreme commander of the club. Any member found to be spreading contention or rebellion in the club (be against the President or club policies) will either be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. 4. Respect the club’s strict code of silence. Any member found guilty of divulging club business, policies, or goings on to anyone that is not a member – unless specifically directed by the President, will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. “What you hear here, what you see here, what you say here, stays here.” 5. The club’s code of honor is strictly enforced. Any member found guilty of cowardice, will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. 6. Any member who steals from the club will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. 7. Any member found guilty of stealing from or conning another member, will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. 8. Any member that lays down with another member’s old lady, will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. 9. Any member found guilty of not helping another member in genuine trouble will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. 10. Any member who loses their cut to an outsider will be severely dealt with and/or stripped of his patch. Wearing the reaper demands more than just having a good time. There is a responsibility and commitment to the club and brotherhood. Every member’s main priority is to give rather than receive — Give respect, expect respect. Act with disrespect, and expect nothing less in return. Loyalty breeds loyalty. Reapers MC are always looking for new hardass members. Contact a Reaper member or send a pm to WalkerDavis#2996 on discord for a phone number or known Reaper locations. https://discord.gg/QCJtne Recruitment will only happen IG/IC Clubhouse is the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores since the beginning of the original startup. Application process and Prospect Trial A prospect is someone who has stated a clear intention of being a full patch member of the club and has also been voted in by at least 75% of the full membership of their chapter of application and has a full member sponsor in the club. The Reapers MC bylaws state the prospect period will be a 1 week duration. A prospect must be voted in by a majority of the full members in good standing to become a full patch member. Not all prospects will eventually become full patch members. Some will realize during their prospecting period that the club is not for them. For others, the club will realize that the prospect is not a good fit for the club. The prospect level of club affiliation is the first level that includes a clearly stated obligation to attend a certain number of rides, meetings and events of the club. While a prospect has no voting privileges, he/she is considered a “member” of the club in more defined ways than a friend of the club or a hangaround. A prospect is expected to follow the bylaws. A prospect must have his/her own bike. A club prospect wears Reapers MC prospect colors on both the front and rear of the vest. A prospect pays no dues but does pay for prospect colors and is expected to contribute to the well-being and overall good of the club in any way the club officers, his/her club sponsor or any full patch member feels is appropriate. In the Reapers MC no prospect will be asked to perform any task that a full patch member would not also potentially be asked to perform. Prospects are expected to show a high level of respect to all Reapers MC full patch members.
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    Hitman -> Black Market Based upon a comment that I read earlier today I felt like writing this suggestion, as I feel like it would add to the roleplay, however of course this is not a priority with all the things going on in the current point of time. Currently we have a hitman system set up with an “agency”, however we have no clue where this agency came from or how it works. Of course this is a part of why it’s supposed to be “secret” (though hitmen walking around with their sniper rifles on their back failed to keep it a secret and failed to keep their occupation a secret). We can contact a phone number and get in contact with the agency which will then get a hitman to get in contact with you. This system has worked so far (I’m talking about the contact here, not the actual execution of a hit) though several people including myself feel like it’s missing something. With all the dark/deep web things going on in real life I’d say there has to be some kind of a black market that the agency falls under. This would add a real sort of “underworld” to the server. Illegal name changes / Fake IDs/licenses I’ve previously made a suggestion about differentiating legal and illegal name changes, and what should be different about them. Now, my original idea here would’ve been with the use of a NPC that would be placed on the map. However, if an underworld, or rather “black market” would be implemented this could be done by actual players. Of course these players would have to show that they’re capable of doing this with prior roleplay experience or the roleplay that they do now, to prevent just anyone from doing this. This would be an extra way for a criminal that has shown good roleplay standards to earn an extra bit of money (not too much; maybe it could work like the mechanic system. They’d have to pay for everything such as getting a forged ID/license (also a suggestion by Smith, linked above) etc. and would charge a fee). Illegal weapons and narcotics Criminals that sell illegal, heavy weapons or drugs can also be a part of the black market or “underworld”, as this would be a way to get in contact with them rather than what happens now, which is people walking up to others in public with people around during the day asking if they know where they can get “big guns”. With a new implementation of a system where you can actually produce drugs (see linked post) rather than simply importing them, which adds to the roleplay, and then sell them on the black market. Police Of course this would have to be balanced in a way to where it’s not a secret that can’t ever be found out. As an example, the number that could be contacted for this (if there were to be one) has to be flexible and changed every once in awhile due to the police’s investigation bureau that would be looking into the black market. Being involved with the black market (whether you’re a seller or a customer) would be enough to be detained and questioned, and possibly arrested. This would add more to do for the detectives looking into narcotics. Conclusion I feel like a black market would add interesting roleplay for both criminals and police, and would hopefully work better than the hitman system does now (with the hitmen themselves revealing them as hitmen etc.). Of course all of this is subject to change and I appreciate all feedback to get this suggestion to become something good and considerable. This entire suggestion is food for thought to hopefully work something out with the community.
