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  1. Los Santos can be a toxic city at the best of times, and the negativity begins to seep into people's hearts and minds. One day whilst fishing, a group of friends decided it was time that someone tried to make some kind of change. The main aim of Burnout Nation is to bring positivity and a friendly atmosphere to any location they drive. Formed as a car club, the cars are secondary to the atmosphere and feeling of family the nation prides itself on. With no prior history the nation's model is based on the usual car club hierarchy and some original ideas implemented by the founders of Burnout Nation. Currently we are still a fresh legal club, and are looking to get our name out there so people in the city begin to recognize our colours, outfits and our name begins to be heard in conversation between people who don’t know us personally. We aren’t a gang, or a racing club, we plan on running car meets, and legal race events only. Absolutely no illegal activity of any kind is welcomed within the club. We aim to spread our name across Los Santos and make people aware of our existence and to have people know us as some of the best people Los Santos has to offer through BLS treatment for random injured civilians to giving people rides if they’re stuck on the side of the highway. We aim to purchase a property that will serve as a HQ and Nightclub for events and business revenue. We aim to increase the treasury to at least 1 million after the purchase of said HQ and nightclub to be able to start a side business purchasing and modifying cars to flip for a small profit at reasonable prices to customers around the city. We aim to make connections with higher ups in the various gangs and maintain good relations to keep our members safe from any civilian robberies. We aim to recruit a few more members to broaden our capabilities in both hosting events and running a business as well as cruising and presenting ourselves to the citizens of Los Santos (Extended Goal: Reach 30 members to sufficiently fill divisions) 20,000 Minimum XP, but those with lower are welcome to hang around Must have no admin punishments within the last 30 days however severity of punishment may be assessed internally Must have a good understanding of server rules and drive in a realistic manner, understanding the servers road laws Must be over 18 however maturity will be assessed internally and exceptions may be made Must be willing to commit time to the faction, inactivity without due communication could result in removal from the faction
  2. "Boss" [is the head of the Family and the top decision maker.] "Underboss" [is in charge of all of the capos and is usually first in line to become acting boss if the boss is imprisoned or dies. An underboss's role is to look after the day-to-day affairs of the family, and helps to settle any disputes that do not need to be escalated up to the boss.] "Advisor" [gives advices to the Boss and sometimes is his "right-hand man". The boss, underboss, and the Advisor are the top three positions and a three-man ruling panel, or "administration".] "Chief Accountant" [is in-charge of all accounting activities of both financial and management accounting.] "Capo" [informally referred to as "captain", is a rank used in the Mafia for a made member of the family who heads a "crew" of soldiers and has major social status and influence in the organization.] "Falcon" [is a member who is trusted enough to be in a hidden spot for lookout. He will inform the people taking part of an operation if he see's any threats.] "Soldier" [at the bottom of the tree are soldiers, who will report to their Capo. Soldiers are street level mobsters who essentially are no more than your average type criminals and there can be many soldiers assigned to one capo. They can earn a lot or they can earn a little, but the majority won’t earn much because any money earnt is passed up the tree. They will stick their necks on the line, and a lot of soldiers can end up murdered by rival gangs or banged up in jail.] IC Rules -You will respect all members of the Family regardless of their rank. - You will represent “The Firm” as a money making organisation. - Do not get into trouble with other organisations. - Be polite to people and don’t be rude, we want to be respected in the city. - You MUST wear your suits and The Firm’s mask. - Be proud of what you’re part of, if someone asks you “what gang are you from?” Answer with pride. -“The Firm” is about loyalty, we’re a Family. -If you can’t follow these simple rules then this family isn’t for you. OOC Rules -You will not post IC information in Discord or attempt to communicate through an OOC method. -Do not be toxic and do not turn IC issues into an OOC issue. You will follow all Eclipse RP Rules. Failure to do so may result in you being removed from the organisation! MINIMUM OF 20000 XP TO BE ELIGIBLE TO JOIN You need to show your loyalty to the family by taking part in operations and showing us that you’ve got potential to become a good member. You also have to find ways to impress us by for example doing something businesswise that will help “The Firm” become a much better organisation. All personal beef you’ve had with other organisations before joining us is not gonna have to be a problem for us, which means u gotta settle it with them personally. Any type of suit is acceptable as long as it is in black and white. Everyone from The Firm has to wear the white bandana, same one as seen on the picture above.
  3. Club History: The Viking Syndicate was founded in the cold north of Scandinavia in the year of 2020 due to a fallout with a previous motorcycle club by the name of Hells Angels. The Snoller brothers always had a dream to establish a faction on their own, so when a core member Toby and his right-hand man Freddy was forced out in bad standing - it was like a sign from god. Now, the wheels were turning and things were set in motion. A decision had to be made from all the parties involved, needless to say the boys decided to support Toby and Freddy in their quest to abandon Denmark and everyone else behind. The ambitious bikers of Denmark were once again riding, but this time they were on their own in a world that seemed so vast. The Vikings is a new-school syndicate with particular skill sets that suit the life of Los Santos. Their lifestyle is defined by trapping and cooking coke, LSD and ecstasy whilst moving these products. This would come to make up their main source of income. Furthermore, they are all familiar with the face of war and possess the heartless ability to kill in cold blood if need be. The four founders of the Vikings share a love for firearms, fast bikes and supercars. The Vikings strive to put their name on the map and become an established faction in the city of Los Santos by furthering their business endeavors with legal operations at the forefront of the club. Behind the scenes the syndicate is solely driven by the addiction of riches and power from running a drug empire that exports innumerable amounts of dope across the oceans. Current situation: The Viking's current situation is that the four founders of the gang are attempting to establish themselves as owners of an official clubhouse to kickstart a criminal career and future business ventures. The operation is currently located in a luxurious apartment at Tinsel Towers, but plans have been set in motion to expand the business with properties in Sandy Shores. Word on the street is that illegal races have been taking place around the city. A few of the founders have been organizing the routes with the most competitive racing lines soon to be announced in the underground scene of street racing. The Vikings have gathered a lot of attention from the city of Los Santos to the bay of Paleto and many have shown interest in the activities of the Vikings. In that regard, we have recruited a few prospects, but they are still looking to expand their numbers and recruit core members to partake in the brotherhood of a true Viking community. Future plans: 1 month - Gain respect from other gangs and MC's 2 months - Recruit core members 3 months - Buy a clubhouse/warehouse/property in Sandy Shores 4 months - Organize illegal street races with fixed winning prices 5 months - Become sustainable from jobs and employee pay 6 months - Buy more businesses and properties in the cities of Los Santos and Paleto Bay Syndicate Rules: We are looking to recruit players who are active in-game, on discord and on forums. All applications to the factions must happen through IC interactions and cannot be done so OOCly In order to progress in the ranks above prospect, the player is required to have more than 25000 EXP in-game New Players are not eligible to join the syndicate but they can be supporters You must maintain a high standard of role-playing at all times We expect all members to be respectful to each other and other people or factions OOC OOC text chat is reserved for questions about commands etc., must be kept to a minimum All core members of the faction are required to be equipped with a microphone Club Ranking: The Vikings rule by a democratized infrastructure in which the four founders get an equal vote to decide the outcome of the decision making. In case of a stalemate or a tie in votes, the president will have the final and decisive say in that matter. This also applies if an immediate decision has to be made or if the majority of the founders are unavailable. Newcomers must be addressed to a founder or a captain to apply for recruitment. President: The presidential rank is reserved for a founder or an entrusted member who is appointed by one of the founders. The president must be present at all meetings that concern the safety and security of the syndicate and he insists on hearing bad news immediately. In case the president is unavailable, the vice president will take over the leadership and rule on behalf of the syndicate. The president must ensure the health and safety of the members by making decisions that benefit the syndicate as a unity. Both the president and the vice president are expected to uphold a high level of integrity, honor and righteousness. Furthermore, they should always seek to align the general attitude and morals of all the members with those of the syndicate. Vice president: The vice president is expected to uphold the same standards as the president. The vice president is appointed the duty of caretaking the business by inspecting and ensuring the work conditions of the recruits. The vice president must inform the president of any matters that concern the safety of the operations that he is involved with. Made man: To become “made”, an associate must be of Scandinavian descent and sponsored by another made man. A made man must swear his loyalty to the syndicate and he must follow a code of conduct which includes the code of honor. Being a made man comes with a lot of benefits and obligations since they enjoy the full protection and backing of the syndicate establishment. General: The general is the direct link to the president and vice president. It is his duty to secure that the captain has every needed resource to maintain the occupation of his employed subordinates. Furthermore, the