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  1. Yoo! It's been a long time man
  2. J E N N A M A Y E 'N O W H E R E T O R U N' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After joining The Triads, Jenna went on to spend 6 months with the people that she began to consider some of her closest friends and even family. She started from the bottom as a Trial and slowly worked her way up to Black Tiger; she felt she had reached her peak. She had gone from coming to Los Santos with nothing to more than she could value. Many memories had been made that would stick with Jenna for life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, as times grew quiet in The Triads, she found herself hanging around with another group of people, people that committed crimes far worse than every situation she had ever been in and these weren't the sort of people that you could say no to. As time went on Jenna began to get deeper and deeper within the group and became blind to the amount of danger that she was getting herself into; but still, even that wasn't enough to change her mind. She was hungry for money and at this point nothing was standing in her way. She began to double the amount of operations she was running, was robbing almost every bank in the city that her actions were becoming predictable. One mistake was all it took and her whole life would be over. And that's exactly what happened. Jenna became to reckless. She had been turned on many times; which made her cold. She was going all in and coming out with everything or she wasn't going in at all. With a mindset like this, destruction was't too far around the corner; and after what seemed like a smooth operation on this particular day soon turned into something far worse. Because of Jenna's mistakes, the police had been tipped off in regards to one of Jenna's drug labs and proceeded to raid the warehouse. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When she came to check on the lab that evening, she was soon surrounded by swat and taken down to the police station. She was told that for the crimes she had committed she was going to be forced to leave Los Santos and transported to another prison outside of the country. It was there, she would serve her sentence and pay for all the crimes she had committed over the past year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J E N N A M A Y E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. J E N N A M A Y E 'N O : M O R A L S' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name - Jenna Maye D.O.B - 12th July Nationality - British Gender - Female Affiliations - The Clowns, The Triads Wanted Criminal - Always ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signature ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Beginning Jenna was born on the 12th July 1999, in London, England. She was the middle child out of all her siblings. With an absent father and a mother that was obsessed with her career, Jenna always felt like she had a strong connection with her siblings; so when her older brother and younger sister moved together to Los Santos, she also came to the conclusion that maybe it was time for a new beginning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Los Santos Once Jenna had arrived in Los Santos, bags in hand, she stood there for a brief moment as reality sank in; there was no going back. There was nothing left for her in her birth town, now was the time to start her new life. After making a phone call to inform her siblings of her arrival, she patiently waited for them to arrive. As Jenna had no where to stay, it was decided that she would stay by her siblings until she found a job and could afford an apartment of her own. A month went by and still Jenna was struggling to find a start in her career; the reason being that she had simply not been in the city long enough and due to this, was being rejected by every company she approached. With her brother beginning to be more absent and her sister hardly ever coming home, life was becoming hard in Los Santos and with no choice left, she turned to gambling, along with other activities to make money in order to live. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, during this time Jenna would overhear small talk and began listening in on more conversations that would take place around the table and soon learned that there were other ways to make money... especially in 'the underground' of the city. As time went on Jenna got to know these people and came to terms with the fact that she would have to make a difficult decision. She had originally moved to the city with hopes of becoming a medic like her mother or a mechanic like her father, but with living situations becoming tough and not being an official citizen of Los Santos long enough to apply for a job... she had to think about what would be more beneficial for her future. Finally, it was decided. She would do whatever it would take to gain enough money for her to look after herself and then once she had enough.. she would stop and try to forget the terrible decisions that she had to make. Little did she know that what she was about to engage in would become an addiction and even if she wanted to ... there was no way out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gang Life Following her choice to move to the streets, Jenna turned to the people that she had met through gambling and starting asking questions.. a lot of questions. She came to learn that there were multiple unknown ways to make money within the city... these methods weren't always legal... but they paid well. She was also taught and became familiar with the fact that there were multiple underground organisations within the city; The Marcellos, Los Zetas, Los Santos Irish Mob, Los Calaveras and The Saints. But there was one name that was never talked about so openly.. a gang that she had only heard whispers about.. the kind of gang that were known and feared by all and known to have no morals upon their victims... They were known as The Clowns. