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  1. ElisabethC

    Rules against Sexual Harassment

    As a girl, I'd like to elaborate on the topic. I think it's very important that we have this discussion, and I'm glad it's been brought up. 99% of the people I meet in game are nice. Sure, some are a bit more impressed than others that they're talking to a girl, but most really don't care. The "you're cute, give me your name" remarks I get usually stays IC. It's the 1% that takes it to /o, asking for my Snapchat, telling me I have a nice butt in /o (that video earlier is me! I'm surprised to see it pop up), pm'ing me hearts and compliments,.. They're a minority. Yes, a minority that crosses a lot of bounds, but a minority nontheless. Being a girl doesn't mean that you're the only gender who can get harassed. Let it be known that this also goes for the men here. Never ever should you feel annoyed or terrified seeing a name pop up, because of the things they have said or done to you. If you stop feeling safe, reach out to those you love. We can find a solution together. As for the rulebook having loopholes.. We can't document everything in it. If we only state Discord, they'll ask for your Kik. If someone really wants to send you inappropriate things, they'll always find a way to do so. I've encountered these people too. I've been harassed though PM's, /o and Discord. I've been threathened to be doxed. I've had people add me on Facebook, for goodness sake. Never ever did I give out any of this info. My only suggestion here is that you keep your information private, as we live in a time where personal information is shared like a pack of gums. I was a bit too free with my personal information too when I was a teenager, and I had to learn these lessons the hard way. Be smarter than me (and a lot of other teens), and keep your real name and location to a close circle. Share your Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp,.. Only with people you trust. Saying "No" because you feel unsafe is not a bad thing to do. Saying no to someone you don't fully trust should be normal. If said person fully freaks out about it, you can safely say you dodged a bullet. If you ever encounter anything like this, be you male or female: go to a staff member you trust. Shame is a powerful weapon these people wield against you. They trick you into thinking you can't go to anyone with your stories. Don't give in to it. So many abusive people use this trick to scare their victims into thinking nobody will ever believe them. Trust me on this, I can promise you that on my life. I'm sure, no matter who you are, you have a handful of great friends who will listen to you, and back you up with advice, love and care. If you feel threathened, speak up. Go to Ballin, as he has helped several other cases like this before. If it gets too real, go to your close friends or parents. They'll gladly support you through the mess this other person is getting you into. And if it gets too real, reach out to your local authorities. Cyber crime, such as doxing or harassment, is not something people take lightly anymore. If you feel unsafe, for no matter what reason, please reach out. Don't fight fire with fire. It's easy to corrupt your thinking, and do the same to a predator like this. Don't give in to the cycle of hate. In the time that you spend scheming and cooking up a revenge plan, you could have been helping your friend. And trust me, they'll need every bit of love and support they can get in this time. If you ever need anything, even if you don't know me, reach out to me. Reach out to your friends. Reach out to love. We're here for you, during ànd after this kind of harassment. No man or woman should ever take away your enjoyable experience on a server, or in life. Don't let them. Say no, block where possible and stay in close touch with friends. Don't let them isolate you. You're worth so much more than what they want you to believe.
  2. ElisabethC

    Jimmy Tatum (Ban Appeal)

    Pending @Flucifial. Please remain patient as he review this!
  3. ElisabethC

    Jay Gamble (Ban Appeal)

