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  1. Tomvd682

    Banned from the discord for what?

    It is indeed, but we didn't advertise
  2. Tomvd682

    Banned from the discord for what?

    Yeah, check your logs in the panel
  3. Tomvd682

    Banned from the discord for what?

    I was banned along with you for "Advertising"????
  4. Tomvd682

    tom__/tomvd682 - Tom Daniels (Banappeal)

    "Assuming that someone is being arrested based on what someone says on the radio is not a valid reason to kill someone. After reading through the logs and talking with the parties involved you clearly reacted solely just on information from the radio gunning down an officer, which turned out false" I know it's not, it was the reason to go there and see what was going on. We saw Fred_Frederiksen in cuffs, surrounded by cops so we logically assumed he was being arrested and reacted to it. Also, I still don't get why he was cuffed if he wasn't getting arrested
  5. Account name: Tom__ and tomvd682 Character name(s): Tom Daniels, Chuck Cox, Jagger Carwyn, and Sint Nicolas. Admin who issued punishment: @Dingus0 Date of punishment: 19th of January, 2019 Punishment received: Permanent ban The reason that was given for the punishment: Deathmatching | 5th offense Your explanation of what happened: Someone said over the radio that one of my friends (Fred_Frederiksen) was being arrested on the pier, after hearing so I went to the pier with 2 others to see what is going on. As we arrived we saw Fred in handcuffs surrounded by a bunch of officers so we set up this simple plan to attempt to free Fred. The plan was that I would start shooting at the cops to create chaos so Fred could run towards the car meanwhile and get in our boat after at the beach. When I opened fire I downed an officer (Helene_Charbonneau) and shot a few more from different angles and got away on my bike after. Our attempt to free Fred failed. A while later I got contacted by an admin (Dingus0) and got informed about that Fred wasn't being arrested and I basically broke the Deathmatching rule. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It all was a big misunderstanding/miscommunication as we were called over the radio that he was being arrested and as we pulled up we saw Fred_Frederiksen in cuffs surrounded by officers. Post any evidence or further details: None
  6. Tomvd682

    Dynamic Fishing

  7. Tomvd682

    First person

    Fuck no
  8. Tomvd682

    House stash vol adjustment

    -1 I think all the house stash sizes should be increased as it's not realistic how many items you are only to fit in your house now
  9. Tomvd682

    house garage update

    +1 Got the same problem ofton
  10. Tomvd682

    [Selling] Turismo R Supercar !!!

    2 pennies, a mixer and a half-empty bottle of whiskey
  11. Tomvd682

    44 Bullets, I am not done yet.

    The best we can do is 2 pennies and a paperclip, Greetings from officer fathead ((Send from the library, VPN's are for losers))
  12. Tomvd682

    Speed cameras

    No, I usually drive +/- 200 km/h
  13. Tomvd682

    Speed cameras

    pls no I don't want to have to drive 70 km/h
  14. Tomvd682

    Grove Street Families

    Looks dope, love the video aswell