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  1. gyrhnr

    Selling Mansion (4 Car)

    too much boss
  2. gyrhnr


    The player was constantly trying to get in an argument. I minded my own business not responding to him. He frontally hit the bus. This was highly unexpected and so obnoxious that made me question his sanity OOC for acting as such. It's understandable why I reacted the way I did.
  3. gyrhnr

    Parking System

    They fixed this all you need is your own house
  4. gyrhnr

    Looking to buy business or supercar

    I'm open for everything, hit me up with what you're selling and i am sure we'll both come to a favourable deal.
  5. Yes, when you change your name you should have the option for your /alias to be reset. This is because most people ,when they change name they RP a completely different person, and the old one is "dead".
  6. gyrhnr

    Bring super cars back - With a twist.

    Eclipse is a roleplay server that has been running for years. It took years to come to such a stable economic state such as we currently have on the server. You can still buy super cars ,they are constantly being sold and bought by players. The Tezaract auction was a move to combat inflation, which is a problem in-server as well as in real-life economies. The developers know what they are doing and there is a reason the same suggestion has been declined before.
  7. gyrhnr

    looking to start a new government faction

    You can make this a faction if you actually put some effort into it without making it a gov' paying job. 😞
  8. gyrhnr

    Making house shots with drone! Any property.

    They are really good ,great work! And it's free.. i'd definitely use your help if I were to sell a bigger property!
  9. gyrhnr


    Also order weapons and it does not take a house slot in /stats
  10. gyrhnr

    Crips Carson Ave.

    U guys like KFC ?
  11. gyrhnr

    Aliasing restrictions

    If you can't do the time ,don't do the crime.
  12. gyrhnr

    Praise Be the Bitch - Amelia Johnson

    Why would you call yourself a Bitch have some self respect
  13. gyrhnr

    [BUYING] Banshee 900R

    Let me know too!