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  1. The bike rams during the chase to weazel on my part were mostly desync, I would not purposely use my bike to ram someone else as it would both endanger my life and cause damage to my expensive bike. Hamada and you threatened us several times while aiming weapons, plus you purposely brake checked me and then changed direction in order to hit me off of my bike, this happened towards the end of the chase where you fell off the bike. You knew were following at speed and would not be able to stop suddenly yet you still chose to turn in front of us and brake, this seems like you purposely tried to hit us off our bikes.
  2. JakeInnit_

    [Selling] Baller LE !

    Its worth around 100k imo
  3. JakeInnit_

    hey guys new too server. quick question

  4. JakeInnit_

    Grove Street Families

  5. JakeInnit_

    [SELLING] Maxed Seven-70

    Seven 70 is no longer for sale.
  6. JakeInnit_

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    I like the idea of: Donator only clothes Donator only weapon skins Gun store discounts Discounted/Free parking at the parking lots Being able to join two factions at once (Mechanic & Clowns for example.)
  7. JakeInnit_

    ID 62 Non RP and DM on another persons property

    He hit my car while you were doing the mechanical work inside hence why I shot his vehicle when you brought it back out.
  8. JakeInnit_

    [SELLING] Maxed Seven-70

    Hi I am afraid its no longer for sale, I forgot to update this page. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. JakeInnit_

    Non-RP 6.6.2 / DM 7.2.1 : Player ID's 40, 65 & 74

    ID 40 here. As you can see and as you have noted all my "rams" were merely accidental as I do not ram using my sports cars. After I issued the commands for you to leave the vehicle I did not act on you ignoring them as you could easily RP "windows up" and we were travelling a fast speed. I don't believe I broke any rules here. As for some context, we were looking for someone in a white warrener who we had a KOS on hence why we chased you for a little while until we realised you were not the person we were indeed looking for. If you require any more information I would be more than happy to provide it. The T-bone crash we had near the car dealership, I attempted to turn in front of you as you were travelling a low speed in the hope that you would stop due to the small breaking distance. However, you just continued accelerating which is fine but this manoeuvre was not meant to cause damage to my vehicle.
  10. JakeInnit_

    [Selling] Schafter V12 maxed out

    still for sale?
  11. JakeInnit_

    [SELLING] Maxed Seven-70

    Update Hi I have updated the prices due to some feedback suggesting that the prices were a little high. Please message me offers jake_#[email protected] or comment below.
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    I think he means whats the lowest you will go on the price.
  13. JakeInnit_

    [SELLING] Maxed Seven-70

    Hi, I am also selling my maxed out Seven-70 I am looking to sell for around $480,000. Please message me offers jake_#[email protected] Features: > Maxed out Engine, Brakes, Suspension, Transmission and Turbo (1/2 Turbo as 2/2 does not increase performance) > Red Metallic Paint with a White Pearlescent > Chrome Sports Rims Pictures:
  14. I have no video evidence from this situation. Pending administrator. Prove it.