general is acquired to secure information, act upon it and if need be distribute it to his superiors. He stands accountable for all of his gang-related actions while sitting at the table with the president, the vice president and other participants of the decision making in the inner circle. Generals are expected to take part of the operations by contributing with business propositions. The general is also required to reflect the attitude and morals presented from his superiors. Captain: The captain is entrusted with the power to establish his own unit of prospects, privates and sergeants. He may employ recruits and assign them to different jobs that are verified by the founders. The captain is in charge of paying his subordinates and his superiors for the jobs that they complete. Furthermore, the captain is in charge of administering the sergeant. The captain must always represent the Viking colors when organizing and executing gang-related activities. Sergeant: The sergeant is considered for core members who have proven themselves in a sufficient manner by acting on behalf of the Vikings. The sergeant is equipped with a wide range of skills and privileges that comes with the expectations of a core member. That includes access to military weaponry and the responsibility of the discipline, safety and well-being among his own subordinates. Private: The private rank signifies the initiation of a member in the Vikings. A private must prove themselves sufficiently within the syndicate. He may also accept to join a unit of a sergeant or a captain and participate in the storyline of the syndicate. They may also roll deep with the Vikings when territorial power struggles with other gangs or MC’s occur. Prospect: The prospects are at the bottom of the food chain in the hierarchy of the Vikings syndicate. They have yet to prove themselves by performing tasks that benefit the well-being of the faction. The prospects are required to obey orders and get accustomed to the ways of the Vikings. A prospect must always follow the appropriate Viking dress code to signify their novice rank. Club vehicles: The members of the Vikings pull up in their street racing cars and Sánchez’ representing the red and white colors of the syndicate. The founders always make an effort to maintain the integrity and the reputation of the faction and uphold it to a very high standard. High fashion and fresh wheels are the ways of the Vikings, if you can catch my drift. The Vikings have plans to organize and participate in illegal street races which means that they drive in class A cars and supercars as well. The story of the Vikings: Introduction to Toby: The story of Toby Iommi begins in Denmark. He was raised by his father since his mother died when he was 11. This caused him great heartache and trouble in his teenage years because his father didn’t manage to deal properly with the loss and found himself stuck at the bottom of a bottle. Toby then mostly spent his youth in his room, playing the guitar and singing. He dropped out of college after beating a kid half to death at a school party, then he started doing drugs since he didn’t know of any other ways to deal with his pain. Through his addiction he came to know a lot of dodgy personalities, one of which took him in as his own son. This bond would soon show itself to be the poison that led him straight into gang affiliation. As an attempt to turn his life around, he was assigned to the military where he made a big name for himself. Although, when the sergeant training was done and he stood tall with pride and courage, he managed to quit both the reefer and the coke, but it didn’t come with the paydays that he was used to dealing with dope money. He gave up the dream of becoming an honored soldier, used his wit and his newly acquired skills with leadership to climb the hierarchy of a gang called Hell’s Angels. His relationship with the president of the gang became evermore solid, so one day he got assigned to make a shipment through the entire length of Denmark with 20 tons of cocaine, together with Freddy. When they arrived at the drop-off, a rival gang pulled up in 10 cars, forced them out of the truck, beat them both half to death and went off with the loot and all of their possessions. Toby and Freddy had a decision to make, should they turn home and tell their superiors that they had failed to protect themselves, or should they use their last resources to head off to try to make a new beginning? After a few days and some medical help from an old nurse friend of Toby, who helped them get back on their feet and gather strength. The nurse couldn’t house them anymore. “Too much risk, I have a family,” she said. Desperate to find a place to lay low, Toby called their closest friends in the MC who just so happened to be Olly and Luca. Despite the danger of helping members, who are forced out in bad standing with the gang, they helped them without hesitating. Too scared to come clean with the MC, Toby and Freddy talked over the situation with Ollie and Luca and presented them with the idea of their own syndicate in the states. They tried to reason with them and presented the consequences, but Toby had no change of heart and Freddy had nothing left besides the brotherhood. Ollie and Luca always dreamt about getting away from home, and when Toby reminded them of this fact, Ollie and Luca knew they couldn’t refuse to go with them. They all bought a ticket to the first flight to America and the specific location happened to be in Los Santos. And the four of them decided to stick together as Vikings in a foreign country. The brothers always dreamt big, but their skill sets would come to grow even bigger. Toby, although possessing a great cocktail of leadership qualities himself, proudly pointed towards Ollie as the most competent President of the syndicate hence his stoic personality traits and his level of ambition. Introduction to Luca Snoller - A Danish lad looking for more Luca Snoller’s story starts in Denmark. He grew up in a humble home to loving parents with everything good that comes with it. He was the oldest of two brothers between him and Olly. His parents were resistant towards technology due to them having Luca at an old age and this has instilled in Luca the spirit of a rebel, which he would soon come to know. He was often outside because Luca did not own a Gameboy or even a cellphone, let alone a computer. Being outside came with many great perks but crucial to his destiny was the people he ended up being surrounded by. Other more old rebels. Luca has, since he was a young boy, always been around kids older than him. This is how he got into the criminal world. A secret world hidden within the mundane everyday of his city. His criminal journey in Hell’s Angels started out by marking the end of his life as he knew it. He and his brother were initially loyal and exceedingly respectful of their elders as they had always been the youngest pair in any of their friend zones. Luca and his brother were ready to carry out the dirty work. Every single day. And finally would an opportunity appear. Everything would change with this one task. One shady car trip. He was to transport $28.000 through Jutland. A simple job. Morale was low in the car from the get-go. The faction was merging with another faction and would more or less be absorbed. They joked about splitting the 28k’s into 7 each and starting a faction in Los Santos. They must have gone mad. ‘For they did it without blinking. Introduction to Olly Snoller: Olly's story begins in Denmark where he grew up with his older brother Luca Snoller. They had a strong relationship and a good connection to both of their parents. Nothing about these kids seemed out of the ordinary and no one could have predicted the future ahead of them. Olly and his brother Luca were sick and tired of the trivial and simplistic life of mediocrity. They dreamt about driving fast cars and were always cheering on the local street races taking place in their hometown. One day they came to meet a couple kids who had clearly been around the block. They offered a job opportunity that required the brothers to perform a simple task of transporting a bag of 28k in dirty cash. Olly and Luca had never delved into any sort of criminal activities in the past, so they had to make up their mind. Would they keep living the clean life of decency with expectations from family and childhood friends? Or would they leave the hood and everyone behind? This question was soon to be answered as this task was only the very beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the Snoller brothers. Soon enough they would get established as core members of a respected MC by the name of Hell's Angels. From this point on there was no turning back – no going back to mama and papa's place on Sundays. For they would not dare to look their parents in the eyes knowingly of the things that they had done. A true brotherhood was born between the four members of the MC and the feeling of unity and cohesion was something the brothers would never forget. That's how they came about meeting their business associates and lifelong friends Toby and Fred. The boys always liked to goof around and do dumb shit, but at least they knew how to handle themselves when all hell broke loose. Let's just say that shit went south real quick which meant that actions had to be taken – and so they did just that. They took matters into their own hands and did what had to be done. Although the truth is not always beautiful, it makes for a good story. Toby always liked to brag about the series of events that went down back in those days – Olly on the other hand always looked over his shoulder anticipating the return of HA riders. Maybe that's the reason they decided to put him in charge of the Vikings syndicate in Los Santos and the operations that they became involved with. The activities of organizing illegal street races, running a drug lab, robbing stores or planning a bank heist were all considered as stepping stones for Olly to gain the respect of his peers and prospects in the booming city of Los Santos. Olly just had the nerve and that aspiring ambition of achieving something that is far greater than himself or any one member. Introduction to Freddy: Freddy’s, or his real name Malmfred, story begins in Denmark. Freddy’s only family member that he has ever known was his father. Well, to say that he knew him is kind of an exaggeration since his father was never home to take care of Freddy. Instead he was out doing business with the MC club Bandidos. Freddy had to learn the hard way to take care of himself, which was not always easy with the constant threats and beatings from his father. Freddy never met his mother since she had died from giving birth to him. His father only told him about her once, but Freddy was too young to remember anything his father told him. Except for the fact that she was a very pretty and strong woman. In hindsight Freddy had a really tough childhood, but then the day came when he turned 16. This day stands forever as Freddy’s most impactful memory. It would affect the rest of his life. This was the day his father introduced him to the MC by the name of Bandidos. He was now eligible to join