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  1. Love this idea for a faction. Best of luck guys!
  2. +1 The precedent currently set is horrible and is being taken advantage of by hoes mad x24, /b warrior, "can I get a refund on my lost .50" type ruleplayers.
  3. Copes

    Los Zetas

    The Need For Speed The topic of Los Zeta hosted events had been a rising discussion among the organization. Following a brief conversation with the Don himself, the idea of bringing back the once prominent underground racing culture that once flourished through Los Santos during Jamaar's previous ventures was deemed an interest. Jamaar immediately made contact with Thaddeus and Mojo, individuals who have played a role in the successful aforementioned business ventures in the past. It was decided they would meet up at the observatory to discuss details of the event. From there the plan was set in stone. A racing tournament was to be held on Sunday May 17th at The Wanted Reup. Keeping under the radar had always been a tedious task with these events. The hosts deemed it necessary to kickstart these events by only involving other friendly gangs and renown racers in the city. Further down the week a Los Zetas meeting had been called to discuss various topics and promote a handful of members. To his surprise, Jamaar was then called up to the mic and received a promotion to Advisor. Following his speech the mic became open to ideas and suggestions where multiple members then spoke their mind. This included Jamaar and Mojo who had informed them all of the tournament set for the following day. It was well received and the sheer amount of members interested in this racing event filled the ex Wanted members present in the room with a feeling of euphoria. The day had come and all walks of life began entering the venue, some participating, some spectating. The word had most definitely gotten out. Once the crowd appeared big enough, Jamaar began collecting the entry fee of those entering the tournament and Mojo got to work on creating the bracket. The bracket was made to pair vehicles in order to create more even, skill based races. With over 20 participants it was time to burn some rubber. Rules were told to each racer and the first bracket had begun. It went smoothly and the crowd was wild. The vehicles came zooming past the finish line. The first bracket was then completed. Those who qualified were then notified and moved up to compete in the second bracket. The names of those starting off the second bracket were called and they made their way to the starting line. Jamaar did the same, he raised his arms and gave them a start time. Tires began screaming on the pavement, smoke rising into the sky. Then the inevitable happened. Sheriffs began pulling up to the crowd... The crowd quickly moved into the parking lot of our designated private property. The Sheriffs decided to attempt a shut down of the gathering but the property owner made an appearance to clear up any concerns. With their egos hurt, the Sheriffs present at the scene attempted a petty arrest of the masked up property manager. This was met with outrage and while Jamaar did his best to de-escalate the situation the Sheriffs couldn't be reasoned with. With that being said, they were dealt with appropriately by the various gang members on scene. The Sheriffs were placed at gunpoint and the property manager was escorted away while everyone fled before additional units and SWAT arrived. The Sheriffs targeted Jamaar leaving the scene seeing as he was the host but couldn't charge him with anything due to him playing his cards correctly. After Jamaar was let go he contacted Mojo via radio commmuncation and set a track to relocate to. The new location was sent off to those present at the previous venue. During the down time Jamaar discussed the idea of bi-weekly racing events with a long time friend, both very enthusiastic and in agreeance. Those who had not been eliminated drifted one by one into the parking lot ready to compete and the tournament continued. The talented participants battled it out race after race until it came down to the final bracket. Two racers head to head competing for the grand prize of $50 000. While it was a close race, Los Zetas own Jonas Eriksen came out on top and Frank Gorino secured the runner-up position. The crowd cheered as the two racers exited their vehicles and were given their prizes. Jamaar reached into his bag, taking out $50 000 for Jonas and $25 000 for Frank. The sun had set and the action packed day full of surprises had ended in a success.
  4. Learning how to involve yourself in criminal activity is part of roleplay. Using a guide would be utilizing out of character information which is against server rules. You need to meet the right people to learn the ropes. Simple answer really. When I joined the server way back I formed relations with well known, experienced criminals and they were my mentors. Now I know everything there is to know about criminal rp. Good luck.
  5. The most tasteful parting video I've witnessed. Never forget how much of a positive impact both you and Freg had on myself and others in this community.
  6. Faction management shouldn't force a conclusion. At no point should a faction with valid reason and an end-goal they'll continue to fight towards through thick and thin be told "no, fuck off the war is over" OOCly. This is roleplay, not a boxing match with judges and referees. I've been on both sides of the coin in terms of war and while I believe certain aspects of this new ruleset spices things up, this key point in particular is a step in the wrong direction.
  7. +1 In particular, the risk of explosion appears to be very high. While I understand that this feature is needed, the amount of explosions that happened JUST TODAY is alarming.
  8. Copes

    selling itali gtb

    If you're interested in businesses I guess this is worth a shot. East Convenience Store and 4mil.
  9. Copes

    Los Zetas

    Jamaar Bovarium - Reborn Part 2
  10. Never thought i'd see the day. Big ups guys.
  11. Congrats guys. Live it up.
  12. Property sold to anonymous buyer.
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