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  1. Lowered stance cannot be applied to vehicles without also applying low grips, it would be great if you could have either or as intended by the default game.
  2. +1, though DOC can be fun at times it really needs a revamp of either improved activities and/or heavily reduced prison times.
  3. Not quite, normally it just shuts in time but a few times today (maybe due to the increase in players/latency?) its taken a while so if you fat finger the wrong key its quite easy to fall out of the building. But saying that, sometimes it also doesn't close at all.. weird.
  4. Apologies no video is available, it happens quite regularly sometimes so next time for sure i’ll get it recorded - was more occupied with protecting my assets and getting ahold of a admin (door was unlocked) when it occurred. It seems to happen at random, normally when first entering the property.
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): 8/15/2021 - 1:09:45PM Character name: Jay Endo Issue/bug you are reporting: When entering a 1G, your front door sometimes remains open - allowing you to fall through into the map (resulting in a TP to city in a different dimension) Expected behavior: It remains closed Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: N/A - (Picture of myself in a random dimension unable to do anything)
  6. ahk god blessed us once again
  7. +1, would be useful to be able to move furniture from the UI also
  8. Post wellness update, you're now unable to drink more than a single bottle of voddy at a time.. disgusting. Re-enable the ability to drink yourself to an early death for club/bar RP. Pros: culture Cons: literally nothing
  9. Fyi these two were begging me to remove my report via discord last night "because it isn't their accounts"? idk do with that info as you will
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