the club. The fact Freddy never had any other relations outside the syndicate made this a big day for him. He was now a part of something bigger than himself. He could contribute, make money and eventually make his father proud. The years went by and Freddy made a name for himself. He was the number one gunner and moved more product than any other prospect. The club recognized his potential and planned to move him up in ranks on the day he turned 19. Freddy on the other hand, had other plans. He knew that his dad relied on Freddy’s achievements and that he also got credits for recruiting Freddy and what he brought to the drug tables. On the day of Freddy’s promotion, he didn’t show up. Instead he emptied a jerry-can on his father's motorcycle and blew it to pieces as an action of revenge for the many beatings and neglect. Beforehand, he had arranged his recruitment with a bigger and rivaling MC club by the name of Hell’s Angels. This was not taken lightly, now Freddy was in bad standing with The Bandidos, but he could not be touched, since they would not dare to mess with HA or any of their members. The only one to take the fall was his father, Freddy knew his father would account for his actions and that was the main reason why he did it. Now, his father could get to feel the humiliation of being an outcast and not belonging anywhere. And of course, his father would end up getting beaten half to death. Now, the real story of Freddy would soon begin. In the HA he met the brothers Olly and Luca and their friend Toby. The four of them grew an unbreakable bond and together they formed a brotherhood inside of the HA. The years went by and the money was flooding, but one day changed it all. Toby and Freddy messed up a delivery through Denmark. A big assignment for Toby where he could prove his worth. Now they had to figure out a solution, they thought to themselves that either they could come clean with the president or they could flee and start a new life, in a new place. But first they had to talk with Olly and Luca. Freddy was on the bad side of Bandidos and was sick of always being scared for his life whenever a bike rides by. The four Danes made the decision to start their own syndicate in Los Santos long away from home, their new enemy HA and Freddy’s enemies in the Bandidos. Index: - Started from the bottom - An ordinary day - Drug lab fuckup - Business meeting
  4. ((For added effect when reading, enjoy the music - Danheim - Ulfhednar - YouTube )) ((For anyone wondering the wolves are Geri and Freki, the wolf companions of Odin, The All-Father)) Bjor Eiriksson was woken up in the middle of the night due to a startling dream showing him flashes of tall buildings, rough seas, boats, warriors, and Odin’s Hall. Near the end of the dream a sign flashed before him stating, “Welcome to Los Santos”. Not knowing what all this meant he visited the Seer in the village and began to ask him questions regarding the dream and asking what the Gods had in store for him. The Seer spoke in whispers and riddles, the only clear thing stated was his destiny awaited him in Los Santos and its untold fortune. Bjor nodded his head knowing the Seer would tell him nothing else, gently grasping the Seer’s hand and giving it a gentle lick before walking out and returning to his parents great hall located in the village. He told his parents of the dream and what he could make out from the Seer. His parents nodded and told him it was the will of the Gods for him to go to Los Santos. Bjor had never left the village or the surrounding area except for when he was sent to meet the other Earls or Kings. However, if going to Los Santos was the will of the Gods then so be it. He began to gather his forces and explain the task ahead of them. As he spoke to his Radningar and Shield Maidens a crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning beamed across the sky as rain began to fall across the village. Times were changing around the village and in the surrounding area, the times of raiding and pillaging were over, but new ways of fighting were clear to everyone. Instead of shields and axes, they now fought with guns, however, the noise of war always remained the same. Bjor knew this was a possible way for the village to begin to prosper again even if it was a more modern way. Bjor and his Radningar with the Shield Maidens agreed they would find a few boats to take them across the great sea to Los Santos so they could begin a clan within the city, however, they knew nothing of this land and it’s uncharted area. Two weeks went by and the journey was long and rough. The boats arrived at the ports of Los Santos but the only one to make it off the boat was Bjor. All of his Radningar and Shield Maidens had fallen ill on the journey and passed away or were sent back to the village. As he stepped off the boat and his foot touched the pavement of the docks, it began to rain heavily with thunder cracking constantly and lightning beaming across the sky. The Gods foretold he would make the journey but not that he would do it with help, he was being tested. He began to wander around the city, trying to figure out where things were in this new place. As he walked down the streets, he noticed a sign with a symbol for The Seer and he wondered if this was real. He walked in and a voice broke through the silence from a dark corner of the room, “Welcome to Los Santos, Bjor Eiriksson, the long lost descendant of Ragnar. Find the golden tree lost in the hills, Odin awaits your arrival. Be mindful of these false heretics.” He quickly looked into the corner as if he was imagining things… it was The Seer from the village sitting in the corner but as quick as he saw The Seer, they were gone. A female walked out of the back room and asked if she could help Bjor and he smirked and spoke softly, “No my friend. You have a wonderful day trickster.” He turned around and walked out, finding a car nearby and breaking into it. He began driving around the city and it’s outlying hills before finally finding it, the golden tree lost in the hills. He approached the tree and kneeled before it, placing his head in his hands before speaking. Those of us owned by You, who have trembled in delicious fear at Your presence, praise Your name, Odin, All-Father, Master of the Tree. Oh Son of Bestla Son of Borr born when the worlds were yet to be formed, born of those first generations to arise from Ymir’s horde, You with Your brothers, forged a new race of Gods, rising from violence, shooting toward wisdom like the fleetest of comets shooting toward the earth. You are called Gangleri, Wandering God, at home nowhere and everywhere; You are called Sigtyr, brilliant in Your battle-glory, born to conquer, to possess the world; You are called Grimnir, and by vitki Yggr, in honor of Your terrible time upon the Tree. You are known by these and many other names, and the paths to You are many. We praise them all, that You may savor in each of Your guises, and by whichever name pleases You the most the fermentation of our spirits. May these words please You oh God, and may You bestow upon us, whose mouths overflow with adoration and praise, the terrible grace of Your blessing. Bjor had contacted Odin, The All-Father for his blessing in this new city. It was now time for the forgotten age of the Viking to be brought into a Modern Era. He would begin his work with the farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters of the city… then move onto the more fitting people for fighting. However, those same farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters would soon be taught how to be Viking. King and Queen - The leader of the factions and clan. His word is law and the only way to become King is by killing the previous or current standing one. This person is shown the utmost respect by his subjects and all his people pledge their allegiance to their King, no matter the cost. In the end, the King only wishes for his people to sit in Odin's Halls, Valhalla. Thane - Royal advisor to the King and Queen regarding the armies and how the strongholds are progressing along with any other things they are tasked with overlooking. Hersir - The King’s right hand man when it comes to war tactics and the dispersion of manpower. This is the leader of the clans army and only answers to the King and Queen, only if the King is unavailable. Radningar - Warriors who have proven their oath to their King and Queen through battle or other means. They are the only members besides the Hersir and Shield Maiden who are allowed to train fellow warriors in the art of battle and ways of the Norse. Shield Maiden - This rank is reserved specifically for females who have proven their oath to the King and Queen through battle or other means. They are also allowed to train fellow warriors in the art of battle and ways of the Norse. Berserker and Valkyrie - Warriors who have proven their worth through dedication to their King and Queen no matter the cost. They have become trusted within the stronghold and clan earning them a place among the councils. Viking - This is where everyone starts within the clan. You have pledged your oath to your King and Queen, laying your life and everything you have in their hands. You still have much to prove but you are acknowledged within the stronghold and clan. You will be tested countless times before becoming a Berserker or Valkyrie. CURRENT SHORT TERM GOALS-- - Establish connections with the farmers, fishermen, hunters, and lumberjacks. - Establish a clan of 10 members - Establish a look for the Faction (Currently an axe and leather vest are the attire) - Establish a temporary Stronghold CURRENT LONG TERM GOALS -- - Establish connections within the criminal world - Establish gun connections and gun trades - Establish a chop shop connection - Establish a permanent Stronghold - Establish a clan of 30 members - All recruitment is done IC -Must possess general knowledge of how Roleplay works along with how to do proper /me -Must follow all ECRP Rules to the best of their ability and not bring unnecessary heat to the faction -Must know how to immerse yourself into IC and follow the lore and overall feel of the faction -Must be okay with Gross RP considering this is a Norse style faction which will sometimes involve sacrifices to the Gods (You will not be forced to be involved in it, but, must be okay with it happening within the faction) -Each recruitment is different as every person brings in different elements of RP to the faction -XP Requirements will be on a case by case basis and as we see fit - Stay loyal to your clan and uphold your armband oath - Do not pick fights that are unnecessary, remember your wanting to go to Valhalla, make your death worthy of Odin’s Halls - Do not openly speak of the clans business to outsiders - Keep our established connections firm and progressing, do not backstab our allies - Show no mercy and leave no survivors unless you have a clean getaway - We do not snitch, if your caught you will be given judgement ((All of the info portrayed in this thread is strictly OOC. Changes will be made along the way, the overall goal of this faction is to bring something new and unique to ECRP. We hope you enjoy our journey as the Vikings make their way into the city.))
