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  1. That's off topic. I want to know why does my empty bag always gets taken away or notes with drawings when I am being taken in for speeding.
  2. Every time I get taken in jail for going over 150km/h at a speed camera, I always have my stuff taken. Why does PD always take an empty bag for example? They say it's evidence ,but evidence of what? me speeding?
  3. Make PD complaints a forum topic viewable by everyone and than I'll give it a +1. For now I think some people might be uncertain on how PD complaints are dealth with.
  4. Also ,what ever happened to fishing rods ?
  5. If possible, implementation of various types and sizes of analog speedometers would be a nice touch.
  6. if the advert says good price ,but he does'nt mention a price it's more than likely not a good price haha
  7. Would Just make store owners sell at an even higher price ,no.
  8. gyrhnr

    [Selling] BF400

    does it come with the girl?
  9. I would purchase but not for 80k. Let me know if you won't manage to sell.
  10. No ,i'm talking about the people commenting
  11. why is there always someone commenting nonsense on each for sale advert ?
  13. I do not care if you personally think the car is worth 1 million or 500k, don't waste your time in writing it down, you do not have to buy it or find someone else to buy from. I have received a 2.5m offer through private messages, I am still open for offers as long as the advert is available, or might hold on to it longer.
  14. Simply to focus on driving skill rather than car speed. Although might as well just make all of them manual haha
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