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    Police department

    I like the idea for the FBI and National Guard but I dont think it would be very RP friendly to have a cap on gangs because honestly you think any IRL gangs are gonna stop at a specific number? I understand trying to be fair, but every gang leader or high up reviews each new prospect when they join, and some gangs are invite only, no applications. Every player who comes into the server makes the decision to go the legal route and non legal, and shouldn't have to be forced to go to a certain faction just because it was unfair to some.
  2. PennyWise13x

    Better drug suggestion

    That's why I suggested that there should be some way of telling if someone is cooking at home so the threat is still there.
  3. PennyWise13x

    Better drug suggestion

    So one of my favorite things to do as a criminal is grow weed and make drugs, it's relaxing (until cops show up), but I've been thinking lately on what could make this a little more immersive and a little more diverse. One of the main things is weight, every drug is just "1" of itself and is a little irritating trying to explain how much of that drug you have when talking to another person, so I was thinking of maybe labeling the drug with the weight after it, for example instead of "Marijuana x1" it could be "Marijuana 1g" or "Marijuana 1oz" and match each drug with the most common weight the drug is sold by, like cocaine is a kilo, marijuana is grams or ounces etc.. Also I think when growing or cooking you should have a chance to get more or less, kind of like when making seeds for example 1 marijuana plant can chance to produce 1 to 3 grams of weed, and drugs like cocaine or meth which is weight in kilos (I think?) could produce 1 or 2kg, and so on. Another thing would be home cooking, maybe add basements or cook in the kitchen, perhaps? Obviously you wouldn't be able to get the materials from your house, so you would have to gather supplies before cooking, or maybe you could buy/steal the supplies at a Drug and/or Convenience store? Also, could add small closets which you could home grow 1-4 plants, depending on home size. This would help the players who want to produce drugs but can't because the other labs are occupied, you might not be able to produce as much as people at the labs but you will still be able to make some kind of profit. Last but not least, the Police. (I didn't forget about you guys ) In the case of home cooking, to make it possible to find home labs, maybe add a notification if you are within a close distance of the house that the house smells of chemicals or has a strong skunky odor, (K-9 unit possibly?) or maybe a power grid system were you can see what area is using the most electricity, making the risk of home growing for a long period of time can still pose a threat, and would still keep players cautious as they would be at the labs. This is an open discussion, feel free to give ideas and thoughts!