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  1. Being 100% I was not aware of the most recent community announcement, and that is 100% my fault. I highly apologize for doing so. Regarding having excessive POV's then I sadly do not. As you can see in the POV shown by Mr. Homast, then the AK is aimed at both us as well as the guys that are robbed in the video. While we were chasing the AK guy he started spraying at us with a .50 while we were chasing the Komoda that is also shown in the footage.
  2. First of all I personally think you should wait for staff response before even responding on this, but if you wanna do that then I got just the response for you. We can both agree that you were using an AK at Weazel Gas Station and you aimed it at us in black elegy to where we proceeded to follow and caught you at Eclipse Apartments? No RP was rushed in this scenario but in the beginning you had no injury and was only responding with things such as "why would I follow you" etc even though you had guns aimed at you. Sadly this is all the footage I got. Which is why logs need to be checked for apartment keys and searching and so on. Also me saying "Ni**a move" is not racist, it's simply just a way of speech. If you took it in a racist manner then you shoul've went to /b and I would've immediately stopped. I'm sorry that you were offended by that, but back to the subject. I hope that we can both agree that you had an AK at weazel gas and you aimed it at us in a black elegy to where we proceeded to follow and caught you at Eclipse after the AK was aimed at us. I would also like to mention that I'm definitely not chatting shit OOC due to a report. I also meant the /b give key or get reported as a heads up to logs will be checked on it. It was simply not to threaten you but just so that you were aware that it would occur. - Thanks
  3. Player(s) being reported: ID 37 Date of interaction reported: 5/8/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1628112616 Your character name: Jonas Kane Other player(s) involved: Adam Stokes, Rodrigo Santos Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands. 10. Powergaming (PG) Powergaming is playing unfairly through not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions, unrealistic actions, or non-factual statements in /do. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) So first we pulled up to Weazel Gas and ID 37 who is the reported party was there with an AK aiming it at us. He then proceeded to get in his car and we decided to follow him. We then catch him at Eclipse Apartments after aiming the AK at us, so we decide to apartment raid him. We aim guns at him to where he starts trash talking and stalling the situation. He says things such as "Awee I cant walk any faster cause I have back issues" aswell as "Why would I do that" etc. He then waits for cops to be called where then he gets on his knees. We then tell him to go into apartment number one, where he instead goes to 46 for some odd reason. I would also like to point out that when we first pulled up to eclipse he was there looking like he was about to park his car. When we then aimed guns at him he then logged off or crashed with his car being unlocked, so it looked like he was about to park and logged off cause he saw us telling him to go inside the apartment with guns drawn. He then came back after logging off and did the whole stalling thing. We then got inside the apartment and patted him down for keys to where we were unable to find anything even though we were fairly certain that keys were on the guy and that he had a house or apartment at Eclipse Apartments. I would like for logs to be checked if this is true. He also talked trash to some of the members that were in the apartment even though he had multiple guns pointed at him which is considered Fear RP. I would also like to mention that I do not have pov of the stalling, but hopefully one of the responding parties does. I would also like for the Logs to be checked with the searching for keys, considering I apparently dont have the pov of that. The person searching him for it is either me or Adam Stokes. Pov of Fear RP https://streamable.com/aq7fx1
  4. First of all I was the driver in the video just so you're aware that im not just a random popping in to throw a comment. Personally I think this example really is terrible I mean in the given video they're shooting at a hog going probably 10 miles an hour and in the video that we sent we're in a truck going 180-200 mph. In the video you have shown the helicopter is also fairly low to the ground aswell as he's shooting single fire rather than fully automatic. I really with all my heart think this is a terrible comparison aswell as it still simply doesn't make logical sense, and as mentioned we were on the highway up to multiple occasions where sadly I wasn't the driver for that so I have no clips but we were on the highway multiple times where we were getting lasered by the helicopter from a mile away.
  5. Jonas Bruise. Regarding the situation of not RP'ing pulling the guy out of the vehicle. Im gonna be 100% serious I did not think that Rp was intended for pulling people out of the cars, I mean I thought it was simply just the way the script was and the reason why it was there was so that you didn't have to /me it or similar, so I simply thought the script was made to make it easier, that's all I got - My apologies..
  6. Jonas Kane ID 247 here Personally I did nothing in this scenario but to defend my fellow gang members. But I would like POV from the driver of the elegy considering he ran me over, him running me over didn't look accidental and it almost looks like he aimed for me even though he had plenty of exits.
