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  1. +1 with the weight changes; i believe vehicles and houses require scaling as we are basically stuck being unable to use our houses, or "deleting" tons of old stuff, to be able to use our stashes properly.
  2. If you feel harassed, you should reach out, or create a complaint to get the behavior rectified. I'm not sure how much can be done to control this behavior 100%, as I think that is explained by others in the thread. There are hundreds of people to interact with, try to avoid those who give you a hard time or make your experiences poor.
  3. perhaps you should make that clear to them as well.
  4. Where did she say criminals at all? The bias is unreal here. Are you guys under the impression that no one but criminals act creepy? If so, it shows how really out of touch you are with seeing social behavior on this server.
  5. This stemmed from these guys running over my car with their truck in attempt to avoid speaking with us, well we tried to have a discussion with them, we were hoping identify who they were. We also let you guys leave with your vehicles, and belongings.. there was zero loss in this scenario. Toby made it clear he hit you due to you guys not being "loaded" and ressed you to continue RP. Instead of trying to figure things out ICly, you're just spamming /b throughout this scenario, well your friend is telling you to run to bank after you monster truck ran over my car, which doesn't necessarily make sense. What was their reason? they didn't rob us or take anything, they just wanted to TALK lol, how good is this RP then? You were in a strange colored vehicle, masked up, refusing to reply to us at all, and fled as we continued to speak to you. During this initial talk, you ran my car over and we took that as a hostile act. I personally didn't bother to record this situation on my end, as they lost nothing at all and I didn't think it would be an OOC issue, post situation.
  6. This started at the chop shop, in which we identified you stole a "triads" vehicle. You believe that leading us on a massive chase, only to circle PD in a stolen vehicle over and over (that would ultimately land you in jail), instead of just stopping and relinquishing the vehicle is good RP? You could have got out and walked away, no issue; but you chose to lead us on this chase.
  7. I made the demand, I never shot in this scenario, but I'm very much against the whole "windows were up thing"; your car is at a full halt, you can 100% hear someone through a car window, they are not sound proof by any means. Perhaps you should post the part where you drive circles around PD for about 5 minutes to evade the chase ending, and talk about poor quality RP.
  8. now you're gonna bring up me clarifying something with you in DM's? Reefer, is this really who you are on a human level? My facts are not inconsistent, I've played crim with my group since I've started, we've all felt it. I'd appreciate if you were a bit more professional on a public platform.
  9. Yeah, if you say so. You either need to witness the negative action yourself, by HC; or an IA report needs to be written, as I mentioned. Countless actions are swept under the rug, or lost in translation because of the effort it requires for you guys to see it from our point of view. It's nice to see how objectively you see this, as you are turning this into a "hey you official factions are worse than us every time", glad to see how mature we can be at the top.
  10. There would also be FBI probings and officers being fired left and right for questionable behavior. You guy's are not angels by ANY means. This actually happened in my city well I was growing up: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2009-oct-01-me-burbank-police1-story.html There is nothing to keep police officers in check past the "IA" system, which I can say I've personally have never written, even though I've dealt with these problems. At the end of the day officers words always trump a "criminals" on an IC level, and for me personally.. that's enough to deter me from trusting officers on any real level.
  11. ID 22 here, man drives by us slowly at the gas station, where he briefly sees my shotgun. He drives down the street and pulls into the motel, which makes us suspect he's calling the police. We pull up as he's putting away his phone, and attempt to stop him to which he drives off, we attempt to disable his vehicle which we do and move on without any real issue. I fired a total of two bullets, this entire situation stemmed off of him slamming into one of us on our way to get gas, due to his own personal negligence.
  12. they are also mixing about police being "online" at the start of the video. nothing was lost from your friend, he was never robbed in your video; he was shot disobeying fearRP amongst the other various rules you broke between you videos.
  13. When the video uploads, I'll point out your multiple rule breaks; this was in retaliation to these guys attempting to rob/run off the road one of our people, and us witnessing them trying to slam our bikes off the road. He was killed because he was calling for backup on the radio, when we had multiple heavy weapons aimed at him.
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