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  1. While I definitely agree with you Steve, people should do the jobs they signed up for, how are MD different from DCC, LSC, Bayview? Not saying they shouldnt get paid everytime they bring an injured person to MD but...why are they the only ones? Just make it the same, or at least similar, for everyone
  2. Proposal: Adding Business Managers In my opinion this is something that has been lacking for a very long time on the server. Correct me if I am wrong but currently and for the past 2 years ONLY Gunstores are allowed to have a manager. My suggestion is that we add this feature to other businesses and let these managers have the following abilities: Insert money to the treasury but not withdrawal Ability to manage stock/purchase stock/ alter prices Inability to sell the business (not being able to) Add furniture and objects Change the name of the business Be able to view the treasury but not withdrawal (this would help partners trust each other) (credit to @Mod Drizzy) Of course managers would be added up to a cap of 1 or 2 at the owner's desire but it would most likely be someone they trust very much and as such I believe these features would bring little development effort as some of them have already been implemented with Gunstores. Every Business should have this - Gunstores, Gas Station, General Stores and maybe even a version of this for Loan Companies with a company treasury managed by the "partners". Let me know what you think, Thank you.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 21/01/2021 Character name: Luke Raven Issue/bug you are reporting: Literally walking/running into a bike damages it a lot (50-100HP) Expected behavior: The bike not being damaged by someone walking/running into it Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://streamable.com/w5m3ox Which then will cause this to happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPqscwGDmlM&feature=youtu.be Vehicle license plate number*: 4B1ZHHW4
  4. +1 New system is really bad compared to how it used to be....
  5. what RP opportunity would you gain from reintroducing the Comet Retro to dealerships? not sure i follow.... Just sounds like you want one but cant get/afford it
  6. Why was this not announced upon implementation? Are the stakeholders not supposed to be informed when something directly affects them?
  7. +1 To the proposal, even though the welfare is a nice cushion for some expenses like gas and food I dont think it should continue to be provided to the categories described. Interesting to see where this will end up and if it will eventually be added.
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