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  1. Really unnecesarry tbh. I personally never had any issues.
  2. Remove to the timer or shorten it to no more than 2 seconds for carrying and instant for dropping and instead add an /ame for carrying. +1
  3. It depends on which dimension you're in at the time the unit was spawned. For example: if you're in the prison when E-28s ambulance was spawned then the GPS works while you're inside that dimension within prison. However, when you exit and enter the main dimension, the GPS no longer functions. This applies vise-versa as well.
  4. -1 This sounds like something that belongs in GTA Online not RP. It will only be grinded for cash and no exceptional RP will come out from this.
  5. Trade for a 2G down in Grove and some cash on top? Send me a text if you interested, Grove place pretty unique + furnished. 460-5221
  6. Looking for a Minivan Custom, please send offers to 460-5221 or reply to this thread. Looking for a Kuruma, please send offers to 456-8631 or reply to this thread. Looking for a 190Z or a Jester Classic, please send offers to 389-4916 or reply to this thread.
  7. 70% of people robbing people is not true, someone already did the math on this. There are already so many job options that are far more interesting and contain much more RP opportunities. I believe the freelance jobs are good as they are and should be used for new players getting the minimum 5000 xp. -1
  8. This is already adressed in the December rule clarification. FURTHER CLARIFICATION(S): • Off-Road Driving: Because it's difficult for us to draw a line and determine what's acceptable or not, we are still continuing to allow off-road driving as long as you can maintain control of your vehicle and don't perform any stunt jumps. You should as always, not intentionally and deliberately damage your expensive vehicles, as that is still considered as Non-Roleplay. We are looking into potential development solutions to this instead, to have the script detect your terrain, but we cannot make any promises right now as it's very early! When we speak of off-road driving, we do not see driving vertical up mountains as acceptable. As for the bike wheelies, it is like that from the GTA V mechanics so I'm unsure if Rage can change that.
  9. kenichis

    Wall of Scammers

    This blog post has been featured in the latest Weazel Newspaper! posted by Akio Asakura.
  10. I mean, I saw an inmate holding a phone and me and another guard went in to "collect" his phone and he replied with "not interested in roleplaying let me AFK." So sure people want to AFK not because nobody is at prison its because you aren't interested to RP the moment the opportunity shows up.
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 14 February 2020 17:00 (GMT+7) Character name: Charlemagne Coyer Issue/bug you are reporting: F6 Credit car menu shows unreleased cars instead of currently available ones. Expected behavior: It should show the cars available for purchase. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1. Open F6 menu 2. Enter the vehicles section Seems a bit random when it will happen, I wasn't able to replicate it again. Vehicle license plate number*: n/a
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