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  1. I mean what do you expect when you're suggesting people lose up to 10 million? Drags aren't added to dealerships, they just had some performance adjustments to make them more realistic and lessen the constant abuse of them. Comet Retros aren't easily abused, the speed that they can produce is balanced against their poor handling and average acceleration, you still need skill to drive one.
  2. -1 it was removed for a reason, also people have bought these vehicles for over 10x dealership price, it would be a huge hit financially for a lot of people. This is not an economy sink as you described it as the money spent would just go to the dealership owner anyway.
  3. They need to be able to be on 911 and TAC at the same time so they need the ability to be on two frequencies before TS is removed.
  4. As long as it factors in equipped weapons and kevlar, sure.
  5. Why should PD be able to use TS and other factions can't then? Do you not think it puts them at a significant OOC advantage?
  6. Amazing thread, some great people in the faction. Best of luck!!
  7. This is definitely not the be-all and end-all of fixing the economy but its certainly a good direction to go in. If you are complaining about how much you're gonna miss the welfare then maybe find a proper source of income such as a job or any given avenue of criminal roleplay. Auctions and inactivity house sales will also benefit the economy greatly, with a higher supply of real estate then the demand will go down, therefore decreasing prices. Also it will wipe a large portion of money from the server as players will be buying houses from the script rather than from another playe
  8. Fine by me, definitely benefits low end criminals which we currently have a lack of. Most new players lean towards civ/legal RP because criminal tends to be more difficult and punishing for whats its worth. +1
  9. We made that decision ourselves during a relations meeting involving a group of HC from multiple factions, FM didnt force us either way.
  10. Spoken to @Osvaldon on discord and suggested the power amount be shown to the nearest two decimal places. Our assumption is that the power was really at 24.99 for example as a result rounded to 25 on the UI hence why the order didn't go through.
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 2020-01-13 18:12 UTC Character name: Jake_Okibi Issue/bug you are reporting: I wanted to make an order for 10x .50s for 22.5k and 25 power, the faction had 25 power and I have 25k in my pockets but the UI said more power was required Expected behavior: If there is 25 power then you should be able to make an order for exactly 25 power Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Set the faction's turfs to 25 power, get 22.5k, go to a turf order npc, place an order for 10x .50s. Video: https://streamable.com/jofnj1 Vehicle licen
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