  7. Emptee


    I honestly never thought we'd see this happening. Aztecas have honestly been one of the biggest assets within the server and its a shame to see such a gang leave. Wish you all the best of luck. Much Love - Jonas Kane
  8. Hello Skipperz! Aight so from my point of view the first people that we engage on is Rooks, at least so we are aware. When a full kamacho rolls in wearing all suits as Rooks do aswell, we assumed that these guys were also rooks and responding to a backup call. As soon as they hopped out I see one guy from the back of the kamacho pull a gun so we instantly knew their intentions. At this point we were 100% sure that it was a backup call for Rooks and that these guys were Rooks. But if you look at Treyvon's Signature he is clearly a part of a different gang which we were not aware of. In character it would only have made sense that these guys were there as backup for the Rooks! I would also like to mention that if the case was that these guys were rooks and they came in seeing their friends dead in the car and us looting them, then that would give them DM rights on us. And since we were looting at the time they came in we also were 100% aware that they were gonna shoot and use their DM rights against us!
  9. Hello I would just like to state that this situation first of all doesn't show myself in the evidence. I would also like to note that if you look at the date that this video was published its clearly more than 48 hours old. Which means that as shown in the rules you cannot report someone if the evidence is over 48 hours old. Kind regards, Jonas.
  10. Hello! As I mentioned earlier we heard on the radio that SD was waiting outside cause we weren't full numbers under the fight. So I decided to be the first one out, and I was not trynna get arrested. Since I had been in jail a lot that week. So I was there for the fight, but I was not there when people were finished. Which they in this case weren't meant to be. We were supposed to loot since we got the radio call that of course the PD officer was waiting outside and we did not want to attract them further. So I did as I mentioned I left. I did not know that Rex was finished in the scenario. Of course we were supposed to finish if PD was not there but I guess someone must not have heard that PD was waiting outside. I honestly dont have anything else from my side, since that's what happened. Also I have no POV, considering this was a good amount ago.
  11. I can not tell you if they went into the lab or not. But I am certainly not lying and stating that is very untrue. Cause I did 100% hear the words "Do you wanna get clapped". And by the time you asked for my POV was when I was at the clothing store and that's the only POV I got. I was not there when you died and its no longer than that. I was unaware of this and I was sure that you were alive since our intention was not to finish you so that no cops would arrive at the area. I will not be answering more on this report unless asked to.
  12. Hello Rex Roggers Imma change the story that you put just a slight bit, if that's fine So we're at sea lab and I ask this guy to take his mask off where he then ends up doing after a good 7 attempts. He then starts by calling the entire gang "Cringe" multiple times where I then defend them cause I was a part of the gang. He then responds and his friends join in on talkin trash. I then get the question if I wanna get "clapped", where to I then respond with "what did you say?" Even tho I clearly heard his sentence of "Wanna get clapped" After this I get driven to noodle where I then end up leaving the gang. This is where the supposedly "NLR" scenario begins When it comes to the NLR scenario, then I was there at the shootout that happened and we were supposed about to grab the stuff when someone called on radio that there was a SD cruiser chilling outside and considering the fact that we just had the shootout I was the first one out. I then asked on freq if someone could grab the gun off you, so that I can get it afterwards. Which I did get. So yes our intention was to finish but considering that SD was outside I didn't think it was done. I thought we just got the stuff and left so we could get out without firing anymore bullets that would attract attention for the police. So I did not think you were fully dead and I thought that the SD officer would've rolled in afterwards getting a medic for you aswell. And no im not here to only shoot. You state that cause I used the word "Blasted", which I wouldn't mean leads to not here to RP. I log onto eclipse every day to talk to people that I know and have fun while doing it. I joined FSO cause it was a more RP focused gang than 67 was at the time, which is exactly why I left. I wanted more RP than what I had before, which I of course got. This resulted in me writing stories about being in FSO and providing multiple RP scenarios for the gang and people outside of it.
  13. Hello Yinru ID:262 / Jonas Kane Alright so we pull into sealabs and we see you in the car and we decide to block you off. We then hop out and all 4 of us say out out out as you can hear in the video After we yell demands via voip we have one guy shout it. I also have footage from my pov that I wouldn't mind sending to help this report But from our side we can only assume that we were close enough for you to hear the demands considering that you drove off. In my opinion this is not bad demands You can also hear in your own videos multiple individuals saying "out out out" which is of course used as demands POV https://streamable.com/pymcue
  14. Hello I'm ID 28 in this clip I tried saving but unfortunately my Nvidia was not willing to cooperate but Ill tell you the scenario from my point of view In the video shown you can see him driving his Osiris down a hill where he accidentally crashed into a Goblin VSTR. Im driving the elegy in the back I decide to hop out and take this as an opportunity to give demands. So that's exactly what I do. I hop out and tell them both to get out the car and put their hands up The passenger then hops out the vehicle pulling out a gun after I told him 4x to put his hands up. I then end up downing his friend who got the gun where I then proceed to tell the driver to get out where he then gets shot from another guy! I'm not sure if I would consider this clip DM or not considering the fact that multiple opportunities were given, but I do understand why you report since you were getting out the car. But on my screen you were still sitting in the car when you were killed and you weren't getting out on our end so. You'll see that if any of the other 3 have their perspectives of the shootout!
  15. Emptee


    Crimson Syndicate War "It was a pleasure fighting you Crimson Syndicate!" - Mike Dellon
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