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  1. Two dollars and an autograph from me
  2. Whoever has the highest bid in place this weekend will be able to get the house this weekend! Also, please make sure include your name and a way to contact you when bidding. Thanks you and good luck!
  3. +1 Maybe also make the stamps worth more "reduced time" and add more locations for minerals to spawn because as of now if you mine with two or more people you're going to run out of mineable minerals pretty quickly and have to wait for a rock to spawn every time.
  4. Name: Tom Daniels Phone number #342-6150 Selling a house with place for one vehicle inside of the garage Taking offers for the house, not in a hurry to sell it. The house is already empty so whenever I receive an offer I like you can move in instantly!
  5. Had the same problem some time ago, using a different browser worked for me
  6. Fat stacks bro.. fat stacks
  7. yupyup we got lots of pipes there, if interested we can also lay some homie
  8. Not for sale and not going to be anytime soon bud
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