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  1. #givebackvisa

  2. ok this all visa suspendation is stupid can i get my visa back

    1. Jaquan Smith

      Jaquan Smith

      yeah, just call 911

    2. Rowze



  3. I mean.. Hoza been single for a while, I’ a bodybuilder who wears green clothes, girls hit me up. 4543166 GIRLS MUST SPEAK VOCALS
  4. Hello I am Hoza Stokes. I do not think I did any crime verbally abusing the person, as this would be perfectly fine to do so IRL, and it would IN CHARACTER only to do so. I never hurt him, or I tried to hurt him, I verbally abused and thought this is how it should of been as it was a IN CHARACTER argument. A perfect example where few days ago I verbally assaulted a police officer in Police department (NCZ), I sexually verbally abused her, and nobody went to OOC, they took it as IC, and police officers arrested me. I think this report is petty, as we are in war with you guys, and you just trying to find ways to get us banned.
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