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  1. The Wanted were riled up from recent changes made towards various criminal organizations. Changes that ultimately set them a step backwards in achieving their primary goal. Members from across the city met up at Wanted-ville, the drug-running territory of The Wanted to discuss the situation and how they would go about remedying it. The Wanted had a perfect idea to not only further their image as Los Santos' most renown car crew but to help people in the long run. With permission granted from Los Zetas, The Wanted began taking full control over the chopping business most criminals are aware of. This meant their car enthusiasts would get the opportunity to dismantle the vehicle's parts brought to them and provide a safe outlet for everyone to make money. The people of Los Santos help us and we help them. Twas' a sleepless night for Jamaar. The past couple weeks had been nothing short of a nightmare building up all at once. With the sun rising and the birds chirping, a new day had began. Nothing more to do than keep things going in honour of his fallen, imprisoned or distant family. No matter what it takes.
  2. Its about time ya'll got this up. Always a good time with seaweed around.
  3. Jamaar Bovarium Hook me tf up you senile old man ❤️
  4. Great to see another territorial gang in the mix. Can't wait to see ya'll in-game 😃
  5. Jamaar had set some time aside to teach a set of Busters the process of packaging bricks of cocaine to sell in large quantities. John Silvia and Hakan Demirci proceeded and were fast learners, getting the job done efficiently after only a brief demonstration. Following the packaging process, Alan "Acid" Stream had returned from his extended jail sentence. The Wanted decided with Alan returning and Conor Mcdonald leaving the city on a lengthy business trip soon, they should throw a memorable party at The Wanted's own "Dust Devil's" newly claimed land in honor of the two. Once the events concluded, members of The Wanted then transported Conor to his flight where he soon departed. They said their goodbyes and made their way back to Alan's mansion that had been vacant for far too long. Welcome home buddy.
  6. +1 on this. Deterrence and an enforced roleplay standard would be a viable solution. Take one look at clips focused in the player reports section, MANY reoccurring players with zero character development and background other than robbing.
  7. The day began with mass production of narcotics. One of The Wanted's specialties in the illegal money making world. However, even the more beautiful days of Los Santos couldn't cure the disturbed, racing mind that Jamaar had now possessed from recent events. This left him demotivated and more dedicated to ingesting the newly made narcotics created rather than producing himself. The Wanted then found themselves convoying to Skeetle Jackson's cul-de-sac, now claimed as Skeetleville. Good vibes all around. The boys in orange spent the night keeping to themselves, planning and having some countryside fun. From there, the night took The Wanted to the Yellow-Jack-Inn. Jamaar had decided to show those still awake a race track that had been one of his first courses taught to him by his OG's many, many months ago. After plenty rounds of both the short loop and sandy shores loop, The Wanted decided that there was no better way to end off the night than to hit the bars and gamble.
  8. Thread looks beautiful. Good luck 😃.
  9. Jamaar had been laying low from police. Enjoying scenic spots and taking a breathe of fresh air rather than being clumped up in the usual trap houses and stash houses day by day. Sometimes you have to put money on hold in order to safely spend time with the crew. Without interruptions of course. Shortly after, The Wanted decided to have a racing day. Primarily for Wanted members only. Those who were available grabbed their vehicle of choice and made their way to the designated tracks selected. Twas' a day of adrenaline and high speed fun. Luckily for everyone involved, the police department was nowhere to be seen. As the racing concluded and inevitably many calls made to law enforcement regarding said events. This left a perfectly timed opening to secure the goodies with some business partners.
  10. 0:05 - First demand given as he is still inside the store. 0:08 - I repeat my demands as he exits the building where he then pulls a weapon (the animation is clearly seen by myself and others) https://imgur.com/VdJiuaC After he rounds the corner of the vehicle, clearly brandishing a firearm and running towards the stolen vehicle's driver seat I begin shooting. He had no intention on listening to the demands given. I gave him plenty of time to comply starting from BEFORE he left the store. This is all clearly seen in the OP's footage. My actions were not in any way fast and I stand by that. Edit: The orange contender belonged to ID 50 from what I remember (Obviously stolen).
  11. The week started off eventful with Wanted member Skeetle Jackson's birthday celebration. A beautiful day to kick back and party. Celebration aside, The Wanted resumed their current planning and brainstorming of changes for the future. Both leadership and members alike are constantly working on things behind the scenes for the improvement and development of the crew. What The Wanted hadn't expected was tension rising between themselves and a group they've come to respect and support. That group being Seaweed. After getting locked and loaded while being fully prepared for a fight, the two groups decided to buckle down and meet to discuss the current events. After the emotional confrontation the two concluded that peace and trust was the most appropriate answer. Peace left The Wanted with a singular target in mind. Members were ordered to wrap up the underground racing that was happening in order to rendezvous. A particular group in the city, renown for their despicable robberies of Miners and EMS needed some heat. The Wanted doesn't look for fights, but when its for the protection of the innocent... it's go time. We are not angels. We are not devils.
  12. Welcome brotha. Also came heavily from arma rp. Years of SAMP and now ECRP has shown me that gta rp blows the arma stuff out of the water. Best of luck in your RP endeavors.
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