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  1. Hello! Thank you for responding again. I thought it was a good idea to wait a while to respond. Basically, waiting till you were done PM'ing me IG (while I aksed multiple times to stop the OOC) and PM'ing me on Discord. I would like to point out the following I found in the dictionary: the act of threatening to harm someone or someone's reputation unless the person does as you say, or a payment made to someone who has threatened to harm you or your reputation if you fail to pay the person: I would really appreciate if you can stop PM'ing both of us, trying to blackmail the person involved who already gave you the reason and if you actually believe a rule was broken, take it to a seperate report so we can go on on this one. I will not take down a report if it was to hide rulebreaks. That would defeat the purpose of doing them in the first place. If you still don't see I got hit, please rewatch the footage again, look closely please as even a hitmark appeared on my screen. Let's try to keep this report organized please.
  2. If you see the video, I got hit. Its the first or second shot you fired. Not to mention I am not the driver, so I can not decide where to go + there was 0 time to comply + its not realistic.
  3. Player(s) being reported: Paul Debose (ID 5), ID 16, ID 154, ID 84 Date of interaction reported: 18 may 2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1558208922 Your characters name: Audrey Sanchez Other player(s) involved: Cleetus Sanchez ( @Roberto_Appleworth ) , ID 70 Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? Me and my partner were transporting a suspect to prison. On our way we were being followed by a Schafter, but we ignored it. Once we passed the bridge, someone (ID 5, Paul Debose) got out of a car, shouted 1 time something and started shooting right away, hitting me right away. After that they followed us with 2 bikes, an Exampler and a Schafter V12. As seen in the video the Schafter (ID 16) started using his vehicle, which is stock price around 170K or more I believe, to ram us multiple times. After that, ID 154 started to ram us with his Exampler while his passenger (ID 84) started shooting at us. No engagement of roleplay. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5ce06b5e21a9c1f71c/report-footage
  4. Hello! What cars am I missing? Are there credit cars added recently?
  5. Already made this request https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/13910-mechanic-requests-calls/?tab=comments#comment-67512
  6. Hello! Can we please focus on this part: "I said due to him wearing a mask I could not see his name when he yelled through the door and did not realize it was Sam.", Because this is exactly what I meant. Because using that info is using OOC info ("seeing" a masked man shouting) IC is in fact meta. It's a basic yes or no answer here: Was the person's ID (which is ooc) used to identify? Yes = meta, no = all good. But this wasn't really something why I commented though. I was just mainly providing footage. I wonder how well/of you actually read the responses as you mention once again "people tell through the door" while only the man we had gunpoint did... If you watched my footage (which I recommended doing) you would also see PD didn't arrive when we did, they did long after we left. I do wonder how we should be able to inform you to save a recording. We did ask the man we had gunpoint who the owner Wass, asking the full name (which is in the clips), but he didn't know. Too bad, because we had no way to find out ourselves. I don't think anything else is needed from me. If I am wrong, please notify me. -Yputi PS. I am not saying who is in the right. The reason why this was reported was to confirm if this was right or not I believe as we can't figure out ourselves. I am just providing my footage, saying what I think and respond to what is said to make sure all info is there and also correct.
  7. Hello! I am ID 107 of the video, the person who innitiated this situation where the person was held gunpoint. I herby provide you of my POV of this situation. It will be in 2 clips as I save clips of 10 minutes (and no, the music at the beginning is not edited. I listen to music while playing): https://plays.tv/video/5cdb525f1c94c3a602/report-footage-part-1 https://plays.tv/video/5cdb52a205f0505eaf/report-footage-part-2 I would like to point out that as soon as the man stepped out of the house, was told to do hands up while being held gunpoint at short range by my partner and by 2 others at longer range, the radio button was passed multiple times. I am not sure if this was just an accident or a sign to others that something was wrong as I am aware others used this in the past to trigger some sort of home made panic alarrm. And if not, I can only imagine something like: Random cuts on the radio Someone: Can you repeat? No response Someone: Hello, are you okay? For the rest, only the man himself indeed shouted through the door. Saying you "saw" a masked man screaming through the door is metagaming as you used the ID's to decide who was shouting, not to forget the claim of "random people screaming at my front door" was totally false. I hope my footage is usefull and maybe clear things up! For the parties involved, commenting; I do think watching footage is useful.
