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  1. Looking for a place to stay? We have a selection of short-term accommodation available for those in desperate need of a place to stay, or looking to get a foot on the property ladder. Apartments with monthly rates; and if you decide you would like to purchase your home, your paid rent will be deducted from the price of the property. Crown Jewels Motel $10,000 per month ((real life week)). Cost includes parking for one car and a room in the motel, as well as access to the shared pool. Local amenities include a general store, an ATM, the high-end car lot, Bahama Mamas and the Taco store. 1G | $250,000 | Vespucci Blvd. 21 - Available 1G | $250,000 | Vespucci Blvd. 24 - Available 1G | $250,000 | Bay City Ave. 39 - Rented Financing If you are happy with your rented accommodation and would like to make the situation more permanent, you may purchase the property with your previously paid rent deducted from the price. If this option is of interest to you, please make this clear in your application. Sell your home Do you have a property you would like to sell? Please send a picture of the property along with a description to us via email and we will make you an offer! We are particularly interested in upmarket properties with 3 or 4 garages. Contact Phone - #3079604 Email - ((clontith#9871))
  2. how is this an IC only issue when speed cameras are inherently an OOC problem? People have racked up tens of thousands in speeding tickets when driving stolen vehicles - how is this fair, good RP or an IC only problem? Cameras need a huge overall, the system is totally broken right now.
  3. I'd like to retract my bid of 3 million, good luck with the sale
  4. What does the department of corrections have to do with housing?
  5. People trade assets legally all the time in real life. If two players want to trade their houses or cars, is there any protection for them right now since the scamming rules were changed? Just doesn't seem very fair as it stands.
  6. Thanks for the offer but the current highest bid is $2 million
  7. Comet Retro Custom Open for offers below or privately. "For a whole generation of the San Andreas elite, this isn't just a car. From the onboard champagne cooler to the suede back seat where you pawed your first gold digger - The Pfister Comet was something that made you who you are. And now, thanks to Benny reinventing it as a gnarly, riveted urban dragster, it'll be broadcasting your escalating midlife crisis for years to come." For offers or enquires, please contact Malcolm Carter, preferably by email. Email: clontith#[email protected] Phone: #3079604
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