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  1. Player(s) being reported: Tony Giangaruso (ID 1) Date of interaction reported: 19/October/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1603094387 Your characters name: Charlemagne Coyer Other player(s) involved: Samuele Colonna Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and
  2. The racketing sounds of brass shaking inside a bag before they’re laid out on a table. Inserting them one by one, pressing down on the spring. Placing it in and loading the chamber. Pulling the trigger and seeing the life leave their bodies. This has become quite the routine for Alex as well as most other members in the Familia. Casings were scattered on the streets like cigarette buds after being used. Filling the streets with ash and dust coated with the blood of the enemies. Taking the life of any Irish man or woman who dared to stand as the opposition alongside their yellow-skinned allies.
  3. Best of luck for the homie Costa.
  4. You have to do this with RP anyways. Asking someone to /up so you can run the command should be something OOCly done after you RP with /me and /do.
  5. kenichis

    ID 12 - VDM

    Hello again, this will be my last response. As I’ve mentioned before in my previous response: The reasoning I couldn’t “drive straight to the exit” was because you were opening fire at me with an automatic weapon. You actually knocked a decent amount of health from me and I would’ve certainly died if I’ve driven in a predictable manner. As well as yes while my initial intention was to escape, I hit you in the process and it me a while to realize that you’ve gotten hit as we know ragdoll animations can be a bit weird in RageMP, but once I did I suddenly had the upper hand, which is
  6. kenichis

    ID 12 - VDM

    Hello. Alejandro Holt here. Prior to this situation, we had a hostile interaction between my faction and the reporting party’s faction. Leading to some casualties but mostly people walking out the situation alive. In this situation, the reporting party decided to come up to me at a gas station and call me a “dog.” I continue the conversation for a short bit before I asked if the reporting party wanted to “take it behind the station” after several insults being thrown. He follows me into the parking garage and I get out my vehicle, the reporting party then drives away as I do so, beca
  7. Staff members are already not allowed to take reports from their own faction members. Not allowing them to be in any faction would be ridiculous. Noone would want to be staff, they're players as well.
  8. Hello. Responding as ID 41, Alejandro_Holt. Less than an hour before this, we had a prior altercation with this an ally to the reporting player. It resulted in a gunfight and the other party died. After this, I positively confirmed that hostility was still ongoing between both our factions. I was driving past the Del Perro area when I realized the reporting party flipped his vehicle, a million dollar Comet Retro. I notice that the individual is in fact a Triad as seen by his choice of apparel as well as choice of vehicle. Accompanying him was a person affiliated with the Irish, drivi
  9. Blood. The stench of death roams the streets of Los Santos. Two sides. Both with plenty of casualties. La Familia Michocana stood alongside the Gangster’s Disciples, one of the most deadly soldiers in Los Santos, joined as well by the Crimson Syndicate, fighting a common enemy, one of the current reigning top dogs of Los Santos, the Los Santos Triads, as well as the rapidly growing Daichead Gadaí or more commonly known as the Irish. Everyone raised their arms, defending their current brothers, killing those they used to call brothers. The skirmishes done throughout the city and greater st
  10. Make a new legal character and don't do crimes, or do crimes and be smart about it. Alot of new players fall into the pit too early and voids their chances of getting a gun license. Either go through with it as eventually you'll have access to other sources of guns, or make a new character and start fresh. Form C was introduced for really long time players who messed up and lost their licenses. Even then its not the most realistic, someone with murder irl wouldn't be able to get their license back, but its an option in Eclipse. Form B still exists if you messed up but didn't mess up
  11. What does it feel like to take a life? That feeling is not a stranger to the likes of Alejandro. Since joining the Familia, countless lives have been taken by him. Doing consistent work without hesitation, Alejandro was initiated as a Soldier for the Familia. Proving that he is once and for all a member of the organization, sharing the tattoo everyone in the group has. Things were looking up for Alex and also the rest of the group. Living the life that you do, its bound to gather enemies as time passes. While dead men tell no tales, sometimes there are eyes around a scene you wouldn
  12. There is a similar bug involving the Minivan Custom. It will not allow you to enter the backseat if the two front seats are filled, however once they are filled you are able to sit in the backseat no problem.
  13. I agree a lot with this. Opens up plenty of possibilities from vending machines to maybe even vendor objects that spawn NPCs(?) Didn't think of this but yeah thats an excellent addition to the suggestion.
  14. The dumbest thing known to mankind is having a "weed table" that can't process weed. Rolling a blunt isn't rocket science you should be able to do it everywhere. +1 to both suggestions
  15. Or maybe just not metagame or assume people are metagaming against you. I don't see why this should be an issue and I've never even thought about doing this/someone doing this against me.
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