  8. Hello! Well, houses do share same interiors over diferent houses already. I am not 100% sure how this is done, but I believe this is done by having multiple dimensions. I do think if that is true what I said that maybe a interior of the same dimension can be added to get this working, but again: I have no clue how this can be worked out as I am not the developer. I also added the fact that people would be able to break into the garages yes, but I think I indeed said it in a way that it can be picked up different ways. What I actually mean is that if PD (SWAT) breaches into a house/raid it (which they can with a command), that they also would be able to access the garage since it unlocks the house. For civilians/criminals they will need to have the owner on gunpoint for example, RP searching for their keys and RP opening the door with it to access it. I would not like them to be able to lock pick it, so I think that should be unchanged. Thanks for the support!
  9. Ayo! I would like to introduce a new idea I had. It is about the garages of houses and I hope there would be a way to implement this as I am not sure if/how it is possible, but maybe with some suggestions on my suggestion there is a way! Current system: So, the current garage system is quite simple imo and can be abused quite a bit. As of now, people can throw cars in there and no one else, unless having a key to the house, can take it out. You put the car close to the house, it poofs away and if you want to take it out, you basically just spawn it in. The suggestion: I had the idea to make use of the actual garage system of GTA 5. GTA 5 offers multiple properties you can buy, some of them being garages. All the details of idea 1: Since ECRP supports 5 different interiors as of now, I had the idea to add a "teleport" spot to each of the interiors, petty much infornt of the doors that are not used in the interiors. The door on the right when you enter the 4 garage house interior for example. What else I think is a good idea to add an other button to enter the garage when you stand at a house door for example. The next part of my idea is that once you entered the garage you actually enter a physicall garage. One of the garages that GTA V actually offers is the Grove Street Garage, looking like this from the inside: Originally, the garage offers 4 car spots, but maybe this can be limited in some way or smaller garage interiors can be found. For this suggestion, I will stick with this garage. Once in the garage, you can see your cars parked in the house. The way to get them out is similar to the one of GTA 5 itself. You get in, you accelerate and it teleports you outside while in the car. All the problems of idea 1: Now I did already thought about some issues that might occur when doing this: Every house will need a designated spot to have cars spawn in (which will be quite impossible to add for each house) Every house will need a designated spot to park cars and there needs something to be implemented to have cars parked while the house down have a visible garage All the details of idea 2: After this, I thought maybe there is a mid-way possible which I think is the best way: when arriving at a house and your car is in range of the house (like the current system), you go to the house, press E and park the car like you can already do. However, the menu will only contain a "park" button now and you can't see what cars are parked inside from the menu itself like you can now. To get cars out: Either you have to enter the house and go to the teleport spot in the house that releports you to the car garage. OR there should be a different button added to enter the garage from the outside to prevent hassle with adding teleporters in smaller houses (which I prefer). A button like "U" for example as its next to "Y". Once you entered the garage (which will be the same garage interior as idea 1), you see the cars parked actually standing there. When getting in and accelerating, the car and you will spawn outside again at the spot where it was parked in the house. All the benefits of idea 2: This will allow to get a nice overview of the cars, you will be able to access the inventories of the car while it's in the garage, it will prevent issues with having 2 cars that are the same model, it will help LSPD when getting into houses and looking for cars and will make it possible to actually steal cars from people once they broke into a house (which is more realistic in my opinion as they can breach into a house, lockpick cars and drive them out). Please let me know what you think. Personally, I think idea 2 would be the best. I am not aware of in how far this is possible, but it would be cool in my opinion to have this.