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One day while Jenna was cooking at a well known lab, mainly used for it's heavy supplies for constructing LSD, She heard multiple vehicles pull up outside, what would come next would change her life, forever. As she heard footsteps approach from all directions, Jenna grabbed the closest object that she found and clung onto it for life as she nervously waited... She began to hear yelling 'DROP TO YOUR KNEES WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR, OR YOU WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT!' .. With no real weapon to hand, the choice was simple. She let go of her weapon and embraced herself for whatever she was about to endure. All of a sudden 7 - 8 masked people came bursting through the doors and into the room where she was cooking. All of them were masked in a white mask which covered their entire heads... even though the masks looked the same they were different; some wore orange, green, blue.. while others wore pink, red, purple... face makeup that would have even made a grown man tremble in fear.. a smile that would have made the word 'hell' seem comforting.. and eyes like she'd never seen... she instantly knew who they were. They were The Clowns. With a dozen guns now pointed at her head, she was sure this was going to be the end.. until she heard a voice. A voice that was too familiar for what she was thinking to be true.. It was her older brother. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Clowns A few days after the encounter with her brother Jenna received a text informing her to meet her brother at an undisclosed location, she was told to come quick and to come alone. Curious about what would be waiting for her, Jenna headed out and met her brother at the agreed location. Upon arriving, she realised that there were more people in the distance calmly fishing, but her focus soon led to her brother walking towards her as he brought another unknown man along with him as well. She talked with them both for a couple of hours and eventually she was offered a proposal.. she was offered a place to join The Clowns along side her brother.. but with this proposal there were rules.. and if rules were broken there were consequences. Over the next five months that followed after that discussion, Jenna learned a lot from The Clowns. She learned how to be more strategic and smart with her actions, she learned how to shoot and kill, she learned how to torture, she learned victory as well as defeat, she learned how operations ran and how the underground banking system worked but most of all she learned what it meant to be part of a family. But after being taught what there was to offer, all good things must come to an end eventually. Jenna was grateful for what she had learned from these people and even though times ahead were tough, deep down she would always have their backs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riding Solo After The Clowns, Jenna reflected on what she had gained, and it was a lot than what she had before. She was able to buy her first home. She had enough money to look after herself and buy her very first motorcycle. And she had gained a lot of allies and friends. Life was going good as far as she was concerned, there was nothing to worry about. But that's when it happened.. the death of her best friend and her sister. This was enough to send Jenna over the edge. She had never been a vengeful person but she was now full of rage and hatred. She set out to find the person responsible for her sisters death and disposed of anyone and anything that got in her way. But throughout all the rage, Jenna never found the answer that she was looking for.. instead she was charged with multiple accounts of murder and was thrown behind bars for a many years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Triads The weeks that followed after Jenna got out of jail didn't consist of much, she kept her head low and was just living life to the best version of normal that she could. Of course, once you've been a part of the underground, it's tough to get out. Legal workers see you in a different light and usually push aside job applications and as much as she thought she was out of that world, the truth was, she wasn't and she never would be. Until one morning she received a text from a distant friend she once knew, Jin Koi aka Jin Kwang. He was always a close friend of Jenna's but the two focused were always focused on their own hustle but still kept in touch every now and then. He had been noticing that she was in a tricky spot and made an offer for her to hang out with him and meet a few people that went by the name 'The