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  1. gyrhnr

    ID 225 Non Roleplay

    All I will add is this: I stayed online 1 hour after the incident because I had to get a phone battery and than reported the car as a BOLO to the Police. I'm glad you enjoyed the car though.
  2. gyrhnr

    The Plague

    It would have been cool if you guys were infected with a plague and if you guys infect someone with your blood than they will also have it and must join you guys since he's infected.
  3. Hey @Ruewyn, Have you tried going to your local community and collecting donations? Ask a few people on the street to help out with some spare change, with enough dedication you will get enough to buy the game! Good luck!
  4. what kind of a loser goes on other peoples announcement to argue about the price they are asking for their own home? if he wants he can put it up for 100m lol or go buy another one... oh wait you cant lol
  5. Players should not be able to check player list / scoreboard, giving the server a bit more realism of never not knowing who is in town ,also making phone use more relevant !
  6. why are people always wishing good luck when a new gang topic starts?
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): 03/01/2020 GMT+0 Character name: - Issue/bug you are reporting: The tyres pop out when someone tries to drive a different players vehicle. Expected behavior: tyres not popping Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Someone needs to arrive to you with a vehicle. When they get out ,you enter and start driving it. The tyres will pop out.
  8. dont mind me guys im just here to follow the story line see what happens
  9. The same way as the /dice command works on random ,there should be a Rock, Paper, Scissors game added with a randomizer .
  10. I feel like there are very few animations to what the game could offer in roleplay situations and would support the addition of more!
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