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  1. Hello Poster, I was not spoke to a single time before the ban, and it's incredibly easy to find me. I can also tell you the number was 2-3 people, as was mentioned by the initial poster to me when we spoke.. it was not "10 masked individuals in blue". I think the direct quote at the time when a collective hit was made, it was made very clear by those involved that you now had a "reason to ban all of us" and this was at least 1-2 days post ban. I think my reputation with other business relations, and business owners speaks for itself at the end of the day.
  2. Hello those involved, This is just not true, you came once and spoke in a completely uncivil manner, in which I had zero tolerance for and ceased the conversation with you. LSC has arguably has some of the worst communication I've seen from a business standpoint, I'm not sure if that's due to pride, or lack of experience.. but you guys don't have anyone really capable of speaking on your behalf, and if you're meant to bridge that gap.. I can see why it's failed. We were banned from a business because someone in a blue colored outfit stole some cars from your establishment, and you believed the best solution was to blanket ban over 50+ people due to ones, or a few peoples mistakes. I mean look at what you did here, you attacked someone who has very little to do with this situation, and likely hasn't ever been approached by any of LSC's HC, but you think the best solution here is to take his job? Unreasonable as it gets. We were there just the other day, speaking to a few mechanics, in a completely friendly manner and had multiple officers called in, drawing weapons.. for what; us speaking to someone we're cool with? You could have simply asked us to leave, but made zero attempt to speak with us directly. The problem is you guys, and the way you operate.. and until that changes, I don't think many can take pity. There is a reason why we have such few issues with other major businesses in this city, but hey.. 🤷‍♂️
  3. thread looks great, looking forward to see how the new gang unfolds!
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    cool thread, best of luck!
  5. • 90's Throwback Night 9/15/2019
  6. • 50's Night - 9/7/2019
  7. • Social Night - 8/31/2019
  8. absolutely, I have included a photo of our menu.
  9. The Tavern: Mirror Park is located on the intersection of East Mirror Drive and Mirror Park Blvd, just east of Los Santos Bank. The Tavern provides quality food and alcoholic beverage options to the neighborhood with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our menu varies from classic bar food favorites to an array of dinner meals that are sure to satisfy your hunger. Come experience the food, the drinks, and the unique and friendly atmosphere at the Tavern for yourself! Menus Located at Mirror Park Blvd. 13, across from Mirror Park Gas. The Tavern: Mirror Park 13 Mirror Park Blvd. Mirror Park, Los Santos MON – SUN: TBD Contact Us: (556) 2231813 (556) 4107128 STRICT NO MASK POLICY ON PREMISES **NO EXCEPTIONS**
  10. With the recent addition of Paleto Bay properties, I think it would be reasonable to introduce a furniture store, organic to the town. Furniture is heavy, and I imagine a major headache for those trying to build their properties/homes up there.
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