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    @BigJeff Time and time again you have been reported and not once you've shown any remorse for your actions, instead you make up excuses or straight up lie to staff. I think it's time you re-evaluate what this server is about and how you should roleplay here. First of all, only moderators+ can halt RP, you have no right to do so, and starting an argument in /b is never a good idea, if you feel you're being wronged by someone breaking server rules, you can make a report on the forums, however if you just start arguments every single time an RP scenario does not go your way, not only does that ruin the experience for you and the persons you're roleplaying with, it ruins the RP for bystanders and people in general, no one wants to see a spamfest in /b. In the past week we've had like 5 or 6 reports against you, not once you admit you're wrong or apologise in any way. About the powergaming thing, you are injured on the ground, the officer roleplayed taking off the mask with /me's and /do's. He attempted to take off the mask, and asked if you resisted. Simple as that. There's not much leeway of refusing to take off your mask when you're injured on the ground. If you have "better things to do", you shouldn't be starting roleplay scenarios that can consume a lot of time. Besides, if you would have just RP'd the scenario properly, it would have taken less time to actually play it out, instead of starting an OOC war. OOC insults like that will not be tolerated. Jeff_Zed/9547_7253 will recieve a two week ban from the server, in which time he can rethink his actions. I hope you'll come back with a different mindset. You can also make an unban appeal explaining your wrongdoings and if you manage to apologise in a honest and meaningful way, I'm sure a senior admin would cut down the time significantly. Report Accepted/Archived.
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    Hi, post any issues you're having in the comments below. Solutions to common problems (these have been reported as helpful for some people, keep in mind the client is super broken and what worked for others may not work for you): Invalid password error Solution - If your password contains any capatalization, make sure you type it out of game, then paste it back into game. Game crashing when logging in or every few minutes Solution - Disable shadowplay or playsTV; Verify game files; delete GTMP cache. If you have Windows Live Installed, make sure to turn the DVR Feature off, as well as any other overlay that you may have including steam. To disable the DVR feature on Windows Live, search under your start menu for the Xbox app, launch it, and go to the bottom settings tab, click DVR and Disable it. (Credit to InfamousFelix) Alt tabbing usually crashes the game also, so don't alt tab. Infinite loading when starting up GTMP Fixed by GTMP Can't see the login box Solution - Download this (click on the text), drop it into your GTMP folder and replace all files; Reinstall GTMP, restart your PC; Loading into singleplayer Solution - Restart everything - the game, the GTMP client, your PC; Switch to fullscreen from fullscreen windowed or vice versa; Verify game files; Download Visual studio x64/x86 and make sure .NET is installed or repair it (credit to Doobie); Reinstall GTMP; Crashing on game launch Solution - Reinstall GTMP (Credit to Brian Oconner) Access denied when updating Solution - Disable Windows defender video (Credit to King Zaki) Timeouting from the server No fix, wait for GTMP patch Has been fixed by NobodyLTU GTMP "Launching game", opens steam but never launches game Solution - Delete steamapi.dll in the game installation folder. Can't see shop/mors UI or game freezes when opening UI Solution - change your resolution to 1080p. Unfortunately, different resolutions are buggy. Fuel randomly disappearing from your car Solution - restart your game. (Credit to OsamaBigLag) Server crashes The source has already been identified and a workaround is being used, we're working on the fix. You can delete your cache by going to your GTMP folder > CEF and then delete the Cache folder there. I will update this thread with fixes as we encounter them. If you found a fix for an issue, please PM me in discord or leave a comment here. Post any issues that you have in the comments below.
