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  1. I think what would be better and I would say more realistic as in my point of view this is just unrealistic, is that like @Denza said it should start saving info from 30 seconds prior to the robbery and It should save data on the /me and /do being done at the scenario and also the people who did it. For example: you are an officer and start running the laptop on the CCTV footage and you see in the chat bar; 27 seconds prior to robbery ID 7: /ame puts their mask on 0 seconds prior to robbery ID 7: *puts cashiers hands up* 6 seconds post robbery start ID 12: /ame starts taking the money 12 seconds post robbery start ID 12: /ame takes $74 from the cash register and so on, until; 1 minute and 47 seconds post robbery start ID 7: /me smashes the CCTV system I believe this is much more realistic as its similar to how an admin would look up logs of a players actions and is already doable in game. If they add a system like this the officer doing detective RP would know which ID to /ldo about the robbery and wether or not the footage survived and is usable IC based on if the /me of the robber destroying it was there or not. I think this is much more doable than an actual video of the situation being saved on the server. Let me know if you disagree or not, but I think this is a more solid solution to the problem you’re pitching.
  2. I don't understand why people are attacking you for posting a gunfight video. Its part of the RP, period. While gunfights every time and no RP is definitely not allowed, the occasional gunfights now and then are definitely welcome in ECRP. Nice video by the way.
  3. Its ECRP btw, ERP stands for erotic roleplay 😅
  4. To be clear, noone is jumping on you. You started a discussion and I responded to it. Nowhere in my reply was there any sign of insult towards you. If you want to start a suggestion then you should also be willing to listen to other peoples feedback
  5. I usually already rp putting it on but a script for it wont hurt!
  6. 1. Its also illegal to have armor on while commiting a felony in case you didn't know. Also, why would a gun store like ammunation not sell guns? 2. There already is an IC weapons license. Revoking it because of "breaking the rules" don't really make sense. If I broke a rule regarding powergaming (for example) why should my PF license be revoked? 3. There already is a system like this. Its called weapon imports and only official factions can do it. Most of the points you showed don't really make sense. I don't see why this can't be resolved IC instead of revoking people from their guns when they get an admin log. You could start an IC protest to make PD tighten up the rules but no need for more OOC restrictions about this. By the way, incase you didn't know, in the PF license if it was recently revoked due to a rulebreak then they will take it into consideration if you apply on another character.
  7. (( This section is supposed to be IC ))
  8. The biggest necro I've seen on this forum. But might aswell, silver elite master after dropping out of nova 4.
  9. Could you elaborate more on how you think its being metagamed at the moment? I'm pretty sure people don't use /pm to mg in that regard seeing as to they'll probably get caught not long after. However I'd like to see an example from you on how you think its being metagamed as I don't see any problem with the ID system as it is currently.
  10. A bit of feedback for your formatting, maybe it would be easier to read if you posted the entire story ark in a single post. For example your last story took quite a few posts to wrap up, you should just put it all in one post.
  11. Required Thread Title Account - First Last (Issue Here) Required Thread Format (copy and paste) Issue Being Reported: Issue here Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): Date/time here Your characters name: Name here Other player(s) involved: Name(s) here Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Evidence or notes here
  12. I think this would be a great idea for business and government factions such as PD, DCC and LSC etc. However, I think an OOC thread for official gangs should stay
  13. Finally, been waiting for an update for a while now. Good luck with this one. I tried to make a Yakuza once but the RP (criminal RP) was too meh for me. Atleast, on the side of the people I interacted with. But good luck nonetheless
  14. I would expect these kinds of comments from someone like you as seeing just last month you were given your #5 NRP punishment for insulting someone OOCly for being a Turk. Apparently you might also need a refresher on OOC and IC as you don't seem to understand that. Typical toxic trolls.
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