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  1. Character name(s): Jimmy Balanka , Frank Santino Admin who issued punishment: Serthon Date of punishment: today Punishment received: ban Reason given for punishment: ban evad Your explanation of what happened: I have no clue what is going on, I was afk in server and when I passed a cop car got a error says closed connection when I came back got ban And says account is matched with Diego Stanger's, Why should your appeal be accepted?: Im not using any software or anything to have same hardware ID I have 0 Idea what happend Post any evidence or further details:
  2. Character name(s): Jimmy Balanka Admin who issued punishment: chebiddy Date of punishment: today Punishment received: warning Reason given for punishment: combat logging Your explanation of what happened: We were at a draglab and had a shootout with some other gangs and then when cops showed up I lost the connection, and then I was trying to join that was like I had connection but I can't even join to server and just getting Connection lost from server, And I had 0 connection with other international things, like discord, After like 10minutes I decided to run VPN and try to join and then nothing, I called to one of my friend and he told me I joined to server and he was from Tehran, our capital and I was from a city so far away from Tehran, so I decided to eat something to come back and checking my panel, I saw that I got a non rp for combat log Why should your appeal be accepted?: If it was my mistake I would accept that but srsly that wasn't my fault, It was problem between Iran connection and that wasn't first time we lost the connection, we lost our connection today same like that. that picture will show you I told him via discord when we got back our connection. If I had connection I could tell them I lost the connection but I got back my internet after like 1 or 2 hours. Post any evidence or further details: and this will show you why we keep lose the connections https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iranian-protests-enter-3rd-day-as-injuries-reported-internet-disrupted-614080
  3. All of us were checking the bushes,And no one didn't see you at that bush also that bike and your ID it was hidden cause as you can see in my friend video we can't see that, so there was no MG..
  4. The point is I didn't see you and I didn't see the car at first cause I don't have vision on circle road, when I saw them I just stopped and came back Why should I ram you over before doing anything and without any vision, and I had like 150kmh speed....
  5. Character name(s): Jimmy Balanka Admin who issued punishment: Redhot Date of punishment: today Punishment received: 60m Ajail Reason given for punishment: VDM Your explanation of what happened: Someone called back up via radio but he didn't tell us they are cops, when I came to that location I Didn't see that guy in the bush cause he was hiding, and then I saw the cop car and then he pushed my car with desync or something, and Redhot was thinking that was my first attemp to ram, But it wasn't I didn't see him in the bush and is very clear I didn't attemp to ram you, And when I came back again cause cops told me, then I saw you pointing your gun at me and my friend car too, then I found that you are A cop too and then Redhot sent me to jail without giving any chance to talk Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think that was the desync issue at first cause Redhot was thinking at first when cop car got crashed with me I was trying to ran him over, But acctually I didn't see him before when I came back, And when I saw him, Then I used my attemped to save my friend And I didn't know that cops was chasing him and When I came back I was trying to tell that cop we need your help but I saw that, he is a cop too so I decided to help and save my friend. 14 : DM Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Post any evidence or further details:
  6. No, Don't think so, Should ask from Siavash. No, At first when I saw you I called backup on radio and I was far away and out of range for you guys, and as you see, I stopped for some second to checking and telling.
  7. Id 15 here. And On this video I was trying to hell him hands up and I don't know my voice is not coming on video and when I saw that he trying to pulls out his gun while my gun is pointed at him, I just started shooting at him. And if see that on video my character was on B before my death and I don't actually why this happend to my character,
  8. Hello is 15 here, as you can see I didn't press B when I was out of the car, I don't know actually what happend, but I was pressing n and m, and as you can see I started shooting when my animation on my screen finished I think it was internet issue from my side or that guy side, cause I didn't press B on my screen, And if you see the video at 0:35 I was shooting at somewhere else cause I had very bad lag on my internet. And before that I called my friend to come back here again via Radio.
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