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    Team Update: OsamaBigLag has been reinstated back into Support Staff. aon has been assigned Public Relations position. Smith has been reinstated back into Support Staff. LiveTrash has stepped down from Support Staff. Ballinbynature has been promoted to Head Administrator and has been assigned Head of Administration.
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    There's probably going to be an update that increases the damage you recieve during a car crash, seatbelts should be implimented with that. I agree with this suggestion, a command like /seatbelt (/sb) which also puts out an automatic "/me buckles his seatbelt." and "/me unbuckles his seatbelt.".
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    @Shalami has the right to comment if he's stating that Reapers MC also broke the rules to declare war on him and take his turf. It can be valid for this post as it shows that Reapers MC have repeat offended and it needs to be sorted out.
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    Reaper MC did the same to me, war me for no reason and take my turf. We show videos to admins but they did noting, they are protected by some admins, so good luck. Also we should stablish what constitute and act of war to.
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    I think we should bring back Weapon scroll wheel as it is much more convenient imo + sometimes my guns are being pulled out randomly, which with the old Weapon scroll wheel there were no problems so I didn't see any need for change.
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    This is the Character Story of Megan and Susan Smith. Megan and Susan grew up together in grove street. Megan is 27 and Susan is 25. Their father was a long serving member of the LSPD, until he died on duty in a gang shootout. Their mother died of a heart attack when Megan was 18. The relationship was always a complicated one. They never liked nor hated each other. It was their different characters which separated them. The simple fact is, Megan was always kind of jealous of her sister, but she never wanted to show it. Megan Smith: Age: 27 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Favourite Vehicles: Super cars, Sport bikes, Certain weird vehicles (lol) Believe it or not, Megan used to be somehow of a normal person at the start. She grew up in grove street meaning that she was used to the hood life. Two years later, Susan came along and fucked everything up. As time passed, Susan would always get more attention than Megan, due to the fact that she would purposely mess things up in order for all eyes to be on her. Megan was always pushed to the side, as her parents would tell her that they need to take care of her sister. Megan would always have the responsibility of her sister and would always get blamed for the stupid shit she did. At the age of 14, Megan gave up on her 12 year old sister after she purposely broke some antique plates to blame on Megan. It was at this time that Megan started to hate Susan. Megan never really had a relationship with her family. Her mother was sick most of the time and her father never had time to talk. In order to get closer to her father, Megan used to show interest in police work and admire what her father did. That did get her closer and closer to her father. All she wanted to hear from him was "I'm proud of you Megan", however that never happened. Megan believed that becoming an officer was the way to truly bond with her father, but that did not last long as her father died on duty. Megan was 18 at that time, and had just finished high school. Unable to process the fact that her father was gone, she continued studying law and still going for her goal. She believed that becoming an officer would make her feel better, that she would be able to continue her father's duties. And so she finally made it, became an officer of the LSPD. Whilst Megan did have fun as an officer, she quickly realised that the power she was having could be used for her advantage. She started making deals, hanging out with the wrong people and turning a blind eye where she saw an advantage. All worked out well for her till she stepped into the first problem. Megan was not even close to being a high ranked officer, and if she would ever be caught, it would all be over. Despite that, all the shit she has done was never saw. Until one day she was busted talking to a savage member, thankfully however it was jus passed off as suspension. A really short suspension as she was quickly discharged for voicing her true "opinions" on her higher ranking officers (lmao). Soon after that event, Megan applied and joined Biggs (Bayview). She had continued what she has started on the streets, but also worked as a mechanic during the day. When she was off duty, she would do criminal activities. Not caring too much about life anymore, she had nothing to lose. She started not to care about her job at Biggs, frequently not following orders from superiors and not even doing her Mechanic duties. Despite that, she was making some friends, until one day a close friend became more than a "friend". Megan found love for the second time of her life. The first time was with a man, which she did not enjoy that much, hence why she turned Lesbo. She found that she had more feelings for the same gender, and shortly after proposing to Bella with a bullet (yes that happened), they got married. The marriage was more of a stereotypical southern marriage, on the beach with