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  1. +1 need more customization.
  2. ID 31 here I came to the lab and you started running away. I shouted for you to stop. It take's 1 sec to type four letters so no it wasn't copy and paste. You kept running and I started to shoot for you to stop. You did not stop till you were in sight of a cop and you thought you were safe. I then killed you because you did not stop for my 2 demands telling you to. You also had drugs on you so were you making drugs while cuffed? That's a rule breach in its self that you just admitted.
  3. lmfaoooo ok bruh good luck with the report and again thanks for linking my stream 🙂
  4. So you hop in game and someone who is not near you uses the radio. The players name or ID pops up on the right side of your screen right? Well this was legit a month or more old. The server does have bugs you know? At this time radio didn't have that or it barely worked.
  5. So I'm guessing you are kinda new to the server because you think people using radio in game is discord. Luckily now we can see on the right side of our screen when someone talks on the radio but back then this was either not a thing or really buggy and not showing up.
  6. You legit posted a full 3 hour long stream that had only 10 mins of discord being used in the end. And even then there was no MG that took place.
  7. Are you joking? I did not join a discord until 3:18:00 to talk about the past roleplay situation that we already talked about in game. I was using in game voip the whole time before that.
  8. Thanks for plugging my stream! At the end of the stream I jumped in discord with my friends to joke about what happened in the past few hours. There was no MG involved. I did join the discord and make a slight joke "Is this where the metagamers at?" I can see how you might think it was real. It was just a joke if you keep watching the stream there was no mg happening at all. You put the MG rule in but did you read it? ● Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. There was no mg that could have changed the current or future roleplay scenarios since we was discussing a shootout that happened an hour ago. For the admin reviewing the stream I don't join a discord until 3:18:00
  9. Player(s) being reported: ID 14 Date of interaction reported: 3/15/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1552692382 Your characters name: Zac Wrzosek Other player(s) involved: Reece Curry Specific rule(s) broken: "7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban." How did the player break the rule(s)? Someone stole a police car and shot at a member of my gang, We chased them around the map for a few minutes then we lost them. I letting Reece get his bike when they came back and slammed into him and he called for backup. When I arrived ID 14 shot at me when I didn't even have a gun out. He didn't give any demands or had a KoS on me so he deathmatched me for no reason. Evidence of rule breach:
  10. Character to be refunded: Zac Wrzosek Date and time of incident: 3/14/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): Ak with a extended clip and 90 rounds, $25,000 Description of incident resulting in loss:Was driving down the road and there was a injured person on the ground and I didn't see them in time to slow down hit them. I understand I should have gotten injured but for some reason I got sent straight to MD with no chance of saving my AK. Evidence of loss:
  11. Account name: SuicidexKnight Character name(s): Zac Wrzosek Admin who issued punishment: Flucificial Date of punishment: 3/2/2019 Punishment received: Kicked and Warned for Non-RP #1 Reason given for punishment: 6.8 No crime zones Your explanation of what happened: Had multiple triad members talking shit to Me and other Zetas at the bank which was a ncz. We tried asking them to leave the area so we could settle this instead of threatening back and forth at the bank. They ended up walking across the street to bait us into doing something. When we tried to tell them hands up they just ran back into the NCZ. At the time the NCZ was smaller at bank and there was alot of grey area when it came to it. This is the first time I had a issue with NCZ and I feel like it should have been a verbal warning about the NCZ. Now that the area has been extended everyone know's what is a ncz and what isn't, which wasn't really clear at the time of this report. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Jay who was also punished for this had it voided all I'm asking for is the same treatment. I know what I did was wrong now and it will not happen again. Here is Jay's appeal which was voided.
  12. Account name:SuicidexKnight Character name(s):Zac Wrzosek Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature Date of punishment:2/26/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Talking back to staff Your explanation of what happened: So the gang I was in Los Zetas are pretty much in a war with Vice. There's alot of IC banter and shit talking almost anytime we encounter them. Multiple times Vice and Zetas talk shit IC when we see each other pretty much anywhere in the city, that includes NCZ. At the time I was punished I just learned that it was non rp to harass like that in large groups. I was annoyed after a friend was kicked for this since one Vice member reported us for it. After BallinByNature explained how this was nonrp he said we could leave. I responded by "You can 2, pz" which was a result of me being upset for being reported for something that was done to us multiple times by the opposing gang. My actions from being upset were not smart or respectable to any staff that were involved and I apologize for the way I acted and the things I said. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I personally apologized to Ballin in pms after I calmed down. I do feel like I should be punished for what I said but I think a perma ban was a bit harsh. My admin record is pretty clean before this and I do enjoy this server and the community. Post any evidence or further details:
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