  5. The Shadow Corporation. has been in business since the start of 2019. We offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to auto, asset, estate, event, finance, legal, loan, rental, trusts, and business services. Our goal is helping business be better for clients, employees and citizens. Meet with our team today to see what we can do for you; past, present and future. As a government licensed and legal entity we are sworn to be fair, impartial and unbiased. We are confidential and informative and are passionate about every aspect of business. Auto Ownership dba Atomic Auto + Financing | Architecture & Construction | Digital & Web Design | Business Practices, Development, Efficiency & Finance Asset & Estate Holdings & Trusts | Life Event Planning | Legal & Licensing | Power of Attorney | Financial Planning | Home & Vehicle Loans dba Maze Bank Central, Private & Private Mediation, Middleman or Negotiation | Event Planning & Organizing | Support Programs | Shipping & Supply Services ═══════ Associates, Business Partners & Subsidiaries ═══════ Aegis Firearms | Atomic Auto | Chumash 24/7 | Xenergy | Lock N' Load | Maze Bank Central ════════════════════════════════════════════════════ A business for better business, today, tomorrow and beyond. Call, text or Inquire today. THIS IS NOT AN IC BOARD, TO GET AHOLD OF US YOU'LL HAVE TO FIND US IN-CHARACTER
  6. The name The Gentleman's Club is a Crime Syndicate that has come from Charlie Dong's uncle who has an already thriving chain of clubs and poker dens in London England among other businesses and properties, which the group intend to extend into Los Santos. Continuing a similar structure of legitimate businesses masking other forms of revenue, from drugs to eventually importing and transportation for clients. The Gentleman's club's founding members met in London at Dong's Casino run by Charlies Uncle. Reggie and Ryan worked the doors, while Trigger lost and won his life saving at cards every weekend. Cyril owned a private haulage company that supplied the Casino with raw goods and transported anything the owner needed no questions asked. With the success of his private haulage firm Cyril Approached Dong with an offer to move and extend his business and Cyril's haulage firm over the pond to become international. After much persuasion and Cyril's word he would build it from the ground up, with no hand outs other than to bare the companies name Dong agreed. He gave Cyril his pick of men to take over seas with him, sending Charlie over too, to watch proceedings and lay some ground work by networking the locals. After landing in Los Santos the group headed straight to the docks dropping off Archie and Charlie at what looked like local hot spots to begin their work mingling with the locals. On the docks Cyril bumped into two Englishmen hard at work loading goods wagons which he later found out where owned privately by the brothers Zack and Alex Kumar. Zack and Alex Kumar are from a rough upbringing in Moss Side, Manchester. Abandoned by their parents when they were thirteen, they where left with no choice but to learn how to survive. Raised by Manchester's underbelly. Years went by and the brothers became involved with illegal bookmaking. This led to a huge score giving them more money than they had ever seen before, allowing them to leave behind their past and gain a small foothold over in Los Santos and purchase the haulage vehicles. These where exactly the kind of people Cyril needed to begin gaining revenue for the club. Now the game is afoot. The Club must gather as many contacts as they can while trying to remain a neutral party and hopefully become a respected and established firm. Now that the club has established it's foothold within the communities, its next aim is to become a recognised Syndicate. Creating the opportunity to import and sell illegal and legal good into Los Santos. Looking forward the club hopes to create a strong property portfolio and rent out within its local neighbourhood of Del Perro. With the take over of the local neighbourhood completed, The Gentlemen will aim to raise the fund to purchase a legal nightclub in order to front the illegal activities that they will be running. Along with the Nightclub the aim is to host events and mixers for those within the higher society of life. Where people can come and complete business transaction with the knowledge that they are not going to be interfered with or disturbed. CURRENT MEMBERS RANKS The Overseer - Charlie Dong Head Of The Table - Cyril Blount The Seated - Reggie Swift, Archie Trigger, Ryan Spearpoint, Alex Kumar, Zak Kumar Gentlemen - Aldrik Stahl, Seamus Griffin Boy - Arthur Campbell(Deceased), Dando Ricardo (Ricky) (IC) In order to make your way into The Gentlemen's Club you must become acquainted with a member of either "The Seated" or a "Gentlemen" once this has happened that person is then able to recommend your name to "The Head of The Table" who will then come to a final decision on whether or not you are suited for the roles given to you within The Syndicate. Once this process is completed you will be put on a trial period in which you will be given a months worth of time in order to bring money to The Syndicate and show your loyalty to the group. If it is deemed that you do not hold these traits you will be removed from the ranks and anything owned by The Gentlemen's Club and rights will be removed from your person ((OOC)) You must make sure you have read and abide by the rules stated below and have agreed that you will follow them to the T. (IC) RULES 1. Never discuss contracts, deliveries or any activities with members outside of the Club with the exception of direct clients. What we want: Privacy when it comes to any deals and on goings within the gang. If you are found to be sharing information this will be seen as a direct threat to The Club and dealt with accordingly 2. No provocation or unnecessary violence. The Club wishes to remain a neutral party and has no interest in sparking large scale gang wars. What we want: No member of The Gentlemen's Club is to be found provoking any other member or affiliate of another Organisation. We aim to keep high opinions of our business partners. Anyone causing trouble will be dealt with as the opposing faction sees fit. 3. Respect all members and the hire-achy. What we want: All members are to respect those that came before them, if seen disrespecting any higher up within The Club the punishment will be chosen by The Seated. 4. Be reliable and active. What we want: All members are required to be around the city and interacting within The Club and our businesses in order to keep face around the city. 5. Smart dress and no garish attire. Shoes, shirt, and a blue tie are a minimum requirement for all club related affairs. What we want: Club members are required to be smartly dressed. We do not require and official all wearing the same clothing, however it is asked that you remain smart and presentable at ALL times. 6. Protect club assets. What we want: All members are enlisted as protection against any wrong doings to company property. This means if you see someone breaking into or forcing entry into property under TGC ltd. You are to use all reasonable force to apprehend or stop the culprit. ((OOC)) Rules 1. MUST ABIDE BY ALL SERVER RULES What we expect: Member within the organisation must abide by the server rules at ALL times. Any break within the server rules will be dealt with as a strike system 2. ZERO TOLERANCE ON DRAMA What we expect: Any member found causing issues with other players within the server or causing unnecessary drama will be removed immediately 3. MUST REMAIN FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL WITH OTHER GANGS/ORGANISATIONS WITHIN THE SERVER What we expect: We are not a "gang banging" organisation we are a CRIME syndicate. We aim to keep peace with most players creating business opportunities for the Syndicates growth. 4. MUST ROLEPLAY A CHARACTER THAT DOESNT EXIST OUTSIDE OF THE GAME What we expect: You character should not mirror someone who is a real life or of any relation to someone who is famous or well known within the real world 5. Must NOT have the ((New Player)) tag What we expect: Anyone is welcome to hang with any members within the club however if you are to be brought in to the Organisation you must first be at a stage within the server that you know your way around and become familiar with who we are and what we do 6. Have no previous admin punishments within the last 60 days What we expect: We run on a no tolerance policy. Meaning that we do not break the server rules, we hold our roleplay to the highest standard anyone applying with excessive punishment against their name will be turned away immediately 1. Become known and respected as a neutral and dependable Syndicate within the city. 2.Own and maintain a large amount of commercial and residential property. 3. Grow to a manageable and dependable size to conduct business. 4. Gain the ability to ship in illegal goods/weapons and contraband. 5. Be a useful middle man to large organisations and crime syndicates. 6. Become official.
  7. Lore- The story starts when I was young and started my life in crime. It's just a hard city to make it in. But my dream didn't take off till I met Michael and Scott. One person alone can't start a gang. It takes money, and lots of it. We started with small things like robberies. But, then we got our big break when we got the money to start a mobile drug lab. That's when we started creating drugs and robbing stores. That's when we noticed we were not the only fish in the sea. We need numbers. Up until now it was only four of us. Myself, Micheal, Scott, and Skott. We need numbers, we need money, we need power. For now our gang is a side hustle while we get the cash from the oil rigs. At Least enough to get us started. President - Oversees Everything Council Leader VP - Internal VP - External Council member Council member Lieutenants - Manage Business A voted leader is a Council member (speaks for all leaders and anything below) Muscle - The most loyal Soldiers, they give their heart to the cause Foot men - Soldiers, Can handle themselves in combat Going forward- Going forward we hope to become one of the big official factions. Have multiple clubhouses, multiple for drugs and hangouts. Establish a connection to the outside exports. Expanding our roster. Generate a steady income. Obtaining a more formal base of operations. Make Allies with other gangs. Have an overseas account. Rules- Don't speak about the gang publicly Maintain alliances Avoid Police at all costs Don't talk out of place(hierarchy) Required to be at the weekly chapel(meeting) exceptions are made.
