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  1. When did Oxford start giving out one degree to two people? Which college did you attend? ((looks good, just kidding))
  2. A beautiful, private 4 garage mansion with two accessable balconies, a walled front yard, a deep pool and views of the city. Very close to the bank. Buyout: $3,000,000 Phone: #3079604 Email: clontith#[email protected]
  3. Selling a 1G apartment, walking distance from High End, an ATM and a store. Facilities include a shared pool and a secluded parking spot, apartment is on the ground floor at the end of the porch. Buyout: $215,000 Contact: 3079604 or clontith#[email protected]
  4. It's interesting that as someone with a cop character you mention that you would like to see big gang wars as a bystander - I believe one of the many reasons why these gang wars are rarer now is because of the incredibly heavy police presence, which basically stops them from being possible. Hence, you see gangs allying because it's just too dangerous to be out on the streets fighting wars due to the huge financial and time cost (100k fines, 6 hours in prison etc.). As has been said in kind of similar threads, the server is currently unbalanced too heavily in favour of the police, and this forces gangs to cooperate to keep a lower profile. I can only see this criminal status quo continuing/strengthening until criminals are given more freedom to take chances and make big moves.
  5. How do you guys think that lowering voices would be abused? They could just implement a rule that says if you can't hear someone because you lowered their volume, then that's your problem and you are responsible for any RP implications that may have for you
  6. there used to be a radio volume command, /rvv or something. It was really useful - I think they got rid of it when they changed the voice server they were using. It would be a welcome return for sure if possible
  7. This really has to stop, it's complete bullshit
  8. People also trade, and there should be a legal and protected way to do this
  9. I'd rather not have this forced for everyone, a lot of these textures are pretty ugly
  10. I agree, the old scam limit was fine. Scamming someone in a weapons deal down a shadey alley is good roleplay and should be allowed, but basically all the scams you hear about since the rule was removed have been people taking advantages of flaws in the server's trade system (or lack thereof). If two parties want to make an exchange they should be able to visit a government office and sit down with some sort of official, and sign documents that make it legal (both ICly and OOCly). The government could take a small cut of the transaction and that would be problem solved. Trading in illegal goods should have no scam protection, but trading cars/houses etc. should definitely be protected.
  11. can you sell the house before you go
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