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  1. πŸ“ Paleto Blvd. 5 & Paleto Blvd. 6 🏑 Centre of Paleto | Next to ATM πŸš— Big Parking Lot πŸ’° SOLD Paleto Blvd. 5 Paleto Blvd. 6
  2. Highest current offer is 2.3m 😊
  3. Thank you for your interest, but I will have to kindly decline, due to a higher offer being made. ☺️
  4. πŸ“ 7 Normandy Drive - Vinewood Hills 🏑 Private pool and patio πŸš— 4 Car Garage πŸ’° SOLD
  5. With the war finally over, The Triads decided to celebrate by heading out to the grand opening of the Gentleman's Club for an evening of relaxation... or so we thought. After a lot of talk, it came to our attention that the owner of the club was a woman named Scarlett Manson who had recently come to exploit one of our members. After discussing the matter at hand, it was decided that our night of relaxation would be saved for another day as we had another operation to take care of. Upon entering the club, we gathered together to discuss a plan on how we would take care of Scarlett, in regards to the security she was protected by, to the bouncers that were located at entrance. This was a risky move, as many sheriffs had gathered from across Los Santos to celebrate this opening. Whatever was about to take place had to be done promptly and overlooked. Two of our members finally managed to get Scarlett alone in a room and a radio call was made out to the rest of The Triads. The team split up and the plan had begun. While some members rushed outside to get the transportation ready, the rest of us were on look out across the club and helping escort our members out with the hostage. After managing to get Scarlett out of the building successfully it was time to head down to a location where we would not be discovered, and quickly. Getting her out was the first objective, transporting her was another. The Triads made the decision to head down to a hidden beach which was secluded enough for us to carry out her punishment. Pain was inflicted, and The Triads made it clear that we are not to be messed with. There was talk within the group of whether we should end her suffering or let her live so that she would remember the events that had taken place . After discussing the options that were at hand, the decision was made that we would allow her to live... but it would not be easy. We proceeded to tie her to a rock in the ocean where she would only have two options 1. To escape or 2. For someone to find her. The Triads proceeded to leave the scene with no remorse and continue with their evening. May this be a lesson learned.
  6. For the Triads, this was a time of war. This meant, No risks, No chances and No survivors. Every opposing gang, man or woman that stood in our way would face consequences. Everyone had adrenaline pulsing through their veins as we hunted the streets searching for Blood. Whilst we were running the streets one man, named Stevie White, had the courage to stand tall and disrespect one of our members. However, what this man had failed to learn was that in Triads we run as a family. Which means you disrespect one of us, you disrespect all of us. Once we reached the man, he had begun to flee. As he fled through a nearby alley way we called the shots and managed to bring the man to his knees and prepared for the torture that we would endeavour. After searching the man of his belongings and figuring out who he was within the community, we decided as a team to take him down to a near by factory and teach him the meaning of respect, and what it means to mess with the Triads. Once the man was inside the factory, it was time to get to work and get our hands dirty. We made sure that the perimeter was secured and had armed members at each entrance, ensuring that no one would stumble upon what we were doing so that we could carry out the job efficiently and effectively. Screams and yells could be heard coming from within the factory, however this was no distraction. Everything that had led up to this point had gone in our favour, and our tracks had been covered. Once we felt that the man had endured enough pain, it became clear to us that he would not be able to survive. It would be too risky to leave him here alone and since everyone had taken part, too many members would have been at steak. Once again, it was up to the Triads to make sure that tracks were covered and no evidence would be left behind. We took the man over to the processing unit and proceeded to take the following actions to make this mans life come to an end. It was final. The task had been completed. And from those that had seen the man last, let this be a lesson to not cross The Triads, period.
  7. +1. I reckon this would be a good idea maybe just before a server restart and maybe afterwards too to make the RP a little more interesting rather than just shouting hurricane / storm etc. However, I don't think it should rain for an entire day, as some players experience a lot of lag when it rains. But overall, this could be something interesting if implemented in the right way. 😊
  8. Thread looks nice! Can't wait to see you around, Good Luck! πŸ˜‹
  9. +1 There have been multiple occasions I have been driving around and charges are made to my character which I am completely oblivious to. This get's abused way more than it should. Would be more down to co-operate if there was some actual RP taking place in these scenarios. Another idea on the ID number's, maybe player ID's could be classed as a Social Security Number etc. So officer's could still use this to search the database, however, they would still need to ask the player for their 'ID' in order to see their name & number.
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