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  1. How much for the vinewood
  2. My number is #3984070 get in contact with me if you still wanna do some security work
  3. Good Luck simonz, if you need a middle man on this transaction dont hesitate to contact me
  4. If you got evidence then send it to the thread owner for confirmation
  5. Thank you, My offer is above let me know through txt or phone to 3984070
  6. Didnt wanna lowball you and thats all i got i would of offered more if i had it, Also if the offer was accepted would it be shown in /houses or not
  7. I think dcc should be changed to 5555 and mechanics 1111 maybe.
  8. +1 Instead of torture or cuts, You could beat them senseless with the boxing glove
  9. What about be awesome 8.5m haha might aswell try my luck
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