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  1. Personally believe its best to remove the fear rp part from the DM rule, just because your in a car doesn't mean you should be protected. I agree with the consistency, different staff interpret the rules differently which causes confusion amoung community members which in turn can lead to accidental rulebreaks.
  2. Would you be willing to trade this 4G for my 4G?
  3. JakeInnit_


    This group disbanded.
  4. Im ID 66. I told you to stop insulting us several times while under gunpoint. After I warned you, you told us to fuck off, called me a pussy and threatened to run us over. Like you really gonna insult us at gunpoint while counter demands were given then claim DM? You also admitted to harming my allies and gang members during the whole conversation...
  5. Gone too soon, rest easy. Thanks for the fun times. ❤️
  6. Honestly everything you suggested isn't great. If you wanna get a knife inside how about you actually RP smuggling one in yourself? I've done it before and I've seen plenty of others do it, equally there is corrupt guards who could possibly get you a radio or a weapon inside. If you want to perform a prison break you need to do it from the outside and honestly they're not overly difficult, take a guard at gunpoint at the front gate and make him unlock all the doors. Perform some RP on a prison guard to steal his keycard then ask an admin to script unlock the doors, not difficult. However you want to do it, do it but making it that easy to escape prison is just stupid. What you're asking for is ridiculous and would completely ruin the concept of prison.
  7. I'm looking for one that's maxed out, sorry.
  8. Update: I am still looking for a Street Blazer
  9. After watching the video frame by frame it appears his car blew up on his screen but not ours. As a result he died instantly and his body seems to have disappeared. You can see in the video the car disappears and his name glows red momentarily.
  10. Hi I am the driver of the SUV, ID 185, Elizabeth_Okibi. In the video you were given demands at 0:26 and then at 0:27 you drove off. You clearly heard our demands and reacted by attempting to escape, due to the fact weapons were aimed while the demands were given, this makes the demands valid, the DM rule states that if you do not comply with valid demands under the Fear-RP rule then we can shoot. At 0:26 when demands were given you could have chosen to perform an RP action to state that your windows were up and as a result you would not be able to hear the demands, but instead you chose to take the demands into account and attempt to flee. Example: "/do My windows are up so I would not be able to hear your demands." I would like to also request footage of the entire situation, after you fled we pursued you to Mission Row at which point you vanished entirely. @Yputi was attempting to chase you in her cruiser when you disappeared. Plus fleeing to a police station after a shootout in a stolen car, does that make RP sense to you? I would like to mention that I did not shoot the player at all during this scenario.
  11. Makes sense, seems like it would further encourage good roleplay.
  12. Looks good and makes RP sense to have this. I think anyone with a lot of items in their stash has felt the pain of reorganising their stash since the update, this would definitely help.
  13. So the current offer is 890k You offer 550k?
  14. Most modern cars have keyless ignition and keyless unlock/locking. You simply have to have the key on your person and then you can unlock/lock the car using a button on the door handle and start the car by clicking an ignition button on the dashboard. Unlocking a car takes less than a second so I am unsure as to why there is a timer for it.
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