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  1. Go on boys, best of luck to you lot.
  2. Show me a car shop where people can now Order and buy super cars and drag bikes please as you are making out that they are easily obtain vehicles drag bike goes for around 1.4 million for a crim to buy, how much isit for pd ? super cars the cheapest iv seen is 19million, how mucsh isit for pd to spawn ? If you are an old member of this community yes you might have one of those, but the server took those cars out for people not to be able to buy because it was too hard for police then they buffed pd cars and kept them buffed
  3. i was using fishing as more of a idea of income idea, sorry if that has upset you.. but the idea of taxes your salary is lowered the more assets and money you have to then be taxed on top of the salary/ Hard money you earn
  4. +10 to get lower salary and then to be taxed on that destroys me, 10k of fish = 2.5k after tax baffles me
  5. if that true i retract my statement
  6. regarding this situation regarding the comment said ''ID 94 for no reason decided to hit us full speed and stall our engine,'' he had full reasoning as you rammed his car not 11 min before hand they started to shoot at you you left the seen with good intention as you was under fear rp but then returned to the same place knowing the two gangs was after you almost like bating the fight lucky you have record that so i will be using you own video for proof, dont know why you would leave that part out tho video below cross check unix time stamps 11mins between
  7. this wasnt an attempt to rob you fabrication yet again. one of Dojin members was being chased from bletons/fog we took them up a dirt road away from public and began to call demands the demands didnt work due to car moving away we tried to pull back as the shoot out began full video of this below
  8. as Dojin we did the first 3 bank jobs by ourself recently murderblock and our self did one i think 1 together, to show them how its done as bank jobs have a heavy punishment, when ever we have done one we have to all go very heavily strapped up that cost us a lot of money, So then to fail would add a lot more time and charges. Like what has been stated regardless how clean you pull the job off once that door is open the PD/SD/Swat are all over it and even to the point they will just rush in with no value to them as they dont pay for the guns or armour i give this idea massive backing as it would give the chance for groups that have planned it out and got everything right to rob the bank.
  9. remove your number from the faction thread as this is an ooc channel and no one can use that information from here e.g phone number it is Meta-gaming mate
  10. Over Watch The Iron Pegasus M.C needed over watch on a meeting with high command to discuss leadership and to make sure there was no 3rd party wanting to do a hostile take over, one of the high command from Iron pegasus ask The Dojin-kai to oversea it (enjoy the short video )
  11. Thread looking great, story looking dope.. well done guys.
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