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  1. On City HE Right now #3255433
  2. +1 to the chime or jingle, many people don't realize that their report has been accepted and it takes time away from others who need help.
  3. Hello All, Reece Nelson (224) Here. I would like to start off by thanking the reporting party for uptaking this report and the staff who are reviewing it. First things first, I was never informed by the reporting party to save a POV, and with that being said, I have no footage of this incident. Now onto the scenario, Myself and 202 had seen a ad for a Schafter sale, after myself and the reporting party had multiple texts, we arranged to do a cash deal at bank for the Schafter V12 for 185K. Myself and 202 decided to attempt a scam on the reporting party, with 202 being the supposed "
  4. +1 makes it hard to see colors and mods.
  5. -1 I don't think it is rewarding for players to collect belongings that can just be stolen while a player is logged off. I also think this system would be overused and abused for the sense of loot, something that RP is not made for.
  6. +1 on a extension, 60 minutes in my opinion is too excessive and I think it would raise the chances of coming across AFK players more frequently, 20 or 30 minutes would seem more reasonable.
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): Always Character name: Reece Nelson Issue/bug you are reporting: Snow Textures are placed on floors in a buildable interior property Expected behavior: There should be no snow inside a property. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Go inside a buildable property when the snow is turned on in the server. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  8. Weecey

    VDM & RDM

    Hello & Thank you for making this report, please make sure your report follows our guidelines. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/5680-player-report-requirements-must-read-before-posting/
  9. As it says in the title, Add a option for Dark Mode in the Panel, I personally find it difficult to read big bodies of text when carrying out staff tasks and it becomes harsh on the eye. With the new updates to the forums, I don't think it would be a bad idea to match the theme of the forums to the panel either.
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