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  1. Synthetic oil changes for 80 dollars for the average car yes. But if you look into it supers IRL have 10-20 drain plugs compared to the normal 1 plug in normal cars. Also the specialty oil filter and the grade of oil and capacity comes into play. Like @Wifye said we could go on and on about it.
  2. After the few months I've been in the server I've seen nothing but super cars and low end cars but nothing in between (I see them just not as often as the others).... I work on cars IRL and I've noticed the lack of something important in this server when it comes to cars.. General maintenance and mileage. I see people driving their supers RELIGIOUSLY without having to worry about basic needs that these cars have. So I have some suggestions to make this a little bit more realistic and will push people to drive normal-er cars. Oil changes - First off IRL, high end cars are EXTREMELY expensive when it comes to a basic oil change, if I'm not mistaken they range from 800-1200 dollars or more. A synthetic oil change lasts about 5000 miles or 8000 kilometers. After the car has gone over so much on the oil change the engine should seize up and require a mechanic to come and help. This would help add some RP to the mechanics while also detouring people from driving balls to the wall all day without having to worry about what would happen to their car. I'm sure an oil pressure gauge or an oil change interval notice shouldn't be hard to implement. Mileage - I think there should be a mileage system implemented. I've never seen a high end super car with more than 30k on it, due to maintenance being super expensive (brakes, fluids, filters). And also it takes value from the car itself. The mileage would determine the value of the car (not including mods). Higher mileage means less value because it's well... Used. This would encourage people to have some care when it comes to driving their supers around. DISCLAIMER: I know I mentioned super cars a lot but this all goes for ALL cars not just supers.
  3. I could see this being something a bit better than what it is now. It would be nice to see alarm systems that alert the police (which crims might steer away from using them because of the illegal items inside), cameras like stated above, hell even rig a shotgun to blast when you walk in without taking the proper precautions? I think the idea of having a different tool to get in would be okay, and the home owner should have to be online to give them a fair chance. Like @TheCanadian said +1 if there are some better ideas but -1 as what you have now.
  4. +1 from me, I mainly play on a criminal character mainly because there really isn't much to do as a civilian. I'd like to see something like the ability to work at gas stations, corner stores, and have the player able to purchase their own shop and hire employees. Also it would be pretty cool to see some jobs that provide player needs, such as food, bakery maybe? Restaurants with waiters and waitresses?
  5. It is an honor to be apart of this family! Can't wait to see what the future has in store 🙂
  6. I don't think that should be a valid reasoning. How is armor a luxury item? 40k just to take 4 extra bullets isn't worth it in my opinion. I think it should definitely should be lowered, to have some sort of equality between crims and PD when it comes to something as simple as armor. You have access to snipers for example, which we don't, even though criminals IRL have access to much more than just a handful of weapons. Armour price should be lowered seeing how being a crim automatically puts yourself at a disadvantage. +1
  7. Currently we have a lot applications we have to look over, with that many quizzes it is hard to maintain. We are trying our best to get through the applications, we just ask that you stay patient. Like @Copes said we try to go oldest to newest, but with so many it is hard to stay on top of.
  8. Huge +1 on everything! I would say for the burglary part, that you can have 2 house stashes, one being normal, and the other is the "secure" stash. Obviously the normal stash is the one that can be robbed, but I think since you cant be on ALL the time; have a secure stash with less space than the normal one and put your most valuable stuff there. I personally keep stuff that people have given me as a gift such as drawings on notepaper. It would suck hella bad if someone took those or destroyed them. And there should be a volume limit so people don't just get cleaned everynight.
  9. You can change the music volume if you launch your game in GTA Online or Singleplayer and turn down the music volume, and when you log back into the server it will carry over your setting. Sadly you can't change it on the fly as far as I'm aware. 😕
  10. +1 I feel just adding little things to a cookie cutter interior is kinda lame, I want my house to be how I want it.
  11. As someone who plays a criminal I usually don't rob people unless of its a rival gang member and even then I try to get the most out of the situation, which in turn makes the scenario a little longer, and gives the other gang time to come back them up, which is frustrating but that's the risk of being a criminal, or any other form of play. With that being said I can see why new players have a difficult time RPing because it's time consuming, but I enjoy lengthy scenarios so I guess its a player to player basis. Also in a scenario when you are typing a /me and let's say you have a first responder on his knees, but he pressed his panic button before you could notice; you are in mid /me and backup shows up you either hit enter mid text or hold backspace because people don't care when they see ((Typing)) and see it as fish in a barrel. I think if people had more "courtesy" and went with scenarios instead of shoot first ask questions later, other illegal or legal parties would stop having to have the same mentality and would be a lot calmer and less chaotic. Just my 2 cents 🙂
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