Andy McGallen as the priest and a lot of white people with guns. The wedding gift that Megan gave to Bella was an Ar-10. After the wedding, Megan realised that she had something in common with the individuals attending her wedding. For the first time in years she felt like she was standing among superior people, the belief for white power grew stronger and stronger in her. She had a higher intolerance for coloured races and other cultures, and started blaming them on the bad events that happened in her life. Megan was eventually fired from Bayview for not following orders and doing her criminal activities on duty. At this point Megan had nothing to lose and decided to take her own life, till her wife stopped her from doing it. Megan has gotten a bit better over the time, however she is still mentally unstable, similar to her wife. What Megan does now is unknown, but she can still be seen doing retarded shit on a daily basis. Susan Smith: Age: 25 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Favourite Vehicles: Low-riders, Sport Classic Susan Smith is the innocent angel, or at least you think that. Two years younger than Megan, she has a more "normal" personality. Growing up in Grove, she used to hang out a lot with Family members. Whilst she is used to the gun culture of the ghetto, she has never shot a gun. Compared to Megan, Susan used to get a lot more "lucky" in high school (aka she is a whore), dating a lot of Family members from around the area and others. Her father never liked that too much but she never listened to him. Susan is indirectly a Family member. Having grown up around them a lot, she proudly displays the green colour everywhere she goes. What inspired her to get a career into the medical department is due to the fact that a lot of gun homicides were taking place around the area she lives in. Having a lot of close friends getting shot, Susan decided that is she cannot handle a gun, might as well be able to assist her "Family" in another way. I mean who knows, maybe if she learned how to pull a trigger she would not be a medic now. At the age of 16, after her father's death, Susan left to Liberty City to finish her high school and continue with her medical studies. She started off a nurse, and slowly progressed to become an ambulance driver, and finally a certified Medic. After all those years in LC, she decided to return back to her home city, Los Santos_Mota (jk). She did not get a very pleasing welcoming into the city however. Soon after Megan found out that she returned into the city, Susan was left with a permanent back burn and an internal scar around the nose area, made by a certain James Eriksen (Damn you James). Despite that and all the other challenges, she managed to get herself into the Medical Department, which she currently works at.
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    ** The following announcement could be read from the Los Santos Police Department's website under [NEWS]. The Los Santos Police Department has no comment feed for their publications. ** 23rd September 2017 Los Santos Police Department 820 Mission Row Street, Rampart Offices The Penal Code of 2018 has been released and published as of today. We thank everyone who spent countless of hours deliberating around our current penal code and the criminal codes within. Some criminal codes were scrapped whereas others were adjusted, however, no major additions have been added to this publication of the penal code. We would also like to thank the senators who pushed for the construction of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, this updated penal code consists of changes reflecting the prison that recently opened its doors. Since then, we've noticed a tremendous decrease in violent crimes, and that is a success to us. The new penal code can be found on our police website, http://www.lspd.gov [ (( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSgkMP4BUgMytnbha6Q8ebMshk3nKTjajxaCjSXt3v9_YsJPdXJWj8iF8dcANOMP93f8JiJeNxyw_TC/pubhtml )) ]] [ (( This is the penal code that we've been following since the release of the prison system. Script was adjusted to make the max prison sentences 240 minutes which equals to 4 hours. )) ] Thank you, Chief of Police Samuel Osborn Los Santos Police Department
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    I agree completely with Invalids post. I'm all for disabling the prison until it can be an actual faction and people can have some interaction while they're serving their sentence. At least in the jail cells they could talk to police officers.
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    Hello people of Los Santos. My names James Hughes. Little backstory about my self. Currently I am 34 years old and just moved here from Northern Michigan. I had 12 years in the Military as a Sergeant, went in as soon as I turned 18. After 12 years I decided to retire as the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Or also called PTSD) and Depression was really starting to get to me. After retirement home was never the same the things I saw as I went through my time in the military you never believe it if you never saw it. I was able to get proper help and advice and I feel alot better. In getting better I decided I needed to move somewhere new, so I picked Los Santos. I plan to continue to do what I love and that is to serve my country so in the future I plan to apply for the Los Santos Police Department. Anyways enough about me time to continue doing what I love. See you guys on the road.
