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  1. Hello! I think the title already says a lot about the suggestion. If you happen to have more than 1 walkingstyles on 1 character, you can switch between them using the F6 menu. I personally sometimes switch to the scared walking style, depending on the situation. I would love to be able to have some hotkey that makes you able to switch betweens walking styles, skipping the F6 menu. Let me know what you think!
  2. Yputi

    4g in Vinewood.

    I won't discuss this here, where someone else is selling their house. Sorry.
  3. Yputi

    4g in Vinewood.

    Lovely house! Didn't know you are my neighbor! I would like to add that the neighborhood is really calm and quite safe. Lovely golf field close to it aswell. Best of luck selling this beautiful property!
  4. Not sure if nerfing the damage would also help against he revolver being able to blow up car gas tanks in 1 shot. And its more like a RDR thing. I personally don't see why a modern SD should have revolvers and how it improves RP in general.
  5. Heya! Last year I personally thought the snow was there for way too long. I am honestly fine with it, but just not as long as last time... Did you check out ReShade @LiveTrash? In there you can do some adjustments to maybe reduce headaches. If you have a Nvidia card with GeForce Experience installed on your PC, you can also use "Game filter". It's basically the same as reshade, where you can tune a lot to maybe get less headaches. If you want to try ReShade or Game Filter, feel free to PM me on Discord and I can try to help you out!
  6. Flatbed is a rage issue.
  7. I am just mentioning what ECRP staff pretty much says though. it's more like a sign of appreciation I reckon. I just think we should be happy we get somethign in return aswell.
  8. you should donate to support, not to buy a car. I think its fine like this and yoru characters can not know about eachothers existance. Having an officer pulling you over in a shared car will become a mess.
  9. if you don't want them to see it, don't equip it? If you don't have it equiped, then you can just RP actually hiding it as it would make sense having a non-equiped weapon hidden right? Next to saying cops meta the texture bug, wouldn't be bug abuse using the texture bug to hide a weapon? When it comes to this stuff, especifically for weapons, I have been told; if you see it, you see it as it can also be put in the inventory instead. I highly doubt you got the 65 OOC minutes just for that as WM02 states less. Same with the bigger weapons (shotsguns, rifles, etc.). In the past they didn't show up when in inventory, but that changed as it didn't make sense people randomly having a shotgun out of no where that wasn't visible at first. And we didn't expect those to spam "/do you would be able to see a shotgun shaped object under my coat" right?
  10. although I do agree it's not great RP to steal a cruiser, it still makes sense being able to toggle this (lights/sirens). Restricting it would be kinda weird imo and not realistic. Not for the keys though, that makes sense
  11. I will get back to the topic... +1
  12. Yputi


    So are you selling it and also auctioning it?
  13. Don't think this can be fixed. It's just something of the map itself afaik and the lights just work on timers. I believe there were never really meant to work properly, just for the idea. However, in some places this is what traffic lights do, but you will also find some lights in GTA that go from red to green instant and vise versa. So I think orange after red is a thing some people experience irl and others not, depending on where you live.
  14. Yputi

    Anyone Else?

    I think it's also an issue that people can just buy stores/properties right on spot. No any additional requirements other than money needed. Wish it was that simple IRL. This also slightly fuels the argument that was mentioned that when you have money, you have more options, no matter what kind of RP you are into. When I started to realize that this is kinda dumb is when SWAT started to get prepared to storm the Zeta store, confirming that PD is aware that there is a store being owned by a gang. Same with gun stores now representing gangs. If police is aware of this, how can it still be open... I hope that the question will be brought up and a descission will be made seriously.
  15. I would love some variation in store robbing and not the exact same thing over and over again. +1 if this would be possible.
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