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  1. Pending @MrWonanother. Please remain patient while this is being reviewed.
  2. +1 on everything. Mainly the instant stop at checkpoints is something that bothers me and promotes poor/unrealistic driving.
  3. Addition to this: When getting injured while in a car (not flying out), you won't lose health till someone pulls you out.
  4. Please edit your original post to fit the format that can be found in the link above.
  5. Hi Yputie,

    Would you be able to tell me what was wrong with my formatting. This is the second time I have done this.

    I do not understand what I am doing wrong. 

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    2. LeftyLeft


      Really? I just wrote another one. And your right it is showing up empty. Would you be able to tell me the steps to be able to enter the appeal? I keep clicking the start a new topic button

    3. Yputi


      Try pasting it and click the option to paste it as plain text. Or paste it somewhere else first and then copy it again.

    4. LeftyLeft


      Hi Yputi,


      I just posted again would you be able to tell me if it worked?

  6. That is because the vehicle you tried to chop was not older than 24 hours As mentioned before, a credit vehicle can be returned for credits within 24 hours, if you dont like it. If you would be able to chop it within those 24 hours, it would limit the owner in returning it and/or it could expose a way to make money out of this.
  7. I can't say much about the non-credit vehicles, as the performance of those would have to be discovered in-character. However, after you buy a credit vehicle, you can return the vehicle within 24 hours to get your credits back, if you don't like it. Now to answer your question if you can lose it: I am not exactly sure what you mean with losing it, but it will basically be just like a regular car. It can get chopped, destroyed, etc etc. But you can then also just pay for mors to get it back. It won't take up a space in your maximum slots, but you can also not sell the credit vehicle to
  8. Please take a moment to adjust your original post to the required format that you can find in the link below: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/14637-technical-support-thread-requirements-must-read-before-posting/
  9. It still changes over time. When you are in-game, go to the credit shop and look at the top right in the vehicles section.
  10. Please edit your original post to fit the format that can be found in the link above.
  11. Yputi

    i cant log in

    I would recommend moving this to Technical Support instead: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/78-technical-support/ Make sure to read this post first for the correct format: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/14637-technical-support-thread-requirements-must-read-before-posting/ Some additional information that could help if you would add/answer in your original post in the Technical support section: - What account did you log in to? (Forum, IG account, etc) - With the "I NEED To log in to finish setting up my account but like i said my username and password dont work. ", do y
  12. This list will now just be extended with whatever (new) vehicle appears in the F6 store. This means that every vehicle that is and was available will appear on there now. This way it's possible for people to see what the new stock might has to offer!
  13. Towtrucks require additional RP. I am quite sure making those available in this way will lower the RP standards for it. On April 27 last year there was also an announcement including this part: "We want all players to be able to interact with strangers, go to their homes without having to circle the block to make sure there are no other players around, fill up their car at the gas station properly without forcing themselves to leave as another player arrives." Being quite sure the main use of those trucks for others would be stealing cars, I believe it would not improve the abov
  14. Hello @JBoch209 This function is not functional at the moment. It actually hasn't been functional for a long time now. Just ignore this. You won't miss anything.
  15. Agreed. I would personally also prefer if people had to manually stop in the right spot instead of where they just instantly stop when they reach the stops. This way they have to actually slow down realistically.
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