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  1. Whoever wants to buy this house hurry up, the asking price rising from 3.6m to 4m is because 400k has already been spent on ads and will continue rising
  2. I am looking for someone who likes to build and is good at design. Paying well depending on experience and build quality, which will be discussed depending on requirements. Must be able to show me previous builds or pictures of their past work (is a great plus) If interested write me a private message inc. previous work and reply below that you have pm'd me. Thanks
  3. ok, but why would you want to waste YOUR time trying to explain and get proof to prove your innocent if you are? waste of time and stressful
  4. scummiest way to try and sell a house. you set no minimum price, and those who bid can only guess if you will sell in 5 days or 5 months fuck off
  5. No for furniture store as there is only one of them. Same goes for hair saloon and tattoo parlours. Clothes shop is okay
  6. Cause you're the only ten I see!
  7. gyrhnr


    What a noob he even writes that you can only buy it if you bring cash yo someone clap this duckhead
  8. Hey Girl, are you from Tennessee?
  9. nice house let me know when price drops
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