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  1. Denni

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    Enjoy your new place! Well done for contributing to this thread.
  2. Denni

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    -1. Has been suggested before and I agree with the people above.
  3. Denni

    Eclipse-RP Wiki

    +1 !
  4. Denni

    Small Businesses

    +1. Lovely idea!
  5. Player(s) being reported: ID 66 Date of interaction reported: 21/01/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1548088852 Your characters name: Jake Lawson Other player(s) involved: Jason Cane, Richard Langston, Specific rule(s) broken: 7.8 Combat and role-play logging 7.8.1 Players must not disconnect from a role-play situation to avoid negative IC consequences. If you crash, you must reconnect to the server and inform the other parties and attempt to resume the role-play scenario. 7.8.2 In a situation, where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. How did the player break the rule(s)? Left the server whilst being arrested. Was not responding to RP either previous to this for a good few minutes. We waited for well over 10 minutes, he did not come back. I also checked discord, nothing. Feel that he logged to avoid Attempted GTA charge. Evidence of rule breach:
  6. Dealerships, companies etc. do use own websites. Some of them especially loan companies. Lifeinvader would only be a social network with listing features.
  7. Denni

    Add Zipties to stores

    +1. Tie me up any day!
  8. Denni

    RP Involving Police

    I'll put this really simply, as I can tell this has angered you. Items are taken off, because if they get it back, what have they really lost? Nothing. People commit crimes really easily and for such little reasons and the consequences of committing the worst crimes is just 120 minutes of jail time; MAX. You can't have your cake and eat it. So you can call bullshit all you want, but you haven't seen it from both sides; law and criminal. Why are you even rocking up to crime scenes? What purpose? There is none... You shouldn't actually have any reason unless you were there already. People just do it to get in the way, on purpose. Instead of not accepting other peoples opinions; hence you only quoted people who did a -1; why don't you post a suggestion on HOW TO IMPROVE LSPD. Instead of just saying; they don't do this, shouldn't do this. How could it be further improved? Give proper suggestions. I am in full agreement with a court system, but the problem is, the punishments and consequences need to be higher. Sorry I forgot to add... If a cop takes anything from you it should NOT be kept by the cop. Anything I take gets deleted. Sandwiches and everything. I pretend I've given it to the evidence locker. I hope you understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions and in no way should they be spoken to like you just have, looking down on them. Nobody is being harsh to you or nasty; just replying back to your quotes and why everyone's opinion is equally valid. Much Love, Denni P.S. Where did I keep mentioning "realism"? Are you plucking things out of thin air? I actually understand a lot of what you're saying but you fail to understand other peoples opinions.
  9. Denni

    RP Involving Police

    Your sandwich would be extremely out of date and unedible by the time you leave prison IRL. 120 months? That's a rotten sandwich. With all due respect, you've been part of the community the best part of a month so you really cannot state too much about the servers economy or the PD. Go apply to the PD, see the protocols in place and then comment on organisation because there is a lot more work behind the scenes than you may think. Especially with the amount of new players thinking it's GTA Online PT 2. If PD had to give back all the items every time someone is out, you'd literally only have PD giving back items. Any items on you, should you commit a crime, should be sacrificed. If I have a radio, a gun, a hat; this is all valid evidence in terms of prints etc. I get that sometimes food is a little overkill, I understand that. If the jail sentences were longer, IE up to 8 hours, I would honestly +1 what you said with a court system etc. However, because 120 minutes is nothing, for example... I'll go kill 10 people, couple cops etc. Get 120 max time. Then I'll make sure I do it like an hour before bed, get arrested, go in prison, 2 hours afk (because you can there) and then it'll kick me out inactive after... That's what some do, that's what the problem is, not a sandwich. If you have a problem with a cop, or you feel mistreated, go talk to a higher up OR go on the government forums and place an IA report. They do get looked at.
  10. 3 months inactive. Or so...