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  1. Multiple phone logs can be pulled between Chuck & Jon, premeditating the entire situation. I had Jon set up an ambush with Chuck, and it worked to a T. I've been spam down voted in this report, for no reason past illogical "personal issues". This is proof of us setting up, watching you go in, etc. Do not DM me on discord anymore, please stop interacting with my posts, etc. Your "ooc" behavior is atrocious, and your inability to see "criminal" rp for what it is, because you "lost" is beyond me. I hope that you and your friends take a step back after this report is concluded, and find a more productive way to vent your frustration and IC issues than throwing every rule in a report, and hoping one of them sticks. https://streamable.com/ffe6t
  2. It doesn't matter what she saw, you can see clear as day in your video and hers that you are shooting. I tell her at 10 seconds in to open fire on you, Hello?
  3. you were shooting at our people 20 feet away, and when you come around the corner.. you're still shooting at either them, or us; because there is no one else in the area. I get that you really are hoping to get me punished, but stop trying to manipulate this situation into something it is not. I don't need to give you demands when you're firing at us. You guys didn't give any demands to my people either when you pulled up and shot them, but that part is okay right? I'm tired of this one sided non sense. I did nothing wrong, and I won't reply anymore unless asked, because you clearly have an agenda behind yourself.
  4. Actually, it would. two people fired from your vehicle, from YOUR footage, not sure if the third did. You attempting to aid this person by fleeing from us would directly involve you in this RP scenario.
  5. I say "he is shooting at me, you're clear to open up". I'm sorry man, but you don't seem to follow any reasonable logic. You guys fired weapons at us, and say there are no "KOS" rights; you are in-fact CORRECT, there is no KOS rights, PERIOD. I am directing those involved in our chase with current eyes to fire, because at this point it's become VERY EVIDENT that you're firing at my vehicle, and there is no room for reasonable doubt anymore.
  6. I had no footage of my own, although this scenario was incredibly clear cut to me. Here is our PoV from my passengers side, hopefully this gives you better perspective on their "desync" and my "vdm" allegations, as well as any potential DM allegations, as your passengers are firing nearly the entire duration of this "RP" scenario.
  7. You can see ID29 shooting from the truck, at the elegy without speaking or making demands. At that point we have zero obligation to speak to you. You guys also rolled into the scene prior, zero words shooting at people. Your group has been spamming reports on us since early on, and Gregor made it clear this was OOC hate, as well as the user involved in this one via DM. You guys are throwing up every last bit of footage you have in hopes to get us punished over his perma. I wont reply any further unless asked upon because this entire 1-2 week situation with you people has been beyond exhausting.
  8. ID 4 here, you can see this mans passengers shooting at us more than once, in various timestamps in this video (no demands or words, whatsoever mind you), and as far as I know; if your passengers are firing into an active RP scenario, everyone in that vehicle becomes apart of the situation. This person also brought his people there to respond to a "backup" call, yet he wants to try and play as if he drove by innocently and was DM'd. I don't intentionally ram you at any point, and if you actually take the time to review your own video.. I'm not in control of the elegy in the end, as I'm pushed myself. You also make zero attempt to get out, and surrender or RP.. you run to a corner in hopes to drop us with your shotgun, which unfortunately for you.. you never get a chance.
  9. Why this man continues to accuse us of meta gaming is beyond me. Check our phone text logs, I have video evidence of us setting up and preparing for this as well as our contact setting up across the street, watching them drive in and being called in via radio. Really unsure where you pulled that idea from, but it just didn't occur.
  10. We were informed by DCC that Irish was attempted to extort them. We walked in, they had guns aimed at our closes friends and one attempted to turn and aim, despite being severally outnumbered and told to hands up which I would argue is FearRP in itself. These allegations are honestly hilarious and I look forward to concluding. Let me know what else is needed on my end!
  11. JayGamble

    ID 82 DM/KOS

    Player(s) being reported: ID 82 Date of interaction reported: 04/05/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Jay Gamble Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) ● Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. ● Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. How did the player break the rule(s)? Was walking around near postal job, and stumbled upon a few guys. The person I was with hoped in their Baller SUV and drove off. I attempted to simply run off as I didn't have much of any previous interaction with these people, but ID 82 proceeded to gun me down, with zero demands; text or voip. Evidence of rule breach: For whatever reason my last few SP videos have no sound, cannot figure out why or how to resolve this issue, but I'm sure if this person recorded this kill as they told me they were "streaming", then you would see they never made any demands on their end. https://streamable.com/l9sar This man accused me of stealing his friends car that I guess was previously stolen in that location, and claimed he felt threatened when you can clearly see I never reached for my weapon at any point. He tries to make the claim that because he found a few bobby pins on me that I was likely the culprit and that it was okay for him to gun me down without an sort of interaction.
  12. I say "hit them" in response them slamming into Skinny's V12 (the slow down, and slam him off the road) in this I am referencing my guys using their weapons; to which my passenger replies she does not have a pistol; why you're attempting to take that out of context is beyond me, you can even hear at the end when I tap their car off the road and I yell at my guys to let them out. This user had incredible desync, and we collided several times, I can show my PoV to the person involved in taking this report. I attempt to drive under 100km around him for most of the time, especially on corners and such, braking and attempting to avoid getting near his vehicle, but due to his constant brake checks we have some desync issues throughout the chase. I think this user also knows the outcome would not change regardless of the desync or not, as I spoke to the passenger of his vehicle to which he agreed they would not out run us long term. I'd also like to point out him driving off a mountain, rolling and flipping and the blatant disregard for his own life and his passengers. We all rode our brakes all the way down the mountain, well this person drove very wildly, flipping and rolling.
  13. I'm not gonna reply to this thread any further unless asked. Gregor, YOU, yourself never issued demands, this is your own issue. I never saw you aim at me, not did you RP properly for me to "fear" you or even acknowledge you. Look at the angle in which you approach the situation. I'm not gonna go back and forth with you, because I fear you aren't too interested in a logical conclusion, you're simply fueled by personal hatred and resentment, which is something I'm not going to attempt to reason with. you're serious my man? you're giving demands out of a 6x6 behind EVERYONE and expecting people to take you seriously? You need to get out of your vehicle and aim your weapon, or threaten us in some way, shape or form for us to "fear" you.. lol.
  14. so can you explain why in my screenshot there isn't a single weapon pointed at me? at least you make it clear it's a "personal issue" report.
  15. You can see very clearly in this video 1-2 people is trying to hold up a truck of 4 people(with 4-5 members of backup pulled up as well). Gregor Smith himself doesn't even give verbal commands, he just gets out of his vehicle shooting his shotgun. The only people who aimed and gave demands are not the actual reporting party so why this exists is beyond me. This person has started a string of targeted reports in hopes to get people punished over anything and everything. in this frame, you can see seconds before I pull out my AK and join the fight, guns were no longer aimed at me.
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