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  1. Hello, Lance Slash here ID 80 (driver of the blue comet retro) in picture number 3. I was passing by in my vehicle with a fellow gang member of mine (Marcel Rogers) when we saw an Azteca rapid parked outside of a drug lab on a populated highway. Right next to the RapidGT there was a few FSO members so me and Marcel decided to stop by and see whats going on. After finding out that the driver of the RapidGT is Carlos Rodriguez we had a lovely chat. In briefly 30 seconds, me and my gang member decided to go to Mount Chilliad where my gang members were cooking drugs and planting seeds.
  2. Selling my Hakucho Drag, the handling is GREAT and the speed is even BETTER! Contact me at 5435763 Price is negotiable! CURRENTLY AT HIGH END FOR 1.500.000$
  3. Its quite simple actually, my friends in the blue Kamacho who are a part of my faction have found these individuals that show hostile intentions at a drug lab. They have called in for backup and told us over the radio they are going up on the hill above catfish. Once i arrived to the catfish location, i havent gotten a response from them over the radio which i assumed they were dead. I have looked up the hill and saw a clearing, the hill wasnt that steep and theres no snow anymore so i thought to myself that going up a non-steep hill is okay. After telling people over the radio that im going u
  4. Rowze

    Screwface Capital

    Goodluck with your future endavours.
  5. Hello, this is Lance Slash. I apologise for the late reply, but i was never told to save my POV. Therefore i cannot provide any evidence from my side, but what i can do is tell you my story. It all started when me and my allies were rolling around and chilling, when someone on the radio called out ''LFM/Aztecas'' are pulling up on us at Sea Lab. I went to investigate and my allies pulled out as they were too many people for 4 people to fight. I made a radio callout for everyone to go to chilliad so we can defend ourselfs there. Not all of us were inside Mount Chilliad yet, Tyrone k
  6. I said Tyler Vert died to the IC car accident, i know Lisa shot you down. Thats because YOUR car, the passenger shot at them with a micro. Do you think you're immunie if your passenger shoots at one of my members? What did you expect from us to bring you flowers and say ''thank you for shooting at us''. Like no, its not how it works. You shoot at us, you get blasted. We chased you down with 3 vehicles because you opened fire on my gang member, if you dont want to get killed then dont be a criminal.
  7. I may have probably mistaken you for Benjamin Holt, which i thought was your criminal character. I do apologise, since i thought you are Benjamin and this was honestly my mistake. But i had no intention to OOCly harras you or be toxic towards you. As i said, i never accused you of metagaming but simply ''thought'' about it since it was a bit fishy to me when Benjamin gets killed by me/my gang members and then you show up to arrest us. I hope you realise why i thought of this and apologise once again for all the accusations which were ment in no harmfull way towards you.
  8. The player showed hostility towards my allies in the bifta which was called out over the radio, we responded to the backup call and assisted in our allies taking them down. Since the passenger of the Dubsta opened fire on the bifta, they were in my eyes hostile enemies who wanted to harm me and/or my allies. I simply followed them and gave radio callouts, untill the player crashed and died due to the IC car accident. For the convoy accusation, we were only 3 cars once we entered the city since we told people to drop off. It was 1 bifta, my sultan classic (i was driving) and another
  9. Hello there flow and merry christmas! To start with, i was OOCly informed that the reporting party is infact a hostile gang member which we are in conflict. First time it happend (1 week ago) i simply said in ooc that we are enemies and asked if i should call an admin to investigate this. Theres nothing wrong with that, since i have multiple shootouts with the players Criminal Character, then after that i find him on his police character just patrolling around/pulling me over and telling me to step out of the vehicle for zero to none reason. I know this is an IC issue, however targeting p
  10. Enzo pretty muched summed it up, we were preforming a house raid on an rival gang member and once we went inside, cops somehow knew about it and we got stuck inside. MrWonanother mentioned ingame that Aztecas and LFM didnt call cops or whatsoever, but they were being tailed by cops and once there was a minor shootout outside of the house, cops got informed. Ontop of that, i did not place anything intentionally anywhere. Once we got in the house, we found bags and dropped them, emptied them and searched for valuable items such as weapons, tables and other items that are illegal and worth a
  11. Hello this is Lance Slash speaking. I was the driver of the Kamacho. Both groups were aware that the fight is about to happen as we were regrouping outside of Ocean Lab entrance. We were spotted and watched, we were aware of that aswell as you can see from Dushanes video there was a player scouting and counting how many we had outside. Peoples gang members from the reporting party were setting up an ambush as the player mentioned in his description, also can be heard on the radio from his POV. We went in to see how many they were and since its a drug laboratory, an illegal area we thought we c
  12. Player wasnt speeding, was merely cruising down the road 70-80 MPH. I knew the car wouldnt hit me and i dont think the player is even reporting me for the block. An impact to my door would not be severe traveling at those speeds and i wouldnt get any damage to my body or have to fear for my life as the kamacho is a reinforced car, a much larger speed and mass would be required for me to substain any injuries. EDIT: Ontop of that, me and a few others went away from the chase as we realised it was a non rp convoy and the reporting party can confirm that.
  13. I'll start by quoting you and providing you with evidence that you may or may have not seen. ''I would like to state that the reporting party initially did not know the contents of the bag and go off a hunch as they chased me'' As i mentioned in my original report, we knew you either had guns from a drop inside of the bag or packed money. We HAD your freuqency the whole time and we were listening to it. Here you can hear your friend asking ''did you guys grab alot?'' and you replied. https://streamable.com/14dfud ''just shows how they forced this RP scenario bas
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID 80 and ID 85 Date of interaction reported: 02/12/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1606917890 Your characters name: Lance Slash Other player(s) involved: TRCC, Moreblood, LFM Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 11. No Crime Zones (NCZ) A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to fle
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