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  1. House Location. House price is set on doors very LOW only for TODAY https://imgur.com/a/12IxqYs
  2. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/38200-sale-vinewood-house-3-garage/ and you add some litai on top
  3. house price is set at the door you can easily find the house on your gps. Looking north of the tequilala.
  4. There is no price set. Still waiting for offers.
  5. Hey im listing for sale my house. House has nice balcony and a secret outside room. From balcony you can see very nice view House aswell has custom made interior which looks nice and feels good being inside. Im not in a rush to sell it so dont even try to offer me lowball offers. Leave your offers down below or contact me via phone #405-1715 Interior pictures. Outside pictures
  6. This topic aint chat room. You can keep your bullshit comments on your " Not Dead Gang thread"
  7. First of all, I had my gun all the time in my hand when I jumped off my bike, if I would have saved my POV I could show you that, but because nobody told me to do that, results me not having my own pov. Lets say that I didn't have my gun in hand because I don't have how to prove it, anyway from your video we can still see at 0.04 I started to take my gun out before your demands were given and when you said demands to me i was looking at you. And like i said before i thought that you gonna drive away and i wasnt even looking at you at the first seconds. (Your demands were given at 0.05 after I
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