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  1. punched

    Hugo Romano (7.2 Deathmatch)

    I was expecting this report. The situation started with a pursuit of Tom Daniels. We chased him to the tunnel near high end. Shortly before myself and kyle doherty arrived, we were informed over tac that a blue shafter (harm) had just run and shot at a sergeant who was first on scene almost killing. Right when we heard this we saw that blue shafter fleeing the area. It ended at the location in the video. You can hear harm say "I have an uzi on me". Im thinking ok he has an uzi in his INVENTORY yet he steps out of the car HOLDING an SMG (completely different weapon). I had my pistol in hand and decided to fire 1 warning shot NEAR him not expecting his health to be low enough to kill him or for the bullet to actually hit him. That is also why you hear me say "on your knees" directly after. There were 2 moderators+ present during that, Kyle Doherty and Cynthia Shelby. After i injured him i immediately asked in faction chat if I broke rules. If I did break rules surely I would have been punished then and there? Whether I broke rules or not, that rp could have been done better from both parties (myself included).
  2. punched

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    BIG +1, this will allow criminals to tax evade, just like IRL, when you sell drugs you get drug money in cash. When you rob stores its all cash. Any illegal activity that you do gives you cash. Doing any form of legal work should go into your salary where it is now and be taxed. When you sell a certain amount of drugs for example it would give you "money bags" then you "strip" or "unpack" the bags (similar to the strip attachments button recently added) by right clicking on the item and it will give you actual cash in certain quantities. This will allow for more immersive drug deals/transactions with players. If you would want to buy properties or houses however, you would need to bank the money and still pay taxes when buying from highend, house tax, etc.
  3. punched

    IC reasons when houses are sold

    I feel like people are not understanding the suggestion, the time before the house goes on sale is not set in stone, OP probably gave those times as an example. It doesn't mean thats how long you will have before your house automatically goes on sale. If this is implemented that will be determined by the founders. The new mayors office will provide lots of opportunities for this kind of stuff. Of course the founders will set the minimums on the bills but you can probably vote for different candidates that will offer various bill amounts and various times to pay them. However I do feel that if you are only buying a house to store vehicles and neglecting the actual property a system like this will be incredibly useful for the rest of the server population.
  4. punched

    IC reasons when houses are sold

    Huge +1, This way people cant horde nice houses and go offline for long periods of time. This will also probably decrease the price of houses because im betting a ton will go on sale from "unpaid bills" within a few weeks, maybe less.
  5. punched

    No Crime Zone

    +1. Just to add to this, whenever you leave the actual ncz a personal /do should be generated saying that you have left the area monitered by CCTV cameras. There should also be a 30 minute or more cooldown to avoid script generated /do spamming when entering and leaving the ncz. Something like “<insert player name> has left the area monitered by CCTV” appearing over the player’s head.
  6. +1 to this. It doesnt make sense for a vehicle to be missing wheels when you pay to get a replacement from mors. If a tire is popped before a chopping and the vehicle is chopped you should recieve it back full hp for the engine and visual. you wouldnt go to the insurance company irl only to receive a car with 2 tires...
  7. punched

    tom__/tomvd682 - Tom Daniels (Banappeal)

    Hi I was the cop to put fred in cuffs and stay with/moniter him for the duration of the scene. First of all, i put him in cuffs for my safety. I informed him multiple times even with his gang members near him that he was being DETAINED. His car ended up being blocked in because another civilian on the scene decided to steal it and we had to take the proper measures to prevent the theifs escape. However I do see how this could have been misunderstood by the attackers thinking we were arresting Fred, that does not give them valid KOS considering the reality of the situation. Fred was released when the scene finished. Personally I would still say give Tom Daniels another chance as it can reasonably be considered a misunderstanding.
  8. punched

    Remove 15 min Coma

    -1 adding the coma system was probably one of the best ideas in a while, whenever someone gets caught in a crime, its instant “deathrp” in /b. If we grant it they get off scot free even after killing cops daily. Now there is a consequence of deathrp which is great. On another note, people without anything on them usually just refuse calling medics and break nlr when they spawn which is also an issue. This coma system hinders that a bit and gives people more value for their life especially during rp scenarios. The coma time should be INCREASED. But not trigger unless killed by a player specifically (shot, beatdown).
  9. punched

    LSPD This was not smart

    This is Police Officer Hugo Romano. I will be happy to give you a ride to bolingbroke free of charge! Just come by our Mission Row precinct any time you like.
  10. punched

    Non RP- Tom Daniels

    Player(s) being reported: Tom_Daniels Date of rule breach: December 23, 2018 Time of rule breach: 5:50 PM EST Your characters name: Hugo Romano Other players involved: A few others seen in the video also used their expensive cars as roadblocks and for ramming. Specific rule broken: 6.6.2 Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair). How did the player break the rule?: We had recently redone an RP scenario of me transporting Hoxton Curry to prison. Everyone involved (including Tom_Daniels) was told by Marco Davis to restart at MD but Tom_Daniels did not listen to this and started the RP on the highway near the prison, that is where he used his expensive car to ram mine and also as a portable barrier. Evidence of rule breach:
  11. Right now when a pistol runs out of ammo is becomes completely useless/worthless. People just leave them laying around the map as if they are nothing. The old system made you buy an entire new pistol to refill the ammo which also isnt very realistic. Adding this would give any pistol you buy actual value. Regarding the attachments, the extended mag could be abused but flashlights, special sights, and silencers could make your pistol unique and allow more rp opportunities.
  12. punched

    Rule concerning PD and Drug Labs

    ENORMOUS +1. Drug labs are the main source of income for criminals. At this time nothing else is worth the risk and time. Choping cars is pointless (very little money and you need another car to escape (5k split between 2 people is trash considering the time it takes to get the car, drive to all the chopshop locations until you find it, wait for the car to chop) unless it is a super car). Robbing stores is broken at quite a few of the stores. Robbing people gets old and is not good rp when you are rping as a rich gangster with multiple sports cars.
  13. punched

    Lower the chance of getting Snow.

    Honestly its getting quite old to get on everyday and see snow. Especially when it rains and the snow doesnt go away... like what?? Another thing is that los santos is LA so why is it snowing and for so long? Huge +1 from me as the snow got annoying the day after it was added. My hate of snow could be because in canada get -20 celsius temperatures from December to March :(
  14. punched

    Unable to enter certain doors/buildings

    im still experiencing it, loading the save file did not fix it
  15. idk i would scale the price up depending on distance, it would be enough to cover gas for the trip and a few thousand more