Triads'. Jenna had briefly heard of this name before she was sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary to serve her sentence, but was still unsure of who these people were and what it was they did. With nothing left to lose she took her chances and opened up to the idea of meeting these people. After about two weeks of getting to know them Jenna realised that she had found a new passion for these people. She offered respect to them and in return they returned it. She felt like she finally had a place to call home. A family that stayed together through thick and thin and always had each others backs, no matter the cost. Of course, just like in any gang, there were highs and there were lows. The highs were.. high. And the lows.. they got pretty low. And so over the following months Jenna was given tasks and trials and finally a ceremony was held in which she became an official member of The Triads. She felt like she finally had something to work towards. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J E N N A M A Y E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. The 'Break-In' It was another quiet day in the city of Los Santos, so Lucy, Jenna and Eve took out the Kamacho and rolled around town to see what gang activities they could get up to while everything remained peaceful. However, after getting caught up at a traffic stop and with Eve and Lucy being wanted, the decision was made to make a run for it while the officers were still outside their vehicle. All was going well until they took a wrong turn and the Kamacho ended up heading straight into a tree. While Jenna and Eve got out and made a run for it and being chased by swat, they assumed Lucy had managed to get out unharmed as there was no indication of the cops finding her. Eve and Jenna were then transported to DOC where they would serve their jail time. Along the way they spotted what seemed to be a break out attempt, but unfortunately the wrong cars collided and the ones that were transporting both girls managed to dodge the collision. https://imgur.com/ypRNLTL Whilst at DOC Jenna and Eve were spending their time outside, talking with other inmates , when they heard a familiar voice.... Someone that they had been with recently.... It was Lucy. Whilst the two girls had been getting transported Lucy had found a way to reach the DOC courtyard to talk with her fellow gang members. Soon after, the guards eventually found Lucy and took her away to be processed for the crimes that she had committed. Jenna and Eve were released as soon as Lucy had been thrown behind bars.... After trying for visitation and only being told that one individual could enter, the girls told the guards that they would have to find another way in. Of course, the guards took this as a joke but what they didn't know was that we stick to our word. And so, to repay the favour, they began to plan how they would break into the Prison to see Lucy one last time before she served her sentence. After heading back to the city and gathering all the supplies that would be needed to carry out this task, Jenna and Eve then headed up to a location where they would be able to jump far enough to reach the fences of DOC and make their way into the prison. As the two came close to the perimeter they prepared for landing, this was something very risky as they had to be careful to not be seen by any guards that may possible be patrolling the fences. One wrong move and the whole plan would be over. https://imgur.com/Py2MhG7 After successfully landing, they then made their way to the courtyard, hoping that Lucy would be outside. After finding Lucy and having a few moments to make sure she was alright, they were spotted by a patrolling guard and additional support was called. Jenna and Eve were escorted to the holding cell to wait for PD to arrive on scene to declare what charges they were to be given for committing this crime. The two were searched, but as Jenna reached into her pocket after being unlocked in the holding cell, she realised that the guard forgot to take her phone. While the guard was distracted the quickly made a phone call to a fellow triad, updating them on their current position. After being held in the holding cell for 20 days and with multiple charges being thrown back and forth, the decision was finally made to let the two girls go. To their surprise, Lucy was also released from Jail shortly after and the team gathered at the shrine to perform a ceremony for two of the current trials, Eve and Patrick. They were both honoured with the Blue Lantern mask in preparation for them to continue their journey as a Triad. Both had shown a great amount of commitment to the team in different situations and Eve's recent dedication was also taken into consideration. After the ceremony, the girls regathered at the local Zeta store behind bank. After having multiple run in's with PD they were keeping it low, they masked up and strapped up to prepare for whatever was to come next. Being in a gang mean's that you are constantly being searched for but what is more important is how these situations are dealt with and how family look out for one another. Sacrificing whatever is necessary to make sure your own is protected.
  5. Massacro - Fully Maxed SOLD Open to negotiate on offers. Contact on #5453742
  6. +1 Would love to see more variety, these looks fairly balanced too.
