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  1. Well the id' mainly get metagamed normally this suggestion would help it and become more immersive, All you need to do is hit the scoreboard and click record while doin it job done, Takes seconds
  2. You can hit the scoreboard to get the id and really using the mdc you should be typing their names anyways
  3. So I've been on the server since may 2018 i think it was when i joined, I think we have seen new features come and go with bugs with it but that's why we are here to help out and iron them and post them when we find them, I think the ID's above our head should be removed and only shown if we hit the scoreboard button as it will hopefully sort out the meta gaming and make it more immersive for others and make it more rp for every one in involved, You then would have to ask for their licence or number to get in contact with them. What do you think
  4. My number is 3984070 txt me when it does, Either buy or rent is good
  5. Could of gotten one for 90k fully modded
  6. Has it sold already if not contact me 3984070
  7. How much are these to buy if you would sell them
  8. Lower the contender price or it wont sell
  9. It's so hard to trust people with loans these days due to the ((No Scam Rule)) good luck
  10. Remember that if your recruiting it had to be done In character or its classed as metagaming
  11. You just have to wait it out, /report 2 Falling through the map need dimensions reset
  12. I reckon they should make the rp up become a cleaner or cook ect 🙂
  13. Ive just tried to email you to discuss it, Email me at ((DDevastatedTV#1058))@eclipse.net
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