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  1. Thread looks sick, good luck
  2. -1. Prior to the additions of speed cameras people drove through NCZs such as bank at 200+ kmh, this caused a ridiculous amount of issues such as manslaughter, desync deaths, explosions and the list goes on. The speed cameras were added to reduce the amount of fast traffic in NCZs which would make sense as these areas would be heavily populated with traffic.
  3. Just reducing timers at static labs would do the trick, as krooks said the static labs provided a much more interactive social experience due to gang lab raids, group cooks, pd raids etc.
  4. +1 spent 30 minutes chasing an off-duty sheriff who was purposely using an enemy gangs colours and driving by my allies to provoke a reaction, the same as cop baiting but reversed.
  5. JakeInnit_

    ID 183 - NRP

    I have footage of his radio calls if required, I can upload tomorrow. I am Jake Okibi I was the one Kasper was talking to over radio.
  6. +1 its literally impossible to get a substantial amount of ammunition, even for those who have laptop access
  7. Suggestion has been partially accepted. Outlaw, V-STR, Blista Kanjo, Asbo, Komoda, Sultan Classic, Sugoi, Drift Yosemite, Retinue MK II, and Everon have been added.
  8. Bump. Not having this feature makes stashing so inconvenient.
  9. +1, I agree fully, the timer should only get started if/when the vault door or the clerk-door is opened and equally PD should not just start camping a bank once the timer goes down so to prevent this from happening PD should not see the timer.
  10. At that particular scene there was just 10 people sat in the lobby talking with empty inventories, SWAT stormed the place shortly after bcos they thought a bank robbery was ongoing, when SWAT entered they were aiming weapons which triggered the NPCs to set off the alarm thus triggering the heist.
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