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  1. @chrisy and am I not allowed to critice the server
  2. @chrisy well at that time I was annoyed but what ever if you don't want to appeal me fair enough,
  3. @chrisy so you made a false thing saying im not here to rp? ~
  4. Players Being reported: 283 Date of interaction: Few weeks ago cant remember. you characters name: Archie Gribbins at that time. Other players involved: A lot of the zetas. Specific rules broken: Death match. How did the player break the rules: I was being robbed by some people then the zetas where shooting the people that where robbing me. For some reason ID 283 (Collie Fegan) Started shooting me even though you can see I was unarmed and was actually thanking them for getting the guys who where robbing me. But when I was thanking them he just starts unloading bullets into me. No rp at all. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c929e25662c8b74b7/dm https://plays.tv/video/5c92a1775eaa592c39/- https://plays.tv/video/5c929ff2a7beeb64ff/archie
  5. Account name: kennygribbins361 Character name: Oscar Smith Admin who issued the punishment: Chrisy Punishment Received: Perma ban Reason given for punishment: not here to rp Your explanation of what happened: I have no idea whats happened apparently im not here to roleplay if I wasn't here to rp I wouldn't spend 15 hours plus everyday playing the server I havnt seen any evidence and I would like to see some evidence. Why should you appeal be accepted: Because I am here to rp and I want to see some evidence of me not wanting to. Post any evidence/ further details: none.
  6. Account name: kennygribbins361 Character name: Oscar Smith Admin who issued the punishment: Albert Punishment Received: Sent back to quiz/ kick. Reason given for punishment: Please read our rules again and come back once you've calmed down Your explanation of what happened: Basically these cops where PGing and I was annoyed so I started speaking OOC saying they where powergaming. I put a report up and no one responded to my report. But as soon as he put one up an admin came. He didn't listen to my side or anything he just kicked me straight away. It was completely one sided and not fair at all. I thought admins where meant to be fair and listen to both sides not just kick me straight away and send me straight back to the quiz for something he didn't even know the full story about. Why should you appeal be accepted: Because it was completely one sided and not fair at all. Post any evidence/ further details: https://plays.tv/video/5ca3c1c6b3a06718a8/doesnt-even-let-me-explain-my-side-of-the-story-
  7. @Victor Einhart I had the ak im archie I shot you after you shot my friend
  8. https://plays.tv/video/5ca24bc49158b50a00/apparently-this-is-dm-
  9. basically my friend had KOS on the mechanic and he went and killed the mech for some reason I don't know why the other guy started shooting the cop. When the cop started shooting back I wasn't just going to let my friend get shot by him so I got out the car and shot the cop. There for he shot my friend so I shot him there for it wasn't DM.
  10. there for I didn't death match
  11. i only shot when he was shooting at my friend G
  12. https://plays.tv/video/5c9fe7de286e86a053/death-match
  13. https://plays.tv/video/5c9fe16295945d0faa/cop-takes-67-bullets My Pov
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