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  1. I intended to run up to each bush aiming at it close range, hoping to see an outline of someone as this had been their tactic the couple days prior to this ambush and I wanted to try and catch them off guard until back up arrived. I ran close to the tiny bush initially and did not catch anyone, I called demands openly aiming at both large bushes (their gun draw desync does not show my appropriate aiming direction), with no actual guarantee of anyone being inside the bush. Had he not actually reacted instantaneously, I think that fact would have been far more apparent. Even when he barrels out of the bush, it takes me a second to gather my bearings, as I'm still aiming between the bushes. With that said, I still believe he would not be a hidden statue within that bush as I believe a fully grown man, with gear to fight would likely protrude out of a bush, so the expectation was a bit confusing when I was reached out to in his PM's.
  2. I'd love for you to find your nearest bush like such, and attempt to do what you did.. you can see the branches everywhere that would deter you from even getting to the center. You claim you don't look like the person in my example, do you not share the same player model? the color of the clothing was not of relevancy whatsoever in my point. I didn't attempt to "gain an unfair advantage" at all, I simply tried to outsmart an ambush in which I was not prepared to fight in hindsight. What do you mean you forgot to press "C"? You admit you're abusing staying in a permanent state of crouch to gain an advantage over this gun fight. I don't mind that people use bushes to create ambushes, and I've not complained about that one bit, I've even clarified in my example with the counter, that it is a bit extreme in comparison; I'm complaining explicitly about: "yes, i do think a large bush that big would be still and i would be still as well." I think this is an incredibly anecdotal statement, there is no reason one would think someone could sit in that bush, unless it had been hallowed out and expect it to be entirely without movement, not even considering the fact that you're holding a shotgun in your hands the entire time. "create an interesting RP" This might be some of the most conflicting info you've dropped in this report as their are only two outcomes from what I saw, you rob me quickly and leave, or you kill me and leave, which is exactly what occurred. you were not denied anything whatsoever here, and the route you're taking again.. is hopefully seen for exactly what it is. If you really wanted some "interesting" RP, you yourself would have surrendered or sat still and watched your guys overwhelm us as you initially planned, and did anyway, instead of rolling backwards out of a bush and attempting to blast me. I think in the grand scheme of things this report is a bit petty as the person was not denied their belongings, and only our side took losses. There was no conscious effort to gain an advantage over anyone in this scenario.
  3. I'll address these comments directly: Next, he says "do you think rply, the bush would be still? that you would be a statue?", and yes, i do think a large bush that big would be still and i would be still as well... regardless, in this situation, that doesn't matter. rply, he couldn't see me. He could only see the red light on his crosshair. Again, I ran up to each bush scanning the outline of it. I was able to catch you from my POV, which did not have you dead center in the bush as well as the bushes naturally sway back and forth. I also had no confirmation you were actually in the bush until you decided to barrel roll backwards out and fire at me without words. I made no attempt to clip this footage, as it was cut and dry and ultimately I got killed. Had you actually attempted to RP, vs trying to make a highlight reel shotgun clip, you probably wouldn't have gotten dropped as we were severely outnumbered, which really makes me wonder why you did what you did at all. You asked me 21 questions, in hopes to make me look worse in this report for whatever reason, but you never actually informed me of my report which I find incredibly questionable as well, and since you seem to note things like: "I was quite confused that a staff member and the leader of the biggest official gang would have performed such poor actions, so I pm'ed him after the interaction." "Right after this, I start hearing people pull up. Suprise suprise, it's the zetas. Not only the Zetas, but specifically, ID 221 is Jamaar_Bovarium." (taken from another active report) I've been here over 1.5 years, I've definitely been doing "this" a long time, and seeing reports like these really makes me wonder if this comes from a place of maintaining the server integrity, or a personal issue you might have with a certain person or group. Now since you feel the need to comment on the RP so much, I'd like to go over my thought process, this is what the inside of a REAL bush looks like: This is what I imagine you looked like, inside of your bush disguise: Maybe you can help me understand the logic behind "if I stand in the center of a bush I am invulnerable to being seen & engaged unless they walk on top of me, with my shotgun" or how this would be possible assuming you actually RP'd the bush being a bush, and not simply an object you can clip through to become invisible. The reality is, if the bushes were actually mapped out as solid objects, you would not be able to do what you're doing in the first place. This isn't fortnite man, it doesn't make sense for people to crouch walk to the center of a bush and feel they are invulnerable unless THEY themselves take action. This reminds me of the "engine on" fallacy. A bit of an extreme comparison, as you could definitely manipulate your way into a bush in real life, albeit probably not comfortably, nor incredibly hidden, especially with a 12 gauge shotgun in your hands, but there are plenty of objects that can be clipped through, and I think to a video I saw in a bug report, in which someone