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  1. Denni

    Rise against the crime

  2. Denni

    Rapper "JP" John Permuy Dies of Suicide

    Who is he? - Anonymous
  3. Denni

    Allow people to have animal alt characters

    -1. Trolls galore incoming...
  4. Denni

    GPS System

    +1, good idea.
  5. Denni

    The Purge Event.

    It's a role-play server using a video game. We don't fly with bikes and jets in the server either. Have a great day! 😄
  6. Denni

    The Purge Event.

    It's exactly what ROLE PLAY is. Go find a nice purge sever! Oh wait, GTA ONLINE.
  7. Denni

    The Purge Event.

  8. Don't get salty, at least I didn't just leave -1 without my opinion. You got my thoughts, end of.
  9. Denni

    Reduce consumable prices

  10. Denni

    Low Fuel Indicator

    +1 - great idea.
  11. Denni

    Help out the Staff regarding Player Reports

    -1. Yes reports take a little while to answer and resolve but only staff should work with them. That's it.