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  1. -1 What your saying is a good idea, however I think advertisements on the forum are more web based, meaning that the way it is designed is more so to replicate something similar to eBay / online listings. Meaning that users can decide what they want to advertise / if they want to have a buyout price or start a bid etc. Great idea, but seems like too much hassle and would be making something which is quite simple , more difficult in the long term. 😛
  2. +1 Nothing worse than when all labs are destroyed and there are very little things left to do when playing as a crim. 👌
  3. +1. Think this would be a neat feature to add. Feel like when owning a property there should be some sort of option to upgrade the interior whether it be in game currency or out of game. Would allow players to make their home seem more unique. 😄
  4. Thread looks great! Can't wait to see future content! 😄 Good Luck.
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    After finally recruiting some new faces, a few fellow members from Legion decided to group up and start the day by hitting the streets of Los Santos to target a few local stores. As now was our time to start the hustle and begin making a good source of income to help support the gang. We grouped together at the local gas station and rolled out to our first destination, Chumash247. Finally, after targeting a variety of stores across the city, we all regrouped and divided the cash evenly between our members. However, the cash we gathered was still not enough to satisfy what we had hoped to achieve; so we decided to scout one of the local locations known for processing narcotics and from thereon held down the lab. The wait was long, but after gathering supplies from other local destination's it was finally time to begin the harvest. While a couple of members maintained the upkeep of the plantations, the rest were either cooking or providing protection from anyone that were to head our way. Subsequently, when we had built up a large stash of narcotics, we harvested what was left from the plantations and proceeded to stash all of the goods to prepare them for the next stage... selling. With the market becoming scare, selling to buyers has been difficult, but we managed to find a couple of interested buyers that were willing to pay a reasonable price for the goods. Once the deal had been dealt, the day came to and end and the gang headed back to their homes to prepare for the next few days to come... as this was only the beginning of our hustle.
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    Legion was founded by a small group of ex-clown’s (Jose Jalapeno, Jenna Maye, Sampson Cthulhu and Daniel Norrwood) after their previous organisation came to its demise. They are a criminal based faction within Los Santos that plan to expand the growth of their organisation by hustling in daily criminal enterprise and striving towards the gang’s success within the city. “The Awakening” Weeks of quiet voices and the loss of many faces have left the gang completely unhinged, Los Santos was becoming more of a place and less of a home without a family. The multiple disappearances of our previous gang members from ”The Clowns” was tough, and had ripped a giant scar down the middle of what little family we had left. This caused us to partition into two separate rival gangs, “Los Legion” & “Fog City”. “The Rising” A week after the disband, time’s were becoming tough and a small group of us decided it was time to make a new beginning. After hours upon end thinking of a new family name we finally thought of the one that would represent us for who we were and still are.. ‘Los Legion’. From that point onwards, we began reaching out to fellow members who had also been left behind and in the dark. We slowly began increasing our numbers and were becoming a recognised face within the city. This was the beginning of our rising.. “The Plan” After slowly building up our number’s we decided that it was time to set some goals to help stabilise the future of the gang. As a result of this, it was agreed between leadership that Los Legion would still stay true to themselves and keep the morals that they had once obtained. Being a part of the family means that we still hold respect for not only ourselves but in our actions taken. In order to achieve the goals that have been set, we have chosen to take part in the day to day underground movement of Los Santos; such as creating narcotics, breaking into and stealing vehicles to swing by the chop shop, theft, coercion and infiltrating information. With Legion being a fairly new gang to the city, a lot of controversy has arisen. Our main focus right now is to make our intentions known and ensure that the community of Los Santos understands what we are about and what we bring to the table. We take no pride in robbing hard working legal members of the community. Our main focus right now, is to have good neutrality with other organisations we respect and challenge those that we deem not fit for the city. Respect and follow all rules set by the higher ups within the gang Do not stop representing the gang at any given moment, if you are asked “What Gang?” Answer. This could also prevent conflict between neutrialities and allies Respect all neutralities and alliances made All gang members will be respected and any internal problems will be presented to a higher up and dealt with accordingly Be smart, think strategically and always have each other's backs Follow all ECRP server rules Player’s must be active, any inactive members must notify a higher up or will face removal Maintain a respectful standard of roleplay Any punishment provided by a member of the ECRP team must be explained to a higher up within the gang To obtain property within the city Expand the crew Have good relations with other organisations Create an alliance Becoming a well known / respected gang Claim Benny’s workshop as our HQ There is no official way to join Legion, however if you approach us or we notice you, we may decide to give you a chance. We can mainly be recognised by our mask, as we prefer not to wear coloured clothing as we like to stay unrecognised within the city. Currently, we are quite a small organisation within Los Santos, but we like to take pride in focusing on the quality of our members. Minimum xp to obtain before recruitment is 10k, however if we feel like you have potential and show honour, we may bypass this rule. Content will be posted regularly.
  8. +1 . I think Prison sentence should go back to max time as 120 minutes. Unlimited is too much, as realistic as you wanna make the game, sitting in jail for hour's ain't the one. Would rather sit in jail for 2 hour's and enjoy the game than sit in jail and wanna quit.
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