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  1. 1.8 Million Reaper_270#2290 @gmail.com
  2. +1 you should be able to toggle accessories and have them put in your inventory.
  3. -1. The amount of time it takes for a car IRL to decay to the point of having to get serious work done is 3-5 years. By the time this would happen in game, we would've already gone to the mechanic for a popped tire or smoking engine. Don't think it's worth the time for the developer to create this their time would be better spent elsewhere.
  4. AFAIK this is the next government agency that will be created. I'm not sure what the progress is on this faction though. I think it's in the works, but would need an admin to confirm this.
  5. It's also unrealistic the amount of criminal RP and times cops are involved in shootouts. If this was real life they'd have the city under martial law with the US Army controlling the city with a 6PM curfew with how much crime occurs. However we are okay with a little bit of non-realism in exchange for having a fun time.
  6. Death RP should only be allowed in cases of CK. If they want to use this as a way to RP their CK than I am fine with it. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense for the player to respawn at the hospital and 99% of the time players will do it to avoid prison time without the intention of improving the RP experience of the cops / themselves.
  7. Also shouldn't the different levels have different bleed rates? If you have critical damage you shouldn't bleed out at the same rate as if you fell off your bicycle.
  8. Is this the case? Because that's what I want. If somebody is holding a gun and they're affiliated with the people you're shooting at you should be able to shoot them. As far as I'm aware DM rights are on an individual basis and I wouldn't have the right to shoot at that person unless they attack one of us.
  9. Right and if you attempt to escape while a gun is being pointed at you then the player should be able to attack you for not following his demands. Being in a car gives you the opportunity to attempt an escape, but it shouldn't prevent the shooter from trying to stop you from escaping.
  10. Current: • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. New: • If they are not in compliance with demands or attempt to escape while at gunpoint. • If they call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. Basis: If you pull a gun on a vehicle and they can clearly hear your demands because they are stationary, but the engine is on, they technically aren't under Fear RP because of the engine being on. However I believe the fact that they refused to follow your demands whilst being at gunpoint should be enough to attempt shoot at them or their vehicle for failure to follow your demands. It just doesn't make sense that being in a vehicle with the engine on would make some sort of magical barrier that a criminal would decide not to shoot at you when in reality they likely would. The rule should be changed so that the player in the vehicle CAN make that decision to drive off, but that if the player who gave demands shoots at him for deciding to do so there would be no DM punishment towards that player. Also on a separate note, I believe that another rule should be added: New: • If you are clearly associated with an individual who commits an offense that would allow the victim and/or his associates to attack your friend then you are able to be attacked as well. Basis: Lets say that I was getting robbed a group of 3 individuals. One of them was aiming a weapon at me and two of them are scouting to make sure everything goes smoothly. A couple of my friends drive by and see me getting robbed. They get out of the car and attack the guy pointing a weapon at me. Under the current rules, they are at an inherent disadvantage because the two people scouting are not allowed to be attacked by my friends, so even if they are facing them with an AK-47 in hand, my friends would receive a deathmatching punishment for shooting them. The only way my friends would be allowed to attack the associates is if they opened up fire on my friends for attacking the robber. I don't think having to trade deathmatching rights on an individual basis is fair nor does it make any sense. If a group of individuals initiates an attack on another group of individuals, I believe deathmatching rights should be granted for everyone in both groups as long as there is a clear association.
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