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  1. Zac Wrzosek

    ID 30 Deathmatch

    I misspoke when I first got out the car. I gave you time to leave but you did not. When I got out of the car my goal was to get you off the bike since you wanted to sit there when I told you to fuck off.
  2. I lost net and was forced out of the game if it said "Left" doesn't always mean logged, I've seen countless times people crash and it just says "Left" so you can't always base it of that. There should be logs of when I "left" the server and when I came back. It was as soon as I could come back which was 5 or 6 mins later which is in the 15 min wait time for the rule of combat logging. If you guys didn't stay I can't really handle that sadly.
  3. Sadly my net died. I logged back in 5-6 mins later and no one was there from your crew.
  4. Zac Wrzosek Here id 257 So this was sooo long ago I don't have any video of it but I never planned on ramming this man he was turning and I was in a weird spot and he pitted himself. I don't know why I'm being reported for this when it was clearly not on purpose cause I slowed down and backed off. It was an accident if anything I didn't have any intention on ramming him with my car.
  5. Looks great. but where the cars at tho 😞
  6. +1 need more customization.
  7. ID 31 here I came to the lab and you started running away. I shouted for you to stop. It take's 1 sec to type four letters so no it wasn't copy and paste. You kept running and I started to shoot for you to stop. You did not stop till you were in sight of a cop and you thought you were safe. I then killed you because you did not stop for my 2 demands telling you to. You also had drugs on you so were you making drugs while cuffed? That's a rule breach in its self that you just admitted.
  8. lmfaoooo ok bruh good luck with the report and again thanks for linking my stream 🙂
  9. So you hop in game and someone who is not near you uses the radio. The players name or ID pops up on the right side of your screen right? Well this was legit a month or more old. The server does have bugs you know? At this time radio didn't have that or it barely worked.
  10. So I'm guessing you are kinda new to the server because you think people using radio in game is discord. Luckily now we can see on the right side of our screen when someone talks on the radio but back then this was either not a thing or really buggy and not showing up.
  11. You legit posted a full 3 hour long stream that had only 10 mins of discord being used in the end. And even then there was no MG that took place.
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