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  1. Hey, I don't know you but you can follow me anyways
  2. Wouldn't it more reasonable and enjoyable for everyone to let someone deathRP when it rply makes sense they pass out?
  3. Tomvd682


    Hi new I'm Tom Daniels
  4. The problem isn't 1 sided
  5. Or maybe it would be an idea to make a command, for example /stream that would show that you're streaming above your character
  6. -rep I think it would unpractible for a streamer to need to tell everybody he's streaming everywhere he goes
  7. You can make all the suggested things on a separate page or on a dropdown menu so you can open/close it
  8. I can do 150k, 160k if I can also get the bike with the house
  9. How do I pronounce Sebashtun
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