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  1. I would like the gun stores to have more general stuff in them to improve the usage of the gun stores as well as create a more fun and better RP experience for everybody. As of now I believe that the amount of usage a gun store have is kind of low considering how strict the gun license is. That's why I think that adding more usage to the gun stores could be a good idea for everybody. Melee weapons that could add a new and good RP experience if added: Crowbar Flashlight Hatchet Knuckle Dusters Machete Pipe wrench Pool cue Stone Hatchet Switchblade All of the melee ''weapons'' that I stated above all would make for some interesting new RP. Like the pipe wrench, would be perfect for a lot of the mechanical RP or the pool cue, could be a great thing to have at parts to RPily play billiard or the Knuckle Duster, could bring some interesting new RP as well. Other things that could also make for some great new RP: Parachute Bulletproof vest Stun Gun All of this could also make for some great new RP. I also think that you should have the option to only buy bullets and not have to buy a hole new weapon just to buy new bullets. Should also have the option to choose how many bullets you would like to have with the new gun that your buying.
  2. +1 Love being in god mod when am in my vehicle but i think it needs some re work tbh
  3. For some reason the person that was the top bidder pulled out the last second on the deal, so am gonna let the property be up for anther 24 hours before closing it to the top bidder. If no one ells bids I would love to get @EazyBrown phone number so I can contact him.
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