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  1. Nice seeing that this concept stuck around. Best of luck.
  2. until next time, thank you for the memories.
  3. The Los Santos Triads have always positively influenced my experience among this community, no matter if it was ups or downs ICly. You will be missed and do not forget the impact you've made. Well done everyone.
  4. Solid post Al. Good stuff.
  5. You put all other montages to rest. Good shit man.
  6. @HaminLord
  7. After a good three months since Jamaar's departure from Los Santos to Chicago there have been a plethora of changes in terms of the weapons trade. What was once a direct supply maintained by the Mexican Cartels has now become an obsolete form of import and export. One thing long term gang bangers in the city of Los Santos have come to learn is that the lifestyle is a dynamic landscape that one must be prepared to adapt to. Following this change, many figures among various turfs in the city have become the go-to for a variety of weaponry and ammunition. Jamaar had made a connection
  8. Edit 08/07/2020 -Added stupid dumb dead gang montage
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