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  1. [Buying] Pfister 811, $4,000,000 in full. Message me 4517705 ~ Samo
  2. samo

    [REJECTED] Samo_Monroe/Mask 205_7465 (FearRP)

    sure why not
  3. samo

    Samo FearRP

    I was 1 or 2 seconds from death I couldn't fear for my life as i was taking my last words and just called for my fam as anyone would also you didn't demand anything from me I just took my last breath on radio. The police do this all the time as once you are taking your last breaths you arn't 'fearing for your life' because you have lost it. You reach for your radio just before you die and click it to try do your best as your last moment to do what you can especially as no demands were made or any guns pointing at me.
  4. samo

    [REJECTED] Samo_Monroe/Mask 205_7465 (FearRP)

    I just crashed and was loading back in I couldn't control my character or get onto the when you started shooting me and died i just tried to get onto my bike to drive away I re logged and i could chat and lock/unlock my bike with it showing correctly maybe even the shot helped i think I'm unsure and you can clearly hear i didn't hear anything or see chat. Infact i think you tried to abuse this in the chat you can see I timed out as u were around the corner with the police and came over I think you tried to exploit this VIA metagaming the timeout message knowing i was around watching and came around when you saw i timed out close so I'd like to have him punished for metagaming and DM as you clearly new i crashed hence finding me.
  5. samo

    super car availability

    Very much agreed. Super cars should be hard to obtain as per real life.
  6. samo

    The Monroes

    Punched the leaders do wear the outfit and without giving away anything here I don't for a reason.
  7. I believe the guy in red saying 'Get down on your knees' warning 1 and gave him no time to RP and instantly shoots I don't see anything you have done wrong Jay tbh but the guy in red has.
  8. samo

    The Monroes

    Yeah that's exactly what the purpose is it's a long complex plan with extortion and plans that will become clear as time passes to any outsider that's exactly what we want
  9. samo

    The Monroes

    @punched They are all about doing business deals as they are high class if you're low class you will not see them that's the thing with the Monroes 0 criminal record is there game
  10. samo

    Mask 7396_7187 (7.2. Deathmatch)

    Yeah I got banned for the same thing. He didn't give a second warning neither did the guy actually talk.
  11. samo


    @ImChazaa It's sold so not really sure why this is relevant and 1 the 4th jsut came in and was sold to hunt
  12. samo

    MASK 9234_9900 (7.2 Deathmatch)

    Where's your evidence supporting this words are not evidence you need videos as a rule