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  1. JayGamble

    ID 107 (DM)

    My man, every time I fall it's as you're moving. You also claim to believe I was "throwing myself" into your city bee. Yes what you see is different, cause of how bad your desync is.. but what you're saying just isn't the case, and you can tell from your video cause of how I get launched over and over.
  2. JayGamble

    ID 107 (DM)

    I am limping by the time the video ends, from full health. You harmed me multiple times, I try and speak to you and you just drive off and keep knocking me down. It doesn't matter, but you got on the citybee and drove it towards bank, so I'm not sure why you say that either.
  3. JayGamble

    ID 107 (DM)

    I was apart of this situation, and a direct tie to the KOS. This man, well it doesn't show too well due to desync or whatever ran me over multiple times, as well as tried to test the door on a friends car in the parking lot. We left him alone, regardless of his colors and his actions until he ran me over I believe a total of 3 times, to which we finally responded by shooting him as he had zero intent to RP, or help us understand verbally why he kept knocking me to the floor. These guys (Narcos) attack / bother us 24/7 icly, it's what they live for, this situation is no different. Also, why you didn't include the next few minutes where you get on a citybee and drive away, after being injured?
  4. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    My man, I'm honestly done with this. You're pressing me to show footage that doesn't exist. I will no longer reply to this thread. I've provided all the evidence I will provide. You've still yet to show anything on your end, and simply lie and try and manipulate the situation by pressing a situation that I literally was never apart of, nor probably exists. Samo is a known rule breaker, he runs a group of people that push the limits on rule breaking. If we have no issue with this behavior, then I guess ignore this report.. but I have provided everything I feel necessary to prove he shot me down without any interaction prior, and he cannot come forward with anything from him or his members that record 24/7. I mean this is the same guy that said I have tons of false reports up and I should be banned, but look at my reports / acceptance rate. He is delusional and will say anything to avoid actual punishment. It's not the first time we've dealt with Samo. You're saying stop cutting bits out but me driving up to you -> to you gunning me down is the ENTIRE interaction I have with you since your return.. like I just don't understand anymore.
  5. JayGamble

    ID 24 & 112 (Fear-RP)

    No one had a gun at my head, as you can see clearly in your footage, you move. Why do you keep trying to attack her well you're downed, anyway?
  6. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    Imagine lying this much, and not having to show any of your own proof. This is actually insanity to me.. https://streamable.com/2ac6a this is us "threatening him" on the radio. got it! you can also see Jacquivis mentioning the frequency being stolen. I probably spent 30-45 minutes prior talking about OOC stuff regarding some of our members. I stood in an isolated call with them, so again.. there is no possible way any of these guys from Samo's group can tie to ANY of the stuff he is claiming, yet they all constantly record as well. Does no one else believe this to be fishy? I don't report often, but when I do it's because I truly believe someone has wronged me. Look at my report history, it's either all been approved, or almost all approved, or I've solved it on my own with the accused party. This is no different, though past me having zero intent to try and resolve this with Samo.
  7. JayGamble

    Los Zetas

    After a long productive day, some of the Zeta's crew gathers at HQ to witness the promotion of a long standing member as their newest enforcer. They then decide go over day to day operations and discuss the latest group of prospects, ultimately deciding to welcome one of them as a full member of the family. Bringing the prospect in as a full fledged member after a long prospective period, and establishing the expectations of his newly acquired rank. Convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, formally serving 120 months in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Doin' the crime, servin' the time.
  8. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    Samo's crew had robbed someone prior in our group, and Samo was on our frequency screaming and yelling non sense. I was not at any of these situations.
  9. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    I can tell you I have no footage as I was never apart of this, and I honestly believe this may have never happened. I don't think it's fair that someone can just make up a scenario, and I be forced to show proof. This is literally the FIRST time I've seen this man since he returned. He DM'd me, he cannot provide evidence otherwise.. I'm confused.
  10. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    All 3 of my last reports have been approved. I'll no longer reply to this, best of luck.
  11. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    You're asking me to post videos of something I was never apart of man. The delusion is confusing.. How could I possibly make footage up?
  12. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    Listen Samo, I reported YOU for DM. It's your job to post proof of your KOS. You cannot, because you have no valid KOS on me. Good luck, partner.
  13. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    Please check the logs, you will see I was no where near Samo. I also knew he'd have no evidence of KOS as there is none. I've included everything asked of me, will wait for judgement.
  14. JayGamble

    Samo Monroe DM

    https://streamable.com/ndt6k You can hear the radio call at the beginning from Zach. You can see my very first interaction with Samo to the very end where he kills me without reason.