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  1. Going to the barber after being shaved bald seems like strange RP to me... +1 It's more like a funny thing to do, not really for RP imo.
  2. I know, thats why I said what I mostly do, if I have to. I just believe it's hard to decide for others when they can log off. There is also barely any way to keep track of when it was unavoidable or not. At the end, everyone is here to RP so people just need to be made aware it's better to drive home if they can imo. Which I pretty much always do.
  3. I mostly just find a spot where no one would see me if I can't drive home. The thing is, making my way home can also initiate RP situations where I don't have the time for, so I prefer logging off somewhere hidden instead of getting in other RP situations where I don't have time for. Its always good to have faction leaders promote RP, but I think this is something hard to control.
  4. I am affraid I don't understand your post. Only text can be used for OOC. Otherwise you have Voice over IP also for OOC and that would ruin the immersion as voices can't be used to seperate different types of chat (IC and OOC). Text can.
  5. You can't recruit OOC, only IC though
  6. Yputi

    Eclipse RP Server

    Come online in around 12+ hours. You will find more people online.
  7. General +1. Though, when doing investigation RP it's sometimes needed I think? For fingerprints and stuff? Not 100% sure as /ldo is a thing now.
  8. Yputi


    Hello! Senior mechanic from Bayview here! I believe you mean transmission right? If so, the transmission upgrades will bring better acceleration with them so you can get to the 70km/h speed limit in the city way quicker, not going faster ofcourse 😉 ((This forum section is IC, please don't use terms like "bug"))
  9. Yputi

    Favorite Animes

    I've watched Death Note. That was it though 😞
  10. This was already suggested by an admin months ago. Still +1 though
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