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  1. Account name: kenichis Character name(s): Alexander_Johan Admin who issued punishment: Brawnkoh Date of punishment: 25/8/2019 Punishment received: Non-RP #1 [NCZ Violation] Reason given for punishment: I was given a punishment because I pointed a firearm at someone in a NCZ. Your explanation of what happened: Earlier in the day, maybe 30 minutes prior to the start of the recording in the report. I was driving for my job at DCC and someone was blocking the intersection with a white Sentinel Classic (same one as in the video), my client exits the vehicle and I say farewell before I pull over and walk up to the man in the Sentinel Classic that he is blocking traffic. He doesn’t respond for a while until he starts cursing at me (IC’ly) and then proceeds to run me over. I returned into my cab to call 911 which I did and the man then returns and rams my cab. I /me looks at his plates and he runs away. Not long after I see a police cruiser so I pull them over to talk and show them the dash-cam footage through /do to explain what had happened. They then tell me to call 911 again if I see the car as it was very likely to have been stolen as the original owner is a well respected individual and the police doubt the suspect was him. Fast forward to the start of the video, I am 10-9 (Idle) at the LSB and I meet my friend Revelt. I am chatting in /f chat when I notice the white Sentinel Classic returning to the Bank. I swiftly tell Revelt about the situation and I call 911 before attempting to confront the suspects(s). I go up to the car and enter it to prevent him from running away and I tell him that “We’re going to PD” because I know this car is stolen. Keep in mind that IC’ly I would treat this man as dangerous because (even though it was a different person) I know he tried to run me over. After he didn’t comply I took out my Firearm and told him that we must go to PD. He drives off even though I already RP’d drawing my weapon and even though I did not provide a /do am I able to or such he did not respond to RP and talked in OOC that I am not allowed to. After reaching an intersection I remind him in /do that I would still have a weapon and he eventually stops the car. He complies to my demands and exits the car before running off breaking Fear RP and drawing his own weapon. Even though later it is revealed that the person I was attempting to arrest was not the same one who ran me over, I still had reasonable belief that he was the culprit. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My punishment was because of breach of NCZ and I do not think that I have breached NCZ. The definition of NCZ is a an area where we are not allowed to commit crimes made to resemble heavily guarded areas IRL where you wouldn’t be able to do crimes. However, I followed every procedure in the official PD post regarding citizen arrests (link given below) and I do not think I have committed “Brandishing a firearm (drawing, exhibiting, brandishing or using a firearm or weapon without a lawful reason. Clearly I had a lawful reason) and Vigilantism (A non law enforcement official attempting of fulfilling the enforcement of laws.).” “A felony has been committed and you have a reasonable belief that the person you’re arresting has committed a felony” is the official requirements to do a citizen arrest posted by the PD. Using information my character knows from the past event I have reasonable belief that the person inside the car has committed multiple felonies, that being (according to the official penal code) “Felony Hit and Run” (I was run over using the car so I have reasonable belief that he is the one who has committed the crime) and also “Felony Grand Theft Auto” (I was told by the police that it is very likely the car was stolen and the driver was not the owner. Again referring to the PD regulations I am allowed to make a citizen arrest if “The person you’re arresting has committed a felony, but not in your presence,” even though I did not see him commit Grand Theft Auto I have information that he has done it.). I do not think that if the scenario was to play out IC’ly I would be arrested for “brandishing a firearm” as clearly it says on the PD regulations that I am allowed to engage in violence and attempt to arrest someone if I have reasonable belief that I will prevent myself or someone else from getting hurt, as I have been victim of a hit and run by this vehicle then I have IC belief that he might do it again to someone else or even myself hence I acted the way I did. That being said I would like to express that regardless the outcome of this appeal I will respect the decision and I also still respect the moderators decision however, I would still like for someone to review this punishment. Post any evidence or further details: Link to LSPD regulations on Citizen Arrests: https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=556&t=8624 Link to penal code regarding felony definitions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMm9u2Tl59RBpNyNSA88G7WYPFwiOgzXqL-1cWgAHEc/edit#gid=123845845
  2. kenichis

    ID 54 Fear RP

    I don't know if you realize or not but driving a stolen car is still a crime regardless where you stole it from therefore you would be actively commiting a crime.
  3. kenichis

