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  1. Dwayne Smith - Gift for Jason Castillo $1.5m Should you need to contact me #3215352
  2. REFUND PENDING Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund at this time. Please review the below and amend your request. Reasoning : your evidence does not load for me, could you please provide it again. You will be given 72 hours to amend your request with the information needed and if you do not do it within the timeframe given your refund will be invalidated. Regards, XposeD
  3. REFUND DENIED Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund for any of the item(s) from your refund request. Reasoning : Sorry your items lost do not add up to over our minimum requirement for a refund request. This decision is final. Unless instructed too, if you post another refund request pertaining to this incident you will be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period. Regards, XposeD
  4. His IP will be banned, You have played on his IP at some point that will get you banned too. Just have to wait for an Admin who can deal with this. Sorry! Kind Regards XposeD
  5. Does someone else play GTA in your house that is banned? Kind Regards
  6. Hello, I do not think I banned you? I gave you VDM #1 which is 60mins in jail. The punishment should 100% remain in place and not be voided. Kind Regards XposeD Ricardo_Alvarez XposeD OJail 60 Vehicle Deathmatch | Offence #1 | FR 14/Apr/2019 10:22 XposeD Warning 0 Non-RP #1 | FR 14/Apr/2019 10:22
  7. Hello and thanks for making an appeal I did check your logs after and you were AFK for 5minutes. you was walking in a circle to bypass AFK timer hiding in an office which gave me the impression of a macro to make your character walk. I advise to unban and allow back into the server as it was only 5minutes AFK hidden out of public. Kind Regards XposeD Pending Senior +
  8. Pending @Senior+ as this contains a staff member. From my reckoning you cannot kill a person or injure them because of an in character insult. Kind Regards XposeD
  9. XposeD

    ID 26 (Fear RP, PG)

    Hello the reported party has asked me to conclude this report right away. Thomas_Cavello Will receive fear RP punishment. The reported party is aware of his mistake. Kind Regards XposeD Locked & Archived
  10. Hello and thanks for making an appeal so soon. This was such poor roleplay from all people involved. Your appeal has not nearly been enough time and your permanent ban was Non-RP #7 Here is a video: https://youtu.be/c-5Pup-pKqA Non-RP #6 was only given 14 days ago. I advise to keep the ban in place and appeal again in future. Kind Regards XposeD Pending Senior+
  11. Hello I will now conclude this report. I did actually mention this to another staff member and we deemed it Non-RP to be trying to open their cars etc when heavily out numbered. Baiting them into this so your friends could kill them. It is really not good roleplay. Kent_Silver will receive a Non-RP punishment. Kind Regards XposeD
  12. Closed & Archived
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