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  1. As the first non-founding member of La Familia Michoacana to hold the position of Under Boss, Taylor Garcia had to work harder than most to achieve the things he wanted. Now, did Taylor think he'd come this far when he had first started out? Absolutely not. But it didn't stop him from putting everything he had into the things he loved. Giving up when circumstances became difficult would have been very easy, he had been through his fair share of wars after all, but sticking with it, rebuilding and helping the Familia move forward was the plan. He always tried to
  2. Drip or drown and we're fucking drowning! Let's go my shlimes.
  3. Had nothing but great interactions with you all so far, I know this will become something great! Good luck homies!
  4. Looking great so far, good luck homies!
  5. Hi, Taylor_Garcia (192) here, I don't have my POV from this but as can be seen in the POV's provided, I ran over to check what was going on as we were still in the process of getting trunks for our allies so we needed to hold the ground for abit longer. I didn't say anything and wasn't even next to Jason for long, running off when I had seen the situation. The radio also shows that people were simply keeping an eye out for their injured as the calls were only to make sure they were fine. The only reason we had set up is because we didn't want our allies being chased to go to jail as
  6. One thing La Familia Michoacana do not appreciate is gangs in the city trying to impact our ability to make money through influencing turfs. A message was sent out last time the disrespect was shown by The Four Season Order, taking Mega Mall, not only was it taken back the same day, a generous deal was offered to them moving forward, feel free to supply who you want but drop out of any sort of conflict with us. FSO swiftly declined the offer that was presented to them, and since then Taylor Garcia and his Familia have been set on ensuring they keep their turfs and took Southern
  7. It was all business as usual for La Familia Michoacana and it didn't take long before Taylor Garcia had caught Mason Drayton, the Clown snitch, lacking. Had it not been mid-fight, he would have been taken and tortured, but his name has already been tarnished and he will be considered a rat like those before him. After helping The Clowns film their video, calling out Lost MC at Stab, it was important to return the message, catching The Irish lacking outside their own property. The crimes Taylor was having to commit were becoming much wors
  8. Hi, thanks for taking the time to make and handle this report, I think @bernardoH has explained the situation leading up to the events as we were both together. Also at the time in the video when the AR is being pointed I can be seen right at the start just taking Bernardo outside as he was injured. [Notified In-Game] - Taylor_Garcia (ID 188) - Can you explain your side of the story? Why did you join in on the fight against the DOC guards within the gym area? What events led up to the "riot" that is portrayed here in the provided evidence? Additionally, please include your POV a
  9. Good luck, had nothing but great interactions with you all so far!
  10. Thread looks sick! Good luck guys, only had the best of interactions with you all.
  11. Before Taylor Garcia knew it, La Familia Michoacana had become one of the biggest runners in the the city, helping provide regular shipments for the people of Los Santos. Taylor had often found himself driving up and down the city, managing meetings with other gangs, trying to maintain and schedule imports whilst also trying to ensure the Familia was running like clockwork. The new cartel prices will be difficult to navigate with, but by no means impossible and a change in approach was required by all gangs willing moving forward. It was only right that Taylor and Bo
  12. Hi, thanks to Ling for writing this report and thanks to Aldarine for taking the time to handle the report. Taylor Garcia ID (135) here, I had arrived at the situation in the Komoda with Mike, I had seen everyone running out of the bank with weaponry. They had also been given demands by two people and were ignoring the demands that were being given to them, that was my reasoning for shooting. As you can see in Quinn's pov, I ask on the radio for them to hold them up, then shout demands once again, and when they are seen still running for the bikes and ignoring the demands, then
  13. Player(s) being reported: ID 13 Date of interaction reported: 19/12/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1608338182 Your characters name: Taylor Garcia Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: After a shootout in the sewers, I witnessed one of the members with the clowns mercy kill his friends after looting them, as you can see in the footage, the clown on the floor who looks like Ski, calls for his friend, says something, gets looted and then finished. Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). Non-Roleplay (NRP)
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