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  1. I know we're not supposed to use spots up to sing praise to a group... but you're a great group and I really enjoy the RP we've shared. Keep it going boys. The thread looks great
  2. The Dark Web would be a great place to try and organize criminal events like races or underground fighting tournaments, as they lack the ability to use Weazel marketing tools.
  3. Smite Total War: Three Kingdoms Tarkov R6. Been delving back into the old Shadowrun games a little lately as well.
  4. My name's Virgil Beretta. Born and raised out of Alderney, Liberty City. Man, I miss that city...or rather, the way it used to be. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the nostalgic. Y'see, my mother was a nurse who worked out of Sweeney General out in Portland View. My father held a "managerial" position at a certain 8-Ball's auto shop in our home burrow of Alderney. The truth of it was my father never worked for 8-Ball but rather he managed an illegal chop shop enterprise for him. Providing him with intercontinental connections and security to ensure none of the other Families would tr
  5. I absolutely love this group. Keep it up guys.
  6. They do but there's an awful lot of complaints about it when it happens. It's not a crime and I'm not saying it should be implemented as one. But profiling is a part of police work. It's a scenario your characters have forced upon themselves by advertising gang colours and harassing the public in order to ensure these colours are seen as gang affiliated.
  7. This is definitely an IC issue.. But if gang members are going to harass citizens for wearing certain clothing or having their vehicles a certain colour then the police should be able to harass gangs for these very same reasons.
  8. K1net1K


    Very interesting concepts. Thread looks great. Cant wait to see this group around the city.
  9. K1net1K

    Habanero Boys

    An absolutely fantastic idea for an arsonist group.
  10. Very well put together thread. Good to see a group trying to make use of the city's underground as well. Best of luck.
  11. Vibrant graphics and amazing in-game photography blends well with the fantastically written RP making your faction forum still feel like I'm experiencing it ICly. I Love reading updates from this faction. Keep it up guys.
  12. Nailed it. Cant have it both ways. When rowdy gangs start to shakedown the public over apparel or some other identifier they believe is theirs, the cops use those same identifiers to crack down on that gang.
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