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  1. Denni


    I earned way more when I did trucking, I was closer to 10k than 5k. -1 from me, sorry mate.
  2. It would be for all. Like the UK wage system etc. Taxes rise as you earn more.
  3. Denni

    Government Faction

    If prices go down, you can't pay the drivers?!
  4. Well no, it's more for the economy and not a North Korean regime.
  5. Well, those inactives may already have been away for 9 months or over a year... I mean the dates can be arranged but I feel there should only be so many of everything in circulation. The problem is, the super rich don't actually lose money... For example, there should be a tax on these cars, or houses, or helicopters etc. Something that the richer pay more of - like wage taxes etc.
  6. I think the rarity of supercars is at a good level right now. I also know that you can buy them for a hefty sum from other players; so ultimately I feel maybe if people quit and haven't logged on for 1 year +, their supercar is then added back into circulation through a garage that can sell them? House upgrades is a good idea, so definitely a +1 from me for this. I'd love to own a general store, this is also +1 from me. Yachts to be player owned? I'm in a + and - for this... I'm not sure of the whole premise; what's the point? It can't be moved can it? Helicopters I do agree with you so +1. With strict fines and penalties if they cause a scene etc. Possibly have to go through an aviation academy before receiving this? An expensive license too?
  7. Denni

    Taco job should allow card payments

    +1 I actually love the roleplay of the taco truck. #getcardmachines
  8. Denni


    -1. In my opinion, 10k an hour is actually great. Most legal jobs don't offer no-where near this either. Why can't police officers or EMS get paid more than 10k an hour? Same principle, different argument.
  9. Denni

    Jail sentence

    -1. People will just AFK it overnight. I commit a crime... 120 minutes max, that's 480 minutes. 8 hours; sweet, go to bed and get up and voilla!
  10. Denni

    Breaking and Entering houses

    I'd like to elaborate on my +1 from earlier. I would love to see this, provided that there was a way for it to be really hard to do so. Like a 1/25 chance of breaking in, each time an alarm goes off and/or police are alerted. Though I do understand this is so difficult because the police would get 100's of calls a night. I'd like to see it, but I don't think it's something that could happen.
  11. Denni

    Additions To Quiz

    +1 - This is a great idea. I feel it would help visual learners much better.
  12. Denni

    [Suggestion] /anim list

    +1 I would love a list of all animations.
  13. +1 An allocation of 3-4 spaces at random? If #1 is taken, spawn at #2?
  14. This. Also, if you don't want to do the time don't do the crime. I get the appeal of the criminal life and can't say I've not been tempted myself, but... If someone is not RP'ing, record, report OR have a conversation with them. Most people in the server, especially in legal factions, will try their upmost to improve their RP as time goes on.
  15. Denni

    Update /givekey

    +1, great idea. I could collect keys!