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  1. Hello! It was specificly mentioned in the report. There was a shotgun aimed at the man at close range while on a bike: Due to the minority, I would like to have this archived as the main reason for this report was already solved between me and ID 43.
  2. Hola!! Cool to see friends recommended you this server! I hope they sent you their codes aswell so they get somethign in return 😄I actually never really heared of those games you mentioned, but seems like you played a lot of different games. Hopefully we meet each other soon IC! -Yputi
  3. 4 more days to go! Grab some tickets and some service at Bayview!
  4. Thank you! We indeed did chat a little on Discord about this and I would like to drop the report on ID 43. The purpose of these kinds of reports in my opinion is to make people aware of them breaking rules, clarify situations and/or try to prevent them from breaking rules (again). I believe these goals were already achieved without issuing a punishment and I would like to keep it that way for ID 43 if possible.
  5. +1 And drug campers!
  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 38 & ID 43 (Jamal Andre) Date of interaction reported: 10 July 2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1562789293 Your characters name: Audrey Sanchez Other player(s) involved: ID 17, Officers: Not able to see in my footage sadly Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? I arrived on a call on the parkinglot. When I turned around I noticed a shotgun was aimed at the bike driver, seen on 0:09 in the video. ID 38 (driver of the bike) ignored this, but I started to chase the man. "• When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range." After that, the man was left on foot. I followed him a bit on my bike and he got hit by the other biker. I stepped off my bike and aimed a weapon to the man as seen at 0:28. The person just started screaming and started running again. "• When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range." Evidence of rule breach:
  7. The extra ticket price changed from $2,500 per extra ticket to $1,000! The price of the first ticket is still the same What does that mean for the people who already paid $2,500 for their extra tickets ontop of their first ticket? Their winning chance will be converted to the new price!
  8. Come get your service and raffle tickets now at Bayview! Event officially started!
  9. The suggestion is not 100% clear for me... But we do have the Traffic Enforcement Division...
  10. Hey! You are indeed correct about the part I was attempting to chase the person. Since I do not have any other involvement than that, I will just provide you of my footage incase needed:
  11. Raffle event is now closed! The winner is: Brandon Fitz The winner will be contacted and the price will be given. Thank you everyone for attending and thanks to Heavyflow for making this possible!
  12. CLOSED! Summary Hello citizens of Los Santos! Bayview's PR team gladly announces a new event! During this event, you are able to have a chance to win a brand new Elegy Retro Custom. The event will take multiple days. You buy tickets combined with our mechanical service! The car The Elegy Retro is a powerful and also beautiful car. It is one of the most populair cars in Los Santos. It has tons of modification parts that can be applied. We have created a simple video with this car to show it in action. How to get a chance to win this Elegy Retro Custom To participate in the raffle and to have a chance to win this Elegy Retro Custom, you will have to do the following: - Swing by at Bayview in your current vehicle - Ask for service with a minimum $2,000 base price - The mechanic will ask you if you will attend the raffle event - Provide the mechanic of your name, phone number and email adres (License required) - Inform the mechanic how many tickets you want and the price will be included in your labor - Your car gets serviced while you wait. meanwhile, you are attending the raffle! After this is done, you can still decide to come back later during this event and request more raffle tickets to have a bigger chance of winning. Ticket prices The first ticket is: $2,000 The tickets you want to buy extra are: $1,000 each Our sponsor Special thanks to Heavyflow for making this event possible! HeavyFlow Dealership is located East of LS Bank just over the road from DCC. Are you looking for your next dream vehicle? Look no further. You can place your order on our website here: HeavyFlow-Dealership.net (( https://discord.gg/PBNRnJ6 )) Or by Calling/Texting us! on #3215352 For any questions, feel free to email ((Yputi#0001))@gov-lossantos.com or swing by at Bayview! Pictures of the vehicle
  13. You sell some lollypops too? Love u Bob ❤️
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