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  1. Hello I was involved in this shootout and would like to say something, https://streamable.com/c1ljja | Did you just completely forget you were trying to enter the hanger when we clearly still had over 40+ people alive and actively shooting? You were being shot by at least 10+ people with .50 pistols, when it was just one of you that can shoot out of the boat how is that not fear rp? Bullet holes likely despawned as the fight was well over an hour long, we all know here by the videos that you and your partner were shoot well over just "7 times"
  2. -1 would just lead to non rp house robberies
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 2/7/2021 5:12am (UTC) Character name: Charles DelaCruz Issue/bug you are reporting: While injured your health bar wont slowly go down after being put into a vehicle. Expected behavior: While injured your health bar should be slowly going down like it would if you weren't in a vehicle. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Steps to replicate, Injure yourself or someone else, Put them into your vehicle with /draginjured like PD does to put people in the back of their cars, then wait a minute or two to see that your health bar
  4. Drag was already nerfed when the fuel tank was reduced along with the new non rp rule for off roading. The bike should be 3 mil, Its an exclusive high performance bike that is no longer being produced by the manufacturer. +1 to the suggestion should be reverted, Sure its good but you Riggy in PD have other PD members that bought drags for the soul purpose to use in pursuit while on duty. Also have 3 PD supers to your disposal, Newly added Vacca, 811 and T20. T20 being a very good in city vehicle while on pursuits, I've been chased by a T20 and Heli while on my drag while the reduced fuel tank
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): 2/5/2021 5:15am (UTC) Character name: Charles DelaCruz Issue/bug you are reporting: When cooking with weed tables (Haven't tried this with coke tables) when there are active ingredients in the table and it is "cool", press E on dismantle and it will dismantle. Expected behavior: Expected behavior should either drop the ingredients or and error message on the top of your screen stating "can not dismantle while actively cooking" or something similar Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Place a table down, start the process
  6. + Jailtime would also need to be stopped
  7. +1 Its doesnt help the RP at all, you can be in a meeting with one speaker and everyone is tabbed out. Makes them feel weird imo but if its removed they can still be tabbed out still hearing the meeting ect,, but not making the speaker feel like no one is listening
  8. Not once in my 350K xp playing time have I had my haircut by being caught lacking or robbed by an enemy gang. It's honestly not that hard, surround yourself with people that have your back and can shoot when needed. But would'nt mind the command to be like frisking /cuthair (ID) /approvecutihair
  9. I'd like to reset it but with devs being busy with the server I don't think they'll have time to help this. But I forgot it send a verification email to my email so all in all its fine, This can be archived
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