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  1. gyrhnr

    Taxes are way to high

    The only thing high on the server are mechanics charges.
  2. gyrhnr

    More Citybee Locations

    Louie i'm a cab driver wtf you're supposed to be supporting me as a friend
  3. gyrhnr

    More Citybee Locations

    - Own a car - Call 1111 - friends?
  4. gyrhnr

    How to combat warrants ?

    First of all, I do not know you IC. I am also 100% certain ,you do NOT know me IC. Maybe OOC,or if you have an illegal character, but you do NOT know me IC. As i said above, I have had mask on (also different from the raccoon) and different clothes as well. When I was arrested, I was not driving a 900R, i was driving a car that had it's colors changed as well to orange. Are you trying to say you know everyone who owns a certain type of car, and you are able to always tell who's driving? I think maybe you remember my mask's ID ,but that's the closest you actually came to know who I was. Taken all of the above into account ,would you call that not MG ? Don't reply,cause we both know the answer. Thank you for the pleasant experience Waffels852 . I am very disappointed that i've reached a point in-game where I will have to record everything. Topic can be closed.
  5. gyrhnr

    How to combat warrants ?

    I have been sitting in a car with a mask. A police cruiser stopped me,got out of a car. Asked for my license, i just simply drove off. Later he added a warrant for my arrest for felony evasion. How can i combat such a case ? How did he know who i was?....😕
  6. gyrhnr


    Hi there, I personally think the old VOIP was okay and worked fine, the new one is a bit quiet. Why have we changed to the new VOIP ? What are it's benefits compared to the old one?
  7. gyrhnr

    Bayview fence issue + suggestion

    Okay i am sorry i was just having a laugh.
  8. gyrhnr

    Bayview fence issue + suggestion

    you should not care than
  9. gyrhnr

    Bayview fence issue + suggestion

    i wrote that comment cause it was funny
  10. gyrhnr

    Bayview fence issue + suggestion

    Have you tried leaving your cars in your house/garage?
  11. gyrhnr

    Gas Stations and Gun Stores Tweaks.

    -1 both are fine the way they are.
  12. gyrhnr

    Remove snow

  13. gyrhnr

    attempted DM Stranger 846_6882

    Your wasting management's time with a useless report. There is no such thing in the rulebook as "attempted DM" You disobeyed commands and did everything mentioned above @Ashbringer. I could have killed you if i wanted to ,on my screen the shots landed near you but you were lagging.
  14. gyrhnr

    attempted DM Stranger 846_6882

    You edited those in
  15. The refund requests are being looked at, the problem is a lot of people do NOT provide enough evidence. Also i've seen quite a few being a joke just trying to scam. If you make a refund request add every evidence you can gather. The easier your case to prove the quicker the response. Same thing goes for player reports.