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  1. JamalBratan

    DM @ DCC Cab Co - ID 94 / ID 116

    I had my gun all the time out. i was holding it in my hands. when he decided to say hands up for me. i shot him down. there is some more proof that my gun was all the time in my hands.
  2. JamalBratan

    A lot of guys (6.6 non-roleplay, 7.2 deathmatch,)

    In the second one. When all people is with mask and Aleexey was typing " Really Jamal? "
  3. JamalBratan

    A lot of guys (6.6 non-roleplay, 7.2 deathmatch,)

    and in Aleexey video you can clearly see how metagamed it was 😄
  4. JamalBratan

    A lot of guys (6.6 non-roleplay, 7.2 deathmatch,)

    As i said i didnt shoot you down and in your "VIDEO" You can clearly say that you was aiming a gun on us. but you saw a lot of us thats why you just started to run and scream in radio. davai.
  5. JamalBratan

    [Selling] Specter Custom

    Im selling a specter custom fully modded. Contact #2923357
  6. JamalBratan

    A lot of guys (6.6 non-roleplay, 7.2 deathmatch,)

    i didnt shoot you at all. and in your video you can clearly see aiming the gun on us and screaming on radio.
  7. JamalBratan

    Stranger 6040_5482 (DM + KOS)

    @Srd1 explained everything. i have nothing to add.
  8. JamalBratan

    Jax_Nightwood Cjeet_Norr DM

    You can clearly see in that screenshot that Jax is shooting at me.
  9. JamalBratan

    Jax_Nightwood Cjeet_Norr DM

    Player(s) being reported: Jax_Nightwood(753_311) Cjeet_Norr(4290_4319) @Cjeet Date of rule breach:29/12/2018 Time of rule breach: 12am Your characters name:Jamal_Debose Other players involved: (mask 512_4871) (mask 8872_5553) Specific rule broken: "7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. " How did the player break the rule?: Cjeet_Norr(4290_4319) Said "Hello" to me. and i didnt respond to him. And then he was pointing a gun on me. when i saw the gun pointed on me i started to drive away. And when i started to drive they started to shoot at me. without any words. like "get out from the car" or something like that. i just got sprayed down without any demands. Evidence of rule breach: http://www.part.lt/img/e36d7c536ebb7b849db0e9fbd6414b5c983.png
  10. JamalBratan

    Looking for Specter Custom

    @Elt0bar i have fully modded
  11. JamalBratan


    remove now
  12. JamalBratan

    Ban appeal 2

    Account name: Cupezz9 Character name(s): Jamal Debose Admin who issued punishment:Aldari_Tagril Date of punishment:18/Dec/2018 12:29 Punishment received: 72H Reason given for punishment: Vehicle Deathmatching. Your explanation of what happened: I was driving to the Paul's farm. and i hear shoots on the highway i came to check whats happening. Some random guys started to shoot at us without any reason. So i hitted once with the car then i stepped out from the vehicle and started to shot. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i did nothing wrong to get punished. 🙂 Post any evidence or further details: I have only video footage from my friends screen. https://plays.tv/video/5c18e99e63c714eb63/jamal-vdm- That one red guy got injured cause of desync. i didnt touch him at all. And it looks like he was going on my wheels on his own :D. im driving all the time first person so i didnt saw that i randomly hitted him.
  13. JamalBratan

    Jamal Debose refund request 80k

    Character to be refunded: Jamal Debose Date and time of incident:12/16/2018 around 2:05PM Requested refund (what and how much): Money 80~k Description of incident resulting in loss: i had three of a kind Aces and i lost against to pair. Evidence of loss: http://www.part.lt/img/6762af81d259dd148b1e4269ce04d123315.png
  14. JamalBratan

    Ban appeal

    Because why not? there was a lot of cars to steal and a lot of stuff on the ground. i didnt drive exactly to the scene. i was driving around it. and checking when cops leave then we would took everything but one of them started to shoot at us from big distance with marksman rifle or something like that. So i was going on the mountain to check it out wich one so later we can take him down. but when i was going on the mountain one cop was hidding in the bush with "C" and i randomly injured him so i ran away. @ChuckM
  15. JamalBratan

    Ban appeal

    I didnt try to hit more cops with the car as i said. it was an accident. what you would do in that situation if i would be in the bush and you would hit me with the car randomly because i was crouching there? you would ban yourself ? put the video here i know you have the evidence 🙂