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  1. You would still faceplant on the platform and/or get stuck outside the interior and still need to be rescued.
  2. It's not really about activity. There are plenty of factions that now don't have direct activity requirements and/or don't have requirements tied directly to the faction all the time. Below is simply an example of what I've needed to or would have liked the ability at one point. LSPD LSC Shadow Corp LSMC Burnout NonGov factions are still bound by member limit rules, and that should be the only 'population cap' which would naturally push leaders of factions to monitor their members activities directly.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): All Character name: Xoza_Shadow Issue/bug you are reporting: Property/Interior Issues Expected behavior: Loading on entry and waiting for load, preventative solutions to recover if not loaded. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Enter Shadow Corp from an Austrailian VPN on an older computer. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A For whatever.. various reasons listed below and all too often, property interiors do not load in time to 'save' a player from the inevitable bath below them. I have even had times whe
  4. With larger properties, more furniture, various computer capabilities and persistent bugs, I'd like to offer some solutions that could help property / interior loading. Teleport players back to the entry door... When they are submerged in water. When they type a /stuck command and they are under a specific height or a certain distance from entry. When they touch a teleporter outside the property below the main entry. Prevent falling by... Freezing the character on entry, then only unfreeze when they use a /command or press a mo
  5. I can understand your point. I have a few suggestions / ideas to improve the new fuel system as well that could balance this out a little.
  6. +1 pretty big issue that's held back some of my factions work in the interior and adding more lights doesn't help. Players shouldn't have to add mods, to counteract other changes, and should be able to play normally with no mods. Please see the following. I disagree. Properties currently were designed around 'interior' and lighting without weather or sunlight, lights actually don't light during daylight. The 'fog' should be removed and it should be set back to midnight or even could allow the property owner to set their own time.
  7. Emergency calls from RV's, do not point to the RV location in Dimension 0.
  8. The "[Visuals] Nights are now darker" modification that was recently implemented need some rework and improvement. While I respect the goal to create a slightly better environment in various area, it doesn't really do what I believe the goal should be. In design there are some refinement tools where you can sharpen and darken, dark colors while lightning and improving light colors, in addition with adding sharpening to still be able to see edges and lighting falloff and bounce. Right now the visual, only looks like a #% filter over your entire screen and it unnaturally darkens everything
  9. Our current devs are more then capable of doing the work, but they also have their own lives and this is not a primary job. There are a few issues with hiring others for development. It costs money, they don't really have to pay if they don't see the need. The individual must be trustworthy as they could gain full access to everything. Freelance devs often expect things and can expect it unexpectedly. And a few other 'people' / legal related risks. Seeing as Eclipse does not run as a business, there are several factors that can be just prevented. Howev
  10. The requirements when it comes to adding this like this could be as follows. Find the codes to generate the interior of choice. Explore the interior and clean it up / add missing items / remove unneeded items. Make sure areas are secure and there aren't mapping glitches. Create a teleport and dedicate that dim to that interior. Maybe tie that dim and interior to a property dim and give that ownership to a faction (so they can build in the club) Move / create poker tables. Script new gambling games. Test everything. It may sound easy, but
  11. I suggested 5, because if you can do 3, it's just as possible to do 5. Still gives plenty of options for those rare individuals who could get involved in more than 3 and even could allow for transitions between group. Someone could easily be... while that's a lot, there are some instances where even temporarily, that could be the case. Law Gov Funded Business (News,Mech,Taxi) Business Club
  12. More Faction Membership Back in the day, you could only be part of 1 Faction. The factions were modified so you could be in 2 factions. As I understand, this was done as a test, to see how well it worked, as well as to expand players options to do other things and be part of other factions and it works pretty well now. With the expansion of all types of factions, players, positions and jobs I would like to propose the following. Expand the factions you can be part of to 5. Since the faction membership is based on a 'number' it should be able to be expanded the same way
  13. Greetings, Shots were heard from my unit fired from nearby and we approached to investigate. Our approach was a bit after shots and could have given a shooter time to escape. One individual was seen on foot with a heavy weapon, other individuals without weapons visible and two other vehicles were seen fleeing but were unknown of involvement and could not be assumed as involved as they were different vehicles of different colors, which shouldn't matter. As seen in the video, the individual drew a weapon, then gave demands as we retreated and they began firing on us. Their demands were
  14. Fighting and Knock Out without the risk of death! At this point, all damage done can be considered 'lethal damage' as you could be put into a downed state, and die from that state if not treated. Fist / Blunt weapons, even suggested car accidents should do none or very little to HP and instead issue 'wellness' damage. This would avoid putting someone in a death, or eventual death state but offer more options in the state of wellness. All blunt melee weapons and fists should do very little HP damage, but could do 'wellness' damage. Loosing wellness would eventually put
  15. These bus stops in the canon image, include all stop/shelters that exist.
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