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  1. Goaldan

    Los Zetas

    Feels like yesterday I was hiding at bank trash talking you guys during the Irish war. You'll be missed greatly!
  2. Great concept and best of luck! I do suggest adding more graphics/pictures to your initial post though!
  3. Character name: Al Draco Issue/bug you are reporting: I am unable to edit my "About Me" bio on life invader due to having a two letter name. Expected behavior: I should be allowed to change my bio Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
  4. +1 to this idea. In theory if these weapon benches could be placed anywhere, I would disagree with this suggestion. But, I feel as if since it states that they can only be placed in warehouses then this suggestion is flawless. There aren't too many warehouses on the server and if you balance the amount of warehouses there are on the server and if every official gang got access to a warehouse then this would honestly be amazing in my opinion. There are many other factors that could be implemented on-top of this to encourage better RP as well while stopping an overflow of guns. Maybe a way to disable other gangs warehouses stopping their weapon creation for x amount of time? Adding a time similar to the drug creation in combination with the warehouse only limit makes this a perfect resolution in my eyes. I can also think of a million other ways to further this idea and balance out the concept of a gun overflow in the market.
  5. Al Romano Fang Draco IV The plane had just landed and Dimitri Denino, Tony Romano, and Al Romano hopped out of a plane from Vice City. After flying in from a life of crime in Vice City, they had formed their very own crime syndicate known as the Golden Gauntlet. They had started recruitment and picked up roughly 10 other individuals. Ultimately, they didn’t last that long due to many other hostile gangs and the cold winter. They had taken a flight back to Vice City leaving their broken organization back in Los Santos. The Return After leaving Los Santos for over four years they had decided to return with new ambitious goals of joining an already established organization. They were familiar with some of the organizations that were around back when they had originally arrived in the city such as The Irish Mob, The Zetas, and Mercia. They spent time relearning the ropes of the city, and building up their wealth when they came across a man known as Tyrone Cox. Tyrone Cox was the head recruiter for the Los Santos Irish Mob, after talking with Tyrone for a long period of time they had decided to join The Irish Mob. They had been told the history of the Irish Mob and were introduced to the leader at that current time which was Dwayne Donovan. They spent months in the Irish Mob until an event happened that sparked war in the city. After working his way up in Irish to the point where he achieved laptop access, Al had then started experimenting with recruitment. He had found that he was extremely good at finding potential recruits and training them up. At that time his job was to find good potential recruits and then introduce them to his lead recruiter which at the time was Tyrone Cox. Months had passed and war had been waged in Los Santos and Irish had slowly vanished from the city. He knew he wouldn’t give up in a time of war, and promised to himself that he would get through it. He watched his friends die, switch sides, and vanish forever. People who he had looked up to vanished from the criminal life, when one day he received a call from a familiar voice. He quickly answered the call and met up with two individuals who he looked up to being Dwayne and Mia Donovan. They had the idea of creating an organization which operated from the shadows. That organization would quickly take the name of The Rooks. They had constant meetings in a location known as The Jetty. Soon after the Rooks began to rise off it’s feet they then decided they needed a more formal location where they could conduct business. So they located a business that had recently gone on sale known as La Spada. They had asked one of their wealthy members put forward the money to buy the business. They had constant meetings there and achieved much success until things started to go downhill again.. Dwayne, Mia, and Al decided to have a meeting discussing the future of the Rooks. Dwayne and Mia had offered Al leadership of The Rooks which he declined and recommended Dmitri Leroy as the boss of the rooks. Which he would later learn was the biggest mistake of his life. After they had passed leadership down, Al decided he would leave The Rooks with Dwayne and Mia. But that would not stop him for long as he decided to come back months later and received the rank back of Consigliere. He had loved his time with the Rooks, and ultimately had a passion for recruitment. After being with The Rooks for a while he had decided to take another break and leave the organization once again. During his time in The Rooks he had made extremely good connections with The Triads, as La Spada was right across the street from The Koi one of the Triad HQ’s. After making those connections he had decided to hit up a good friend of his known as Kai Fang and had skipped trial and became a fully fledged Blue Lantern of the Los Santos Triads. Al ran around with The Triads as a Blue Lantern for a small amount of time, before he had made up his mind and decided it was time for him to go back to The Rooks and continue to build up the organization. Once again he had received his rank back and continued to do so for a while. He brought in many inexperienced criminals and quickly turned them into respected individuals. He came up with news ways of recruitment such as a questioning period on the Mirror Park Dam. He helped individuals climb the ranks and quickly learn the ropes of a leadership position in a large gang. In his eyes stuff began to change in The Rooks, it was no longer about what was best for the gang. In his point of view as well as other members of high command it was all about what Dmitri wanted to happen. He then talked to the underboss