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  1. reading up on the past hoza? 👌

    1. Hoza


      yeah my man, missing the old days

    2. xxxJustTimmy
  2. Hakuchou Drag For SALE! The bike itself is well looked after, no scratches, literally like a brand new bike. It is fully upgraded, even with the turbos. Here is a picture of the bike: Offers down below. Contact me @ Dakay#[email protected] or text me #4543166
  3. Hoza

    ID123 ID9 (NRP)

    Thank you for replying, if the ramming wasn’t intentional you should of atleast said something about it in ooc. As this now only lets me think that it was intentional, and my rp experience got ruined by you hitting the car and causing me to flip.
  4. Hoza

    ID123 ID9 (NRP)

    Player(s) being reported: ID123 ID9 Date of interaction reported: 5/18/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1558199131 Your characters name: Otarik Hoza Other player(s) involved: Name(s) Here Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Cop Baiting - Provoking a reaction from emergency services without a realistic reason. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for crimes or submerging any vehicle in water. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. How did the player break the rule(s)? So I've explained them that I will drop the car to Sandy Shores medical centre, as I've seen more of them pulling up, I've decided to run. Bare in mind there was no demands or nothing, was only casual talking, so I started driving away, first I got knocked to the side by the green car (ID9) and after I got completely rammed by grey jester (ID123) Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5ce04bbbda755f1142/officialxd
  5. Account name:jasherisxd Character name(s):Otarik Hoza Admin who issued punishment:Brock Olly Date of punishment:28/04/2019 Punishment received: Deathmatching Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching | Offence #3 (FR Brock) Your explanation of what happened: A criminal scenario, where I baited a guy with his girlfriend to come pick her up, and I didn't give enough time for the guy to react and respond to rp. I showed poor roleplay from my side. Why should your appeal be accepted?: The day I've got punished, I've looked after the report, and indeed I spotted my mistakes. I should of provider higher quality roleplay with the guy, giving him actual more time to respond and react, instead of blasting assault rifle at him. I do understand where I went wrong in that situation and learned my mistakes. I did not have a valid reason to shoot, so I happily accept the punishment, Please consider my appeal because I do honestly enjoy being part of the server, and want to extend my roleplay experience even more. Post any evidence or further details:
  6. Hoza

    Vespucci 13

    I would like you to provide me an actual 'gang' which claims that Vespucci is theirs, if you're talking about Los Calaveras, even if you use the actual clothing store which is referred as a mask shop in Vespucci, doesn't mean you own it. There was no background history of you claiming it, and that would be only IC info only. I've read through your Los Cavaleras history, never seen such a thing. I've only seen one recent gang which is Los Santos Cartel and they do have mentioned that they want to claim Vespucci as their territory.
  7. I've got told by multiple admins that scamming, stealing at no crime zone as allowed 🙂
  8. Hoza

    ID 41 Ramming

    Buddy I can’t believe how much you’re lying. Check my FOV no demands nothing, also as @Varakai is taking this report I would be really happy and appreciate if he would take the DM report with the following guy and the rest of his crew.
  9. -1 atleast for now. As the server is still having a lot of issues with desync and not hearing people I think this would make it even worst. Bugging out from each radio, would just increase a chance for a voip to die.
  10. Hoza

    Solntsevskaya Bratva

    I think its time for us to leave Los Santos. Thank you everyone who was part of this, we had ups and downs, but we always got they're in the end. Thank you for making my Eclipse RP experience amazing. A huge thank you to these guys. @pawex2332 @Evaldas_ @Igor_Morozov and the rest of Solntsevskaya Bratva. Admins, if possible archive this.
  11. This is turning into ooc report war as some one can’t handle IC war. Likewise if needed contact me either here in pm or discord I will provide metagaming, deathmatching rule breaches of Rycka.
  12. Hello, ID 158 here, and thank you for making the report. I will start simply, when you attempt to make a report, and have more evidence, there is a "edit" button, instead of bumping your topic. No double posting or thread bumping. One report for one situation, and it will be handled as promptly as possible. I've made a mistake providing you a video, and you using as your benefit and not giving me a chance to reply and explain my point of view that why I took the video down, and made a longer version, of where my friend on a bike comes in first who was checking you out at places, seeing you texting, and getting in your car, and I was receiving all the messages that you were on your way. https://plays.tv/video/5cbabff91dd9c02176/set-up-1-longer- Secondly, I would like to mention how you came inside the scrapyard. You drive in, with a reason to pick your IC girlfriend up, whilst cops are leading you, which could only mean you knew what is going on, and called cops to go with you, which gives me even better valid reason to shoot you, sadly we did not see the cops early enough. Thirdly, you claim you couldn't hear my demands, you were driving a car, in which the car both passenger - and driver windows were open by a server scripted command, which allows only me to think, you are RPING that your windows are open. Fourthly, that a silly one, as clearly you didn't even watch the full footage, and you trying to make up excuses for me to get punished. "as he was very far away from me and behind an object, he also had his mask on." you're claiming I was behind an object, and the only "object" i can see, is these 3 stacked pipes on top of each other, and clearly in the video provided, my head is OVER the top pipe, which does not block my voice, nor make it hard for you to hear. Other thing is my mask, yes I did have a mask on, but my mask is really loose, has a big gap cut in my eyes area, and from nose, its going even looser, which allows more actual volume for me to speak, and I wouldn't be whispering. This whole meaning and purpose of saying 'he had his mask on' or 'he was far away' is a silly thing to do, as you were stopped still with your car, you turned your head to your girlfriend which even makes it a clearer and more valid reason for you to see ME, and HEAR ME. Other things I would like to mention, it's funny how when I jump over the barrier, you instantly see me, and after my demands go up in the chat area, you start driving. If you did not hear me, or didn't see me, why did you drive? You didn't see cops, and you had no reason to drive away. Also funny thing, after you managed to leave, and we had a shoot out with cops, you remained parked near the bridge on the road watching, whilst cop cars were going near you, and you didn't even bother them, feels like you did really got cops to go with you to the scrapyard. https://plays.tv/video/5cbac3f94761f75b80/set-up-1-cops-and-rycka-waiting-standing- As I've spoke with few staff members and got recommended, if possible, I would like a higher role taking this report. From now on, please lets just wait for staff taking the report, and if needed, providing him more details. Also I would like to mention, the reason you came to scrapyard as your girlfriend called and asked you TO PICK HER UP. As soon as you seen me, you actually forgot that you need to pick your girlfriend up and decide to go out of the scrapyard with no roleplay reason what so ever, so did you actually not hear or what ?: )
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