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  1. The part at the bank is 100% irrelevant you are allowed to go in and out of the NCZ and do it as you get out, same as you can just run in and its still a NCZ so whATS YOUR POINT?
  2. I have completed the application for a job at LSC.
  3. Okay, so metagaming is not applicable I understand.
  4. There was only 2 at the bank, I have that on video also I am allowed once hes away from the NCZ to stop him? If he doesn't know the rules simply refresh your self saying he hasnt played in ages in no excuse to break server rules.
  5. And actually there is no tampering it just mutes them because I play music lol
  6. But I have copy right musin playing it will just get deleted auto? I can send it to you personally I gueess seems a bit silly for the reason for the video though?
  7. Whys that... Theres no reason so i didnt add it lol
  8. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 2732__2057 Date of rule breach: 14/4/2018 Time of rule breach: 20:20 PM GMT Your characters name: Peter Larson Other players involved: N/A Specific rule broken: " FearRP, Metagaming " How did the player break the rule?: After having a shotgun pointed at his head he stalled and must of metagamed to tell his mate to come over and he put his hands up and while they were up he got his gun out and threatened me on microphone then pointed it so i warned him to put it away he didn't listen so i shot him and his mate who must of metagamed came over and they both started shooting at me after he put his hands up and i was about to mug him. Evidence of rule breach:
  9. Game keeps crashing; help please?

    Just close it, it should let you continue?>
  10. IGN: sam clarke Info: Was dropping my friends cociane i owed her as the server crashes we went in and its gone Picture: