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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Juvante Mathews Character to Transfer To: Chris Carwyn Requested Transfer: $700,000 Reason for Transfer: Juvante is well off for himself flourishing with many luxuries in his life, with Chris starting his new life as a police officer, Juvante his cousin has decided to give him a healthy amount of cash to put a deposit on a house for Chris. As of now he does not have one, so this would be a warm welcome on the cousins' troubled past and history of conflicted beliefs within the city. This would strengthen their relationship, but also give Chris a character with a stable job an actual house to buy and a car, because as of now the character Chris does not have either meanwhile Juvante has both as a criminal. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would get a trusted friend to help me transfer.
  2. Selling a Maxed 7-70 465k Contact: #2635582 if you are interested
  3. Love the Forum thread good luck!
  4. Every time I go to high-end to sell my car, it's always full. I think with the new player boom the market space should increase so more people can place cars up for sale and there will be more options for buyers.
  5. This is a very nice update thank you for the hard work 😀
  6. +1 this or any other activity to make jail less afk time and more rp time
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