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  1. I was the person hit by the accused. Me and rakeem were arguing due to us being close friends rakeem was following me with his drag as I walked away while arguing and hit me when I turned around to argue with him giving him no time to dodge me. I felt no malicious intent from Rakeem hitting me as he apologized icly instantly and he didn't continue to hit me.
  2. Only thing not maxed on it is the suspension ((Clips through the car so does not look nice)) and it has turbo 1/2. Contact me through text at 573 3521 or email at [email protected] ((DM)) Shown Below is a stock Slamvan Custom valued at 162K.
  3. @XposeD Tagging due to him being involved and should know of this refund request.
  4. Character to be refunded: Brian Jennings (Money was factions, I was suppose to use it for dealing at the Lady Luck Casino so it is not mine. It was Brian Jennings who gave it to me and he is the COO of Baller Entertainment) Date and time of incident: 6:30 PST May 25th 2019 Requested refund (what and how much):250000 Dollars to Baller Entertainment treasury Description of incident resulting in loss:I pressed E to enter the casino and instantly fell to my death through the floor into the ocean. Evidence: Included down below as a screen shot of me falling to my death with a /stats. Comments:I instantly did a admin request /report 4 (Should not have been a 4 but i panicked) as i was falling after taking a screen shot but the admin told me to report and request for osborne. I have a screenshot of money and me falling to my death.
  5. Roadside Profile. Name: Vince Scufious Current Rank: Roadside Mechanic Current EXP: 68385 Activity tracker. Failure to track your hours may result in a demotion to mechanic branch. (Reply to your own post with the following template) Name: Vince Scufious Total Hours: 4.86 + 6.27 What did you do? Responded to multiple roadside repairs and police impound while impounding cards from bank and patrolling mines for tires changes. *post answer here*
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