    ID 54 Fear RP

    1. My reasoning for doing so in an NCZ is because I know that the car is stolen and I wanted to make them wait for the police because I have already called them. I did not think that this was prohibited is because by definition an NCZ is where we are not allowed to commit crimes, what I was doing was quite the opposite. A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. 2. I did not feel like following up with a /do am I able to because in all my previous encounters, if I RP pulling a gun inside a car I am never required to because they always comply because of Fear RP. In any case if he decided to follow up with a /me regarding his reaction to the situation I would of gladly followed along RP as thats really the goal of my actions, to do Roleplay. Rather he decided not to respond IC'ly but insists in OOC that I was not allowed to do so. Unfortunately the feeling was not mutual and he prefers shootouts compared to RP.
  4. kenichis

    ID 54 Fear RP

    its not a crime to do a CITIZEN ARREST because you STOLE the car and drove it into an NCZ. Do you think if someone has a gun on you the best course of action is to run with no clear cover ahead and also pull out your own gun? You still broke fear RP and if you think your justification was that it was an NCZ which is not a justification as I wasn't committing a crime you drove me OUT the NCZ which voids any protection that didn't even exist in the first place.
  5. kenichis

    ID 54 Fear RP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 8/24/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1566638017 Your characters name: Alexander_Johan Other player(s) involved: Revelt_DeOrtiz (ID 17), ID 62 Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a car which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. How did the player break the rule(s)? Previously in the day, I was rammed by the same Sentinel Classic and proceeded to report it to the police IC'ly. Later on (when the recording starts), I was working at the Bank and I saw the same car being juggled between people. I called the police to inform them the car is there and I told my friend and also a passerby that its a stolen car. I proceed to confront him and enter the car and tell him to go to PD now. When he didn't cooperate I pulled my gun using /me and RP pointing it at him with /me to make a citizen arrest. He tried to brush it off as me trying to rob in an NCZ and I confirm that I was going to turn him in and not rob him. He pulls off and even though I still am pointing my gun and I proceed to remind him with /do that my gun is still pointed at him. By the time he stops I told him to turn off the engine and exit the car which he did. What I did not expect is that as soon as he got out the car he started running which IC'ly I would still be holding him with a gun and even worse he pulls out his own gun. As you can see when he is running I have CLEAR view and was no longer obstructed by the car yet he still ran and pulled out his gun. He injures me and runs away. Later on he tries to rob my friend while he is helping me but the police came and he got away. Evidence of rule breach: ( video 1, shows the first interaction with him ) ( video 2, him returning to rob my friend )
  6. Thank you for your interest in the property, further info has been sent to your private messages.
  7. This property is now Available for rent / rent-to-own / purchase!
  8. Wow are you actually Indonesian? If you are then you're the first one I've met on the server who is also Indonesian
  9. Upon return to Los Santos and a further look at the underbelly of the city he tried to ignore, he realized his journey into rebuilding his family’s empire will not be an easy task. At first he thought the easiest way would be to just try to make a branch from zero. Clearly that did not work. After a few encounters he made from people he kidnapped he interrogated his way into learning the workings of the criminal underworld. Out of all the gangs the person spoke of, one of which ranged a bell. The Triads. Leaving his victim tied up in an abandoned garage, he contemplates on what his next decision should be. Still hope-full, he tried to recruit new members into his cause, starting from people he meets on the street in need of some easy money. In doing so, he unintentionally made a friend with the Outcast, a rising gang newly formed in Los Santos. After a day of mischief with his new follower and his newfound Outcast friend, they leave home with bags filled with cash and a grin on their faces. Although the success he accomplished yesterday, Atsuchika can’t help but feel helpless in front of all the big gangs ahead of him. He thinks if he should continue to pursue his fathers last wish, or to simply give up and live a normal live while he is ahead of the police. While he contemplates on his decision, a plan c begin to emerge in his head.
  10. Maybe when you enter the neighborhood again it should trigger a ping towards admins / log it somewhere that they broke NLR? In the future when they are being handled for a report the admins could reference that log wether he is a constant rulebreaker or was it a one time slip up.
  11. What determines wether a store has 14k cash or only 2.5k cash? Is it all random? There goes all the times I thought I was being slick by robbing a store and emptying the entire register.
  12. I saw this comment which is what made me queston this.
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