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  1. Now available to buy. $180k at the door.
  2. Selling my Maxed Hakuchou Drag (1/2 Turbo) for $310,000. Contact Lester "LD" Davis Phone Number: #5121425 E-mail: ((Fuz#1821))@LosSantos.com
  3. Still available for rent.
  4. Unfortunately I am not trying to sell the house.
  5. Do you own this apartment at Del Perro? If so, please contact me @ LD #5121425 or E-mail ((Fuz#1821))@LosSantos.com
  6. Renting this nice 1G at Jamestown Renting price 10k a month ((1 week irl)) Contact: LD @ #5121425 E-mail: ((Fuz#1821))@LosSantos.com
  7. Character to be refunded: Lester Davis Date and time of incident: 11/10/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): 1x Pistol .50 with 50 bullets, 1x Assault Rifle with 93 bullets, 1x Radio, 1x GPS, 9x Cocaine, 7x Ecstasy, 1x Bag, bunch of plants and seeds. Description of incident resulting in loss: Was talking to someone when I saw two people running into the lab. Ran towards them and asked them what they were doing. They responded by DM'ing me with 0 RP. @YuSoHelpful took the IG report and the player/s was punished (banned). Evidence of loss: My POV: Inside the bag: My inventory when downed: Comments: The discord chat is a few friends playing another game. @YuSoHelpful told me to put a refund request in so I have done. If this report does get accepted, I do not mind if you give the monetary value or the actual stuff back, whatever works for the staff member dealing with this request. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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