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  1. I don't know any police who don't naturally value lives, but players are not required to value others lives over their own, shoot or be shot. IRL you are judged the same way. Gangs participate in illegal activities and are not supported by the government. PD is supported and controlled by the government, we don't get to choose who we follow and don't have the freedom to do whatever we want. 200 vs 8 last I played. We may be the 'largest gang' but we are the enemy to 90% of those people. Before you judge any group, you should be part of them first. PD has the most required RP than any other group, it's a job that never gets boring but you see a lot of what the server offers in playerbase and RP quality. Some good, a lot really doesn't make sense, unrealistic or poor. Certain tactics are used to catch and stop criminals from doing what they're doing. If that means blocking doors and firing at a threat to ourselves or others or someone who is not complying when their life is at threat and they are not valuing their own, then it may just happen. If you truly believe more could have been done, or something was done incorrectly, ask for an file an investigation or file an IA report. Mistakes are made and collateral damage happens even IRL. Investigative RP is fun, but a lot of people don't respond to it. It's actually really disappointing because it can be done in such depth and accuracy and be good RP. Being diplomatic and cooperative always interests me further than someone going right to OOC. Grab a ride-along one day. You'll see how much RP police do compared to everyone else.
  2. I think there's only two or three in the city and I'm pretty sure the two I do know don't want to sell them.
  3. Dream car, someday I'll get one.. *sigh*
  4. Eh... not sure.. I like the ideas it could lead to though. Police / Medic numbers are private for a good reason. Only Emergency services staff should be able to see the available support they have.
  5. Xoza

    Live News

    I believe they have broadcasted live news before, via Twitch, I don't know of a way they can though via ingame capabilities, unless they can script the TV to follow only Weazel news vans and reporters. Like you can follow players via TV in GTA Online.
  6. Agreed with command shortening! Let's redirect this suggestion to that. Or removing suggestions in commands if you don't have access to perform them. +1
  7. Suggested SO MANY TIMES... Please use / revive previous threads about this.... +1 anyway..
  8. Robbery should require more than one person at all times. You can't efficiently frisk someone and hold a gun pointed at them at the same time. Your accuracy and efficiency with the weapon is lowered dramatically, if .. for example you're trying to open someone's wallet with one hand, and holding a gun in another.
  9. I don't believe golf is available via script restrictions.
  10. A few suggestions cover something like this. Like Citizen job ranking/levels.
  11. Would love to see more banks also, suggested by @FatherOsborn. ! Will add another suggestion about that later if there isn't already one out there.
  12. -1 Way too much potential for abuse the other direction. If you want to solve something on the spot, make a good case for it on the spot and negotiate. Everyone wants to win in some form.
  13. The Police Department covers the entire map. We have officers who do prefer to patrol the Blaine County area. It comes to having the supporting scripts in the area as well though. Mission Row is currently the only place we can go on/off duty and retrieve vehicles. If this were opened up to other areas and departments. We could definitely see a better spread of units. Relevant...
  14. There are times where criminal actions will lead up to charges without question, this is what you did, you're going to jail for it. Example... You Felony Evaded, which you would be charged for, a charge you would agree, OOCly, that they have the right to charge you with, because you did, as they witnessed. However... if they say you did it twice, and you have other charges. That's when you can start questioning and asking why. If they say you evaded us before, then you can challenge and say, this is the first time you've had a run in... and so on. As long as you're honest OOCly and .. even a little honest ICly. You can create reasonable doubt that would push an officer to verify charges.
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