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  1. I think phone numbers would have to be manually added to the MDC by detectives during investigations providing they have a valid RP reason to do so. Then if you user does /delphone they would recieve a new number and as a result the phone number in the MDC would be invalid. +1 Would also like to see burner phones in the future?
  2. Correct, someone recently ordered 10 pieces of kevlar which cost $40k each, the order totalled to $400k, PD received a notification for this and raided the drop causing the player to lose $400k with literally no chance to counter it.
  3. There is a 5% chance that PD get a notification about an import which lists the exact location and time the shipment will drop but we've found that this happens a lot more than 5% of the time anyway.
  4. Increase Prison Stamp's Worth Current system You get sent to prison, at the start of your sentence you are given 500 stamps via the prison script Normally I start by buying a pickaxe but you can choose to buy several items at the prison with stamps: Food - 250 stamps Soda - 250 stamps Water - 100 stamps Note - 250 stamps Pickaxe - 500 stamps Go outside to the mining area You mine 4 ores (maximum you can fit as each ore weighs 10 volume and you will only have 49 remaining volume when the pickaxe is in your inventory) You walk to the other side of the yard to the drop off point and sell your ore for stamps You repeat stages 3-5 until you have built up 100 stamps You can then go inside the prison and exchange your 100 stamps for 10 seconds off your prison sentence Tin ore is the only ore available to mine within the prison, the exchange rate at which you sell the ore varies but in this case you get 27.5 stamps per ore, which rounds down to 27 stamps per ore as you cannot have half a stamp. This means you have to mine 23 ore to remove a minute off of your sentence. There is also the fact that some of the ore you sell has to fund your food and water in order to keep you alive during the course of your prison sentence, so you cannot fully invest in time reduction, you also have to work and pay to stay alive. Proposed System Therefore, I propose the exchange rate from ores to stamps is doubled so it is exactly 1/4 of the normal selling price rather than an 1/8 of the normal selling price. I would also like prisoners to be equipped with a pickaxe for free at the start of their sentence, you should not be forced to choose between working and buying food, you should be able to do both. 220$ per ore exchange rate currently gives 27 stamps 220$ per ore exchange rate should give 55 stamps Reasoning As most of the criminal roleplayers will know, prison is often boring and tedious with very little roleplay opportunities and the best thing to do is often stick on a decent movie or some music and mine ores with your friends but it seems people often resort to afking in prison as the mining simply isn't worth the time. Evidence
  5. Much appreciated. Would you be willing to trade for a VW 3g and 1 million?
  6. Just finished up a trade with Sasha Vasilyev at bank for a hakuchou drag, no issues what-so-ever and a middle man was not required. +1
  7. 1.2 mil right now for drag. Preferably at the bank with a middle man.
  8. 1.2 mil right now for drag. Preferably at the bank with a middle man.
  9. Ill do 1.2 at the bank right now, with middle man or without I do not mind. Im on the trusted list anyway
  10. My names changed from Jacob West to Jake Okibi, please can you update the list? On another note I have done several business dealings and witnessed other people do business dealings successfully with Tyrone Cox, Joel Whetherby and Jabar Williams, +1 to all three.
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