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  1. BID START: 30 MILLION. INCREMENTS OF NO LESS THAN $500,000. This auction will run roughly one week, ending around: 6/4/20 I reserve my right to refuse sale if I so choose to keep my business.
  2. I agree with essentially everything you have said. Your ending summary fits the thoughts of so many long term players who feel nothing more than punished at this point for creating a productive and long standing environment. For us personally, we've already dealt with cap implementations and have had to trim down; To have another implemented out of the blue is just confusing. This isn't going to fix the type of issues you're speaking about @HighTV, these people will still continue to hang with their long term friends, and create relationships around that more likely than join what's available now, as the reputations still exist. You also make a direct correlation to "newer gangs having an easier time fighting 120 people", but why should that even be a concern? What would motivate you to fight us? Your points seem very biased. I've been here an incredibly long time, and I don't feel crim has been in a more rough state than it is now and that makes me incredibly sad to say as my group has put a ton of time and effort into what we've created as well as the ecosystem of the server, ICly. We've been hoping for positive change for so long, but it feels like we just continue to get hit with OOC limitation after limitation, each time we get used to one thing, we get hit with another and it becomes incredibly demotivating after a certain point. It's not like there was ever anywhere near 60 people on in any of the large groups, there are various time zones, etc to cover which help give presence and identity to these gangs. To think gangs haven't over the period of a year managed to "evaluate" who should and should not be in their groups is just confusing to say the least.
  3. That's true, I keep forgetting about that. Sick ride, GL on selling!
  4. there is another, but it's a nice car.
  5. your perception of reality has always puzzled me. As for WCA, good run for you guys, unfortunately you chose to end this war OOCly, vs ICly. Good luck with future endeavors.
  6. JayGamble

    ID 101 VDM

    I don't have footage, as I didn't think much of the situation as I never fired at anyone, and only got out of my car to save someone in this particular altercation due to PD arriving after. I wasn't even panned towards you when it occurred, you ran in the street and got ran over, genuinely didn't even know I injured you as it was a hectic situation as you can see I'm being shot at for simply pulling into Grove, trying to avoid being stalled, my main focus was to get out of the chaos being in my position with the new war rules. Sorry it happened to you, but running people over has always been something I'm against in shoot outs, and advocated strongly for the rules to go in place against it, it's not something I would do consciously to gain an edge in this fight, I was fleeing. You really had no reason to run head first into the middle of the road as a convoy was pushing through it in the first place.
  7. JayGamble

    ID 101 VDM

    I think I'm the one being accused of VDM, in a hectic situation where my car was being smacked around, I drove straight and only straight well trying to pull out and get a better position. Not sure what you expect, running into a busy street trying to let off rounds. No one consciously drove into that shoot out saying "lets run this guy over". Just another targeted report, considering you were hit prior to me by a Kamacho.
  8. WAR? The time had finally come, the ceasefire had ended. We quickly mounted up, and set up a staging ground at a remote location on the eastern end of the state. We discussed planning strategy and equipment as we continued to count down the minutes until we would step foot into Grove Street and test our luck. As they prepared, Jay couldn't help but think about former situations with WCA, and how DeAndre begged for help when they were met with a small unorthodox group, who continued to push them out of their motel regularly. He grinned under his mask, as he gripped his AK tightly, waiting for the group to finish preparations. It would be a little under an hour before they moved into Grove Street, sending scouts through to figure out what was going on, in what they believed to be a future warzone. It was no surprise it was empty, much like the hearts of our enemy; we would occupy and wait out their arrival. We continued to wait for hours, and hours with little to no show of presence from anyone in green or black. Eventually they would find some courage after about 11 hours of no incident, it would not go in their favor even slightly. They attempted to flank from the eastern side of grove, walking right into the trap that had been set for hours upon hours, and like flies they would fall one by one. It reminded Jay of how the war was going previously, and how Grove stayed quiet once The Council & Aztecas had adapted to their strategies. It was a massacre, and after a quick victory they would realize they had the son of Pops, whom they kidnapped and attempted to negotiate a ransom for. They attempted to double cross us over what should have been considered chump change for a life, and ultimately got the majority of their high command captured. We took all of them to a remote location, brutally torturing and killing each one, Enrique going as far as to beat the life out of Pops with his bare fists. No signs of DeAndre or Trey in sight, it seemed they had all but abandoned their men, the same as they did some days ago. This was simply day one post ceasefire, and with virtually no opposition in sight it would look no different than it did some days ago. Jay had recalled about being told he was on the losing side, and how Green and Black was the new council, and how he himself did not fight. I'm not sure if they say it to themselves for motivation or what, because the reality was this was no longer a war, it was a slaughter.. and green was being served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It made him wonder, what war?
  9. You're not gonna sit here and spread your fake news, saying we rob people over blue mirrors and stripes. Most people we've encountered get a story with why we "warn" them to change blue, and it's rarely because we don't want you associating with the color, it's because we want you educated on the risk involved with associating with the color. Plenty of "non-Zetas" rock blue.
  10. +1, variety is always good.
  11. My position in staff gives me no benefits towards me or my faction. I spend my time as staff helping people with issues, not making things better for my faction. I'm not even really sure what else to say in this thread. It almost feels like it's no longer a discussion, but that's just me.
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