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    While I was going around and trying out all of the available jobs, I was running through the city and it got me thinking of a couple of possible new occupations: Construction Worker This was mentioned a few times before in previous threads but they didn't really gain too much attention. I really think that this could work - after all, there are quite a few buildings in Los Santos which are "under construction", such as the towers. Survey the area and make sure that the beams and overall structure are as secure as possible. Plus, who doesn't want to work a forklift around the place? Contractor You can recall the fact that GTA has added the option to renovate certain houses and other structures. Let's make it an RP experience! Pull out your phone, call a contracting company, and be set up with a professional to help you create your dream home! Programmer It's a sad sight to see the Life Invader building being empty. Why not put it to use by lounging in the bean bag chairs, having a chat in the lunch room, and then heading back to work at your computer? Get those fingers tapping both IC and OOC!
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    Offering FREE swimming, FREE food, FREE towels, FREE umbrellas, FREE snorkeling, and FREE social interaction! We also offer games such as: Football, Ultimate Frisbee, and Beer Pong. BRING MONEY FOR ALCOHOL! Discounts will be offered to employees of Weazel News, Los Santos Police Department, and Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. Please bring proof of employment in order to receive discounts. TIME AND DATE: Friday, October 27th, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT.
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    Hello again, After taking a good look at the video provided by Eletrix I was able to come to a final decision. I'll be summing up everything that I've seen from both players in this situation, combined with the time stamps of the video (please take these with a grain of salt, vidme was messing up the times for me). 2:51 - Officer learns of your name because of your friend At this point in the video, the police officer asks your friend (who you later in the video confirm to be your firend) for your name, and he gives him your name. Therefore, nothing has been metagamed because this information was obtained through an in-character way. 4:04 - Officer accidentally punches, pulls out a tazer and fires, proceeds to run away after getting shot Not exactly sure how this happened; but it could've been reflexes or a misclick. The officer accidentally punched the air, therefore was not able to pull out a gun. He then pulled out a taser and shot. I would like to point out that if you press right mouse button and switch weapons through your bind, there might be a minor lock-on, which could be what happened in this situation. This, however, is still a dodgy situation and will be looked at further and the officer in question, if need be, will be punished for this if it is decided that this was breaking FearRP. What he did afterwards was completely fine, as nobody would wait to stand out in the open to be shot at. 7:19 - Attempted /takegun while stabilized (thus injured) This is where things begin to go wrong. You (Jeff_Zed) attempted to take a gun while you were injured on the ground. You being stabilized does not mean you are back on your legs yet, as you should know that they always roleplay (server-forced too, by the way) putting you on a stretcher to help you back on your feet at the hospital. Abusing the fact that you're standing up and can do other things while stabilized (still injured) is considered FailRP. 7:22 - Punching medic while stabilized (thus injured) This could be a misclick and an accident, which is why I won't go into further detail explaining this, but to you this should have been a sign to be more careful about what you press as you are able to do things/harm others while injured. 7:30 - First sign of having a gun out while stabilized (thus injured) This too, could have been an accident, but should have been another opportunity for you to see that you can in fact pull out weapons in an injured state (yes, being stabilized means you're still injured) and to not use this. 7:34 - Shooting while stabilized (thus injured) This is where the entire situation escalates to something even worse. For this, I'd like to refer you to a report that happened a while back. In this report, the player also pulled out their weapon in an injured/stabilized state and shot an officer; and I'm not sugarcoating it, as it is considered FailRP AND bug exploiting and should be, but at least he showed a proper /me where as you did nothing, and simply shot the officer whilst fully knowing what you were doing. Therefore player Jeff_Zed has been punished for bug exploiting. Report resolved/archived
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    Currently in the city there are payphones but there is no way to use them as of now. I suggest we implement scripting to use these payphones which could be used exactly like a phone would be used to for now. You could call mechanics, taxi, 911 and other people with it but could not send any SMS's.
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    On a scale of 1-10: How much of a dick is Eriksen? Well... the answer is as simple as it sounds... an easy 9... out of 7! 10? Why the fuck am I reading this post right now and why am I wondering what the answer is gonna be? The answer is as simple as it might sound. James is not a dick. He is a pussy! And that is exactly why he is my ICs best friend and one of the best buddies to talk too OOCly... My IC is gay... and Eriksens IC is... probably mentally unstable or stupid or retarded or what do I know... So we can just do so much bullshit together. Badass! On a scale of 1-10, about why he is so awesome, he reaches the 9... ´cause he cannot count any higher!
