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Found 9 results

  1. "Boss" [is the head of the Family and the top decision maker.] "Underboss" [is in charge of all of the capos and is usually first in line to become acting boss if the boss is imprisoned or dies. An underboss's role is to look after the day-to-day affairs of the family, and helps to settle any disputes that do not need to be escalated up to the boss.] "Advisor" [gives advices to the Boss and sometimes is his "right-hand man". The boss, underboss, and the Advisor are the top three positions and a three-man ruling panel, or "administration".]
  2. Credits: Story & details by @Moda_Montasser Graphics & Pictures by @Famingo @WillowRaven
  3. Founded by Daniel “Danny” Spears and Jack “Cook” Perkins; The White Rose Brokerage is built on a simple premise, to provide discrete services and products to the Los Santos underworld. Educated at Eton and Cambridge, Daniel Spears started his professional career within the legal industry of London, practicing in the world of acquisitions and procurement, his employers “Partridge & Underwood” were a top legal firm centered in the heart of the financial district, holding many important and influential clients. As a solicitor, Danny Spears would negotiate and manage the acquisitions and
  4. Intro Los Santos Syndicates have been together for a long time. They are so close to each other that they consider themselves family and some of them are actually family. This all started with a group of friends that built their relationship so tight and have always had each other’s back in the neighborhood. Our job was and is to always look out over our turf and make sure it was a safe place to be for us and the people that live there. We never have believed in doing crime for petty reasons and only do crimes when it’s absolutely necessary because we don’t believe in doing crime
  5. The Gambino Family originated in Sicily, Italy and have traditionally operated relatively quietly. There has always been a need for families of Italian immigrants to help each other, and it remains that way to this day. They have provided justice for those who received none from the Law. Finding a way way to provide for - and have expanded from other cities in America. A small contingent of the mob came to Los Santos to set up what they could; the first group from New York. Upon arriving the group did small time deals. Ran into street gangs, lost good people and many friends while making mone
  6. Dashy


    Tsukuyomi married his sister Amaterasu, and ruled as her consort. Uke Mochi, the goddess of food, held a great feast. Though she was invited, Amaterasu was unable to attend and thus sent her consort, Tsukuyomi, in her stead. He watched as Uke Mochi began to create the feast, but found her methods to be incredibly repulsive. She spit fish, rice, and deer from her mouth before pulling food out of her other orifices. Tsukuyomi was so horrified by her actions that he killed her then and there. When word reached Amaterasu, she was horrified and labeled her husband an evil kami, unworthy of ret
  7. Brothers For Life HISTORY The Angels of Death are a motorcycle patch who deem the way of the road as a way of life and freedom from the restraints of a postmodern, conformist society. They advocate for a more traditional and simpler way of life, in which its members roam around the state and have continuous parties. Previously, the Angels of Death weren't present in Los Santos, however since the Lost MC has lost its influence within the region, the Angels have seen this as a way of expanding their territory and taking any assets left behind as well as patch over m
  8. IRON RAIDERS FOREVER, FOREVER IRON RAIDERS Status:Recruiting Iron Raiders MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in Lakeland, Florida in 2018. The Mother Chapter is located in Saint cloud, Orlando. The story of the Florida based Iron Raiders Motorcycle Club goes that 8 men were on board An F1 Aircraft Carrier in February of 2016 on an 8 month tour. They all had a passion for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and while on board decided to start a motorcycle club. Between them they decided on the name “Iron Raiders Motorcy
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