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  1. @Felcon Hello as you mentioned "Vory" in the report i can respond aswell LMAO. Im reading all the reports made by zetas&triads. And it looks like your gaming rooms is full of tears cause it seems that you are crying everywhere you can just to "Try" ban your enemies. Secondly stop using our "Vory" name cause you are not allowed to use it. And vory isnt around in town at all since im not playing ecrp. And third thing how is that powergaming if rply he gave his bag to his friend? ^^ Start winning IC'ly not OOC'ly And stop making reports like this cause its lame. Kind Regards Jamal "King" Debose.
  2. When gangs had turfs noone was robbing that much cause they was scared to get involved in the war and losse their turf. right now when gangs cannot have turfs they dont have anything to losse and they are doing whatever they want.
  3. I can offer my special deport island card and a fully maxed out warrener. by the way good luck in sale/trade. Contact me if my offer is good enough for you #405-1715
  4. Lets bring this post again in the top page. Everyone knows that we need this system back into the server.
  5. Good luck selling this property. Good stash house !
  6. Character name(s): Jamal Debose Admin who issued punishment: @Bakmeel Date of punishment: 15-03-2020 Punishment received: Perm ban. Reason given for punishment: #DM-3 Your explanation of what happened: Okay first of all i wanna mention that there was no forum report against me. secondly bakmeel is giving punishments not for the first time when "Mr Jay Gamble" says. and i didnt even had chance for my response. Okay Basically i killed Jay Gamble infront of DOC cause 1 - Jay was not complying by the demands multiple times demands was given to him and for him it doesnt matter. He thinks that he is powerfull and can do whatever he wants to. on gun point he is walking laughing trashtalking and doing nothing that would show that he cares about his life. 2 - Our lovely Jay Gamble went straight to SD while he had multiple enemies around him with guns at him. And he snitched on us that we are robbing him 3 - I didnt shot him even when he snitch to SD i gave him multiple times to stop trashtalking because you gonna get shot. But for our lovely Gamble it doesnt matter he keeps comming towards us and he is still trashtalking while there is only his enemies. So basically i dont see why i have to get banned for DEATHMATCHING Why should your appeal be accepted?: Cause i didnt do anything wrong and i had 100% rights to kill my enemy who SNITCHED on us and then kept trashtalking Also i would like that my appeal would be taken by head admins. Post any evidence or further details:
  7. Cops all the time getting into gang fights cause they wanna shot and they have in their minds that they wont lose anything.
  8. Hello everyone. My suggestion would be - When you giving to other people or someone else giving you a free haircuts on the streets. You wouldnt be able to use barber store atleast for 24h (IRL)
  9. Not gonna say that third time this is the last response to this report. I wasnt trying to do any stunt jumps | Kill you with vehicle > Stunt jump Valueing my asset more then my friends lives is hillarious. I wasnt going that fast to get hurt myself. and im gonna repeat once more "I WASNT PLANNING TO DO ANY STUNT JUMPS" You were my only target at the moment and i ran you over that was the only thing inside my head for that moment. as soon as i ran you over i left me vehicle and opened fire to all of you to keep my friends safe. And my movements got confirmed we won the fight. That accident was IC reaction to the whole situation and personally i dont feel that i broke any rules.
  10. Hello @Awazki Thanks for the tag. First of all i wanna mention about "Fear rp breach" Zero guns was aimed towards my car directly. I took a moment and drove away before having guns aimed on us. Also in that situation you were outnumbered by us. cause we had people on every corner and you went straight in the middle. when we had people on the roofs and inside the multiple vehicles. About "Non rp stunt jump" I didnt expect that im gonna went like that from that cliff my intentions was just to hit you and save my friends lives before you shot them. Also i didnt even planned to make a stunt jump or something like that. And i wasnt driving on the "Full speed" It was around 50-70km/h.
  11. @Default_ID The best way to check where is your car /vehiclestats command it will show where is your car located.
  12. I have no idea if it was mentioned before. But my suggestion is to make Hakuchou drags about 35% of fuel in total Having the same ammount of fuel on a drag as vehicles doesnt make any sense.
  13. just watching your own video footage can perfectly see you just ramming me with your luxury car. If we gonna watch this realistically, the roof of your luxury car would be all dented. If not your ramming with a super car I would have drove away before your demands. But looking at the whole situation we can see how ID8 was ramming more then 1 time. Also How can you give demands while you are under my car? And we opened fire after like 2min chase cause we didnt even had choice to do something better then open fire back. Even looking at this point of view you gonna shot through the roof ?
  14. Are this group still around? cause i havent seen this colours in weeks.
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