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  1. +1? I would like to see bus drivers get the option to choose their routes. A passenger that gets on, pays $30. Bus stops could have a hover text of how many drivers are on the route that hits that stop. Routes could hit most high traffic neighborhoods, then a few low traffic ones.
  2. +1 Use search Sardinsky! There's a few really good suggestion threads for this.
  3. Police don't raid drug labs unless they get information on it. I know criminals call police on other criminals at drug labs, that's where a lot of our information comes from. A bit of "if I can't have it, you can't have it, either." kind of thing. If criminals/drugmakers all shared and had a truce at labs, they probably wouldn't be destroyed as often.
  4. +1 Topics... like this that have been mentioned so many times. PLEASE use search before posting. If you support an older topic, it shows it's still something people want after so long and we still don't have it.
  5. Xoza


    +1 If drug labs are less than 1, rebuild immediately a random drug lab.
  6. +/- 1 I like the idea, maybe allow groups to unlock skills? ICly they would have to work on what groups would unlock what skills as they could only have one, or two.
  7. +1 Faction F4 menus should be active for anyone, with official only adding a ton of benefits, like turf. Turfs could be active allowing one F4 group to own a maximum of one and official groups owning many. Turfs could be captured by naturally spending time in that area under a faction that is not government. So there are less DM/Fight issues. It naturally would fall to individuals who may own the homes or hang out there.
  8. Could have a better toggle between working one or the other, but that currently is 'leaving the job'. Maybe a new description is better. /clockout?
  9. +1 Civilian RP should be the primary focus and basis of any server. Criminals should then be able to exploit that RP, making them criminal, thus creating RP for both.
  10. Usual procedure is, and can be very situational depending on what else is going on around the city. Call Mechanic Services Wait 60 seconds. (powergaming rules state 30, but it's not really powergaming so I do it for good measure either way.) Call to see if a unit is at PD already, available to provide towing services. (I'd rarely send a unit to PD, to get a truck, depending on distance and situation of course.) Wait 20 seconds, checking in any checking units to see if I can get someone for about 60 seconds again (All while the Mechanic service call is still active). If no one can be found, verify the vehicle is operational and clear from any investigation needs. Drive or have the vehicle driven to impound. (Within speed limits and again, situational). A police officer driving a suspect vehicle is also not Non-RP and done IRL as well... Just like a criminal, can get away with driving a police officer's vehicle. -1 though. In the end it's an IC complaint.
  11. -1. I do like some of the ideas here though... The jail time per crime could be tweaked slightly, but I like the idea of offlining jail time as well. This could get players to use or get alternate characters if they want to continue playing.
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