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  1. Hi bro nice to meet you!
  2. Hello Aldarine thanks for taking the report. So i was close behind the drafter while chasing my comet, the initial plan was to just stay behind it not box it in, when the comet took the turn i thought it hit the wall and it was already stalled so i approached the comet but it wasnt stalled, as soon as i saw that it kept going i tried to stay next to it but they hit the wall hard enough for the car to go 0 instantly and the car to bounce back at me. As soon as i saw the car bounced back at me i tried turning the car right to avoid any contact with it and then i stopped the car and got out,
  3. Big Up table 4 banter was epic, Rp was very epic too. Keep it Up bro!
  4. +1 i need some new drip
  5. -1 if you dont have money for one that doesn't mean they have to return to dealerships to get one just go work
  6. I would also like to add this picture of him pming the medic and being ooc toxic.
  7. Alexx.


    Sorry but i sold it 5 minutes ago.
  8. Alexx.


    I sell my Paragon R maxed for 710k hit me up if you are interested #4521358
  9. Alex Odinson here: We pointed a gun at your head for at least 5 minutes and you didn't respond at all, the fact that you use non rp stuff to get away everytime you are in trouble is really annoying , you were waiting for the chance to get away and didn't let us continue with the roleplay plus we were watching you bobby pin the car for 3 minutes and you didn't use your radio once.This is getting annoying with all this rule breaches, you are really start to get on our nerves moreover you are ruining the experience for everyone.
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