was able to walk through many areas in their house due to them not actually being solid objects, but RPly would make no sense to actually utilize to gain an advantage. In conclusion, I feel the reporting party wished to gain an advantage by any means necessary, as he is abusing permanent crouch which is shown by his ID being hidden maintaining extra control that would not normally be granted by holding "ctrl" or whatever your mapped crouch key may be. You wanted me to walk up to you in a bush, well you had a shotgun drawn and ready to engage which in reality puts you at a major advantage, especially considering the advantage you had over I and Kelly in sheer numbers alone. This situation likely concludes the same way 10/10 times, no matter how it is played out. The second we got off our bikes, it was almost guaranteed we would leave dead knowing what I know in hindsight or else I'd have never gotten off the bike in the first place. The was no "OOC info" used, simply intuition.. which simply wasn't enough in this scenario.
  4. Situation is clearly displayed in the video. Rex put his hands up, willingly.. no words (obvious shooting rights bait) so I ran up to bushes clearing through them, and found this man. Have you yourself ever witnessed someone using /me's & /do's to search a bush, PD or Crim, alike? I think the reason for this report is pretty clear, as he feels the need to mention my staff role, and being leader of the Zetas. Keep in mind myself and Kelly died in this, and their ambush was successful. I don't have footage of my own, as I thought this situation was extremely clear cut, but I will include one of the members of the situations footage, as the reporting party is ID abusing and you can see in the top left, when he comes out of the bush he has no ID, due to forcing perma-crouch. https://streamable.com/6zgfi
  5. As of right now, NCZ's are still heavily abused by criminals. You will get in a chase, lose them for a minute or two and go to bank and immediately see people whom just killed friendly faction members, or committed some sort of heavy criminal act and the excuse is "you lost eyes on me" whether it be 30 seconds, or a couple of minutes. I don't believe it makes any sense for a vehicle filled with people who just shot down and murdered others should be able to camp at a place as such, regardless of us "losing eyes or not". Now I've tried to sort this ICly as well, but that usually turns into PD "targeting us" which.. is very unfortunate. CURRENT RULE: SUGGESTED CHANGE: Add a timer, similar to the "cannot log during RP", say for x amount of time persons whom just engaged in criminal activity cannot flee to the bank (any NCZ) whatsoever. Also potentially adding a "cool down" for gang members, in colors.. as I regularly see gang meets and such at bank, and.. it's just miserable to watch. Something like "you cannot be stood at an NCZ for more than X amount of time in gang colors".
  6. Why are we mad, and why does this have Zetas in the title at all? You made a frag video with what.. 4 clips? 1 shows you "shooting at a zetas member" and another shows you downing one, the other two clips are with different organizations entirely. In my personal opinion, don't stray from your roots man, this isn't a good look, despite what anyone tells you.
  7. this law doesn't really make sense, and should be reconsidered. Another city, I've compared to with lax Marijuana laws: and you're sitting here talking about "one blunt"
  8. @Feky Please refrain from posting in reports you have no direct ties to, past being affiliated in the reporting parties gang. Players who are NOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the report are not allowed to respond unless sharing necessary or pertinent concrete evidence ("I can confirm." or "That's what happened." is not acceptable). If you comment on a report you're not involved in you may be warned by a forum moderator.
  9. Something I've noticed while watching PD game play is their cruisers ability to essentially grant infinite vests & ammo, as long as they're able to interact with it. I personally don't think it makes a ton of sense for a standard cruiser to be equipped with multiple vests / infinite amounts of ammo. I think these items should be limited to a PD armory/locker room to ensure situations aren't as simple as -> situation ends, re-gear at the cruiser. I feel this would at least force down time in between major situations, and add a bit more depth depending on how the situation went. tldr; right now it feels like officers are able to hit a bind, and be ready for the next situation on demand, as long as they survive a gun fight.
  10. JayGamble

    Wall of Scammers

    ((This is meant to be an "IC" thing))
  11. JayGamble

    Wall of Scammers

    You gotta at some point feel a bit ashamed of how ignorant you make yourself out to be. If you think I am the only person who has done a deal at the bank, without incident.. I really got nothing good to say about you, whatsoever.
  12. JayGamble

    Wall of Scammers

    yeah you must be, it says very clearly: "If someone doesn't want to do a legit deal through regular real estate brokers or licensed dealers and instead insist on a private deal or contract they are scamming you 100% of the time without exception." I personally prefer doing deals direct as I have zero interest in giving massive sums of money to the government on large deals. I have been scammed 0% of the time. To say this blog is a "meme" and for you to come and defend that statement, when its created and maintained by a fellow sworn officer of the law is just confusing and shows a major bias from yourself without any real regard benefiting this list, past defending your friend. Your fellow officer shows clear bias, and a lack of respect towards something that those who have taken part in, truly believe "help" the general community to do things more safely. Why would anyone try to knock such a list? Have any of these "trusted" people turned out to be massive scammers themselves?
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