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  1. That video is looking real well made, appreciating the effort gone into it!
  2. +1 but there should be other things added to ensure people don't just resell them. There should be a lengthy application process (including practical testing), you should have to check the weapon in weekly at the police station, or report it stolen immediately if lost. Failing to do any of these would result in your permit being removed and house *possibly* raided by the police. This should be a feature that is easy to comply with as a civilian but difficult/impossible as a criminal.
  3. -1 on requiring OOC consent. Stop the ability to be able to cut hair with a knife and make it only doable with scissors/electric shaver. Add an expensive item such as scissors or electric shaver that you can buy from a convenient store (5k+ maybe). Limited uses on the item along with longer action times may make the whole process of getting your hair cut by other players more realistic and infrequent.
  4. The rulebreaks can be seen at: 0:50 where the player refused a demand at gunpoint, throughout the video the player can be seen refusing to unlock the house when they scriptly have keys, the player also did not provide RP evidence showing they hid the house keys somewhere, at 10:11 the player parks their vehicle while at gunpoint with their hands up, and at 10:18 the player says in OOC chat "report me" and roleplay/combat logs from the situation. I found multiple breaches of the same rules during this entire scenario to which I decided to issues punishments accordingly.
  5. Hello and thank you for making this appeal. This report was done in game which is why there is no evidence of a forum report. I received a message containing evidence where quite a few of our rules were broken, which is everything I issues punishments for. The video is quite self explanatory where you can be seen failing to Fear RP and Power gaming roleplay throughout the video, then roleplay logging at the end with the message "report me" in ooc chat. I strongly recommend the Senior Admin+ that reviews this appeal watch the video in its entirely as I believe it is all relevant to the case. Pending Senior Admin+ for conclusion.
  6. Great RP with these guys, loving the thread, keep it up.
  7. Hello @Jerry Johnson , as this is appeal refers to your previous one I will re post what led to me issuing you a permanent ban. We received multiple reports regarding you running people over at the money transporter job. Due to these reports I decided to spectate you, as I watched you drive your truck, you purposefully swerved into a random person walking on the sidewalk attempting to run him over. When I asked you why you've done so you said something along the lines of "they called me a N word" (using the full word with a hard R). Such behavior is not acceptable on ECRP and dictates a lack of knowledge of our rule book. I hope you have taken your time away to severely rethink how you would approach situations if you ever get a chance to return. Pending Senior Admin+ for conclusion.
  8. Pending @YuSoHelpful Please be patient as this is reviewed.
  9. -1 Merely expunging felonies after a while would not make much sense RPly or OOCly. Maybe in the future there could be an option to apply for a government pardon from your crimes if you spend a long time without committing and being arrested for ANY crimes (including reckless operation from speed cameras). Possibly after 1 - 3 OOC months of staying clean you could have a chance to apply for it.
  10. +1 There should be an AME as well as a timer before the action is done. It could also help identify people NonRP changing the frequency when at gunpoint, cuffed, ziptied, etc.
  11. punched

    ID27 VDM

    Hello, We have come to the following conclusion: ID 27 will be punished for VDM #1. Running over a player that many times is not acceptable and hard to believe that its a mistake. You were also lacking a valid reason to ram them in the first place. Nevertheless, take this as a reminder to be more careful when running players over, and take extra precautions to not run them over several times. The next VDM/DM punishment will result in a permanent ban. Thanks, Punched & Xypint
  12. These are dealt with on a case by case basis, your patience is appreciated.
  13. Hello and thank you for making an appeal. As Ive stated in your previous appeal, you ran over a player without a valid reason. Seeing as this is your second VDM punishment and first permanent ban, I would not be against lifting this ban. "Wanting to get away is not a valid reason to run a player over just because they were standing in the way, especially when the player posed no threat to your life." If unbanned, I would recommend you seriously think before you try any risky maneuvers as another DM punishment will be another permanent ban. Pending Senior Admin+ for conclusion.
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