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  1. Hello and thanks for your appeal. I will issue a permanent ban to someone sending OOC insults if they are really bad and severe, as a member of staff we try protect our members and keep our community a nice place for all to enjoy. I am currently away so cannot provide any of the evidence, but going off my mentality to ban someone for OOC insults it must have been bad. I will let the senior admin decide on this appeal after checking his chat logs. Kind regards XposeD
  2. Hello again, To the senior admin+ Who handles this: Another DM punishment for Maksim since I banned for offence #2. Kind Regards XposeD Thanks @Dqniel
  3. Hello and thanks for making us aware, This issue has been fixed I have contact weazel members to confirm. Locked & Archived Kind Regards XposeD
  4. TRANSFER REQUEST ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this transfer request. After reviewing your transfer request and the reason for it, I've decided to approve a transfer of the following item(s) to Luke Raven from Vito Scaletta Asset #1 BF400 Asset # $ 86,003 It is your responsibility to make this transfer happen and staff will not be interfering or assisting with the transfer. I also recommend that you do not make attempts to transfer any asset(s) outside of the approved asset(s) listed above, the transfer will be monitored through server logs. You are also not allowed to post a transfer request for another 14 days from this post. If you attempt to request a transfer prior to this deadline you will be muted from our forums temporarily. Regards, XposeD
  5. After reviewing your appeal, Xposed his advise and after speaking to you in DM's about this ban I have come to the conclusion that this ban will stay in place. You may not appeal this ban again within the next 3 months. Bakmeel This is Bakmeel's response to your last appeal on Saturday at 08:31 PM Kind Regards XposeD
  6. Appeal will be denied. Kind Regards XposeD
  7. This will be locked as you already have an appeal open.
  8. Why did you make another appeal ?
  9. hello I have spoken to the reported party in game as he is struggling to make a forum account. He has told me his reasons for not logging back in but he will still receive a Combat logging punishment. Adrian_Zeus has received Combat Logging Non-RP. Kind Regards XposeD Closed & Archived
  10. Hello and thanks for making an appeal. I don't know what scenario you are talking about but according to the video that was provided you started shooting at the officer before he stepped out of his vehicle, This was at the mine. Here is the link To the Snr+ who handles this, I would allow this person back to have another chance but with a substantial time left on his ban so he can consider his actions and re-read our rules. Kind Regards XposeD PENDING SENIOR ADMIN +
  11. Please bare in mind this ranch wasn't actually for sale and would depend on the offer if I let it go. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631177456581083137/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631177195129405450/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631176728718606356/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631176233522036786/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631176117289746432/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631176025187024953/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526230738849497088/631174801293312000/unknown.png
  12. Hello and thanks for making this report. Adrian_Zeus has 24 hours to respond. Kind Regards XposeD
  13. XposeD

    ID 15 DM

    Hello seen as no response from the reported party I will conclude this report. Maksim_Kancar will receive a punishment for Deathmatch. The reason for the punishment is we dont have KOS (killing on sight) Anymore, you had no reason what so ever to fire at the officer without any interaction. Our rules do state a valid reason is if they attempt to arrest you, in this case he had only just stepped out of his vehicle. Kind Regards XposeD Locked & Archived
  14. Here is a 4 Vehicle house in a nice area with a wonderful view of the city. Private Garden Parking spaces (custom built) Hot tub + Swimming pool Here are some photos of the house and location. https://imgur.com/a/ejZFY5b House is already for sale so first to get there and buy it wins!
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