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  1. Why would you continue to drive around and resume RP while your friend is crashed? Surely you would just wait in the NCZ and tell us to wait in OOC chat?
  2. I have explained my POV, I still believe no rules were broke on my side. > I am at the Lumber Lab > I get a backup call to east highway > I see the chase in progress > I recognise the matte green granger that is Fin's > I ask on radio who is in it, Fin gives no response so I follow closely > You brake check me several times during the chase > You go to PD, so I get my trophy truck out and put away the comet > I come back to PD and follow you up the bridge > I block your car > You get rammed off the bridge by someone else > You run away to your friends warrener > I drive away 5 mins pass > I get another backup call but this time its at weazel > I arrive and see you parked upon the side walk in the black warrener > My game crashes and my car keeps going forwards > I relog and see both of your corpses on the floor > I drive away from the scene What rules did I break by doing this?
  3. Can you explicitly tell me the time stamps where I broke rules and which rules I broke? I am the driver of the trophy & comet retro.
  4. Are we gonna talk about your contact IC/OOC mixing towards the end of the video? or the fact your in discord/teamspeak for the whole video? I was called over radio to backup James & Fin. I saw the stolen car and I chased it. At the end where I parked in front of you, this was because I crashed while driving to where you were parked.
  5. Hi I am Elizabeth Okibi. You can see me driving the green/black comet retro at the start of the video and the green trophy truck at the end of the video. I presume you are reporting me for Non-RP. I will now explain my POV: The ramming with the comet was a result of desync and you brake-checking me several times throughout the chase The ramming/boxing in that I did in the trophy truck (after you left mission row NCZ) was because you are driving my friend's vehicle which you stole. I know this is my friends vehicle as I recognised the license plate & vehicle model. I was driving in this car not long before this situation. I took no part in the shootout which resulted in your death nor did I steal any of your items. This is because my game crashed and I was struggling to get back in-game. Please can you explain how I metagamed, deathmatched or broke the player theft rule?
  6. Are you able to check chat logs please? It could help solve this report.
  7. Hi we voided this RP on the scene after we discussed it. Im not sure why you made a report. Not to mention the fact that you powergamed locking the car and leaving the keys inside after you got out.
  8. Huge -1. How would the police know where I live?
  9. 8 hours is a long time to AFK. There is literally fuck all prison RP.
  10. Sure ok. I will try and organise something late on tomorrow evening. I just logged off for the day and I have work during the day tomorrow.
  11. My game was crashing too much, my game would barely run for a few seconds before crashing. I wouldn't be able to park it.
  12. This is a series of messages from the ECRP Bayview discord a few hours before.
  13. I have no evidence. As I mentioned I wasn't aware of any active roleplay scenario so I had no reason to clip it.
  14. As I said in the post I was not aware of an active RP scenario as I crashed when I exited my house. I didnt even get the opportunity to see you?
  15. Hi I am ID 118. Id like to start off by apologising for disrupting your roleplay. I have been having consistent issues with rage throughout yesterday, I kept crashing randomly. In the video that you provided I logged in after taking a break from the game to do some OOC stuff, I walked outside my house at which point you clearly attempted to rob me. Unfortunately when I attempted to exit my house my game crashed before the world managed to load in. So I was completely unaware that I was involved in an active roleplay situation when I crashed. As these crashes were happening consistently throughout the day and it was getting late I decided to not log back in after this crash. I simply uninstalled Rage MP overnight and reinstalled it. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I do not feel that I broke the combat logging rule, as I crashed and was completely unaware of the active roleplay scenario.
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