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  1. This well-presented 2 garage house in the affluent Mirror Park area in North-East Los Santos is available to rent. Rent ((1 Month = 1 OOC week)): 1 Month: $20,000 2 Months: $35,000 3 Months: $45,000 To arrange a viewing please contact Malcolm Carter on #3079604 or clontith#[email protected]
  2. Looking to trade a maxed Baller2 for either a classic Baller of a Baller LE LWB. Willing to add an extra 30k for the right specs. #3079604 / clontith#[email protected]
  3. Haha there were loads of similar quotes from other people I could have taken, but since you had the support staff tag it added more weight
  4. -1 there is already loads of roleplay to be done in prison
  5. Before this report was made I was unaware of how the 15 minute rule worked as this kind of situation has never happened to me before. I had an incorrect understanding of the rule and didn't realise this timer still applied if I was safe and out of the original situation. Having taken a closer look at the rules this is clearly not the case so I apologise for that and accept I did break the rule by not waiting the full 15 minutes - my only explanation for this is that I did not have time to stay on the server any longer, as the entire roleplay sitatuation took much longer than I expected: from turning up to a routine backup call 20 minutes previously the chase went on much longer than expected. So I do accept that this report is valid and just want to make my case that the logout was not made in bad faith as I believed that I had RPly escaped the situation and was no longer being chased.
  6. I didn't log out of the server in an attempt to evade capture - I simply needed to go and believed at the time that I had evaded capture. As you can see from the video and the report, they thought I was hiding in the race course when, in actual fact I had run through the hills parallel to east highway. I ran about a kilometer north and hid under cover where a helicopter wouldn't be able to see me. Before logging out I double checked that there wasn't a helicopter overhead and that the chase was over. I unfortunately do not have any video evidence of logging out, but did intend to at the time to prove that I had escaped. I don't suppose there would be any way of verifying my location from the logs? I sat there for several minutes checking that nobody was looking for me before logging out. I did not log back in later that day either which I hope would also support my claim that I did not combat log. I was also relaying this information to my faction by radio, and I will ask those who were online at the time to verify my story and perhaps they have some footage of me speaking on radio detailing my location. I would also add that my car was impounded during the chase and I am now a wanted criminal, so I didn't really escape the inevitable anyway. In short: I am arguing that I did not combat log as I had already escaped. I was not being followed, and as the report shows the helicopters did not see me leave the racecourse, when in fact I had already moved far away from the area unseen. I apologise for having no footage of my logout and hope we can find some way to prove that I did.
  7. you've changed my mind, clearly we should keep them now for posts like this
  8. You know this is a roleplay server right? Great post Red
  9. I agree, I've always thought it was an odd decision to add these. I'm as bad as anyone else and use them a lot, and I understand we are playing an adult game but these emotes do seem to contradict the idea of having civil discussions. There are so many cases where a faction will brigade someone's comment/post and spam the chromosone reaction instead of giving an actual response. Inb4 people start doing that in this thread
  10. Enjoy getting swatted for selling firearms without a license. [Sent anonymously through a vpn]
  11. ITT: sheltered white males who have never experienced any oppression saying you should just ignore it. People definitely use the cover of "RP" to say things to other people that would be totally unacceptable on an ooc level, it's actually pathetic. It's very similar to the issue that female players have raised previously about harassment. @GOAT's suggestion of requiring ooc consent is a good start I think
  12. Thanks for your reply, I had forgotten to ask to lock this thread. @MosesLeMoose was able to help me, the solution was to change from an Icecast to a Shoutcast server, just incase anyone else is searching for the same issue.
  13. Player(s) being reported: ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 15/10/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1571178474 Your characters name: Malcolm Carter Other player(s) involved: Benjamin Specht Specific rule(s) broken: 7. IC and OOC Interactions Only administrators are allowed force pause RP or investigate rule breaches. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 54 was at a dead stop with his truck. We ran up to him to attempt a robbery, but instead of replying in-character he kept stalling in OOC saying that he was having OOC issues. When we took to OOC chat to try to explain to him that he wasn't able to pause the RP and to call an admin, he rammed me before I had a chance to do anything as I was still trying to explain to him the rule in OOC. I think this is a pretty blatant example of using OOC to distract from the roleplay to give an in-character advantage. As you can see in the video, I am still repling to him in OOC chat when he rams into me. Evidence of rule breach:
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