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    Police Speed Modes So the police have a rough time chasing around people in their 811's and other super cars.As such, they have a modified speed boost to all their vehicles coded in, which is quite a significant amount. After speaking to a couple officers its no challenge for them to hit 240 downhill when they want to, and that's pretty damn fast. But I've started to notice a general trend to move away from supercars everywhere to more RP cars. The Grove are currently operating on purely 'factional' vehicles as are most biker gangs, and reflecting such they're not speeding around at 200+ speeds every day yet interacting with police a lot. Now this puts them at a disadvantage, because cops then have cars that extremely outperforms them despite them purposely using cars of a lower quality than they can afford for the sake of being a lot more down with the RP. The New Mechanic As such, I propose that the police have a 'Interceptor Mode' on their cruisers, which turns off and on the speed boost they currently have by default. It would be a bound key like how CTRL+E is currently the panic button and give a emote range of shout distance. This would be reserved for when they're facing super cars with all the bells and whistles and bull crap that entails them, while they can still give the guys who are not being 500 million dollar murder hobos a chance. End result Cops can choose to have their speed boost on, potentially have it as one of their policies that they only use it for high speed chases, and give people who are using RP correct vehicles for their characters a chance to escape. Opinions?
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    How many times have you been to the mechanics and seen a 6k or more fee for a engine fix and thought to yourself. Fuck it ill blow it up. Well? To many times am I right? Here is my suggestion. If your car goes to mors and has below 500hp left on the engine, bump it up to 500hp, not more. Blowing up a car and getting the car back in perfect shape is not good for the server economy. We need more money sinks. You might say but andor woudnt that affect new people in the server or people that cant afford that kind of repair costs on their super cars. Well they shoudnt be driving super cars now should they.
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    Account name: Xenon117 Character name: Ruslan Labazanov Reason of Punishment: Combat Logging Administrator: Wanheda Why should this appeal be accepted? I think this appeal should be accepted because I have taken the necessary time to think about what I did and why I was banned, I first did not see what I was doing wrong to the extent of the ban but after being absent for some time I have learned more about how this effects others and their "RP" rather then just thinking of myself and what I felt is necessary at that time. Reflecting back on this I do feel like the punishment was a little unnecessary but everyone has their opinions and looking on how I was effecting others at that time I can understand it not making myself or my teams "RP" look very authentic. I hope that allowing some time to pass will allow the dust to settle and I hope for a second chance as I would take full responsibility for a perm ban if I was to do anything similar again or for that fact breaking any major rules.
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    Damm man, sad to see you removed from the staff. OsamaBigLag, you were a great staff member - committed to helping others and being friendly in the process. It will be sad to see you leaving the staff team.
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    /me looks angrily at them
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    Scripted fires might lag the hell out of the server. I don't see the need for it, definitely not a priority.
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    Mileage. Wear and tear. They shouldn't be too hard to script. Distance traveled would decrease max HP up until it can't be fixed anymore. Had this on other servers and worked reall great. 25k Kilometers - 95% max health 30k Kilometers - 90% max health Car destroyed <10 times - Remove no max health. Car destroyed 10-20 times - Remove 5% max health. Car destroyed 20-30 times - Remove 8% max health. etc. you get the point. Once below 30% new engine could be installed, but it's 100k+ $. Give cars condition and the prices will adjust. Total your car every day That would give actual value to vehicles and their condition.
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    The problem is, when a car is spawned in by a dealership, from that point it does not leave the game anymore. There isn't a way to "destroy" cars. We need a "car sink" of some sorts, where cars would be destroyed beyond repair and you can't retrieve them back from mors after X amount of reviving, or, one of my suggestions was "seized". PD would seize cars that people commit felonies in, forcing criminals to use cars they do not particulary care about and could throw away, thus creating a money sink.
