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  1. Los Santos Records Ranks President- The guy who rans the label and does everything Vice President- The guy 2nd in charge, Does everything if president is gone Director- 3rd in charge, if President and Vice president gone, their in charge Artist & Repertoire- Artist and repertoire (A&R) is the department that discovers and signs new talent and prepares budgets for signed artists. A&R coordinators search for artists by attending music festivals, watching unsigned bands perform in clubs, reviewing demos and following the buzz in the music world. Public Reactions- The public relations (PR) department handles publicity and promotions. Record labels have publicists, sometimes in addition to the artists' own publicists, who promote the artists and arrange media coverage such as interviews and television appearances. Producers- Make beats and get an artist and develop them. Art- The art department is in charge of working with artists and A&R to design album covers, insert art, posters, advertising and any other design work needed in the marketing and promotion of the products. Artists- Talent like Rappers/SIngers/Musicians that make up the record label! Just that this would be neat, what do you guys think? Oh and if this does come to be a faction, i would ask to be president of it =] But i hope yall enjoy the idea!
  2. This is crazy...we hate hours and only to get in for a second and then crash again, AT LEAST announce whats fucking going on! This is ridiculous! I think i speak on behalf of everyone in this server...i this community....the community that is "FAMILY" and is suppose to be treated amazingly... TELL US WHAT DA FLIP GOING ON!
  3. RP purposes and its gonna be cheaper
  4. So i was thinking...what if the city opened a fast food place! Positions Cashier- Takes order by Rping and then doing /takeorder 1(id) burger 2 soda and then enter and the customer does /acceptorder (id) and then after.... The Cook- After cashier completes the order she then gives it to the cook by using /giveorder1 then the cook goes to the stove and does /cookorder1 (goes in order) After that the cook then gives it to waiter by using /giveorder1(id) and then the waiter gives it to customer by (giveorder 1(id) If yall want my postions then add more, but thats just what i think would make it good! LOCATION CAN BE BURGERSHOT
  5. Have it wear you can press a button and you but on a seatbelt, to know if you have the belt on or off there will be a icon "BELT" if its all red it is off and you could fly out, if its green, you are safe! This is very important for the safety of EVERYONE in Los Santos!
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