  10. I am absolutely aware of that, hence why I don't use it. Now here I used my drawing skills (skills... whatever you call this xD ) and took 6 parts of the situation where you were involved. I will write something about each picture why I do believe this was not the case. I believe watching the first seconds of the video over and over again convinces me even more. Thank you for pciking this report up quickly and for your response.
  11. Player(s) being reported: officer ID 43 and officer ID 85 Date of interaction reported: 13 may 2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Start of situation: 1557769984 End of situation: 1557770266 Your characters name: Aira Salvatrice Other player(s) involved: Marco Davis officer ID 68 officer ID 163 officer ID 43 officer ID 107 officer ID 96 officer ID 101 Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? I was actually really debating if I should report this or not, because I have an ALT in LSPD and I know driving in LSPD is quite a topic already. I already had a situation earlier (https://i.gyazo.com/67c101d45564d20aebf458bbb890b92b.gif), but I decided not to report that as the overal experience was good. This time however I was really wondering if this is actually a thing. I felt like the experience was by far not as good as I would have liked/what I would provide others when I am on my LSPD alt. Now there is not a specific rule against this situation, but I do believe this is really promoting poor quality roleplay and here is the story: I was at LSC. After a bit someone started shooting a car because apperantly someone's car was damaged and was allowed to damage the car back. Some police probably heared the shots and arrived. I noticed 1 officer was already blocking 1 entrance, so I made my way to the other one. A cop pulled up and tried to block me. We were at speeds of like 40, but also breaking, so all good. I slipped through and tried to escape as there was already a BOLO on me (Which I am not 100% sure off, but that is what I had in mind) . Once I left LSC the cop started chasing me. After a few meters, I turned around to start making my way up the hills as an Elegy has great acceleration, so I trie dmaking good use of that by driving the hills and turning a lot. From here, you can see in the GIF/footage that ID 43 really wanted to stop me by driving full speed into the front of my car. When I turned around I even stopped the car as I saw the vehicle approaching and I was looking for a good option to escape from. After that, the escape continued. After around 4 minutes the chase came to an end where I tried to take an offramp after almost slipping through the police convoy again, but one cop swtitched lane and caused a head on colission with a speed of 77 form my side and most likely much higher from the officers side. Now I really de believe this is poor RP. Considering driving into people intentionally at that speed, really with the intention to disable the person/car, is just like kamikaze drivers to me as they don't consider their own characters health/life valuable. I am curious to know if this actually falls under promoting poor quality of RP or if this something that is considered realistic and something that could be used by PD. PS. I've always been told on my FTP's not to go in for head on collisions and I believe this is exactly the reason. Blocking off okay, but driving into cars not. Evidence of rule breach: Gifs out of the full clip per officer: ID 43: ID 85: Full clip: https://plays.tv/video/5cd9bc16a81a5534fe/chase-2-gifs-head-on-collisions
  12. I've had some stuff earlier about this. My opinion: - Clearify the rule (so don't change it, but clarify and make sure every staff memeber is aware of this rule as it did cost my Schafter V12 back then). - Think about an option to retrieve scammed assets. There is like 0 ways to get it back once gone. NCZ doesnt allow you to use more lethal force and you cant force people to transfer back. For the rest, I think its fine
  13. I wonder if/how this can be implemented. Also, how about people who don't have numpads? How about PD's Highspeed Units which use numpad for other things? For PD, the numpad is also used for TS shortcuts (Tac etc). Personally, I also use a controller to drive. It would be a pain to use a numpad to also shift while driving as I am not really planning on driving with keyboard.
  14. Hola! Sorry to hear your experience got ruined at SA-MP 😞 I can assure you that Eclipse Roleplay Will do their best to give you the best experience! Did you do the server quiz already? If yes and if you even already got accepted; How was your flight to Los Santos? 😛 Anyway, I am sure you will find friends. In-character but probably also out-of-character friends! Best of luck and have fun!
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