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  1. @FatherOsborn Hello Osborn, First of all, I would like to mention that this wouldn't be my third chance but my first one as all the other permanent bans were voided as they were invalid as you can see down here. The first permanent ban (Deathmatching | Offense #5): The other two (Advertising on ECRP discord) were both handled on discord, as It was a misunderstanding, I did not advertise. Then next up you asked how I can assure you that I'm going to improve and show a good example for the new players, Firstly, I believe I('ve) already show/showed a good example for new players on the server, as I always tend to try to help and teach them about the server, roleplay, name it whenever I engage with them or they engage with me. Then lastly, I planned to think twice about everything I do involving other players (I already was until this drunken mistake.) and it was working out great, I didn't get any rule breaches for 3 months (22 December, NLR offense #1 given by Lewis- 10 February, non-roleplay offense #5 given by Boxxy). So simply my idea is to continue this strategy and not to get a single admin punishment for breaking any rules on the server.
  2. Karen kidnapped a 15 yr old aswell
  3. Account name: Tom__ and tomvd682 Character name(s): Tom Daniels, Chuck Cox, Jagger Carwyn and Sint Nicolas The admin who issued punishment: @ChuckM Date of punishment: 12 March 2019 Punishment received: Non RP #6 The reason that was given for punishment: Using Megaphone joke about selling AKs in a NCZ Your explanation of what happened: First of all I would like to mention that I've drank some beers before playing OOCly (I know this is my own responsibility and mistake). Some friends of mine and I were at the bank waiting for our other friends to come. A cruiser pulled up to the front of the bank and arrested someone. When the cruiser was unlocked I got the stupid idea to use the /megaphone command to say "Selling AK's text me #3426150". After doing so someone said something about it, OOCly and I already realized I messed up again. a few minutes later Chuck asks me OOCly why I was talking about AK's in a no crime zone and later if I did say that thru the megaphone and I said I did of course. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think my appeal should be accepted because I don't think I deserve to be permanently banned for doing such a stupid thing while being drunk, also I think I've proven myself not being the "retard" that everyone calls me by being in a leading position in Mercia and Los Santos Customs on two of my characters. I've been working very hard to show that I have good roleplay capabilities and I think it would be a shame if I would be banned from this awesome community for a drunken mistake. Post any evidence or further details: I don't have any evidence of the situation and don't remember most of the details besides the above standing.
  4. Yoo where do I hop on board, yo boy is available whenever needed as soon I get out of the prison. ~Tom Daniels ps. Btw I didn't smuggle a phone in or something ya know, let's say I borrowed a phone from a guard.
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