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  1. kennyGribbins

    Cop Baiting appeal Archie Gribbins

    The 911 call wasn't called on me I believe that's why I returned and I drove off because I didn't want to take any chances of losing my smg after I got kicked I logged back in put my smg in my house and went back and talked to the officer
  2. kennyGribbins

    Cop Baiting appeal Archie Gribbins

  3. kennyGribbins

    Cop Baiting appeal Archie Gribbins

    Account name: kennygribbins361 Characters name: Archie Gribbins Admin who issued the punishment: Musketdeeznuts Your explanation of what happened: My friend Femo Johnson wasn't allowed at Los Santos Customs because he's banned from it. But he wouldn't leave so the mechanic called cops on him and when he did that I went to Femo and whispered to him ill get my SMG. I did that because I thought he was going to get arrested because for some reason he wouldn't leave. After I got my SMG I went back and femo was surrounded by a load of mechanics and the cop. Then the cop walked up to me and said lets talk but I drove off because I had the SMG and I didn't want to risk losing it because its expensive. And then after that I got kicked for cop baiting. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I believe I wasn't cop baiting and I don't want something like this ruining my chances to join PD because I didn't cop bait. Post any evidence or further details: https://youtu.be/zXCKv8xEu60
  4. kennyGribbins

    Bounty Hunters | "Komondor"

    is this actually and thing and if it is where do I sing up?
  5. kennyGribbins

    Reds vs Blues

  6. kennyGribbins

    Punishment appeal

    Account name:kennygribbins361 Character name(s):Tommy Valentino Admin who issued punishment MarcoD : Date of punishment: Today Punishment received:72 hour ban Reason given for punishment:Deathmatch Your explanation of what happened: Basically we where going to rob these guys and we told then to pull over or where going to shoot. They didn't comply so w-e opened fire but I was shooting at the car and my friends where shooting at them but when the returned fire I started shooting at them even though its a valid reason to KOS if they start shooting you so I killed one off them even though I am now banned for deathmatch. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I think it should be accepted because I didn't actually shoot at them until they started shooting at me so I had a valid Kill on sight so if anyone was to get banned it would be the people who shot at them first, but I was only shooting at the car until it stalled but they returned fire so I killed one off them. It was a valid reason that's why I think it should be accepted hopefully someone can help me. Post any evidence or further details:
  7. kennyGribbins

    i got banned for sometihng i didnt do

    I got banned for DM even though I wasn't the one who killed please someone help me it wasn't me it was someone else in my gang.
  8. kennyGribbins

    lspd application

    Hi i'm Niko Imer I would really like someone to recruit me and make me into an amazing officer. Ive always wanted to be a police officer since I came to the city but I hadn't had time to to get round to it. I love catching criminals and putting them behind bars that's why I want to do this job. If anyone could reply to this it would be very much appreciated thank you Niko Imer.
  9. kennyGribbins


    whats that
  10. kennyGribbins


    this guy killed me for no reason him and his friend started shooting at me he was wearing a black shirt black pants with a skull mask with red eyes please could someone reply to this im sick off this it happens to me on a daily basis could an admin check logs
  11. kennyGribbins


    thanks man ❤️
  12. kennyGribbins


    ye ive signed up for lsc to become a mechanic the gang life isn't working for me
  13. kennyGribbins


    well I don't know him they might do but im not in any gangs anymore
  14. kennyGribbins


    we don't know the devil guy
  15. kennyGribbins


    bryan black and all off the irish mob and the blue gang I don't know what there called where killing me multiple times after I respawed they did it 4 times all together pls could you check the logs