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  1. Fuz


    I've got you a nice 1G. Very discreet location within the city! Hit me up, LD #5121425.
  2. Handing some money over to our weekly collector A quick catch-up was also made here to discuss the current state of WCA and Los Zetas Friendly fight club at prison with the Triads
  3. Unsure why the old thread wasn't un-archived if the leader of the gang is coming back. Regardless, best of luck guys!
  4. Fuz

    [SELLING] Maxed BF400

    UPDATE: Elegy Retro sold. Hakuchou sold. BF400 sold.
  5. Text #5121425 Email ((Fuz#1821))@LS.com Maxed BF400 1/2 Turbo (At HE for 90k) Maxed Hakuchou 1/2 Turbo (At HE for 270k) Maxed Elegy Retro 1/2 Turbo (At HE for 250K)
  6. Fuz

    ID 74 (NRP)

    These examples are completely different to the report in question. We had 0 RP interactions with you before this.
  7. Fuz

    ID 74 (NRP)

    What criminal would realistically attack someone without evaluating the area or situation they're in? It doesn't make much sense to me, you would always check the situation out before attacking, no one in their right mind would attack someone in front of cops IRL, especially the way you did. We had to engage in a shootout with cops because of your actions, which is not good RP anyway, and multiple people's RP experience was effected badly due to your actions.
  8. Vory relations are fine
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