of The Rooks Rose McGarden, as well as a Commander in the rooks known as Zion Willard and they had all decided to leave. Right before they ended up leaving Rose had died in a car accident and all of the details were unknown. Zion and Al had moved on and began talking with Nick Wong and Kai Fang again and had joined The Triads under the title of 49er. He quickly rose through the Triad Ranks achieving the status of recruiter. At first it was quite awkward coming in not knowing any of the lower ranking members of The Triads. He heard many rumors about himself which he quickly disproved. He enjoyed working his way up in Triads, he had gotten nostalgia from his first days in the Irish Mob. Except, Triads was much different. After being in multiple gangs throughout multiple different eras, The Triads was unlike any gang he was in prior. The skill, the organization and loyalty that The Triads has was unlike any other. He then approached the Triad High Command and requested permission to recruit within Triads which he was then granted. He began looking throughout the city for individuals with a certain skill set which would fit The Triads at that time. He then accomplished that quickly achieving the status of Red Pole within Triads which came with a lot of responsibility. Current Events Al Romano had talked with someone he had looked up to within Triads known as Kai Fang. Kai and Al had talked and Al was offered the Fang last name. He quickly accepted it and changed his surname legally to Fang. He had the Romano surname his whole life, and it took some getting used to but he loved the new last name. He had the name for quite some time until The Fangs had met up with The Dracos and had decided to merge families. They then changed their last names to Draco symbolizing a new era in Triads. Al then continued in Triads and continued to work his way up the ranks. Until one day he was welcomed to a fresh stick of incense promoting Al to the rank of Vanguard within Triads. The first thing he did when he got his mask was take a picture with his homie Kai.
  6. +1 Add it for the Schaffer V12 as well. The trunk looks more then big enough
  7. Extremely good thread! Can't wait to see you guys in-game!
  8. The Triads - Kai Draco ft. Da Dracos One day Kai Draco woke up, began to roll his daily joints and made a cup of coffee. After smoking a few joints he began to piece together a few bars and thought of making a triad track. He quickly ran to the booth and started spitting some bars. Within a few hours, Kai Draco put together a masterpiece.. But it was still missing something he needed someone to feature in the track. After thinking about who to put on the track he knew just the right person to call He started dialing Al Draco’s number and after he went to voicemail five times, he finally picked up. He answered the call and Kai said he wanted to put him on a track. Al replied saying he didn’t know how to rap for his life. Then Kai told him to just let it flow.. So that’s what he did. Al spit fire like a shittier Lil Dicky, after days of trying to make something that worked he then gave the track to Kai and let him work his magic. So Kai set up the Fast and Furious on his monitor, opening up Mixcraft on his other monitor. He began mixing and added some auto tune, tweaked the audio and added some snit bits of his homies. . A day later he walked out with a mixtape and played it for the whole gang.. After that it blew up and became a hit..
  9. +1 I have a safe that nobody has been able to help me get stuff out, so adding /accesssafe back for a day or two would be amazing.
  10. ye you right so what they've all worked hard to get into our organization, and so what they're all active. Looks like we're gonna have to cut 20 quality people. We evaluate loads of people and only take in those we feel will be extremely active, and those that show good quality roleplay. But hey, time to kick 20 people that worked hard for their spot in our organization
  11. Yes, but at the same time. Faction leaders can give input on how limitations will impact for one their faction, and for two the server as a whole. As for the limitations being set to 40 does nothing except hurt the smaller factions. I know for a fact that we aren't going to be kicking twenty people just to recruit more people. It genuinely makes no sense. This limitation does nothing except hurt incoming Official factions.
  12. The faction management team is extremely helpful, don't get me wrong. The main point that he was trying to make is that faction leaders should be involved in major rule changes such as the faction capacity changes. Am I wrong? No matter what, those veteran RPers will always want to go to the top faction. Let's say Triads and Zetas disappeared, all of those same players would just create another alliance and then you'll have the same problems repeated. No matter what there will always be a top faction or two. Adding a cap will just restrict RP both internally and externally.
  13. I agree with everything said in this post. I don't feel that it was right that the new 40 member cap was randomly dropped on us. I love this server and always will, but we need better communication between the admins and gang leaders (Not meant to come across as hostile, sorry if it sounds that way.) It feels as if there is a distance between both, and it'd help to open up communication a bit more. I can't speak for any other gangs. But in Triads, we've slowly built up over time and we were finally about to reach the 60 member cap. We ensured that we only took in people that would provide quality RP, we wanted people that we know would fit our community perfectly. Although it was not said that we need to kick members of the faction to get down to 40, it's sadly going to be inevitable. Having this new cap ultimately has ruined some of my plans to encourage more involved RP in the future for every faction. Hopefully this problem will be sorted as soon as possible, until then it's going to be a rocky round and I don't see a future where we can overcome yet another limitation.
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