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  1. samo


    3 was mine deported now so look out 4 them
  2. Player(s) being reported: @NobodyLTU @Flucifial Date of interaction reported: 28/01/2018 Your characters name: Samo Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: Tolling [+2 Points] Replies to a topic that has nothing to do with the continuation of the topic itself. Disclosing Private or Personal Information [+10 Points] Posting or messaging others to disclose private or personal information about another member of the community. Cyber Threats [+20 Points] Any type of cyber threat such as DDOS'ing will be taken seriously. We do not joke when it comes to cyber threats and attacks. Harassment [+5 Points] Excessively targeting a player or staff member. Excessively messaging a player or staff member. Explicit Content [+2 Points] Any content that is considered unacceptable by the general public. This includes but not limited to Gory/graphic images of families, or children, and Pornography. Re-posting a Closed Player Report [+1 Points] Re-posting a player report that has already been resolved or closed for a different outcome or action. How did the player break the rule(s)? @NobodyLTU Has posted on the forums in a video comment Private information about another member of the community, in this case other reports and bans, as well as cyber threats in perm banning and Harassment via a videos comment section aswell as reposting a closed player reports details then abusing his powers and closing my topic with no reasoning and replying with more indirect threats and trolling replies to a topic that has nothing to do with the continuation of the topic itself. @Flucifial has attempted to metagaming and disrespecting a member of the community. NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO THE RULES AS STATED. Evidence of rule breach:
  3. samo

    Reds vs Blues

    Realised I never posted this.
  4. samo

    Samo Monroe DM

    He was chasing me and I saw him and I had been watching them and fucking with them from the hills so didn't loose sight really? I'm confused on what you're asking.
  5. samo

    Samo Monroe DM

    No I have said I didn't have this recorded. If jay or anyone of the people involved that's around 10 guys posts the full clip you will see I do. It was minutes before.
  6. samo

    Selling Mansion (4 Car)

    Been offered 2.5 sooooo is it tho? Thanks for your opinion though
  7. samo

    Selling Mansion (4 Car)

    Starting at 2,750,000$.
  8. samo

    Selling Mansion (4 Car)

    First house on right , Richman Street , North Rockford DR. 5 2.75m starting
  9. samo

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    what as the first? hahaha nooooo prices raised my man
  10. samo

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    Trueeeee discount of course 😉
  11. samo

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    aahhaha ❤️ love u buddy, i'm like your Zentorno dealer
  12. samo

    Samo Monroe DM

    For the 9th time if I’m counting it correctly show the last 30 minutes stop changing the subject.
  13. samo

    Samo Monroe DM

    Of course lad they pulled up and tried to stop me and shot at me around 2h, prior.
  14. Well if they 'Have enough money for a super' but they can't get one for this price it's not enough money if you offer 10m I'm sure you'd get say a zen at 5-6 so I like it how it is atm.