    Hello Jay and thank you for your ban appeal! Seeing as you don't state exactly which part of your ban you're appealing so I'm going to assume both: About the VDM charge: You admit yourself to trying to block in the person that reported you. You did so on multiple occasions (three times), even ramming the parking booth and one of your allies who was also on a motorcycle. You rammed the player who reported you at 2:36 in this video, and then afterwards reversed, and tried to box him in twice (at 3:00 and 3:06). This was more than enough reason for me to conclude that you weren't using your vehicle as a portable barricade, but as an active weapon. In 7.3.3., is it stated that you may use a vehicle once to knock the other player on the ground. You failed your first try at 2:36, but still tried again twice later in the same video; almost immediatly after. For this reason, I decided to propose a VDM charge. About the NCZ charge: You were clearly seen shooting, ramming and attempting to punch the player who reported you inside a NCZ. The NCZ script is in place to combat picklocking and give a visual indicator in-game. It is, however, up to the staffs discretion to decide if someone is still in viable NCZ limits. I decided that being one millimeter over the scriptborder was still within NCZ limits, and Musket agreed with me. I've adressed the quality of the video, aswell as the player not following fear RP and gave the player who reported you a punishment for metagaming. The player who reported you didn't get off unscathed, as you let shine out in your ban appeal. Bringing up this info is irrelavant, and unnecessary. I do believe you can learn from this experience. I've met you a few times, and you seem genuinly nice and caring about your faction. I do hope you can take this and set a better example for your fellow faction members. I also don't see what you plan to do to avoid these types of situations in the future. I know your record was spick and span before this report, and I felt bad that I had to charge you. The report was too obvious and big to be let off with a warning, sadly. You were clearly seen breaking multiple rules (as well as mixing in VOIP, which I even let slide as this was your first offense and a heat in the moment type of thing), and it would be unfair to let these type of rulebreaks go unpunished. I worked on this report together with @MusketDeezNuts as I'm still a senior support. I'd love to give Musket a chance to give his word too, as he approved the charges I put forward for the reported players. Lastly, this is the link for the involved report. Again, thank you for appealing and being co-operative during the report. - Boxxy
  4. Hello everyone and thank you all for your patient as this report was resolved. First of all, I'd like to point out a few things here. I brought up this rule before. I get that it may be frustrating that @Titan95 keeps driving around in an attempt to provoke you and delay the RP. On the other hand, every time the player was stationairy, he got punched. The player had to keep driving in order to survive. This is a mistake from both sides: Titan should have called out the fact that it's a NCZ in /o (he did in VOIP, but it could be clearer) and he should have stopped driving circles idly. The reported parties shouldn't have resorted to breaking NCZ multiple times out of frustration. Video evidence should not be tampered with. The audio is extremely quiet (but normal in the last two seconds), edited and cut up. The next time this happens, you will get punished for it. For Titan again: at some point Jay ended up at the back of the motorcycle and pointed a gun to the back of your head. Even tho this a NCZ, doesn't mean that you shouldn't follow fear RP. This will be a verbal warning for now, but again: doing this again will result in a punishment. As for your Discord conversation: you will recieve a 30 minute admin jail for your first offence of metagaming under 6.3. You gave through your location, as well as discussing things that should have been done ICly, not via Discord. As for the three reported players: @JayGamble: You were clearly seen breaching NCZ and VDM multiple times. Under the accordance of 6.8 and 7.3, you will recieve a 48 hour ban. @ZomBTurtles: You too were also clearly seen breaching NCZ and VDM on multiple occasions, as well as punching the reporting player. You also posted two OOC insults in chat: "funny is that shits rp" and "all these bitches use the ncz as safe zone to avoid getting fukt". Under no circumstance is it okay to call a player names, no matter how frustrated you are. Under the accordance of 6.1, 7.3 and 7.8, you too will be given a 48 hour ban. @FNGJersey: You were the one that started this whole debacle, with attempting to punch the player off his motorcycle. You were then clearly seen breaking NCZ and VDM at multiple occasions in the video. You too, under 7.3 and 7.8 will be given a 48 hour ban. I do hope you all learn from this experience. I understand that this has been incredibly frustrating for both ends. Resolving this could and should have been done without breaking any rules. I'm certain everyone involved has learned from the situation and will not make the same mistakes again. Thank you again for your time and patience. - Boxxy Report accepted, and archived.
  5. Let me bring the following rule to everybodys attention: Any reason why this wasn't followed? Just because you feel that your actions should justify your NCZ breach, doesn't mean that it will. You were still more than wrong to do all these actions. In this entire time, did any of you make a /report adressing the situation? As for the comment about the video: I agree. He should have uploaded an unedited video. Is it possible that you do that, @Titan95?
  6. Hello and thank you for reporting @Titan95, I'd like to give the other three reported parties a chance to respond: Mask 5618_9455 @JayGamble, mask 8212_9043 @ZomBTurtles and mask 6695_9812 @FNGJersey: can you explain why you were repeatedly running over Randy Wolf in a no crime zone, as well as punching him, pointing a gun to his head, shooting him and saying "you're outside an NCZ bitch" in VOIP? The three of you have 24 hours left to reply. This report has been open long enough. - Boxxy
  7. ElisabethC

    Bad police RP along with prison RP

    Hi, I'm an EMT. And I have minor medical experience IRL, as do most of the medics. Sure, you can google things on how to decently treat these things, but you need to keep in mind that this is still a game that we play in our free time. Sure, I'm guilty too of trying to stem the bleeding with a single /me. But honestly, why do you expect quality from us when all we get in return to three lines of /me's is a short response? I'll put my best leg forward to RP with people who put in the effort. If you RP decently, then I'll do quality RP in return. It isn't always possible, tho. You need to make the tradeoff: do you RP with everyone extensively, or do you go through the call list so everyone has a maximum chance of survival? At the end of the day, the second option is usually chosen. People are so quick to cast judgement: either it's "medics don't RP enough", or it's "medics didn't respond to my call and I died". Make up your mind. Be the change you want to see in the world. If the RP frustrates you, do it better yourself. Step your own game up. Learn others how to RP. Nothing is going to change otherwise.
  8. ElisabethC

    XYZIO - Louis Romano (Permanent Ban Appeal)

    Pending higher ups. Please remain patient as they review this!
  9. ElisabethC

    Create a new job

    Not a refund request. - Boxxy
  10. ElisabethC

    I'd really like a social media

    This was already made, but got shut down. I was active on the website, but it was very hard reaching the public for this. -1, because it's very hard making this either fully IC or combat metagaming that ensue from this.
  11. ElisabethC

    NIcholas Pandolfi (3Ak 618 ammo)

    I'm waiting for Toony to review all the open refund requests. I'll comment again when he has made the decision to accept or deny yours. - Boxxy
  12. You can easily do /stats or check your phone to see how much money you have recieved. The /ame is more than sufficient, as it combats metagaming as mentioned above ^. -1 for me.
  13. ElisabethC

    Juvante Mathews ($46694)

    Hey there, Do you have any better proof, like a video recording? - Boxxy
  14. ElisabethC

    Discord category - Music

    Hey there! You can post said info in #Off-Topic. I sometimes do so myself! There is no need for said channel right now tho, in my opinion. - Boxxy
  15. ElisabethC

    Money gone after server crash

    Hey there, First and foremost: please use the correct format. Secondly: I'm afraid there's little I can do without some more proof. I suggest that you look into some recording software such as Plays.TV or Shadowplay. Thank you for your request, but it will be denied. - Boxxy