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  1. Pending @BallinByNature, please be patient whilst this is under review.
  2. Pending @Bakmeel, please be patient whilst this is under review.
  3. The player on the video rammed us at full speed, didn't stop, and then came back to steal one of our cars to drop it inside the water. For footage I will send over discord for this report handler as it may contain staff chat.
  4. Pending @Bakmeel, please be patient whilst this is under review.
  5. Pending @Aldarine, please be patient whilst this is under review.
  6. Problem resolved. Solution: Always check if you have the correct device on the rage mp launcher before connecting to eclipse, OR check your default recording device on windows: https://prnt.sc/shlsei . @ProblyStoned Please confirm for this to be archived!
  7. probably the same issue. Clean reinstall your nvidia drivers.
  8. Personally I believe the only one that tries to create beef against each other is the news on the tv. I don't have any problems with Macedonians :P.
  9. Fixed, please archive for now.
  10. Issue Being Reported: Cannot play with one of my characters. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 25/04/20 1:51 +3 Athens timezone Your characters name: Anastasia Economou Other player(s) involved: Name(s) here Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Getting instand crash when trying to play. Jasmine has jailed me with no luck. Timmay Jailed me yesterday for the same issue and worked.
  11. GiorgosK

    GTA V RP

    No you cannot
  12. Pull it from your computer only or close the adapter windows side I will post some screenshots in some mins
  13. Rage mp developers are pushing soon some new ways to reload your client connection to the server. In the meantime you can do it manually with 2 ways! Pull your Ethernet cable for 1 second or close the Ethernet adapter through your windows and re-enable a second after. With these 2 methods you can log in immediately.
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