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  1. Please remain patient and refrain from tagging head administrators. Locked.
  2. +1 to the idea or increasing prison time. It should be 6 hours instead of 8 though
  3. punched


    Locked and Archived
  4. Hello. I had responded to a report regarding a player on a roof walking around in circles. When I arrived I attempted to contact you multiple times even waiting there for 5-10 minutes to see if you would return. After I saw that there was not a sign of your return I issued the punishment. Pending Senior Admin+ for conclusion.
  5. +1 for more rp (as long as they ask ERP permission from all parties first)
  6. -1 The fear rp rule is fine as it is. On another note, adding a rule that prevents people driving rumpos or money trucks to fear for there life would be a step in the wrong direction. People with rumpos will have a real pay to win advantage and we will see a large influx of people using the money trucks for criminal activities.
  7. +1 When have you ever been to a bank and seen tons of people just sitting and talking outside? The pier would make perfect sense as an NCZ in my eyes but the boundaries of the NCZ will be tricky.
  8. Please create another report following the correct format. Pending Archive.
  9. Look at the market place threads for these types of advertisements. This is the one for real estate: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/20-real-estate/
  10. Ive spoken to the person in discord PMs and chosen to retract this report.
  11. Archive This Please.
  12. +1 add more for both legal and criminal players
  13. punched


    I am a member of PD and used to mainly play a criminal alt. Some of the new players think that zetas, clowns, irish, etc ruled the streets and were always allies from the beginning, which is not the case. There was a long period of time when gangs came and went, and those able to stand the test of time reaped the benefits (script support, offical status). You want to topple these gangs and their relations? Create your own gang, get big and do what you want. There is nothing stopping you other than your own will.
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