  8. Apologies if this isn't in the correct format or including much information as at this time I do not have much, but should interest be shown I'll be more than willing to turn this thread into a detailed description of my Idea including Location for Base, Vehicles, Ranks, Uniforms and Policies and so on. So what's up guys, Im Wilkie (Glen Casso) and some of you might remember me from other gaming communities centered around San Andreas Roleplay (NGG + Horizon) and I've played a good 10 years on SAMP Roleplay Servers across a multitude of different factions, some of them law enforcement, some of them support and some of them completely different but I spent the majority of my time in Law Enforcement Factions, I actually made it to Rank 4/6 in the LSPD and Rank 2/6 in the FBI and Rank 1/6 in the N.O.O.S.E, and I loved the inter-departmental roleplay that was able to take place when big events were taking place, it was amazing! I've not yet been in any law enforcement faction with my time here at Eclipse becuase truth be told I haven't long had a PC strong enough to play GTA V, nor did I have the game (I'm laughing at Max Settings + 120 FPS now) so my knowledge on this is all guessed, but I would belive it fully possible to include a higher "Federal" state of law into the sever. This server has an amazing playerbase compared to even some of the peak days back on SAMP-RP so filling the faction with players should be easy enough. Now like I say if this thread get's lets say 20 replies with support or suggestions on this, I'll start working on a FULL Guide of my Idea, and everything I mentioned above I will write and edit into this post, but for now i'm going to keep it incredibly simple. So Let's talk Federal Agencies, so far in Eclipse we have the Government website intertwined with the LSPD, and that's amazing, really brings a sense of realism into how the government would work but for a Federal Agency to be added would add to that experience. The FBI on my days in SAMP-RP Were pretty Elite to get into, you had to have some form of Law Enforcement Experience and the forum application was rigourous aswell meaning that only the best, well-spoken and experienced players were portraying the roleplay of these Federal Agents, which really meant acceptance into the faction was big deal cause you were deemed a good enough roleplayer, experienced player and well-spoken enough. Going into the ranks, like I said I don't know how the ranking system for factions works here, but it would start out at Intern Level, basic level interactions and basically just a ride-along with actual agents and higher, they're main job is to support the Agents and Higher in their duties regardless of what it is, from grabbing coffee to pulling Database records and so on, so they basically just learnt how the Federal Agents worked and so on, then was the second Rank, the Field Agents. These guys were out on Patrols in unmarked cars looking for Felony Offences and Major crimes being commited as well as being on standby to assist other law enforcement as required and they ran the day-to-day stuff, they were also responsible for writing Case-Files (Which were detailed reportes) of the people they arrested so it could be stored and archived in the database for someone else to use. After the agents came the Senior Agents, they were similair to agents but had more juristiction to command Interns to do jobs and to advise in tactical situations that the Agents and Interns may have found themselves in, but again very similair to agents. Next up came the Agents in Charge, and thats when the Career Development started to happen as Agents in Charge were able to go into the Recruitment Desk and have a massive input on Applicants, and if they were in the right sub-divison of the agency they were able to accept and train Interns. I'm going to stop talking about the ranks of the FBI now as I feel I'm gonna get too far involved, but I've outlined them atleast and if this gets enough support I'll right an official faction guide with much more detail. Next up I'll talk about the CIA and the NSA, I don't know of any servers that ever actually implemented either of these factions but again should it be shown enough support, I will go about planning it, but basically I'd like to see the CIA/FBI on the same level of sort of "Federal Justice" and the NSA more "Under-Cover" and behind the scenes with focus on strong inter-faction roleplay. The N.O.O.S.E was actually one of my favourite factions and it stood for the National Office Of Security Enforcement and the reason I liked this as a faction so much as it played off a Real GTA:SA Faction, and they were the elitest of the elite, they only ever had about 20 members in the faction at one time and everything was as secret as it could of possibly been, and selection had to happen inside the faction, there was no Recruitment Application, the applicants were offered a position if they were selected from another Law Enforcement or Medical Faction, and talking away from the faction itself I think the reason it was such a cool faction is A) It was super secret and limited to only 20 people B) There was no way to apply or get in, other than being noticed by them and C) They had the best supply of Vehicles to use accross the map. So yeah there's just a basic outline of a few factions that I truly believe could be made possible, I have experience within the FBI Faction so I'm sure some of that knowledge will come in handy if this thread gets support and I fully plan it, but I'd like to know EVERYONES Thoughts on this, are Federal Factions a good idea? - Let me know and thanks for Reading Wilkie x
  9. Starting from nothing is hard, so what are you gonna do let life pass you by or are you going to do something about LS Reapers were raised by darkness, molded by it, we started off as a small street gang, when we were smaller we went by the name the shadows, we have love for each other and the most important thing we follow is loyalty, then again what's a family without loyalty. We had respect for those who were bigger than us and dreamed that one day we can form an alliance with them, we show respect to the street code, we didn't see nothing, we didn’t hear nothing, and we didn't say nothing. The shadows were involved in a shooting and one of those bullets hit the son of a mob boss, this started a war. As a war raged on in the city we were losing numbers fast, many of us left because they were scared and the ones who stayed eventually died off or fled to another city to start a new life. As a family we don't abandon the ones closest to us so we took the ones we had left, and moved to a new city, the city of Los Santos, having nothing and knowing nobody is hard, so we set off on our own to eventually meet again and start something fresh. The reapers were born in the city, We got masks that would represent the fallen brothers and sisters from our past, they will be with us in good and in bad. We were small drug runners here and there, car choppers and even shooters if needed, but we all had a dream of becoming something in the city, making a name for ourselves. We respected those who were bigger than us and were always gonna be there if someone needs us. The reapers are hard workers who will fight on until the last one is standing, We work every day for new things to benefit our family, We always stand together, no matter gender, race, or religion, we represent those who are struggling, those who need someone to lift them up when they're down, we believe the most important qualities to us is loyalty, Discipline, Honor, and Respect. So tell me, What do you believe in? Heres a link to our ranks and our Roster, this will be updated almost daily by the higher ups, it has an explanation to all our ranks. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kxk7qF0S5j1maxUjVvTVnaAiDdrDleOxCBogT42839Y/edit?usp=sharing We plan on expanding, we want to ally ourselves with these bigger gangs and be cousin families, if they need help then we're there and vice versa, We work as one big unit answering to no one. We Want Good relationships with people in other gangs because we can all benefit from these alliances. We plan on Establishing a network between the gangs to work together and take over Los Santos. You Must follow the Eclipse server rules. Breaking these rules will get you kicked out of the LS Reapers and or reported. Make sure you read the rules before coming to one of us for recruitment ICly. You must have at least 10000 Exp. starting 2020/06/05 to assure us that you have an understanding of the rules and basic knowledge. The Discord we Own is for OOC Discussions only and nothing more.
