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  1. Sorry, looks like the Phantom is gone, all vehicles are at High End.
  2. Someone mentioned an idea about adding some kind of bonus or incentive to encourage workers to work during less common hours. There are a lot of incentive ideas out there but a monetary one could be the easier to script as it's automated and wouldn't require the leadership to check regularly to see who works what hours. Don't know all the details about salary, but two options can be added "Population Ratio" and "Ratio Offset Bonus" For example. You run a mechanic shop. For every 100 people on the server, you think your shop runs pretty well with 2 people. You would set your population ratio would be 2% Then you can set the amount of an offset bonus for ever person the duty is short. If you set it to 25%, a single mechanic with a salary of $4000 would instead earn $5000 --- A major change besides the proposed though is salary would need to trickle or count every minute or percent. Salary would need to be divided by 100 or 60, depending on how it's set up, then add the bonus, % bonus. If salary is $1000 and bonus is 10% and based on Salary progress percentage. Every percent you would receive. (1000*1.1)/100
  3. Xoza

    Selling 3g in vespucci

    Nope, thought you may be interested though.
  4. Xoza

    Selling 3g in vespucci

    @SA Brian Jennings
  5. Xoza

    Burner Phones

    Just /delphone and live without one.
  6. Xoza


    Would love to see Binoculars added to the game. Essentially a variation of a telescope or weaponless scope. Could even add night and thermal vision for police and have them as illegal imports or modifications.
  7. Xoza

    Snowy day's

    While I like the idea, I agree it should only be done during winter time. Snow should probably start on Christmas Eve and go for a month. Then could have spots of snow once a week for a few hours in November and February.
  8. Xoza

    Body Behind

    Agreed! Would also get them to flee the area because if they're still there when the body is found, they're going to be questioned about it.
  9. Xoza

    Work Vehicle Despawn Warning

    +1 A good practice would also be to jump in your vehicle when you have to move for that AFK timer.
  10. Xoza

    Trading Super for another Super

    I may know someone interested. Do you have a contact number?
  11. Please separate into individual threads or find a similar thread to revive. +1 on everything except sniper rifles. Reason is way too much possibility of abuse, getting shot and killed and not knowing who to report. This may get better though with the unix time on the screen.
  12. Xoza

    New Goverment Faction [DMV]

    I like the idea, but not another faction. Better to impliment into a current one. Also have to keep in mind what if players aren't around?
  13. Xoza

    Snowy day's

    +1 Someone is already missing the snow. I actually like the idea of snow on the "nth" day of the month. Like the 5th and the 20th. Because every month, those days are different and spreads it out letting everyone experience it a little.
  14. Xoza

    Rockford Plaza

    +1 to scripted shops! Would love to see a mall or more stores with scripted shop abilities.