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  1. JakeInnit_


    Best of luck
  2. Good luck with the faction Jamal
  3. I've had the issue in the past where I accidentally walked into my apartment with a shotgun on my back but didn't notice as I couldn't see it on my client, I only realised when my friend pointed it out to me.
  4. They are designed for dirt tracks and snowy roads, such as entering braddocks or going to the lighthouse, not for scaling mountains.
  5. I won't quote the numbers, but as in every business you need to invest money to make money, the current risk vs reward is very high, you can easily make 1 million within the space of a week, no legal job comes close.
  6. Would be nice to see 4G houses have the interior of Michael's or Franklin's house, all 3G houses to have the "special 3G" interior, 2Gs and 1Gs can remain the same.
  7. Automatic weapons have no civilian application at all, should be added to the NPCs. This has been given to faction leaders under special imports as their signature weapon, shouldn't be made available at the NPC. These are already apart of the special imports, no need for them to be added at the NPC. We get these via long and drawn-out roleplay scenarios with the leading criminal faction.
  8. If you crash a car head on at the speeds that police chases normally run at, the chances are you will damage the radiator or some other vital engine component, not to mention the physical injuries you would incur. Often you would get knocked out from hitting the dashboard/steering wheel/chairs in front or at the very least you would become dazed and confused from the airbags going off in your ears and the impact. Having a crash at 70kmh is not something the car or the driver would be able to walk away from within a few seconds. If you can find an example of a car crash at 70-50kmh/50-30mph to disprove what I have mentioned in the above, feel free to link it.
  9. -1, if you crash then you will reduce your speed significantly and not be able to change gear down fast enough or there would be significant damage to the engine, this is why the car stalls. It makes no sense to remove this, and if you learn to drive well you will begin to notice cops wipe out more often than criminals.
  10. 3 sounds reasonable. Lots of people want to be in a government faction (PD/SD/MD/Mechanic/Tax), a business faction (Shadow Corp, Assured Services) and a club (LSMC/Burnout).
  11. https://developers.cloudflare.com/ Try doing this, NBDY recommended it as a solution in #technical-support on discord.
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