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  1. I don't think it was resolved in-game, we had to find you in order to continue RP.
  2. ID 10/Al Draco in that situation. Essentially what happened was, we had just come from a shootout with a bunch of Rooks/Ash's crew. We then proceeded to go to the apartment where we ended up finding the reporting party. We then told him to take his mask off, and multiple people recognized him as a known member of Ash's crew. I believe him being a member of a gang who we're having small conflicts with warrants us to house raid the individual. I also feel as if the reward over-weighed the risk as we came out of the situation with over ~1M worth of assets. As for my side of the story,
  3. great thread! love it so far!!
  4. Goaldan

    Los Zetas

    Feels like yesterday I was hiding at bank trash talking you guys during the Irish war. You'll be missed greatly!
  5. Great concept and best of luck! I do suggest adding more graphics/pictures to your initial post though!
  6. Character name: Al Draco Issue/bug you are reporting: I am unable to edit my "About Me" bio on life invader due to having a two letter name. Expected behavior: I should be allowed to change my bio Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
  7. +1 to this idea. In theory if these weapon benches could be placed anywhere, I would disagree with this suggestion. But, I feel as if since it states that they can only be placed in warehouses then this suggestion is flawless. There aren't too many warehouses on the server and if you balance the amount of warehouses there are on the server and if every official gang got access to a warehouse then this would honestly be amazing in my opinion. There are many other factors that could be implemented on-top of this to encourage better RP as well while stopping an overflow of gu
  8. Al Romano Fang Draco IV The plane had just landed and Dimitri Denino, Tony Romano, and Al Romano hopped out of a plane from Vice City. After flying in from a life of crime in Vice City, they had formed their very own crime syndicate known as the Golden Gauntlet. They had started recruitment and picked up roughly 10 other individuals. Ultimately, they didn’t last that long due to many other hostile gangs and the cold winter. They had taken a flight back to Vice City leaving their broken organization back in Los Santos. The Return After le
  9. +1 Add it for the Schaffer V12 as well. The trunk looks more then big enough
  10. The Triads - Kai Draco ft. Da Dracos One day Kai Draco woke up, began to roll his daily joints and made a cup of coffee. After smoking a few joints he began to piece together a few bars and thought of making a triad track. He quickly ran to the booth and started spitting some bars. Within a few hours, Kai Draco put together a masterpiece.. But it was still missing something he needed someone to feature in the track. After thinking about who to put on the track he knew just the right person to call He started dialing Al Draco’s number and after he
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