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  1. 100% Legends you will be missed
  2. You wont buy one in rockford for 3 to 4m
  3. If your gonna complain about cost of deliveries they will either do it their selves and keep the money or find other people who will do it for them. Theirs other jobs out their if you don't like the fees are fishing,mining or farming. One of the reasons why i got out of the Fuel or store buisness. All i can say is the best buisness out their that makes more than anything is the Dealerships. They buy cars stock and sells them double the price and they ask $1500 for delivery but they make more profit than the Other company's.
  4. This is never gonna be implemented as ive seen in the past this would cause Gangs killing cops just for their weapons, When the police get injured their life ends their weapons get taken away and they have to sit out like amy one else for 30 mins. I see the point that gangs lose money but how do you get the money for these items, Selling drugs, Robbing others, Stores, Or other types of business, Cops get their stuff as they are the government, Just like real life they would still take your items away, Remember you can't just go and kill a cop in irl and eclipse has rules and tries to keep
  5. if you contact 3984070 for a viewing i can open it up so you can see it personally
  6. Whats the starting price
  7. Or you could give it to jimmy as a gift his birthday is coming good luck in trading jake
  8. If you sold it little cheaper for around 1.5m you would sell it asap.
  9. Thread looks awesome but when it says the rank and not available but their is some one in that rank edit it and put their name, I've met these on the city and they are very friendly, Tom, Matt tony and arabella nice bunch. I hope i see you more around.
  10. Its worth between 1.5 to 3m good luck who ever buys it your gonna be happy
  11. Jimmy Pegorino


    its been so long since ive seen them selling, but i think they go around 10m or more
  12. You can pick these up on highend fully maxed between 140k to 150k buddy i think your asking to much
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