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  1. Huh, hello again. It has been a long ass while now.

    1. Commander783


      Hey yah, indeed.

  2. I am just a poor civilian (by now) and I agree very much over this. Criminals need guidance, a lot of guidance, which they sadly don't get typically. I have seen plenty of IC criminals, who turned into real life criminals in a way, without realising it, being indulged into toxicity and never getting out. Or just people in general who felt for the addiction and lost themselves... I have seen criminal roleplay done well and it felt okay. I felt little to none OOC toxicity then and that's how it should be.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 19.01.2021 / 21.01.2021 Character name: Stefanie Huth Issue/bug you are reporting: After driving the Marquis Boat as a driver for a while and then letting the passenger drive it, the Marquis goes underwater. Expected behavior: It should float on the water at all time (usually). Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://imgur.com/a/chlO6rz Vehicle license plate number*: /
  4. The cops need to make money somehow, just like in real life. And by the way: Never play on Patchday.
  5. Children, children. Be nice to each other. Thank you~
  6. +1 Pressing keys on your keyboard will always be faster than any mouse movement will do. But honestly, it's just annoying that you have to use your mouse and mousewheel and THEN press a key. What the hell is this?
  7. I hope your brother will become better over time. Roleplay is a two sided sword. It can be really healthy, but also not so healthy, as your brother probably experienced. Your brother is not alone though. Many people experienced the same faiths with similar lasting issues, here on Eclipse. What I have seen so far, people who got similar issues and had to sadly leave, became a lot healthier after, because roleplay can be quite a drug, where you want more and more. That can be with any game or community really. Addiction can become a serious issue and it is hard to let go, but sometimes it's a lot better, to find different ways, to find own happiness again. Look at me: I achieved everything I wanted from Eclipse and I am barely playing anymore, but that is okay, because I found myself again. I wish your brother and yourself, just the best.
  8. What do you mean, less than 2 days. Fake News. Haha It would be way more fun, if you could hire workers for your scripted business via script and give them money that way.
  9. It kinda used to be like that. I dunno why it got taken away and just became simplified fishing...
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