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  1. So should we remove it got the gun stores then, I think we should be able to have it for all buisness so we have more ways to rp.
  2. @NBDY @Osvaldon Please do this so we can have managers for our buisness, Ive only seen this on Gun stores
  3. Keep it for me haha nah man keep it buddy, Email me and we'll discuss it
  4. Selling this already jesus man. Good luck. I suppose i could offer the x80 for it as an Offer for you to think about
  5. Loan company's do have their own discord, I used to own Total Bankers before i sold it...
  6. You won't be able to sign in to the panel if your banned buddy, Hope this helps
  7. It might also stop this from happening. Some one gets kicked from the taxi for not having enough money and instantly gets ran over by an ambulance https://streamable.com/n0r63 @NBDY and @Osvaldon can you take a look when one of yous are free please.
  8. This has already been spoken about in this thread dont know why its getting repeated for, I know the admins don't use their gang Affiliation to accept their reports and help them, If you record and report and you got proof to go with any rule breaks the members of staff has or needs to punishe people in the gangs as well as any one else who breaks the rules, The admins are very trusted with in the community but if any thing happens report it instead of making these threads. Administrators will go by their guide book and protocols when then need to deal with this. They are in the position as they are very trusted....
  9. It doesn't happen if the customer has loads of dollars, But for the new peeps that join and haven't got much dollar they would get kicked and it still doesn't charge them, So to get that sorted we would have to toggle off the fare and take them to the destination, So hopefully this could get implemented since the new debt this is around
  10. Hello everyone I'm writing up this suggestion as I've noticed many times that if a player hasn't got a a lot of money they would get kicked from the taxi if they couldn't afford the fare, Once they get kicked they dont pay anything but the script automatically kicks from the vehicle. Since the debt is in the city now and if you get fined from the police and haven't got the funds it would go in to debt. I think it would make it more realistic if you can't afford taxi fares then we should be able to take you to the destination and the cost goes in to the debt section in your bank.
  11. None of these would be implemented due to how fast they are Unfortunately
  12. Only thing i can say is talk to a moderator or an admin about it and tell them your situation, Remember CK means you have to start from scratch and you remember people from your past life... Its always good to ask advice from staff
  13. Here comes the big dawg good luck buddy
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