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    They are really good for VDM though
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    it would be better if /die would trigger a admin report so you dont lay in a field in paleto bays when there are medics online for 5 minutes
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    Your player name: Jeremy Brown Player you are reporting: The Reapers MC, The Lost Motorcycle Club, ZBOR M.C Rule broken: Not a rule necessarily, just people whining to the admins so that they get what they want. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: So, while me and the rest of the gang haven't been on for a few days and maybe only just enough to appear as inactive on the faction list, we have had our turf taken by 3 gangs. They claim to have gotten permission from an admin so that they can just take the turf but I cannot come to understand why they would be allowed to take the turf from a gang where you probably wouldn't be certain at this point as to whether had actually just gone. We did return to the server, showing that we haven't just quit too. An better way to do this would be to shoot me a message on the forums or whatever, if I didn't reply because I didn't see it or didn't care then sure, take it. Instead, there seems to be a system in place where you can say, well, most of that faction hasn't been on for a few days so I'll beg to the admins meaning I don't need a reason or any kind of rp to take the turf. Seems wrong to me. I would also like to point out the fact that when we tried asking to be able to take turf from an inactive faction we were refused, being told that the admins will make the turf available to anyone at some point. Time and date: Evidence:
  34. 2 points
    See this is what you are not understanding. We as a faction have been in the same position as yourselves and have contacted admins, through questions in game, asking if we could take turf because a faction were inactive, and were denied approval because they classed it as unfair. So the fact that they have approved you is extremely unfair to us, hence the reason we are so salty about the situation.
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    Team Update: Lord Pepe has resigned from Head Administrator. NoewUH has been promoted to Moderator Trial. KatieCat9 has been promoted to Moderator Trial. Pazz has passed their Moderator Trial. Puglord has been reinstated into Support Staff. The following Support Staff have been recruited: King Zaki TruffleButter InfamousFelix Knoxi Bandar Bomb
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    Its just that we find it insulting that we have been in the same predicament and wanted turf from a inactive faction, and were refused because it was classed as unfair. It was also a faction which had been inactive for a very long time, as opposed to the couple days or so that we were inactive.
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    I think this update is a great idea. but the entire reason why those 5 main factions aren't already bursting at the seams with people is because some people don't Want to join a gang just so they can spend 2 weeks before getting a promotion. This is going to create an even worse, inverse version of the PD where people join, and spend an immense length of time at the ground level, with no growth. Because there's no reason or incentivisation for the leader to step down. and there's no "permadeath" system, so even if he's killed, There's no 'filling in the empty space' or 'powergap'. This is abhorrent. You're going to decentivize the only thing most people on the server percieve as being 'fun'; Being a criminal. TLDR; 1. With rigid factions set in place, People are going to be forced to join a faction they'll never advance through due to the seniority of some players. 2. No more access to warehouses for "unofficial gangs" will quash any new, surprising gangs coming out of nowhere to make an upset in gang stability will make the server's crime scene stagnate. 3. The "Official" gangs perceived necessity is absolutely arbitrary, save only for their canon namesake. It's not going to make criminal RP any better. 4. The turnover time for new players joining and leaving is going to become even quicker once they realize there is absolutely no way they will ever become "Big time" unless they're here for months and months and outlast senior members in a gang they joined and might not even like. 5. No more creative, interesting gangs.
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    https://soundcloud.com/belugacollective/beluga-presents-ye https://soundcloud.com/defunk-vip/shambhala-mix-series-8-defunk
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    Your player name: Red Harlow Player you are reporting: 7248_2912 "Referred to as The Retard" and 6893_717 "Referred to as The Reporter" Rule broken: Metagaming, FailRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: The Retard who has a couple other characters, created a new character, And being friends with The Reporter on his Alts(Andor and Brick talk about him applying for Weazel on multiple different characters because one of his characters was fired), They co-ordinated a meetup in some OOC medium like Discord or the such(1*) The Retard shoots at The Reporter (Evidenced by the OOC 'We were just trying something tbh this wasn't meant to happen' at the 10:50 mark in the video) We roleplay the scene out somewhat, But from the beginning it's obvious that The Reporter is trying to protect his OOC Friend in an OOC manner that doesn't reflect IC at all. (Witholding information, not wanting to press charges, downplaying being shot at) According to IC, The Retard just met The Reporter. And have