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  1. -1 I can already see the /describe me has a huge bulge all the time.
  2. ElisabethC

    Rebekah Mikaelson Ban from server?

    Pending @Lewis, who is on LOA right now. Please be patient!
  3. ElisabethC

    Shay_Reeves (Uzi,Bag and Pistol .50)

    @PB-AJ can you indeed confirm this man had said items on him?
  4. ElisabethC

    Highlights Pt.2

    DCC is wilder than I thought, enjoying these a lot!
  5. ElisabethC

    Magicianas - Denis Zharkov (Ban Appeal)

    Hey there, You were asked to apply in 1 month; and you're reapplying a week and a half after being told so here. As for my involvement in you being punished, I stand by all my original points, and would like to add that both Toony and I have recieved harassment and hate on Discord from his friend Ynli (also known as Tbag) for banning him; aswell as refusing to unban him. - Boxxy
  6. ElisabethC

    Scot Gomez [6.7, 6.3]

    Thank you for responding, @Krappelz, I'll be taking it into consideration. Has the forum account of Scott Gomez been restored yet? May I also ask that @Giuseppe gives the answers to my questions? Almost a week has passed since. Thank you! Report still pending answers.
  7. ElisabethC

    [SELLING] XLS Family Wagon!

    I could get a stock one for 95k tho; and 35k above stock is what's usually asked for fully modded cars. How about 110k?
  8. ElisabethC

    [SELLING] XLS Family Wagon!

    What price would you be going for?
  9. ElisabethC

    [SELLING] XLS Family Wagon!

    Hey there, is this still for sale?
  10. ElisabethC

    Mike Pedro ($10,000)

    Hey @XypintGaming, Do you have any better proof then what you've provided so far? Thanks! - Boxxy
  11. ElisabethC

    Darryl (drugs/pistol)

    Hey @Tjml_, Do you have actual proof of you dying? Thanks! - Boxxy
  12. ElisabethC

    LSEMS Suggestions

    Seeing as MD has been growing lately, and expanding, I hope devs can take a second look at this. Big thanks for the changes that were already implemented! As a medic myself now, I do agree that all of these changes are 100% necessairy. +1 to all!
  13. ElisabethC

    Reduce consumable prices

    +1 updooting so @Toony can fund his whiskey addiction without going bankrupt
  14. +1, getting more parking spaces at Tequilala is always a good idea, and it makes little sense that half of the parking is not guarded. In the new rules, it states "the area around", which is a bit of a loophole, honestly.
  15. ElisabethC

    Expanded Backpacking

    Before I (don't) support this, let me ask you one question: Why is this needed? I get along more than just fine with the space I have, and we already have bags to fill up your extra needs.