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  1. very good update apart from everyone being kicked from their faction
  2. This would make the perfect fishing system, I really support this idea. +1
  3. Account name: Spizor Character name(s): Ethan_Williams Admin who issued punishment: LukasMontana Date of punishment: 19/Mar/2019 14:30 Punishment received: Jail Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch | Offense #1 & Non RP | Offense #2 (Powergaming) Your explanation of what happened: So for offense #1, I had stolen a car therefore I had to leave as soon as possible, but 2 guys were standing in front of me so I attempt to make a left to avoid them, but they start walking towards the way I was going as I was already driving. For offense #2, the owner of the vehicle I stole got inside, so I ejected him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I honestly did not mean or try to break any rules at all, they were honestly just mistakes.. For offense #1, I honestly tried to avoid them, that's why I tried taking a left. I didn't mean to hit any of them, if I was attempting to hit anyone here it would be the owner of the vehicle.. which was to my right, I took a left. Honestly did not mean to hit anyone there at all, I apologize. And for the power gaming offense I honestly thought the /me it automatically does for you when you eject someone was enough, because someone did the exact same thing to me earlier today. It was not my intentions to break any rules honestly, I apologize again. Post any evidence or further details: This is the video of offense #1 https://gyazo.com/3ca2e968eea73a1041c09c7b03034f83
  4. Spizor

    ID 36 FEAR RP

    First of all.. I had no VOIP so I couldn't hear you, and after I punched you by accident.. you started shooting. If you start shooting at me I am not gonna stand there and let you kill me.. that's why I ran off trying to get cover. And also "You must give demands via text if used as a reason to attack as VOIP isn’t always heard."
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