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  1. There are a ton of rentals available now in the marketplace but mine is also available.
  2. Loan granted in account of Maze Bank West, a subsidiary of Shadow Capitol.
  3. +/- 1 Should be a bit less, maybe 10% of the value? Don't want clothing and masks to be a targetable item for robberies, only just enough to help clean up the streets. Could also bag items in trash bags and utilize ideas from the below or allow you to dump them yourself and get paid to dispose of a bag, instead of doing the entire truck job.
  4. Hmm... If you asked ICly I don't see why not. The LEO may have to call them though as you wouldn't be able to. No reason to not let you transfer legal items.
  5. Server Suggestions? I agree, firearms and ammo should be sold separately. No one in any store would sell it together, let alone load it for you. You do need a weapons license to buy / carry a weapon (ICly). Else you go to jail. I actually believe the 'black market' should be unbiased and anyone should be able to import most anything, even cars that dealers can't get, making these vehicles and marking specific vehicles 'unroadworthy'. Official factions however would have an advantage of 'trust' from the off shore dealer and be able to import other higher illegal items.
  6. You could scrap it, but I think you only get 10% of it's base import price, or something really low.
  7. +1 There are pluses and minuses, but overall it gives factions 'claims' to neighborhoods and things to compete for. On the rules side, territory / turf would be treated as property and you have the right to defend the ownership. It could be re/captureable weekly, have buffer times or have a complicated procedure or items of purchase to capture. Or it could be automated all together and be based on faction occupancy.
  8. So... is this a lawyer suggestion? Or a get my items back suggestion? There are several topics already that have suggested this. PLEASE use search and support already existing topics.
  9. Just... waiting for the server restart then, see if it works. I actually think I got stuck in your office back then...
  10. +1, still in support. NCZ though, still not sure. NCZ does make the area feel 'safe' for players to hang out, thus would drive the crowd to that location.
  11. Big +1, moderation needed. Yes, you can hide them, on the far right top of the signature with the 'xv' button, and hide all or specific user signatures, but I actually like to see peoples signatures and hate how they're abused and how obnoxious they can be. I like to know who's talking since (characters<->accounts) don't usually match, and what interests or new things they have. Signatures should be clean and straight forward, try to reduce a messy looking forum.
  12. Yes, I would and I have done so. If you are sworn to protect the citizens, city and state, you are required to at minimum to report the crime to officers on duty and provide any information you have regarding it. Not doing so would be misconduct and dereliction of duty whether you're on duty or not. The power you are given being law enforcement has it's perks. but it also has it's demands. If you stood there witnessed any crime and you didn't report it you could face charges yourself for accessory. All of this is based on real life, obviously, but we're trying to RP as close to as possible within our capabilities.
  13. -1 We need more business to be run by players. Not less. Yes, it sucks players aren't available 24/7, but they are out there. If players aren't actively running businesses that the server counts on, they should be transferred or sold. Loan Companies though defiantly aren't an absolute necessity for the server. I thought they weren't active until I bought one myself. I own a loan company, If you can't get a loan it's probably because... You have a poor history (admin, criminal or credit). You haven't been in town long enough. You're asking for too much.
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