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  1. Hello Bruce Hardings (167) here, I first off want to thank the admins for taking and reviewing this report. The situation started when id 143 was sat at the top of Bridge street. Me and my allies went up to talk to her since the street is our hq and people will commonly come to the block to talk to us. While running over, id 143 ran over my ally (105). Due to this, me and my allies followed id 143 to their house to confront her on why she ran over my ally. Id 143 didn't say a word when we confronted her so we were about to leave before she rammed into my car with her Euros (NRP?). I then got out and attempted to punch her car. Id 143 then attempts to run me over multiple times. My ally 105 then shot her injuring her. I would like to add that when I was finishing id 143 she stated "wow your bad at this" while actively being stabbed. (FRP/NRP?). Pov: Regards, Bruce Hardings
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 8/28/2021 (EST) Character name: Bruce Hardings Issue/bug you are reporting: My crate will disappear when I got through an apartment elevator Expected behavior: Going through with crate still in hand Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://streamable.com/1oj89o
  3. Lets go Salman, good luck my boy!
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