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  1. Hello and thanks for making this report. The guy did infact get banned just before I could retrieve your items, But a refund request has a minimum amount, but due to a rulebreak we might be able to get this approved for you but first we will ask @FatherOsborn 🙂 Kind Regards XposeD
  2. Gun Store for Sale/Trade. Contact #3215352 with offers, Looking for a supercar. A gun store is also a safe place to deposit money, with lockable doors and managerial roles to help you run the business. https://gyazo.com/6b2ad5aeb572ad8840c43a8cd079ac6b https://gyazo.com/370c618a58d4cc757fc73ce36b956275
  3. Hello, No a screenshot is not proof but three members of staff one moderator and two admins is easily enough, I was spectating you due to 3 reports that came in about the pair of you, You ran him over with no reason at all then your friend fired at him then you decided to interact and this isn't how we want roleplay to be and that is why we have rules in place. I advise the punishment stay in place as people that roleplay like this without giving other people a pleasant experience deserve no place within our community. And I also agree no communication at all was given until after the vehicle hit and few shots were fired, This was on a New player that was confused and asking why and what was going on, his first experience in eclipse roleplay was disastrous due to you and your friends actions. OH and you cannot rob a new player 🙂 XposeD
  4. Hello guys I will conclude this report. As Assistant Head of Support and discussing this with Lewis, We have come to the decision that this was infact a Fear-RP breach. This is due to the engine being off and in reality a .50 deagle shot would more than likely kill you instantly before you could turn the engine on, I know you said you have CPU issues etc but if we took excuses like that on every report for VDM etc then everyone would say something around that, so im sorry I cannot let it pass. Sean_Underwood Will receive a Fear-RP punishment & a meeting with me. Kind Regards XposeD
  5. tried placing it down to the floor and then moving it over?
  6. Hello and thanks for your appeal. I have just checked your logs and see that the deathmatch I gave you would infact be Deathmatch #5. I cannot remember the incident. I believe in second chances, but you've already had 5 offences. I will leave this decision to Senior Admin+ Kind Regards XposeD
  7. very nice of you Andor. Cannot refuse a free entry. Dwayne Smith #3215352
  8. Warehouse for sale, Great location. It is currently listed for sale, any negotiations will go through #3215352
  9. its listed for sale at 401k
  10. House is listed for sale for a quick sale. My old Storage house. #3215352
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