otherwise had no character interactions. Under these circumstances, when shot at, there is no reason why the victim wouldn't want to press charges on a person they just met IC(1*) The Reporter gets mad at me seemingly OOC for persuing his assailant and seems to get mad at that, from that point trying to scare my character IC into leaving. Despite them being co-workers. Depsite Red chasing down his attacker and trying to protect him. Nothing about The Reporter's character motivation makes sense unless you look at it through the lens of "I'm trying to keep my OOC friend from getting in trouble on his new Alt" After a point, The two just leave. Before the situation is resolved, and before the cop tells them to. They just walk off. ruining the scene. Jean IC tries to keep The Retard pinned with his car, thinking he's trying to escape, Where The Retard drops his "Retard" voice. (I thought about this alot, and considered he might have been pretending to be retarded in character, But he evidenced nothing of the sort. Despite dropping the voice multiple times when I could hear him [though not icly] far away. He seems like he was just trolling or trying to see how annoying he could get away with being.) (He was also speaking OOC IC when talking about his cramp. Which I think might have been him getting an excuse to be quiet for a moment to talk to The Reporter OOC in Discord or something.) I had a talk with The Reporter OOC on the Weazel News Discord to get an idea of why that scene felt so Weird and confirmed what I suspected. He informs me that he DID just meet him IC and is indeed his Friend OOC. (1) Note: At one point "The Reporter" tells me in The Discord I "Jimmy "ASVP" Cartel-Yesterday at 3:18 PM: why are you taking my rp to heart" As if I wasn't supposed to take that particular scene serious. He didn't want me to because it would put a criminal strike on The Retard, making him unelligable to work at Weazel, which neither of them wanted OOC. (As an aside, Fuck that. That's fucking childish. Try telling Chief Palmer or any cop OOC 'nah, man don't take me firing into the air randomly seriously.' See how well it works out for you.) Time and date: September ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎1:18:23 PM Evidence: 1* A screencap of the conversation we had in Weazel Discord (Full logs will be added so you understand I'm not taking anything out of context) 2 Full context of the conversation had in Weazel news Discord https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oGuMTZohcvIIE-1ZyUo_MNPHunZVyrRXwOwJ4WbJUyg/edit?usp=sharing And footage of the whole thing. Apologies if It's a bit long, I wanted to get as much context as possible.
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    Weeelcome to the server, I have seen that you have already found out about our discord which is where you should direct yourself if you ever have problems with gta v/Gt-mp/windows or even hardware problems.
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    The Crispy News Agency is at this time NO LONGER accepting new applications. If you are in desperate need of employment, please call Tommy Permuy at 4236663. **Read the employee handbook**
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  43. 1 point
    Actually sad to see you go. You were always an amazing person and it was awesome to hang out with you IG and on Discord. Im really gonna miss you being around. I hope that someone you decide that you wanna come back and when you do we will ALL be here with open arms and be more then happy to take you back in. IRL you seem like an amazing person and seems like you have a good future ahead of you. Take care of yourself and good luck where ever you end up. If you ever need anything feel free to message me. Wow im actually IRL tearing up haha....Take care Sarah and stay safe.
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    Yea, I usually have 3 warreners in stock because they go the quickest. bmx's i had two off when they sold like cookies
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    I would like this to be dealt with by different admins please Account name: Rajj Sikyhar Character name: Forums not ingame Reason of Punishment: "Spamming" Administrator: Aon and Lord PePe Why should this appeal be accepted? The reason I was warned both times was for spamming, which I don't see how I spammed. I posted a few status updates, With Aon, One was Wednesday, one was 17 hours ago, and one was 30 minutes ago when someone I haven't seen in awhile just came back. With Lord PePe I don't remember the exact times I posted them but I know they were more than 3 hours apart. I feel like I shouldn't be warned for using a feature that nobody uses. Both of them I'm pretty sure didn't even bother to look at the time stamps and just gave me the warnings because I'm like the only person that uses status updates.
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    For sure. That's why it's a suggestion. I see a bit of a bottlenecking, and have a suggestion to redistribute the duties to better handle requests and such. I think the only drawback is-- yes, it does require an IMMENSE amount of honesty and trust of all of the staff amongst eachother, because it would be easy to combat-revive one's self, or spawn shit or some such.
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    Thank you, I have a similar issue so I will see if this fixes for me
  49. 1 point
    +support had to ask an admin about this. Should be on the f5 help menu where I thought it would be
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    I just ignore them, it makes it more fun - they get angrier when I don't give in to their bullshit and I just get more amusement from their rage ;)