  7. Great post ! Can’t wait to interact with you guys around town. Good luck!
  8. -1. Not sure how true some of these statements are . But I feel like the removal of Haku’s was not the greatest of ideas. As crims two of the main vehicles that are accessible to us that are of such high speeds are the comet and the haku. With speeds that are 220 and above . However, this isn’t to say that we have easy access to these vehicles. Both require a decent amount of money to purchase , which we all know as a crim takes longer compared to that of a legal citizen. I will agree that the comet retro may be a disadvantage , with speeds that have been proven to reach 300. I doubt this is the case with hakus. PD cars have always been able to catch hakus a majority of the time, it just depends on how skilled the driver is. Not the specifications of the vehicle. And with this new apparent ‘buff’ of PD and SD cruisers that can now supposedly reach speeds of 240 and with SD also having access to that of a haku, I don’t see any disadvantages apart from the fact that because maybe crims were able to get away if they were skilled enough, it has caused some kind of idea that this is ‘not realistic’; however if this is the point that is going to be made than I may also add that how realistic is a ‘high speed unit’ which primarily use super cars. In my opinion, if crims are going to get almost every vehicle that is decent taken away , then maybe it should be compensated in another way. Rather than providing PD with yet, another advantage by enhancing their cruiser speeds and having access to super cars .And crims , yet again, losing something which is valued within the community. Just a thought.
  9. Looks good, look forward to see you around!
  10. 战争 The Wanted have been a Gang that have rolled in the city for many years, mainly known for their passion to race, they were seen as the street racers of Los Santos; an easy cover for a much deeper operation. Over the last few months there had been multiple discussions within The Council regarding The Wanted and how they have been acting throughout the city. However, with multiple occurrences of disfavoured actions from a few members of The Wanted on multiple occasions, neutrality was growing thin and something had to be done about it. Patience was something that had been tolerated for too long. The Triads and Los Zetas arranged to have a meeting to discuss Wanteds position within the city and the issues that had arisen. After being disrespected and shot at multiple times by a handful of members from The Wanted, The ruining of the gun market which had been worked on for months on end with sales finally starting to rise; The Wanted had taken no consequences for their actions. The Council decided it was time to put an end to it and put Wanted back in their place. Zetas reached out for an urgent meet. Mistakes had been made and the payment that was being received meant nothing to The Council anymore. Internal meetings were called and the operation was put into action. After meeting with Los Zetas, The Triads continued to go and meet with WCA to collect their weekly payment. Upon going to meet with them they were informed on the plan that was going to be carried out. After talking with the gang they agreed to provide support. It was the evening of November 15th, and the city was going about it’s business as normal until everything suddenly went quiet. It was then that there was a live announcement on every screen in sight that brought the city to a standstill. As sirens wailed and broadcast were continued, It had just been announced that our fellow alliance ‘Los Zetas’ had just declared war on The Wanted. After getting suited and strapped, The Triads and Los Zetas divided into small squads and hit the streets of Los Santos to hunt for our new targets. Times were difficult as many people had made good acquaintances with many members from The Wanted; but business is business, and we had a job to do. Finally after prowling the streets for what seemed like hours we came across one of their members and took him as a hostage. From this we were able to take him to a location where the rest of The Wanted were last seen and hopefully able to use him to unlock the doors. Eventually, The Council made it to the Hen House. But it was too late. The Wanted had left and we were left finding one member. As the two men were held at gunpoint, it was decided that we would kidnap the two and take them to a remote location where we could press them to talk. The Zetas went back to hunting as we loaded the two men into the contenders and began our journey to a remote location where they would not be discovered. After reaching our destination, The Triads took the two men up into the warehouse to carry out the interrogation to find out any information regarding The Wanted. As a few of us headed outside to scout the perimeter for any potential threats that could jeopardise the operation, screams could be heard from inside the building. A few hours passed and it was called out that there had been a sighting of LSPD and Swat heading in our direction. A call on the radio was made and the gang prepared themselves for whatever was to come next. The two men were left and cars began to roll out. As some gang members had been scouted at the scene of the crime, vehicles were swapped out to prevent the recognition of plates and we organised a spot to regroup. However, on the way to the meeting spot two members were recognised within the city and tailed by the LSPD high speed unit. With five weapons aimed at the Bifta in a matter of seconds, there was no other option but to surrender. While in transportation to DOC where they would later be reunited with a few other members that were caught in the crossfire earlier that day. It was reflected upon that not every situation can be won , but not every situation is necessarily a loss. What goes on in the underground, stays in the underground, and whether the cops knew it or not, the power of The Council had been marked. And this was only the beginning.
  11. +1 Agree to everything said above , this is a good way to make the RP more interesting and worth while. Also, if the intake / release was do-able, I think this would be more fair to all players .
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