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  1. 100% Legends you will be missed
  2. This is never gonna be implemented as ive seen in the past this would cause Gangs killing cops just for their weapons, When the police get injured their life ends their weapons get taken away and they have to sit out like amy one else for 30 mins. I see the point that gangs lose money but how do you get the money for these items, Selling drugs, Robbing others, Stores, Or other types of business, Cops get their stuff as they are the government, Just like real life they would still take your items away, Remember you can't just go and kill a cop in irl and eclipse has rules and tries to keep certain things for emersion. I do see where yous are coming from as yous are losing alot of money and you think PD doesnt, Who knows they might get taxed for their items. Guns, Body armour ect.. or they could implement that monthly or yearly.
  3. Thread looks awesome but when it says the rank and not available but their is some one in that rank edit it and put their name, I've met these on the city and they are very friendly, Tom, Matt tony and arabella nice bunch. I hope i see you more around.
  4. Theirs obviously gonna be less work as the trucking job is for the businesses that needs the deliveries. If they are stocked up no jobs, Should bring them as they where with other jobs for npc stuff aswell as custom deliveries
  5. Well that would be an In character issue, All i can do is Mention the chief so he can read through this. @FatherOsborn
  6. PD only uses the their Super Car collection if they are chasing Comet Retro or Super Cars. Drag V drag
  7. Good luck i hope this isnt gonna be another gang who gonna rob anything and every one, Welcome to los Santos. (( I hope to Rp and have good rp engagements with you all ))
  8. It doesn't matter about this, The price isnt gonna change, Does it really matter how much the impound price is, Just don't illegally park or get arrested to get the car towed and impounded.
  9. Sorry to hear that, And you can't be attacked if you have "New Player" Tag above your head unless your doing something illegal.
  10. +1 i totally agree it should be implemented but i do like see old cloths around so i can check wats around
  11. I think dcc should be changed to 5555 and mechanics 1111 maybe.
  12. or you could message a Senior Administrator or above and get them to assign the tag for you
  13. Yea haha I've got a crim account just don't use it as it got stale, Also jimmy was a crim at the beginning jsut didnt grt caught
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