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  1. Not quite sure who orchestrated or who led the attack, we realised on radio that people were grouping so we came to this spot to provide backup and that’s what happened. I believe a few scouts on bikes called this place out that rival gang members brandishing heavy weaponry in a secluded area, but I’m not quite sure. Many of our people who survived the earlier encounter at sea lab were probably the forefront of this attack so had enough RP reason to do so.
  2. The vehicle was not moving at all, we were literally stationary at one point shouting demands at them. It is completely approptiate in this scenario to scream demands from the vehicle as this is not your typical "vehicle to person" demand, we're not in a sports car doing this, where it is difficult to see the gun due to GTA mechanics and it being a third person game, we are literally hanging out of a bulletproof van/truck with AK's and SMG's screaming demands, with the vehicle not moving, to people who are not moving. This image below shows us and our vehicle stationary (1km/h) whilst ha
  3. Here is my POV: I did, in my POV above, at 0:22 we begin to tell Frank to get out and stop driving, he listened and we got out. Tell me what more I could've done as a passenger? I believe I showed as much fear for my life as I could have as a passenger, I cannot control what my driver does, I can only tell him what to do, and I did, and he listened, do you expect me to get out a moving car just to adhere to the rules? No, because that would be ruleplay and it would consequently put my life in danger and it would be NRP for me to jump out of a moving car.
  4. There was a suggestion made in the past where there were around 4 pages of the community agreeing with this but unfortunately it wasn't added.
  5. Currently you have to either frisk the injured/ask him to drag his guns to inventory/kill him to take weapons off people. make it so that it’s possible to take guns off injured without having to do this, I believe this is a quick fix as this was possible not long ago. this makes looting really difficult especially when you are outnumbered and need to get out fast and you can’t because of desync and the injured person not dying. This small change however will fix this.
  6. +1 If you will remove the radio talk then remove the /s too, basically the same thing.
  7. This is actually a good suggestion but how can you keep the NLR rule the same? This suggestion can't happen without scrapping the rule, one fight and the so called "war" would end in one fight, the new NLR rule and war rules literally contradict each other and are bad for criminal RP and is why no one has partaken in one since the first ever one which we were forced to partake in.
  8. Yes, cops on this server are taking snipers as their main weapon instead of SMG's/Carbines (due to the new gun inventory update) when going into close quarter fights which makes zero sense at all, this is not modern warfare and running around quick scoping people is just stupid, use the snipers properly or don't use them at all. Also remove the micro SMG as it makes no sense PD/SD using them, they are more a of street type of weapon and law enforcement in the real word certainly do not hang it out of their window and shoot it at the person evading. If we are pushing for more realism
  9. Fuz


    Actively RP'ing against this faction and time and time again they show that they always keep things IC, unlike other groups who have issues going OOC. Keep it up and you guys will be official in no time.
  10. -1. Current rule is fine. PD should never be easy to fight. Ramming one person ten times makes no RP sense also, get out of your car and fight or leave the situation, ramming should never be the answer.
  11. ID 438 in this situation You say you didn't hear Eve, yet you comply to her demands. Did you hear her or not? Make your mind up. The fact that you are there in the first place is questionable. You drive up a ramp to see who is laying down on a roof opposite a bank robbery, why did you do this?
  12. Fuz

    ID 125 FearRP

    The evidence which I have provided speaks for itself, I came at you from behind so your points are invalid, IRL it only takes one bullet for me to kill you, and you decide to roll backwards to aim at me just because you have a bigger gun than me? That's not how FearRP works. You wanna talk about RP sense? What RP sense does it make you going Rambo into multiple known criminals with heavies on your own? Just because there are cruisers nearby doesn't mean you are invincible, you have no clue where the cruisers are going and your actions are based off of your GPS and cruiser locations, what
  13. Fuz

    ID 125 FearRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 125 Date of interaction reported: 02/06/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1591116471 Your characters name: Lester Davis Other player(s) involved: Hoxton Curry, multiple Zeta and Triad members Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalle
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