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  1. Send me a private msg. I will forward you my number and we'll have a look
  2. On the note there should be a phone number stated where you can reach him. Good Luck!
  3. TO APPLY: Reply to this job listing with the following: ~ Justin Spice ~ ~ private message (email only) ~ ~ Hustler on the side ~ ~ Myself am a prime example that hard work and dedication can lead you to become anything. ~ ~ I want to help people be chill and reach their goals, with my super experiencedness i can help them achieve that 100% or money back gaurantee! ~
  4. Agree. Finally someone who does'nt just cry without explaining the reasoning behind it. Very well put together and keeping it real on both sides.
  5. they got this already as mentioned here ^
  6. Yes, but how do you prevent it that over time 20 people flying a plane over town ?
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): UTC 7/12/19 10:01 PM Character name: Justin Spice Issue/bug you are reporting: Property (Store,Gunshop,Gas Station etc.) owners are unable to build/place furniture near their property. Expected behavior: Should be allowed with a radius privilege Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Buy a furniture ,it will not allow placing near owned property/biz
  8. I'm not going to read what you wrote above , I found what the issue is. I won't say it but i'm sure other people will see it as well. Have a nice weekend!
  9. You kidding me? You make all this fuss about how bad you have it on the server and than write that comment? Maybe the problem is you lacking experience in how to handle/react to certain situations? Maybe you like drama and just enjoy all the attention it gives you?
  10. If you're hot you get catcalled IRL all the time. I'm not saying it's right, but need to learn how to deal with it as everyone else, it's the internet where things get a bit more crazy.
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