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  1. Hello, My organization has had a couple rough patches in the past with Los Santos Customs resulting in these "blanket bans" and were solved both professionally and with proper communication. Not sure why that has regressed since our last formal talk. While I strongly believe these mass bans only add fuel to the fire and result in more chaos on your premises, that is besides the point. Although our situation was vastly different than the Los Zetas, we were willing to work things out and so are they (maybe not as straight forward, but pointing fingers won't help your case). This is made quite clear from previous posts sent from those affiliated. Communicate or risk more lives? The choice is yours my friend. -Jamaar Bovarium
  2. The wars between the council, Seaweed and Los Calaveras had been wrapped up. As predicted from the neutral parties, the council had reigned superior leaving those on the opposing side lost and ridden with shell shock. One of those lost individuals who had parted from Seaweed for various reasons was a man named Nico Sainz, a kid who appeared to have infinite potential in the beginning. He was vouched for, tested thoroughly and brought into the family with open arms after proving himself. While he had very similar interests and got along with the crew, little did he know that The Wanted had soon learned about something that would change their perception of him indefinitely. The Wanted had met with Seaweed OG's and a couple of council members who all came forward with information regarding something Nico couldn't hide forever... his past. While The Wanted had been told by Nico that he left on good terms that was far from reality. He had backstabbed those he called his brothers and worked as an informant for self gain. The Wanted were left furious, looking back at the good times with Seaweed before their downfall that Nico had most definitely contributed to. He had to go. Nico had been growing on Jamaar, making the deed far more difficult than any other brutal act he had to go through with to protect his people. The time had come and everyone was in position. Jamaar lined everyone up, pointing his SMG to Nico's back and ordering him onto his knees before ripping the mask off of his face...
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    Welcome back boys! Best of luck.
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    Looks great. Best of luck boys. Looking forward to seeing how yall conduct yourselves in-game.
  5. Buyout Price: $300k Contact Information: #4569574 Feel free to list offers down below. In no rush to sell. Images:
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    I can see this report steadily becoming more hostile. Just a reminder to keep it civil, only reply if you're involved and only post further evidence pertaining to this scenario. -Copes
  7. Jamaar had been on the run from the police for up to two months, swiftly evading and dodging police consistently. Ever since expanded criminal sentencing was introduced, he put in great effort to avoid confrontation with police at all costs and had remained out of the penitentiary ever since that change. Life on the run is all fun and games until you lose the ability to do anything without having detectives and high speed units on your tail at every waking moment. Upon realizing he was being targeted, he remained under the radar, using vehicles that wouldn't trace back to him and wearing different clothes to throw law enforcement off from time to time. The goal was to make it to twentieth, a number that has been ingrained into his head for the longest time. In the end, the goal was met. Later that day, on the twentieth of August Jamaar had grown careless, tired of running from the inevitable. He turned on his phone for the first time in what seemed like ages and made a loud presence in the city. Jamaar's old friend, Jimmy Walsh had flown back to Los Santos to catch up that day. It was out of nowhere and had all of The Wanted happy, reminiscing of old times. That was when PD had arrived... barricading Jamaar inside of a store with nowhere to run. The time was now. Fast forward to Jamaar's release date. It was a long and mentally challenging sentence. However, what was waiting for him on the outside was keys to The Wanted's brand new office/meeting building and a completely separate nightclub. What was once seen as a new, long-term goal for the future had been accomplished in the blink of an eye by the hard work and effort put in by the crew. Who would have thought they would now own a large portion of Paleto? Jamaar was welcomed home and updated on events that had occurred during his absence. After being given a tour of the buildings, he then slowly eased himself into comfort on the lounge area's couch, drifting off into slumber and getting some much needed rest.
  8. +1 On numerous occasions i've witnessed players abuse the idea of "cHaraCteR KilLing" to avoid IC consequences. Needs to be looked at 100%.
  9. We'd be happy to help with this so long as we're familiar with each other on an IC level. Best of luck.
  10. The crew had been manufacturing narcotics one gorgeous night. All seemed normal. The Comradery shared among the family with money coming in from selling in bulk kept them satisfied, but for Jamaar there had always been a void that he thought would never be filled. That one faithful night was when that would change forever. Six months prior, Jamaar's older brother Rayqual was relocated back to their hometown due to a sudden, serious health problem that needed taken care of immediately. Jamaar would travel down on occasion to keep him company, each time praying for improvement in his health. Progress was slow and shaky, keeping Jamaar in a doubtful mindset. He did his best to keep the sad reality of his brother from interfering with the work he did in Los Santos. All hope was slowly declining before this point. Upon reading the message from his brother he immediately left the operation, completely abandoning the already in-progress narcotics to travel to the airport. He was okay... The two brothers spent the next day relaxing and catching up. The environment had severely changed since Rayqual was last in Los Santos and Jamaar was eager to show him what had came of The Wanted since he departed. What was once a small group of friends had developed into an empire, widely known and respected by many. The following day, leadership of The Wanted was requested by the newly founded Costello Twins Law Firm to discuss business between the two groups. Although both parties were interested, there were many red flags about the initial meeting, leading The Wanted to believe the whole interaction was some sort of set up. A plan was conducted and a meeting was set with the twins at the observatory. Members swarmed the hills of the observatory and the bridge of the police station in order to be prepared for any sort of law enforcement being involved. The followup meeting started smoothly, slowly easing into what it was really called for. The two brothers and their vehicle were searched thoroughly for any sort of wires, badges or various things that could possibly be used to incriminate. Despite having a high caliber rifle trailed on their heads, they were very understanding. By the end of the searches and discussion, the brothers had proven themselves to be legit. There would be more business to conduct in the future. With that settled, this left Jamaar to focus on the current gang politics. Meetings were held with the Los Zetas and The Russian Mafia to discuss the current taxation situation and rumors that directly involved The Wanted. While posted up at The Wanted's chop locations, the idea of setting business aside for the day in order to have a long-awaited car meet and races was brainstormed. The boys rushed down to The Wanted Reup with their vehicle of choice to prepare. The turn out was fantastic and the racing was an adrenaline rush for all those who participated.
  11. Police are meant to be powerful and should win significantly more than criminals. I'd just like criminal work to be more worth while.
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