  10. Blaine County Volunteer Militia ===OVERVIEW=== The Blaine County Volunteer Militia is a civilian run and operated public defence operation. Its goals are the protection, security, defense, education, and training of the hard working populace of Blaine county. The BCVM is a defensive and reactionary force of volunteers that work as a community. They work to counteract the aggression and threat of criminal elements that threaten the lives and property of Blaine County Residents. ===BEGINNINGS=== As occurrences of theft, assault and even murder continued to rise in the Blaine County working community, frustrations and tensions rose among the civilian populace. The SD was a welcomed addition to the County, however often times they were overwhelmed with calls, or occupied too far from an incident to react effectively. After a time, select civilians took it upon themselves to begin a civilian defence force with the aim of training and protecting their fellow County members from harm and loss when no one else could. Lacking funding or high level connections, the BCVM has slowly worked its way uphill as it seeks members, donations and support. ===VALUES=== The blaine County Volunteer Militia force is about Blaine County protecting Blaine county. It is about keeping the hard work in the hands of the hard working, and protecting those who only wish to work their 40 and collect their paychecks. Community - The BCVM is first and foremost about supporting the townships and surrounding areas of Blaine County. Local Businesses, homeowners, families and tourists, the BCVM helps where it can. Authority - The BCVM understands the limits of governmental authority, and the restrictions of the local sheriffs and police force, but it fully recognises their right and ability to legislate, execute, and judiciate the rules, codes, and laws of the greater Los Santos county. As such the BCVM strives to follow the letter and intent of the law and assist and obey the rightful legal authorities. Honesty - The BCVM operate at the grace of the law, and the trust of the people. Being open and honest with the people of Blaine County help build their trust in us and allow us to help them. Our goals are simple and well known, and our actions are visible and verifiable. We will not lie about threats or dangers that we are aware of. Professionalism - The BCVM aims to hold itself to a moderate level of professionalism inorder to carry out its goals effectively. While there is no desire for rigid adherence to some codec or doctrine, an air of competence and confidence help hold the BCVM in high regard amongst the populace of Blaine County. Ethics - BCVM members aim to hold themselves to good morals and ethics. While the fine details are matters of century old debates, the overall intent of a members choices and actions should reflect a desire for the betterment of the county and its residents. ===CURRENT OPERATIONS=== Defense and escort of vulnerable civilian assets. Search and rescue assistance of the vast Blaine County Wilderness Training and Education of modes and methods of safe operations of firearms and when to use them. Community support and service, seeking to bolster and maintain the small and local businesses in the Blaine County residential, economic, and industrial circles. ===RANKS=== Captain- Head of the County Chapter Lieutenant - Regional Leader Sergeant - Veteran Member Private - New Full member Recruit - Prospective Recruit ===APPEARANCE=== The BCVM does not have any type of /gang color/ that they sport, but as they tend to operate in the wilderness of Blaine County, are simply encouraged to wear tough and reliable clothing suited to working outdoors. Earthen tones, work boots and the splash of some camouflage patterns appropriate to the terrain are encouraged, but not required. The BCVM has a similar attitude towards suggested vehicles. The Volunteer aspect means most people will own a car that suits their personal style and tastes, and the BCVM does not place any requirements on what vehicle you drive, but simply suggests investing in something that can handle off road activity, as well as a few gunshots. Utility and versatility are always recommended if searching for a vehicle to patrol in as a BCVM member. Color wise, simple earthy tones are again suggested, but nothing is outright banned. ===PLACES OF ACTIVITY=== Farmsteads Hunting Grounds Mines Sandy Shores Paleto Bay North Chumash Grape seed Harmony Various Blaine County Wilderness locations. ===RULES=== -Activity is required but not demanded. 2 or 3 shifts a week on watch as a member of the BCVM is requested, and extended leaves of absence should be reported. An inactive roster helps noone. -All actions within the bounds of the law. BCVM is a law abiding, legal operation that relies on its good standing in the eyes of the authority as well as the civilian populace it protects. -Actions for Protection and Defense of life and property, ONLY. The BCVM is a Defensive and Reactionary force only. It does not take active steps to seek out and target those it suspects of criminal persuasion and only seeks to protect and secure the safety of civilians and their hard work. -Obey all Law enforcement - Legal Orders given by an officer of the law should be followed to their full extent. No member of the BCVM is above the law, and no matter your opinion on the Departments, you will follow their commands. ===RECRUITMENT=== Any and all interested in the protection and betterment of the Blaine County area are welcome to contact an officer of the BCVM. (5K EXP Minimum requested for recruit consideration.)
  11. I've heard that legal factions may eventually get their own storage in some form, however in addition, with storage now available in furniture items. Can we have all legal faction locations made 'property' and locked to that faction. This way the factions can place cabinets and storage of their own in addition to doors, safes and more.
  12. "Superior Training. Trusted Solutions." This thread is Out of Character and information on this thread may not be used for In Character purposes. This is purely to introduce Merryweather Security Consulting and give you a more in-depth view of our core principles, the structure as well as the role-play that we provide to the community. Section 1: About Us 1.1 Purpose The Purpose of Merryweather Consulting is to Provide Security, Provide Protection, and to Provide Specialized Training Applications to our clients. 1.2 Background & History FOUNDED 1997. Merryweather provides civilian security services to private companies and public sector entities; however, the more visible division of Merryweather is its private military operations department. Sometime before 2013, Merryweather received authorization by the federal government to operate on American soil. However, shortly after this government sanction, the company suffered several setbacks due to external complications. By the end of 2013, Merryweather's license to operate in the United States was revoked "officially" after several uncovered public relations disasters caused the loss of multiple civilian and government contracts, especially from the United States government. As a repercussion of this, the United States Government grounded Merryweather at a vacant warehouse facility within the confines of Fort Zancudo, providing the location as an intermediary for the storage of outbound Merryweather assets during the SA Branch disambiguation process. To this day, the facility is still harboring an un-exported stockpile of Merryweather supply that the US Government has yet to release to the company due to internal disputes. Though this brief residence was short-lived, they've set forth to start a tedious reclamation of their once held territory at Elysian Island and maintain the threshold which is the Port of Los Santos. However, Elysian Island and the encompassing port are but an external Area of Operations for the company, the true focal point for basing their staff is the once leased facility at Humane Labs where they intend to set down their roots and base their Head Quarters. In its current state, company founder Don Percival has disappeared, and a majority of the company shares have been bought out by an unknown entity, becoming the new majority shareholder and laying the foundation for a referendum on how the firm operates under a new name, New Merryweather, but for common cognizance and simplicity most still call the organization Merryweather. With this new era of Merryweather, a corporate schism ensued resulting in opposing sects within the corporation vying for power over what remained and founding their own subsidiaries of Merryweather, all claiming to be the true heirs of the company. To this day it remains unclear who is the true and original Merryweather Security. Some claim that this unknown shareholder who has laid claim to a majority of the company shares is Percival using an unregulated offshore account, but this has yet to be confirmed. Now, with Merryweather and its interests cast into the shadowy corners of Los Santos, they've taken to working outside of government sanction, reforming their branch in the region as a black market firm. The company has become less selective in its contractors than their prior ex-military heritage presented in the past. Merryweather has fallen into the unfortunate circumstance of recruiting less technically skilled operators than the previously considered retired law enforcement, military, and government workers it swore by, in an attempt to maintain a dynamic foothold in such a profitable region. It isn't uncommon to find an ordinary civilian with a penchant for security & enforcement consigned to operations under the Merryweather banner these days. The company has always been known to allow well-paying individuals to outsource to them for personal use when requiring security consultation. Legal and less so, illegal contracts go to the highest bidder, including but not limited to crime syndicates, local businesses groups, and even on occasion county, city, and state government agencies looking to keep their hands out of the proverbial dirt. However, operations have degraded into a more personalized scope, with Merryweather setting forth its new in-house agenda to instill a security presence via "active denial" at hotspots around the map. Including but not limited to drug labs, drop off points, chop shops, gang territory, and local businesses known to be honey holes for crime and disorder. Some could argue they compete with local law enforcement. Circa 2018, Merryweather finally activated their first actionable ground asset in Los Santos to carry out a reintegration, a man going by the name John Doemen, an ex-military Special Forces operator turned IIA Contractor. After a short-lived retirement from working under the IIA, unable to remain out of work, busybody Doemen found himself seeking employment with the FIB as a field agent though was rejected due to age restrictions, and a failure to meet physical standards, at least officially. If asked, Doemen would likely declare it was due to his previous work with the IIA, rather than his ineptitude. As such, Doemen resorted to what any soldier acclimated to being on the line with a band of brothers would do, he found a new cause to fight for. Under the name and persona Jethro Bookens he joined a small Motorcycle Club known as the Black Skulls MC. Though not a career criminal he did what needed to be done to valiantly serve alongside his new brothers and maintain that familiar camaraderie despite his militaristic morals. During this time is when an old contact of Doemen's from Merryweather would reach out with an offer. And with this offer of a more suitable engagement Doemen went about utilizing his time in the MC relearning the terrain and more importantly the current organizations of power within its maritime borders. Now, with the company unwilling to reinvest the same financial capital as they once had in the region, at least not without proper forward observation, they picked up Doemen and gave him a set of short-term objectives that would change that. Secure a foothold, instate a professional security presence in the area, accrued civilian assets including weapons and vehicles available to the territory, and locate and prepare a team of resourceful operatives to begin initial black market operations. As for the future of Merryweather, the goal is to reestablish their once-lucrative business in San Andreas by providing high-quality security services, reclaiming their front at Elysian Island, and reclaiming their supply stock from Fort Zancudo via a United States Government reinstatement on their sanction to operate openly and to full capacity in the state. This mission was assigned as Operation BadWeather. Moreover, the newly forming team of operatives to see it through has been coined Task Force Bigfoot, under the supervision of the recently designated Field Marshal John Doemen. 