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  1. House 1 ($850,000) House 2 ($850,000) Info Looking to sell both together. Currently looking for alt least 1.7M for both properties. Both have an amazing view of the ocean. Are far from civilization, and have tons of land to build on. Contact #5894516 Noah#[email protected]
  2. House 1 ($850,000) House 2 ($850,000) Info Looking to sell both together. Currently looking for alt least 1.7M for both properties. Both have an amazing view of the ocean. Are far from civilization, and have tons of land to build on. Contact #5894516 Noah#[email protected]
  3. I'll buy it right now for 850k. 5894516
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    I completely disagree with the idea of banning racist words ICly. My character ICly is supposed to be racist, that's just how his character arc made him. I believe if we got rid of this, it'd lead into many more things. Removing the ability to say such words would limit RP in my opinion.
  5. Application Submission Hello [email protected] I am writing to you in regards to my roadside application I have just submitted. I feel I have the qualities to perform said duties, and the ability to learn any duties assigned to me during training. I will gladly wait patiently and can not wait to receive a reply. Regards, Al Romano
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    You guys are looking good, keep it up!
  7. Goaldan

    The Rooks

    "When stalking one's prey, it is best to take one's time. Say nothing, and as sure as eggs he will become curious and emerge." - Harper Lee Dean Donovan, Police Officer II of The Los Santos Police Department. Also, the man responsible for revoking multiple Rook gun licenses. After spotting Dean and his vehicle multiple times throughout the day, Al and a few Rooks decided to stalk Dean and see where he went next. Around 2 hours later, Dean finally had left the club and he was on his own. The Rooks immediately surrounded him, throwing a mask and bag over his head and stuffed him in the back of the contender. But there was one problem, there was one civilian nearby who had witnessed everything. The Rooks immediately were forced to throw that Civilian in the back seat as well. They then continued to an undisclosed location. After bringing the Civilian and Dean Donovan to the undisclosed location, The Rooks began to attempt to pry information out of Officer Donovan. After not getting the information they wanted out of Dean, they decided to through with a different plan that involved the civilian. After The Rooks failed to pry information, they began to torture the Civilian. Al Romano took out his gun and pressed it against the Civilians leg, whilst at the same time there was an AK-47 pointed at Dean. Seeing a civilian get tortured began to enrage Dean. All the information the Rooks wanted was discovered immediately in the hopes of saving the Civilians life. After Dean's rage had built up, they had tackled and began to resist. Events occurred which allowed the Civilian to flee, but in the end both Dean and the Civilian were both apprehended by both Zion and Al. Moments later, the Civilian made a secretive phone call to the cops, which forced them to switch locations. It was time to start the second phase of the operation. The whole time the Civilian was Al Romano's brother, Bo Romano. They had told Bo to pretend as if he's a Civilian and to do whatever it is necessary to ensure Dean believes he's a random Civilian. So that's what happened, after bringing Dean and Bo to the second location they had started to plan for the second phase.. Part 2 - Coming soon..
  8. Goaldan

    The Rooks

    The Return of Al Romano Upon leaving the Triads, Al Romano looked to find his place back home in The Rooks. He exited his plane after taking a day trip out of the city to work on future business deals with whoever he was going to join up with next. Upon his return to the city, Al was welcomed off the plane by a few Rooks. From that point he had strongly considered going back.. After arriving back in the city from his trip, he made his way to the Triads Noodle Shop to try and see if anyone was around. He wanted to ensure that he was still in good standings after leaving their organization. After talking with a few of the members inside they ensured he would be fine. Once he made sure he was on good standings with the Triads, he had considered rejoining The Rooks. So he made his way over there, and met up with the Underboss Rose Mcgarden. She filled him in on the current status of The Rooks, and he briefly mentioned that he wanted to come back. So she told him to speak with Dmitri, but she was fine with it. So Al entered the Restaurant and was welcomed in by Dmitri. They got straight to business and Dmitri ultimately ended up letting Al back in and giving him the rank of Enforcer. He then decided he wanted to set up a meeting with a few of The Rooks. Upon arriving at the meeting, Al met a few new recruits and met up with some familiar faces. He went over what he planed to do with The Rooks, and the changes he'd hope to make. Many of the members were happy for his return. But he had a surprise that they were unaware of... Al decided to buy out the Vanilla Unicorn for a day as a thanks for The Rooks allowing him to return. The members of The Rooks were treated to a nice dinner and some entertainment at the Vanilla Unicorn. After the day was over he mentioned that there would be some major events happening in the next coming of days.
  9. I wasn't involved in this situation, but I had a similar situation with this same person. Basically I transported him to DOC, we got to around the gates and he logged out. I sat there for about half an hour until finding out what his Discord was. Upon finding his discord, I asked if he was planning on coming back and he said he had logged out because he did not want his power to go out and he did not have a surge protector. Which is understandable, but I feel as if he is logging during important times or when stuff isn't going his way. I can provide discord logs if needed.
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