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  1. this was made way before that new robbery rule
  2. XposeD

    [Buying] Evaron

    one in stock at heavyflow
  3. Now for sale at the door.
  4. 3g house now for sale no longer for rent. price is set at the door. 10 North Sheldon Ave https://imgur.com/a/SkcgrRa #3215352
  5. i think Audrey ment buy mine for 4.5m I may be wrong. but its at paleto market anyway.
  6. XposeD

    Vehicle mileage

    i honestly dont think NBDY has decided what is going to happen with miles yet and thats why nobody knows. i also dislike the idea too unless its something that can be fixed at mechanics.
  7. il do you one for 4.5m at high end. No offers that's the price. Option is there if you want it Its listed on paleto highend 4.5m
  8. eyup, i called around and had a look after taking everything into consideration i will offer 4.5m i think this is a fair price after seeing both properties. If you dont get any bids and decide to accept my offer let me know.
  9. alright just started it because you had no starting price, you should have set your price at 5.3 starting.
  10. XposeD


    no longer for sale
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