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  1. Selling the seconded largest island Not finished built, however a lot of the work is done THE PRICE IS NOT SET, LOOKING FOR OFFERS SEND OFFERS ON MY PHONE #4348606
  2. Private offer has been sendt to me, 16M
  3. Today I will be listing my Pariah up for sale This is the only Pariah in this city It's famous for its great top speed, acceleration as well as its handling It's fully maxed out License plate ''PARIAH'' I accept both business, supers, cash and properties for this car I will however not put a starting bid on this car, feel free to bid what ever you believe it's worth I would also like to mention that I am not in a hurry what so ever, and if I don't get an offer I believe is worth it. I will simply just not sell it. It's a great car and I truly love it. Ph
  4. That means that @sophy16 is the winner of the house for 1.4M. Are you still intrested?
  5. Highest bid is now 1.45M, 10 minutes left before closing and selling to the highest bidder.
  6. Highest bid is now 1.45M, 30 minutes left before closing and selling to the highest bidder.
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