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  1. I am selling my house in Grove Street (4) - It has a built front side , with garage gates - long , wide and open driveway (can fit 3 cars) - Backyard built walls (to avoid people ramming with their cars inside of it) - Big backyard (plenty of room to build) - Big volume storage (500 base volume) - Regular 2G Interior Starting price is 700,000 $ Contact me at 368-7106 or leave a text with an offer.
  2. this should've been done long time ago, only best of luck to you ma nigga @Chrisy
  3. murda

    Los Zetas

    Sad to see this gang gone. Zetas was my family for a few months, and from the moment i joined each and every member treated me like i was there from the beginning. Brought my own homies like @Eriksen and @Sharkie to this, because i knew they will love it. Mad respect for Jay and for what he built. Dominic gon always be rollin in blue.
  4. murda


    "Shit went sideways" Chapter 1. The Beginning To be continued..
  5. good luck with this, looks nice
  6. murda


    "It's been a minute" It was time for Pops to fly back into the city and reunite with his family and friends. He reached out to Lance and let him know that he will arrive on the LSIA around Midnight. All he could think was about what he left behind, a small group of friends where they were all looking forward in becoming a known group, Murdablock. He was greeted by 25 ruthless individuals all dressed in red, was a dream come true. They have picked him up and took him to the Grove property , where a welcome home party took place. Pops was very proud of Lance , and he knew he would not have disappointed. The next day, his son , Kris , came to check up on him. They discussed about what has been going around in the city, and how the family businesses were doing lately. Money were short, couple of companies got shutdown and the armory was feeling too empty. There was little to no income coming in, so they were pretty much broke. But every problem has a solution. Later that night, Pops sat deep in thought. Many ideas came through his mind, but none was good enough. What they needed was a one day job with a huge payday. After a couple of beers and some weed he started doing the preparations for a bank heist. It was going to be hard and tricky, but it was doable. They did not have time to wait, so the next day the job was already in motion. Lookouts, crowd control, hostages, tools, everything was set and fulfilling their purpose. The heist was a success, they all met at the downtown penthouse, unpacked the cash and split the money six way. It was time for the Davis family to start getting their shit together and invest in creating new business opportunities.
  7. huge +1 with everything you said. There would be also another solution that may rest both sides, make it 20% chance rate (or whatever you feel right) of the alarm going off if the door gets drilled (as for roleplay, there could be a civilian spotting the robbery and call 911). Why should it be like this? Because realistically a bank heist is done in 5-6 men, nothing more. At this moment you would need at least a whole 2 gangs to be able to fight your way out, which, as Hoxton said, would only create a Gang vs PD team deathmatch, surely not what ECRP staff wants. Realistically if there is no one to trigger the alarm, it ain't getting triggered, and splitting the cash with 30-40 people, is not worth it.
  8. Best of luck, hope to see you prosper
  9. bump, price lowerd to 700k
  10. the counter offer is the starting price
  11. i consider your offer underpirced and stupid yes.
  12. no, thank you, please stop replying with stupid replies, on every post i make.
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