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  1. Had a good run, all good things must come to an end!
  2. All it takes is 1 table and your whole setup gets raided. Until they make it so theres 0% explosion chance if you water, more tables is not feasible.
  3. CASH OFFERS ONLY (No trades) Send offers to: 4845519 Address: 7 Didion Dr https://imgur.com/a/utpMMV9
  4. I mean you must be out of the loop because almost nobody cooks drugs after the most recent update. There's no way to protect your lab from exploding and losing 500k worth of gear. Even if you water it every 5 minutes eventually it will blow up and cause you to lose money. If they want to making it so labs blowing up is the cost of doing business they need to raise the drug prices back to where they were pre-turf update. They got lowered from ~900 to ~600. A lot of criminals are resorting to trying to get legal jobs because there's literally no solid way to make a good consistent income anymore
  5. First of all, nobody is asking for no rules for crim RP. If you think that's what we're asking for then it shows how out of touch this staff team is with the criminal community. Perhaps if the staff team involved the community in their discussions they would better understand what it is we would like to see. Secondly, good luck with finding enough passive roleplay to keep the 200+ players in your factions satisfied. You have way too many officers than you need right now. If you are so committed to passive RP then you'd be performing these passive RP opportunities right now as there are ve
  6. Whether they are intentionally looking to do so or are accidentally doing so does not make a difference. In the end we're still getting shit on just like we've been since late 2019. PD relies on criminals to have a purpose of a faction. Keep shitting on criminals ICly and OOCly and you'll (PD/SD) eventually not have anything to do as a faction, just like we have nothing to do as a criminal community right now. I'd imagine you've already seen a significant reduction in the amount of roleplay opportunities you get as police now compared to a year ago. Criminals I've known who have played here fo
  7. We don't have any type of democracy on this server. The staff team is not representative of the player base and is no way elected by the player base so it's not a republic either. I'd rather have a direct democracy than a dictatorship where everyone given power is elected rather than selected. However I know that's not how many many gaming communities work. There are a few that do it well like Oldschool Runescape, but their community is much larger. I know that this topic is hopeless and will never happen just like PD vs Crims discussion. One group, in this case staff, would never relinquish a
  8. I see this being abused as a way to counteract somebody stealing you vehicle under normal circumstances. Maybe if there was a check that the person was in the drivers seat of the vehicle before making it inaccessible. If we could do that then I would be fine with it.
  9. -1 I think the limit should stay in place. This prevents somebody making a typo and sending 500k instead of 50k I also don't really mind the fee for wiring as in most banks you would have to pay a transaction fee to wire, although it would be a flat fee not a percentage.
  10. The problem is not with the delivery of the mail. The postal person physically delivers it to the correct address. The problem is that the person who receives the mail is not the person in that house. It's a random house in the city that gets the /checkmail and the contents of the mail.
  11. I would probably initially test it by sending mail to your own houses and see if you receive them. If you didn't receive the contents of what you sent, then a random address received those contents.
  12. It never got archived, meaning it's still likely an issue. I haven't tested the system since.
  13. Pretty sure the mail system has been bugged for quite a while. The mail doesn't get delivered to the correct address, but a random address instead.
  14. My suggestion would be to allow a person to work off their fines. So say for example I go to jail with $25k in fines. Should I choose to do manual labor in the prison I should be able to pay back all of that $25k when I do X amount of manual labor. This allows people who can afford to pay it to ignore the manual labor. But if you're broke you might try to do it to get your fine money back.
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