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  1. +1 to the hacking, and the shipment tracking will bring more RP opportunities to criminal factions.
  2. Marlon

    Dark Army

    Another Edit to the thread was made explaining more about the Lore of this faction. "Vehicles, Clothing, and Weapon Arsenal" Check it out and let us know what you think!
  3. Marlon

    Dark Army

    Edit to the thread was made including where we will be conducting most of our RP, "Location." Check it out and let us know what you think!
  4. Hi Alex based on the last two messages from the two out of the four people that have reported they have summed it up very well in my opinion. I did indeed shoot when we were out in the position to shoot the reporting party with the AK. Our plan in this situation was to get the people in the Kamacho that rammed us down then u turn back and get a better positioning to where we can get on foot and fight but, it didn’t end up in our favor as you can see in all 4 of our POVs that the cops sirens had already been going off so, there was no reason for us to exit the vehicles and stay at the shootout
  5. RP'd with you guys for a good amount of times looking forward to what you guys will do with this faction!
  6. Marlon

    More Blood

    It was a dark and dreary night in the Summer of New York City, close to feeling like the only time you go outside, twelve in the morning. It is the perfect time to go mall shopping, go to the bar and get drunk, or just walking around the whole city having fun with friends. This was the wonderful place Lauren Baker lived, which she did almost every night. She used to get drunk every night with friends. She lived in Nassau County so, she took the train to the city with her friends. The most challenging thing for her was to get home while drunk. When heading to the train station known to be extre
  7. In an example, Shadow, let's say you conduct a 10-55 on a Rapid GT on Pillbox Avenue, and you get their license and everything. Then, you notice that they had an unpaid ticket overdue so, a failure to pay fine. You tell them to exit the vehicle to arrest them but, they end up felony evading leaving the scene, and you are now chasing them. Let's say this chase has been going on for 20-25 minutes, and you say this chase is taking way too long, and you get the idea of taking out a Micro SMG and giving vehicle demands to the person, "Stop the vehicle or FORCE will be used." The reason for this dem
  8. +1 I've definitely seen lots of the people banned and it doesn't make sense they've posted in many reports and you can see in their evidence and defense that there was no case in cheating. And even when they appeal the same question is asked have you ever injected cheats into your GTA V. RAGE MP anti cheats client side should only detect what is happening on the client not what is occurring in your game files it doesn't make sense and seems a bit suspicious. If they were cheating and it came up on an insta anti-cheat I believe it shouldn't be an insta ban because anti cheats have bugs but, it
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