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  1. Goaldan

    Dark Army

    I hope they get official and actually keep it.
  2. End of an era. We had a good run boys!
  3. Thank you, sir! But sadly it is not my birthday!
  4. The Test of Wisdom It was a Friday night, and the city was filled with the usual amount gun-fire and hostility. It was also the perfect time for one of Al's usual training exercises. He brought forward the idea of a Wisdom test to his fellow high command, and they all seemed to agree that it was way overdue. So, he began to tell everyone to compile themselves into groups of four and set up a few riddles leading to various locations. Al began to sit down at the computer and began to write up a few clues corresponding to different locations. After writing up the clues, he knew he would need to enlist help to sit at the locations, so the first person he enlisted was an old friend named Jason Nightwood. Who sat an an old, abandoned Irish threading factory. Quickly after sitting at the first location, he gathered everyone up and gave out the first clue which would lead to Jason's location, which read as: "Where the threads of the council were once stitched is where you must go. The man that lays there is extremely greedy, give him some food, painkillers, and water or, he'll be needy." Jason sat at the first location, eager to meet the victors of the first clue. The second clue read, "Where the Latino Mexican plays and the bricks are laid is where the celebration will take place. Give him a note with a picture of a taco, or else he'll say nay." For the 2nd location, Al asked his fellow Vanguard Kai Draco if he would sit at the location and give out the next clue. He agreed immediately reading out a clue that led directly to the mines. At the mines sat Billy Fukaru, who volunteered to sit out of the training to give out one of the clues. He gave out a final clue that led directly to an energy plant near the Los Santos Bank. At that final location sat Al Romano, who had four pins and a bag filled with $100,000 with him. The pins represented wisdom within Chinese culture. Soon after positioning himself, four champions arose: Jake Okibi, Lance Slash, Jack McCoy, and Lisa Wilson who won the pins of wisdom and $25,000 each. This training session proved that everyone throughout the Triad Organization was filled with wisdom, knowledge, and integrity.
  5. I don't think it was resolved in-game, we had to find you in order to continue RP.
  6. ID 10/Al Draco in that situation. Essentially what happened was, we had just come from a shootout with a bunch of Rooks/Ash's crew. We then proceeded to go to the apartment where we ended up finding the reporting party. We then told him to take his mask off, and multiple people recognized him as a known member of Ash's crew. I believe him being a member of a gang who we're having small conflicts with warrants us to house raid the individual. I also feel as if the reward over-weighed the risk as we came out of the situation with over ~1M worth of assets. As for my side of the story, ID 474 essentially covered everything. Just to add onto this statement, in addition to all of the evidence that backs up you're associated with the rooks. Here is some more OOC evidence to add to your affiliation to the Rooks. > You had just came from a drop and I guarantee that's why you had the map open. > Why would you have the following map open if you had no affiliation to The Rooks?
  7. great thread! love it so far!!
  8. Goaldan

    Los Zetas

    Feels like yesterday I was hiding at bank trash talking you guys during the Irish war. You'll be missed greatly!
  9. Great concept and best of luck! I do suggest adding more graphics/pictures to your initial post though!
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