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  1. How a newcomer's first 3 days in Triads did looks like:
  2. oh man, Italian mafia 😄 Too bad I can't give any IC sensitive info, but yeah... expect some mafia from different cultures here aswell! Hope you get in and enjoy!
  3. DeathRP is a privilege. Honestly, I won't say much more then this when talking about the part saying I would have been granted to do deathRP: But that's not your fault. You didn't deny it. "If you had rped death it would have been granted considering how long you were injured for and your injuries." So yeah, it wouldn't have been granted. /stabalize also shows an animation where someone gets CPR'ed, but I see where you comming from. I am also just sharing what I was told when I did my training as there are no rules stated specificly about this command. Also the person who accepted my /report said that it is an iffy one. As there are parts shown in the video that contain the report chat and other info on my screen I do mind sharing, I will show SS and the part that I am comfortable with sharing as I can't edit video footage. Here was when the BLS RP started. As there was someone who arrived on scene, cops ran away mid BLS RP. Then not much later, officer ID 222 arrived, taking over the BLS RP: He did his RP and then did /cpr afterwards: From here I got footage. It will be in 2 parts as my Plays records for a certain amount of minutes. I also included some of what happened before I was injured: https://plays.tv/video/5c93d8c70a435e28f7/start-of-the-scene https://plays.tv/video/5c93d7b6c7e38a876e/part-1-footage https://plays.tv/video/5c93d862ce7f2277b2/part-2-footage But you werent around anymore after officer ID 222 took over.
  4. I didn't cut the video short to exclude RP. I simply cut it short as I am reporting the fact /cpr was done before any medic RP. I didn't really care about afterwards and here is why: I see it like this. When robbing someone, you ask if you succeed grabbing his stuff first before actually taking it. If not, then the person being robbed NEEDS to RP he succeed, leaving him withouth any way to change the outcome. You can't just assume he would actually RP along with him, taking the stuff, regardless of the chance he will be able to do something against it. Same happened here. Even analyse showed I was fucked up badly and it was still unknown what injuries had or any other info. Even without a BLS bag close yet I got healed, leaving me that I had to say everything was being healed. When doing /cpr, you basically heal someone for the time being. IRL you can't also just magically extend someone's life because you didn't have anough time yet. That is what happens if I get shot badly, an officer takes my stuff and leaves me for a few minutes, comming back later to then just check over me. I didn't find this RP experience pleasant and would have hoped to see things go different I would like to see the outcome on this honestly as when I did my CPR training the specificly said: "RP FIRST!". At the end, they really hammared only use the command if you actually succeed providing BLS, that is why this report is here, but I am not sure if things changed over time as it was a while ago when I did that training. PS. I still got the full video, even before the cops even arrived till the point I went to jail when needed.
  5. Hello! Are you on the server already or still trying to get in with the server application? Curious to know how your experience is so far and what you did on SAMP. On this forum, you can also leave character stories and ofcourse read them of others! Maybe intresting for you, knowing you really into RP. Hope you have a great time and meet some people! At ECRP, friendships are being made, not only IC but also OOC 😉 👋 Yputi
  6. Agreed. Would also help against the: "Wait! Did you actually whispered to him while I was inbetween?!". +1
  7. Player(s) being reported: Officer ID 149 Date of interaction reported: 21/3/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Aira Salvatrice Other player(s) involved: Officers seen in video + MrSilky (did a report to ask if it was PG). Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? Officer 149 decided to do /cpr without any medical RP/not even knowing what injuries I had. I had to RP that these injuries were healed: I also got footage of actually being shot soooo much. Even the officer asking how I survived. Well... I had to. I had 0 chance to do atleast something. And even when I did my CPR training back in the day I was told to do /cpr after. Not before. Especially when you dont even know the injuries. I did ask MrSilky by doing /report 1. This was the response: https://gyazo.com/2730fc1183e9972f870e497fba5447f2 Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/s/M8AKJ-6T5NYS Got more of before and after when needed.
  8. Yputi

    Newbie Here

    The speedcamera's they added today is a first step! Don't worry bud, there are also not so meanies around!
  9. When we go make some Wonga together?💰 - 🔪
  10. Learning them the ropes: People got jealous and wanted to grab some Wonga too: And more...: Then even more asked to join:
  11. Well, this is more something you need to find out IC honestly 😄 Have fun exploring and getting people to know. They will help you out if you find the right people 😉
  12. I can imagine the pain 😄 I've always been careful with this yes, so adding this would not hurt I think. +1
  13. You forget this is not the case. Like I mentioned earlier (again) the server script does not allow to specificly stab someone at a certain place. As mentioned earlier (I know, I mentioned a lot erlier already) I didn't had the intention to make you scripted injured. Your action was followed by a server command (/frisk). This is something that is added in the server itself, but frisking and stabbing someone are 2 different things. Jack reacted with /do yes, agreeing you would succeed frisking him. He then gave you acces to actually grab his stuff, leaving him with nothing else to do then just sitting there. Instead of sticking at the fact I RP'ed stabbing you, can we get back to the topic? A /me is to describe an action you do, which I did. You even confirmed my action was succesful. The healthbar is something OOC and if you were waiting for using GTA physics, why didn't you inform me? So that is now out of the way. Point. Great example, my character had a great RP experience with undercover cop Logan Cross. I Rp'ed stabbing him (using /me's) as again (against the fact you say I should have actually stabbed you) the server does not allow to specificly stab somewhere. If I would have just stabbed him, I would make him injured anyway, which is not what I wanted. I would still like to have my questions answered though, just leaving : FeelsChromosomeMan: doesn't really answer my questions. I also would like specific arguments and to read closely as most of these messages were already explained. I feel like I am just sending the same explaination over and over again, not even answering my questions at all, even mixing up with ID's, accusing me of something while ID 125 typed it.
  14. https://gyazo.com/448eeb8bc305aaca985a76f61d915b32 https://gyazo.com/e97576c35b06328f1f51ff9b3f82a749 https://gyazo.com/494eb68476b32823194d2b34ef7951f6 Here are already 3 moments I made a screenshot of with as source my clip. Also, the time stamps are in there. Are we talking about the same clip? Is it also possible you can provide me of your own footage where you show you were behind me at the time I was RP'ing towards ID 125?
  15. Hello! I am responding because there has been given false info. I hope you can watch closely again, noticing I am not ID 125 who says "/b do yes", I am ID 200. It was actually the person I am reporting (ID 125) who probably made a typo. As I also mentioned earlier, I was putting those messages out as I waited 9 seconds, while ID 125 continued his RP on the person being robbed, ignoring me. I would also like to go against your second argument. "Secondly, I was stood right behind you with an AK, would you stab someone IRL when theres an armed man right behind you? I think not. That itself seems like Non-RP." Please rewatch the clip from 00:20 till 01:11. Between this time (where I did my RP) No one was behind me. That was exactly what my plan was. A knife doesn't leave any sound from the attackers side. Only a reaction from the person being attacked could leave impressions, but as nothing was RP'ed, that never happened. To continue on the non-rp/fearrp that is mentioned by @TheBigET: https://gyazo.com/943fff9c7919c5f0050541a58e3ff743 Here are some screenshots of the rulebook: I was not being held gunpoint. I placed my vehicle infronmt of the situation, to block view for others. "or when they turn their back on you" is mentioned in the rule book. Considering you turned yoru back on me, this is not the case either. There was no one behind me when I did my RP, but because everything took so long, there was after almost 60 seconds waiting. I would like to know: - If I didn't stab you according to you, why did I get shot down for stabbing? - If I did stab you, why didn't you RP upon it?
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