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  1. Shadow Enterprises A business for better business. Shadow Enterprises has been in business since the start of 2019. We offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to auto, asset, estate, event, finance, loan, rental, trusts, and services to any of our clients. Our goal is helping making businesses better for our clients, employees and citizens to help them achieve their ambitions. Meet with our team today to see what we can do for your, past, present and future. As a government licensed and legal entity we promise to be fair, impartial and unbiased. We are confidential and informative and care about our clients, their privacy and their goals. What we do... Asset Liquidation. Auto Ownership dba Atomic Auto Financing Available! City, Department & Legal Documents. Construction Services. Criminal Reform Programs. Event Planning & Organizing. Financial Planning, Debt & Liabilities. Funeral Planning, Will & Testament Services. Holdings, Transfers & Trusts. Loans dba Maze Bank Central / West & Schlongberg Sachs Associates. Home / Vehicle Loans. Investments. Personal & Private Loans. Tenant-Landlord/Rental Loans. Mediation, Middleman & Negotiation Services. Property Dereliction & Abandonment. Rental Management. Safety Deposit Boxes. Security Services. Shipping & Supply Services Associates, Business Partners & Subsidiaries Atomic Auto | Maze Bank Central | Maze Bank West | Schlongberg Sachs | Total Bankers Be part of a bigger plan today, tomorrow and beyond. Call, Text or Inquire Now.
  2. Sanchez has been given away! ((to a new player, yay! Lenny was it?))
  3. +1 I would love to see how creative players will get, in addition get them some better consistency in illegal jobs.
  4. Here are some thoughts and options. Freelance job where players can be coroners. You pick up bodies from calls and random markers with a hearse. Add 'coroner' to 911 calls. This would ping a *both* emergency services call with "BODY: caller message" in case emergency services wanted to investigate. But it also places a marker for the coroner driver. Non-Spawned bodies, pay more than spawned. Each driver will always have a single body they can pick up at all times. When they arrive to the area they can hit "Y" or /search to spawn a random body in the area. (this way there aren't random bodies laying around all the time, operates like the truck trailer when you are close to pick it up.) The coroner's vehicle acts like it's own '/dropbody' but can be filled to 10 then you need to drop off. You can empty your hearse at a graveyard, hospital or coroners office. (preferable at least 2 areas to cover the entire map.) EMS/LEO Grainger Should be able to either carry 4 bodies or act like it's own /dropbody. Ability to turn bodies into Inventory * (Less payout, maybe less work? but I think probably one of the better ideas.). Once you bag a body, /bagbody you should be able to carry it like a bag. 'P' to pickup, 'O' to inventory. 30? vol, so you can only carry one at a time, but vehicles that can carry large amounts would be able to carry many bodies. If you have a body in your inventory, it will show, just like guns and bags, when you have them. Body bags can be dropped off at coroners or dropped from inventory at /dropbody spots for a bit of cash.
  5. +1 Had a space docker following me one foggy night with those green headlights. Creepy AF. Looked back again and it was gone..
  6. +1 I'd just love to be able to add a car to my regular stock as well, even if it deleted all the mods and made it stock.
  7. There are a lot of houses that have the opportunity to garage boats, but they're not close enough to the water. Proposal: Increase the range dramatically for boats so they can be parked at houses that are at least somewhat close to the water. (stream distance?) This way houses that aren't close to the water, still have the opportunity to park a boat, down the hill, across the road or even down the street. Or, add boat trailers so we can haul our boats!
  8. ((It is, @Ximena, please adjust any threads in these sections.))
  9. +1 Would like to see the CityBee map markers active when they're usable and inactive when they're not though so you can tell when you need to grab a taxi.
  10. +1 Amazing idea. Could even get subsidiary firemen to fight fires and get paid to respond.
  11. Agreed, down side though is I don't think there are a lot of individuals who can do this at this time.
  12. Hmm odd, it seems like it may have been left behind from an event? @FatherOsborn, can you remove?
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