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  1. Love where this is headed! cant wait to RP with yall!
  2. I spent 60 mins making a damn application and it takes them 4 mins just to deny it without any thing telling me why instead of "we ran out of space...but they only accpted 3 people...this is BS
  3. + 1 my own idea because its balla
  4. Imagine a WORKING, FUNCTIONAL, Television! How would this work? Well, I think our talented developers can make it work like speakers! instead a link to a radio station, Link to YouTube! think about it, YouTube has TV shows, funny personal, comedy shows, even free movies! so this would be perfect! But the only thing I think should be different about it compared to the speakers is it should be shared by everyone, meaning if you turn down the volume everyone has that volume, if you turn it off, then everyone has it off (TBH the speakers should do the same , more realistic) also, when you do it, there should me a /me there automatically saying (name) has turned down the volume to (volume level) or if they turned it to it will say (name) has turned the TV off. Or if its off and you turn it to a volume it will say (name) has turned the TV on, (volume level) Commands? /TV(id)(volume setting) to set the volume, turn off TV, or turn on TV /TVpickup- to pick up the TV /TV(ID)(YouTube link)- to set the Channel ((the video for whatever)) Price? I think it should be expensive, this is a really cool feature and item, i believe it should be more then the computer, so i say 75,000$ I plan on editing this and adding more to it and more genres and sub genres, i wanna hear what you guys gotta add, lets make this happen together! I thin this is already really good and we can do it now! but i am gonna edit this frequently when i come up with more if it makes it better! you lads help out too! again i don't think we have to add anything i think we did it from here! What do ya'll think of my idea?
  5. This is ID 43. (Pink hair ) I have seen what I’ve done and I’m sorry. Will not happen again ! I did not see her aim the gun at me. And that’s my bad I was in the heat of the moment
  6. number2gk

    Bias PD?

    This is not a disrespect PD, i wish to still join them, someone please reply and help me because im legit sad =[
  7. number2gk

    Bias PD?

    So I am extremely PISSED... so basically the LSPD application is kinda suspect on their Application process.... Notice! The 4 points on why the person was not accepted. Now onto my application! Notice the 4 easily fixable problems, that screenshot i chose the wrong one the /license so that is my bad, what are yall thoughts?
  8. ALso lets not forget that it can be used for ADS, and who knows maybe yall can make a LIVE weasel news and that can be a new branch in weazel?
  9. Lets add TV's to houses and public places ! bigger the house the bigger the TV and more things it can do, Basically watch TV shows and play games that you can do with friends! (just like in GTA online) This would add fun and SOCIAL interaction and more RP and make houses WORTH the prices... This would also be helpful for the PRISON...since there is a TV in there, and dang, would it be funny to watch a brawl start over someone switching the channel! or they could get along and laugh at a cartoon! the choices are endless! Commands: how do you turn on tv? /TVon Turn tv off? TVoff How do you switch channels? /TV Channel1 /TV channel2 and so on depends on how many channels eclipse puts on! Change volume? Same thing with music /TVvolume (0-100) How to play games? /TV Game1 /TV Game2 an so on depends on how many games you put in! If yall have anything to add please share! otherwise upvote this !
  10. i mean, we already purple, but alright
  11. number2gk


    Spades Meeting with The Wanted, LC, Seaweed, Irish Leaders meet
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