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  1. ElisabethC

    Laucher problem

    Moved to tech support, as bug reports was the unfit category.
  2. ElisabethC

    Tommy Moltisanti (Weapons Permit)

    Removed on request. Glad you got it sorted!
  3. ElisabethC

    Mark Williams (Drugs and .50)

    Hello Mark, This is way below our 25k refund request limit. I'm afraid this is going to have to be rejected. Refund request rejected for not hitting the 25k limit.
  4. ElisabethC

    Fred Jones (House and weapons)

    Hey there, Unfortunately we have a script that puts houses of inactive players on the market after three months. Your house was part of that. I'm afraid we can't give you your house back, as you'd leave another player homeless. I'm afraid you're going to have to buy a new house. Refund request rejected.
  5. ElisabethC

    Option for the Chatbox not to Disappear

    I would prefer a toggle between it fading, and being on the screen at all times. I sometimes like to take screenshots without F7, and I don't like the text that plops up in the top right. I remember the text being there aaaaall the time, and I wasn't a big fan of it. +0
  6. Hello @ParkerTM! As you mentioned yourself, you indeed used the wrong command here. Unfortunately, you made this comment in a server wide broadcast. Seeing as this was mixing (as you were addressing an admin), I was forced to kick you as this is against the rules we have in place for global announcements. Don't be too bothered about it tho, most factions don't think too much of an invalid VNN kick. I'm glad to see you learned from this (unfortunate) experience tho! The kick should not be voided in my opinion, as an actual was rule was broken. For reference, this was the bleet he made. Appeal pending senior administrator or above. Thank you for your patience!
  7. ElisabethC

    ID66 (7.8 Roleplay Logging)

    Hello @Denni and thank you for reporting. Player Alex_Granger has 24 hours to respond with his side of the situation. I was unable to locate a forum account, but I've notified them in game. Thank you for your patience! - Boxxy Report pending reported party's side.
  8. ElisabethC

    [Sold] 3G Mansion in Vinewood

    Hello there, Would you be willing to sell this house, instead of a trade? Xoxo V
  9. ElisabethC

    Samo Granados ( Bag )

    Hey @AmooRid3r, Do you have any actual evidence of losing this, other than a screenshot of what's in your bag? If not, there's nothing we can do. Thank you. - Boxxy
  10. ElisabethC

    Chopshop does real damage to the vehicles

    I hope it's not too hard to be implemented, but I'd love this. +1
  11. ElisabethC

    NOTAFRAID - Rodney Ricks (deathmatch appeal)

    Pending @Hazel. Please be patient as they review this, as they reviewed this report in collaboration with a higher staff member.
  12. ElisabethC

    [SOLD] Cheetah classic maxed 2/2 turbo

    (( Friendly reminder this is IC. Cheers, and good luck in the sale! ))
  13. ElisabethC

    Account is banned

    It's possible that you share an IP with a person who has been banned. I've had this issue myself before. File a punishment appeal, and your situation will be looked in to.
  14. ElisabethC

    Jeremy Stones ban appeal

    Pending @Tobias van Dam. Please be careful whilst they review this.
  15. ElisabethC


    +1 Please give me more ways to spend my money so I can RP getting a gambling addiction again!