1.3 Mission Statement Merryweather delivers advisory, security, training, mission support and, technology solutions to its clients, enabling them to succeed in challenging environments around the world. Our elite training and security solutions are primarily focused on protection, enforcement, and security operations. 1.4 Vision Statement Guided by integrity and a commitment to excellence and professionalism, we provide our clients with the most trusted source of advisory, support, training, logistics, technology, and security services. 1.5 Our Guiding Principles -Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in every aspect of what we do. We are committed to instilling professional and ethical behavior in all our employees, teammates, and associates. -Governance: We take responsibility for our performance legally and ethically. We have a diverse chain of command that provides oversight and guidance to best serve our customers. -Excellence: We set the bar for the best in class operational excellence. We empower our people to deliver customer focused solutions with the highest levels of professionalism and commitment to excellence. -Dignity: We honor the rights and beliefs of our fellow associates, our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we operate. We treat others with dignity and respect. -Teamwork: We promote and support a diverse, yet unified team, while respecting the individuality of our people. We work together as a team to meet our client's goals. We deploy willingly to the most remote and dangerous regions, leveraging our unique skill set in support of our client's missions. -Innovation: We value, encourage, and enable our employees, teammates, and associates to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges. 1.6 Violations and Sanctions Any employee who violates applicable law or any Company policies, including the Code, is subject to strict disciplinary action, which may include action up to and including termination of employment. Additionally, any employee who engages in reckless or malicious reporting, knowingly makes or refers a false allegation with the knowledge that the incident reported has no factual basis, deliberately provides false information, refuses to cooperate when subject to an investigation shall be subject to strict disciplinary action up to and including termination. 1.7 Accountability for Upholding the Code You are responsible for adherence to the standards of conduct set forth in this Code and for raising questions if you are concerned that these standards are not being met. Merryweather supervisors and managers must be particularly careful with their words and conduct to avoid placing or seeming to place pressure on subordinates that could cause them to perform in a way that is contrary to the ethical standards set forth in this Code and Company policies. Any waiver, including an implicit waiver or pre-approval, of one or more provisions of the Code, must be reviewed and approved by the Branch Manager, the Chief Executive Officer, or the Board of Directors. 1.8 Area of Operations (Elysian Island and the surrounding area.) Section 2: Rank Structure 2.1 Rank Structure [RANK TREE TBD] 2.2 Rank Descriptions [Director] Oversees day to day operations. Would watch training programs, and overview the Chairman/Board of Directors, and the Assistant Director as well as the Mobile Teams. Would take command during Mobilization. Would assign the names of operations that are to happen. [Assistant Director] Oversees day to day operations. Would watch and conduct training programs. Would, oversee the Chairman/Board of Directors, and the Mobile Teams. Would take command during Mobilization. Would assign the names of operations that are to happen. [Chairman] Would Establish new protocols, and enforce the rules that were established by the Board's’ vote. Is basically the quasi-3rd in command and voted into this spot. Can’t command the company mobile elements. [Board of Directors] Would vote on new regulations that are approved by the Directors, and chairman and then under a vote of ⅔. They are to conduct meetings and discuss contracts. Can’t command the company mobile elements. [Field Marshal] Would command the Merryweather Contractors during missions, or training. Would assume command unless the Director or Assistant Director opts to take command of an operation. Is next in line for Assistant Director. Is 3rd in command. Is the operations commander. [Field Officer II] Is a platoon leader, and would report to the Field Marshal about promotions/demotions, training, and comments. Is the operations leader. [Field Officer I] (x3) They are the squad leaders, and would command their squad which consists of 2 teams: Senior Contractor, 1 Contractor II, 4 Contractor II; 1 Senior Contractor, 1 Contractor II, 4 Contractor I. Are to be assigned squad names: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie as needed/available. [Senior Contractor] (x6) (x2/Field Officer I) They are the team leaders, and would command their team during operations, and would conduct individual trainings if needed. Their team consists of: 1 Contractor I, and 4 Contractor II. Their Team name will be assigned by their Section leader (Field Officer I). [Contractor II] (x6) (x1/Senior Contractor) Is Second in line to become a Team leader. Would enforce the Senior Contractor's order and is the Senior Contractor’s right-hand man. Contractor II's are assigned this rank by their Fire Team Leader (Senior Contractor). [Contractor I] (x18) (x4/Senior Contractor) Is a Trained Personnel that was accepted and trained into this Private Military Company. They are chosen into a team by a Senior Contractor. Section 3: Procedures/Services 1.3 Convoy Escort Below are some convoy choices you can have when using Merryweather's services and they are our preferred convoy types but if you (the client) would like a different type of convoy please put in the contract what vehicles it consists of and we will do our best to comply to your requests. [Presidential Convoy] Consists of a front SUV, a middle Stretch for the VIP, and a back SUV, followed by potential air support. ($30,000) [Military Convoy]Consists of 1 Heavy Vehicle Front; 1 SUV Middle; 1 Heavy Vehicle Back;1 additional Vehicle in Front; with the middle for the VIP, followed in the air by potential air support. ($40,000) 3.2 Provided Services The services that are provided by Merrweather PMC, are listed below (prices are negotiable and may vary on a case-by-case basis): ●Full Service Risk Management Consulting ($1500 + additional fees) ●Security Consulting ($1500) ●Maritime Security Services ($10,000) ●Intelligence ($25,000) ●Threat Analysis ($15,000) ●Security Training ($5000) ●Defense Services ($5000 + $1000 per unit) ●Mobile Escort ($10,000) ●Air Support ($50,000) ●Recon Support ($10,000 + $1000 per unit) ●Infantry Support ($5000 + $1000 per unit) ●Bounty Hunting/Assassination ($10,000 starting rate) Section 4: Equipment Roster 4.1 Weapons Roster The weapons we have at Merryweather are listed below as follows, but are not limited to: Rifles Carbine Rifle Assault Rifle Sub-Weapons SMG Pistols Pistol Heavy Pistol Combat Pistol 4.2 Vehicle Rosters Below is a list of vehicles, maritime vessels, and air transport vehicles to be expected, they are listed below as follows, but are not limited to: Ground Vehicles Mesa Patriot Contender Insurgent Maritime Crafts Dinghy Air Crafts Buzzard Appendix A: Tactics & Training (Below is a link to one of many Merryweather Team Tactical Trainings.) https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aoyna3PP2b6cgR7CYUdij6eVc3rg Appendix B: Recruitment Process (OOC: All players seeking to join New Merryweather must have at least 10,000Exp for consideration, exceptions can only be made for those who partake in security training prior, but this is no guarantee for selection. [Security training will not only test your RP ability but also your understanding of Eclipse RP rules.] Merryweather will start as an "exclusive" faction and move towards being an "elite" faction. At its peak, there will be no more than 35 Contractors, not to include executive staff. All interested candidates are expected to show a reasonable level of activity and are available for A: One meeting per week and/or B: One operational tasking per week. If the said individual cannot, or will not be available it is expected that they inform someone in Leadership prior or risk expulsion for inactivity on an IC basis. All players seeking entry are expected to abide by the Eclipse RP rules and uphold a strong character of RP. RP practice & ethics will be a major consideration for recruitment as some of what a player will partake in requires more RP /do and /me than the basic run and gun shenanigans. If training and RPing long arduous journeys are not your styles, New Merryweather may not be for you. Don't like the idea of sitting at a listening post for long periods of time doing recon in prep for a mission, think again? Is that you over there RPing field stripping your sidearm due to mud jamming the slide after that swamp we crawled through? Right on! We will try to uphold a realistic and immersive PMC environment, and that often times can mean doing the menial labor before the heavy action. You, the player, is responsible for getting a handle on said Rules & RP Skills before selection. At no point will the actions of an exterior party be a reason to deter from this. Contact an admin if you run into a non-RP situation, NEVER will we take the law into your own hands. MSC will maintain a high-quality standard and present themselves in RP as models for good play.)
  13. I've got two concepts regarding this faction. The first and the simplest one: lawyers can get prisoners out of prison for money despite their charges or jail time but higher the jail time higher the price. There is not much RP in this concept so I have also got another one. The second one is way more realistic and provides more RP opportunities for players. So, the faction will have different branches for different cases from tickets for speeding to murders and different lawyers will be in different branches. Since there are no courts on the server, every case will be dealt in the PD by RPin it with the police. Also, as an option, the faction will also provide with advice regarding laws, how to behave in different situations. Who will need this? Well, people who are new to the server or just don't know the laws or some small details about them.
