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  1. I think it's fine tbh. It's ment to be annoying.
  2. I think it's fine that everyone can help. Don't feel the need imo to have a seperate role for it as questions get answered quite frequently. If you want to get notified, you can adjust your Discord settings accordingly.
  3. /mechanic only shows how many are on duty at LSC and Bayview combined. Phone number has been suggested quite shortly after DCC got theirs more than a year ago, and I still give that a +1
  4. ahh, gotcha. Making sure. Thanks!
  5. Sooo, is the Retro fully modded or without upgrades?
  6. Maybe a bit off-topic, but are you the owner of the gas station attached to that store by any chance? If so, would you be able to contact me (2289317)? I am not trying to buy your station, but I would love to speak about some things if you are down and I don't want to discuss this here since its off-topic. thanks!
  7. Thats even better! Putting stuff in it you bought from general stores!
  8. I noticed that we are able to buy vending machines at the Furniture store. Next to that, there are also vending machines placed on the map by default. I thought it might be cool to have those actually working, but for a price where it won't really affect General Stores. Current idea: - Vending machines have a max capacity of stuff you can put in - You stock it by putting General store bought items in it - You can set it's price yourself per item Let me know what you think
  9. Pretty sure this has to remain IC since there is a whole division set up for the firearm licensing, which is IC. Taking this OOC is not needed I believe. If you fail to get it done IC that doesn't mean it has to be taken OOC.
  10. uuuh, I can try! I was lucky my concept included simple shapes though Let me know what you would like and drop your phone number. Will contact you.
  11. Logo changed, quality remains! --->
  12. I prefer having cash as an actual item, so if you open your inventory you see how much cash you have. Bank money should remain on the phone imo. I do have to say, it's weird that your phone tells you how much money you have in your pocket...
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