  14. FIP ENTERPRISE Who Are We? We are not just a corporation, we are family. Our focus is solely on business and money. Founded by 3 like-minded entrepreneurs. Our Business? Real Estate | Automobiles | Weaponry Protection Services | Pharmaceuticals | Wet Work Are We Hiring? We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to join the family. Please find us around Los Santos. How To Spot Us? Wearing all black with a hint of red. Our vehicles are top notch & we like to ride in style. Spot the all black w/ red hinted vehicles. Before the money, comes the loyalty. Before the loyalty, comes the respect. * DISCLAIMER: We are not limited to the services advertised. Money is the motive. *
  15. Who are The Rollin' Heights Ballas? The Ballas are an African-American street gang based in Los Santos. Most of their territory can be found in the poorer/run-down neighbourhoods to the far east of the city. They are involved in gang banging, gang warfare, street violence, prostitution, gang-related homicide, murder, drug trafficking/manufacturing (especially the crack cocaine trade), gun-running/arms trafficking, vandalism, and degeneracy. They are easily identifiable by wearing purple clothing as their gang colour. The Story behind the Ballas The Rollin' Heights Ballas date back to the 1970's, being heavily influenced in drug and weapon trade in Los Santos, there activity's and rivalries have caused a lot of controversy over the 40 years that they have been active and often fought bloody battles against rival gangs such as GSF and the Vatos. They have maintained a traditional, intense and bloody rival with the Grove Street Families. The reason the gang war started is unknown, but the rivalry between the two gangs was in full swing as early as 1987. However the reason for the war is likely due to territorial reasons due to the close proximity of territories. The fight for turf in Los Santos grew as the drug trade became much more profitable and with this the gang grew and expanded in all forms of criminal activities which helped them become the gang they are today. By 1992, the Ballas where the largest and most powerful street gang in Los Santos, and control most of the streets of Los Santos with the Grove Street Families being driven back to Grove Street itself and a few surrounding neighbourhoods. The Ballas become major influential players in the crack-cocaine business in Los Santos and establish ties with the Loco Syndicate, the Vagos, and the San Fierro Rifa for narcotics (especially cocaine). The Ballas also establish ties with the Russian Mafia for weapons. Despite their business relationship with the Vagos, they still reacted with hostilities on the streets. It was possibly only the higher-ranking OG's of the Vagos and the Ballas that where involved in the business relationship. Drug Trade The Ballas are some of Los Santos' most notorious and successful drug dealers and suppliers (especially the crack cocaine trade). Unlike the Grove Street Families, the Ballas have no reservations about making money by selling drugs; the spread of crack cocaine into the Grove Street community is part of their strategy to wipe the GSF out. They are described by the Los Santos Police Department as being "lawless", "mindless", and thought to be uncontrollable and that attempts to infiltrate have mainly failed. Gang Vehicles The Rollin' Height Ballas keep true to their styles from the 80's and 90's rolling in some of the most classic and reliable vehicles from the era, the cars are usually heavily modified to perform better and given customisation which draw respect from others on the street. Vehicles that are often used by Balla's are the Buccaneer, Tornado, Peyote and Mananas but is not limited to this. Members Tauheed_Epps (Owner) Triple OG Dan_Jonson (Co-Owner) Double OG Frey_Bentos (Co-Owner) Double OG
  16. OOC Eclipse Roleplay’s “Sandy Shores Recycling” is a faction which is heavily based on criminal organisations behind the scrap metal industry. We attempt to keep our roleplay as realisitic as possible. Orginality and dicipline is the key to succeeding in the faction and everyone is welcomed to make an attempt to join. “Are you ready to put in work?”. Sandy Shores Recycling will be doing different criminal activities like street racing, selling weapons, selling drugs, extortion and money laundering. We request good roleplay, and avoid all unnecessary shootouts, unless it’s performed in a good roleplay situation or a must in a scenario. The members and the outsiders of the faction should roleplay every situation, weather alone or with fellow members, to the best of their abilities. Because Sandy Shores Recycling is a criminal organisation and not a gang you will have to fill in an application form. We want to be seen as an company. Rules Respect the server rules and follow them to the fullest. Useless & unnecessary OOC communication IG is not tolerated. Always use proper grammar, spelling and voice when communicating IC is a must. Use /pm ID to communicate about unnecessary things. Always remember to RP a acceptable amout of fear. When joining the faction you agree to all these rules! IC “A beach town nowhere near the ocean where the town is a trailer park and the beach is a mixture of toxic sludge and pulverized fish bones.” Sandy Shores sits on the coastline of the Alamo Sea and overlooks the huge Mount Chiliad. It has a dry, arid climate, nothing for the city people and is home to many coyotes that often end up as a roadkill. At some point in time, it had a population of approximately 3,010, as seen on a welcome sign at the approach of the town. July 24, 2016 The scrapyard west of Sandy Shores got closed due to arrest of previous owner C. Rogers after a months-long investigation into criminal activity, including charges of selling drugs and metal recycling law violations. According to the arrest report, Cole was found not properly documenting and recording non-ferrous metal transactions at the scrapyard. Law enforcement says that these types of undocumented activities allow criminals to make money from stolen scrap metal without evidence. Hidden in the trunk of abandoned cars were found methamphetamine, weapons and fake ID’s. 21 April, 2017 Mr. Wilde bought the scrapyard from the government and wants to re-open it. A faction will be set up to re-open the scrapyard and that will allow a lot of new work in the area of Sandy Shores. 24 April, 2017 After three days of hard work, moving furniture, tools and and organise everything Sandy Shores Reycycling is open. We are open for customers but aware that you have to make an appointment! Sandy Shores recycling is private property and is closed to the public, you are not allowed to enter without permission! Be warned security cameras are operating in this area. Where are we located and how to contact us? Grand Senora Desert, Smoke Tree Road. At the other side of the street you can find the Senora National Park. Roster Founder - Frankie Wilde Trusted - Staff - Rookie - WE'RE LOOKING FOR YOU! - Are you 21 years or older? - Have you finished your secondary school? - Can you speak and read properly English? - Are you willing to put effort in the company? Do you fulfill all these requirements? Then fill in our application form and send it to [email protected] ((Post it as a comment, if done apply at the faction section in-game and we'll get in touch with you.)) [spoiler=Application form] Personal information First name: Last name: Gender: Age: Why should we hire you?
  17. Yputi


    Bumblebees ================================================================================ The Bumblebees is a small faction created by 4 people. The gang itself is created by Harvey Spencer, but does not run the faction at his own. The meaning of the bumblebees is quite simple; we do out job. If we can't, we have to make it possible. We are hard workers and honest people. We are open to and for everything, so we create minimal problems with others. It is not a "do it to them before they do it to you" faction. We mainly focus on growing at the moment. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ For more info please call 5942791 For questions please call 5942791 Intrested in recruiting for this faction please call 5942791 STATUS: CLOSED FOR NOW You do not have a phone? Please approach our Bumblebus: ================================================================================
  18. The leaders of the professionals are made out of a bond family, Killing, kidnapping nothing is too crazy for them. Before the family was known for its gang activities they did a lot of bounty hunting. They were one of the best in the fields, everybody feared them. Everybody knew that you shouldn’t fuck with the family. they were so good that most of the time nobody noticed they had killed someone even the person who died hadn’t noticed. which explains the name of the gang” The Professionals”. They always make their victims bleed a lot so that there would be stained blood on the ground. When someone finally found the dead victim, they would be shocked by the stained blood which they did so that everybody knew it was them. In the prime of their bounty hunting career, even the police and government feared them. When the police found a body with black blood on the ground the police were so scared that they just closed the case so that they would not interfere with the family. Nowadays the family has made its name in the gang world. Black cars are everywhere and most of the gangs are aware that they shouldn’t interfere with the family. [IC] Note: Failure to follow can result in death. Please make sure you read and understood the rules. No man for himself. if you get in trouble or plan to confront someone. >always< inform the rest of the gang about this. Always wait for backup. Never mug a friend or allies of the family. Follow the chain of command. Never lead police to a gang hideout. Never snitch on family or friends of the family. Don't start or finish any gunfights at Bayview or LSC unless it's been approved by a leader Respond to any backup calls. [OOC] (( If you break any server rule you will be reported to an admin and you will get your punishment. We don't care if you're in the gang. Server rules need to be followed. If you break multiple server rules will result in getting kicked out of the faction. NLR: Our family is for life if you decide to leave, leaders decide you're not made to be part of our great family, or you have something holding you from being a member of the faction can and probably, if you don't have a strong enough reason to leave the gang, will be resulting in your dead.)) Not everyone can join this Family. Only people that we trust can get in. If you can gain our trust you're in, if you can't... Well, if you can't it will be a really sad end for you. If you're interested in joining the gang you can. You can find our contact on my business card. Contact today. Discord: https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC
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